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Visit iFriends


Status: Current Member for over 6 months (at the time of review).
Pros: Lots of models here. TBP may miss the best part of this - which is that for many, many models you can download a lot of content from the HD libraries of each model.

For $10 per month you can get access to an HD membership account. Now - find the section where you can see the 'HD Showcase.' Click any model and you'll see that she offers you some videos and others she does not offer to you - they are private - you have to 'join' her fanclub to get access. IE you have to pay $25/30 to join her site to get the videos. There are somewhere near a thousand models (they don't tell you totals) that list content in the 'HD Showcase.' Each model will offer some videos - some offering hundreds - some offering only a few. This enables you to preview the model's HD content, download the videos that the model's give access to and thereafter join the model's site in full for other content - bio info, email, shows, other video and photo content. It's easily 10k HD videos available for download
Cons: Site navigation is awful. I disagree with other members here. I find the layout of this site beyond atrocious. You can't find anything without working for it.

In the HD Showcase, I haven't found a way to bookmark models that I like and/or to know which model pages I've been to. I truly have not found a good way other than painstaking time to find content that suits me. iFriends liability is that they have too much content - it's too hard to find in some cases - the really good content from the bad.

ALSO: Models use different aliases and repost the same content or similar content - sometimes with 10 or more different names - the same model. COnfusing and wastes time.
Bottom Line: iFriends has some hot little ladies, See:

Beautifulblake, big_boobie_coed, Bombshell-18, friendly-sweetie, hotjanessa, jerseygirl, onecuteme, rachelrain, sasha, sexonthebeach, teacheriscool, wisheddiamond...to start.

You do not need to be a fanclub member of the individual girls' sites to download much of their content - it is included in your HD Showcase membership. Models choose how much content they give access to - some give almost complete access.

Models do engage with the audience. People leave glowing reviews in feedback. Similar to other cam sites out there - there is an almost endless possibility here. You will almost certainly find interesting woman and men if you seek.

The key difference to iFriends is that they give you access to downloadable content - not replays of cam shows - but generally content that the model shoots and then posts - that's what I find compelling over other sites. You don't have to spend thousands to get it. Be careful of costs...it can be very easy to drop big bucks here without understanding what you are doing.

12-24-08  06:37am

Replies (3)
Visit Lora Craft

Lora Craft

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: Joined this under the $14.95 program (worked for me). Wanted to find new Eve Angel content - did find a little but nothing tremende. The models here and quality is excellent. This site has similar gals to those found on some of the other hc european model sites. Worth the $15, yes. Would not join again.
Cons: Limited in total size.
Bottom Line: I didn't take a lot home from this site before my membership expired. I wasn't blown away. Interesting niche content but nothing incredibly inspiring. A few good videos. Videos are 100-250megs each. Photosets available as zip files.

12-21-08  11:43am

Replies (0)
Visit Linsey's World

Linsey's World

Status: Was a member approx. 6 months prior to this review.
Pros: Given no reviews - though I would add - I had been a member of Linsey's site a while back as part of the Scoreland.com membership loyalty program. Her videos here are actually very good - there are a good number of them. Worth it for those who are into her. Nothing tremende here - vids are 150-200 megs in size. Quality is decent - probably most is lifted straight from the Score archives and film crew.
Cons: a storefront for her work - not a true amateur / solo model site.
Bottom Line: Join the Scoreland.com group and pick this up as a bonus (added 1 site per month).

12-21-08  11:39am

Replies (0)
Visit Jenny Poussin VIP

Jenny Poussin VIP

Status: Was a member approx. 5 months prior to this review.
Pros: OK fellow surfers - striving to be of service to you here. Things may have changed a bit since my time - wanted to share with you.

I have 2gigs in content from her site. I only have about 20 video files (perhaps I overlooked some) and certainly not 50 image sets. What I do have is definitely good quality in terms of its uniqueness. I would join again for updated content (if she's updating). Jenny is very sexy and very into what she provides.

