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Visit VideosZ


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Vast selection of material, including many DVDs not found in other sites. Several ways to down-
load scenes. Many older DVDs with popular models are available. Many models on this site are not available elsewhere. Fairly good access to specific models and types of fantasies.
Cons: Downloads are a problem. Must use a download program that is not very effective. Older materials are grainy and washed out. Streaming some of the scenes can be annoying because of stuttering and stopping during viewing.
Bottom Line: For anyone looking for a site with a large data base of material, this is it. Subject approach can quickly narrow down interests. Relatively inexpensive, and a bargain compared to other sites.
Overall all, a good site that is handicapped by limited download issues.

11-12-09  10:20am

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Visit Strict Restraint

Strict Restraint

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Very entertaining site with attractive models and intriguing forms of restraints. Excellent photography that highlights different forms of punishment and pleasure. Photos and videos are in very good formats and quality for all is high. Downloads are easy.
Cons: Not much to carp about, but here goes. Some of the restraints are mild in comparison with other sites. No full length downloads possible. More uses of "X" frames to tie models would help and double penetration. Small backfile, with just one update a week.
Bottom Line: A very good site that offers attractive models and high quality photo and video shoots. A real bargain now that Dungeon Corp. is giving access to five of their sites for the price of one.
Definitely worth a subscription. Viewer gets a huge backfile of material that include some really luscious models and memorable scenes. A great bargain for the BDSM fan.

01-27-09  10:28am

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Visit Hardtied


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Extreme site with various types of bondage and stimulation of models provided. Most models are very attractive, and some moderately attractive, like Melody who is very enjoyable to watch when stimulated. Different forms of punishment and forced orgasms are very entertaining. Updates do come once a week, and some models such as Cherry Torn, Calico and Pinky have several shoots. Most recent shoot of Wenona is a keeper.
Dowload speeds are excellent and it's possible to load multiple clips at the same time to a PC or iPod. Photography is okay.
Cons: Expensive at $35.00 per month. Navigation can be a problem. No way to gain direct access to a particular model other than scrolling through the different shoots. Lighting in some scenes is dark and could be improved. No bonus sites or materials. A discount to one of their other sites like Infernal Restraints would be worthwhile, or at least the ability to purchase individual clips like Kink.com is currently doing. They should consider doing some electrical stimulation such as on the nipples and labia as is done on other BDSM site that use electricity.
Photos are just okay, with too many of them shot at bad angles, and some missing the best part of the model's predicament.
Bottom Line: Overall, a very good site that needs to grow and provide bonus materials. Cost is high, and for that amount of money, a few extras would be welcome.
For the connoisseur of BDSM, this is a site worth looking at. Some of the scenes, such as with Mei, Kali, Anna Rose and a few others are excellent and well worth dowloading and keeping. Older materials include such well known models as Shannon Kelly, Kitty Langdon and Jade Marxx, to name but a few. Variety of bondage positions, including anal and double penetration along with electrified clit stimulators is extensive.
Hardtied might provide, as a bonus, some of their older clips from the Insex Archives. Then this would be a terrific site.

07-25-08  12:32pm

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Visit Sweet Auditions

Sweet Auditions

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Extreme site for those who enjoy women being humiliated. Deep throat gagging, multiple vaginal and anal penetration and other forms of abuse. Some models are quite attractive, while others are just so-so. Submission is the name of the game for this site. Anyone interested in the most kinky type of sexual behavior will be interested in this content.
There are 21 bonus sites which all focus on ways to humiliate and torture women. Sado Slaves, Fisting and Jake Busts a Nut will entertain with their extreme ways of penetrating and punishing models. Downloads are available, and newer shoots have different speed and quality available.
Cons: Hard to watch some of the abuse models take, including anal insertions that make one cringe. Quality of photography varies from good to just average. Photographic angles are not the best, and appear to be done by using a hand held camera that does not capture the best views. Commentary by narrator is distracting at times.
Most, if not all of the models are not amateurs. And some, like Casey look a little tired.
Download quality of older materials is not very good, especially in some of the bonus sites. Don't expect much in the way of updates.
Bottom Line: Overall, a unique site that may not be for everyone. Hardcore fans of female domination and punishment will find much to like in this site. Access to the 21 other sites is a bonus and may be worth the high cost to some. A few of the models, like Lena Ramon, are very attractive and have a strong appeal. Can't help but like the way she talks back to her punisher, and even jokes about her predicament with him. Ramon is just as attractive in some of the other sites.
This and the bonus sites are not for the squeamish. But if you can put up with some so-so photography and marginal quality filming in most of the sites, the scenes will be entertaining.
As far as updates are concerned, they occur infrequently and are scattered throughout the bonus sites. So, if a viewer wants up-to-date scenes in Sweet Auditions, it may take more than a few weeks.

