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Visit 1 By Day

1 By Day

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Hardcore, Lez, Solo many Niches
Huge Site, no DL Limit
Great Search Engine
Video HD and HD Photos Varied Size
26,000 + not a mis-type Videos
No DRM, Updates Daily
Good Download West Coast 500-700k
Videos 4000k ( wow) 1280x720
Stunning Models Awsome / Unique Scenes
Good Navigation.
Many Formats, to many to list.
Slide Shows
33,000+ Pics ( Plus Zipped )
Download Mangers work well.
Looks To Have Daily Updates.
Cons: Some Models Only 1 or Two Scenes
Site Design is Good But Intense
No Live Shows ( not really a con)
Downloads speed good not great.
Very High Price.
Lacked specific niche navigation unless searched.
Bottom Line: Many reviews all over the net rate this site high.
I wondered why, I joined and stop asking.
This site is awesome, mostly because of the awesome models the scenes are hot.
And thank you thank you for not having guys talk through out the whole thing.
( who ever thought this was a good idea in other sites should be shot)
So what I often do not see in the reviews is negatives on this site, the site is so good
that one wonders where it falls short if any.

My only complaints are, that I will find a hot model, and I think ok here we go only to find just one scene to her. That's repetitive in the site and site where you find only one or two scenes of a stunning model. There are 10's of thousands of Videos more then I could even begin to download. This is one site I will be picky and pick what I like not just horde it. They are that stunning you will fin lots to admire.

The sad thing is this sites cost is high very high , and its going to be a one time joining for
me I can not afford that kinda cost.
The Navigation why simple , is intense, there is one flaw I saw that was annoying.
You must search for a niche rather then click a niche button, that's ok but often didn't reveal all scenes.
Other additional sites are available at a huge cost as well. This network would be rich if they lowered the price.

Cybertoads take, I rated it a 93, its a great site meets and exceed your fantasy and has a
incredible search engine for niches, but not 100% accurate more like 90% accurate.
The site navigation is good but intense because you have to travel through many areas.
Must be hard on a site this huge but wish there was a better way to do it.
Join yes, stay maybe not price is just a factor. I tried not to let it not influence my review.
If I had it would have been a 85 its just to much.

You will enjoy the site after you stop crying after thunking down $34.95 ( like 5cents makes a difference here its 35.00 . But you will enjoy

I loved the site but there was one or two short falls I didnt read elsewhere and why this is a awsome site I felt was important to give a all around review.


Added / 10/3/08
Just finished downloading the entire site.
A: it was done flawlessly, using Downloadmananger
B: The quality is very good on 90% or more of the videos. More Girls then guys and no talking really by guys. A new update every day and are videos. Some very hardcore solos, Lez scenes too.
Just sharing the info, enjoy.

09-29-08  12:10pm

Replies (10)
Visit 21Sextury.com


Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Updated: 04-02-13  09:17am  (Update History)
Reason: The site has bbecome worse and point adjustment was needed.
Pros: Very Large Site
Nice HD Quality
Photos HQ Zipped
Most Movies Have Photos.
Huge Niche Variety
Huge Model Types and Ethnicity.
Fast Site
DL Manager friendly and quick.
Custom Account manager.
Very attractive look to site.
PU/TBP Discounts
Unique content.
Often updates
Cons: Many Broken Links.
Cross Check ad at check out ( beware)
No Model Names on pics must hover to see .
Dismal search option only partialy worked.
Finding models & movies awkward.
W/O discount pricey.
Some very unattractive models.( my opinion)
Annoying pop up to buy chat
Other teaser sites in search ( annoying)
Bottom Line: Over view :
I was a member many many years ago, the site has changed allot since then. The site is huge and there are optional other sites & services to buy.

Toads Pro's :

The site is huge, and allot to choose from would take more then a month subscription to download all the movies and photo sets. Most Movies after 2010 come in HD Hi-Res. I was impressed with the older content, some going back to 2005 for those with Nostalgia in mind. There are movies from many well knowns before they were, and before surgeries. The discount price makes it worth a join up. Tons of new material this year alone. It will having you coming back for more each day as there is allot to look for and enjoy.
The photo's in hi-res are stunning and well done a huge plus for the site.

Toads Cons:

Nothing I hate more then crosschecked ads, the site lost 5 points from me alone for this annoyance at checkout. Models are gorgeous 99% of them are knock outs. There is 1% of some very unattractive stars that looked like they had not showered and were drugged out. I took offense to this personally as it look horrible. Luckily this was very rare but annoying. If you click on models you get pictures with no names and must hover to see the name. Very annoying on a site with a thousand porn stars on it. It would have not been bad but the search engine and search check box simply are not accurate. Making specific scenes or model searched time consuming and difficult. Site constantly tries to sell you to chat, and the search finds items for site options you have not paid for. Unfortunately you find out after clicking on a movie you think you can get and now can't. Well you can at additional costs. Annoying !!!

Toads Take.
Great site large very large. The site makes more work or seems that way due to the size and some issues like poor search engine, no name models and broken links on older content, cross checked ad and selling more sites in their search engine and pop up chats cost the site 12 points really annoyed me.

The site has unique movies and sets, many stars that are long since retired are here a nice bonus if you are looking for a treat from the past.
The site focused allot on hardcore with it being maybe 40% of all content. Followed by Lez, and Solo. The look and feel are high tech, the few bugs I found do not make this a bad site. It is a very good site with some annoying aspects.
I would have given the site a perfect score without these annoyances. As it sits the site is very good, but just misses excellent marks.

Join ?
Yes at a discount most definitely, but keep in mind cross check sale and pops up. And many additional site cost. At full price this site would annoy the hell out of me. If you want to sell items don't force them by crosscheck, pop up and sales in searches. I really wanted to give the site higher marks as I see many in PU gave it much higher then me. Why I respect the other reviews the annoying factor forced my hand at a very good rating. Join the site keep in mind these issues and have fun. I am hard on all my reviews , because it is my money.
21Sextury.com is a damn good site so don't let the annoyances keep you away, just keep them, in mind.


A note I had exempted from the review was spam.
I had noticed and increase in spam and thought nothing of it just set my filter. I then noticed it was adult oriented,upon more inspection I had used and email that had no spam at all and dated going back two days after I joined spam began. I can not say it is the site 100% but joining and then more adult spam on a seldom used email? Well you be the judge. Being I can not be 100% sure I did not change the score and only made mention here.

