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Visit Chaturbate


Status: Current Member for over 6 months (at the time of review).
Updated: 04-04-14  08:03pm  (Update History)
Reason: Rules applied to models have changed impacting the content of the site in a major way.
Pros: *Models are REAL.
*Allows men and women on cam.
*Free (for real).
*Tokens are reasonably priced.
*Video quality is superb (as long as model has a good cam).
*Easy to navigate/can filter by region.
*Lots of "programs" available to models so they don't have to manage tokens/games/prizes for tipping.
*Color coded chat text.
*Ability to have moderators in chat room.
Cons: *Cannot view other avatars/previews when viewing the cam (like on MFC).
*Chat window could be nicer (e.g. bigger/different fonts).
*Billing company does not work with all credit cards (e.g. need Pay Pal option or CCbill).
Bottom Line: This site has come a LONG way since I found it just under a year ago. Yes there are not as many models as MFC, but this site has a lot going for it. I have found myself visiting it more than MFC as time goes on for one reason: IT ALLOWS MEN ON CAM.

Why is this good? No I am not into blow jobs, but what I am into are exhibitionist women--and there are a lot here! Since men can be on cam, you can peep in on girls who are naked around their male friends and roommates. I like casual/public nudity and girls do not get banned or punished for having a male voice or a man walk by. So the models tend to be much more open about their nudity around others, which is great. This makes the voyeur element of cam watching much more exciting...and this means they also have a couples section (an added bonus).

In addition, there is a good selection of women but mostly Thursday-Sunday and at the end of the month (PAYCHECKS!!!). The overall quality of the video feed is very good (for models with nice cams and high bandwidth). Another nice feature of the site is the tokens/tips are managed by programs that models can customize. This means that models spend more time playing/chatting and less time using a calculator or asking what the count is. They can also sell "tickets" to shows, set up tipping games, and set "goals" on the fly. Very intuitive all around and the programmers are adding new features almost every month.

In short, the "feel" of Chaturbate is impressive. True MFC has the premium models, but most are not "real" like they are on Chaturbate. Also, with all the other features they make available (e.g. mods) the experience has the potential to be the best on the internet.

The major downsides are the hoards of people in some rooms (which makes it near difficult to chat) and the fact that the billing companies are not as well known. I had an issue buying tokens, so I just didn't (and missed a good ticket show because of it!). I think that a PayPal option or CCbill would resolve this. Finally, the site operators should try to revamp the layout/graphics a bit. Its too bland and a good graphical overhaul would give this site the shine it deserves.

Bottom Line: Look for Chaturbate to compete more and more with MyFreeCams. I say this because the amount of tipping/private shows has increased dramatically over the last year...this tells me that I am not the only one straying from MFC more and more each moth looking for something more exciting than hoards of solo girls (which can get old).

Definitely worth your time if you are a video voyeur and like to chat with real models--tokens always help.

***UPDATE 4-4-14***
The webmasters at the site instituted a new ban on several practices that hurt the site IMO. 1-No one is allowed to cam outside for any reason. 2-No fisting or "big" toys. This means that I must lower my overall score (from a the original 91).

Some of the most exciting shows were outside! Several models (who had made "camming" outside their thing) have left as a result of the new rules. Also, some of the models who used big toys have left.

I understand enforcing rules to protect models, but their strict enforcement undermines the freedom of the site that I had come to like like so much (and what made it noticeably different from MFC). Now it appears the site is converging toward the MFC autocratic model. I am guessing from the chat rooms that others feel the exact same way, and my guess is that this will impact the site in a negative way in the months to come (especially as spring and summer approach). At least MFC doesnt ban outdoor camming....

02-25-14  07:59pm

Replies (1)
Visit iFriends


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: There are naked women
There is HD video
Cons: Shady payment system
Poor site navigation
Unclear terms of service
Way too expensive for any decent content
Downloads are SUPER slow (*sometimes)
Bottom Line: I joined this site even though I knew I would be disappointed. I wanted to download HD content from a particular model that appears only on this site. I was not interested in Live Video Chat and I thought it would be worth $10 for the Elite membership to get access to the HD video downloads.

