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Visit Breath Takers

Breath Takers

No site support

I asked Khan to list this site and he told me that it had been delisted as it was gone. It now is up and shows several reviews and comments. If I had read them, I would not have joined as it just isnít my taste. This is certainly a matter of opinion and my purpose here is not to write a review.

My issue is with trying to get a refund. There was no confirmation email as many sites send. Another sign that something was not right was that although having CCBill, they did not take Mastercard. Too many charge backs maybe?

I was on the site less than an hour when I realized it was a disaster. I downloaded very little and what I did I deleted immediately. There was no link for contact us. I found one addressed to prospective models and reached out to the webmaster. Email not functional. I found a link for information, also not functional. I contacted CCBill and asked them for a refund. They told me that unless the site did not work, no refund. I explained the problems to them and they tried the email addresses. Several hours later they issued a refund.

By the way nothing has changed on the site since Spencer's review two years ago. The last update was August 2012 although they claim three updates per week.

06-09-14  10:28am

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Breath Takers

But Girlfolio still updates?

Just saw Spencer's new review of this site and it's a shame it seems to have stopped updating - it's one of my favourite sites in terms of material. It's rarely much, if any, more explicit that Met Art but somehow it puts more atmosphere and context into the photos, and makes them more appealing/arousing.

Interestingly, a quick look at Girlfolio, which has a large overlap with this site - the same photographer and locations, and many of the same models, shows it is still updating. That bumps it up my list a bit...

12-19-12  11:31am

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Visit Breath Takers

Breath Takers

Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: -Steady flow of updates.

-Sexy sets.

-Some models are to die for.

-Original Ideas.
Cons: - Sets are only displayed 20 pics at a time.

- Non nude sets might disappoint some subscribers

- Could clean up the how viewing content works.

- Large pixel pictures are a bit fuzzy
Bottom Line: I did not really want to write a review on Breath Takers because what has been said in the reviews below pretty much summed it all up, and i would only be repeating what other have reviewed. But i decided it is more then a half decent site and it deserves a review and rating.

This site was refereed to me from a friend with more then creditability in taste when it comes to erotica, So i got a month subscription. It did not disappointment all. The models are next to the best i have seen, actually only one other site i know of that it could push in for fist place.

The photography in this site is outstanding, I'm very impressed with the shots. With the mix of Drop dead gorgeous models and the shooting style it made for a very seductive atmosphere that lets you almost feel present at the set. I found myself thinking what a beautiful picture, and not just because of the naked model on it.

There are some issues though, I couldn't handle 20 pictures at a time. I need way more on the page that i can scroll down to. Also clicking on an enlarged picture opens up a different window, so you have to go back to the original window which makes it a pain to see other sets from the model. fixing that mess would do wonders for the navigation for the site.

Some times it was hurtful to not see a model naked or even half undressed. Such beautiful models and not even a tease in some sets. Makes a guy kinda sad. We need something !

Although breath takers isn't my favorite site, it does have the hottest set i have seen since i have been in the scene. I also found myself zipping a good half of the models there for my personal collection too.

Bottom line: Not bad !

08-08-11  10:03pm

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Visit Breath Takers

Breath Takers

Another let down.

I really wanted to like this site.
Great models, shot in a borderline artsy style.
Lack of zip size choice, colour casts on many sets.
Flaky page loading.
Sets lacking progression, starting out part way through & or concluding prior to full nudity.

Some sets feature some lingerie, so may be a better fit for my friend M, than myself.

A shame....Fairly close, but no cigar for this one.


