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Visit Teasers VOD

Teasers VOD

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Among the best Public Nudity sites on the ‘net
- Many well-known porn stars
- Simple and effective site design
- Good lighting and editing
- Multiple formats available
- Videos and photos available
- Very daring
Cons: - Forced to stop updating
- Photos seem to be a bit of an afterthought
Bottom Line: This is my second review of this site. I returned to it to see what was new and to download the videos and photos that were uploaded since I was last a member. I expected some changes, but one of the changes that I found was definitely a negative. I’ll get that one huge, negative change out of the way first: the site is no longer updating and hasn’t updated since early November of 2011. According to the news posted on the site the owners didn’t make this decision, rather it was forced on them through a cease-and-desist order from the City of Los Angeles. (As an aside, I see that a similar site, Nude in L.A. doesn’t even exist now. They were a decent site in that they were more daring than most, but also managed to strip out a lot of titillation – pun not intended. So full marks to the guys at Teasers who are still keeping the site alive.)

The other significant change was just starting as I wrote my last review. At the time of that review they had only posted two scenes with the new format so I wasn’t in a position to do much more than simply note the change. The site now has 13 shoots with the new format. The old format consisted of breaking a model’s scene down into various parts and labeling those parts accordingly. The new format seemed to be an attempt to create a quasi-reality-show feel to shoots. They are still on the Teasers site, but they’re in a separate tab. They’re branded as “Real Girls of Porn Valley.” I’m not opposed to the new format (with one major exception being that there is an opening screen on each segment) but apart from the labeling of the shoot, and of the individual scenes, there really isn’t much of a change, and there certainly isn’t any major improvement over the older format. If there is a positive, and this is subjective, it is that the scenes seem to push the limits a bit more under the new format. Because that tends to be model-specific that could just be luck though. (I suspect that some of the more daring shoots are what caused the City’s legal response. Seeing Jennifer White standing naked in front of my house certainly wouldn’t cause me to complain, but I’m probably not a good example in this case…)

The format for both the older and newer shoots follows a bit of a formula. Most shoots follow the formula. The model is filmed as she tries on outfits and we see her changing; there is usually a scene with the model in a short skirt or dress and the camera follows her around in public areas as she flashes. There is a scene in each shoot where the model parades around in a skimpy bikini. There are also two or three clips of the model at a café (usually outdoor) where she is interviewed and asked to remove some clothing. Finally, there is usually a clip where the model is in a secluded, but still public, location where she strips nude and masturbates. In many shoots there is bonus material of the model masturbating back at the photographer’s house. In the public scenes people and cars can be seen going by. This is subjective, but I really like that the site usually doesn’t edit out the interaction between the model and the guys filming.

The models are the site’s main asset. There are many big porn stars here, and seeing them in the wild can be pretty interesting. Alexis Texas, Eden Adams and Katie St. Ives, among many other big names, have scenes here. If there is one downside to having such a model-centred site it is that the heat of the scene is really up to the model: if the model is daring and adventurous the shoot will be more fun to watch than if the model is shy and reserved. But a huge advantage to this is that this is one of the few public nudity sites that does show the models being nervous.

The technical stuff hasn’t changed since I last reviewed the site, except now there are now more scenes posted. There has been some new BTS material added too. The videos are available as WMVs (resolution depends on when they were added but maxes out at to 960x540 @ 3000 kb/s). MP4 videos are available in high and low resolution.

Photos are available, as singles and zips at 800x1200 but the main thrust of the site are the videos.

Some readers will disagree with my position that a site that no longer updates still has lots of value. This is subjective, but given that this site does contain a lot of material, serves a rare niche (American public nudity), and that political authorities seem to be closing in on that niche, I think the site is an exceptional value. The way these guys shoot their scenes puts them in the top few public nudity sites, and maybe even the best out there. Given that the site is under attack and others have closed, if you have any interest in this genre my advice is to join now before they disappear.

