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Visit ATK Natural & Hairy

ATK Natural & Hairy

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Updated: 09-08-11  09:34pm  (Update History)
Reason: Who knew I could become this disinterested in naked chicks? Whatever kind of help this site needs, my money definitely can't provide. Avoid for now.
Pros: - Well organized, easy to navigate
- Massive amounts of content collected over many years
- Wide selection of females, many of which are harder to find on other porn sites
- Wide selection of photographers
- ZIP downloadable image sets
- New, customizable layout
Cons: - Some girls may be too hairy for some
- Lately the hottie-to-bland ratio has gone downhill
Bottom Line: O.K. I've been frequenting this site regularly since 2004 or so, soon after discovering ATK Galleria. I'd say for every 2 months spent at ATK Galleria, I spend one at Natural and Hairy, just to see what's new while letting new sets accumulate at Galleria.

This site is definitely worth joining: there are some serious hotties there, many "bookstore"-type chicks without getting into cartoon makeup territory. I recommend this site way, way, way above Suicide Girls. They're new layout is incredibe, btw.

However, as a longtime fan, I must agree with the recent reviews here - it's in a mild slump. Some of these new girls can be rather uninspiring. I don't care if she has hair - she still needs to be cute and NATURAL. I have pretty chill tastes concerning women (I don't mind tattoos, I LOVE short hair, etc), but freaky doesn't always mean better. Let me add, a lot of people here love the photographer Sean R. I like him, but I prefer BMB, Afterglow, and Atomic W. Sean R gets cuties, but shoots too many contorted crotch shots for my taste.

In summary - I always come back to this site and stock up on the new cuties that don't look like dive bar sailors. I'm usually bored by the time my subscription expires though, at which point I rejoin ATK Galleria and rejoice at the abundance of NATURAL beauty! Call me old-fashioned...

05-24-11  02:00am

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Visit Throat Jobs

Throat Jobs

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Hot, fresh looking girls
- Nice bjs, gagging and cumshots (if that's your thing)
- Tons of videos (about 200)
- Ridiculously fast downloads
- Access to Creampie Surprise (another nice site), plus some other sites
- Diverse camera angles
Cons: - No zips for the pictures
- No model directory
- Various bonus sites are not integrated as one (like most networks nowadays)
- Too many T-girl bonus sites for my liking (no offense to T-girl lovers, it just does nothing for me)
- A few incorrect links (but nothing that results in missing content)
Bottom Line: Since no one has reviewed this site yet, I'll step up to plate.

Wow! I just joined today, and my jaw has dropped several times while browsing the content.

Great scenes. The bjs are satisfyingly filthy, without the meanness and skeeziness of Facial Abuse. These guys have mastered the art of tits hanging out of the blouse - which is fabulous, hotter than completely nudity in my opinion.

I could go on all day. This is my new favorite blowjob/deep throat site (and the cumshots are pretty solid, too).

Highly recommended for fans of MyXXXPass.com, AmateurAllure.com, Manojobs/Dicksuckers. This site may seem minor league, but they have a ton of major league content!!

04-05-10  12:43pm

Replies (7)
Visit Load My Mouth

Load My Mouth

Status: Was a member approx. 4 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Amazingly fast update schedule!!
- Nearly every cute porn starlet under the sun.
- Minimal make-up, which makes a lot of these girls look less generic than they do in other videos.
- Great POV action and profile action.
- TONS of content.
- Non-member access to the archive database.
- Good download speed, good video size and length.
- Some unknowns, some vets, all keeping it real.
- Network access.
Cons: - No facials, all cum swallowing.
Bottom Line: Geez Louise, this site did not disappoint! It seems to add a new girl every other day! This site features so many cutiepies of "amateur" and "reality" porn, wearing minimal make-up and no cheesy script. It feels like you went to high school with them! The POV shots are mindblowing (watching Bobbi Starr make the dick disappear while looking at the camera is intense).

The interview portion of these videos is the best of seen, surprisingly; and girls get a chance to turn around and show off their assets (oh man, Cherish Ley's junkyard in the trunk, goodness!)