04-28-08  03:41pm

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Visit Pain Gate

Pain Gate

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: A focused site that features floggings and whippings of female models. Some welts and cuts are visible, and an attempt is made to show signs of injury caused by whippings.
All models are attractive and a few resist their tormentors as they are being beaten. Some play the role of submissives and try to elicit sympathy. Different venues include indoor and outdoor shoots. Variation on what restraints are used is good.
Cons: Poor lighting on some shoots makes it difficult to see victim. Use of camera angles and shots could be better. Quality of most films is not very good.
This site has some navigation problems. Clips for a section are too short.
Punishment by whipping and flogging is fairly routine. They need to consider using other forms of torture such as nipple clamps, etc.
They claim to have a large data base. However, there is no access to older materials. User must select chapters from two categories that are updated every week. Together, both categories have less than 30 chapters. But for every new chapter added, one is removed. Not a good deal for $40.00
Bottom Line: At $40.00 a month, this is not a good deal. Viewer should look elsewhere for sites that provide floggings and whippings, plus other forms of torment.
Quality of videos is average, with some so poorly lighted that visibility is impaired. Access to their data base for older episodes would be welcome.
Plot lines for chapters are inconsequential and contribute little to the sessions.
Most of the models are attractive, but a few can really act and feign pain and injury. Madeleine stands out. Some of the women, including one of two slender blondes, just go through the motions and do not lend any appeal to the site.
There are no bonus sites, and no discounts for its sister site, Whipped Women.
Many viewers may find themselves bored after watching this site for a couple of weeks because of the limited repertoire.
Other sites associated with Kink.com and Society SM may be more appealing for fans of whipping and flogging, especially with their better video quality, and access to large data bases as pluses!

03-09-08  10:53am

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Visit Milf Seeker

Milf Seeker

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Very good site for MILFS, perhaps in the top 15. Models are not grannies, more like 35 to about 45, some being real hotties. Some like Adriana are "hot." And even an older model like Ivy Love comes across as sexy and fun to watch. Free bonus sites are extensive. Most of them produce their own content. Newer episodes in HD are terrific and navigating them and downloading is much improved over the older stuff. They do update enough to keep any viewer happy. And failing that, updates to the bonus sites prove more than enough scenes to keep someone hard!
Cons: Quality of older expisodes is fair, and some are not well photographed. Downloads of the older scenes could be better. Some models have very visible scars from breast implants and lower body surgery. For some, this can be a distraction or a turn-off. Additional anal and DP would be welcome. Shame to have a hot babe like Ava Devine not do DP and anal when she is one of the best at doing it. A few more interracial scenes would be welcome.
Bottom Line: Easily one of the better MILF sites, with plenty to see and enjoy. Large data base is easy to access, even if the older materials are not in the best quality. Newer HD scenes really spoil the viewer.
The bonus sections are easy to access. Scenes from the different sites can be added to favorites for rapid access. Some of the models, like Tara in the bonus link are very appealing, especially when the director tells her to express herself and go ahead and have those orgasms. Too bad the lighting in this shoot is so dark.
But other than a few minor criticisms, this is a fun site to enjoy attractive MILFs in action. The reduced cost, at this time, makes this site with access to a plethora of other bonus material a very good buy.

