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Visit 1 Pass For All Sites

1 Pass For All Sites

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: - 26 sites in the network; and a decent variety.
- zip downloads for photosets
- no DRM or download limit
- updates are frequent (enough).
Cons: - $34.95 is still expensive for a network
- Some sites haven't updated in years.
- No HD Videos to be found
- Only download option is wmv
- Some of the content is definitely not exclusive
- Older videos are lower quality.
Bottom Line: I'm not going to list all the sites here, but this network consists of all the sites listed on the company's page here at PU. There's a variety of stuff like older women, atm, lesbin, one gay site and even hobos, but most of women are 18-24. In a nutshell, you're going to get a whole lotta Eastern European girls with pigtails getting fucked. They may not be major porn stars, but the girls are attractive. None of them look like war refugees or anything.

Since most sites are no longer updating I'll list the ones that still update.
Young Lesbians Portal
Spoiled Virgins
Tricky Old Teacher
18 Virgin Sex
Young Porn Home Video

The other sites quit adding scenes sometime between 2007 and 2009. One site, Bums In Action hasn't been updated since 2005 (and it's just gross anyway). Each site appears to update once a week.

I didn't do a count, but I estimate that there are around 1000 videos. Some of them are old,low quality but I think almost all of them were full scene. The video file names are generic, just numbers. The newer videos look decent, but are not HD. They have unusual dimensions 832x468 (2000kbps-3145kbps). Everything is a wmv, but you can also stream in the browser. You can chose between full scene and split into clips.

Some of the older photosets don't have zips, but most everything you'll find does. Most are 800x1200, and of course the older ones are lower rez.

Most of the content was shot originally just for this network. Four sites, Mommies Do Bunnies, Do My Wife Slut, Lovely Teen Land and Strapon Service are actually just a few scenes from American porn DVDs. Another thing about this network is that the member's url indicates that they may be selling their content to other sites as a plugin, which means you could probably get some or all of this stuff elswhere cheaper.

One thing this site could benefit from is model listing/pages. There are quite a few models and most of them have a few scenes across different sites on the network. There is a model search that works fine even though there are more than a few Olgas, Irinas and Annas. This network is expensive, uneven, non-exclusive and overall below average. However I did find a few gems. I don't think this network is worth the $35, but if you like young eastern European women doing hardcore, you might want to join for a month. My advice is to stay away unless you must join.

12-24-09  11:33pm

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Visit All Exclusive Pass

All Exclusive Pass

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: - Access to 11 network sites.
- no DRM or download limit
Cons: - Video quality is poor.
- No zip downloads of photosets.
- I don't think the site is updating
- Content is not totally exclusive.
- Lack of video format options. All wmvs except the occasional mpg for full scenes.
- Most of the videos don't have full scene downloads.
- Too many "meet women in your area" type ads inside the members area.
Bottom Line: The network is named all exclusive, but you can find the scenes on the company's DVD line and probably at some other sites who have right to distribute the DVDs. I counted around 480 scenes and a lot of them are focused on pigtails. Some of the sites are very small and It doesn't look like they update anymore. I found the content to be just average, not the best porn scenes, but not terrible.

Here's the breakdown:

My Favorite Creampies -14
Pigtails Round Asses 172
Will She Gag -10
Gag Sluts - 36
Pigtails Big Tits - 21
Pigtail Hunter 13
Deep in Her - 14
Stink Fillers -10
Tranny Ranch - 4
Ass Like That 147
Naughty Best Friends 39

The videos range from 320x240(400kbps) to 720x480(700kpbs) with most closer to the lower end. Also very few videos have full scene downloads. You can choose between files spit into 3 parts or 15. All wmvs except the full scene which are mpg. In a nutshell, the video quality stinks.

The photos were not great either.There were no zip downloads for the pics. Photos average 1000x700.

There are 3 pigtail sites, so if that happens to be your thing you might like the content. However the low-rez videos make otherwise decent videos almost worthless. Another site to avoid

03-24-10  09:02am

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Visit All Reality Pass

All Reality Pass

No Review.
04-22-09  03:51am

Visit Artistic Addiction

Artistic Addiction

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Exclusive content. I believe
- No DRM or download limits.
- Diverse group of models. Not just a bunch of blondes.
- Download manager friendly
Cons: - No zip downloads of photosets.
- Lack of creativity. for example almost every other shoot is in a barn near hay with the girl wearing a cowboy hat.
- I'm not sure how often they update. The updates are not dated
- Photos are over-airbrushed.
- Video quality is just average
- Not a very big site content wise.
Bottom Line: I've been in the mood to download some non-hardcore stuff lately so I tried this site. The stuff here is mostly solo with a little dildo play. A few sets have multiple models. Most of the girls are attractive, a few are so-so. There are 64 models including Sandee Westgate, Puma Swede, Lia-19, Priya and Anjali Rai. Let me just say, TBP Maggie is right, it's really not that artistic. You get the idea from the design and preview that the photography would be edgy or something, when in reality it is pretty typical. Overall the photography is good though, I just felt they airbrushed some of the photos too much. I'm serious about the cowgirl thing. Just about every model does a set outdoors sitting on hay bales with a cowboy hat on. The need new sets or ideas.