03-17-13  08:06am

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Visit 3D Girlz

3D Girlz

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Sex Simulator Auto or Manual User interface.

Good strong computer generator engine
multible settings
Average Graphics Engine.
Choose from solo to threesome
You download the whole game not needed again.
Low Cost $19.99.
Body size changer.
A few videos to download, but not animated.
Some animated still about 50 on site.
Can Save Stills.
Easy game use and controls.
Cons: Animation Choppy and bouncy ( not in a good way)
No updates
Slow to download 144mb program to play.
Site is dead old dirt slow. I couldnt push 100k out of it.
Twintchy look in program.
Short repetative sexy voice.
Menu on Website only half the links work.
Bottom Line: This is a trick or treat site and its not holloween. You join looking at what seems a huge data-base only to get 15 body commands a few camera views and the worst 2008 Animation to see. If this was 1999 I would think it was awsome, but there are so many sites other then this where graphics far exceed what this site. This is old school graphics maybe three year old at best.

Speaking of this, it is not a website to join. You donwload the program and use it on your PC, they entice you to join and stay by promising video downloads each month. However these are not animated videos these are cheap porn B movies. Very misleading. So if you still want to blow $19.99, you might as well quit after you join the site has nothing worth staying a member for once you download the program.

3D Girlz, is not total crap and its fun to try out a simulator if you never have. The controls are simple, but not much in the way of things to do. Mine wouldnt zoom in unless I reset the view.
They do allow you to save stills which is kinda cool to bad the animation is only average, as you could make a nice collection. But default file savings area is your C drive, in Vista that wont work.
The other good thing that unlike many other simulators that trick you into staying a member to use the game, it appears that this game doesnt need the site once downloaded. I am surprised its not hacked and passed around with a code. Sites like Vitual Jenna look and act just about like this, but even the others have more content and update.
I rated the site a 62, the site is lacking so much its depressing, I wouldnt felt better watching the shrredder in my office tear up that $20.00 bill. Glad they do not offer a refund I would be asking.
The Website says the following: I do not agree
3d Girlz is one of the most advanced adult 3d sex games on the planet. Fulfill any fantasy with life-like virtual sex graphics that look so good, you'll swear they're real! 3d Girlz is the only 3d sex game that allows you to choose your partner's hair color, eye color, skin color, and piercings.
Numerous high detail locations can be selected for you and your virtual sex partner to act out all your fantasies! Solo, girl on guy, lesbian and even threesome action available!

The above they state is false, there are three locations not numerous locations three. And it is not the most advanced on the net. This site ads B porn videos monthly copyright is current so the designers know the are not telling the truth about the site. They do not look real, they barely are animated. (MHO)
Bottom line, take $20.00 to just toss out and see what its like? The only good thing about the site and program that its cheap and easy, and not in good way. Should ya Join, id have to say pass on this one, the first ever for me to say on a review its maybe worth 5.95 maybe!

08-17-08  12:33pm

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Visit 3D Sex Games

3D Sex Games

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Lots of Content:
A: Many Models
B: lots of toys
C: scenes and up to a threesome any combo
Free Download of Software
Good Graphic
Easy learning curve.
Can take snap shots or make your own movie.
Manual, Animated or automatic setting.
Sex Toys support.
Community uploaded / DL's
Cons: OMG is this pricey and confusing to know what your paying for. Requires monthly membership to use online options.
Controls for sex action could be better
Slow program even on my quadcore pc
Requires a good graphics card for best results.
Support is slow to respond.
You have to buy some of the simplest options.
voice overs poor.
Bottom Line: Overview:
This is the newer version SexVilla2
This site was hard to rate as the technology finally is making a move in the right direction I was considering a lower rate, but the site offers allot although at a high cost, this site was one I joined and due to cost I only joined this site in the last month. My review is absent the costs because they varied, lets just say I easily dumped $100.00 over a 2 month time period.
There are allot of models to chose male and female. Many scenes and poses.
This site got a 80 because of two very important aspects. One is sextoy support, why I did not use it, it was encouraging to see them moving in complete interactive technology.
The other was creativity and nearly unlimited options ( again at a cost ).

This site is not for everyone, it is a fully integrated animated program. This site did not get a higher rating because the voice system, sucks. They are on a short very noticeable loop.
And is why anything above and 80 will require more realism in facial and voice.

Toads Take:
This is a tough one and not for one without deep pockets. I could have reviewed 3 sites over the last month if I had not bought this one.
The models are good and I love how much you can create. You coudl take a model and spend a good hour making it perfect for your viewing, from nail polish color to vaginal size.
From lip liner to butt size, from, nipple size, color and piercings to body tattoo this has it.
One flaw in all this is the bottom of the feet no matter what color skin is white. So a girl is on her knees, and you gave her a tan, he feet on the bottom are snow white even on other races.

Should you join is something I close my reviews on. And I can not say join or not. Its and adventure and was and is a fun program. But cost may prevent you from joining. If you are not worried about and like animated sex and fun animation I would take a chance and at least download the free program and take a look and go from there.

11-30-11  11:15am

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Visit Amber at Home

Amber at Home

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Good Looking Model
Part of The (awsome) Rachel Aziani Newtwork
Big Boobs
Average Good Scenes
Video Quality good, some old
Average DL Speed
Pics and Vids Updated About every week or so?
Navigation easy.
Nice MILF choice.
Nice Sexxy Voice.
Hot-- Body, Would think was half her age.
Good BJ's In Scenes.
If Your Niche She,
Likes Being controlled/dominated in most scenes.
Cons: Site Slow at Peak Hours.(west coast)
Video Quality old on some.
Acting seemed fake at times, not fantasy.
Average DL speed.
Very Generic Feel and Look of site.
Site updates a week or so ?
Dated Menu style and Site Setup.
Site slow at times, my experiance over two weeks.
Bottom Line: Ok, this was a hard rating to give:
This is part of the Rachel Aziani Network, whome Rachel Aziani is a MILF Godess, But to be fair I gave it and independant rating.