But within 2 minutes of navigating the site it was obvious that they want you to join chats, even if it means you're not totally consenting or knowledgeable about doing so.1(footnote)

Anyway, I went to the model's home page to get some HD video only to find out that IN ADDITION to the Elite membership you have to become a "Fan" of the model to get access to their content. Sure some non-nude HD video is available, but in most cases HD video is restricted or non-existent. You can get "Replay" video but you cannot download it and it is a pain to access.2(footnote)

So what does this mean. Well if you want access to all the videos for ONE particular model you have to become a "Super Fan." This costs an additional $19-$39 on top of the $10 you already already paid. YES you read that right more money for full access to ONE model...not all the models.

On this point I see that someone wrote in their review that you need to have a credit card with a low balance to avoid spending too much money--WTF?!!!! How about a site that is honest about what they charge and for what. It is true that you cannot see how much money you have spent, so if you go LIVE you had better be rich.

IMO (and look to all my other reviews which are fair) this is the worst rip-off site ever. You can find much better porn at a much better price elsewhere and still get the same result (if you know what I mean) without being anxious that they are going to overcharge your CC.

P.S. I was not allowed to rate the site lower than 50...I would have given it a 25 had I the option. Seriously, I hate people who scam and that is what this site is.

After a few days of more navigation my overall view has not changed. But I do want to add that you can find $10 worth of decent porn at the site and the download speed CAN be decent...it just takes way too much time to recoup the costs. The layout is much worse than I realized and navigation is horrendous.

1-For instance, upon visiting the "Fan Site" for a particular model if they are "Live" you are automatically redirected to the live chat if you do not decline within 30 seconds. This means if you have multiple tabs open and do not realize it you could be placed into the chat room without direct consent. Luckily I had pre-canceled my membership so charges to my CC could not be made. I cannot confirm 100% that it would have started to charge me but I don't put it past them given how the site is set up.

2-In order to access old streams you have to "hover" your pointer over the thumbnail for 10-15 seconds...only then can you click to access the page and then you have to click it again!

10-09-09  01:08pm

Replies (3)
Visit I Love The Beach

I Love The Beach

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Great Quality Video and Pictures
-Clips are at least 2 minuets or longer
-Content is Exclusive
-Easy Navigation/Attractive Layout
-Price is Justified
-Videography and Editing Are Superb!
Cons: -Updates are too small/rare
-Could have a broader variety of women body types/shapes
Bottom Line: Ilovethebeach.com is the best nude/topless beach voyeur site on the internet. It has great quality video and they even re-released their old videos in higher SD resolution (I re-downloaded them all :)). Not only that their HD video (which is growing) is real HD video. The site is easy to navigate and the layout is attractive.

The ONLY problems I see with the site are that they do not update often enough and with enough material when they do. I would be happy with more video of the same women, since most are attractive. On this note it is true that they could go for more variety in body shapes. Also, they could have more fully nude clips. There are some but they are not as prevalent as topless video (although in recent months they have dramatically increased the number of fully nude videos, especially in the HD categories).

If you have never joined this site and like to look at naked women on the beach the price is definitely worth the admission. Between this and Beach Hunters I would recommend this site. However, you probably won't be staying month to month as the updates are too scarce to justify a long term commitment.

Yet, despite its flaws this is one of my favorite sites on the internet.

EDIT: After watching several of the new HD vids I can say that the videos are definitely containing more of a variety of women (something lacking in the early videos).

