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Visit Brutal Castings

Brutal Castings

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - The best quality video download option is 4320p 8000k. This is considerably better than the usual 1080 HD.
- Photos come in at 1920x2880 Exceptionally sharp and clear. There is a photoset for each video.
-Updates are once a week, which is fine for a specialty niche site.
-There is a discounted monthly join price of $14.95 through the TBP link. This is not mentioned on TBP.
-Part of a network of 46 BDSM/spanking/fetish websites.
Cons: -Very repetitious. Each scene is a clone and all that changes is the model. A few times the male talent changes, but mostly it is the same man over and over. The same set, the same dialog, the same action.
-There are so far only 20 videos. A year from now this site will be MUCH bigger.
-The photos are screen caps and there is no zip download option.
-Nearly every model has tattoos and some have a lot. This is a major turnoff for me.
-Much of the network is no longer updating. Those sites have been dormant for some time and have very low, unwatchable quality videos. I found the network of little value.
Bottom Line: Before I say anything further, I want to thank fellow PUer Pyrenees for mentioning this site. Without him I would not have known that this site existed. He is truly a man of vast knowledge about porn.

Just so it is clear where I am coming from, I am not a fan of BDSM or fetishes. I do like forceful sex though. The BDSM seen here is no comparison in roughness to some sites, in fact it is BDSM done rather lightly. Kink does much harder scenes. As far as rough sex I would say it is at the mid level and no comparison to many harder sites, for example Face Fucking/Facial Abuse.

Every scene follows the same scenario, even at times the same script. The model comes for an interview. There is a very tame casting tape and then there is a lengthy discussion as to what she wants for her future in modeling. She is asked to strip down to her bra and panties. At that point she refuses to take those off and the casting agent gets agitated and ties her hands with rope he conveniently has in his back pocket. He then takes off her bra and panties, He fingers her and forces her to suck his cock, followed by vaginal. There is never any anal on this site.

The scenes are generally quite passionless. In the PU website review by AK he states that “Those concerned with the reality aspects will be happy to hear that the acting isn’t good enough to make anyone think that the scenes aren’t completely choreographed”. The models never act surprised and generally just go with the flow as events unfold.

The reason that I mention this is that Ava Taylor has stated that her scene here convinced her to leave porn. In that scene, she shows a degree of discomfort, but never surprise. She has claimed that she was lied to by the site ownership and that it was to be a simple blow job scene. This may be true, as I just don’t know. All I see is a scene where she is passively just very accepting of whatever is happening. Next issue. If they lied to her then what about the other models? In some other scenes the models sometimes seem into the action, agreeing by saying “Yes Master” and “Ok I will do what you want“. In some scenes the models seem emotionally uninvolved and passive. Do they lie to models as to what to expect during their scenes? It is unclear. Apparently they told them something about what to do as the scenes are virtually choreographed clones.

I would have given the site a higher score, but there are two major negatives. With only 20 videos it is simply too small. The other negative is the number of tattoos to be found here. There is enough ink to write a book.

08-17-15  03:45pm

Replies (1)
Visit Fetish Network

Fetish Network

Slow Download

I was only interested in 2 sites: Helpless Teens and Sexual Disgrace. The files are quite large - about 1.5GB to 3.5GB. Download managers don't work to accelerate download speed and the normal download speed was only about one-third the speed I normally get, which makes for a very long download time: about 45 minutes and more. This is unacceptable when a site has such large files. Unfortunately, I didn't think the movies were all that good anyway.

03-05-15  12:48am

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Visit Fetish Network

Fetish Network

Webmasters unreachable

I joined this network just for KinkyCarmen.com. They had 95% of the stuff that I was looking for there, but after looking through all their content (72 videos plus "screenshots" that are actually sharp in 1200x800 resolution), I found everything except for my favorite Carmen shoot. Despite their claims of responding within 24 hrs, the webmasters are completely unreachable. I haven't seen enough of this network to give it a comprehensive review, but I'm not too impressed.

01-27-14  08:05pm

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Visit Fetish Network

Fetish Network

Could't have summed it up better.

