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Visit Beautiful Agony

Beautiful Agony

Status: Was a member approx. 4 months prior to this review.
Pros: - An original idea. Up close and personal faces of women (and men) experiencing orgasm alone or with a partner.
- Tons of content and all exclusive.
- Some good extra content: interviews and a busy member's forum.
Cons: - The site is definitely one-note. It almost has more academic interest than erotic.
- Faces only, so it really requires that you enjoy watching people experience orgasm.
- True amateurs, so don't be dissapointed in their looks.
Bottom Line: You may ask what's the difference between one woman's face as she climaxes, compared to another's. The forum posts by the site's members will help clear that up right away. The members have their favorites and with each girl having an ID number, the forums steer you to the moaners, talkers, screamers. (Sometimes they are a bit too helpful.)
Beautiful agony is reasonably priced to be a look for those with any interest in the artistic or erotic value. All others, steer clear.

01-09-07  10:28am

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Visit Lactalia


Status: Was a member approx. 4 months prior to this review.
Pros: - For fans of this particular fetish, Lactalia is not just on the short list; she pretty much is the short list!
- Attractive, exclusive content.
- Relatively easy to navigate.
- Close to 20 bonus sites.
Cons: - However most bonus sites have little content and some are absolutely pathetic.
- Videos come in two sizes: small & grainy and big & grainy.
- Not much content at all.
Bottom Line: Lactalia knows what her fans are into and though she's just as into it as her fans, and provides the little extras such as cam shows, it's impossible to get past the homemade feel and dismal production value of the content. The site also prices out the casual, curious fan. You have to really want to see Lactalia for that price!

01-09-07  07:48am

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Visit Sapphic Erotica

Sapphic Erotica

Status: Was a member approx. 5 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Scenes between the girls are passionate and have a more intimate feel than girl-girl scenes on most other sites. The sex is genuinely hot!
- The girls are young, beautiful and natural looking.
- Scenes are well lit, in focus and have few distractions.
- A rarity in most sites, the sound quality is actually good.
- Recent addition of HD feature is great for those with speedier connections.
- Easy to navigate and good search features.
Cons: - Not all content is exclusive.
- DVD and other paysite ads are distracting.
Bottom Line: Sapphic Erotica is THE place for genuinely erotic girl-girl action. The price is great and there's more than enough content to last through a month's membership. One of the few rare sites you can sign up for and just let renew.

01-09-07  07:35am

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Visit Velvet Ecstasy

Velvet Ecstasy

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Original and exclusive content. These are true amateurs!
- Videos are steamy and hardcore, the couples are sexy and nasty.
- There's a great variety in the sex scenes and in the performers themselves. It's a site where it's easy to find favorites. You'll want to see more of them.
- Easy to navigate.
Cons: The videos are a bit short. Some entire shoots are less than six minutes long with 2 minute clips.
- If you don't like how amateur video is shot or not knowing what to expect from your scene before you view it, then it will get frustrating.
- The performers are amateurs, yes. But that doesn't mean the video quality has to be. Often too dark, too bright or too grainy. Come on guys!
Bottom Line: The downloadable trailer promises exclusive sex scenes with hot, real, enthusiastic couples really getting down and dirty, not just going through the motions. Natural, nasty and anything but boring. And for the most part the site delivers. It never truly lives up to that potential, but came so, so close ...
Worth a look. (at least DL the trailer)

I rejoined and am pleasantly suprised. I can definitely say that the video quality is as good as most of the top sites. "Creative" lighting had previously served to make me dog the quality a little in my last review. But the video is so hot, I have forgotten why I cared about that.
And the content keeps growing and growing ... and makes it easy to renew a subscription. The biggest draw, as before, is the true and truly hot performances by the (real) couples (and threesomes) in them.

01-09-07  07:09am

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Visit Webcams.com


Status: Current Member for over 6 months (at the time of review).
Pros: - Fantastic number of performers: women, men and tranny.
- Literally dozens of great-looking women to choose from at any given time of day. You'll find someone you like.
- Features like rating system and favorites add to the experience. Not that you'll use them much.
- Performer window is bigger than most cam sites.
- Tipping feature gives you an R-rated peek without spending a heap of money.
Cons: - Seriously this is a bad idea for porn or cam addicts. Cam time adds up fast.
- Performers can get pretty pushy. Some of them wanting you in premium the second you get in or booting people left and right. I know there are deadbeats out there, but newbies often pay the price with the high pressue.
- Most don't have audio. The few that do, the audio is loud, poor quality and annoying!
Bottom Line: Ok, seriously. If you're not a person that can regulate your time spent in private cam, this place will get costly. On the flipside, if you're not willing to drop some cash once in a while, the preview cam will not keep you interested forever. What you get here is hot performers -so many to choose from you'll be using the favorites feature a lot. They will accommodate pretty much any hardcore request you can think up. And if you don't mind spending the money, then you're good to go.