02-23-08  12:27pm

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Visit Water Bondage

Water Bondage

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: Fascinating site for those interested in a unique form of bondage/torture - use of water. Very good content, increasing data base, and improved access to previous episodes.
Females on this site are often members of the Kink.com repetoire of attractive models, some of them quite lovely. They do tend to add new faces to their repetoire, including some that have appeared in other Kink.com sites, e.g. Sandy San Dimas. Viewer input is a nice touch.
Cons: Lighting and video quality could be improved. A few of the models are not good actresses or sufficiently expressive, diminishing the appeal of their segment.
Response to viewer comments or suggestions can be slow, or not at all.
Bottom Line: Probably the best type of water bondage site available. Others are starting to make inroads, but so far none is close to challenging Water Bondage. Discount to other Kink.com sites available when subscribing to this one.

02-23-08  10:59am

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Visit Hog Tied

Hog Tied

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: A primo BDSM site that has set the standard for others. Large backfile with weekly updates. Recent episodes have very good quality pictures and videos which can be dowloaded in WMV, RealVideo and IPod/PSP formats. No DRM. Older videos look better in RealVideo format.
Models are very attractive and have different body styles. Forms of abuse are definitely intriguing and entertaining.
Message board yields fascinating comments about scenes and models. Opportunity for suggestions.
Cons: There are some minor navigation issues, especially for access to older episodes. Repetitive use of some models. They need to bring in different types of subject from other porn genre, like Daphne Rosen.
Less time devoted to tying up models with ropes and knots would be welcome.
Quality of older videos could be improved.
Actions/responses to message board and suggestions needs to be improved.
Bottom Line: Overall, a very entertaining site for BDSM lovers. It is definitely a standard in the BDSM niche. Viewers are treated to a variety of techniques used to dominate and stimulate very attractive models. They could stand to attract more porno queens from other categories, like Aurora Snow and Claudia Adkins. Also, recruiting very attractive milfs like Nina Hartley and Harley Davis would be terrific.
Discount for subscribing to a second Kink.com site can be up to 30% and should encourage subscribers to consider other Kink.com sites.
Hog Tied is a visual treat for subcribers and continues to find new ways to titillate viewers.

01-05-08  11:20am

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Visit Fucked And Bound

Fucked And Bound

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Very entertaining site, especially for those interested in bondage, stimulation and fucking. Most models are attractive, with several excellent actresses, making their experience seem real and in a few cases pleasurable. Quality of films is very good, and navigation is excellent. Use of props is limited. Photos are okay and easy to download separately or as a group. Cost of site is low, at the moment.
Cons: Lighting needs to be improved. Difficult at times to get clear shots of submissives. Photography needs to improve so that we see less male assholes and more shots of women actually being penetrated. Models tend to be ones used in their sister sites. More variety in models recruited is desirable.
Bottom Line: A bargain site for anyone interested in female bondage, forced orgasms and intercourse. Wonder about legal aspects of bondage/torture and fucking. Interesting competitor for other sites such as Sex and Submission. They need to be more creative in their bondage, torture, and humiliation of female subjects. Also, their approach to punishment and intercourse is too formulaic.
Small site at the moment. They need to add a few bonus shoots each month.
Would like to see greater variety in models, such as the recruitment of porn stars like Nina Hartley, Harley Raines, Claudia Adkins, and Harley Davis, to name but a few. Now that Nina Hartley is doing anal, doing a nude, DP and anal scene with her would be welcome.

12-16-07  11:40am

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Visit VideoBox


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Enormous collection of videos with excellent navigation. Regular updates with daily additions to most categories. Video quality of most recent additions is excellent. Allows access to collection by category, series, stars and even studio. Easy to edit scenes to eliminate parts that are not of interest to a viewer. Price is reasonable.
Cons: Quantity and not quality is the norm here. Much of the older and low caliber stuff needs to be culled. Small collections of BDSM, Mature/MILF and, less so, interracial. High Def video access requires more $$$. Hot porn - BDSM cross over stars such as Claudia Adkins, Lena Ramon, Shannon Kelly, Wenona, etc. are not well represented, if at all. Better films and scenes of hotties like Aurora Snow are not in this collection.
Bottom Line: Reasonably priced video site that has a large video repository of materials for anyone interested in downloading scenes for their personal library. Tough, if not impossible, to download a complete dvd. Would like to see better representation of new stars like Ange Venus, and more enjoyable scenes of those like Harley Raines, especially DP and Anal scenes. Very limited number of compendiums which would provide viewer with more choices of stars. Download speeds could be improved. Would like to see a category for big cocks.
But overall, a big collection of dvds and scenes at a modest cost that is easy to browse and tailor scenes for downloading.