Amber is average as MILF's but is one of those models that looks very hot partially clothed
, while she is hot, the scenes are not unique and some seemed like she had nothing better to do the day of the shoot. But to be fair some do look like she was wet and ready at light camera action. But that was not the bulk. Acting was not real good in MO.
Big T's and ready to get laid don't make a porn star. So I placed her on average in ratings of 70-80. There are many very hot MILF, the kind thinking about them you cant walk straight. This just didnt hit in MHO. (not that I wouldnt do her lol this is a review and I am not insane.)

But back to the review good model average site is border is average as a stand alone site maybe a 71 But is a nice addition of the network.

The upside is in MO a nice sexxy voice, the years have given her a nice way of letting you know she knows what she is doing. This is not to contridict my statement saying acting is not good.
As the sex scenes are good straighht out getten it done and she knows how to get that done right. Its the scenes and matching didnt impress me.
Bottom line, nice site average model, site and surfing. Not sure I would join it if was not in a network. But being it is, JOIN NOW Rachel Aziani alone MO makes the network rock, and Amber is a good addition.

07-25-08  10:35am

Replies (0)
Visit Asses In Public

Asses In Public

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: Is Part Of a Huge Network access (19 + websites).
Few Bonus Feed Areas Too.
Several download formats for videos.
Navigation Good But Average.
Downloading was average 400k per file 220 up to 5
Items seen only here.
No Banwidth Limit same as Network
No DRM videos protection.
Very Attrative Looking Site.
Hot Girls, very playful.
Cons: Site is Severely Repetitive Niche'
Average Download Speed ( could be slightly better)
At Times Camera Shakes
Navigation and site the same as network.
About 50 Videos So Far.
Bottom Line: Ok This site is another well produced Brazzer Network Quality site,
However I am being tougher on the bigger sites now days since they rake in the cash to do a excellent job not just a good one.

The site really doesnt meet the overall network feel. While I agree it's new. Talk in the forum shows that the Network is even considering dropping that extra site.
Heres MHO, a girl goes out in the city etc, is sexxy playful and teases guys and gives random sex and BJ TJ's around town.
Ok now once youve done that in the park, in and alley, and at a store etc, youve pretty much covered the jist of the site. The fantasy doesnt hit the same mark as the other sites in the network.
What makes the site hard to watch is at times Camer Shakes, feels like and episode of Cops.
While its part of the mistique here, its just to much to watch. And street shooting is very hard to pull off and stay at the top of your game.

Bottom Line, its a fun site its hard-core and playful. But it rough around the edges, and repetitive for my liking. Video HD is remarkable though given this is done outside so that a huge plus. "awsome" Downloads were average 400k on the west coast at most times on my 5mb conection.

ToadMix's Take: Join for the network, not the site its self. Its a good site, true its new, I do not see time changing much. Would be better spent finding a new Nich'.

Oh Say perhaps. Make a solo section that Brazzers doesnt have anywhere That would really complete this network.

07-29-08  11:38am

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Visit Audrey Bitoni

Audrey Bitoni

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: HD Quality
Approx 100 Videos
Picture Sets ( zipped)
Bonus sites
Free Trial ( Right Now )
Only 19.95 includes other bonus sites.
Cons: Slow Downloading.
Spotty updates.
Videos are all over the place(explained)
Bottom Line: I was hoping someone else would dump 19.95 in this site. but alas it was up to me so here is the scoop.

The site is easy enough to surf as there is only a limited amount of videos seems around 100. The quality is pretty good even on new stuff.
Price is just 19.95 for now and free trials.
The free trial is nice to but there was limitation to it. the site was slow but faster with purchase so it seems throttles for trial use.
I always liked Bitoni she has saucy attitude and
and is full bodied and not a stick.

The Bad,
The downloading took forever I could not get manager to work. But was only 100 videos wouldn't take long. Picture sets did not always match videos huge drag for sure.
Bitoni's videos why good quality started getting weird with bondage, and gonzo stuff. Found the site boring and acting was canned badly.
Updates were spotty and not on time, why the site said they would come sometimes they didn't.
I was not happy with the content at all.

Toads Take:
Good price, only 19.95, sadly the site is not worth 19.95. I gave the site a low 70's rating because the videos are good quality and pictures zipped. But the site never rises the occasion and seemed to be just milling out a video when they got around to it. So 73 rating seemed justified as the site is not horrible, it is just not as good as it could be.

In closing :
Not worth the free trial as it is throttled, not worth the $19.99 either. I think she is busy on other sites and just come back here when she has time. Not worth a join in my opinion.

03-08-12  03:39pm

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Visit Aziani


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Lots Of Movies looks to be 600+
Good Download speed.
Not Often Seen Models, some new to me.
Has Zipped Pics :-)
has Awesome model pics and video.
Navigation Good
Models Very Good.
And excellent Note :
Sites in this network do supply allot of help info. " Kudos".
Cons: Cons are not as obvious as they are on Rachel Aziani own site.
They are on the same network but this site offers more.

I guess Cons would be.

Downloads are good but not great speed wise.
Updates confusing, to tell unique to this site only?

Navigation is good but very old school vintage 2005
Bottom Line: This site is part of network of ten sites, but more like 4 as some are duplicated clones so you are getting 4 with streaming.

Rachel Aziani site had no zipped picture file. but this site does a true plus, perhaps they can get the act together and add zips to Rachel Aziani as it well needed.
Video quality average to very good.
The list of models is great.
And what looks to be nearly 600 videos this site is more a stand alone then and addition.

Looking at this site and compared to other stand alones out there, I rated it in mid 90's because they seem to have a good grip on what this type of adult site is to be like.

I compare quality to Twistys and Suze.net as far as quality and model listings.

One annoying thing that seems to be about this network is lacking modern technology.
The navigation in this network reminds me of what adult sites looked like 3 years ago.
The navigation why old works, but there isnt any sparks at the technical knowledge. the sites do not jump out and say JOIN ME I"M AWSOME, they more like say. hey look here I am and adult site .
Even the Rachel Aziani site doesn't do the model justice. As I review the network I just can't hope that some one will invest in new technology.
Seems this network would battle some other great sites with a good upgrade and faster server. But I would join again for sure.