I didn't count the number of sets but there aren't a terrible amount. Most models have 3-5 sets, some have more some less. I can tell you that there are a lot less videos than photosets.

Photos are approximately 800x1200, but do not offer zip downloads.

Videos are 640x480 2000kbps. They could be better. One minor negative is they they all seem to have annoying music playing and you usually can't here the girl. Also only wmv's are offered.

There's really not much more to say about this site. It's just kind of "meh". I don't think I'd recommend this one. Join Twisty's instead.

11-14-09  12:07pm

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Visit Ashlynn Brooke

Ashlynn Brooke

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - The content is very good, nice videos and professional photo sets
- simple clean site design, easy enough to navigate
- 100's of photos for each video, both photo galleries and screen caps
- zip downloads for both photo gallery and and screen caps
Cons: - Content not exclusive to this site.
- Updates schedule is unknown and/or irregular. The update on Wednesdays, but not every Wednesday.
- With the exception of the Diary which she may not actually write, this site has no personal touch.
- site does not support download resuming. (minor gripe when using download managers)
Bottom Line: This is the official site of blond pornstar Ashylnn Brooke, it is set up exactly like all the sites on the New Sensations network.

The site contains 60 videos of Ashlynn Brooke with guys, girls and also solo. The videos are 888x480, 1400kps and in wmv format. Scenes are also available split into 3 min segments in 3 different bit rates of wmv and also real media.

Each scene has a huge gallery of photos and screen caps. The photoset pics are 683x1024 and look pretty good.

The main problem with the site is that the content is not exclusive. You can get most of the videos on the New Sensations site and DVD line. I don't believe any of it was shot just for the site.

You access to a few bonus sites, clubcytherea, bustycafe, aimeesweet and legseeker among others. Not great, but not bad.

I got it at a sale price of $9.95, so I'd say it was worth it if you don't already have a membership to New Sensations or have most of her scenes from their line. However I would recommend joining New Sensations instead. They have a bigger network and I saw around 30 vids of Ashlynn, but there were probably more around the site.

If you love this girl go subscribe now, because it's normally $29.95

03-12-09  07:05am

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Visit Bailey Kline

Bailey Kline

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Photo set zip downloads
- Cut girl with a cute site
- Decent photos. Pretty professional.
- Exclusive content
Cons: - You are forced to download the entire zip set. You can see but not download individual photos.
- Lacking in video content, only 18 videos
- Too many adds for other sites
- Expensive! $34.95 for single girl tease site.
- Has not been updated since mid February
- No bonus content
Bottom Line: Baileykline.com is the personal site of Bailey Kline some cute little blond who is likely in her early twenties. This site is a softcore tease site. There is lots of bare boobs, but only the occasional flash of her vag.

There are currently around 60 photo sets of about 50 to 100 pics, sometimes more or less. Photos are decent quality (1250 x850). Like I mentioned before, you must download the entire photo set if you want to keep even 1 photo on your hard drive.
There are 18 videos available in wmv or mov format. The videos are usually of Bailey topless shaking her tits and dancing. The quality of the video files are not great either (720 x576, 2000 kbps).

I can not in good conscience recommend this site at this time. It is tease site featuring one girl with limited content for a whopping $34.95 a month recurring. The site seems to only have content since October 2008 so it's new and could have much more content in a few months.

My final verdict:
Only join this site if you think Bailey is super hot and she is either in one of your classes at college or is one of your daughters friends, and you would like to see what her bare tits look like. Even as far as tease or topless only sites go this one is not worth paying for. Like I said it could improve in time.

03-03-09  06:04am

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Visit Bella XOXO

Bella XOXO

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Zip photo downloads.
- Webcam shows
- Consistent with updates
- No DRM or daily download limits
Cons: - Content is non-exclusive
- Not much content
- Lack of video format options
- Earlier videos are R-rated
- Photo and video could be a little better(not bad though)
Bottom Line: Bella XOXO is a solo site, but there's a little G/G stuff and one B/G photo shoot. Her first hardcore update came on the day that I wrote this review. I did read in her journal and I confirmed that she has been shooting some hardcore scenes for some other sites. I wager she'll be doing more. Overall very typical content here, mostly masturbation w/o toys and strip teases; lots of different outfits in the photoshoots. Nothing groundbreaking. It is clear that she has been getting more comfortable and daring as time goes on. She wouldn't even show her breasts in December 2008 and now she's getting fucked. The content is not entirely exclusive, I did see some of the same sets shown on the preview page for nikkisplaymates.com.

