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Visit Little Mutt

Little Mutt

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: For this sites pros I'd have to say some awesome passionate lesbian videos, I love lesbian movies especially and saw some good one here, I love the massage videos.

Decent average file size isn't over the top 1.2GB like some sites it a much nicer average 300-600 which I liked, might not suit those that like huge HDef stuff though, although some vids are around 1GB and over.

Nice profile pictures of the girls.

I had reasonable fast speeds to download
Cons: Too many girls with tattoos

Relatively small site, I downloaded all I wanted within a week but not really into solo stuff and some of the models didn't interest me, most people it will take much longer.

Said $19.99 with PU link, I had to pay $23.01 for some reason.

Some vids quite lowish quality with some to small to bother with. Not too bad, it mainly good from 2004-2005 onwards

No forum now and a note blaming us for spamming on the forum page.

Very dated looking site and navigation, it has the amateur feel to it though which is kind of nice sometimes so it didn't really bother me too much.
Bottom Line: Overall I did like this site and would recommend it for those seeking some hot lesbian material with a little bit different, if you like hot American girls getting it on together or on their own then then this site will appeal.

My new fav girl Zoey Kush is here and a few vids by her so that was a real nice surprise for me. Georgia Jones too has some amazing lesbian videos here, worth checking out if you join, she is amazing.

Would i join again, it would have to be in a few years but yeah I would join Little Mutt again and its well worth a join.

I don't really look much into photos so can't comment on them too much, I will say though they are not huge Metart standard but never the less viewable and some nice photo sets if they are what you are after.

Bit more on the sites layout, was quite shocked to see a site like this these days, it reminds me of a site in the 90s but it has its charm and they have done nice quirky things with the menus and categorizing their porn so gives it a nice personal amateur feel to it, makes a bit of a change I found.

So not bad at all but room for improvement in places.

12-18-11  06:00am

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Visit Lolly Hardcore

Lolly Hardcore

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Extremely cute girl
Good range of movies of her, solo, hardcore and anal
Good design of site with good navigation
Comes as a bonus site so lots more on the network
Cons: Sadly no longer updates since 2010-08-20
Relatively small site
Some lower quality clips
Not all movies feature Lolly
Bottom Line: All in all its not a bad site featuring the hot girl Lolly, she has appeared quite alot on the diesel network too and there isn't too much of her on other sites so its nice for her to have her own site here.

The movies are available in high, medium and low quality mp4s with them saying hi def but the file sizes are only averaging in the 200mb. I didn't mind this though as you can get all quickly and doesn't take up too much room but yeah the quality is not of the highest as you can guess with the file size.

There is around 39 movies on the site but a few of them don't actually include Lolly which is a little strange, thankfully most do and you get to see the cutie in lots of fun movies that are quite unique to anything I've ever seen before. I especially like her fun personality which comes through and sometimes missing in porn videos.

You can't really see too much about the site as it is what it is a solo site of Lolly but I will say she certainly is up there with the cutest girls doing porn at the moment, well I think so anyway. If you like thin cute blondes she should fit the bill.

Photos are simply screen caps of the movies so are in my opinion not worth the download and or quite small in file size. I didn't really bother with these too much as I'm not a photo guy anyway and only would collect hi-res ones of fav girls.

Anyway its an above average site and comes along with the teen mega world network so you get loads of bang for your buck and worth a look at.

12-27-11  02:48am

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Visit Mad Sex Party

Mad Sex Party

Status: Was a member approx. 5 months prior to this review.
Pros: Some very attractive European Girls which is always a plus with me and in orgies and look to be having a fun time indeed.
Cons: Right here we go, very frustrating site indeed, the girls seem to keep their clothes on a lot and just move their panties to a side, why I'll never know, very strange practice and just makes the vids a little boring , I want to see a room full of naked girls getting fu**ed, but just not as good when you hardly see much pussy. Its very obsessed with blow jobs which certainly isn't what I want to see.
Bottom Line: The idea for the site is fantastic, love seeing loads of girls together and wish there was loads of orgy sites on the net, sadly there isn't, so this concept is great. Just needs to get the girls completly naked and have more all girl parties with loads of great sex we can see.

08-12-07  05:13am

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Visit Met Art

Met Art

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: My pros are the vast amount of material, updates galore. The quality of the models is great as theres so many hot women on the site. I liked the free cam, saw one of my fav girls on there Ashanti and chatted with her so that was worth the membership fee alone. chatted with lots of other really cute girls and loved the clean chat rules they have, makes a change and just had a nice feel to it with respecting the model more. Like the search engine feature too.
Cons: Can be a little boring after a while as lots of sets very repetitive. Don't like the met-models site been seperate as there was certain models sets I didn't get to see as on that site, but hey I could always join that site in the future I guess. Movies were just ok in my view, some nice ones but mainly a little boring.
Bottom Line: Overall its a great site and still the best of its kind in my opinion, you want cute softcore pics, this is the place to be. Its really come on navigational wise since I was last here a few years ago and updates and fast and furious. I like vids to much to stay a member but made a nice change and got some great sets and discovered some new stunners I'd never seen before which was really nice. I recommend it for your fix of cuties that could be supermodels and finding the real cuties is fun. Maybe wish it was so vast though, never thought I'd complain a site was too big but it just became slightly frustrating trekking through the huge numbers of sets to try and get all I wanted in 1 month, only managed half, so will join again in the future to get the rest.

02-07-09  01:44am

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Visit My Sexy Kittens

My Sexy Kittens

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Well the babes are lovely here, top class euro tottie

The vids are of fairly original in that they do quite a few out door scenes which is good.

