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Visit Arab Street Hookers

Arab Street Hookers

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -This site respresents the growth and new focus of its associated network and will please members like me that were looking for some variety
-There are multiple options for video viewing and downloading in both WMV and MOV formats
-As with other network sites, navigation is a breeze which makes finding the content you want very simple and easy.
-You get full network access for the first month at under $10. the price does double after the first month, but if you like the site you won't care
Cons: -If authenticity is what you are looking for you'd be advised to go elsewhere since only some models are arab (if that for all I know) with most appearing to be latina and/or caucasian
-The so-called "pictures" are really just vidcaps which is a disappointment
-Although the quality of the newer videos and girls are higher, there is a wide gap between where the site started and where it is today
-You'll only find true amateurs here and if you want pro models don't waste your time or money
Bottom Line: Of the options available on the Incredible Pass network, this is one of the newer sites and showcases the change of direction I think the network is taking as a whole. Like the other sites, the earlier videos end with a bizarre ritual of writing on the girls' heads with a magic marker and having them brush their teeth with the guy's cumshots. I found this to be my least favorite aspect of the network, but that's definitely a subjective thing that many will enjoy.

The more recent videos are good quality, the girls are sexier and many of the issues I've noted with this network are either gone or significantly improved. I'd still recommend this site only for true amateur lovers, but more mainstream models and newer pornstars are making appearances.

As you go deeper you'll notice the changes from the original videos to the newest ones with increases in video and model quality as well as less repetitive themes. If you are a lover of authetic arab girls you may not be very satisfied because I get the impression that many if not most of the girls are certainly not arab, being latina or at the most from India. However, if you like themed sites and look at this as a fantasy scenario, the non-authetic arab aspect isn't really going to bother you.

In the end, the extra network access, the recent growth, and the low first month price make this site worth checking out to see if it gets you going and anyone who likes latinas but wants a different "flavor" will be very happy here.

03-24-07  12:58pm

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Visit Midget Cum

Midget Cum

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -The videos are of very good quality and you are provided with multiple options for downloading partial scenes or entire videos
-Unlike the TBP review, the price is under $10 for access to ALL network sites which is a real bargain
-The theme of this site is more fun and playful than the others on the network which makes it better overall and if you like midgets you'll be right at home
-Navigating through the site is simple and finding exactly the girl you want is even easier
Cons: -The site claims to have pictures of all the girls, but really only offers vidcaps which I found to be a downer
-The girls are almost all latinas and are true amateurs, so if you are looking for professional models don't bother
-The majority of the scenes get really repetitive on all network sites, but seemingly less so on this one with more variation
-The cameraman talks throughout each scene and the girls only speak in Spanish, so the girls are often made fun of and don't talk much at all
Bottom Line: I've reviewed several sites on this network already and so far I would say this has been my favorite, not because the girls and the scenes are much different from the others, but because the "midget" seems to be really into the scenes. Although I've heard it said the term "midget" is offensive, he doesn't seem to mind the amount of girls he gets to screw.

The video quality is good and options for viewing are multiple in either Windows Media or Quicktime format. You don't get real pictures even though they claim as much resulting in a number of needless vidcaps. I think some "glamour shots" would be a nice addition here.

If you are looking for professional models you have no reason to stop here as all the girls are average and of all body types. However, the site seems focused on that niche, so true amateur lovers, especially of latinas, will be very happy.

To my delight, it appears that some changes have been made in the repetitive nature of this network. The scenarios are more creative and the scenes don't always end with someone writing across the girls' heads with a magic marker. The scenes are also unique from other network sites since they use the same guy each time, allowing for more variation.

In the end, if you like amateur latinas you should definitely give this site a try, especially with the additional network access. There are some minor annoyances, but if they don't bother you I guarantee you'll have a great time and the price is certainly right!

03-19-07  12:16pm

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Visit Sex Pro Adventures

Sex Pro Adventures

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -You get 44 episodes in all, each with a video and picture set as well as numerous options for viewing and downloading content
-Vids run approximately 1.5 mbps and can viewed in browser or downloaded as one file or in segments in two different file formats (WMV & MPEG)
-Pics are all hi-res (not vidcaps) JPEG quality 600x900 in most cases and can be downloaded via a zip file
-Along with your membership you get full access to to the 18 sites of the Brazzers Pass network all for $20 a month
Cons: -As is the case with most sites on this network, reality is a subjective term since most performers are professional pornstars
-The widespread use of girls with fake tits is a bit of a downer for me, especially with natural hotties like Gianna Michaels in the minority
-The plots are very lame and the eroticism level of the site suffers for it, although that is subject to personal taste
-The lack of variation in the type of sex offered can leave you wanting something more spicy now and again
Bottom Line: If you've spent any time at all looking through the review sites and networks on PU, chances are you've stumbled upon the highly rated Brazzers network and this is another of their exclusive sites. Although the setups vary from site to site the action is nearly always the same, which can be good or bad depending on your view. So, while this site is up to the usual standards set by Brazzers, that doesn't mean it's for everyone.

One of the great aspects of Brazzers has always been its vast options and a recent redesign of the entire network has only expanded this feature. When you find a girl you like on a particular site, you are immediately linked to any other scenes she is featured in on the network. Each "episode" allows you to customize your viewing and downloading pleasure, so you can eliminate the stuff you don't want and get right to the meaty center so to speak.

I won't belabor my slight criticisms of the site since they are well known from my other reviews, but it seems a constant theme that a site begins with natural girls only to eventually succumb to the sad truth that the majority of performers have to get their tits enhanced. Some also very much enjoy setups like the one featured here where a "sex pro" comes to your house and teaches you how to fuck, but I could do without it.

Bottom line? Features abound, all content is of consistent quality, and you get enough bonus features to keep you busy for a year. For the value alone I recommend this site highly.