I have belonged to the site for right at a week. I have seen all I want to see. You can spend hours looking for videos of the same girl. The descriptions are of little help. They may or may not contain the name of the model. All of the J/O encouragement videos are from DVD that are for sale. The girls tell you the website at the end of most of them. If you are there for only that, save yourself some heart aches and go to the site and buy them direct. I will not list the site here, I am unsure of the rules on that now. Well just read the reply rules so your on your own. Happy Surfing.

07-09-12  07:47pm

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Visit Fetish Network

Fetish Network

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: It's hard to come up with pros for this site. Is it a "pro" if they are simply performing the most basic duties of a website?

The site is stable. I have never had much trouble logging in or connecting to pages.

I have never found a dead link.

I find their font sizes to be legible without my glasses.

The appearance and layout is functional.

Yes, this is sarcasm, but I am really having a hard time finding a lot to put in this category for them. Here's some stuff about their videos.

You get a choice between "High" and "Low" quality mp4s, or you can stream. The high res stuff isn't bad. Some of it is even HD, but not much.

They do have a pretty impressive selection of categories: BDSM, spanking, femdom, smothering, fisting, smoking, nylon/lingerie, jerkoff instruction, lesbian, and mixed kink (see cons about this).
Cons: The one thing that annoys me the most is that there is no cross-listing or networking taking place here, and it is literally called the "Fetish Network." You have no real search capability, and if you do happen to find someone you think was really hot in something, there is no way to either find out who they are, or to easily find other videos with them on the site. In fact, the entire interface is definitely a 1990s design. Basically each "Site" under their network opens into a index of thumbnails for videos. The titles are fairly descriptive, but there is no way of knowing what will actually take place in the video. Arguably, this can make the videos more fun or exciting, but in dealing with subject matters such as this (BDSM generally) you kind of want to know what you're in for.

Aside from that, there is a distinct lack of variety. For as many videos as they have, they all just seem to be the same dozen or so, fat, middle-aged men, or whoever, doing the same stuff to girls.
Bottom Line: This is a site that could be awesome for you if you are really into seeing all sorts of women get spanked, caned, whipped, or titty twisted. That seems to be about 75% of the material. The models are a mixed bag of nuts, some are pretty and young, others are amateurish and/or fugly. The girls doing the jerkoff instruction are all pretty hot, and jerkoff instruction isn't exactly a really prevalent niche, so I thought it was going to be awesome having so many of these videos. Instead, they are all pretty lame, a few of the girls actually know who to do it, but most just kind of model their pantyhose and don't talk that much. So, you can see where something like this may be very tricky. Looking at clips or a thumbnail of videos like these make it seem like they are a lot higher quality than what you get with the entire product. It's kind of like getting duped into paying $15.00 to see Prometheus.

This site doesn't offer much to anyone who isn't really, really, really into spanking, caning and whipping. Beyond that subject matter, it is very shallow. There is a lot of bondage, but you don't get to see a lot of the actual binding. The girl or guy just appears bound. The machine sex is pretty cheap stuff, and they are still really into putting dildos on the end of pool cues. Even when there are hot models involved, the production values are still very low rent.

Not all of the material is original, and stuff like the Rick Savage videos may have been around for awhile already. It is possible you have seen some of this stuff elsewhere. It is also possible that it is just so plain and generic that you think you've seen it elsewhere. They also tend to include duplicates of videos in the various sites.

I don't think a site should get any accolades for basically doing the bare minimum. Clearly someone updates the site, but no one seems to even try get organized. The videos are not enough to carry this site alone. They aren't horrible, but they aren't great either. Some customer consideration could go a long way into at least making the customer not feel as if they have just been scammed. But, unfortunately, once you shell out the money, you are immediately introduced to a site layout that screams "We got your money, what do we care?"

06-21-12  10:45am

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Visit Jerkoff Instructors

Jerkoff Instructors

You want me to do what?

I'll confess to finding this appealing for some reason... there's kind of a pretty intense teasing aspect to the whole premise (as well as the nylon angle, which always works for me).

But having seen the sample, I agree with TBP that the quality could be better (although I don't think it matters on photos - stills are missing the point of this, which is the girls talking).