Good Lesbian content
Cons: Right navigation is one of the worst I've seen in a site.
slow to browse
not too many vids or updates

High Price In euro so be careful you don't make the mistake thinking its in US dollars like most sites

No full downloads, bad move, people want the whole thing in one nice file not 6 bits.

maybe just my preference but not enough threesomes or more in my opinion, the 7 girl orgy scene was awesome, more of that type of thing please mysexykittens makers.
Bottom Line: Well the vids are of reasonable quality, seen better and seen worse, newer vids tend to be 720 X 540 whilst older vids more 640 X 480.

The navigation though is the worst part of this site, its painfully slow when you click on a niche from the menu. the all kittens option seemed to not be in any order, theres no option to see all the vids one particular model has done which sucks. That should be the first thing I'd recommend to the webmaster is have a nice models index where to view all the girls with a nice picture taken straight on of the girl. I hate clicking on vids if you can't see the girl properly to see if you fancy her. Also don't know why it takes so long to load a page up. In its favour , very sexy girls who smile a lot so obviously love what they are doing, best smiles on the site belong to Tiffany alias Belicia, Vanessa and Natasha alias Sonya Red.

One thing with girls I don't get though and its tattoo's , just hate them on sexy girls, always have and always will, I just don't think they look good on girls, probably loads will dissagree with me. But a lot of girls these days are covered in these things and I just don't understand why they think they look good. Sonya Red would look so much better without the tattoos

Rant over, okish site if it got a new site makeover to bring in more user friendlyness and maybe be more personal and tell us more of the model and what she likes to do, more interviews and stuff. More work but would pay off I'm sure.

10-06-07  05:08am

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Visit Naughty America

Naughty America

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Huge site so plenty of girls to choose from
- Quick downloads, never had a problem
- Nice storylines to many scenes making it interesting
- Good to see some older women featured
- Great join price
Cons: - Not great navigation
- Some videos not great in quality
- Huge download sizes for some formats
- Search features could be improved
- Too many adverts for their other sites
- Annoying cam video playing slowing the site
Bottom Line: Right on to my newest review and its for Naughty America. Its my first time here and I'll be honest I only joined cause the price was right and because I was desperate to see more of Veronica Avluv. Just watching a couple of scenes with her and I thought oh wow, whatever the rest of the site brings me, just seeing these scenes has been worth the join fee alone.

So enough of Veronica, love her but there is more to the site than her. I've really enjoyed seeing more older women, I don't go for the tattoo and fake boobs look but the fake boobs thing I have to accept and forget the fact that they are fake, I also now accept minor tatoos, I dilike them enormously but I accept them lol, good of me isn't it. Yeah so NA is like a network of sites

2 Chicks Same Time
American Daydreams
Asian 1 On 1
Ass Masterpiece
Diary of a Milf
Diary of a Nanny
Fast Times
Housewife 1 on 1
I Have a Wife
Latin Adultery
My Dad's Hot Girlfriend
My First Sex Teacher
My Friend's Hot Mom
My Friends Hot Girl
My Girlfriend's Busty Friend
My Naughty Latin Maid
My Naughty Massage
My Sister's Hot Friend
My Wife's Hot Friend
Naughty America
Naughty Athletics
Naughty Bookworms
Naughty Country Girls
Naughty Flipside
Naughty Office
Naughty Rich Girls
Neighbor Affair
Seduced By A Cougar
Socal Coeds

So you can imagine with a list like that there is many a movie to see, sometimes maybe too big of a site I found. I couldn't see anything like a voted best movie in a category, which I would of expected in a site like this to save time hunted through so many stuff when it would of been good to of seen just the fav videos and most watched.

My biggest plus point was seeing some milfs, always wanted to see more older woman and got more into them this year, so seeing some good looking older women over 30+ was really a refreshing change.

My biggest niggle was when searching a models videos and she had a few pages of movies everytime I clicked the back button it would return my to the first page and you had to click through to the page you were at.

I wasn't overly keen also that slowed page loads was this cam feed in the right hand side column that would be on most pages and I'm not interested in it so would of been nice to of got rid of it.

For me also it does get a little bit repetitive in some scenes, I do like anal scenes very much and there just wasn't much of that here, but I understand not everyone like this so that's fair enough.

Overall I really liked lots of the creative side to some of the scenes and you can tell some effort has gone into a scene and its not simple gonzo style, I appreciate that and makes some scenes quite charming and unique.

Would i join again? sure but it would be a while, ifthey get more Veronica Avluv, Julia Anne and Allie Haze then yeah I would be tempted back for sure.

I would consider also here in making and older woman and younger woman have sex with a guy site also here, didn't see too much of that and it's my new fav niche so would of loved to of seen some more of these.

Theres also live videos of certain women with them doing a live striptease and cam, I did like some of these but the quality isn't as good as the videos mainly but understandable as it's from a cam feed. I probably could of watched more them but limited space to download all of these too.

I was going to give a score of 84 but I'm scoring the site at a very good 86, I was though with my score giving it a extra 2 just for the Veronica Avluv scenes, these will be treasured.

09-16-12  08:19am

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Visit Nude Fight Club

Nude Fight Club

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: Great price as you get loads of other sites on the network too, $19.95 for the network with heaps of porn to keep you going for ages.

Very sexy dominant girls being real amazonian and strutting their stuff, great turn on for me.

Lots of choice for downloads to suit all needs.

One of the biggest networks of porn sites so really good design and easy to navigate around.

Regular updates on the network sites, there is currently 177 scenes

Seems to be getting better and better with quality
Cons: Maybe can get a little repetitive the action in some of the fights in a ring.

Not all the cuties from the network have done a scene here.

Sometimes there is not as much sex as I'd like and a bit going through the motions in certain scenes.

It is rather niches so you have to love girls wrestling or you ain't gonna like it much.

Could do with more oil and diverse scenes
Bottom Line: Yeah I was actually pleasantly surprised here with this site as I was after something a little different and it seems as a refreshing change from the lez cuties site which I love.