12-18-07  12:24pm

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Visit Big Tits At Work

Big Tits At Work

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Site offers nearly 80 episodes updated over the last year resulting in an average well over 1 new per week
-Numerous options with mutiple formats (WMV & MPEG) for downloading or streaming as well as offering clips in various lengths (1 or 5 min, and complete)
-Vid and pic quality is very good (1 mbps) and the latter are offered as zips
-Along with your membership you get full access to the Brazzers Pass netowrk featuring 16 additional sites and hundreds of vids all for under $25 a month
Cons: -The girls featured on the site are well known pornstars who by and large have fake tits like balloons, so amateur seekers needn't bother
-The plots (or lackthereof) are just awful, many times implying these girls can't get dates, which fell short of the eroticism I was seeking
-Many of the other network sites are updated infrequently or not at all and older content lacks in quality
-There is little variation between network sites, which could be taken as "Yay, more!" or "Crap, there's more."
Bottom Line: Having now reviewed the majority of the Brazzers Pass netowrk sites, I can honestly say that it just hasn't been a very enjoyable experience for me, but admittedly there is much to like here for the majority of folks who will read this review. So if you are looking for amateur newbies you can stop reading now, but for big boob snthusiasts who care little about augmentation, keep going. :)

As is always the case with this network's sites, navigation is very simple and the only possible slight is that the amount of content and options can make it feel cluttered, but that's a good problem to have. Vids ara excellent in quality however and pic lovers will also find much to love with hi res photo shoots downloadable in zip files.

Much like buying a beautiful sports car with very little to brag about under the hood, the high quality was lost on me since the scenes themselves featured very standard sex without any kink or passion to be found. Other networks are far superior in terms of what's being filmed, but even so the quantity of material and quality of the presentation shouldn't be minimized even if it wasn't my taste.

By now it's clear where I stand on this site so it shouldn't be difficult to decide from here if this site is for you. One final plus was that I was offered a deep dicount to maintain my membership ($10) which I only took because I hadn't seen everything yet. I won't be reupping even for $10, but I suspect that many will find what they get well worth it.

12-03-07  12:25pm

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Visit Big Tits At School

Big Tits At School

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -You get nearly 80 full episodes that have been updating since the beginning of 2007, so as of this review that's more than 1 a week
-You get countless options for streaming and downloading in two different formats ( WMV & MPEG) and in varying lengths (1 min or 5 min clips and entire episodes)
-With your membership you get full access to over a dozen extra sites on the Brazzers Pass network for under $25 a month
-If you cancel after a month, you'll be offered an excellent discount to rejoin
Cons: -If you are looking for natural looking amateur type girls with real boobs you won't find many of them here since most are professional pornstars with boob jobs
-Some sites on the network haven't updated in quite sometime and have older content with subpar quality compared to more current episodes
-The plots are about as lame as they come and I didn't find them very erotic or arousing beyond pure vanilla sex
-If you don't like 1 site then your chances of liking any of the others are qite low
Bottom Line: I've reviewed over half of the sites on the Brazzers Pass network and while I've found some of the sites passable, there are many things I didn't like past the obvious plus that you get access to hundreds of videos where girls fuck guys or other girls. If you don't like that then why are you ever here? :) But for my dollar, there are other places I'd rather join.

Navigation around the site itself as well as the larger network is a breeze which was a big plus compared to other places I've been a member. You get options galore including multiple vid formats and clip lengths as well as the ability to download photo sets as zip files. Vid quality is also excellent at over 1 mbps in most cases.

As for the action itself, there isn't anything kinky here and the plots are among the worst I've ever seen. One featured two girls running in a room clearly in an apartment dressed up to look like a gym by adding a weight bench. Many won't care, but I really need more eroticism to maintain my interest.

In the end I wasn't very thrilled with this site and by itself wasn't worth the price of admission. However, that was mitigated by the network access to other sites that have more natural girls and archives that are larger than this site offers. The only reason I rejoined for $10 was that I hadn't gone through the whole network and it wasn't much extra to pay. So, if you like a large volume of chicks with fake tits this may be your stop, but I'll be getting off at the next station.

12-03-07  11:41am

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Visit Hot Chicks Big Asses

Hot Chicks Big Asses

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -All episodes (about 38 in all) are downloadable and streamable in WMV or MPEG format and run at more than 2mbps in most cases
-Nearly all episodes contain a high res picture set and all contain vidcaps, downloadable in a zip file in each instance
-Most of the videos feature very intense scenes but without going over the top for those that like it rough but not in the realm of bondage content
-You get full access to 16 other sites when purchased with Brazzers Pass all for under $25 a month
Cons: -As of this review, the site hasn't updated in a few months with no sign of new updates on the horizon
-A few of the girls repeat a lot which is a downer if you like a lot of variety but no problem if you like the particular girls
-Some of the earliest episodes don't contain a high res picture set, settling for vidcaps, but it's only a few and no problem for a videophile like myself
-After awhile the director felt the need to add a reality component to the beginning which I thought was lame
Bottom Line: This is the 5th site I've review on the Brazzers Pass network and I have been increasingly dissatisfied with teh content after a very happy experience with Busty and Real. However, this site has renewed my faith in that first site for the network as a whole for the most part.

Navigation is standardized throughout the netowrk's sites, so getting around is easy and only the sheer amount of features makes the episode pages ever look cluttered. Most episodes begin with a posing session with the girl in a bikini or lingerie, but they get to the hardcore very quickly with some excellent anal content.

I was very happy to see that early episodes just got right to the action and dispensed with any kind of plot. The great action does continue into more recent content, but they did begin adding a reality storyline to episodes which I didn't care for. It's not a big deal though and some may actually see it as an improvement.

I found it interesting that while the other big butt site on the network updates regularly, this one hasn't updated for a few months now. This site is clearly superior to the other in every respect except volume of content, so I can't really understand that fact.

The only reason I hesitate to say that thos site is worth the cost on its own is the fact that there are under 40 episodes without recent updates. Besides that fact, the action and features on this site are well worth it and the full network access to 16 other sites is a just nice bonus.