And $30 is a little high for a relatively small site - not bad for the whole network, but there's not much else there that grabs me. Still, will keep an eye on it...

02-07-11  01:22am

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Visit Pure Smothering

Pure Smothering

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Tons of gorgeous models - like Layla Jade, Cherokee, and Amber Michaels.
- Authentic smothering action: ass smothering, breast smothering, hand-over-mouth, and foot smothering. Lots of great femdom action too.
- The girls in these videos come off as take-no-shit bitches who really get off on humiliating and choking their partners.
- High res video - 512 x 336 in wmv format.
- Long running videos - most videos run b/w 35-45 minutes.
- Video quality (camerawork, lighting, audio) is excellent.
Cons: - Could be more high resolution photo sets.
- I would prefer a better video format for tube-style viewing.
Bottom Line: I love facesitting and smothering, and Pure Smothering offers some of the best video in the niche that I've seen. Lots of beautiful babes, and they really seem to get off on the humiliation and domination of their partners. There's no sexual contact (no oral sex, no penetration); nothing but breath-play, asphyxiation, ass worship, smothering and facesitting. Real attention to the fetish. I think it's definitely worth the discounted membership price, plus you get access to a full network of other fetish sites.

07-23-09  09:26am

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Visit Pure Smoking

Pure Smoking

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Very hot models.
- Very focused on the smoking content - basically the camera runs on the girl while she chainsmokes, she strips, and masturbates, etc.
- There is some sex - smoking + blowjobs + HOT!
- Large videos (480 x 320), with no DRM.
- Lots of content in the members area.
- Part of larger network of fetish sites - 30 for one price.
Cons: - Camera work is poor, and some videos have audio trouble.
- No still photos - only captures.
- Videos are in WMV format - I prefer flash videos now.
Bottom Line: There are lots of very sexy models on this site: smoking their brains out, sitting around in lingerie, chatting on the phone, stripping, masturbating. Very nice. The camera work tries to capture some artistry of smoking girls bathed in sunlight, clouded in smoke, etc., but it sometimes misses the mark. Overall, the girls are quite hot, and the videos are large and plentiful enough for me to overlook some minor audio problems, etc.

07-13-09  10:45am

Replies (2)
Visit Fetish Network

Fetish Network

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Tons of fetish videos.
- Lots of different fetish niches - bondage, femdom, spanking, face sitting, asian bondage, old-school bondage, amateurs, etc. There's a real focus on and love for the fetish itself, as pornol0ver noted. I really appreciated it in the bondage vids.
- They add new sites to their network every month.
- Newer sites have mp4 streaming videos.
- Updates every day.
Cons: - Hard to search across the network. Outside of the blog, there's no search function at all; you have to comb through the galleries to find what you want.
- Some non exclusive stuff.
- Older videos are of poorer quality.
- Some sites aren't of any interest to me as a bondage fetish fan (such as the mature site or the big boobs site).
Bottom Line: I think I got a great deal signing up for Fetishnetwork.com. They're up to almost 30 sites in their network, and are heavily into bondage and spanking, which I love. Their older sites need to be updated, but their newer sites feature big, fast streaming videos in mp4 format. If you're into bondage and fetish content, I think this is an excellent value for the dollar.

06-12-09  02:14pm

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Visit Fist Freaks

Fist Freaks


a member of that site here who can tell me something about it?

05-16-09  03:23am

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Visit Fetish Network

Fetish Network

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: -adding new sites at least once a month
-lots of real women appearing in the videos, not all fake models
-very authentic bondage scenes, esp. Rick Savage and Shibari Dolls
-The focus of the sites are on the fetish, not the sex ie - getting a very good bdsm scene with genuine pussy and nipple torture, spanking and flogging - expending the energy on the kinky stuff, not rushing through the bondage and the punishment just to get to the sex.
-Lots of really kinky sites for a reasonable price
-Video Quality is improving with newer sites released ie. shibaridolls and according to the Fetish Network support people, all of the older video is going to get recoded to higher quality
Cons: -Some extraneous sites that don't really fit - like old school pussies and titanic titties - not fetish related.
-would like more background info on the models
-agree with Jay G that some of the older sites have smaller, crappy videos
Bottom Line: Best network for bdsm and spanking on a tighter budget. I love that I can get German or Japanese Bondage videos and lots of actual women appearing in the videos, not just fake tit pornstars playing dress up.