My only niggle with the site would be that they seem to be making more oil based scenes now which I adore and found very sexy but sadly most vids are done in the ring so I would of loved to of seen many more oil based video ideally.

It reminds me of a great tribbing site that I remember tribgirls I think it was called. Something very hot about watching two girls wriggling around and wrestling naked, you get to see things in a whole different perspective than you do in your average sex scene.

I wouldn't of joined this as a site alone no but as a site on a network I have to give it a good score and well worth a look at if you are after something a little new from your norm.

But seeing the video of Doris Ivy and Sophie Lynx you will think you have died and gone to heaven, oil up cuties rolling around on gym mats, for this scene alone the site is worth joining in my opinion.

I would like the site to now mix things up somewhat and have more tag teams, mud wrestling, lots more oil as I stated before. I would also love to have loads more tribbing which is so hot its untrue to watch in my opinion, tribbing with oil, get beat it lol.

No but overall I did enjoy the site and as a network bonus it really gives you some great hot scenes that are a little different from the rest of the sites.

Thumbs up here.

11-26-12  07:24am

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Visit Porn Traveling

Porn Traveling

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Unique content style and shot very amateur like.
Some very cute girls appear.
Get to see some exotic locations
Get to see more personality of the girls too.
Cons: Far too long scenes with very little happening, some of the scenes are done in days footage and all put together can be well in excess of 5GB, huge indeed.
Site is very small with not many girls appearing 10 is the number actually so good to see at least 4 of my favs Nessa, Aspen, Anabell and Tiffany.
Bottom Line: I can't rate this site very high and found most scenes a little boring if I'm honest, I would prefer more direction in my porn and hotter action. That said it was nice to see something different and shot like a group of people doing a home movie but having sex whilst on their hols. For it's uniqueness it gets thumbs up but seen once I know I wouldn't want to see again with most scenes. I did find it good though to see the girls personalities come through though, filming lots of the non sex stuff was kind of interesting to find out more about the girls and Aspen was a delightful girl with a real sweet personality, prefect girl to be honest, for her alone I have to add on a couple of extra points. In her holiday though I did think she got left out too much which was a shame.

Anyway the site wasn't really for me I guess and I joined more for the orgies at student sex parties and to get some extra movies of my favs.

It would be a better site with more holidays, obviously this would cost alot, have more anal sex in the movies and make an edited version of the day with just the sex if possible.

08-29-11  05:58am

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Visit Pure 18

Pure 18

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: Some really cute girls have featured here over the years

Lots of material gathered of teen cuties

Not bad little setups to make it seem more real

Quite a lot of dirty talk so I liked that element.

Good fair valued price for the network.
Cons: Huge downloads that are far to big to be practical then you are down to low quality, nothing inbetween.

Sadly very few girls here do anal, would of loved to of seen more of this.

Also very few group scenes, I'm a massive fan of the girl/girl/boy scenes and seen a couple on here but not seen many, would of been nice to of seen more of these. There was a nice one however with Karina White and Lily Carter.

Few too many tattoos, really un-feminine I find tat, so was put off by the amount of tats too these young girls have, I'll never understand the logic in making yourself get caked in these permanent things.

The network does bombard you lots now with ads for other site, becoming a trend amongst sites these days, can get annoying, cause I paid for this site, shouldn't in updates have updates from other sites I'm not a member of, I don't wanna see them.
Bottom Line: I like Reality Kings mainly for this site, We Live Together and Moms Bang Teens. One thing I really didn't like though was the file sizes, they are huge beyond belief with the new movies they make. some 4gb or 5gb even I think I came across, I don't have that sort of room on my hard drive for movies that I think are only average, but then the next one down can be 400mb or less which is the other end of the spectrum and too lower quality for me. So I found a great tool free make video converter, it was free hence the name but was great for cutting down videos to a decent quality and size, I was downloading the big files and then putting them through this converter, took a while but you get a movie 720p which I find fine for me and weighed in at 1gb to 1.5gb which I could live with, if it looked like a movie I wasn't all that into I would go for the lower quality one.

I join this site's network probably once a year and this time there was some good movies that had been on site, some real hot girls and on a whole I'd say it has improved this last 6 months along with the other sites I like so I was pleased with that.

Overall I really like Pure18 and think its a great addition to the network and makes a change from the big butt obsession and VIP parties this network is fond of. It now has a nice mix with something for everyone, which is good, would be better if everything was exactly to my taste lol but you can't have everything.

Yeah I'd join again and always keep a close eyes on what updates they have here.

02-01-13  06:26am

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Visit Reality Kings

Reality Kings

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Well its a fairly huge site with what appears to be updating daily with 2 updates so theres plenty of bang for your buck here.

Great price has to be mentioned and competes well with similar styled sites on the price front. The variety of sites will keep you busy for a good long while.

Pure 18 is a great site though and I was a member years ago here and it's good to see it's improoved, theres now stories build up to the movies which I really liked and yeah the acting isn't the greatest but they do try and its quite creative.

Biggest pro of the site for me was Euro Sex Parties.
Cons: I wasn't a big fan of lots of the material though, this is a personal thing, I for one don't like women with huge tattoos and fake boobs. I also am not a huge fan of huge butts and big boobs curvy mamas either so my tastes are catered for with the lesbian site We Live Together, there are some gems in there if I ignored the tattoed women on some vids.

In the VIP sites too, just don't get those vids, 20 girls dancing and then 2 some of 3 somes in the end, seems dissapointing, I'd love to see them all get completly named and orgy it up, don't know if that ever happened I never watched them all, my guessing it never does. But yeah I found this to much teasing with clothes on and flashing a bit here and there, no really too exciting in my eyes so I moved on quick from this site.