10-23-07  11:46am

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Visit Naughty Bookworms

Naughty Bookworms

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -You get over 150 videos going back to 2004 (some go further back, but aren't dated) with numerous quality options for downloading
-Each video includes a set of pictures with the most recent ones being very high quality with the ability to download as zip files
-The girls are mostly in the 18-22 year old range and over the last year or so are "glamour" in nature, but lovers of nerdy girls will enjoy the older sets which are much more amateur
-Full network access to Naughty America's 10 sites
Cons: -Videos over the last year or so allow downloads of over 2000kbps, but before that it varies greatly with some of the older ones being around 512 at the very best
-The newer picture sets offer multiple quality settings and are real digital shots, but going further back you will often find low-res vidcaps instead
-The scenarios get very old very fast: Teacher gives student a bad grade. Tells her if she wants a better one, she better "do" him. Student is mad but takes all her clothes off anyway
Bottom Line: This is the second site I have reviewed on the Naughty America network and one I've eyed for awhile. It really is a tale of two sites that began with an amateur focus as "Bookworm Bitches" and slowly progressed to more of a glam site called "Naughty Bookworms". While the change does make it appeal to two different niches, I don't think the change has been one for the better.

The number of videos offered is impressive with clips going back several years. The quality of the videos has vastly improved during that time and vidcaps have become high quality digital photos. The newer vids can be downloaded at half a dozen quality settings along with zip downloads for the pic sets. However, as you go further back those options quickly disappear.

When the site began it used amateur girls and of the nerdy persuasion. I am very fond of that niche and as such was very pleased with the older content even though the quality lacks in comparison. I also enjoy the newer content with all the bells and whistles, but I couldn't help noticing that besides the classroom setting, there is very little that makes this site distinctive from any of the others offered by Naughty America.

So, if you like glam with a teacher-student scenario you will love this site. However, if you are looking for any level of creativity you definitely will not. I do like both sides of the site, but the original one was more unique and something we need more of, not less. Frankly, I wish they'd change it back.

05-29-07  11:24am

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Visit Jen Madison.com

Jen Madison.com

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: -Well designed site that's easy to navigate.
-Easy access to Jen through an internal message system.
-Very friendly and eager to please and retain customers.
-Free access to multiple cam sites Jen uses and
weekly cam shows.
Cons: -Recent fee increase makes site a bit pricey
-A fair number of the picture sets are cam stills.
-Picture and video quality are only average.
-Update intervals aren't always consistent.
Bottom Line: I joined this site with very high expectations and the inexpensive trial price made it an easy choice to check out. Unfortunately, Jen has recently changed the pricing on her site, eliminating the trial and increasing the month to month rate. There are options that lower the monthy price to around $16, but only if you pay for 6 months up front.

Jen is very friendly and sexy which you can see right away from the content. She's also very real and not trying to be someone she's not. I think the site would benefit from adding more picture sets that aren't stills in a greater variety of settings and themes, especially since the site has been running for awhile now. Video content was very good and all aspects of the site are interactive.

It's clearly an amateur site with low lighting in some videos and bright flash photography in the picture sets, but that's what it claims to be and makes no apologies for it. The site design is nicely done and matches the class of Jen herself.

There's always room for improvement, but Jen has more than a great start that can only get better with time. If you enjoy married women in their 30s who are very hot, horny, and eager to please then this could be up your alley. The price increase does dampen my enthusiasm a bit, but if you like real amateur MILFs you'd be pressed to do much better.

01-29-07  12:22pm

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Visit MILFs Like It Big

MILFs Like It Big

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -There are currently 30 full episodes, each with a video and picture set with tons of options for viewing and downloading
-Vids run at 1.5 mbps, can be viewed in browser or dowloaded as one full full file or in segmented clips, in two different formats (WMV & MPEG)
-Pic sets are high res with 600x900 JPEGs which can be viewed in browser or downloaded as a zip file
-You get full access to 18 sites on the Brazzers Pass network for under $20 a month and a 50% discount when you go to cancel
Cons: -Despite the reality format, most if not all the women on this site are well known pornstars, so amateur lovers needn't bother
-I love big titted MILFs, but was turned off by the overwhelming number of girls with boob jobs and some aren't old enough to be anyone's mother
-The plots are lame but like realistic set ups and boob jobs, this may not be any big deal, but for me I wanted some natural girls
-Some of the sites on the netowrk access feature substandard video quality and/or don't update
Bottom Line: When it comes to reality sites that feature pornstars instead of amateurs, I'm always game for action with big boobed "mature" babes getting screwed by even bigger dicks. That said, the fake tits can be a turn off and sometimes mature just means a particular girl is older than 25, something this site offers in abundance. However, there is much to enjoy here and on the other sites of the Brazzers network for even the most picky consumer.

Like all Brazzers Pass websites, navigation is simple and options are plentiful, including a very recent redesign of the entire network. On a technical level, this site can't be beat for viewing or downloads, with high quality videos in multiple formats and true digital picture sets (not vidcaps) that can be had via a convenient zip file link. Other networks don't even come close to the features here, especially for the money.

As for the content, I already mentioned my quibbles with the girls on the site and for many fake tits and terrible acting doesn't mean a damn thing as long as the action is hot. These women definitely know what they are doing and besides wanting some real tits mixed in, it would be silly to complain, especially with pros like Nina Hartley and Devon Michaels.

In the end, you get high quality material that delivers what it promises. The only down side is that some network sites don't update anymore which could make you feel jipped, but I think the site is worth $20 on its own and the network is just a nice bonus.