Videos: Best vids are 150megs in size and 18 minutes in length - they go down from there. She's got a thing for being a doll type person - her outfits are fairly extravagent - perhaps she's Russian or E.European (english with but an accent). Focus of vids is POV style with ass/rear-end focus. She's very cute. She talks in the videos with a male camera-man. Therre is music in some of the vids. No hard-core that I have. Some of the vids are very, very sexy (watching now).
Photos - good quality, zips available.
Cons: Limited total volume of content. Camz? don't think so that I know.
Bottom Line: Jenny is a hot ticket with a smaller site than the likes of Anna Angel - but she's got one round booty and her videos will drive you mad if you allow yourself to get into them. She does get naked and shake her rear-end around. Breasts are most likely augmented. Her facial expression and sexiness is 9 out of 10.

12-21-08  11:26am

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Visit Hot Wife Rio

Hot Wife Rio

Status: Was a member approx. 4 months prior to this review.
Pros: Question: Does she deliver? Yes and no. Worth joining if you like her and are drawn to this genre? YES.

Rio is a milf/housewife type that really enjoys getting it on. She also has a strong fetish for lingerie and puckering/teasing/expressing the softer side of femininity. She is submissive in the dominance play - ie plays the seductress and submits herself to her lovers.

Videos: I have about 60 at 5gigs of content from when I joined - there were many more than I downloaded. Vids go to 300megs in size - quality varies with the majority of content (shot over the past few years) being of modest production value.

Photos: She has a lot of content - I dl'd with a program - don't know about zips.
Cons: Nav is old, site design is old. Quality varies. Irregular updates.
Bottom Line: Rio does what she does very well. This site is similar to Naughtyathome (desirae) or NaughtyAllie.com, Nikkijackson.com, and family.

IF you have a penchant for lingerie - you will NOT be disappointed as that's kind of her thing. The scenarios and videos are entertaining. Worth the join if you dig her looks.

You hear her voice - no cheesy model music.

12-21-08  11:06am

Replies (2)
Visit Foxy Anya

Foxy Anya

Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: In reviewing sites, we want to think about the goals of that particular site compared to what it accomplishes or could be. As such, FoxyAnya excels in every way. This gal has built an extensive, large collection of content. My interest as you can see in other reviews is video - there are over 700 videos in my FoxyAnya folder - many in the 100meg range. I have 10 gigs of content from her site.

She is really into what she does - this is Hair and Nail Fetish. Throw in some sexy lingerie, vocal teasing, a little bit of hardcore, some toys, some guests and camshows, bloopers, water/bathing - etc - you've got an extensive site.

Videos - categories as above - 5 of them with 50-150 vids in each. There's enough content here to justify the price and a visit.

Photos - don't remember - believe there were quite a few.
Cons: A fair number of the videos were shot years ago and at low quality - we're talking 5-10 meg files. Her newer stuff - last 1-2 years is HD or similar.
Bottom Line: Like Anya and Hair/Nails - she's one of the best.

I rate this is site a 90 because she DELIVERS on what she promises the site to be. This gal has longer hair and nails than few out there. She's also very, very sexy in her interaction with you the viewer and her male/husband model that she works with.

She accomplishes what the site sets out to provide.

12-21-08  10:57am

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Visit Denise Milani

Denise Milani

Status: Was a member approx. 4 months prior to this review.
Pros: Denise Milani is a special gal. She is a petite, busty superstar - who never, ever as of yet even goes topless.

Denise has a beautiful face and body, the likes of which there are few. She also has a warm and welcoming smile that place her in the elite model category.

Videos: As of my membership there were about 40-50 videos ranging from 40 megs to 187 megs in good quality. I believe on perhaps every vid - there is music playing. There are a few candid vids in Vegas where you can hear her voice - but very very few in which they are not simply providing Denise moving with the typical softcore movie sound (ie pop artists).

Photos: Photoshoots for Denise have 10-25 shots. They are cute, sexy, but not even softcore. I have about 500 photos from her site.

Unique Content - this is place the for her files.

No nudity.
Cons: She's a tease.
Bottom Line: Worth the $15 as there is a fair quality of video content. The content itself has decent production value.

Who knows if she'll ever provide more - right now - it's only Denise looking pretty and stripping down - no nudity.

12-21-08  10:24am

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Visit Cam With Her

Cam With Her

Status: Was a member approx. 4 months prior to this review.
Pros: TBP provides a slighly negative review on this site - some of the facts are not correct. When I was a member, you could download over 500 archive videos ranging from 400megs to 3 megs - with a lot averaging 40-60 megs and 15-20 minutes in length.