File sizes too are too big for me. Explained below

Navigation isn't the best and model index is in alphebetic first letter only so all names beginning with S are jumbled in S category and hard to search.
Bottom Line: Its a good site and for some they would find it well above average for me I liked some stuff from the Euro Sex Parties of my fav euro stars and the reason I joined really, maybe would of liked to of seen more from some of them but there is a couple of excellent Sasha Rose flicks in there.

Mikes Apartment too I really like and another reason for joining, especially for Dominika, blimey o'Reilly she is hot, would loved to of seen more of her.

Also I did like some we live together girls too but nothing to write home about.

Lots of the sites don't interest me much but overall I do not regret the join and as I say some people will love this site, great range and if you like American girls mixed in with some cute European hotties then you might adore what the Reality Kings do here.

One thing I'd change though is up the resoluion on the medium quality vids, the highest is too large for me at in excess of 2.5gigs but some of the next ones down are too low at 400mb. Some of the 2005 stuff too is in 3 or more parts so they were not greatest of quality.

Too many tats as mentioned and you gotta lot of those type of girlies here, that said its hard to choose none tattoo girls only in America as it sems 90% of porn actresses seem to have them.
There must be tattoo parlours making some good trade over there in America.

I gave it a above average score here mainly cause it's got variety and lots of people's tastes will be catered for.

08-09-11  01:18am

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Visit Sapphic Erotica

Sapphic Erotica

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: The pros are the old material is just to die for in my honest opinion, super cute girls and the vids with my fav girls, cindy, darlene, angelique, janine also known as porn starlet Pricilla, Dianne (keegan from other sites) some of the new stuff is awsome, saw a great vid of twio girls playing table tennis strip were they had to take off some clothing if they missed a shot, it was cute and different, like to see more different things, maybe even more playful vids with just fun nudity.
Cons: Cons are toys seem to appear far to much for my liking, really don't get how you can't fill a vid with playful flirting kissing and making love without toys, just not what I want to see huge dildos, not for me.

site design is annoying cause it has a irrartating thing when searching through new vids it seems to throw in the pictures as well after a while and you have to tell it just movies , it has done this fault for ages now.
Bottom Line: Fantastic site and definatly worth a try if you like girls together making love, more threesomes and foursome even more I'd like to see and take it in different directions, like abby winters and ftv with the maybe public nudity and kissing and stuff outside, love that kind of daring stuff. and love more anal sex with the girls too.

02-14-07  03:29pm

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Visit Skinny Super Girl

Skinny Super Girl

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Amazing Looking Model who looks like she could be a catwalk model.

Great sexy masturbating videos of her here, not usually much of a fan of solo stuff but make an exception when they are stunners, Gloria is certainly that.

You get the site as part of the great network at Diesel so for me was a bonus site but the site is worthy the $29.99 alone, she is my new Lay The Kat who I also loved.

New Site but already 41 vids on her site so not too bad and then there's the photos and extra vids on the other network sites of her.

Good software interface for downloading

Plenty of downloading options.
Cons: Maybe wished for more lesbian content of her as I prefer my videos with some interaction, I don't think she will do boy/girl stuff, who knows , here's hoping but wish they post more girl/girl stuff in the future.

Yeah still very much a smallish site so those purchasing it as a site alone might be disappointing there isn't more material.

Would of been good with some interviews and maybe her interacting more with her fans, maybe that's something they could bring in, like to see her do a live show.
Bottom Line: The bottom line for this site for me is she is simply stunning and was the reason I joined the network before Christmas as what I intended of doing but just seeing her on the promo pages drove me to click join, she is incredibly yummy and has a body that I find my ultimate.

Its all very new here with choices of movies to go for and they are very much similar to each other with Gloria first clothed then strips then masturbates but with solo sites I guess its hard to get variety down much.

I won't go to much into the technical side of the movies and picture resolutions as Rearadmiral's great review covers those and things haven't altered since that review was posted.

Overall I recommend the site as a bonus site to the Diesel network join on Younglegalporn.com joining page for $29.99, cause as a bonus sites its great and if you like her which I'm sure you will she would be soon when there a few more vids be worthwhile as a join alone site.

If you like softcore stuff and like your ladies that look like they are professional catwalk models with the sexiest legs ever then I'm sure this site will appeal if you like you solo sites with more hardcore elements then you may want to look elsewhere.

Thats me done. Over and out.

12-11-11  08:20am

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Visit Squirting Virgin

Squirting Virgin

Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: Top class navigation on all the network sites and looks very modern.

I found this site as it comes as part of a network to offer great value for money, $20 gets you a whole load of sites with lots of great porn featured.

Features some of the cutest young Euro models around.

Lots of choice of file sizes available.

Good speeds for the downloads.
Cons: Not the largest of sites as only been going for a year and a bit but its growing all the time, think there was over 30 when I was a member.

Names of models over the network can be different, no a major downing but worth noting if you are after a certain girl, she may be on another site on the network under a different alias.

Can get a little the samey with the same thing happening in the vids but it is squirtig virgins so has to feature squirting I guess.

Few girls with tattoos creeping into the models featured which for me is a downer, much prefer ink free bodies.
Bottom Line: This is an awesome site with quite a unique niche, showing girls getting brought to orgasm until the squirt out their lovely lady nectar.

I liked the fact it is about something not really done on mosts sites, and to see them squirt all over the place is a joy to see. There is light BSM in the vids with the girl being tied up a little but all girls seem to like it and smile a lot so they are not being treated badly and enjoying themselves too.

Overall I would be looking forward to more squirters when I rejoin in the future, a pleasant change from the norm.

04-07-12  05:22am

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Visit Student Sex Parties

Student Sex Parties

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: On the majority of scenes I'm glad of the join here, its far from perfect but very few sites are. It is quite unique content and one of the leaders in this party niche in my eyes as the girls are the hottest.

There good variety of girls 232 to choice from but obviously some are in the same movie with others.

There is 67 parties currently to choose from so plenty to keep you occupied.