07-12-09  09:39pm

Replies (4)
Visit Voyeur Russian

Voyeur Russian

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Lot of Varied Content
-HUGE Gallery
-Very Fast Downloads///////DONE.
-HD Videos Available for Newest Content (For 2009)
-Video Quality is mostly Acceptable
-Multi-format video (AVI and WMV)
-Site Navigation/Layout Rocks!
-NO Download LIMITS (For FULL Subscriptions)
-Daily Updates in ALL SECTIONS
Cons: -Some content is not exclusive (mostly nudist beach)
-Some unattractive naked women (old or very fat)
-People shooting video make me angry sometimes (more on this below)
-Some FAKE content (not much)
-Some content unappealing (more on this below)
Bottom Line: First off let me praise this site for three important things all pay sites should do and this one does: First, FAST DOWNLOADS. Second, EASY NAVIGATION. And third, LOTS OF CONTENT. Voyeur-Russian does a very good job of presenting their material and making it accessible to subscribers. There are daily updates for 7 Voyeur Areas; Nude Beach (Cabins), Locker Room, Nudism (Nude Beach), Spy Camera, Upskirt, WC (Bathroom Vids), and Shower Room. Each section is composed of videos from 2-10 min long, with file sizes from 1MB to 100MB. In all there are videos from 2003-Present. Counting videos from each category there are tons of videos (about 5 years X 365 days worth i.e. over 1500). There is a picture section, which is OK, but I joined for the videos.

What I do not like about the site is very little, but I will give some details. Mostly the three sections Spy, WC, and Upskirts are not appealing to me. The Spy videos are all fake (totally set up) but there are some hot models in them so they are worth sorting though. WC is basically watching women use the restroom. Not my thing. I like to look at naked women (mostly amateurs with natural breasts and such) but I do not want to see them peeing (there is no pooping but they do show tampon and rag changes which is a turn off for me). The upskirts are OK but there are so few of them with girls NOT wearing underwear that its not very appealing to me. You can see some asses but that's not the best angle IMO. Quality varies most with the upskirt videos.

The last thing that bothers me are the guys filming the Nude Beach (really beach cabins). There is basically a guy behind a two-way mirror filming girls changing. While I can appreciate the fact that the guy was probably hot and cramped, too often glare appears and you see his hand and camera instead of what he is pointing it at. Also, he focuses on parts that I would not and zooms in too often. Just when a lady with big natural hangers is about to bend over he goes to her ass or pussy. WTF!? I want to see the hang for Pete's sake!

There are some fat old Russian women that get in the shots at times, but its not that bad since the camera does not focus on them.

Aside from these critiques the site is great if you like your average 18-45 year old woman and/or like to look at naked ladies in places you wish you could but could not (e.g. locker room/changing room). There is not much here for those who simply must have hardcore content (to me naked ladies is just fine).

My Suggestion for the site would to be get rid of WC and Spy and get a good collection of down blouse videos and pictures (real stuff, nothing fake).

01-29-09  07:46pm

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Visit Naked News

Naked News

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Good Looking Models
-Good Programing
-Decent Quality Video
-Some Amateur Models
-Price is Low ($14.95/month)
Cons: -Daily/Hourly Download Limit
-Very Few Pictures with NO NUDITY
-Archives are Limited (See Below)
-No Close-ups of Models Naked Parts
-Videos are Quick Time ONLY
-Some FAKE BOOBS (Not to my liking)
Bottom Line: I have been a member of this site for on and off over the last 7 years (this is my 7th time joining). While they have improved the programming of the show a great deal, the site quality is lacking compared to what it could be. Placing limits on the number of downloads you can do in an hour/day is ridiculous given that the largest videos are 30MB and most are under 10MB. I was restricted after downloading only 4 days of material! That is about 28 2min clips at moderate resolution. That is simply crap given that only 1/3 of that contains nudity(-10pts)!

This brings me to my other point. While the site advertised .H64 high rez video (which isn't all that great), they do have it---but only for the last two days are available for download(-10pts).

Next we have the Quick Time only video. Although QT is not horrible the videos should be in multiple formats given that this site is basically a TV show. Video is their thing and they are failing with presenting it (-5pts).