07-01-08  12:06pm

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Visit Babelicious


Status: Was a member approx. 6 months prior to this review.
Pros: Well Designed
Easy to use
Lots of Content
Goo Download speed
Cons: I found no real cons.
Other then download speeds that varied
Bottom Line: I good clean site, when I used the site it was a good site, clean and easy to use. For me it didn't set it self apart from others enough.
But is a definite member worthy site.
A must visit site. for sure.

01-02-08  09:43am

Replies (2)
Visit Babes Network.com

Babes Network.com

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Updated: 08-05-14  12:32pm  (Update History)
Reason: More issues with site.
Pros: Stunning Models
Unique Material
HD Video
HD Pics ( and zip files )
Streaming HD Video
Low intro price 9.95 ( at time of review ).
Cons: Real Bad navigation.
Real Bad Search engine
Inconsistent category material.
Small site .
Cross checked sales even if unchecked.
Difficult cancellation.
Some material not really porn.
Updates rare once a week.
No update/new section.
Only one movie format. Mp4
Bottom Line: Toads Over View :

You will find some of the most stunning women on the internet. We are talking many of these girls should be into modeling. Many awesome natural tits. These girls are boner central.
The site has a good price discount of $9.95 recurring at 24.95. There is a network at a very high price and not included. To get the network be prepared for over $50.00.

Good :
The women are amazing even the guys are not the typical tattoo fuck a hole guy. The sex scenes seem like sex and not just a fuck fest. And why there is Anal,and groups its done in a way that is not typical of porn sites. Do they fuck yes, but seems real. The downloads and pics downloads seem intuitive, pretty to the point .


Navigation is like watching a three legged dog screw. It works but wow what a fucked up mess.
You can choose solo and end up with a guy and girl fuck scene with no. Lez scenes with a guy in it. I was like why the fuck do you have categories ?? Search why finds models the model list in non-existent, the search only found models and was not accurate at all.

Cancelling, was a nightmare. I joined the boxes was unchecked to join a trial, But I was dinged for it.
Contacting support was a nightmare, wanted to pull the guy through the screen and punch his lights out. But I was calm.
The rules say on their site you have to cancel before the 2 day trial, their support says it can take three days to process. If not Processed before the two day required notice I am charged. I called in 10 minutes of opening my account there. I asked then how does one cancel the trial they would not answer. But offered me 3 months for the price of one for my inconvenience.
Babes Network is false advertising in my opinion. You join the site only to find out more charges to join the network. Ummm Duh... thought I just had. This is not Babes.com I once loved and cared for. Neither is the support.

The having one video format is pretty insane Mp4 does not work well on some older systems and players.

Closing :
Very disappointed in my whole experience, which their support could care less and has refused any refunds. I wanted to just get my money back after only being a member 10 minutes and they refused. The site is clunky even though visually its pretty nice and previews look stunning. The video that are there are mostly good women are amazing this site would have been a 65 if not for some of them, Amber Sym, does scenes that are barely porn but she is sexy as hell. If you join watch her scenes first and it only gets better. To bad the powers that be that make the good video did not focus on the customer service experience. This site could easily be a 95 rating site, fix the navigation and search, get better support stop cross checks, and make the network a network.
And this site would be up there.

Toads take:
Join for the women, but be aware this can be a pain in the ass to quit, and surf. I found the $9.95 was still worth the women in this site. I wont be back, they made this a one trick pony site for this member.


After going through =the entire site I found a serious flaw. Movie and Pic counts are wrong on the site. If a model has three videos that may not be true. I have found dozens of Videos that were not counted by the model listed. Which means there are dozens of videos I can't find by model and have to fall into them. Other issue I used a specific email that never has spam, I have been flooded the last week by adult spam, its even making it past my filter .
I Change my review to avoid this site until technical issues are fixed. I can not prove the spam was from these guys, however that email I have had free of porn ads 12 year. Coincidence ???

08-03-14  12:13pm

Replies (3)
Visit Big Tits At Work

Big Tits At Work

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: .The Models are top notchs.
.Some of the scene are almost prime time quality.
.You get great models like Lezley Zen, Devon, Shyla Stylez , Eva, Angelina. These are some of my favorites ans a definite pro.
Site has 17 other sites. 18 if you count a new one added.
Priced very well for what you get .
Fun story lines
Downloads are big files but download fast.
Awesome tech support.
Cons: The site surfing ( not DL) was slow at times.
Some scenes become repetitive.
Navigation is awkward , but on network this big its expected some what.
Not to many negatives so these are more knit picks.
Bottom Line: What kept me giving the site a perfect score was that some older content quality was not as good in my opinion. But there is tons of new content that is great quality.
As with large files now days there is some time involved DL. Average was 20 minutes DL for a movie.

Models are awesome Lezley Zen, Devon, Shyla Stylez , Eva, Angelina are my favorites throughout this network and they are done justice.
Lost of original scenes only seen on these sites.

Bottom line is this site is about as good as it gets. Only a few quality issues on old stuff but site is really worth the money.
I am not one that likes allot of guy talk and these sites the guys talk allot. But the women take you mind off it quick .

If you have a few dollars or about 4 gallons of gas you do not need this week spend the cash on this site.
Talk about original content I would venture 97% of everything here is from there own filming .

Kudos go to the directors whom obviously work hard to come up with hot scenes . Cant be easy to keep coming up with new material. but even if it repetitive some times. Its done well.

This site and its network are worth at least two months membership because there is so much to see.

06-18-08  09:59am

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Visit Brazzers


Status: Was a member approx. 5 months prior to this review.
Pros: + Hot girls
+ good performances
+ good Video quality (new ones)
+ No DRM
+ download speed
+ lot of content
+ good price
+ different video Formats (wmv,mpeg,flash)
+ User rating system and comments
Cons: The guys talk to much.

The site is updates at weird times.
Bottom Line: Its a good site with allot of good quality shots.
The acting is commercial like and not my taste felt like 70's porn.But others may like it.
Its a good site with lots of content.
Priced well for what you get.

its worth visiting , but long term would need more updates. More Often.
But a for sure a membership worthy site

01-01-08  10:12am

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Visit Cartoon 69

Cartoon 69

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Animated & Non Cartoon Nude Hardcore
Average speed
Good Graphics & Art Pics
DL of Non Cartoons Only
Cartoons Only Unique
Streaming Video
Cons: Diificult Naviagtion
No Cartoon Downloads
Only Streaming Cartoons
Not Unique Content on 3rd Party Content.
90% of content not Cartoon or Animated.
Bottom Line: I was unsure how to even start the review without being negative.
There are good graphics in the pics and that's it.