The photos are 1067x1600, which is getting there, but they can do better. There are 76 photo sets and all are available in zip downloads.

Currently there are 37 videos You have the choice between wmv and mp4 format. The videos are 916x516(2000-40000 kbps), not HD but better than many sites. I did find a few vids that were slightly lower in quality at 720x480. Hopefully they improve. Bella does do webcam shows, but I have never caught one and you cannot watch past shows.

She adds 2 new photo sets a week and 1 new video set a week. That's usually what you'll get with most solo sites. I should mention that this is site is still being updated, so it will continue to grow.

That's about it. Not really worth it for only one girl and the amount of content. It's not bad, but I've seen better. Originally this was a very soft site, technically non-nude but like I mentioned before she has been coming out of her shell. I might recommend this site if you are really into this chick and don't mind solo, but even then you may want to wait for the site to grow. In my opinion this site should not be a standalone site, but rather part of a network. I don't know how much of her content you can get at nikkisplaymates.com, but that site may be a better bet.

07-14-09  10:37am

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Visit Bend Over Video

Bend Over Video

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Includes access to 10 other sites on the network
- The action in the video is good and the actresses are nice too.
- No watermarks
Cons: - Screen caps only, no actual photos
- video quality could be better
- older shoots are lower in quality and do not have full scenes downloads
- Site design and navigation are poor.
- Non exclusive content
- No zip photo downloads
Bottom Line: The videos on this site feature women with prominent backsides engaged in hardcore action that focuses on their assets. Some of the videos are interracial, and though you might expect otherwise not all of them feature anal action. At first I thought the content was really good and I found some of my favorite actresses, but then I recognized a scene. I know for a fact that some of the scenes come from the DVD "Oil Rigs." I have to believe that most of the rest of the content is non-exlusive as well.

There are 112 video scenes, however only the latest 40 offer full scene downloads, the rest are split up into clips. The top quality videos are 640x480 and don't look great, but are still watchable. As far images go there are no true photo shoots, just screen caps 640x480 with no zips.

The site is not very attractive design wise. It is much plainer inside the members area compared to the preview pages. The navigation consists of a link to every numbered page on the top of each page. There is no way to find a scene by model or
date. I should mention that I am not 100% sure that the site is still updating. I couldn't tell because nothing is dated and the site is laid out poorly.

There are 10 other sites on the network that also mostly focus on asses, some of them are decent some of them are crap.
The sites are: TheAnalVault, OnlineGreek, ThroatGlue, PhatJuicyAss, RoxyRumps, BootyBootCamp, KickAssMoms, AmazingCheeks, MuchoTaco and ShowerBooty. I do not believe that they are 100% exclusive either.

The content on the site is good, but you can get it elsewhere. You could probably find most of it on a DVD site like videobox. Therefore, I do not recommend this site. If you do join, stay away from the trial, it's $12.95 for 3 days then $29.95. Not a very economical rate for a trial. Also there is one prechecked cross sale that ends up at 39.94 after the free trial so watch out for that one too.

04-22-09  03:37pm

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Visit Best DVDz

Best DVDz

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Great place to get classic 80's porn
- No DRM or download limits, and download manager friendly
- Zip Downloads of photos
- Multiple video download formats and qualities
- Build-your-own-scene for video downloads
- No watermarks
Cons: - The quality on many videos is poor
- This site is plagued by poor metadata. This is a major problem****
- Photos are grainy, though that can be expected
- Non-exclusive content
- They don't have a very big library compared to other DVD sites
Bottom Line: Best DVDz is a DVD site featuring classic porn from the 80's. The majority of the videos are films distributed by Caballero. Basically this is a smaller Videosz with a classic porn library. The site is designed and arranged exactly like Videosz.

This important, this site strictly for the classic porn video fan. There are some newer videos, but don't expect much if you are only into 21st century porn. You'll find stars like Tom Byron, Nina Hartley, John Holmes, Christy Canyon, Amber Lynn and others. You can expect to see a lot of unshaven crotches, mustachioed men, bad perms and bleach jobs, bad lighting, smaller tits and asses, and neon lycra-spandex.

They update every day adding one new DVD. Occasionally they'll give you two. There are currently 951 DVD's and 5350 scenes which is small compared to other DVD sites. You will find some scene repeats due to there being compilation vids, but that's nothing new for DVD sites.

The biggest flaw of Best DVDz is that they have transferred and uploaded a decent library of classic porn, but they have yet to add the metadata for most files. What I mean is some videos don't have cast lists, or categories and descriptions. So therefore, you could search for a specific star, but not find all the videos she's in. Some stars that are not in the database, but are in several videos. You could also search for a category and miss many videos. This makes the search function almost useless. I also noticed some DVD's have the wrong covers and stars, or some scenes are mixed up.