You get some great insight into the girl's personalities here with them being open and look to be generally having a good time with friends.

Good choice of video downloads

mp4 720p
avi 576p
mp4 432p
mpv 320p
Cons: Huge filesizes, the 720p HD mp4 scenes and they average 5 scenes an episode vary but I found they could be too huge for me sometimes 5gb or more a episode. They do give you and option of avi 576p which seemed around 3/4 of the size of its HD sister. I opted for avi and did tend to preview a scene to see if it was group sex before I download. I have enough girl on boy stuff so unless she was a fav I gave these scenes a miss.

The girls sometimes didn't get naked or have sex which I found annoying on some vids, you go to the hassle of getting a girl there at least tell her to get her clothes off and join in or don't bother turning up. I found some scenes would of benefitted on some behind the scenes direction to tell them to change position or do something else as some scenes drag.

Same guys in nearly every vid, I am not looking at the guys so not a major con but would be good to see them having sex with some other people from the same 3 guys nearly in every vid of the network.
Bottom Line: Overall I rate the site its get some good stuff and nice to see some of my fav girls in something apart from one on one boy/girl sex hardcore. I've always been a fan or orgies, the more girls the better in my eyes but they can be hard to film and do right, few have managed to create classic orgie movies, focusing on the action can be difficult for the best of camera men/women. Here the camera work sure could be improved but I guess it's all done on the premissis that its a home movie of a group of friends have a sex party and the camera crew is them.

Theres some scenes with little nudity or none at all which does get tiresome and I think the site would be improved to have the option of the highlights on one vid and an edited best of, they go to the hassle of subtitling the movies (which is nice) so they could do it.

I would of though preferred more anal scenes here but I guess not every girl is into anal so they let them be natural and do what they want.

09-04-11  07:15am

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Visit Sweetheart Video

Sweetheart Video

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: [+] You also get access to Doghousedigital.com, RealityJunkies.com and SweetSinner.com as part of the network.

[+] There is a great mix of boy/girl also on the network.

[+] There is plenty of choices of downloads including Full HD 1080p

[+] Easy to navigate from the sites and clean looking pages.

[+] Fantastic surprise I got here and well worth the price, great value for money.

[+] Regular updates too, Each site apart from Doghouse get 1 or 2 updates a day with Doghouse maybe every other day, certainly very good whilst I've been a member.
Cons: [-] It would of maybe been better to have a overall search for each model and show us what scenes she had on the whole network.

[-] Not really that much of a bad point but as I love the sites I'm struggling to think of much negative, but maybe more anal scenes on all niches would of been nice, still in America its not as popular so I understand this.

[-] Would of liked to of seen more threesomes and foursomes to in my sweetheartvideos scenes and maybe a little more passion, some seemed to be lesbian by numbers and more or less the same scene over again.
Bottom Line: I have to be honest when I joined it was mainly for the Sweetheartvideos of Veronica Avluv, Allie Haze and Kacey Chase. What I got was oh so much more in for the bargain, I discovered that they also did boy/girl stuff on the network and not only that but these included more of my fav girls listed, well Allie and Veronica at least, Kacey hasn't done boy/girl for ages now I don't think. No but some really hot video here on the other sites, I've really found some awesome porn scenes with really cute older women too which has been a real change as I like older women so much but rarely find many that do porn attractive.

I also found Riley Reid movies here, she is a new girl to me as only recently discovered her from FTV girls, has tatts which I hate but have to give the girl her dues she ain't half hot, woh, gorgeous smile, so I let her off for the tatts lol.

I also had fast downloads to and no problems with log ins. It actually has been one of the best porn site joined I've had in a long time and ticked all the boxes for me. It had the variety that I seek from a porn site as I'm bored easily and shot really well if I'm honest so credit there too.

Lesbian quality is very good
Has boy/girl movies too for variation
Has cute American girls talking dirty
Older women too
Orgy scenes

I enjoyed it so much as I'd never seen any of the movies anywhere else, and didn't even expect all the bonus sites when I joined up to Sweetheartvideos so they came as a real bonus to me, I honestly struggle to fault it for what I was looking for. Just the lesbian scenes maybe would of loved more anal and bit more passion in some of them, that said they do make a chance from Lezcuties and Sapphic Erotica scenes which I'm more used to and you can get to hear more of a story and plot to the scenes and get to be part of the scenes more and its also good to hear some speaking. But I still love my Euro girls and won't be abandoning them anytime soon.

So Yeah I full recommend it for anyone fancying a bit of a change and some variety.

Also just heard that the forum here is soon backup after been down for a while, so it sounds as though they are making some positive steps here.

06-23-12  06:42am

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Visit Teen Mega World

Teen Mega World

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Great range of gorgeous girls
- Huge back catalog of old material
- Fast download speeds
- Good rate of updates
- Reasonable download file sizes
- Plenty of varied material to suit most tastes
Cons: - Sadly seeing more and more tattoos with European models which is so sad to see.
- Would like to see more variety in the backdrops and scene setup as sometimes some scenes look very similar to the last scene you've just watched.
- Better Model info of what scenes she has done on the network.
- Some sites no longer update
- Would prefer more anal but that's a personal preference I guess
Bottom Line: Its been a good while since I last reviewed this site and as this site is one of the few sites I return to each year or so to see whats been added I think it deserves a new updated review from me.

Not a great deal has changed since by last review in terms of what kind of content these guys produce, its all high quality Eastern European beauties still and that for me is the attraction here. Some of them are simply stunning with great bodies.

I prefer anal scenes so its great that the network have a site devoted to it and everyone is different and likes different things so this is what makes networks a good choice. You get the choices of having a couple of sites that interest you the most and other ones are bonuses.