Site is nightmarish to navigate, open a link, and a pop up widow opens
then pick a scenes then pick the quality. OMG. There is an easier way for sure.

The thing that makes this site suck is its called Cartoon 69 but there are hardly any compared to third part B rated porn that's on the site.

There isnt enough content to comment on
as there is hardly any cartoons on the site.
And what are is flash only.
This is a site I was truly disapointed in, a
Cartoon website that has little Cartoons

I would look elsehwere , I put this review here as a guide to be aware of the name Cartoon69 as there is little if any cartoons.


09-29-08  09:58pm

Replies (2)
Visit Catalina Cruz

Catalina Cruz

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: New Look and Feel to site.
Fast Downloads
Average Quality
Live Show
Extra Sites
Cons: Old Material.
Extra Sites Not Updated.
Navigation is poor.
Pricey for content
Bottom Line: Over view :

This site has been around along time, I think I have been a member some 6-7 times. The site has gone through many transformations and not good ones.
They try new things and do it ok.

Pro's :
Catalina is still in great shape, having been a workout instructor before porn she does well at staying very toned. The sites graphics are nice to look at and the site is pretty good about the updates.

The site is haunted by old material both on the main site and its bonus sites. Many bonus sites have not been updates since I was a member in 2010 wow. They have other sites like License To Blow who also has update issues one never knows when it will be updated. My pet peeve is Catalina is a knock out and has obvious fake boobies. But as of late they look like two salad bowls taped on. I hate to sound so cruel, but I went wow what did she do? I am not sure if she did a lift or what but they do not even resemble any natural aspects.

Toads Take :

Disappointment, the site is pricey at 25.00 and you can down load the entire sites and bonus sites in a day and a half with little effort.
The site has old material still there, very old and quality obviously is not good. She focuses allot on her webcam, twitter and blogs. Talks allot about what she is doing but this never reflects much on the site itself.
I liked the site a few years ago and just can not score anywhere near that. The site is just not what it used to be.

Should you join? If you have never seen her, perhaps for a month and is why I gave it a 74 average rating. Catalina has a sultry soft voice that comes out well in her scenes. The $25.00 may be a deal breaker the site is not much more a 12.00 site. She is often the Director in guest scenes and nice to hear a female directing wish more did.
The other bonus sites as ok, and loaded with old poor resolution material. Hard site to rate, its not a horrible site, it is just ok.

03-19-13  08:43am

Replies (0)
Visit Catalina Cruz

Catalina Cruz

Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: Hardcore, Solo, Lez, Straight
250+ Videos .310 Zipped Photosets (50pic ea)
Nice design top notch look navigation easy.
No DRM or DL Limit
Cam Shows 2x month Cat Her Self.
Updates Regular (not exact)
Part of a 9 Network Site
Catalina in 90% Scenes
Forum ( Catalina Interact as well) ++
800+ K Speed Video 800K WMV, MOV
Photos No Water Marks ++
Catalina is the Director All Scenes Unique
Live Play or Downloads
Special Pricing $19.99.Billing incl-Cbill
All Scenes Unique
Cons: Being Picky ,
Some Old Video Content
Link To Other Videos Also On Other Site.
Tech Support Responding?.
Bottom Line: CatalinaCruz.com is the Queen of the Sport Model turned porn queen,
her soft sexxy voice and true orgasms let you know that she takes the job serious.
If there is such a thing as Classy HardCore this is it.
In interviews she says Cleary that she is still shy having orgasm on Camera, because its still intimate to her, and she truly loves sharing that intimacy. With all of us as well as the model actor she is with. But goes on to say its not like acting because she pics people that want to do this. And will enjoy it. Its very clear its not fake to her or the models.
She is Height: 5 3" Weight: 100 lbs. Measurements: 32C+-23-34 , and still has a smooth rock hard body and Legs and Ass to make you weep. If the above doesn't make you join.
The ideal porn star, she cares about her job, her audience and that members enjoys what she does. In her latest Blog she is talking about releasing bloopers because she feel that close to her audience.
Catalina hires mostly women photographers and Camera operators, and she directs her self in 90% or more of the site. She involves you from the get go and starts by making you feel involved. Fantasy Girl Entertainment ( her company ) is exactly that true fantasy from the start.
Cons are hard as there are not allot, there are other videos here on the site that say other girls, but these same girls are on another site in the network hmmm. My only complaint over the years is support doesn't respond ever. But they will in the forum. But then only to comment on the site have I written the site works well and is designed well.
The other sites include Jessica James, Austin Kincaid , Puma and a Fantasy Girls to name just a few. These is Lez scenes, hot solo scenes and Straight sex, but all done with hard core class if there is such a thing. The live shows are like you are right there and she truly interacts 2x month on her shows There's a Forum and Blog.
Cybertoads Take:
Catalina has been in porn for years now both behind and in front of the camera, and each seen you would swear she was a virgin but horny with class. Not sure how to explain that combination unless you see it your self. Like my review of Rachel Aziani, for milfs, my review is the same but better for Catalina her site is good sized , but that alone is not why to join, you will be treated like you are there. She is young enough for the young adult watcher and will satisfy the oldest of porn watcher. Site is a joiner, and possibly a stayer long term. This site has been around a few years and the network a year or so and is just one of these sites that flies under the radar not truly given its props. Even though video is not awesome quality The content supersedes that as Catalina is just as good as they gets. Gave the site a high rating because this is how porn shoiuld be produced not just shoved through the line. To see a Model care about the job years in is a plus any day.

HOT-Fact if hear a directors voice its hers not a mans !


09-12-08  07:48am

Replies (2)
Visit CD Girls

CD Girls

Status: Was a member approx. 6 months prior to this review.
Pros: + Hot girls
+ good performances
+ good Video quality (new ones)
+ No DRM
+ download speed
+ lot of content
+ good price
Cons: Repetitive in many areas.
The video quality varied allot.
Bottom Line: Good site, slow at times on downloads. Some repetition made the site seem smaller, but there is lots to download.
Its membership worthy.