The variety is best for people who have hard fetishes, but still there's good value for people into softer fetish material like smoking or pantyhose.

The newer sites are good, and if they follow through on the overhaul of their old videos, I say Fetish Network is totally worth it.

04-23-09  07:56am

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Visit Perfect Spanking

Perfect Spanking

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: 1. Part of the large Fetish Network available at a great PornUsers/BestPorn discount ($29.95/mo vs. normal $39.95/mo USD).

2. For collectors of old spanking videos, there are 43 older videows that fall into what I consider the "English" spanking video category.

3. Several videos available at a fairly cheap price for those who remember the thrills of spanking videos in an older style.
Cons: 1. Scenes seem to be old videos (or resemble old videos) from a decade or two ago.

2. Fair to poor lighting and lower quality definition is the norm here. Beautiful red bottoms would be so wonderful if they were clearer and better lit.

3. Only videos, no pictures.

4. Only spanking, no sex.
Bottom Line: A good site for collectors, but this site does not measure up to other spanking sites on the web that have better lighting, better definition, and so forth.

This is old stuff for nostalgia enthusiasts only. Years ago this would have been great, but the "cutting edge" has gone dull here.

Still as part of the strangely interesting Fetish Network (fairly reasonable with the Best Porn discount), it's a pleasant added bonus well worth a look for spanking enthusiasts.

04-13-09  11:05am

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Visit Pain Vixens

Pain Vixens

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: 1. Part of Fetish Network (25 sites) available to Porn Users at a Best Porn discount of $29.95/mo instead of $39.95.

2. German site includes strangely interesting videos of women having their pain threshold tested.

3. Some sexuality included with the kinky pain.
Cons: 1. Quality of videos is "fair" to "poor."

2. Videos are long and slow, mostly unedited shots of hour long sessions with one usually very average-looking woman tested in various ways, sometimes including blowjob or sex.

3. Videos are usually broken into shorter parts that seem to download fairly slowly.

4. Strange and kinky, only for the most open-minded, not for those easily offended by women who find pleasure in pain or degredation.
Bottom Line: A strange and slow site with pain as a theme, it has some videos that are perversely interesting, but, even for this spanking enthusiast, the sex is less than erotic.

However, I do find the videos have interesting aspects to them, not unlike watching gross pictures of a car accident, and would judge this site at least somewhat interesting for those who want something very, very off-beat.

03-25-09  05:43am

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Visit Fetish Network

Fetish Network

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: 1. This is like stumbling onto a collection of boxes of old and not-so-old fetish porn in a friend's attic, lots of interesting stuff for those interested in the darker side of porn.

2. Quantity definitely trumps quality, but the videos are perversely interesting even when they're not erotic....something for those jaded Porn Users who need a break from the erotic and are willing to walk down the dark alleys of the soul to see interesting things, often like watching a train wreck.

3. Lots of older spanking videos for collectors of classic spanking (the reason I joined).

4. Best Porn discount of $29.95/mo makes this network OK in price. Make sure you join from this site to avoid the normal $39.95/mo price.
Cons: 1. The best videos are "fair" in quality, and there are many of poor quality (some sites have videos that look like they were shot through a blurry blue filter).

2. Thumbnails of scenes are not very helpful, finding what's actually in the scene is a hit-and-miss thing. One needs to wade through lots of "stuff" to find anything.
Bottom Line: Worthwhile for spanking video collectors like myself, with lots of extras, this network is a strangely interesting one and definitely not for the squeamish.

Poor quality in older scenes, it's often like an antique shop for collectors, worthwhile for those interested in the offbeat and the strange, just a dusty mess for others.

Definitely a group of niche sites, and not for everyone, this network has lots of interesting stuff for the those who want "something different."

03-22-09  06:31am

Replies (2)

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