One good bonus I found new here was the oddly titled 'No Boring' which too be fair to it has had a heap of stuff added in a short time. The quality of beauties here is a bit of a break from the perfect model you see on the other sites and the movies have a different feel. They are not so much the heartcore porn with softer white backgrounds we see so much of these days in general porn. I for one am slightly bored of that style now and think I prefer the old gonzo style from a few years ago.

Its really good to see this site looking to improve all the time and is still finding really beautiful girls to film, have to say my favorite being Dila who is just about the most perfect girl that ever did porn you can imagine. Sadly I think she has retired now from what I read but great to see some scenes of her here.

Summing up this is still an awesome network and a place if it keeps on producing quality porn like it is doing with European beauties then I will keep returning.

Another reason I really like this site is girl/girl/guy scenes under the site 'First BGG' its one of the niches I love, I think its because I've always loved lesbian porn and to watch the interaction between the girls and then seeing them getting some guy too just is hot to watch. So yeah most of these are not anal movies but now and again they throw one into the mix which is nice.

They update the network every couple of days so you don't have to wait long for new stuff which is also good. If you like joining sites for a long time then this is a good choice with a great backlog of awesome stuff and new updates every other day.

I've also noticed that they have revived Old-n-Young site with some new scenes so that was a pleasant surprise too.

02-20-15  03:32am

Replies (2)
Visit Teen Mega World

Teen Mega World

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: I really have to say there's a much improvement here since my last visit with the navigation. I was a member August/September last year and the network was rather outdated and hard to locate your fav models without trawling through all the movies and sites but now its all new and fresh looking and easy to locate girls and get to sites, find fav scenes, support, forums, categories, much much better.

I have to say biggest plus for me is the quality of babes, they look lovely and are beautiful and skinny that you dream of getting it on with.

Loads of my favs too are here so that's why I'm returning to discover more charming vids from them.

Lots to choose from, there's now lots of sites so you are bound to find some great movies that you will love if you adore cute smiling teenage girls.

There's new sites since I was there too that look great and looking forward to checking them out more.

Great perfect price, so much value for money here and well worth a join.
Cons: Not really many cons here for me as its just up my street. The one con maybe would be I'd of loved some more threesome and foursome plus scenes, so doesn't much cater for orgy fans on the network but I guess you know all this before you join at least so know there will not be that type of movie.

Yeah I would love it for some dirty talk from the girls as that is another favourite aspect of a movie when you hear the girls speak and being part of what they are experiencing more, even in subtitles would be great but I totally understand that the movie producers would find it a lot more extra time to add subtitles to movies. Just seen they've done it on a new vid so hopefully there's more like this with subtitles.

Would be good for too to make a few vids that go a little against the grain, lots of vids do tend to look the samey. Love for them to explore some new ground and maybe a ten girl orgy, some public nudity with girls flashing and kissing in public.
Photos are not up to much
Bottom Line: Overall the network is fantastic and I think I'd say my current fav as it caters for my taste in girls and for 19.99 dollars I will join every 6 months from now on.

Vids are in glorious HD, yeah big file sizes but you do get the choice for a medium and low quality version which might appeal for those movies you'd like but not too gone on the model. I quite often think oh I like her but not too much to justify a 1 gig file size taking room on my hard drive.

Some of the sites are rarely updated if at all but the main sites Teen Sex Mania, Teen sex Movs, Fuck Studies, the new Beauty Angels, the new Tricky Masseur and new Squirting Virgins site seem to be the only ones updating regular, but if you are new here there's so real gems on the other sites too.

I'm not going to give too much stat info as there's all that given on the other great reviews on this page.

Love to see as I mentioned above more orgy scenes, there is Teen 3 Some but sadly it hasn't been updated since 2009 and there was an awesome scene on About Girls Love (another not been updated since 2009) with 6 gorgeous girls in a kitchen together, its a classic and I would love to see more like this one.

All I can add is its a great network well worth the money and has some simply beautiful girls in great softcore and hardcore settings. It gets the thumbs up from me and lots of other sites with networks could learn a lot from them.

04-25-11  07:59am

Replies (3)
Visit VideoBox


Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: Well price is a pro and a con here amazingly, she below for the con but have to give it if I didn't know I paid more than people in America I would say it's good value for money for the amount of porn you get.

Some absolute gems in here if you take your time and do some searching, I felt the search engine was adequate and I did prefer to be honest the old version of video box to VB3. Thankfully I still had the option when I was there back in the beginning of July, seems like they changed soon as I expired and now its only VB3.

Strongest vids I enjoyed were Private range of movies some, really hot European ladies I never had heard of but like super models doing porn. I did enjoy also the Shane's World vids for amateur style which is a genre I've not really tapped into to. Sinsational Pictures and Sineplex also had some really good anal scenes that I liked. Lastly video Art Holland had some real good dvds that I was impressed with.
Cons: The price annoyed me some, having to pay $9 more for living in the UK, so it was $24 (£15), that said I do have to admit it was still good value for money as a great choice of DVDs.

Slowish downloads, I didn't quite have the problems Bletch had in the review below but did think it was very slow which is why I turned to using Internet Download Manager and that speeding thing up nicely for me and I could download say 3 movies in 5 to 10 mins.

Quality lacked somewhat on some movies to the point as they were under 100mb, this meant they were barely watchable to me really. I'm used to at least over 150mb for me to be bothered downloading.

I know you can't complain but did sometimes have a series from a studio I liked and over joyed to see Videobox had some of them but only to find they were missing the volume with the girl I wanted to see, happened quite a few time, but I guess they can't have everything.
Bottom Line: My bottom line of this site is its very good, I have found lots of new lovely fav women here, discovered some great dvds that I just would of never of come across or hired out from the dvd shop. The quality on some clips sure could be improved but with so many scenes and movies that would be some job going through and posting up better quality versions of all.

