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Visit Devils Film

Devils Film

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: * Some excellent new content, from Peter North, Eastern Europe, etc.
* Easy to navigate the whole network and see all recent updates
* Variety of download options, including smaller whole-scene files
* Very comprehensive list of latest and upcoming updates
Cons: * Previews are a little mis-leading about what movies are actually available
* No partial-scene download options
* Some newly-posted content is older - e.g. old Pickup Lines movies
* Have to keep logging in to different sites - bit of a hassle
Bottom Line: This site/network has some very good content, especially newer Peter North content and some good new stuff from Eastern Europe (eg Cum Filled Throats). I'm not sure I entirely understand the site's relationship to the Brainpass/Pornstarnetwork network, which has the older Peter North stuff. Some legal issue I assume.

They also have a cool new CumshotOasis site - bj/cumshots from earlier movies, especially Silverstone - very hot.

Anyway, not quite as smoothly organized as a Bangbros, but pretty easy to navigate to the good stuff. Certainly recommend.

11-24-07  12:00pm

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Visit Cum On Eileen

Cum On Eileen

Status: Was a member approx. 4 months prior to this review.
Pros: + The girl is hot - or they wouldn't get away with this site at all.
+ She does these great shy/clueless bj videos that are a nice change from the usual raunchy pornstar performances (not that there's anything wrong with those). There's even one early video where she looks up at the camera and says "S-s-say start"
+ Decent photo sets
Cons: - Huge video files: not enough download options
- Slightly silly effort at giving her a personality: some kind of blog where she's purported to post her thoughts, etc.
- Fairly unimportant bonus sites
Bottom Line: I saw this site when it first came out. "Eileen" (aka Petra?) is standout hot, no denying it. I also think it's hot that she does bj video after bj video ("I suck cock on Monday for Internet, yes?"). But those videos and some decent photo sets are pretty much it. If you think this girl's super-hot, check the site out for a month. If not, move on.

08-27-07  06:56pm

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Visit Brazzers


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Lots of searching / navigation options across the network
+ Different options for video downloads in file format and length
+ Some well-executed themes: student-teacher, office romance, doctor-patient
+ Array of top-tier pornstars
Cons: - Lighting and production values could use improvement
- Navigation options do not fit together perfectly
- Older scenes do not have same array of download options
- As remarked elsewhere, some girls appear many times - but that can be good if it's a girl you like ...
- The set of scenes on offer is not "comprehensive" relative to other networks
- Lack of inspired directing talent - some scenes can feel a little flat
Bottom Line: I don't feel like this is quite as good a network as Bangbros or Naughty America or Reality Kings. Fundamentally, each of these other networks has built up a big backlog of hot girls in passionately well-directed scenes. This network has really only recently got its act together, and even now some of its good new themes like "Pornstars Like It Big" lack a certain amount of personality.

On the other hand, some of the new themes ARE hot, they do recruit hot girls, and the site design is very good. It's definitely worth a look, just not my absolute favorite network.

08-27-07  06:39pm

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Visit Amateur Allure

Amateur Allure

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: *Strange as it sounds, the site's greatest strength is Thomas. Not only is he charming enough to put the girls at ease, it's super-hot for example when he matter of factly puts a fully clothed girl on her knees to start sucking.

*In addition to being cool, many of the girls are pretty hot and not seen elsewhere.

*I especially love the fantasy episodes, where they act out some silly scenario around the blowjob. Obviously they can't do it all the time, but they do think of some funny ones.
Cons: *There are no partial clips, and only some of the episodes are available in WMV as well as QuickTime.

*Site design is a little basic: it can be hard to find a specific girl.

*Thomas's physical condition and endowment leave something to be desired.

*The name change issue, as has been remarked on elsewhere, is indeed irritating.

*I'd prefer he stay away from the gadgets - that "Spermcam" is pretty silly.
Bottom Line: The bottom line is this is one of the great porn sites. As a one-man shop, it's quirky and clunky, but I'm hesitant to recommend a slicker operation.

07-21-07  02:28pm

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Visit Swallow My Nut

Swallow My Nut

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Access to this company's other sites (JizzJugglers, CherrySpot)
-Girls are mostly the hotter pornstars
-Simple design
-Decent production values
-Some download options: high/low res, full movie or clips
-Girls swallow enthusiastically but don't overdo it
Cons: -Update schedule was unclear to me, but I just joined
-Download option array is not huge
Bottom Line: This is kind of a cut-down review. I had been meaning to check out this site for a while - they had some excellent previews. Like all good previews, they created more excitement than the real thing could deliver, but the reality is still pretty good: hot pornstars in quality vids giving POV head. (If that's your thing - it's mine.) I was pleasantly surprised to get access to the two other sites - unlike some stingy companies I might mention ...