Finally, the models may be hot but by the time you wade through the limited downloads, the so-so video quality, and the QT only you essentially get to see a pussy that is composed of about 10-15 pixels. This would not be a problem IF there were quality pictures of the models to accompany the videos. And there are, but they are NON NUDE (-15pts).

So why have I rejoined. Long story short, besides Lily Kwan and April Torres, in 2001 the quality of the video was good for the time and there were no download limits. By 2005 the models had changed and the video quality was somewhat better. Last year the video quality was starting to suck and I was told it was going be HD soon. Now that they have the .H64 QT video they have imposed limitations that are ridiculous for the user.

If you want to check the site out it may be worth it if it is your first time. Too bad you will not be able to see the older anchors since the archive is pitiful (i.e. the older videos have NOT been improved but rather are shown AS IS circa 2000 like 100 X 70). This site is in need of a major reality check given how well other adult sites treat their material. This will be the last time I join given the restrictions imposed which ruins the experience.

01-24-09  08:50pm

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Visit Rude Internet

Rude Internet

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Lots of content
-Daily updates which are big
-Easy navigation
-Fast downloads
-Price is right
-Good variety of nudity/porn
Cons: -No thumbnails for video content
-Thumbnails for pictures are too small to see
-Quality of videos is lacking no matter how new the content is
-Content is NOT exclusive and some of it can be found on "free" sites
-Some content (especially pictures) are repeated
Bottom Line: Since no one ever reviewed this site I decided to take the plunge and for $19.95 I thought the risks were low.

In short the site is what it says it is. It offers a huge collection of amateur content with daily updates.

While most of the content is not exclusive (and can be found on other sites) it is a good collection of amateur content that simply saves you time from having to hunt it down (if this is the kind of content you like). There are lots of teen web cam vids, home vids, hidden vids, etc. as well as pictures.

The download speeds are great. It maxed out my bandwidth which is 7mbs.

However, the presentation of the content is lacking (i.e. there are no thumbnails for video and the thumbnails for picture galleries are WAY too small). Despite these flaws, Rudy does a good job of describing what is in the videos so it give you a good idea of what to expect. The biggest disappointment is the video resolution which makes downloading 50% of the videos worthless. Rudy will warn you if a video's quality is bad, the problem is that "good" quality videos are often very poor IMO.

My other complaints are as follows:

A decent amount of the video is from other sites which offer it at HIGH RESOLUTIONS. Too often I feel like I am stuck in 1998. I understand that the web cams and phone videos will not be high res and I do not expect them to be either. However, there are some videos that I know for a fact are HD because I have the originals from the sites they originally appeared on (e.g. Beach Hunters).

My suggestions and conclusions:

1. Offer the best quality video downloads possible. In a world were most people own HD TVs and are privy to high quality video this site needs to offer high resolutions when possible. I want to see details not pixels (I can see those for free).

2. Thumbnails for videos are a must. Period.

3. Thumbnails for pictures needs to be larger.

4. Videos and pictures should be organized by content type/genre (e.g. blow jobs, Asian, chunky). He does describe content well but there is no way to search for niche content which is a drag.

Overall given the price and the amount of content I would say that this site is a decent but not great value. If you like amateur content it is worth at least one month given the price, but don't expect to stay for months on end. If the suggestions I made were implemented I think this site could be one of the best for the type of content it offers and retain more subscribers in the long-run.

10-03-08  07:14pm

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Visit Beach Hunters

Beach Hunters

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Lots of Video Content
Very Easy Navigation
Updated Often with Lots of Content
Cheap and Long Trial Period
Newer Videos are High Quality
Decent Download Speeds
Pictures are Zip
You can Download different video formats(avi, mp4, wmv)
Cons: Video Editing is Horrible
Video Clips are Redundant
Older Pictures are Screen Captures (poor quality)
Some Videos are Set-Up (fake)
Videos can be Too Short
Some "HD" videos aren't really HD
Very few pussy close-up videos/pics
Bottom Line: If you are into casual public nudity and public sex then this site offers the most content for the price. There are about 110 pages of video clips with about 40 videos per page and 80 pages of pictures/screen captures, also with 40 sets per page.