Some movies have photo galleries of screen caps, but the quality is poor. They are available in zip downloads, but they are not worth it unless you just want a preview.

The videos come in 3 qualities of both wmv and mov, 2 qualities of mp4 for ipods, and finally what they call "DVD High quality," which is mpg. There are also 3 qualities of streaming flash. The videos are 640x480 at their highest quality, and though I'm not sure about the DVD quality, the highest wmv is 2240kpbs, so it must be higher. They videos were originally shot for VHS, so the really don't look that great. They are what you'd expect. They'll never be HD or even DVD quality. While you don't have the option to download the video in smaller segments, you can "make your own scene. That means you choose when it starts and stops.

The content isn't bad but it is not exclusive. While you may be able to some of these movies elsewhere, this is a good place to get classic movies. Caballeroclassics.com offers many of the same videos and it's the same price, but you don't get the videos from the other studios. They should add a comment system like videobox. It helps me not download stuff I would otherwise. I might recommend this site, but only if you are interested in classic porn. The problem with search hurts the site and makes it a chore to find what you want. Only join if you are into classic porn(and you are patient), otherwise Videosz is the site for you.

05-17-09  03:51pm

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Visit Big Booty Town

Big Booty Town

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - All exclusive content.
- zip photo downloads
- Pretty frequent updates
- No DRM or daily download limit
- Photo resolution on latest photos is not bad
- Satisfies an uncommon niche that I can get into.
Cons: - Maybe they could have better looking models, but these are amateurs and I liked them enough
- Navigation stinks. Just a list of updates, 15 per page with thumbnail not listed by model name
- $29.99 might be a little pricey for this type of site.
- I found the watermark to be obtrusive. It's a bit oversized and placed too high. It really hurts this type of video.
- According to the TBP review they only allow one download at a time. I didn't even try to use a dl manager after reading that. Downloads were a little slow too.
- Videos could be longer. I think a good tease takes more than 5 minutes.
- I found a few broken links to downloads
Bottom Line: I've noticed that recently I've spent more time watching booty vids on youtube. The problem is always the quality and the length of those free youtube videos, in addition to the non-nudity. This site does a good job addressing quality and nudity and but they still run a little short. Anyway, I was glad to discover this site because in it's one of the few pay sites that caters to this niche, and I found a few models that I was already familiar with.

So this site consists of videos that are shot by the models themselves(or there boyfriends) from what i can tell. It's mostly booty shaking and sometimes they rub oil on their ass. There is nudity involved, but not always. There is a little hardcore content mixed in. A few blowjobs, fucking and even anal, but you can find that stuff anywhere. This is mostly solo stuff, and there isn't much masturbation either. The models are amateurs and tend to be on the thicker side.

Currently there are approximately 290 videos and 100 photosets. They update about 3 times a week.

The photos are 1200x1600, but some of the earlier ones are a little lower rez.

Video resolutions vary. They range from 720x480 to 1280x720. Bit rates are around 4000-5000kbps. They offer wmv, mov, mp4 for portable devices and also flv in the browser. The videos look decent, but keep in mind they are not shot professionally and often shot on a tripod by the model herself so the can be out of focus.

This site is definitely not for everybody. It's soft core and yes most of the girls have Burger King Butts. There are a lot of negatives. Personally speaking it was a positive experience, I might join again in a few months. However, I can only recommend this site to guys who like the type of big booty amateurs they show in the previews and who also like soft content. They still need to fix a few things like the watermark, navigation and making all videos HD in addition longer videos. I might recommend this site at this time.

Let me just say one more thing, this site isn't a good as it looks in the preview area. I'm talking about both the design and the content.

11-29-09  12:51am

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Visit Bikini Riot

Bikini Riot

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - They now have zips of the photosets.
- New videos are HD and look pretty good
- From what I can tell it's all exclusive
- Access to two bonus sites: Riot Girls and Euro Sinsations
- No DRM and no apparent download limit.
- Nice looking models, all well known girls.
- Download manager friendly.
Cons: - The photo resolution definately needs to improve
- Older videos(which is the majority) are not great quality.
- The settings and photography is a little repetitive.
- Annoying music during some scenes.
- Not many video format options
Bottom Line: Bikini Riot showcases beautiful models poolside stripping out of tiny bikini's. This is mainly a softcore nude modeling site, not one about sexual activities. You will find some masturbation in some scenes, often with a vibrator. There were a few girl/girl in here, but no M/F, but this isn't what the site is about. A lot of the photography focuses on the girls' asses and vaginas, but it's done pretty tastefully. Overall it was pretty hot. There are currently 233 photosets and 199 videos. Updates come once every three days and they usually alternate between a video and a photoset.