01-01-08  10:15am

Replies (0)
Visit Club Austin Kincaid

Club Austin Kincaid

Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: Some Solo, Lez Straight
50 Good Def Video / Pics 40 zipped
Site Layout and speed good
Cam Show on Main site.
Part of Catalina Cruz Network.
700+ k Download
Video Good Quality 1000k, 720x400
Pics Good as well
Very Hot and Sexxy Model Austin.
Most Unique to Site
Easy Navigation.
8.99 Trial
Price 29.99 includes Fantasy Girl Network
Cons: Small Site about 50 videos 40 pics.
Slow Updates
1 or two so so video on quality
Pics aree average but still hot.
Bottom Line: Hmm what do you say about this site, its Part of the very sexxy
and talented CatalinaCruz.com network.

But Austin Kincaid is in her own right down right sexxy too.
The site is small and updates very slow.
But she is part of the network and a reason I joined long ago.

She is a natural beauty, cant put the videos down as when I search the net she is one of my top ten to look for . She puts you right in the seat for sure. I am not sure what it is
about her and Catalina Cruz, but they have a hot sexy innocence while there hot and horny. My Favorite combo. She has a sexxy ( believable ) voice.
Like she wants you to be right there with her.
Just writting this review makes want to close the page and go take a few peaks.

This is a personal taste of mine so this review is totally biased when it comes to the model her self. She would make like the perfect girl friend lol.

On the site alone not impressive, is part of 7 sites in the network, she is a knock out and
makes the network worth paying the price as well does other models.
My pet peeve this year has been slow updates. All but the main site are updated weekly
so not happy about that,

Cybertoads take:
Austin is a model I look for everywhere I have some scenes that are my all time favorite.
There is a few on the network of her and Catalina Cruz doing double BJ's holy cow.
Just to much to say other then wow, plus the two have a Lez scenes together too.
Site could use updates but if you love her like I do you will surf elsewhere for her too.
Videobox to name a few have quite a few of her, But she has unique content here.
Join the network its a good monthly join atleast, if they ever stay on the updates it would be a awsome network.


09-17-08  09:04am

Replies (3)
Visit Club Sandy

Club Sandy

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: About 2000 Videos WMV,Flash (.mp4,.mov),
Most video and pic HD quality
About 2000 Photo Sets ( zipped)
Many Bonus Sites
Regular Updates ( each week 2x )
Great Model Selection ( most well known )
Cons: Site navigation is difficult.
Scenes some are ok.
Search not accurate enough.
Older scenes quality ok.
Bottom Line: The Pros:

Lots of good XXX action, solo to hardcore. There's no advanced search, but you can filter your results on this site, any of the bonuses or the entire network by a rather extensive list of categories. However this was also a con as it was big too big for the search they offer.

The site design looks good, the picture quality on most items was spectacular. The detail seems to be awesome through out the sister sites as well. I have an HD monitor and HD video card that made this look amazing. The price is good too especially if you are new to porn you will get a huge selection here. 19.95 can not go wrong.

The Cons to this site was the search really bugged me, as looking for items over these massive sites made downloading nightmarish to keep track of. By no fault of the site, but collecting was not made in mind in the design. And the size why awesome adds to the issue.
However if a person plans out it will be easies to use the site if one preapares and separates the content on their hard-drive. Download speed was moderate and slow at certain times.

Toads Take.

And amazing network of sites and porn for just about any taste. I was amazed at the stars and the quality is top notch. I did not put it as a con but the quality is used in the form of large file size so highspeed is recommended.

The site navigation was not as I would hope, but was satisfactory and given the size of the site I would hope in the future as the sites grow a more advanced search appears.

Going back again to the quality, the picture sets you could see skin cells practically, the details are that good.

If I were to recommend a great site this is it. I would have rated the site higher, but the search and navigation knocked it down a few. Still 92 is fair.


03-14-12  01:55pm

Replies (1)
Visit DDF Network

DDF Network

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Good Quality HD
1000's of movies
Updates daily 3-5 videos
Stunning models
Pic and Vids
Multi Format
Includes many bonus sites.
No DL limit
1/2 the inventory is old to very old.
Navigation is inconsistent.
Piss poor search never worked.
Slow downloads
Difficult cancellation
Download format varies allot even during same time frame.
Not all movies have picture.
Comments do not work often.
Bottom Line: DDF Network is a site you love to hate.

From 2011-2014 the material is good to real good quality wise. From 2011-2002 the quality drops fast 2010-2011 is night and day quality.
There is no download limit and the models are all hot as hell. I would give them a 7 out of 10 are smokin and is why the ratings stayed in the 80's.

Navigation is inconsistent and you often end up where you did not want to be.
The search looks amazing and if it worked it would be awesome, However it never worked right
you put in asian women it gave you black.. ask for blonds it gives you brown . Asked for well you get the point.

The Material from 2010-2002 makes up 90% of the material and is horrible, the models and scenes were better back then, but the video is like that 70's porn. Worse yet scenes are broken into section as many as 12 so you have to DL 12 sections at 15mb each what a pain in the ass all these years and they just left the old shit rott.
Poor quality control, yet they brag about 11,000 movies and fail to tell you 9000+ are just the shits.
It took me three times to cancel support was good but should not be required to cancel. It never sent a confirmation which worried me so I contacted support and it was not cancelled.

They include many sites with the membership thats a good thing, yet they all suffer from old crappy material.

Bottom line :

The site is a good site, it huge looks amazing yet material a few years old is not very good even by old standards, old piece movies should be combined thats just being lazy and I just avoided those. I am sure most do as well.

Models are pretty and has some of the best POV stuff if you like that,. the only Blow Job site included is done well and mostly good angles.
The newer material on all sites why better video quality tends to have worse filming techniques then the older ones.

I got the site on a 14.99 discount so was worth the 1 TB I downloaded but files are huge some 3Gigs wow so be prepared to take up drive space.
And file format varied often and even day to day except the 2014 ones.

Would I join again yes, but only at a discount, the site appears to not be managed very well and there is so much wrong with it it would take years to go and make it right.

Advise fix the nice search or remove it, remove only pieced out material and get a better director and it would be much better the new material is so cookie cutter its almost funny .