Cap'n. :0(

07-08-11  11:52pm

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Visit Breath Takers

Breath Takers

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Billing by CC Bill with no regional pricing
Reduced sale price of $19.90 currently available
Choice of small (1024px) or large (mostly 4256px) photos
Zip downloads available in both sizes
Choice of streaming or 4 download options for the videos including HD
Exclusive content
Usually 3 to 4 updates per week including a new video each Saturday
Cons: Lacks a decent mid size photo option in the 1600 to 2000px size range which would be my personal preference
May be too softcore for many peopleís taste
The site would probably have minimal appeal for video fans as photos make up the bulk of the content here
Navigation could be improved i.e. No zip downloads from the updates page
No search or sort options for the model index
Bottom Line: Breath Takers features a collection of 99 models in 497 mostly softcore solo photosets with a small collection of 88 videos to complement them. Thereís a nice selection of British and French models as well as some from the US and Eastern Europe. I was pleased to find 12 photo sets and 4 videos of Ariel (a.k.a. Piper Fawn, Gabrielle Lupin) one of my favourite models, along with Jana Jordan (5 sets) and Eufrat (2 sets, 1 video). They provide some basic model info plus a brief write up on each model and photo set/video.

The first thing that struck me after browsing a few models and photo sets was how a large number of the indoor sets feature the model stood in front of or close to a window which would make me assume they are trying to make use of the natural light. In fact they do seem to play with the light and shadows a lot throughout the site which does seem to be a recurring theme and you do end up with some dark shadowy photo sets that I wasnít too keen on, I prefer to see the models in a good light. Overall the content is very softcore and rarely goes beyond just striptease and nude posing although I did find some light masturbation in a few of the videos I checked out. Personally I would like to see the photos in a decent mid size option around 2000px as I find downloading the large zips here leads to some large file sizes often 150 to 200+ MB and when you blow up the large pictures to full size they donít look as crisp and sharp as you would expect from a professional photography site.

The videos here come in 4 formats, H264, WMV, PSP and Ipod. The HD wmv videos I downloaded come in at 1280 x 720 @ 10000 kbps and look nice and sharp. If youíre not into the photography side of things I doubt there would be enough here to keep video fans satified. Out of the 88 videos 30 are very short backstage/out takes videos some as short as 20 to 30 seconds with most no more than 2 minutes. The other 58 regular videos are also quite short at an average of 5 minutes so I doubt the overall video content would come to any more than 5 hours.

Overall a decent site at a reasonable price for those into softcore arty glamour photos but donít expect anything too explicit.

05-13-11  11:22am

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Visit Breath Takers

Breath Takers

a new spicyer style?

Here's a new set with Sasha that we did back in the past and kept secret...til now. This is the first one of a new spicyer style
That we have decided to add on BT.
Stay tuned...there's a second part coming very soon !


Just found that note in the preview area of BT guess I'll give that site a try now :-) oh, an b.t.w. the set has been released last month so there might be a chance of getting more intimate stuff in the near future.

05-04-11  09:03pm

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Visit Breath Takers

Breath Takers

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Good mix of British, French, US & East European models
- Mostly natural models
- Some nice outfits and plenty of good lingerie
- Some fun outdoor shoots
- High-res pictures and zips
- Good update schedule, 3 sets + 1 video per week
- No daft BGM in videos
Cons: - Some navigational oddities
- Pictures often not sharp @ 100%
- Some sets and videos a bit too tame
Bottom Line: This site has been on my list to join for a while, and and April's reduced pricing was enough of an incentive to bump it up. It's a little close to the kind of art-nude material that does little for me; but there's enough material with some context (situations, strips, voyeur etc) to take it into my preferred erotica genre.

The photo sets are good; although the same locations crop up often, there is plenty of variety with some cheeky outdoor upskirt shots and the like. Many feature strips, from fully dressed to completely nude; and when the clothes do come off, there is some really nice lingerie to be found, ranging from cute and girly to sophisticated and lacy.

Lighting is natural, with associated shadows; and a lot of bokeh (selective focus) is used - both really work for me, but perhaps not to everyone's taste.

The content itself is relatively tame; many photo sets feature the models teasing with panties, slipping their hand inside before removing them, but inserting fingers/toys is rare. But perhaps a bit less so than since the last review here - there are some closer shots and some more recent videos do feature masturbation - which for me, is a welcome change.