I went to the site to discover my newly fondness of milfs and ended up coming away with a lot more with the discovering some really excellent chickilitas that I will add to my list of favs. So overall I'm a happy bunny with being a Videobox member.

Its an absolute overwhelming site at first though as you don't know where to begin with all the back DVDs available, currently 11,346 DVDs and 63,293 scenes, now thats a lot if you end up getting them all. I guess the fun of the site is discovering gems in a all the vastness of the site and getting stocked up on studios you like.

84 score is marked down for the quality of scenes and certainly not quantity, just wished a little higher resolution for some of the movies, especially the scenes from Private studios which were a few years old but some were barely watchable.

08-14-11  01:43am

Replies (2)
Visit Wow Girls

Wow Girls

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Gorgeous models
- The group vids which I really of loved to of seen more, one especially stood out Invites Only with a party of 6 girls just partying naturally and stripping of, it was awesome, very fresh and unique. I did like some of the other group stuff but sadly there is not many.
Cons: - Not enough anal for my liking.
- Not enough passion and spontaneity
- Not enough group scenes
- Lesbian movies seemed too soft for my liking
Bottom Line: I'm just writing about my time on the Wow Network again as I figured I'd join up again. I've come to the conclusion its great if you like softer kind of arty porn, its got all of this in abundance and you won't be disappointed here. The models are amazingly cute and if you like Abby she is featured lots and lots.

For me though I was left slightly disappointing, I thought lots of the videos seemed like going through the motions with not as much passion as I'd like to of seen and often I felt like I'd seen it all before cause it was just someone having sex on a bed or couch. I do these days to prefer to watch something out of the ordinary, there were some like this don't get me wrong but I would of liked to of seen more.

There is little to no anal on the site which seemed to of changed since I was last a member, its rather odd as they state under the search feature most searched term is anal lol and there is hardly any. Lots of the models have done anal work on other sites so it would of been nice to of seen more.

Overall I'm not regretting joining as I got to see a couple of absolute gems like Invites Only and handful of other group girls getting together.

I also got to discover Heidi (Vanessa on the site) and Patritcy (Marie Pie on the site) and got a couple more Diamond Cross and Britney S who are adorable, the odd anal video, so all in all I'm a reasonably happy chap.

But since my last video it seems to of moved away from what I loved about the site before, the funness, on one hand I complain about being too soft but I do love spontanous fun movies with girls doing exercising, dancing, hanging out, I love these type of videos and the Invites Only movie would fit into this category. I could be getting it mixed up with 18 only girls though as I remember lots of fun movies with Beata and Sasha.

So no its not a bad site, they clearly know what they are doing and are making some very hot stuff working with the most beautiful models in the world. I guess my tastes have altered of the last few years and I do prefer either funness girls doing spontaneous things naked or more harder porn.

Anyway that's all folks.

07-06-14  04:02am

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Visit Wow Girls

Wow Girls

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Some very quality shot porn, highest quality seen anywhere with directors being superb on occasion.

Great choices of downloads, no complaints there, they give you choices and not too sill like over 3 gb like you see on some sites which was good to see.

Great photography, not really my bag but with models like Gloria and Stasha, gonna have to see more of these amazing girls.

Easy navigation on the sites and done very modernly.
Cons: Not enough anal scenes for my liking.

Too many toys, would prefer never to see a toy again in a porn video.

Would of liked more group hardcore scenes.

I'm a movie man so don't quite understand having a girl like Stasha come in and only do a photo set of her when she is even more amazing on film, at least offer both would be nice.
Bottom Line: I liked the site don't get me wrong and I'm just saying my preferences in making it even better would be.

Ok first off my fav niche of all is BGG and even better if both girls are also doing anal, this is the ultimate in porn but sadly rare on sites, I dream of a site that just did threesomes with girls like this, doesn't matter if its GBB but I prefer two girls with a guy. Then foursomes are also good. So would of loved more.

More anal one on one scenes. (my second fav)
Lesbian scenes, when done right bloody damn amazing, the Britney and Zoe movies should be a blueprint on erotic lesbian movies the first girl date could and should win lesbian erotica awards, I don't say that lihtly either, both girls are as yummy as you can get and shot to perfection and really beating most lesbian only studios, I love slow, lots of kissing, perfect girls, great camera work. Some scenes I found too many toys, hate toys in my lesbian porn and would of also loved some ass licking in some of the scenes. Some scenes didn't even have pussy licking, which to me I found a little boring I ave to say, watching two girls masturbate with dildos seems a waste of hiring them in my eyes. But then there are scenes like Margot and Millagres and The lesbian scenes in with Gloria, that just tickle my softer lesbian palette.

Solo stuff too, would love much less toy work, love to the see the girls flirt with the camera more like Stasha ,Gloria and Jasmin can do. Stasha in one scene with the bath (sadly no more than two scenes which was painful to find out as she is probably top 5 hottest girl alive) I also have Gloria in there too, who is a natural beauty and doesn't need loads of makeup to look stunning. Anyway back to Stasha, she is looking over top of the camera and flirting down into the camera, such a unique and perfect angle I've never seen done, would of been great to see her or more scene like this with them even kissing the camera, would make for an awesome movie. I also would love to see some dancing to music and doing some naked dancing, its very hot to watch and not many sites have discovered it, not like strippers more fun in a room in the home and have them flirting with the camera, if they are good dancers it can really be amazing eye feast.

I guess the wow porn will grow which I look forward and not going to diss it too much cause it is a new site so doesn't have hundreds of movies yet.

So overall not bad and well worth the money of the deal I got, no complaints. I would join again but looking forward to joining next 18 only girls and if I read right the new network membership coming back this weekend or next, sounds great and I think its awesome if its going to happen, I would for sure be joining back there.

I'm giving it such a high mark cause seen some absolute gems of movies that would be worth the joining fee alone.

Still its probably never going please me fully cause it is more for the softcore fans so could go any higher.