07-21-07  12:59pm

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Visit Brain Pass

Brain Pass

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: - Huge variety of excellent content from Peter North, Brandon Irons, Bruno B, Lex Steele, etc
- Very well-integrated network - easy to see latest updates or search for stars
Cons: - No "personality" like the reality networks (NA, Bangbros, etc) - pretty much straight sex
- Video clips could be smaller and thumbnailed
- Have started to get lazy about posting upcoming updates: used to have several weeks / months ahead
- Latest Peter North movies are being posted on ClubPeterNorth (a separate network)
Bottom Line: This is an awesome network that grew out of Peter North's website and added some great content like BrunoB. Although they're not getting the latest Peter North stuff, they are posting some great new updates from Brandon Irons. Highly recommended for the new stuff and a huge collection spanning the past few years.

03-28-07  05:30pm

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Visit Hustler


Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: * Excellent videos such as Barely Legal series
* Array of video options (format, bandwidth) - and I'm not sure TBP's claim of DRM is correct
* Pretty good choice of contract girls (Memphis Monroe, Joey Hart, etc) - even though I disapprove of contract girls on principle :)
* Bunch of content beside videos - I haven't really gone through the other stuff
Cons: * Each movie's scenes are not necessarily labeled for which girl is in which scene
* No explicit download option - although it's easy to download
* Must download whole scenes - no partial clips
* Search engine by girl/title/etc is not always accurate - sometimes misses scenes or generates false results
Bottom Line: Hustler has some great video content - in addition to the magazine and other stuff I haven't checked out much. Movies like the Barely Legal series are awesome. The only problem is that, like other [non-Internet] production company sites, they just stick the movies up there, so it's not as flexible and easy to navigate as the Internet-focused networks.

03-14-07  06:35pm

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Visit BangBus


Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: * I know directors/narrators can be annoying, but Sanchez and Preston are generally pretty funny and add to the scenes
* Good site design - easy to search for a girl, thumbnailed video clips, etc
* Hot new girls (marry me Ashlynn Brooke), top current pornstars, unknown but hot girls
* Video quality and production values are excellent without crushing my hard disk
* Some really creative scenarios, especially for Assparade
Cons: * Lead-in conversation can go on FOREVER - I just don't download those parts, but I wonder why they bother
* Need better information about each girl - especially the unknown ones
* Need an upcoming updates feature
Bottom Line: This is the standard for internet porn, and it's come a long ways since the first Bangbus episodes (which were still very hot). I hear their success has gone to their heads, but it hasn't hurt their work yet, and I hope it will give them the confidence to make a leap to the next stage of hotness (whatever that is).

03-13-07  09:24pm

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Visit 1,000 Facials

1,000 Facials

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: * Current hot porntars
* Pretty frequent updates
* Attractive site design
* Nice upcoming updates feature
Cons: * Why have different sites with such similar content? Should tweak network to reduce hand-off between sites
* Production values / lighting / color could be better - lacks the vividness of Bangbros Bigmouthfuls or Brainpass Brandon Irons
* Not much in the way of personality in the scenes, for the most part
Bottom Line: When I started writing this review, I was going to say this was the best American bj site (it's no OnlyBlowjob, but that's European). As I started listing pros and cons, though, I realized there are a lot of sites with better oral content, even if they're not strictly bj sites. This is a quality operation, but they need to do better on a bunch of different dimensions to make it truly hot.

03-13-07  09:07pm

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Visit Naughty America

Naughty America

Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: + Sometimes put real effort into acting out the various scenarios (eg student-teacher)
+ Creative set of niches - who else has something like "American Daydreams"?
+ Decent navigation and video quality
+ Array of video bandwidth options
+ Most of the newest hot pornstars
Cons: - Network integration could be improved
- Formula isn't quite as new and fresh as it could be - naughtybookworms for example is getting very formulaic
- Videos aren't thumbnailed
Bottom Line: These guys unquestionably put the most effort into _acting_, unlike the other networks which are mostly "reality." Over time, they've also put a lot of thought and effort into developing the various niches, which, again, revolve around a dramatic scenario rather than a particular fetish. I wish there were more sites like this out there.

That having been said, the network feels like it's losing some freshness. They haven't come up with a new niche in a while, and the new episodes are getting predictable and formulaic - and not as hot. Even though the quality of the girls, and the site design, have improved over time.