09-04-12  06:05pm

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Visit Teasers VOD

Teasers VOD

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Popular adult stars doing public nudity
- One of the best of a rare genre (American public nudity shoots)
- Video and photos available
- Video available in wmv (one resolution) and QT (two resolutions)
- Pics available as zips
- Download speeds up to normal standards
- Free Download manager works without problems
- Lots of Behind-the-scenes material
- Just over 150 scenes as of the date of review
- Excellent value
- 2011 AVN “Best Alternative Release” winner
- Definitely not a “VOD” site; membership gets you access to everything
Cons: - Video and pictures are up to industry standards but they don’t push the limits in quality
- No TBP/PU discounts
- No trial
- Could use more multiple-girl scenes
- Should offer an option for a single scene download
Bottom Line: This was an unusually difficult review for me to write. First, vaark’s review style and the things he looks for are almost exactly the same as how I look at and review sites so I had to work to differentiate my review to make it useful. Second, I’m taking a position that is pretty much opposite to what mbaya took in his review. To be fair to mbaya though, most of the things he lists as ‘cons’ are no longer an issue.

If you like public nudity you’ll know that Teasers VOD is in a small class of sites, namely U.S. public nudity. Most good public nudity sites use European models and settings likely because that culture is less puritanical than we live in here in North America. This site is certainly among the best. Other sites have less daring public scenes, and one of the bigger sites (Nude in LA) has managed to remove all titillation from the genre. Teasers manages to make the scene daring and risky and makes the effort to show the girls are nervous about it. Subjectively, this nervousness is a big draw for me.

Being a U.S. site many of the models are porn stars. Some of them are A-list models which is an added bonus. There are many lesser stars here too, and lots of girls who are on the porn periphery. The models are mostly Caucasian, all under 25 and with the typical pornstar body. There are some variations, but not much.

Almost all of the shoots are solo-girl. There are only two with two models. These shoots are far more interesting because of the interaction between the models so I wish that the site would do more of these. Having said that though, the video and photo guys interact with the models during the photo shoot which helps create an atmosphere in the scenes.

As of this date there are a bit over 150 scenes posted. Each scene follows a formula, but the formula does work. We see the model preparing for the scene, there’s some video in a café where there is some flashing, there is a bikini shoot in public and then there is some public flashing or even full nudity. Many models then go to a secluded but still public area for a masturbation scene. I’d normally fault a site for not offering a full-scene download, but in this case it makes sense to have the individual chapters available. They should consider a full-scene option though.

Mbaya noted that there was too much masturbation. While there is masturbation, I didn’t find that it was the main focus. I’m not a fan of solo masturbation so I’d notice if it was over the top, and subjectively I don’t find that it gets in the way. What masturbation is there is still part of the public element of the scene. This contrasts with FTV Girls (which doesn’t market itself as a public nudity site so this isn’t a jab at them) where there is frequently some public flashing and then the girl goes indoors for the main event – masturbation.

As an added bonus for some, one of the staff has a spanking fetish so there is often some light spanking in the scenes too.

The videos are available in WMV (Codec 9) and QT. QT are available in high and low resolution. I can’t give data on the QT files because I don’t know how resolutions are measured in that format, but the high resolution doesn’t appear much better than the WMV files. The WMV files for older scenes is fairly low at 640x480 and 1700kbps. They improve to 720x480 @1700 and by mid-2009 they went to 960x540 @ 3000. That remains the standard resolution.

Pictures are available, with zips being offered. The zips are broken down into ‘chapters’ too, so you’ll have multiple zips for the full scene. The pics come in at 1200x1800. They’re good, but not great. Maybe I’ve just been spoiled by the photos at ALS Scan

Both previous reviews noted that there were broken downloads. I didn’t experience that at all. Free Download Manager worked flawlessly with this site too. Download speeds were fast at 1800MB/sec (which I think is limited by my FDM settings)

TBP and vaark note that there is a discount that kicks in on your second and subsequent months. I can’t confirm that because I’m not planning to stay for more than a month and my membership confirmation specifically says that it will rebill at the full price and not at the 50% discount.

Updates seem to be more frequent than the last time the site was reviewed. The site now updates three times per week. Also, starting this month they seem to be doing something new called “Teasers Porn Valley” or “Real Girls of Porn Valley.” It’s marketed as a porn reality show though I can’t really see the difference between the new scenes and the old scenes. The same formula is followed, though there is less editing now. I like the new style with less editing.

This is an excellent site in an under-served niche. If you like public nudity, this is site you need to visit.