12-18-07  09:18am

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Visit Pornstars Like It Big

Pornstars Like It Big

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -You get 47 episodesin all, each featuring a video and a high res picture set with tons of options
-Videos can either be viewed in browser or downloaded in two formats (WMV & MPEG) and cut into segments or as one large file
-Pictures can also be viewed in browser or downloaded as a zip file in JPEG format, 600x900 in most instances
-You get full access to the 18 sites of the Brazzers Pass network for the $20 monthly fee and can get a 50% discount after a month when you go to cancel
Cons: -As the name implies, these are professional pornstars with plenty of boob and nose jobs to go around
-Although the pic sets haven't changed with a new site and network design and are still available, the new layout seems to de-emphasize them which may be a downer for some
-At only 47 videos, it's a small site compared to other network sites and needs some growth
-If eroticism is your thing then you might be disappointed since I found most scenes repetitive as well as the action they contai
Bottom Line: The Brazzers Pass network has done a lot to attract and retain customers in the last year, with a number of niches and a recent revamping of the entire network's design. It offers features not found just about anywhere else and has the quality to match. While this sounds like a can't miss site with 18 total sites included for the price of one, there are some aspects that could turn off potential members.

As already stated, the design is easy to use and getting around is a breeze. You can search for particular girls you like or browse through the different episodes with a minimum of clicks. You can leave and read comments by members or check ratings of various scenes that they've rated. Video and picture quality, while not HD, is above average compared to other networks.

One aspect I noticed about this site was some girls that weren't on any other part of the network, Jenna Haze for instance. Throughout there is an emphasis that these girls are pros, so that might account for Jenna's solo netowrk appearance. This isn't a feature that I especially liked since I enjoy more natural girls, but for some I'm sure this could be a huge selling point. I found the sex to be pretty "vanilla" however and would have liked to have seen more heat between performers.

In the end, it's a high end network with numerous niches and only minor complaints that most people won't care about one bit. The value cannot be denied and although I won't be back, I trust many will stay for awhile.

12-14-07  10:45am

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Visit Bustyz


Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Even the oldest videos on the site run above 1.5mbps and you can download or stream all 75 episodes in either WMV or MPEG format and in segments or one large file
-Each episode includes a hi res picture set (not vidcaps) that can be viewed in browser with options or downloaded as one large zip file
-With your membership you get full access to all 18 sites on the Brazzers Pass network for under $20 a month
-If you attempt to cancel after a month, you'll be offered a 50% discount to stay
Cons: -While most of the girls on the site have huge natural breasts, in more recent episodes there have been more girls with fake tits which I found disappointing
-Most episodes don't have a plot at all or worse, have a typically lame reality theme that I found boring and uncreative
-The original focus of the site seems to have been European girls, but now the site is undistiguishable from others on the network
-The site's schedule is erratic, sometimes updating weekly, other times over a month
Bottom Line: Having reviewed most of the Brazzers Pass sites, I'm finding that there isn't a whole lot to distinguish between them on the network as a whole. Most have lame plots that drag on forever, something we are largely spared from here fortunately, and I often wonder why they aren't merged when one site stops updating. That happens quite a lot here and can get aggrivating, but the whole still remains greater than the sum of its parts and appears to be worth the time and money.

Like all sites on the network, the navigation gets very high marks compared to other networks. Options for viewing and downloading both videos and picture sets are numerous and couldn't be easier to use. All sites are accessible from a central network page and girls can be searched from all of them simultaneously.

For me the more recent introduction of girls with fake tits is a real downer since my love of big breasts only extends to those without added ingredients, but if that doesn't bother you then there isn't much to dislike about this site. I did find the update schedule impossible to predict however with updates sometimes coming close together only to be followed by big gaps.

With the price reduction of Brazzer Pass to $20 a month and half that after a month if you go to cancel, it isn't a stretch to say that this site alone is worth the price of admission. The rest of the network is just a bonus and I can see many big boob lovers who are ok with fake tits mixed in staying here for a long time.

12-10-07  12:01pm

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Visit Baby Got Boobs

Baby Got Boobs

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Video quality, at least of the newer content, is decent at 1300kbps, in both WMV and MPEG format, and downloads or streams in 1 min, 5 min, or one complete file
-Newer photosets are very good quality, usually having true digital shots and decent screencaps that are downloadable as a zip file
-In a network largely filled with aging or tired pornstars, there are some very cute teens with huge, real, awesome melons
-You get full access to an additional 16 network sites all for under $25 a month
Cons: -The vid quality of the older half of the episodes is very poor and even the stuff that plays around 1mbps looked grainy
-Most episodes do have high res pics, but older sets are either low quality or screencaps even though they are advertised as high res
-Even though it starts off with real teens that are really cute, not just "porn hot", over time the site becomes just like all the others with repeat pro stars and predictable plots
-The "good" content can be hard to sort from the other crap
Bottom Line: This is the 3rd site I've reviewed from Big Boob Pass and after an up and down experience with the first 2, I wasn't sure what to expect. I found some very good content that suffered from extremely poor quality and some so-so content with very good quality. In the end, you get an uneven site that you have to browse for the hard to find but ultimately satisfying gems.

I'm not usually interested in teen content, so it isn't something I seek out, but I thought many of the girls in the pre 2007 part of the site are very attractive in a girl next door way and have real sexy bodies. That eventually changed when porn stars featured in other network sites began to dominate. I would have liked the natural theme to continue, but others would praise the variety and ultimately it depends on your personal taste.

The overall navigation and organization of each episode (over 125 in all) is easy to use and links to streaming or downloading vids as well as high res shots (zipable) or screencaps are right at your fingertips. As is often the case, older content is missing some of those links or they don't work, but it isn't any real obstacle.

In the final analysis, I liked the natural teens that were the foundation of the site's early days, but only some of those scenes come with good quality. And once they figured out the quality issue, it became a carbon copy of just about every other site out there. To me, it's a nice add on, but not worth the price of admission ($25) on its own.