03-08-07  02:04pm

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Visit Meat Members

Meat Members

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: - Wide variety of niches: everyone will find something to like
- Easy navigation across the network: easy to see latest and upcoming updates for each site
- Variety of video options
- Fairly current hot pornstars, and some second-tier girls
Cons: - Not much in the way of good directing: eg Frank "Wank" Benjamin is getting annoying
- Mix of top-tier pornstars and some less attractive girls: quality is not consistent
Bottom Line: This network has prided itself on some seriously hard-core fetishes, as well as good solid mainstream content. I'm not into the real hardcore stuff, but I've enjoyed the more mainstream stuff. From that perspective, it's not quite as good as some of the other major networks - it feels more "bare bones" - but it's worth checking out.

03-07-07  03:44pm

Replies (1)
Visit Hush Pass

Hush Pass

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: - Shane Diesel, Shane Diesel, Shane Diesel
- Video quality, lighting, and directing are decent, if not amazing
- Good array of the current hot pornstars
- Possible, if not the easiest, to find and download the movie clips or pics you want
- Some announcement of upcoming updates
Cons: - Navigation is still clunky, even after a recent network redesign
- Little network integration - eg ability to search for a model, clear "upcoming updates" across the network, etc
- Confusing membership structure: you can sign up for one or more sites, or the whole network
Bottom Line: This network is basically Shane Diesel and a couple of similar male talents (nobody's quite Shane of course) with the usual suspects. If you like that kind of IR, definitely check it out. Even though they redesigned the network recently, though, it's still pretty clunky, which can get irritating.

03-07-07  03:34pm

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Visit Teen Core Club

Teen Core Club

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Hot, really young-looking European girls, none of whom I've seen elsewhere
- Easy navigation to video clips in a variety of bandwidths
- Well-lit, well-shot video
- Some variety of niches: oral, anal, IR, etc.
Cons: - No real network integration: have to check each site for updates, no "upcoming updates" functionality, no way to search for a model
- No "personality" (I know that can be a double-edged sword!) - the talent gets there, does a quick interview, and gets down to business
- Sites don't vary much - pretty much all young hotties getting it on M/F - if you want MILFs, lesbians, something really freaky, etc. then this network is probably not the place
Bottom Line: The best part of this network is the girls, who look like they just left some Czech high school. Navigation/site design is good. The content doesn't vary much though, so if you want real variety of genres, one of the well-known networks is probably a better bet.

03-07-07  03:26pm

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Visit Big Dicks Little Asians

Big Dicks Little Asians

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: - All the hot asian pornstars
- Male pornstar seriously well-equipped
- Directing plays the theme well (lot of discussion of whether "something this big will fit in my little asian --")
- Easy to find and download the clips you want
- Access to a bunch of other similarly good sites (eg Throatjobs, Blackcockstinyteens, Creampiesurprise)
- Regular weekly updates for each site
Cons: None really. Maybe integrate the network a little better - but I'm happy to check each site :)
Bottom Line: This is a great site/network that seems to get less visibility than the premier networks. Great content and navigation though. I think they might do better if they made it clear that it IS a network. Definitely worthwhile to check out.

03-07-07  03:15pm

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Visit Public Invasion

Public Invasion

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: - Hot European girls, some I haven't seen elsewhere
- Very funny narrator / male talent
- High quality video
- "In public" theme is hot - even if it is a little contrived
Cons: - Thumbnails for movie clips aren't accurate - have to download and see
- Movie files are rather large for the quality you get
- Other sites on the network are, strangely, kind of boring
Bottom Line: This site executes the "in public" theme well, with hot girls and a really funny narrator (just as good as Bangbros' Sanchez or Preston). Aside from a few minor technical issues, the only other downside is that the other sites on this network are not that interesting - same hot girls, same high quality video, but they feel flat for some reason.

03-07-07  03:09pm

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Visit Teens for Cash

Teens for Cash

Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: + Very large collection, including many of the current popular stars
+ Good variety of niches, including some that aren't done well in a lot of other places
+ Decent design, including photo sets and viewing options
Cons: - Navigation across the network is still primitive. It's hard to find a specific girl, although they've made it easier to see all-network updates.
- There aren't actually download options for the movies, although it's easy to get around this.
Bottom Line: I liked TeensforCash when I first came across it maybe two years ago. The theme was new then, and they got some hot girls and shot scenes with some personality and hotness to them. It's lost some freshness, but, if you've never joined, it's definitely worth spending a month checking out the huge collection.

Thinking about how this network is different from other reality networks, I'd say that they do have some unique niches, be it Teensforcash itself (who else does old guy/young girl so well), Herfirstbigcock (especially now that Monstersofcock is so mediocre), Backseatbangers (again, now that Bangbus has such skanks), or AsianParade (which is better than MrChewsAsianBeaver, if not perfect).