This may seem nitpicky but I found the shoots, particularly the new stuff, to be repetitive. They have a scene with the model laying out poolside then rubbing baby oil on herself. They have a scene of the model stripping by the pool and then getting into the pool. There's a scene of the girl on a raft in the pool laying on her stomach. There's another scene of the model stripping and then masturbating with a vibrator. Always by or in the pool, always doing the same things, it's that way for every girl. Luckily the girls are attractive so it's not that big of a deal. And yes they do need to dump the lame softcore music they play in many of the clips.

The newest pics are 1000x1500 and while that is an improvement from what they had during the two earlier reviews, there is still room for improvement. If you ask me, a nude photography site should have actual super hi-rez photos. It's less important for hardcore sites, but when the entire focus is on a beautiful girl's posing body we deserve top quality stills. Older photos vary in size between 682x1024 and 800x1200. Those who joined years ago should be happy to hear that they now have zip downloads for every set going back to the beginning.

The latest videos at the highest quality are 1280x720 3500kbps wmv's. They do look better than the older stuff. Much of the content is still 640x480 2100kbps, but they have now moved on the HD quality vids so any updates that are in the lower rez were just stuff they shot earlier and still haven't rolled out. You can also download a lower quality version of each scene or an ipod format. All videos are full scene downloads.

This site appears to have improved since Denner and Drooler first reviewed it. There's not a ton of content, but it's not a bad deal. I'd recommend this site to the fans of nude and skimpy bikini modeling. I need to stress that if you are looking for lots of masturbation you will not find it here. Check out the models they offer on the preview page and if you like join for one month.

09-20-09  07:56am

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Visit Black Motherfuckers

Black Motherfuckers

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: - Joining gets you bonus access to a big network
- Navigation is easy. All scenes on one page.
Cons: - No full scene downloads, only split videos
- Video quality is below average
- Content is non-exclusive
- No zip photoset downloads
- Uncertain update schedule
- Some photosets are only screenshots
- Too many ads
Bottom Line: Black Motherfuckers is an interracial site focusing on black men fucking white milfs. You'll find 48 non-exclusive scenes, which appear to come from DVD',s but they do not tell you that. The action in the scenes is decent and there are some well known IR stars like Sara Jay, Nina Hartley, Kylie G, and Devon Lee. The updates are not dated, but I don't remember seeing an update, not that it matters all the scenes come from DVD's.

Some of the scenes have actual still photos that are 874x1310, but others have blurry screen caps instead. There are no zip downloads either.

The videos are split into 5 minute clips and are offered in 2 qualities of wmv and one mpg. There are no full scene videos only split clips. The videos are 400x300 and 1000kpbs, they don't look good and are not acceptable by todays standards.

Basically, this is your basic IR site site, but everything can be seen elsewhere and the quality is poor. Even though you get bonus site access, 29.97(recurring price) is pretty expensive. Don't join the network for this site. If you want some exclusive black/white milf scene, I recommend Blacks On Cougars instead.

05-29-09  02:00am

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Visit Blacks on Blondes

Blacks on Blondes

No Review.
03-13-09  01:35am

Visit Blacks On Cougars

Blacks On Cougars

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - The women are actually cougars. Not twentysomethings pretending to be older.
- Regular updates. New scene every friday.
- Decent/good video quality.
- All videos are available in full scene in mid and broadband qualities or split up.
- Around 200 or more "hi-rez" pics per scene.
Cons: - Somewhat pricey for a single site, $34.99 for one month.
- No bonus content, only $1.99 trials to the company's other sites.
- Not enough content as of March 2, 2009 to warrant the $34.99/month
- Not many big name or top quality female models at this point.
- Poor site navigation.
Bottom Line: What you are going to get with Blacks on Cougars is a new scene every week of a white woman in her 30's to 50's getting railed by 1-3 hung black men. As of March 3, 2009 there are approximately 32 video scenes with no repeats of the female models. The videos average 30 minutes and broadband movies(640 x 360) are about 400 MB in size. There are smaller midband(480 x 272), also the option to download the broadband videos in 3 parts and the midband in one minute clips.

Like all Dogfart sites, the navigation is lacking. There is a jumplist with the models names, and no search function. The camerawork could be better too, but the video quality is more consistent than blacksonblondes.com. Unfortunately you are not able to see the upcoming updates.

I would recommend this site only to those true IR porn hounds who are always looking for some new content and also loved Blacks on Blondes. But $34.99 a month is a little bit expensive so you may want to wait until the site gets larger before you join. Grab what you can in that first month and cancel to avoid rebilling.

I should mention the fact that some of the women who are pictured in the preview page may not have their scenes available yet, notably Nina Hartley.