10-18-07  09:41pm

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Visit Riot Whores

Riot Whores

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -The site offers very unique content unlike anything I have ever seen before; some of the vids actually have a continuing storyline!
-Most of the videos are of decent video quality, with most running about 1000k accompanied by a large number of vidcaps
-The site includes a number of behind the scenes features that really brings something extra to the site and are actually worth watching
-You get full access to the Meatmembers network with your membership, all for under $30 a month
Cons: -All videos on the site are cut into segments which really screwed up the mood and was sloppily edited, leaving out noticable amounts of footage
-Some (perhaps many) will find the scenes extremely rough, even offensive, which is saying a lot since we're already talking about hardcore porn
-The site hasn't updated in over a year with no updates in sight and has no high res photo shoots
-The price is steep when considering the site by itself with only 18 vids running an average of 30 mins each
Bottom Line: This is the third site I've reviewed on the Meatmembers network and I can say right off the bat that it is definitely my favorite so far. It's rough, sometimes shockingly so, but if you want something unique and more than a bit extreme you should keep reading. If not, I'd suggest stopping now.

As with another site on the network, one of the first things that caught my attention was the fact that the camera operator is a woman (named Mason) which is a definite departure from most male camera guys who don't ever seem to shut up. I thought it made for a different style of camera work that I found enoyable and many of the vids are a series of episodes with an actual plot!

Although the episodes are all dated, it's clear that the site hasn't been updated in a while with no new vids in sight. On the plus side, in addition to the episodes there are a number of "behind the scenes" vids that actually add something to the site. It reveals that the women who appear in the vids actually enjoy the rough play, or at least that's what they say.

There are a lot of people that I think would be turned off if not disgusted by the vids and you have to go into the site knowing that in advance. That said, if you are looking for something radically different I'd recommend giving it a try. It's not just male domination as it switches quite often with both sexes being in control. By itself the price is definitely too steep, although as part of the larger network I think it's a good deal.

09-28-07  08:12pm

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Visit Big Mouthfuls

Big Mouthfuls

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -You get 200+ "episodes" including a video and two picture sets (one true digital, one vidcaps) that have been updated weekly since '03
-Vids can be downloaded in either WMV or MPEG format as 1 long file, 4 equal segments, or minute long clips
-Website navigation is pretty bare bones but is standardized throughout the entire site and fairly easy to use
-When purchased through Ox Pass, you get full access to over a dozen extra sites (and thousands of network vids) all for under $25 a month
Cons: -Although the newer videos run at over 1000k, the older ones (before the end of '04) run at less than 500k which I found to be very blurry and nearly unwatchable
-None of the content has zip options and all the vids run at only one speed
-Like other network sites, the more recent girls are pornstars rather than the amateurs used at the beginning
-Since the focus of the site is cum shots in the girl's mouths, it doesn't allow much variation in the scenes which gets repetitive after awhile
Bottom Line: I've now reviewed nearly all of the dozen or so sites that come with Ox Pass and overall I must say that I've been less than impressed. However, I always make an effort to describe as much of the good as the bad so that readers of my reviews can make up their own minds. That said, I thought this site was representative of the rest of the network: It's ok, but could be better.

The site has been online for about 4 years and has updated weekly during that time. The original videos beginning in '03 last only about 10 to 15 minutes and have less than stellar quality while the newer videos run more like 30 minutes. The newer the vid the longer the intro is likely to be, but it's still shorter than other Bang Brothers sites by a wide margin and gets to the sex scene quickly.

One big disappointment is the lack of options like zipping files or being able to download at more than one speed. The newer vids run at 1000k, but older ones play less than 500k. Despite these issues, I did like how the site keeps the amateur feel it started with unlike many other sites on the network. There are definitely more "glam" girls, but there's a nice balance.

If you are looking for sex scenes without a lot of talking, this might hit the spot, although I think you'd have better options elsewhere. The full access through Ox Pass is a nice addition and the volume of content you get is extensive. Still, I leave this network with less enthusiasm than when I joined which is never a good sign.

07-13-07  08:54pm

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Visit So Cal Coeds

So Cal Coeds

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -You get videos and pictures of 75 different girls, all with a masturbation scene and most with a hardcore scene
-The newer videos go as high as 2000kbps for WMV files and also include MPEG, MOV, and MP4 files formats for download
-The picture sets are very good on this site including real digital shots with good resolution for all sets save for the oldest ones on the site and all have zip options
-You get full access to the 10 "Tier 1" Naughty America network sites, all for under $25 a month
Cons: -None of the updates are dated on the main page (although some are on the girl's page) except for the most recent girl and it's about two months old as of this review
-Most of the videos go no higher than 512kbps and many actually run much slower than that (more like 242)
-Some of the older pic sets are labelled high quality, but I think the actual shots deserved that designation about 6 years ago at best
-The site is in desperate need of a redesign with all info being formatted the same way
Bottom Line: When I first joined the Naughty America network I didn't give this site very much attention. It hadn't been one of the sites I'd joined specifically to see and others drew my attention much more quickly. Eventually I found a very disjointed site with some pluses, but also some negatives that are indicative of the problems with the entire NA network.

The main page of the site has a very simple layout with more advertisements for other NA content than I think there should be. Each girl has merely a thumbnail of her face with names below except for the most current girl who gets a bit more detail. The most recent update to the site was posted about 2 months prior to when this review was written, so updates seem a bit overdue.

In most cases, the girl has a masturbation video, a hardcore sex video, and 2 or 3 pic sets that are zipped. Some older content only has pic sets and perhaps a video taken while the photo shoot was done, but that's the exception and not the rule. The "high quality" shoots from the older sets leave a bit to be desired and show the age of the site.

Overall, the content is decent with very little of the boring scenarios of the other Naughty America sites you get with your membership, 10 in all. The girl tells you she likes to get it on and then she does. There are some amateurs in the oldest sets, but like the rest of NA they quickly give way to pornstars. If they'd kept it going the way it started I'd be here forever. As it is, I'm not staying.