11-03-07  09:46am

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Visit Chanta's Bitches

Chanta's Bitches

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: A very good site for BDSM. Models are young and very attractive. With one or two exceptions, most are fit and trim. Downloads are in segments, but can be combined in a zip file. Quality of photos and videos is almost excellent. Variety of devices used for humiliation and punishment, especially the new slated board for stretching, is OK.
Cons: Lighting can be a problem, particularly in some of the downloads. They need to improve their use of lights and avoid shadows to avoid underexposure.
Humilitation and punishment could be improved. Agree with others that anal, including DP as on other sites, would be a big plus.
Chanta needs to lose some weight or do some exercise. Also, sometimes her voice can be squeaky and annoying.
Bottom Line: Now that they have reduced the price to $19.95, it is definitely worth a look. While often referred to as a "lesbian" site, it has much broader appeal.
Adding porno queens like Claudia Adkins - a real hottie who does anal with the best of them - and Wenona - with that great, tight body - would strengthen this site.
Better lighting, and some creative forms of punishment are needed.
As for Chanta, she could do with some humiliation, along with an exercise regimen to get into better "shape."

09-18-07  11:23am

Replies (2)
Visit Devils Film

Devils Film

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Extensive data base of hardcore films. Bonus sites add to the volume of films available. Actresses, for the most part, are very attractive; and some are real hotties. Quality of recent films is very good, even when they are expanded to a larger format. Downloads, particularly for newer films, yield clear and sharp images.
Cons: Some navigation problems, including slow downloads. Films are long, and should be presented in three or four segments. Early parts of most films are often throw-aways. Some older films, such as one of Mia in the mature category would be a classics if the quality was better. Wonder why stars like Claudia Adkins and Aurora Snow are absent or their films limited? BDSM and mature/MILf categories are too small.
Tranny and East Indian stuff may not be popular.
Bottom Line: For the money, this is a bargain. Hours and hours of films are available, including some of the most appealing hardcore scenes imaginable. The bonus sites are very good to mediocre. Too bad some of the Peter North films are not included.
Devils Film has produced impressive hardcore series like those for gangbangs, DP and anal. Films on teens is a bit misleading as some of the models are well beyond twenty.
Navigation can be slow, and considerable wait time is the norm, especially when doing a search in a category with multiple listings.
Overall this is an enormous reservoir of films and scenes that provide long term entertainment and viewer satisfaction. "Let the good times roll!"

09-11-07  02:36pm

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Visit NS All Access

NS All Access

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Extensive site for wide range of pictures and videos. Most vids have good resolution, and quality of photos is very good. Most models in the 14 categories are quite attractive, with some real "hotties." Access to additional sites beyond the 14 listed is a bonus. Several of the sites seem to update. Downloads are easy to do.
Cons: Navigation in some sites is awkward. Size of picture sets at some sites is small. There seems to be no overall plan for updates, and in some sites they have stopped altogether. For almost all of the bonus sites,no downloads are possible. In some, quality of clips is poor.
Bottom Line: For $15.00 a month, this network is a bargain. There are literally hours and hours of scenes that should appeal to a viewer, no matter her or his interests. The content is not unique, but its accessability is a plus. Aside from a few navigational matters that require attention, the quality of videos and ease of downloading can easily net a user a large gigabyte collection.

07-30-07  02:21pm

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Visit Paintoy.com


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Unusual site, with harsh treatment of young, and one or two middle aged women. There are spankings, croppings, paddlings, flogging, use of whips and even some penetration with dildos. This site should appeal to men or women interested in the punishment of women. Real welts, cuts, bruises and crying here.
Cons: Low quality videos and pictures. Navigation is slow, especially for videos where there is a need for constantly signing in with access and pass words. Site has little or no personality.
Mostly men, and a few women inflict pain on the female submissives. But most of the punishers look scruffy and even wimpy. There are long pauses in scenes where a submissive begins to cry, or indicates a time out is needed, slowing down the action. A few of the submissives appear drugged, see Katrina.
Bottom Line: For anyone interested in an extreme fetish site where harsh punishment is inflicted on women, this will be the place to visit. Updates are slow, and overall quality of the videos needs to be improved. Just listing scenes does not provide any indication of what has been photographed, making browsing slow and frustrating. Still, for those interested in watching women punished harshly, some of its limitations can be overlooked.