Yes, Camwithher is about the camz and paying the models in per-minute fashion - but that was never my thing...never wanted to burn cash at that rate. I like ifriends.com (though their nav is awful - beyond pathetic) because you can download if you know how a lot of their HD content. Here, there's a link on the site for the Archive pages. There, you can get a lot of the archive content from some very beautiful models. Girls like Gisele, Nicole, Mia, and Carmen are actually internet celebs - look them up at flurl.com or break.com. They are super-hot.

Realize what you are getting here...not super production...it's to get vids of these specific models. I don't remember if there are pic sets available.
Cons: Quality is modest. Navigation is poor. Site will cut you off if you download too much too quickly - be careful.
Bottom Line: For archive cam videos of specific models - this is the only place to get them. Check out the models on other sites - you'll have 2-3 minute previews. Look for the Archive link within the site (if you join...it's actually easy to miss...you won't get the vids then...).

12-21-08  09:38am

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Visit Anna Angel

Anna Angel

Status: Was a member approx. 6 months prior to this review.
Pros: Anna is 1 sexy little number. I joined her site for the videos and amateurish quality. Many of the videos are shot with her and/or her friends playing around, dancing, then enjoying each other. Many videos are camshow types videos where she is typing, talking, then gets up and dances, striptease, then masturbates.

When I joined, she had over 10GB of video content and over 100 videos posted. She had a number of shoots with Faith of FaithExposed.com and Inbedwithfaith.com. The videos average around 50megs each with some as high as 200megs - timing 5-20 minutes.

Anna is super sexy and really charms up the camera. She just has a lot of fun and has an amazing body.
Cons: This isn't the greatest model site ever...it's just very good for a one-girl show.
Bottom Line: See if you can preview her and get a taste for her body, voice, and content. If you like a round booty and a girl that can move...you will not regret joining.

She's really cute and sexy - lots of video and photo content.

12-21-08  09:18am

Replies (2)
Visit Planet Anita

Planet Anita

Status: Was a member approx. 6 months prior to this review.
Pros: If you like Anita Dark, you will find over 1000 total video files and as of my membership...a while back...5.52 GB of content in videos.

I've always enjoyed her work - wanted to explore her actual site. This is mostly a compendium of her work. No cam-shows, some candid type videos...but mostly just her years worth of content.

Videos are in the 5-30meg range. She has categories in Solo / Personal / BoyGirl / GirlGirl. Plenty of content to keep you going.
Cons: I don't think the site is updating.
Bottom Line: Anita Dark fan - worth a join for a month.

12-21-08  09:12am

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Visit Only Carla

Only Carla

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: See my review at the OnlyAllSites site. This is part of their 5 site network - join that network - not this site alone.

TBP's stats are accurate. Carla is incredibly sexy. She is that girl that many of us wanted to or had the pleasure of dating for a while...she's just amazing. She talks to you...telling you about her day...while undressing...

This is unique, non-hardcore, content. If you like Carla and stocking/nylons/etc - you will enjoy her.
Cons: Content repeats in theme.
Bottom Line: Join the 5 site network for $44.95 if they are still running the promo.

Carla is really beauitiful - videos and photos deliver.

12-21-08  09:04am

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Visit Only All Sites

Only All Sites

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: This review will repeat at the other OT sites as they are all part of 1 network (I joined for $44.95 per month to all 5).

OnlyTease is a teasing site (Not a porn site - no hardcore, minimal full nudity, light play, softcore content). Most of the models are British. Videos average around 40-70 megs per peice and there will be 1 video per photoshoot. Most if not all photoshoots will be shot in both film and video (posted separately on the site). Videos last 4-6 minutes mostly and are almost always the same - striptease. Sometimes there is music and sometimes talking/teasing.

Photos are well done. Most sets are available via Zip download in 3 different formats - up to very high quality - 50-70meg zip files for 100 photos.

Models - Many beautiful women are available here. Many models will appear on other sites - ie Kate Harrington or Lucy Zara - many will not. For many, you will only find them on the OnlyTease family of sites.
Cons: Content is generally the same. Do not join the site looking for moaning and groaning etc. This is about all types of hosiery and outfits on sexy girls...doing sexy British girl type things! That's it! Videos could be longer...scenes could be more original!
Bottom Line: This site has one of my highest ranks because it's f'ing fantastic at what it aims to be.