06-11-07  01:26pm

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Visit Smashcom XXX Movie Station

Smashcom XXX Movie Station

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -The site offers around 200 video clips in all, most with above average quality and length
-All clips are in Windows Media format and can be streamed or downloaded at two different quality settings
-You get network access to six sites in all as well as plenty of bonus feeds that are fairly decent covering a number of niches all for under $20
-Updates are very regular coming at least every five days and quite often more like three or four days
Cons: -You don't get any pictures that go along with the videos besides one vidcap for each clip
-There aren't any advanced downloading features like zip options or the ability to create custom clips that are available on other sites in the network
-Most of the videos come from "bargain basement" DVDs and the title is the only information you get (no performer list, running time, etc.)
-The site is pretty bare bones and navigation, especially on the main page, can be downright confusing
Bottom Line: This site comes courtesy of the All Porn Access network that includes half a dozen sites and countless bonus feeds all with a wide variety of niches. I has originally joined the network, not for this site, but for Pornstar Classics and while it isn't as well done as that site, it's a nice bonus.

There are nearly 20 pages of videos with 10 clips listed per page, so there's plenty of content. There isn't really a theme on this site which would be nice, but that also means you get plenty of variety. There aren't any advanced sorting options like a list of stars, so you may have to spend some time sorting through the site to find exactly what turns you on.

The navigation and layout are overly simplistic which has its pluses and minuses. There isn't a lot getting in the way between you and the content, but I often wanted more details which are available on other sites in the network. However, after some sorting I was able to find a number of gems and felt satisfied with what I was able to get.

In the end this site comes pretty close to the line of being worth it on its own and just being a bonus you get with the site you really wanted to join. If this site had been presented by itself with some bonus content I'm not sure I would have anted up since there isn't an identifiable niche, but as a bonus site it will definitely put you over the top if you weren't ready to join one of the other sites. If you like a lot of sex scenes with variety, this one will do the job nicely.

05-14-07  11:22am

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Visit Carol Cox

Carol Cox

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -The site has been running since 1995, so Carol is experienced and clearly knows what she's doing
-There are literally hundreds of downloadable videos of Carol and her friends as well as member submissions, most including real photos not vidcaps
-If members live anywhere near Montreal, your chances of getting to meet and do whatever you want with Carol are actually quite good
-You get complete access to dozens other sites on the Wild Rose Network, all for under $20 a month on various niches
Cons: -The content doesn't seem to go back as far as the site has existed, so it seems to be rotated out after a time
-Video quality is highly variable: One video can be high res and downloadable in multiple formats while the next may be grainy and only in Quicktime
-The site's organization is unusual since most content isn't organized by date, so finding what you want gives you fits
-The extras are very uneven: I found two different blogs, one that hadn't been updated since '05, another since '06
Bottom Line: I originally joined the Wild Rose Network for a few of its other sites, but my attention turned quickly to Carol's which is clearly the flagship website of the entire operation. At first glance I found the site difficult to navigate since it was organized in an unusual way and while it advertises itself as part of 69 total sites, some turned out to be just a part of her site.

Despite the issues, I definitely feel that the site is a diamond in the rough with some very good content worth searching for. The "meat" of the site is over 100 videos of Carol having sex with friends as well as strangers, most with real photos and all of pretty good quality. If you like MILFs and amateur sex, there's a lot here for you to love.

On the other end of the spectrum, mixed with these quality vids are older sets of her and miscellaneous amateur submissions which are often very low res and barely watchable. It's not like you can easily isolate "the good stuff" from "the other stuff" since the whole site is really disjointed. I was literally disoriented after my first few times browsing.

Aside from the navigation issues and the offbeat organization, there is some really good content to be found and I'll definitely be downloading as much of "the good stuff" as I can. So, if you have the time and some patience, you'll come away with some real gems. However, if you don't like the amateur mature scene or only go with sites that have simple download options I'd advise you to steer clear.

04-19-07  09:50pm

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Visit Cum Brushers

Cum Brushers

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -A very unique concept that is unlike any other site I have seen and will have a lot of appeal to users who like something different (depending on your tastes of course)
-Navigation is a breeze with many options for viewing and downloading as well as finding the girls you want to see the most
-You get access to all other sites in their network which boosts the amount of content significantly
-Updates come everyday unlike the other sites on the network which only update once a week
Cons: -While the concept is undoubtedly different from most, I found it in poor taste and not sexy (depends on your taste)
-The sequence of all the scenes is the same with each girl, so the site wouldn't appeal to users who hate repetition
-If you only like light skinned professional models with blonde or red hair that looks even somewhat realistic you can stop reading this review immediately
-No pictures to be found besides vidcaps, although you can hear still cameras going off during the scenes
Bottom Line: Having reviewed many other sites on the associated network, I have to admit up front that I'm not a big fan of this one. However, this site does showcase the unique aspect to this network and originality should count for something in the porn universe.

The title of this site pretty much says it all, but some explanation is required. Every scene ends the same way with the girl have cum spread all over her face and/or breasts and then having the guy collect all of it with a spoon or a cup. And when I say all the cum, I meant ALL THE CUM to the point where they yell at the girl to make sure she doesn't swallow even a drop.

The format of the scenes gets repetitive since they all go exactly the same way and I found other aspects of the "script" unsexy like writing derogatory phrases on the girls' heads. However, I must admit that a true love of cum and unique ways of using it will be addicted to this site for a long time.

The video quality is good and only the first dozen or so videos have any loss in quality, but that's not very unusual when a site starts up. The TBP review mentions that you can't stream outside the browser which is true, but you have your choice of Windows Media or Quicktime which can be set on full screen mode.

The site is very basic and straighforward, but on a site like this it makes browsing pretty easy and any lack of design is compensated for by the amount of content. Trust me when I say that if you like amateur latinas you will love this site!

03-09-07  04:39pm

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Visit Nerdpr0n


Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: -All content is 100% exclusive
-Great quality pictures
-Very unique and different from just about anything else out there
-Site is run by a girl who gets naked and knows what ASCII means
Cons: -Videos are scarce and quality is only average
-Site has personal feel, but interaction is less than you'd expect
-Navigation is confusing and disorganized
-Is definitely a niche that appeals only to a limited demographic
Bottom Line: From the first moment you'll see this isn't your average personal site. Anna's not an air-headed model, is actually intelligent, and loves sex. To encounter a girl who's smart and likes to take her clothes off is a huge turn on for me, but it clearly isn't for everyone and has room for improvement.