07-12-07  02:37pm

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Visit Sex And Submission

Sex And Submission

Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: A very good site for those into bondage, submission and fucking. Females are trim, for the most part, but some like Claire Dames and Katja Kassin have generous attributes. Acting by most females is very good. There are now over 121 shoots, and more on the way. Downloads, even for ipods are available.
Quality of submissives is excellent. Most are restrained in intriguing ways that will appeal to anyone into this kind of fetish.
Cons: Lighting can be poor at times, and some of the clips do not seem to be edited well, making a download of a particular sequence troublesome. Male doms try to rough and look buff. However, the acting of male doms leaves something to be desired. For a site like this, the guys need to look rough and menacing.
Some of the restraint positions for the females do not allow good camera angles for viewing. Focusing more on female faces rather than male butts would help.
Bottom Line: While there are others that do the restraint and fucking scenarios, this site, so far, is the best and largest. Some of the submissives like Jade Marxx and Tawni Ryden alone make visiting this site worth while.
This site could stand some new kinds of torture and punishment for the females, such as better acted whippings and suspension scenes. The use of creative double penetrations and even gangbangs for the submissives would attract a wider audience and offer a new dimension to this site.
The acting of some females, like Isis Love, is a bonus, and should encourage this group to get their actresses to play their roles with an added sense of being punished or ravaged. Also, males could stand to be better built and hung, and give the impression of being very menacing.
Overall, for the money, this is an enjoyable and entertaining site. However, their competition is not far behind and in a few instances, doing things that will lure paying visitors to their sites.

06-02-07  02:05pm

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Visit Extreme Castings

Extreme Castings

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Attempt at extreme hardcore that involves slapping, rough treatment of women, and forced sex. Updates seem to be regular. Female models, regardless of their age, are, for the most part, attractive and very good actresses. Some of the females on this site are genuine "hotties."
Cons: Very expensive. Even the trial cost is about $18.00 for three days. Clips are too short. Quality of clips can be a problem. Male dominator is muscular and imposing, but seems to have trouble maintaining an erection, and falters in penetrating and keeping an insertion. Looks like this guy took too many steriods and may need some viagra. Bonus materials are mainly humiliation and so - so.
Bottom Line: Looks like an interesting site, which does have some rough hardcore scenes. However, several things are distracting and disappointing. Most of the play involves slapping and spitting, with little in the form of rough sex. So far, no signs of forced anal sex.
Best part of the site is the variety of attractive females, regardless of their age. The acting by the women basically carry this site. As it is of European origin, for some, the language will be a problem. Anyone interested in extreme hardcore and rough forced sex will find the cost of this site along with the poor quality of some scenes an inducement to look elsehwere.

04-13-07  02:42pm

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Visit The Pain Files

The Pain Files

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: An extreme site that includes whippings, piercing, spankings, hot wax and electric shock. Two or three of their models are quite attractive, particularly Ange Venus. Quality of current episodes is good and downloads come through well, if a bit slow. Pictures, especially newer ones are sharp and clear.
Cons: Navigating this site is clumsy, and the way the films are clipped leaves much to be desired. Compressing some of the video clips would be desirable. Many of the pictures, especially newer ones suffer from "red eye." See pictures of Ange Venus. Updates are slow. Several of the models are scaggy, to say the least.
Bottom Line: An interesting place to explore for anyone interested in extreme forms of BDSM. However, there are better sites, and a few for less money. This site could use better looking models. And their videos could stand to be reduced from 13 to 14 clips to say 5 or 6.

03-23-07  04:53pm

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Visit Hot Mom Next Door

Hot Mom Next Door

Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: Real bargain at $15.00. Many of the women are attractive, popular and seen on other sites. Newer vids and pictures are very good quality. A few episodes have been shared with other sites.
Large number of links to other sites, and an amusing game of strip poker. One scene with Nicky is memorable and worth looking at often.
Cons: Older vids are of lesser quality. Some of the linked sites do not respond easily and skip or flutter as they are played. Not much head provided, and much of the sex is by the numbers, fondle, sniff, suck, lick, and then fuck in three positions only. Some models seem bored and do little to draw attention to their scenes.
Bottom Line: Can't go wrong for $15.00. Updates are slow, but keep coming. Quality of newer vids and pictures is very good. Models are, for the most part, attractive, even though some of them look less than enthusiastic.
Overall, for the low price and the wide range of choices offered, this is a bargain.