Videos themselves are HD, and I really like that there is no background music; the photographer isn't afraid of a little silence or rustling sheets, which then - sometimes - gives way to the preferred sound effects of the models themselves as they, er, get to work. The videos sometimes suffer under natural light, but are overall of good quality.

My gripes are minor. Navigating is odd; from the updates list you can view the sets, but not download zips; you need to click through to the model's page then to the set again to find them. And although the pics are 4000px, they are often a little grainy when viewed at full size; this is perhaps the photographer using a higher ISO so as not to use too much lighting. But 4000px is more than enough so this isn't a big deal.

Overall, this is a good site that's just a little - not quite as much as I'd like, but close - more erotic and sexy than some staple art-nudes. As such, I find myself with a similar score to anyonebutme's.

04-29-11  01:35am

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Visit Breath Takers

Breath Takers

Full strips here

I joined this site to take advantage of this month's reduced pricing - I'll review when I get a chance, but meantime, if anyone else is tempted, I'll point out:

* The content is soft, but perhaps a little less so than when anyonebutme reviewed it, and there are a number of videos with masturbation;

* Cap'n, full strips seem to be one of the main ideas here - a rough look shows 4/10 sets in April, and 7/13 sets in March, show models starting fully clothed and ending fully naked (although some still with shoes). FYI! :)

04-26-11  12:46am

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Visit Breath Takers

Breath Takers

monthly sale

I see the price this month is ~$6 cheaper than normal. Just an fyi to anyone

04-13-11  10:07pm

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Visit Breath Takers

Breath Takers

Anyone been a member lately?

I have looked around the tour area & it seems there is a fair amount of full frontal nudity going on here now.

Is it worth a punt for a full-striptease fan like myself?

Cap'n. :0/

06-29-10  12:33pm

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Visit Breath Takers

Breath Takers

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -professional & creative photography work
-mix of both European and American girls
-4000px images in zip file downloads (1000px size also available)
-new videos in 8mbps 720p format
-pleasing site design and organization
-every photoset & video cover image is visible from the preview pages
Cons: -infrequent updates, usually two per week, and not on a consistent schedule
-some navigational issues
-videos are on the short side
Bottom Line: This is a soft softcore photography site, not all photosets offer full nudity, and rarely are there close ups of the girl's naughty bits. The content is erotic posing, do not expect to see girls playing with themselves or sticking their asses in our faces. A different type of erotism is what they intend, and they actually achieve it rather well.

To note, they are a bit heavy on photoshop softening, though at least they do it in a way that preserves the depth of the girls' bodies in the images - as opposed to other photoshopped sites which often leaves the girl looking flat head to toe. Check the previews to get a sense of what to expect.

The update schedule is their biggest issue, they certainly are not on par with other sites in their genre. However many other photography sites with daily updates I'm often hard pressed to find even a half-dozen truly exceptional new sets in the month, where at breath-takers nearly every update I found exciting and worth the wait - as well as the thrill of browsing through the model pages of past updates.

A couple navigational inconveniences lurk in the site. From the "updates" page to get to the zip download is not intuitive, and some of the site pages contain an outdated navigational link back to the member home page. Though as with all sites, content is the most important aspect, and the navigation issues are minor at their worst.

01-05-10  12:16am

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Visit Breath Takers

Breath Takers

Don't Hold Your Breath

Drawn particularly to Amandine and Crystal Klein, I was a member in November. Will definitely not return.

Most of the photo sets were repetitious pics of women rarely getting completely undressed, usually in light that's way too low for my taste. And there were way too many "JC Penny poses," jd1961's term for models looking away from the camera, or just having their backs to the camera, and standing around like real, flesh-and-blood mannequins.

The photography is "professional," but that doesn't mean you're going to like it any more than you'll like the work of certain professional musicians, composers, or architects.

To be fair, I suppose this kind of stuff is in a niche that would appeal to someone. I'd call it "Extreme Softcore." But if you want nudity, or ample light, or models that often look at the camera, forget it!

12-18-07  06:36am

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