The site is organized around her blog which extends back a few years. Her picture sets are full of geek related themes that will arouse anyone who went through the 80s and wasn't a jock. Imagine that cute girl in class you dreamed about seeing naked, that dream coming true, and then having her tell you that computer geeks make her wet.

While pics are plentiful, there are very few videos on the site and what is there consists of her putting a computer together and a report on a book she read, although she is naked in both. While I am usually looking for hardcore videos I think the quality and creativity of the other content makes up for it, but for many that won't be enough.

Focusing the site on her blog is a nice touch, but getting around the site is maddening since it doesn't have a consistent style. The result is links varying between different pages with no central overview of the site's features.

Anna's site is clearly a work in progress but is always adding new content. If you only like glamour models with fake tits don't bother, but if you want a reasonably priced site offering a smart girl getting naked with a large variety of pics I can definitely recommend it.

02-10-07  11:23pm

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Visit Hell Fire Sex

Hell Fire Sex

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Quality is decent and can be viewed/downloaded at two different speeds and in two different file fomats (WMV & MPEG)
-All episodes are dated as to when they were uploaded, so you can anticipate when new episodes will appear
-Content is original and, at least in the first episodes, sometimes disturbing, which I actually liked because it was different
-You get full network access to about three dozen sites all for under $30 a month, which is a lot of content for that price
Cons: -All episodes are cut into segments and aren't able to be watched or streamed in their entirety
-Recent episodes are very formulaic with the same script playing out each time and no plot whatsoever: dom girl taunts other girl, has guy screw other girl, while she watches and only occasionally joins the action
-I found a number of broken links in the members page which just made the site feel sloppy and very unorganized
-The site only updates about twice a month and repeats the same girls often
Bottom Line: This is the second site I've reviewed from the Meat Members network and after having a lukewarm reaction to the first one, I was really hoping for something different and offbeat. At first I was quite pleased with femdom theme, a female camera operator (which is very unusual in my experience), and some creative plots. However, that all changed before long and leaves this site with some things left to be desired.

The initial episodes had some very erotic lesbian themes and realistic bondage play between the dom and sub before they even get to the boy/girl action. I found it to be unique and very creative, but like many other sites that originality slipped over time. In more recent episodes, the themes become formulaic, predictable, and just plain boring after awhile.

One really annoying aspect to the site was that, in many cases, the trailers either sent me to the main members page or asked me for my password again. It only happened about half a dozen times and might seem like a minor thing, but how difficult is it really to have someone check the links once and awhile?

In the end it's the same old story with good sites on networks: Create something really unique, run with it for awhile, but somewhere along the way forget all that and make it feel like every other site on the network. By itself I don't think it's worth $30, but as a site on a nicely sized network it's a decent add-on. If you like rough play I'd definitely check it out, but if not then don't bother.

09-18-07  12:36pm

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Visit Ball Honeys

Ball Honeys

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -You get 120 episodes that feature two picture sets (one vidcaps the other true digital shots) and a video that can be chopped into 1 minute clips
-Updates are very regular since the site has added a new episode every week since April of '05
-Video quality is decent, running around 1000k for the videos and can be downloaded as a WMV or MPEG file
-You get full access to "OX Pass", otherwise known as the Bang Brothers network, with your memberships including a dozen sites for under $25 a month
Cons: -The so called "high quality" pic sets only run around 600x800, which is hardly high res these days
-There are no zip options for the pics or vids and you have no choice in the resolution of either, so it's "one size fits all" whether you like it or not
-As with most sites on this network, there is a very stale plot in each episode that has the girl being picked up by some guys with a camera
-Besides focusing solely on ethnic girls, the site is indistinguishable from the other network sites
Bottom Line: I've now reviewed about half a dozen sites on the Bang Brothers network and have been only marginally impressed overall. However, a lot of that is due to my personal preferences so I do encourage everyone to read on since they might like it more than I did. The site seems to serve as the main "ethnic" page for Bang Brothers in that it features only latinas, asian, and black girls. This is not "my thing" since I like a variety of girls that includes caucasians, but as part of a network I do like sites that offer something different.

That said, there isn't a whole lot that distinguishes this site from others on the network. There's a bit of an emphasis on big butt girls, but other than the ethnic theme it's very mixed in terms of assets. One nice thing is the consistency of the content quality which often suffers with older shoots, but here it's pretty even throughout.

One thing to remember with all Bang Brothers sites is that the male performers almost always wear a condom which I'm not a big fan of myself and is a big issue for some people. I'm not one to say a bad word about paracticing safe sex, but I think most of us are used to not seeing them.

Bottom line? If you like ethnic girls you'll probably love this site, but if you don't then look elsewhere. As a standalone site it's merely average, but when you include the full network access through Ox Pass it's certainly a nice add on that actually isn't very different at all from the rest of the network's sites.

07-03-07  12:28pm

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Visit Brandi 4 U

Brandi 4 U

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -The site offers a large amount of digital picture galleries with very high resolution shots, numbering over a hundred per update
-Brandi updates the site at least once or twice a week with archives going back to 2004
-There's no doubt that mature, lingerie and pantyhose fetishists will find much to enjoy here
-When purchased through the Wild Rose Network, you get full access to dozens of other amateur sites all for under $20 a month
Cons: -You get some videos on the site, but they are only listed on the picture pages and aren't very good quality
-The design of the site is very plain and there is no apparent intgeraction with Brandi or her other members
-There isn't a whole lot of creativity going on here since the themes are fairly repetitive with lesbian or outdoor content being outnumbered by solo or straight sex with an older guy I assume is her husband
-The extras like stories, jokes, and just4fun seem like an afterthought
Bottom Line: Brandi's site is the last of the four "Stars" from the Wild Rose Network I've reviewed. While I would rate the four sites as very uneven, this site is definitely one of the best, at least where her target audience is concerned. Unfortunately, it leaves other parts a bit neglected as a result.