03-23-07  04:36pm

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Visit Brutal Dildos

Brutal Dildos

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: Truly amazing scenes. Best site for insertions and toys around. Some of what these women take in the form of dildos is fascinating. Updates seem to come often, and their models are very attractive. Some like Shannon Kelly are a pleasure to watch over and over again.
Cons: Bonus sites are extensive, but quality is so, so. In a few, like their fetish bonus site, access to and navigation leave much to be desired.
Bottom Line: So much to see and enjoy in this site. It could be improved if restrains and the use of mechanical devices were used now and then. Also, a few models in their 30s and 40s would be welcome, along with a few hot Asian women.
Overall, a very entertaining site that provides memorable scenes of insertions with very good quality video and downloading capabilities.

02-09-07  03:38pm

Replies (4)
Visit All Over 30

All Over 30

Status: Was a member approx. 6 months prior to this review.
Pros: Good site with frequent updates. Quality of photography and videos is very good. Many of the models are gems, including a few in their 50s. Navigation is all right, and it's possible to download complete sessions, such as that with Bianca, a very erotic woman.
Cons: Come on, get real. This is basically a softcore site. Most of the photos and too many of the videos involve interviews of little interest, simple nude exposure and masturbation. Where's the meat? With the talent available their approach to great sex with older women is too staid.
Bottom Line: Price is OK, and quality of women and photo/video is fine. Large data base with regular updates. Navigation is just OK.
Somebody needs to light a fire under these people and get them to see that more explicit sex and opportunities for older women to perform different kinds of intercourse [DP, Anal, etc.]is what makes a great site. They are not there yet.

01-24-07  08:35pm

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Visit Exploited Moms

Exploited Moms

Status: Was a member approx. 4 months prior to this review.
Pros: Average site with OK appeal for anyone interested in mature women. Some of the women are attractive, but others will make most user skip to another chapter. Acting and enthusiasm by a few of the women can be impressive.
Cons: Quality of models is average to mediocre. Limited anal. Truncated clips are a nuisance, and updates are slow. Quality of videos is average. Site needs to improve its focus and allow the older women to exhibit increased hunger for active and "rougher" sex.
Bottom Line: Overall an OK site. Shame that it does not have a better standard for females selected. Numerous attractive older women are available that would significantly improve interest in this site. For the price, it is not a bargain, and the related bonus sites are not a plus. Navigation, longer scenes or entire chapters that can be downloaded would help.

01-24-07  08:22pm

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Visit Outrageous Grannies

Outrageous Grannies

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: An extensive site that features access to a number of other places. While the main site features a spectrum of "grannies," the bonus sites are a shotgun approach to mature women and MILFS. The low introductory price is hard to beat.
Cons: Very uneven quality videos. Pictures are, for the most part, just OK. In the bonus sites, there are some serious navigation and downloading problems. On one site dealing with gangbangs, the film stutters and stops. Frustrating when watching a hot model like Lena Ramon. Too bad.
Bottom Line: A good site for someone interested in finding some downloadable videos on older women. Also, the large number of bonus sites can be a bargain. However, the mixed quality of videos, navigation problems, and uneven quality of pictures will frustrate subscribers.

01-20-07  05:13pm

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Visit Society SM

Society SM

Status: Was a member approx. 4 months prior to this review.
Pros: An excellent site. Models selected, for the most part, try to be convincing. Women selected are all very attractive.
The tormentors attempt different means to bring their subjects to orgasm.
Cons: Some uneven approaches to bondage and torture. Could improve their types of insertions, and suspensions. No discounts given for joining another of their sites.
Allowing women to moan and scream more would add to their attempt at reality.
Bottom Line: An excellent and entertaining site for people interested in bondage, torture and forced orgasms of women. They update frequently, and pick very attractive females as their subjects.

01-11-07  10:41am

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