03-02-09  09:32am

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Visit Brandi Belle

Brandi Belle

No Review.
03-13-09  01:36am

Visit Brazzers


No Review.
03-12-09  07:43am

Visit Brazzers


No Review.
03-03-09  07:45am

Visit Brittany's Bod

Brittany's Bod

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - ZIP file photo set downloads
- Brittany's Bod. And by that I mean her huge natural knockers, not common for teen tease sites
- Video downloads are offered in 4 different file formats
- Clean attractive site design
Cons: - You cannot download an individual photo you are forced to download the whole zip file
- Site does not update frequently. Once every 2 weeks.
- Price. The amount of content is not worth $34.95
- Far too many ads for "friends'" sites on the front page
- Not as many videos as they advertise. They claim 54, I counted less than 40.
Bottom Line: Brittany's Bod is a solo site featuring a big-titted cute blond girl. Brittany does get totally nude, but it's a tease site so you never get a really good look at her vag and you will not see any masturbation.

There are 39 vids available in wmv, mov, ipod(mp4) and also 3gp for 3G cell phones. The video quality isn't very good, but they don't look terrible at 720x480 and 2524 kbps. In each video you will usually find Brittany doing things such as rubbing oil or ice on her body or dancing around with her big tits out to current hits such as Rock & Roll Hoochie Koo by Edgar Winter. She's sexy, but the videos are just a little too short and uninteresting.

There 81 photosets of about 150 pics available in zip file download only. You can view but not download individual photos. Photos are 685x1024, so the quality could be better.

Brittany also has a blog with extra candid photo sets and a few flash videos. Not bad, at least it's something extra. Other than that there are no other extras.

It seems that so few sites can pull off the teen tease thing well and this site is no exception.
It's really not a terrible site, it's just not worth $34.95. This site could improve by having more videos that are longer and better in quality, more updates some girl/girl tease stuff and maybe a webcam. Or the company could just merge all their model's sites into one network at the price they currently charge for one site.

I would not recommend this site, unless you just cannot resist Brittany and her Bod. I'd recommend the phil-flash sites instead.

03-31-09  12:48pm

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Visit Butt Lounge

Butt Lounge

No Review.
04-12-09  03:29am

Visit Christina Model

Christina Model

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Huge photo collection going back over 5 years. More than 550 photo sets
- Some of the new videos are HD
- They make good on the with the biweekly photo updates promise
- She Now does 3 live webcam shows a month
Cons: - Content can get dull and repetitive
- Older video content is lower quality and too short
- Every photo is slightly buttonized with these weird edges
- Video page is a mess and hard to navigate
- No zip photoset downloads
Bottom Line: I remember seeing Christina's site years ago, but I was never interested in actually joining. She's known for her big natural, slightly sagging breasts and very poor fully clothed dancing.

These days she does actually get naked, well topless that is. She'll show off her tits but she is very shy about showing her bare ass or her bits, but technically she does get totally nude. She doesn't really touch herself down there, but she does use a vibrator in one of her newer videos(not naked though). Basically this site is an R-rated tease site(that's not necessarily a bad thing). There are hundreds of photosets going back to 2004 of Christina undressing out of different outfits. The videos are the same, she'll change in and out of a few outfits, dance around a little to lame music, pull her tits out and pose. Not bad, but they do get repetitive.

One problem with her is that in my opinion her stuff isn't that sexy. It's not bad really, she's kinda cute, her body is good and you can totally spank to her vids. Something is just missing. I think she's a little bit uncomfortable. I don't blame her, I blame her photographer/director. Also let me add that to her credit Christina's dancing has improved a little.

Recently Christina has started to do webcam shows for her members at a rate of 3 per month. These cam shows are similar to the content on her site and are 45-60 minutes. Not bad, just a little bonus. You can re-watch all the previous shows and there are about 6 right now.

The newer photos are 1000x1500. The photos look good, but every photo has slight buttonized edges. I found that very unnecessary. The older photos get smaller as you go further back, but not too bad. I should mention that unfortunately there are no zip files of the photos.

At the time of my review were 10 30 min HD videos split into 2 parts and 13 Standard Def(SD) vids also the same length. There are about 15 12 min movies and some 2 min preview for the videos she sells. Then 9 videos that are under a minute and very poor in quality. The new HD videos are 1280 x720 and they look pretty good. The SD are 640x480, and that means they look acceptable. Each new videos either HD or SD, not both. What this site does is release the first half of an HD videos then 1 week later the second half, and after that they do the same for one Standard Definition video. So that's means 1 15 minute video per week.