OnlyTease has the largest collection of this kind of tease on the net. Some of the content is boring...some is just f'ing hot. Women like Emma Harper, Natalia, Natasha Marley, Nikki F, Sophia Smith...there are hundreds of models - they are just so sexy...sometimes this hits the spot.

You will not be disappointed if you have the funds to spare. All of their sites are worth joining.

12-21-08  08:58am

Replies (4)
Visit Brazzers


Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: Adding to the Dialogue:
For what Brazzers.com is and strives to be - they do a fantastic job. I'm in at $9.95 per month and don't ever plan on cancelling - they have a discount program in the ccbill cancel page.

Several years worth of content - hundreds and hundreds of scenes with well known stars and amateurs - shot in beautiful, interesting locations (some at least), not overdone make-up, great production values - what more do you want??

Videos - look up your gals/guys of interest prior to joining. You have hundreds in various dispositions, shape, and size to choose from.

Entertainment - Porn should be enjoyable or at least comedic as well - we're not talking about star-acting abilities for most here! Brazzers delivers...good laughs...wonderfully cheesy scenarios...it's greaet stuff.

No Download limits
Cons: This isn't Femjoy or Met-art - don't look for that quality of beauty and production. This is lower budget shooting that Vivid or Wicked Pictures - but about the same as Elegant Angel (or lower).
Bottom Line: Look up the gals you have interest in - and join.

Focus is on the videos. You will not find super-quality, amazing-lighting photographic work here....it's on big boobs, round rear ends, big dicks...typical shit. But it's done very, very well.

This site is in line in some ways with Bangbros and Reality Kinds. I like Brazzers more than those sites, personally.

12-21-08  08:42am

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Visit Bangbros Network

Bangbros Network

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: Again - adding to the known dialogue here: BangBros.com is a classic, industry titan of a site. This group of guys along with the Milfhunter (Reality Kings) et al - defined the reality porn genre. They made a boatload of money in the process and really had a lot of fun. There is a LOT of content here.

Videos - the focus is on videos - most sets are split into 4 vids at 100 or so megs each. Some scenes (more recent past year or so) are 600-800 megs in total. Many of the sites are not updating - about half are 'closed.' You get 1-2 videos of new content per weekday - about 7-8 updates per week. The key here is their older content - the have years and years worth of classic shooting. Amazing work - funny as hell - Bangbus.com - Assparade.com is glorious - the crew really has a good time - incredibly beautiful and sexy woman on all of their sites.

Photos - didn't explore.

It's 1 navigation system despite all the sites - you get everything from bangbus.com
Cons: Organization can be a bit labored. Limited new content shot.
Bottom Line: BangBros and all it's children is a TITAN within its industry. You simply cannot beat the uniqueness of much of this content. It's entertaining and intensely spicy.

Highlights - join for years of content here:
assparade / bigtitsroundasses / bangbus / milflessons

Those 4 alone are worth the join. Recognize for these guys - their work is done - there's letting the new kids...Brazzers...pick up the pace..

12-21-08  08:30am

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Visit Reality Kings

Reality Kings

Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: Adding my 2 cents: This is a must-explore for any porn/erotica afficionado. You must try it for a month or 2. The sheer volume of content here is staggering. RK is one of the largest video content sites on the net with origiinal productions.

If you join - search back into the Milfhunter's archives for incredible early reality-porn genre content. It's classic stuff! Welivetogether.com was wonderful in its early days - as was inthevip.com and mikesapartment - really fantastic girls and content.

You will laugh a bunch as these guys have a sense of humor akin to the BangBros (Sanchez) team - they ham it up and keep it rolling. Look for cameos by a lot of pornstars and recognizable people.

MUST explore. You will not be disappointed. Don't join for glamour-glam - that's not what this is about - it's about people in silly scenarios trying to play off the scene...and some genuinely fantastic old content!
Cons: Great download speed, huge amount of content. It's a great site.

Quality could be higher on many of the vids...alas!
Bottom Line: Join for God's sake. If you don't already know this site and have an affinity for the reality porn concept - check it out.