01-26-07  10:07pm

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Visit Gloryhole.com


Status: Was a member approx. 4 months prior to this review.
Pros: + Girls don't hesitate to make it nice and messy and sloppy (in a good way)
+ Direction is pretty good: brings out the girls' personality, makes them more than just mechanical
+ Pretty good choice of girls - all pretty if not stunners and all have real enthusiasm
+ Video quality and especially lighting are good, although the theme demands a fairly stark background
Cons: - Navigation is rather primitive - hard for example to search quickly for a specific girl
- No network content from company's other sites (BlacksonBlondes, SpringThomas, etc.)
Bottom Line: This is a very focused website, and they execute that focus very well. If oral sex is your thing, you'll like this site.

It would be great if the site owners would offer a network deal involving their other sites but I won't hold my breath.

01-25-07  10:47am

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Visit VideoBox


Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: +Technology is awesome - you can pick exacty how much of each scene to download, in a variety of bandwidths
+Very easy to search for movies, stars, genres, etc; easy to check recent updates
+Updated every day with a few new movies; cumulatively a huge amount of content
+Movies are very good, if not the absolutely newest, and come in a wide variety of studios, genres, etc
Cons: -In a perfect world, they would update with the newest movies, rather than those a few months to 1-2 year old
-Some updates are of movies that are a bit older, with stars who are a few years out of date
Bottom Line: Videobox has the perfect design for a movie site - easy searching and their unique ability to pick exactly what you want in each scene. I don't understand why other sites don't mimic this. It's definitely worth checking out for their huge content library. After a while though you might feel that not all the updates are of the highest quality, so you might want to check back periodically for the hidden gems among a certain amount of chaff.

01-14-07  02:24pm

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Visit All Sites Access

All Sites Access

Status: Was a member approx. 5 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Hot girls, including some whom I haven't seen elsewhere
- Wide range of sites (latina, euro, lesbian, etc)
- Videos split into small clips with thumbnails
- Detailed picture sets as well
- Good wardrobe, especially for Cumfiesta - love those slutty little outfits
Cons: - Video bandwidth/quality is mediocre
- Lighting can be a little dark and colors washed out
- Update schedule unclear - not the fastest
- Their main male actor (Bob?) seems kind of old and tired - he needs to come back, or they need a "Preston"
- Two good sites no longer updated (CumGirls, DangerousDongs)
- No real navigation across the network - hard for example to find a specific girl, especially in the multiple girl shoots like VipCrew
Bottom Line: This was one of the first reality/amateur networks. It's still pretty good, but it's lost a lot of ground, certainly to the king of such networks, Bangbros. I think they could come back if they were to ramp up the quality and production values on their stronger sites (Cumfiesta, Mikesapartment, 8thstreetlatinas, Welivetogether) and knit the network together better.

01-13-07  12:45pm

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Visit 18 Years Old

18 Years Old

Status: Was a member approx. 4 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Top tier young hot pornstars
- Entertaining direction and the "innocent young girl" theme can be very hot
- Vivid colors in sets/wardrobe - fairly attractive videos
- Attractive site design
Cons: - Update schedule is awful: 1/week at most and frequently a girl is advertised whose scene has not yet been posted
- Lighting could be better: videos slightly reddish
- 18yo/super young conceit taken a little far - who wants to see an obvious 21yo play with a stuffed animal
- Director sometimes dominates the action - doesn't give the girls a chance to be sexy
- No network content; incredibly weak bonus -content
Bottom Line: There is some very good, even awesome content on this site, but I have a very hard time justifying the price with such a slow update schedule and such weak bonus content.

01-12-07  04:58pm

Replies (0)
Visit All Reality Pass

All Reality Pass

Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Frequent updates (every day or two)
- Girls are generally the newer hot pornstars
- Wide range of all the standard niches (eg teen, oral, lesbian, interracial, etc)
- Easy navigation of the whole network by site or update date
- Videos are broken into short, small clips with thumbnails
- Directors have reasonable amount of personality without being annoying
- Good production values (sets, lighting, wardrobe)
Cons: - Videos are stream only (no download)
- Infrequently gets the absolute newest hottest stars first
- An "upcoming updates" feature would be great
- Hard to search for a specific girl
- Bonus content consisting of much older movies slightly drags down the tone
Bottom Line: One of the top networks, very convenient, although without the flair of a Bangbros.

01-12-07  12:38pm

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Visit Only Blowjob

Only Blowjob

Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Relentlessly dedicated to the BJ
- Hot, often very young European girls
- Variety of high quality download options (full movie/clips, multiple bandwidths)
- Some good roleplaying scenarios
Cons: - Starting to re-release their old episodes
- Sometimes not much dialogue since the girls speak little English
- Not enough POV action
- Not enough focus on facials or swallowing, although there is often good post-cum head
Bottom Line: This is probably the best blowjob site out there and well worth checking out for a month.

Do you know the joke to which "This guy right here." is the punchline? Then check out this site.

01-12-07  12:22pm

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