Good site, not great. Take that into consideration when joining its a good site with issues.


06-27-14  09:03am

Replies (5)
Visit Digital Desire

Digital Desire

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Updated: 05-13-12  01:14pm  (Update History)
Reason: had a chance to download site.
Pros: HD 720 videos ( average 5-10 minutes in length )
Zipped Photos ( 100 average per set )
Great Search Engine
Nice pretty look to site.
Amazing women most are stunning,
Unique Content !
Cons: Site says Not Download manager friendly,
Getting to download to many steps.
Navigation is oldschool hard to use.
Inconsistent file format.
No bonus sites.
Bottom Line: Over View:
I have not done a review in over 4 years on this site, since then some things are better like 720p HD in many of the videos. However the formats are varied and some scenes are MP4 some WMV some DVX, flv etc. But most have cells phone formats. So thats good an bad

I was happy with the amazing women that continue to bless this site. The site has migrated to better quality of shots. The pics are amazing and great quality. But again the sizes vary making inconsistent downloads in video and pics alike!

The site remains a quality site in that they stage and film very well and the concentration seems to be on this. I signed up with an 18.00 discount price, normally is 29.95 . lots of pornstars and scenes appear unique to this site. I loved the new talent that is only seen here first.

Bad :
Why if they do not allow download manager do they make it so hard to download a file. To many steps for this. Should be easier since they limit the use of other software. Navigation is ok at best and remains a sore spot if you are looking for something use the search, problem is if you have no idea what to look for it will not be fun just to try and surf the site. Many videos are absent quicktime support anymore.

Toads Take :
I joined because of the discount I got, I would not have otherwise done so. The site has not changed to much in 4 years, It was a pain to use back then and is now. However all that said the women and scenes are stunning and there is a good amount of content at a guess 500 plus videos and more sets of photos the site makes it hared to figure out how many they have, which ads to the pain in using it.
But I digress, the women are amazing and nice rocking hard bodies along with natural and implants alike. The age is from about 18- 35 from what I could tell. They use good backgrounds and the only complaint is the music sometime goes on and on way into the masturbation scenes very distracting but seems to be more the exception.

I would say join for the porn and women, but be Leary about the access an be prepared to spend time clicking and clicking and clicking to download.
They do need to get their formats in order and have the same formats for every videos. Nothing like clicking on a video and it was not Mac compatible glad I do not have a Mac as some would not show without proper codecs.


( update 5/13 2012)

After addressing my own concerns with this site I changed 80 to a 78 to fit in the average site areas.
After downloading the entire site at a huge time consumption.
Comparing the entire site :
More then not I found models with no videos, and many old poor \quality videos maybe a 1/3 of the collection old and grainy. No attempt seems to be made to improve anything older however the site does not claim any kind of quality standards. Most photo sets were from good to outstanding.

I have to say there has to be a better way to download.
1. pick a model
2. pick the scene
3. Click the icon
4. save the file.
If the site was faster this would not be as much and issue and the limits set for downloader make users stuck to their pc's. I realize they are trying to save bandwidth, and the site is not all that fast to begin with. I like that the site has original content and smokin hot models. But the site experience was barely ok. If it was not for the photo's being very good I would have rated it lower. I tend to see this site as more a photo site then video. I do have to say the lack of consistency makes video downloading like buying a grab bag and hoping it turns out well. Some Icons for videos were duplicated by some script error as much as 30+ times. And names were often not what the video says. I hate to be so critical but as I said previously I had a much better experience with this site years ago.

04-29-12  05:46pm

Replies (2)
Visit Digital Desire

Digital Desire

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Incredible Quality
Simple Easy Menu
Often Update
HUGE, amount of pic/ vids
The quality is the best out here.
Cons: The site downloads were average speed.
The price is average
Bottom Line:
If you like other quality sites like Twisties and others you will love this site.
The quality alone will blow you away.
I was amazed at the detail and quality.
This is a must membership.
Sadly I didn't hear about this site, until recently but I would put as the top 10 sites on the INTERNET.
There is a great variety, even a tad hard thrown in for the liking.
If you like quality HD pics and vids then come her, you have no idea what your missing this is a hidden treasure.

NEW FOLLOW UP . I did this last review 7 months ago I was new member at the time and reviewed it before spending more time on the site the quality impressed me so I went with that and thats where I made the error. so here goes.
Digital Desire is a good site, I still stand by the fact the pic quality is very good. That said after being a member I found out some short falls. The menu system I complimented is actually very confusing and file saving is just about as hard to figure out. I had to to rate it a 79 as its average after seeing its many short falls. The cost is high, after being a past member the ask me to rejoin at $18.00 but I declined.
Bottom line is the women are very pretty over all a good selection, but I get the impression the are trying to make the site seem bigger and better then it is. As many files are the exact same ones only tammed up. With the same shoot same outfit so are in my mind duplicates. Pretty looking site, just it skin deep MO,deeper looks disapoited me.

01-01-08  10:07am

Replies (14)
Visit Emily Addison.net

Emily Addison.net

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: High Quality Video & Pictures
Fast Downloads
Very Spicy Material
Emily Addison & Models present great material.
HDV 980x553 - DV 980x737
Downloadable Zip Files
Exclusive HDV & DV Videos - No DRM
Online Slide show.
Cons: Less then 50 videos
Updates Abruptly Stop June 2012
Small photo sets some less then 20 EA
Pricey for small site.
No response from site webmaster or site support.
Bottom Line: Toads Overview:

This has got to be one of the fastest reviews after joining. The site took 2 days to download all material. This is also one of the most difficult reviews to do . The site stopped updating after only being up about a year. Updates seemed often and then stopped in June of this year. In all fairness to the site owners I have tried for about 2 weeks to contact them before joining and asking for PU to add it.
This is a unique bondage site that has potential of being a great site.

The site seemed almost abandoned it was updating often and stopped in June 2012 and no response from site owners upon several requests. I contacted the billing and they said the site was up and active but they also could not reach the site owners at my request.
The site is small and I downloaded the site in just under 2 days. Navigation is easy with only a few models on the site so that is a minus not a plus.