I might recommend this site for month, if you like Christina and don't mind an R-rated site. This recommendation has to do with the large volume of photosets she offers, and compared to most tease sites she has a lot. Things can get a little boring on this site but overall it's not bad. The price of the site is actually 24.95, at least that's what I paid. And for all you pervs don't expect to see anything from when she
wasn't legal, this site only goes back to 2004 thankfully

04-15-09  05:33am

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Visit Chubby POV

Chubby POV

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Exclusive content
- Zip photo set downloads
- No restrictions or DRM
- All the videos have decent quality.
Cons: - Little content. Only 30 scenes.
- Infrequent updates have become fewer over time.
- Too expensive, $29.90 for a small site.
- Photo resolution could be better.
Bottom Line: The name of the site is Chubby POV and that's what you get, Chubby models in POV scenes. The models range from mostly chubby to obese, and most of the models are attractive for being fat but some are not. The content of the scenes isn't bad but it's mostly blow jobs. They do a short interview and then the girl stands up and strips and sucks the cameraman off, sometimes he fucks her a little and then does a cumshot. By definition the site is repetitive, but that might be what a subscriber is looking for.

It looks like the site was updated about once a week, but now it seems to be once every two weeks.

There are three qualities of videos, the lowest are mpg and the higher two are wmv. At the highest definition the videos are 960x540, 3200 kpbs and they look decent going back to the first scene. You have the choice between full scenes or split into 10 or so segments. The videos can also be watched in flash streams.

The photos are 1024x683 and are available in zip download and hands-free slideshow. I expect higher rez photos from a site that started in late 2008.

The site gives you bonus access to BBW Video King. That site has 25 or so chubby and BBW themed DVD's. No worth much really.

I do not recommend Chubby POV at this time. The amount of content and the overall quality of the scenes is not worth the subscription price. This is the kind of site you expect to be part of a network, but it's a single site. The only reason I joined was to see the scene featuring a now chubby Serena Marcus. So if you're looking for Chubby girls, skip this one and keep looking.

05-11-09  02:40pm

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Visit Cougars In Heat

Cougars In Heat

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - The women are hot and look like cougars, and the scenes are hot
- No DRM or download limit
- HD videos look very good
- Download manager friendly. Resumes downloads, multiple connections, queue and download later works
- Zip downloads for the photos. And separate links for soft and hard photos
Cons: - Some of the navigation links don't seem to work. If you click on "models" sometimes nothing happens.
- Also some of the video files in ipod format are missing.
- No actual model pages.
- Ads, including Adult friend Finder, in the member's area
- A little too expensive for a site with no network access
- Only one update a week, and it's late at times
Bottom Line: This is a good one if you like hardcore MILF scenes with pornstars. These are traditional video style scenes with a little scenario and everything, not reality gonzo. These are well known pornstars and they seem to look the part of cougars. I'd say they're all between 35-50, I don't know Nina Hartley is probably the oldest one they have. It's all white women with the exception of one scene and it's exclusively B/G. Most of the content seems exclusive, but I have definitely seen at least one of the scenes elsewhere. There were 163 scenes at the time of this review and updates come once a week, occasionally more. The update schedule is irregular, but they do come.

Four types of files are offered for the video downloads, HD mp4, standard rez mp4 & wmv, and an Ipod size mp4. The wmv's are just average, and they do get blocky at times. Go for the HD mp4s they appear to be 1280x720. There are full scene downloads or split into 10 clips. Like I mentioned in the cons, the ipod format is missing sometimes. Also you'll find 3 qualities of streaming flash.

The top quality still photos are 1077x1616, and screen caps are 960x540. Could be better could be worse. One thing that was strange was that they offer "high quality" photos and "high resolution" photos. The "high resolution" are the better of the two. Pretty dumb naming system if you ask me. One thing I like about the way they did photos was that they have separated hardcore and softcore photos. I usually go for the softcore photos because I have video for hardcore. There are separate zips of hard, soft and screencaps.

I really enjoyed this site, I thought the content was good and I would recommend it. I would add 10 points to the score if the site was either cheaper, or was part of a network. If you are wondering the amount of videos they had worth $30, I say yes. However, Naughty America has several similar sites and over a dozen other niches and I usually only pay $10 for that. My suggestions for improvement would be to lower the price and spice things up a bit. Do an occasional threesome or use a model of a different ethnicity.

01-09-10  05:42am

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Visit Cream Pimps

Cream Pimps

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Videos appear to be exclusive.
- Access to network of 10 sites
- No DRM or download limit
- They do a good job delivering on the "creampie" niche.
- Even the shemale site is condomless with actual creampies.
Cons: - The full length vids are poor quality. Only the split clips are offered in 1280x720
- no zips for photosets
- Only one format for videos, wmv
- very pricey site at almost $40
- Does not use a reputable biller
- Not a very big site either. Only around 220 videos.
Bottom Line: Cream Pimps is a network that caters to creampies. If you don't know that is just an internal cumshot. I can dig that. You don't have to watch the guy furiously jerking himself off for the last 5 minutes of the film and shooting a load on the girls tits. The scenes are pretty good and feature real creampies, sometimes anal ones. The women are mostly all known pornstars and the shemales are your Brazilian TS stars.