Most of their scenes have freebies on the main site prior to login.

12-21-08  08:23am

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Visit Klub Kinzie

Klub Kinzie

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: I love Kinzie - she's cuter n hell and has an ass to die for. I've seen her a bunch at Brazzers.com and just wanted to test out her site. I've been meaning to cancel - keep forgetting. This is a site to join for 1 month and move on. She updates but not regularly - vids are dated back to Oct 08 now. This is specifically for those who have a bit of Kinzie crush.

Vids: 6 categories - Live Cam Archives (over 30), Hardcore (about 12), Girl/Girl (5), Solo (10), My Movies (about 50), Out & About (9). Vid quality ranges - there are some that are decent but nothing in HD that I could find. She's got her entire history here back to when she started in Sept 04. Kinzie likes to dress up and there are some very hot segments with her round rearend.

Photos: Over 100 galleries and YES - ZIP's available for most if not all.

Live Camz: She performs on/off at Camz.com - linked. She does have many of her cam archives on the site - not all.
Cons: Slow downloads. Get used to 50kb/s download. It takes a while.
Minimal updates.
Bottom Line: All of her history is here. Most of Kinzie's available erotic work is at this site.

Worth it for someone's who a fan - enough content without question to justify the price.

12-21-08  08:17am

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Visit Scoreland


Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: I was a member of this site for 6-8 months - the key is here is their loyalty program. I got in at a promotional pricing of $14.95 or $19.95 (not sure) - each month I would get access to 1 more site. You can't choose just any site - they give you 5 or 6 choices each month - the site you really, really want may not be on that list until the following month.

ScoreLand is a huge site. It's a large part of the Score Group's archive of content - which like Big Top Cinema or Pussyman, vivid, etc - shot and filmed a lot, a lot of content. The focus here is on large-bust models. You have video content in all their subdivisions like Naughty Newbies, Voluptuous (large women), etc. You can spend days on end here and not get through all the content.

Videos easily number into the hundreds - perhaps 300+ at 100megs all in all. Photoshoots are extensive as well - I don't remember particularly easy downloads for any of it. Not sure about zip files for images.
Cons: Layout, organization is poor. Downloads can be slow and are not easy to do en-masse. You have to work a bit to get the content down.
Bottom Line: Go for the loyalty program.
Go because there are a few models that you love and want to see their work here.
You can look up most content on Scoreland by model (or go to google and play around with xx model and scoreland.com in the search) - you can see most of the specific content before signing up.

Scoreland is unique in that this is THEIR content from 2-3 decades of filming and work. It doesn't get better if you like big bust.

Want higher quality - Go to danni.com (HOTBOX) or Suze.net (Suze Randall). Danni has the big bust queens as well.

12-21-08  08:09am

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Visit Score Videos

Score Videos

Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: Join this site if you want the largest database online of the VIDEOS of the Score models. That's it. The layout as others have said is 1990's esque - it's bad. The site usually updates daily - 1 new video per day. There are vids here that you can't find anywhere else.
Cons: Site allows a limited number of simulataneous downloads. Navigation is bad. You only get some content - sometimes you'll see the vid you want is on scoreland.com and not scorevideos.com.
Bottom Line: Fan of Score's models, big jugs, 90's type quality, plus all their fun - Boob Cruise and all the others???? JOIN! Download as much as you can...cancel!

12-21-08  08:01am

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Visit Busty Merilyn

Busty Merilyn

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: If you like Merilyn, aka Anya, this is her main website. BustyMerilyn is part of the Score network and is included in Score's membership rewards program - you must sign up through scoreland or similar for this. If you sign up here, there are no freebies (just Merilyn's site).

The site is currently updating - about 2 videos per month - not much. The vids are absolutely decent quality - 100-200meg files. Some appear to be HD (not certain). There were 37 total different videos as of this review - all different outfits. This is a great collection if you are a Merilyn fan, as I am.

There are about 50 photoshoots, the majority of which are shot by pro photographers (possible the Score.com crew).
Cons: Minimum updates. No interaction with Merilyn. No perks.
Bottom Line: Like Merilyn - want most of her videos and photos in 1 place? Sign up for a month.

No download limit that I can tell.

I absolutely loved the videos on her site.

12-21-08  07:57am

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