08-20-11  12:14pm

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Visit Teasers VOD

Teasers VOD

Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: -very public nudity and solo masturbation shoots
-good recurring price
-good variety of models
-reliable updates
Cons: -could update more often
-shoots are somewhat formulaic, could vary more
-few photos
Bottom Line: If you like watching girls wearing slutty, barely legal outfits, stripping off those outfits and getting off in risky public places, you will like teasers.
Unlike what you would see on a flashing or public nudity site, everything the girls wear here is baring and daring, and they are seen by MANY passersby. Of course they also strip and most of them finger themselves in public, so you will
get plenty of public masturbation too.

A distinction that should be made is between what the site calls "secluded" shoots and other public shoots. Each episode includes a solo masturbation session in a "secluded" venue. These are public, but (usually) not likely to have passersby near. These are the types of venues you will usually see on other public nudity and public sex sites - pretty much all of the American ones. However, most of each episode is not "secluded", and is shot on busy streets, sidewalks, parks etc. The later episodes also include groping and spanking by the director, as well as the girl's use of vibrators and dildos in
both the secluded and more public scenes. You won't get this kind of explicit public porn with any other American site, and because the European moral/legal environment is different, these scenes on Teasers feel much more daring than on
most European sites.

Each episode includes an interview at a cafe, usually outside on busy streets, where the girl shows what she's got, usually fingers herself, and loses her underwear. Then there is a stroll, which often ends with stripping and masturbation on a sidewalk or similarly trafficked area. Each episode also includes a shorter session with a "bikini" (sometimes lingerie, in one hot case
just a T-shirt) in similar venues. Then there is the secluded shoot, which is solo masturbation. The more recent episodes include shoots with them trying on the different outfits in the studio. The shoots can be somewhat formulaic in this sense. There's only one with two models, and only in the last couple of months have they broken out the toys, which was something I was hoping for. The girls are of various types ethnically, usually younger and newer to the industry, and quite courageous, considering that what they are doing could easily get them arrested.

The site updates reliably three times a month, on the 1st, 11th and 21st. So it's not so good as a weekly update, but better than once every two weeks and virtually always on time. Most updates are about an hour or more of video with WMV and Quicktime formats. I had some trouble downloading (the downloads would sometimes fail partway through) up until a few months ago, when I think the site upgraded its servers.

In all, Teasers is well worth the price, and there's nothing else quite like it on the web.

09-24-10  05:27am

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Visit Teasers VOD

Teasers VOD

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Bill through Epoch.
-Nice quality videos. Not HD though.
-Very attractive models. However, many have tattoos and/or are victims of badly done boob jobs.
-No download limits.
Cons: -No photos.
-Too much masturbation and not enough teasing.
-Small archive and only three updates per month. Needs serious growth for the price to make sense.
-Cannot use Freedownloadmanager.
-Links break constantly. Without a download manager, you must continuously watch out for redownloading incomplete videos.
Bottom Line: This site bills itself as "porn valleys premier public nudity website", as well as the "winner of best paysite of 2009 at GramPonante.com." I wouldn't go that far in my praise of the site. It features public nudity, with a major focus on masturbation, using fingers not toys.

One of the first things I noticed is that the site is just too small to justify the price. At nearly $30, other sites at that price are considerably larger. With just three updates a month, it hardly is worth a second month's membership. Even worse some updates are boring behind the scenes videos.

What you do get are high quality videos featuring minor porn stars and a few amateurs. Across the board, they are attractive. However you also get tattoos and fake boobs on a large number of them.

The scenes are broken down into several sections that are downloaded only individually. You should be able to download every scene all at once for each model. The first section is an interview scene at an outdoor cafe. Ok if you want to hear the models talk, but any visuals are very brief. The models flash under the table or flash their boobs very quickly. You also get scenes of upskirt, bikini, secluded locations, and indoor masturbation scenes called bonus. The upskirt scenes are the only really hot scenes that feature exhibitionism. The others focus on masturbation. The bikini scenes are so weak that I don't know why they are even on the site. Many of the individual scenes are split into parts that cannot be downloaded all at once.

Although the video quality is much better here, I wish the scenes were more like those at publicflash.com. Those were real teasing, flashing and fun. These scenes give me the feeling of pros getting paid, with no excitement about doing the forbidden. You can easily see that they are in this just for the cash.

There are no photos on the site. However, there is a photographer in every scene clicking away. It can get most annoying as I want to see the model, not the back of the head of some guy. In some scenes they even direct the model on how to pose. I am truly baffled what happens to the photos they take.

The site is good if you like masturbation more than I do. Its really not that bad, just disappointing.

03-15-10  06:27am

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