01-09-07  04:26am

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Visit Melissa Ashley

Melissa Ashley

Status: Was a member approx. 4 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Cute girl with an unusual look that is part of her appeal. If you love tiny tits with pencil-eraser nipples or a seriously sexy skinny girl, She's it.
- Good exclusive content of her pretty much doing it all: MF, FF, solo, group, public, masturbation...
- Great photos, decent size. She's definitely photogenic.
Cons: - She often gives a less than stellar performance in her videos, especially boy-girl scenes. It can take the viewer right out of it.
- Still not a lot of video content to be had.
Bottom Line: Melissa is the poster girl for the itty bitty titty models, or as she calls hers; the smallest breasts in the biz. Her best stuff is definitely her public and flashing photoshoots and her girl-girl videos. Everything else is pretty much phoned in. But you won't find anyone like her and the price is right for a quick look. A month is pretty much all you need.

01-08-07  08:11pm

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Visit Queeny Love

Queeny Love

Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Queeny is hot and then some! Smoking body and a sweet sexy accent.
- Content is exclusive and innovative.
- A huge library of videos and most of them are awesome.
- Decent mix of kinky content such as ponyplay and rubber and leather, for those of you who know queeny from her fetish model work.
- Queeny IS the facial queen.
Cons: - Cumshot fans and even enthusiasts may find some of the content (such as the site's claim to fame: cumsniffing) a bit extreme.
- Updates are slow, and the site seems in constant disarray.
- Video quality is pretty inconsistent.
- Not a lot of sex scenes leading up to the money shots, so don't be disappointed.
Bottom Line: Fetish model and self crowned cum queen, Queeny Love knows what works for her. Videos of her face, hair, feet and body being sprayed with cum. The enthusiasm for it and fresh, perverted new ways she finds to do these shoots means that if you're into that content you will love her. And if you're not there is no way you should join.

01-08-07  07:47pm

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Visit Brandi Belle

Brandi Belle

Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Sometimes it's great to see a girl who'd otherwise be considered just plain cute doing some crazy hardcore porn.
- Website is exclusive and updates are regular.
- Brandi seems willing to try any setting: bedroom, basketball court or rooftop and the result is usually pretty kinky and very hot!
Cons: - But sometimes the result is not hot at all. And that makes for a whole wasted update. It happens more often than it should.
- Site is still pretty small for the price.
- Be warned, Brandi is no superhottie.
- Some of the bonus content is cluttered and pointless.
Bottom Line: Brandy gets great big points for enthusiasm and even if she doesn't look like Tera Patrick, she's still sexy as hell. And I love to watch her fuck.
As the updates roll in you never know if you're going to see her giving a blowjob on a crowded bus, screwing on clothing store floor or just playing a boring game of strip poker. Most of the times, the result is as hot as it is unusual. Sometimes the result is a "what the fuck?!"

01-08-07  07:08pm

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Visit Justine's Bedroom

Justine's Bedroom

Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Dirty dirty site with exclusive content.
- Always great to see a girl who is way into what she does on her site. Justine has that in spades. And it's clear she gets off on it.
- There's a good variety of content and it is well shot to catch the action.
- Still photos compliment the site and are not just filler.
- Good price for the content and the kink you'll not find on many other solo sites.
- Audio stories are pretty hot, too.
Cons: - The video is sometimes low quality. Videos are also terribly short.
- Navigation isn't great.
- Updates have slowed down recently and I've even seen 2-year-old old footage mixed in with the recent stuff.
- The bonus sites have little content and nothing to enhance the experience.
Bottom Line: There's little Justine won't do in the name of cumshots, kink and lite watersports. Unusual video shoots such as cumshots on her wearing clothing make the site worth a look. Especially with the reasonable price. She's not stellar to look at though, and combined with the short videos, you'd be pressed to find enough content to keep you coming back.

01-08-07  06:40pm

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Visit Hegre Art

Hegre Art

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Few people shoot women better that Hegre. Lighting and framing are always superb.
- Fewer photographers have as much content as Hegre. Library is pretty large and contains a satisfying variety of settings, outfits, themes and girls that update often.
- Lots of pics in various sizes. (I swear some are so big you could print out a poster.)
- The women are gorgeous, if a bit waif-like, and you'll rarely see them anywhere else.
Cons: - Girls are very waif like, if gorgeous. Some like it, some don't.
- Site is definitely softcore. It's artistic and all, but barely counts as a porn site.
- Everything you click on seems to open another window. Plus the pics often require a lot of scrolling.