You can download the videos in 3 different formats (avi, wmv, mp4) or stream them (except for HD videos). The pictures are available in zip files and sorted by date. In all there is a lot of content here, especially for first time subscribers.

The downfall, however, comes with how the content is presented. In some cases you get 15-30 seconds of a particular woman, and then in other videos (mostly the sex on the beach kind) you get 10-20 minuets. Also, a decent amount of the updates are continuations of previous scenes. There is one couple on here that appears in about 20% of the sex videos. They obviously swing a lot, but man how many times can you show them!

Also, the editing of the clips is horrible. You may get 5-7 seconds of one woman and then it cuts to another woman and then back to the first woman. It is annoying if you like one of them and not the other. Finally, some of the videos are fake (i.e. fake public sex or fake changing rooms). This takes away from the other "voyeur" content that is real and many of the members post complaints on the forums about this.

But when taken as a whole this is probably the best nude beach site on the net I have found. It just needs variety of content and better presentation.

01-12-08  08:07pm

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Visit abbywinters


Status: Was a member approx. 6 months prior to this review.
Pros: Lots and lots of high quality content (vid and pics)
Zipped photos
Great web design
"Natural"- amateur models
Fast downloads
Great search engine/filter
Reasonable price for what you get
Cons: Some of the models need to shower BEFORE the shoot
Bottom Line: I really like AW as most people do. It is, as they describe, a different take on presenting nudity. What I like the most is that the interaction between the staff and models is genuine. Probably helps that the photographers and staff are women photographing other women. I agree with almost all the reviews that you will find of this site. If you have not joined it yet, and you enjoy naked women, then you should stop reading and go sign up.

My only complaint is that some of the models are dirty- literally. I do not mind hair (heck have as much as you wish) but for the love of GOD and all that is holy please please shower before you display you naked self. Not all, but a noticeable amount of the girls have clearly not showered (i.e. you see traces of poop and old mucus). To me that is off-putting especially when the models are hot. i like my women dirty but clean if you know what I mean. If it wasn't for this issue I would have given the site a perfect score. It is that good.

01-02-08  07:31pm

Replies (1)
Visit Unique Sexy Girls

Unique Sexy Girls

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Not too expensive
Non-recurring subscription
Cons: Very little content overall
Very few good looking models
Poor quality photos and video
Few Videos Most are Short
Slow download times (ED: with Firefox)
Poor site navigation
No Zip-files for pictures
Bottom Line: I joined this site to look at something different. Specifically I saw some samples from their large labia selection on El-ladies. I decided to join since it was only $14.99 and billing was though ccbill (a billing company I trust). Within minuets I knew I had wasted my money and after an hour I was so disappointed that I came to this site and signed up to warn others not to join.
In short there is very little content here. What is here is slow to download, poor quality, and the video clips are an embarrassment to internet porn in 2008 (they are essentially the same clips you download on preview sites- literally!).

The quality of the videos and pictures are something akin to what you would have found in 1998. The only saving grace is a model named Honey who is cute and has the most amazing labia I have ever seen on the net. Not surprisingly a majority of the content is of her but getting to it is painful.

I would not recommend this site to a majority of porn viewers. If you find pictures of Honey on preview sites (you will know her when you see her labia) just save what you can and move on unless you are really desperate for her and want more poor quality pics and vid- or have money to waste.

I doubt this site lasts long once the word gets out. It fooled me but don't let it fool you.

APPEND (12-29):
To be fair using IE7 does help with download times (originally I used Firefox). However, rest of review still applies.

12-28-07  04:17pm

Replies (2)

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