Toads Take:
Emily Addison is stunning and very hot, if it was not for the great material the site has I would have given it very low marks. Emily can be seen on other sites and her Bondage material is on other sites. I am a big fan of hers and when I came across this site I thought awesome.
I joined the site out of curiosity but soon realized that my 19.95 was not well spend I think until they get back on the site operations it is worth maybe 10.00 a month not the 20.00.
But that said she is amazing in the videos that are there.

The big question is should one join?
Let me say it this way.
I gave the site a 76 because the site is done well and Emily is smokin hot sexxy. I also gave it a 76 because the site has not updated in several months and there was no response from webmasters and there is limited material having only been active about a year less if you go by updates.
I am hoping to get a webmaster response and will update my review if new information presents a change in the standards of my review.
I do not feel bad for joining, I feel bad there is not more the site as it is good but average and would be great if kept up to dates.

On funny note, I noticed several grammatical errors on the site in lieu this weeks poll.


11-05-12  01:46pm

Replies (5)
Visit Erotic Beauty

Erotic Beauty

No Review.
12-11-11  04:03pm

Visit Eve Angel Official

Eve Angel Official

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
HD Content
Video up to 1280x720 6.5Mbps
Photos some HD
Fast site.
Very Hot Lady
Unique Material
Zipped photo's
Not Much in HD Video
Many Pic's low Quality
Misleading Bonus sites.
Very slow updates 1item once a week .
Search engine misleading.
Items miss-matches and dead ends.
Eve has the only Solos
Site says Male Female scenes there are 3
Pic & Vid are not consistent.
Bottom Line:
Over views:

I joined Eve Angel cause she is amazingly hot, and has been for many years. She is part of the DDF network, Not the other way around as is hinted.
The site boast being part of the DDF network and is, if you join via another access for 10.00 more something that is not clear on the site.

Eve is smoking hot with and ass to die for, her older videos why not as good in quality show one tight natural beauty. She has an innocence from her first 2008 Video to her 2014 ones. Just seems she is a 100% natural at knowing what it takes to be sensual and sexxy with a tad whore on the side.

Good Stuff:
As said one hot model, she does Lez and solos on this site. She is seen in many varied places and positions making each scene unique to this site.
Eve is a super star in the industry having won a AVN award in 2009.
She does her scenes flawless, and I only saw one or two scenes that did not seem natural.

The Bad stuff, I hate give a 75 to such a smoking hot model. But the down side is not her, its the site.
The site hints when joined that you have access to the DFF network, not true the DFF network has access to Even Angel's site. Not the other way around and that will cost you 10.00 more dollars.
The site looks amazing, but the search is useless as there is very limited material on site.

Site shows a search for Male and Female scenes, there are three scenes. Hardly need a searching and fancy Male Female button for three scenes. There were 4 and one does not work.
Which brings me to another issues, there are some models shown as included that when clicked are not on the site. That shows poor quality control to say you have a model and do not.

A Huge pet peeve is when sites advertise videos with pictures to match. I'd say the site was just about bold face lying as about 1/2 photo's have no video, or half the videos had no pics.

One last downside to the site is HD, they say HD,
but maybe 10% of the movies are in HD, many are in medium and low resolution until late 2012 they got better. Some older videos look like they were taken on a cell phone just horrible. The photos are about the same very low resolution until last two years.

I am a tad hard on the site, just because it promised allot, and why some of that is sales some is not. The site comments by members is nearly non-existent making one wonder does anyone even come here ?

Closing Toads Take.
This is one of those sites that seems to plague me in the solo market of models. I seldom have ever found a website that is a solo model do what they say. Eve is a dream girl, one who's ass should be in the Smithsonian, she is a model with no plastic and is a natural beauty.
My advice is do not join Eve Angel, instead join DDF network and get all the sites included for 29.95 at TBP ( at the time of this review) it more but you will get much more. Eve Angel was $14.00 and why she is smokin, it was not worth 14.00 if only because the site misleads on many level.

This is a no joiner for me, but would advise the DDF Network join and get more bang for you buck.

02-05-14  08:53am

Replies (2)
Visit Francine Dee

Francine Dee

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Updated: 09-29-08  10:05pm  (Update History)
Reason: Considered Respected Members Input and Changed Score.
Pros: Average Quality Picture Almost HD Photo.
Photos Zipped
Movie Downloads for IPOD / PSP only
Video quality ok.
Site contests
Blog & Journal
Mobile Ring tone
Good Navigation.
Cons: Low Quality Video IPOD / PSP only 320x112
No Updates On Video 3 this year.
Photo sets 3 per month average
No HD as stated on site.
Live Cam is pre-recorded.
Suuport No Response.
Bottom Line: Francine Dee. WOW is gorgeous and thats where this site ends being tolerant.

The front page says HI DEF video there is no, the video is so bad that even on my IPOD is sucks and was grainy at 320x112 huh?
Video updates are 3 times this year only, but why would I even download this at 320x112 video my Dog can't watch it very well.

The site looks nice and navigation a breeze. But again thats where things stop. Area after area is lacking content and bulk. I read the two reviews before me and it like I am in the twilight zone. I plunked $24.99 thinking well the site looks awesome. But what a let down.
I tried to be fair after wasting my cash the review is on it own merits.

I can not believe this site has been here for years, its more like a mobile phone IPOD site but doesn't say that anywhere.

Bottom line:
The photos are the only thing keeping this site from a rating of 50. The pics are good but just good not great and not Hi Def. Being zipped means I can get my stash quick and forget about this site.
OK the site design is nice and she is beautiful.
But there is no justification for $24.95 for this site, maybe 9.95 just for the pics.
That cash would be better spent elsewhere.

Cybertoad Take:
Avoid this site, and realize its not what it seems or says, there is no Hi Def video and it says there is big as day on the front page. Says Live Cam,and is pre-recorded run.
And the pit maneuver that ended me chasing down this site ended with a grainy video that looks bad even on an ipod screen.

Money could be spend elsewhere better many many sites and models. Catalina Cruz for example to name one is far better quality at the same price.
To make a point the site is just not where a 2008 porn site should be, updates are just wayyyyyy to far apart to even call this site active.

No.... site doesn't even update more then 10 times in one year. And misleading front page.

Added 10/3/08 No response from support in 5 days.

09-29-08  09:03am

Replies (21)

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