02-09-13  12:51pm

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Visit X-Art


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Unbelievable hot models
- Great use of light in films, awesome and stunning
- Great download option and now in 1920 x 1080
- Awesome group scenes, very unique and fresh
- Photo quality is stunning 8 times out of 10
- Scenes now are just right length (they were too short)
- Nice clothes especially nice white panties seen often
- Great at hiding tattoos
Cons: - Some earlier films are very short
- Some earlier films have music all the way through
- Too many cum shots on the back, not my cup of tea
- Not many anal scenes
- Some scenes not 1920 x 1080
- Some girls only have photos which is frustrating for a video fan
- Search options could be better
Bottom Line: Is it perfect, well no site is, did I enjoy it (or am I enjoying it as I've only been a member for a week), hell yeah this site has lots going for it and in a couple of years I think will be truly awesome, especially if they get to 5 or 7 updates a week. Currently though it's not bad with 3 updates a week.

I would of liked more anal scenes as shot in this beautiful style they look truly hot, but anyway I get not everyone likes anal scenes. cause the girls are so hot here seeing them is enough. I really loved their group sex scenes and would of loved more of them that's for sure, the one in the stretched limo with 4 girls and a guy was breathtaking and very unique.

Thing that sets this site apart from most sites is they can make the most beautiful movies, crystal clear closeups of faces, loads of angelic white light, coloured to perfection, don't ask me how they do it but it looks divine and really professionally done.

I liked and loved lots of the photos too, but some not so good, its hard to shoot people having sex on a camera though and you can't always capture the action in the shot without it looking like it was cut off. That said quite often here its simply perfection and you see a true classic photo that is oozing eroticity.

With some of the solo and lesbian work in photo here too, its damn right bloody mind blowing, some of the Franziska Facella ones are beyond dreamy, I've been a fan of hers for ages and she looks cute on other sites but here she is like a true angel and the makeup and light used on her is simply the best stuff my eyes have ever witnessed and I've seen some really good fashion photography which is a huge passion of mine.

Its a newish site so doesn't date back too far but I would say I totally recommend you take a visit here, it's really opened my eyes to how beautiful porn can actually be and it doesn't need to be women dressed up tarty and cheap, here the girls shine, they look stunning, they look to be having fun and it comes through in the movies.

If they do more group scenes and anal ones and get more facials too but all shot like this I'm going to be a fan for life. They are heading in a direction I would like to see porn, which comes away from its roots a bit and becomes all classy and sophisticated.

They lead the way to new horizons of porn I hope and its a case of getting more content and bringing back one of the girls with just photos and doing movies with them.

I can honestly say though with the calibre of models, never on any other site have I nearly clicked on every model, its unheard of with me to be honest, but there are so many gorgeous girls here it's unreal, where do they find them I don't know but many will have you falling for them.

I also loved the fact they try and hide tattoos, I really hope they try and keep tattoos away from this site as well as they can, a girl called Addison who looks absolutely stunning, just found she is called Mia Manarote and has one large one on her arm but in the awesome video of her I never noticed it, so much more beautiful without it in my opinion.

Over and out then but I did really enjoy this site.

I'm only rating it 92 because it is a smallish site but it's certainly heading in the right direction in my eyes.

Lastly I would also like to see tags more with say the category like threesome, anal. There is tabs on the video page Male-Female Couples, Group Sex, Lesbian and Single Girl but could do with more search options

08-25-12  02:22am

Replies (16)
Visit Young Legal Porn

Young Legal Porn

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Right here is my review of this site and its network, its nearly perfection.
Almost faultless interface, I think its its called Lioness and seems to be very good and modern certainly better than most of its competition.

Great size choices of movies to choose from All new movies are 1080p, 720p, 480p and even get 380p. Most older vids will be 720p with movies back in 2008 some were just 480p. Certainly good enough though, so good choices of movies now anyway.

The network seems to update 4 movies or photos a day, which seems to be random but at least 1 movie a day and sometimes 2 or 3, but always a total of 4 updates a day altogether.

The quality of ladies is simply superb and they are some girls that could easily pass for catwalk super models, Gloria, Stasha and Nadin being just 3 that spring to mind.

They seem to treat the girls really well and the network seems like a community with some girls having their own sites, I like that and think other sites should take note.
Cons: Not too many negatives and more really nit picking but for me these sorted would make the site perfect.

The annoying thing was with the interface when looking through a girls say movies and you had them filtered to just movies and then click on a movie when you click the back button the filters had gone and you had to do a search again, gets annoying when lots of vids.

Not major problem but some girls only had photos and me being a movie fan was slightly disappointed to find out she only had pics.

Some hefty file sizes noticed for movies not too long with not much showing nudity, I can live with the content not being full on sex but some file sizes seemed extra large, luckily not many.

Tends to be pussy sex as opposed to anal scenes, I'd love there to be more anal and they didn't have many anal lesbian scenes which I love.

These are very minor and not really bad at all, just me being nit picking.
Bottom Line: Bottom line is the network is awesome and well worth my money to join back, all in all I have thoroughly enjoyed the sites and rate it in my top 5 sites now (as a network of course), they are moving on to be making some high end erotic movies and if I just saw a few more anal movies I'd give it full marks.

Some of the young ladies here are truly breathtaking and this sites seems to have a rather high number of good looking girls compared to its competition, I would say its on par with teenmegaworld and you see lots of the same girls, which I love as I collect my favs so great to see more of my favs here.

Would I ever return, you bet I will be doing, I hope they carry on doing what they are doing and continue to produce high end erotic porn with these angels they have there and I'm sure this site will go from strength to strength. It certainly has improved lots since I was last a member in early 2011, you could see it was heading in the right direction then with some of its newbies like Stephanie and Nadin but now there's many more new hotties on here.

12-04-11  07:10am

Replies (6)

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