The site is focused almost exclusively on her photo galleries that are plentiful, both in the number of shoots and the amount of pictures per set. The pics themselves are of very high resolution and if you like mostly solo sessions by a mature women with lots of pantyhose and lingerie there's a lot of that to be found. She also specializes in foot fetish shoots, but actually has another site entirely dedicated to that niche. So, you won't find much of that here.

There are videos on the site, but they don't get their own section and are only available through the photo galleries and are always from a pic session. The quality isn't great and it's clear that Brandi's focus is on picture lovers, with some other "bonus" material that really doesn't amount to anything special.

There are different kinds of users, some wanting a few vids with their pics and other looking for a few pic sets with their vids. I am definitely the latter so for me the site wasn't really worth the time, but if you are the former this will definitely be up your alley. And since pictures are what Brandi offers the most, I can give it a higher rating than I would otherwise since she hits the mark she aimed for.

04-25-07  02:31pm

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Visit Screw My Sexy Wife

Screw My Sexy Wife

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -All the videos can be streamed in your browser at three different quality settings or downloaded to your hard drive at either 512kbps or 1024kbps
-There are a large number of episodes (168) with a wide variety of women, ranging from mid 20s to 40s, both amateurs and pornstars
-Site navigation is quick and easy with the length of each episode clearly displayed
-When purchased as part of Mega Site Pass you get dozens of bonus sites and content feeds, all for under $10 a month
Cons: -Even though there are a large number of episodes, each scene only lasts about 15 minutes so when you find a girl you like you don't get any more of her
-There are numerous photos accompanying each episode, but they are just vidcaps and the quality isn't very good
-Although each episode is set up as a couple wanting the wife to get screwed by a male pornstar some are clearly pornstars thmselves which may not appeal to amateur lovers
-The episodes aren't dated, so update frequency is unknown
Bottom Line: The last couple sites I have reviewed on the Mega Site Pass have been basically content feeds with no video downloads, so my expectations were low heading into another of its sites. However, not only can you download the videos here at 2 different quality settings, there are a ton of episodes to watch.

The TBP review claimed there weren't any downloads, so I guess that has changed since then which makes the site much more attractive. The review is correct however that the content is not exclusive. Dave Cummings is the host for most of the episodes which come from his Screw My Wife Please video series. I didn't find this to be a problem however since I don't like to buy DVDs and prefer to burn them myself.

The womens' ages, body types, and actual amateur status vary quite widely, but almost all are very enthusiastic and it shows in their performances. Each episode lasts about 15 minutes and the action can be intense. Sometimes the husbands join in while other times they just watch. Dave himself gets a blowjob here and there, but he seem to be a voyeur most of the time.

Unless the exclusivity aspect bothers you, I'd definitely recommend this site for anyone who likes women college age and older. I'd honestly say it was worth the $10 a month all by itself, so the Mega Site Pass access makes this a real bargain overall. There isn't a whole lot of nuance to the scenes, but if you like eager hardcore and enjoy variety I would challenge you to do much better elsewhere.

04-09-07  11:07am

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Visit Naked News

Naked News

Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: -Very good video quality
-Numerous options for dowloading/viewing content
-Daily updates (6 days a week)
-It delivers actual news
Cons: -Format hasn't really changed since site began
-Softcore all the way
-No interaction with models/newscasters
-Very limited niche: If you don't like stripping and/or softcore vids this site definitely isn't for you
Bottom Line: I signed up with this site because it was inexpensive, looked very different than anything else out there, and I find newscasters who DON'T take off their clothes hot. So, a site that had girls in business suits taking their clothes OFF would be awesome! I stayed a member for quite awhile, only canceling recently due more to money issues than a lack of satisfaction with the site.

One thing that really surprised me about the site was that you actually get the news and the girls are very good at delivering stories while they strip. I doubt Tom Brokaw could do it and even if he could we wouldn't want to see it! It would be easy to do this kind of site half-assed, but the on air talent take it quite seriously and you can actually learn something while...you know. :)

While I have enjoyed the site, I can definitely see why others would hate it. The format of the broadcast hasn't changed much at all over time and if you like variety in your porn this just won't cut it. There isn't any personal interaction and absolutely NO hardcore content to be found.

Bottom line: If you like to keep updated on news, enjoy a stable "lineup" of models, and are a business suit/lingerie fetishist you will love this site and its low price. If you are into hardcore, enjoy a variety of themes and models, and want a personal touch you would be well advised to look elsewhere. If you are at all curious after reading this review I recommend giving it a try and it will only set you back 10 bucks.

02-08-07  03:43pm

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Visit Celebrity Movie Archive

Celebrity Movie Archive

Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: -No monthy membership charge
-You can buy just the clips you want
-Full vidcaps so you know what you're getting
-Large library from classics to the obscure
Cons: -Pay Per View can become costly
-Navigation can be confusing
-In desperate need of a redesign
-Has limited search options
Bottom Line: This site has been around for years, which results in a number of positives but also some definite negatives. Since they don't have a monthly fee, you can scan the site to find what you are looking for, buy credits, and download only what you want. With other celeb sites you might stay a member for awhile, but would eventually cancel because there's nothing new. The library of clips is huge and they provide large vidcaps so you know what the quality is before you buy.

On the negative side, the site has been around for years without much of a redesign to keep things fresh. They have added some search features in the last year, but it is still very limited and other celeb sites offer many more options. You also have to be careful not to get too carried away because you can run out of credits fast.

Overall, I've always been pleased with the content I've bought from them. Despite the other glitzy sites that are out there, I always come back because I know what I'm getting and I don't have to pay for stuff I couldn't care less about.

Bottom Line: If you have a few celebrities that make you drool and want just their clips, this site is for you. However, if you spend more than an hour a day watching the E! Network, you'd probably be better off somewhere else.

02-01-07  03:31pm

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