The network consists of 10 sites. Here's a listing along with the number of scenes:

Black Booty Cream - 26
Black Cream White Ass - 19
Porn Star Cream - 17
Transsexual Cream - 28
Big Butt Cream - 32
Boobies and Cream - 19
Cuckold Cream - 22
Teens First Blow Job - 14 *this one isn't a creampie site, and it's not updated
Teens First Cream - 26
Cougars and Cream - 18

The content for each site is pretty much what the names imply.

The major problem with this site is the videos. There are high, medium and low wmv files split in to shorter clips for download and stream. There is also one quality for the full scene downloads, but it isn't very good (512x288 1mbps).

As I mentioned in the cons there are no zips for the photosets. The images are 1280x900ish.

They update the network 4 or 5 times a week. That's acceptable, but I think networks should do daily updates these days.

The scenes are decent and stick to the niche, but there are just not enough for the high price tag and they don't have full length HD vids. If they would give HD full scene vids and lower the price I'd give this site much a much higher score. Don't join this site.

03-10-10  01:36pm

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Visit Creampie Ebony

Creampie Ebony

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - All exclusive content.
- Zip photo downloads
- The models were decent. No real ugly broads and maybe only one or two fatties.
- Part of a network of 6 or so sites.
- No DRM and I didn't encounter a daily limit.
Cons: - Updates are very infrequent and irregular. Only one or two updates a month. Rarely more.
- Video resolution is low by today's standards.
- Photos are are only 800x600
- Not much content on this site.
- The design and navigation are bad
- I think the site is overpriced considering the amount and quality of content
Bottom Line: This is a pretty straightforward site. Each scene has one amateur looking black girl sucking and getting fucked by a white guy and then receiving a cream pie. I don't think there is any anal, just regular sex. The sex can be mild at times, not very rough, but they weren't bad though. The stunt dicks aren't exactly pornstars, just the dudes who shoot and run the site, and the girls are they type that have appeared in a few scenes someplace but aren't known. No real stunners, but most of them were at least cute.

Joining gives you access to 5 other sites with similar quality.
West Coast Gangbangs
Hot Wives and Girlfriends
DP Amateurs
Creampie X
Elizabeth del Mar

They are also real "meh."

There are approximately 70 scenes as of this review. Each scene has a photoset that goes along with it. There are also 92 scenes in the archive that are lower in quality(320x240) and are not worth downloading because of that.

The top quality videos are only 640x480 1200kbps. They are just this side of watchable. Not terrible though. Time to upgrade to HD guys. The formats are ipod/mp4, flash, and 3 qualities of wmv and one mpg. They still have a 56k format that is 160x120, are they serious? Pics are 800x600 with zip downloads, also not great. I expect better for $30/month than this.

Mediocre site really. Scenes were okay, but they need to get newer equipment. I might recommend this site if they raised the video quality and had 4 updates a month. But for now, skip this one.

04-13-10  08:02am

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Visit Diabolic


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - You get to watch Diabolic's DVD's soon after they are released for sale.
- The videos are good.
- No more DRM. No download limit.
- Newest video definition is very good.
- Picture gallery for each scene(screenshots) and photo shoots for each movie. Rare for a DVD site.
- No watermarks
Cons: - Every video file you download is named "90.wmv" which is very annoying.
- The navigation has problems
- Only 1 format/size of video download
- Older videos are lower quality
- A little pricey for the amount of content and updates
- No zips for the photos
Bottom Line: This is the official site of Diabolic Video and it boasts 361 movies with 2,434 scenes. It seems to me that they have most of the Diabolic catalog available for download. When they release a new DVD it is available in the member's area in 3 to 5 days.

A new DVD is added every Friday and the photos for the movie are added on Monday. That's not enough updates in my opinon.

The videos quality ranges from 400x300, 618kbps for the old ones to 1920x1080 7235kpbs for the latest, and then everything in between. The videos are only offered in either 3 qualities of streaming or 1 size wmv.

There are about 250 photo shots from the videos each with about 50 pics, and the most recent photos are 1200x800. There are screenshots for each scene that look pretty bad. No zip file downloads.

A major annoyance has to do with the navigation. Whenever you view the list of actresses you are presented with DVD covers of a movie they are in and not a photo of the actress. Occasionally the actress will be the one on the cover, but most of the time it's not the case. I like to see what an actress looks like if I have never heard of her. They have a search which is good but they don't give you an option to search for a performer from the start. Also I encountered some mislabeled scenes.

As far as extras go there are some short behind the scenes videos and casting pics. Some of it isn't bad.

It costs 34.95 to subscribe, and while it may be more expensive and there are less DVD's than say videobox, these videos are more consistent and predictable(not necessarily a bad thing). I don't believe many of the newer ones are available anywhere else. If you like Diabolic's style of gonzo videos, then for subscribe for one month and check back later. Before you join browse through on the preview area and see the videos they have and decide if it's worth it.

05-06-09  06:00pm

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