Bottom Line: There's not a site I've seen that's as gorgeous as Hegre's. It's his quality and talent plus the appeal and sexiness of the women that makes it easy to overlook the little frustrations. There's very little (but decent) video content. However, it's a softcore artistic nude site, so what do you really need video for? Superb pics, superb site.

01-08-07  04:16pm

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Visit I Feel Myself

I Feel Myself

Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: - The content and concept are original.
- The masturbation scenes have a genuine and personal feel that is erotic and intimate and damn hot!
- The girls featured are natural, enthusiastic and seem to be playing as much for themselves as the person watching.
Cons: - Video quality is not fantastic. The lighting is often dim and the camera angles are not the most engaging. I know it's all about mood, but it would be nice to see also.
- Having both nude and non-nude content can make it frustrating when you're waiting several days for an update only to get something tamer than you'd hoped.
- Content does not vary, and don't expect it to.
Bottom Line: Still a relatively new site, IFM does not have a heap of content but it has been growing fast. And the true test: Does it have enough content for a month's membership? The answer: Yes, and more for those who enjoy the unique concept and the fresh, naughty amateur nature of the girls.

01-08-07  03:35pm

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Visit Ox Pass

Ox Pass

Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: - With a multitude of sites, (14) new content arrives daily.
- The archive is huge, but the Bangbros team has done a good job of making it as easy as possible to find the scene or model you're looking for.
- Women of many shapes and sizes. Most of them are hot; all of them are nasty.
- Video can be Downloaded or streamed. Works great as a see-it-before-you-take-up-space-on your-PC feature.
Cons: - The incessant cackling of main main Sanchez is something you just have to get used to. I can't help you there.
- Video quality and camerawork ranges from pretty good to occasionally god-awful.
- Shoots are unedited start-to-finish (no matter how boring) They are broken up to be manageable, but that means sifting through as many as 20 scenes to get to the good stuff.
Bottom Line: The queen mother of the gonzo sites! If your taste is hardcore, you will find something to enjoy here. The content is all exclusive and though sifting through it can be intimidating, that's half the fun. Each site has its own personality and could stand on its own for the price, but having them all combined makes it easy to subscribe and just keep renewing.

01-08-07  03:09pm

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Visit Callista Model

Callista Model

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: - First off, it must be said, Callista is hot. Wicked hot.
- Often with solo girl sites, the content is small and updates are slow - not the case here.
- Updates show up a few times a week and as for the content; Callista puts in the work to make sure each scene is fresh and different.
- Different outfits, settings, member input and some tame fetishes keep the scenes fresh and hot.
Cons: - The diary is rarely updated and should just go.
- Navigation can be a serious pain if you forgot where you left off. It's arranged in reverse order, which can be annoying when looking for updates. It's clear the content has gotten too big for the format.
- She really used to push the envelope a lot further on some of the earlier shoots, unfortunately those are the vids with the worst quality.
Bottom Line: If non-nude is your thing, Callista should be on your short list of sites to see. It's great so see a model whose personality, attitude and turn-ons shine through. The quality is definitely amateur, especially the sound, and is sometimes poorly shot. But there is little that is unwatchable. She genuinely pushes the limits of what could be considered non-nude (my jaw dropped a couple times), but she always leaves the viewer wanting more (and more and more).

01-08-07  02:43pm

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Visit CD Girls

CD Girls

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: There's a lot of content and with a one month membership, you would be hard pressed to say you saw it all.
For those who like their porn pretty much strictly female, you get what you ask for. All the girls seem to be having a great time and the girl-girl scenes are passionate, whether tame or wild.
The sybian and other sex machine and toy scenes have long been the cornerstone for this site, but if it ain't broke ...
The women are gorgeous.
The videos are well shot.
Cons: The scenes can be broken down into maybe four categories and other than featuring a diffierent girl, there's not much expectation or variety.
This has always been a site heavily featuring the sybian, and if that's not your cup of tea, you might reconsider membership.
The "bonus sites" are pretty much a joke.
Bottom Line: This site has ben around awhile and has steadily improved video quality and increased the frequency of updates. Videos are tailored for any speed connection which is great. The videos are hot and the women bring a lot of energy and excitement that is often lacking in other sites.
Like I said for some of us if you've seen one sybian scene, you've seen them all. But it's more that worth the price.

01-08-07  01:30pm

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