The website features SOOOO many girls, and the videos are efficiently sized, so you can get many of them easily. This is a good thing, because you will want many of them. There are always blowjobs, plus some fucking and foot play.

My only wish: more facials. But I guess a theme is a theme, so I can't complain.

The rest of the network seemed nice; some sites were unimpressive, others were great. However, Load My Mouth was the best site, and is reason enough to join.

Check out the archive to see all they have.

09-08-08  03:01pm

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Visit Mano Job

Mano Job

Status: Was a member approx. 6 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Large collection of videos.
- Vids are high quality.
- Tons of cute girls.
- Impressively frequent update schedule.
- Good camerawork, shooting angles, messy cumshots.
- None of the overly made-up, dime-a-dozen Eurogirls.
- Great handjob content.
- Full access to great BJ site, 'The Dick Suckers'.
- You get to see what's in the entire archive before joining, with trailers for every entry (same with DickSuckers)!
- Excellent download speeds.
Cons: - A search engine would be nice; thus far, you have to go page by page.
- Euro fans will be disappointed.
- If you want something other than handjobs or BJs, you will not be pleased.
Bottom Line: After giving it several months of thought, I finally joined this site. Let me tell you, I was quite pleased. It's the kind of site I felt compelled to check at least once every two days, if not more frequently. They are on the cutting edge of getting the freshest, cutest talent (ex. Sarah Shine, Reagan Maddox, Scarlett Pain), as well as making good use of the pros within fresh settings (ex. Aurora Snow). It ranges from unknown faces to "wow, she's still doing it" girls.

I'd have to say this is the best handjob site around. You can tell the creators value quality. There are no stupid stunt-cock antics or camera talk (who ever thought that was a good idea??) - the focus is solely on the girls. The girls interact with the camera, they talk, and a few even let the occasional blowjob action take place, which becomes even more exciting due to the self-imposed restrictions.

The girls always look cute and at their natural best, and the camera work and picture quality are great, with a variety of angles (good POV and profile shots). They use good erotic imagination. As a result, the girls aren't always naked, but rather sometimes have tits hanging out of the shirt and the skirt raised. You know, the little things that excite (complete opposite of Jizzbomb, for ex).

The loads are never fail to disappoint (if you dig that sort of thing), they provide generous camera time of the girl after the load, and they vary the load destination (Audrey Elison, in a cute dress, gets covered from chin to boobs to knees!).

The bonus membership to Dick Suckers makes these two a must. If you're curious, go to both sites, and look at their complete archives, which have trailers for every update. If you like the girls and content (the girls are quite diverse), then join! I'm glad I did, and I will again.

Also included is a decent site exclusively devoted to softcore videos of Chelci Fox, the one-time AmKingdom, big-breasted cutie. Nice site, but the other two will take up most of your time.

09-08-08  02:34pm

Replies (5)
Visit Amateur Facials

Amateur Facials

Status: Was a member approx. 6 months prior to this review.
Pros: - JENNY!!!
- Skye!
- Mad facials, in amateur, yet well-done pics!
- Decent videos.
- Used to have a full 3-day trial.
Cons: - Disorganized setup.
- No reliable model index.
- Slooooooooow update schedule (hardly noticeable after a year).
- Auxiliary sites are not too impressive.
- Used to have a 3-day trial.
Bottom Line: If you've never joined this site - JENNY!!! is the reason to join. Pardon my french, but jizz on her face is an artform. If you see a preview of her somewhere, and you like what you see, join, save, and you'll be set.

Get all of her zips (don't forget her softcore on sister-site Local Foxes), and her videos.

She is one of the best porno-chicks of the decade. Don't be without her files.

08-15-08  05:54am

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Visit AT Kingdom

AT Kingdom

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - TONS of content.
- Great for photo lovers!!
- Diverse selection of photographers.
- 10+ updates each day, 6 days a week!
- HOT girls.
- On average 10 galleries per girl (sometimes less, often more!!)
Cons: - Videos are split up (though, if you're like me, you join this for the photos, not the videos).
- A few models are split between their different sites (ATK Natural and Hairy, ATK Galleria, ATK Exotics, ATK Archives, and ATK Premium).
- There was a 'dark ages' around 2005-2007 where they were using too much generic, eastern European talent over hot-ass American and Canadian girls.
Bottom Line: This is the FIRST internet site that, 5+ years ago, introduced me to the revolutionary world of internet porn. No more impulsiveness at the porno store; if old school porn was AOL-by-the-hour, this site was unlimited-internet-per-month.

There is a reason I've spent more months since then subscribed to this site than not - it stays fresh, it's highly erotic, and it is amazing.

Of course, you have to like pictures.

Many of my introductions to the queen-pins of porn (Cherry Poppins, Hillary Scott, Hailey Young, Missy Monroe) were through this site. However, there are just as many girls who I never saw again - after seeing 5-10 galleries of!

Unless this site makes any unfortunate changes, I forsee being an on-off member for many more years.

08-15-08  05:40am

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Visit Exploited Teens

Exploited Teens

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Super cute girls, many amateurs.
- Been going for a long time, decently-sized collection (maybe 200-300?).
Cons: - Horrible, unresponsive customer service.
- Fraudulent extra site - login didn't work, email box was 'full'.
- Slow downloads - about a third of my maximum speed.
- Dude talks too much. If these weren't new, cute girls, the site would be worthless.
- Spends too much time zoomed in to his dick, rather than getting the bigger picture (such as the girl's face).
- I cannot access the sister site, which equals RIP OFF. I don't like people fucking around with my money.
Bottom Line: I had joined this site a two or three times before over the last two years, and got access to exploitedblackteens.com and exploitedmoms.com (which are both hot sites, in my opinion). This time, I got access to neither, EVEN THOUGH there is a link to exploitedblackteens.com on the main page, saying that membership is included.

The username and password were invalid, and I got no response from emails I sent (one, unfortunately, was to an AOL account!).

If I'm promised two sites from the beginning, and I pay the agreed price and only get ONE, what else is considered, other than RIP OFF (I'll leave out exploitedmoms.com for my case, because it wasn't explicitly stated, though it's always worked before).

If you've never joined before, join once, get all the girls you fancy from the site (many are exclusive to the site, yum), then bail.

The people need to learn something about customer service.

08-12-08  02:30am

Replies (2)
Visit My XXX Pass

My XXX Pass

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Well organized.
- Great BJs, great sex (though less frequent)
- Hot girls, no excessive makeup.
- Mix of angles, with excellent POV.
- Variety of file download sizes.
- Daily updates.
- Fast downloads.
- No excessive dude-talking, no dudes mugging for the camera.
- Wide variety of girls, from cuties to hot milfs.
- Minimal fake-tit content.
- Brandi Lace, Kissy Kapri x2, Ginger Lea x4, Layla Exx x3, hot-ass Audrey Ellison, a hot Cherish & Cali + Heather Zatch bj scene. Many more!
- Eye contact!!
Cons: - If you like facials, be warned, these aren't the biggest, messiest ever, though they're enjoyable.
- More erotic than gonzo (but still raunchy), which may not draw some people.
Bottom Line: This network is amazing. Organized, great content, great POV perspective, spiced up with other nice angles. The downloads are speedy, wide variety of video file sizes - for those who don't like losing half a gig on a porn scene. They know how to capture the hottness of the girls, and they camerawork is hot - close enough to catch the girls eye interaction, but far enough to catch the details of the body motion. They realize the eroticism of an aerial view of a BJ with the tits hanging out of the shirt.

Just look for clips on AskTiava to see. No dumb tomfoolery, no surprise close-ups of the dude's face right when you're about to nut, no stupid dialog. Just daily updates of hot girls, with no excessive makeup, going at it with full eye/body interaction (look at the network site, under 'Our Girls'; surely some of your favs are included).

Various search options, great design. The closest thing to a virtual-reality bj - great sex scenes, too.

And DAMN, these downloads are fast!! If you like clips you've seen, you will not be disappointed. It's only the tip of the iceberg.

The most impressed I've had since discovering ATK in 2003, and I've subscribed to quite a bit since then!

08-12-08  01:28am

Replies (1)

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