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Visit Reality Kings

Reality Kings

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Well its a fairly huge site with what appears to be updating daily with 2 updates so theres plenty of bang for your buck here.

Great price has to be mentioned and competes well with similar styled sites on the price front. The variety of sites will keep you busy for a good long while.

Pure 18 is a great site though and I was a member years ago here and it's good to see it's improoved, theres now stories build up to the movies which I really liked and yeah the acting isn't the greatest but they do try and its quite creative.

Biggest pro of the site for me was Euro Sex Parties.
Cons: I wasn't a big fan of lots of the material though, this is a personal thing, I for one don't like women with huge tattoos and fake boobs. I also am not a huge fan of huge butts and big boobs curvy mamas either so my tastes are catered for with the lesbian site We Live Together, there are some gems in there if I ignored the tattoed women on some vids.

In the VIP sites too, just don't get those vids, 20 girls dancing and then 2 some of 3 somes in the end, seems dissapointing, I'd love to see them all get completly named and orgy it up, don't know if that ever happened I never watched them all, my guessing it never does. But yeah I found this to much teasing with clothes on and flashing a bit here and there, no really too exciting in my eyes so I moved on quick from this site.

File sizes too are too big for me. Explained below

Navigation isn't the best and model index is in alphebetic first letter only so all names beginning with S are jumbled in S category and hard to search.
Bottom Line: Its a good site and for some they would find it well above average for me I liked some stuff from the Euro Sex Parties of my fav euro stars and the reason I joined really, maybe would of liked to of seen more from some of them but there is a couple of excellent Sasha Rose flicks in there.

Mikes Apartment too I really like and another reason for joining, especially for Dominika, blimey o'Reilly she is hot, would loved to of seen more of her.

Also I did like some we live together girls too but nothing to write home about.

Lots of the sites don't interest me much but overall I do not regret the join and as I say some people will love this site, great range and if you like American girls mixed in with some cute European hotties then you might adore what the Reality Kings do here.

One thing I'd change though is up the resoluion on the medium quality vids, the highest is too large for me at in excess of 2.5gigs but some of the next ones down are too low at 400mb. Some of the 2005 stuff too is in 3 or more parts so they were not greatest of quality.

Too many tats as mentioned and you gotta lot of those type of girlies here, that said its hard to choose none tattoo girls only in America as it sems 90% of porn actresses seem to have them.
There must be tattoo parlours making some good trade over there in America.

I gave it a above average score here mainly cause it's got variety and lots of people's tastes will be catered for.

08-09-11  01:18am

Replies (8)
Visit Teen Mega World

Teen Mega World

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: I really have to say there's a much improvement here since my last visit with the navigation. I was a member August/September last year and the network was rather outdated and hard to locate your fav models without trawling through all the movies and sites but now its all new and fresh looking and easy to locate girls and get to sites, find fav scenes, support, forums, categories, much much better.

I have to say biggest plus for me is the quality of babes, they look lovely and are beautiful and skinny that you dream of getting it on with.

Loads of my favs too are here so that's why I'm returning to discover more charming vids from them.

Lots to choose from, there's now lots of sites so you are bound to find some great movies that you will love if you adore cute smiling teenage girls.

There's new sites since I was there too that look great and looking forward to checking them out more.

Great perfect price, so much value for money here and well worth a join.
Cons: Not really many cons here for me as its just up my street. The one con maybe would be I'd of loved some more threesome and foursome plus scenes, so doesn't much cater for orgy fans on the network but I guess you know all this before you join at least so know there will not be that type of movie.

Yeah I would love it for some dirty talk from the girls as that is another favourite aspect of a movie when you hear the girls speak and being part of what they are experiencing more, even in subtitles would be great but I totally understand that the movie producers would find it a lot more extra time to add subtitles to movies. Just seen they've done it on a new vid so hopefully there's more like this with subtitles.

Would be good for too to make a few vids that go a little against the grain, lots of vids do tend to look the samey. Love for them to explore some new ground and maybe a ten girl orgy, some public nudity with girls flashing and kissing in public.
Photos are not up to much
Bottom Line: Overall the network is fantastic and I think I'd say my current fav as it caters for my taste in girls and for 19.99 dollars I will join every 6 months from now on.

Vids are in glorious HD, yeah big file sizes but you do get the choice for a medium and low quality version which might appeal for those movies you'd like but not too gone on the model. I quite often think oh I like her but not too much to justify a 1 gig file size taking room on my hard drive.

Some of the sites are rarely updated if at all but the main sites Teen Sex Mania, Teen sex Movs, Fuck Studies, the new Beauty Angels, the new Tricky Masseur and new Squirting Virgins site seem to be the only ones updating regular, but if you are new here there's so real gems on the other sites too.

I'm not going to give too much stat info as there's all that given on the other great reviews on this page.

Love to see as I mentioned above more orgy scenes, there is Teen 3 Some but sadly it hasn't been updated since 2009 and there was an awesome scene on About Girls Love (another not been updated since 2009) with 6 gorgeous girls in a kitchen together, its a classic and I would love to see more like this one.

All I can add is its a great network well worth the money and has some simply beautiful girls in great softcore and hardcore settings. It gets the thumbs up from me and lots of other sites with networks could learn a lot from them.

04-25-11  07:59am

Replies (3)
Visit Met Art

Met Art

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: My pros are the vast amount of material, updates galore. The quality of the models is great as theres so many hot women on the site. I liked the free cam, saw one of my fav girls on there Ashanti and chatted with her so that was worth the membership fee alone. chatted with lots of other really cute girls and loved the clean chat rules they have, makes a change and just had a nice feel to it with respecting the model more. Like the search engine feature too.
Cons: Can be a little boring after a while as lots of sets very repetitive. Don't like the met-models site been seperate as there was certain models sets I didn't get to see as on that site, but hey I could always join that site in the future I guess. Movies were just ok in my view, some nice ones but mainly a little boring.
Bottom Line: Overall its a great site and still the best of its kind in my opinion, you want cute softcore pics, this is the place to be. Its really come on navigational wise since I was last here a few years ago and updates and fast and furious. I like vids to much to stay a member but made a nice change and got some great sets and discovered some new stunners I'd never seen before which was really nice. I recommend it for your fix of cuties that could be supermodels and finding the real cuties is fun. Maybe wish it was so vast though, never thought I'd complain a site was too big but it just became slightly frustrating trekking through the huge numbers of sets to try and get all I wanted in 1 month, only managed half, so will join again in the future to get the rest.

02-07-09  01:44am

Replies (1)
Visit FTV Girls

FTV Girls

Status: Was a member approx. 5 months prior to this review.
Pros: Great fun girl they work with who are up for a laugh
Now HD vids so thats always a plus.
Huge archive of babes now as been going a good few years.
Lots of sexy insertions and pussies being stretched to their max, which is different
Nice public nude stuff which I really enjoyed and worth the price alone to see the girls kissing and feeling each other up outside in public areas

87 but thats mainly cause of the great lesbian stuff even though it is too and far between here which is a great shame, I'll probs join every two years just to get the new lesbian stuff
Cons: Too much solo stuff for my liking
Some vids are of photoshoots which is totally dull
Hardcore doesn't happen here
Needs more lesbian
Quality of the vids isn't the best
Files named the same which is very annoying indeed
Bottom Line: Its a great site and quite unique in lots of ways, I enjoy things a little out of the norm porn bracket and this site had great insertions, excellent lesbian material with some vids making my favs of all time. Milk play on one vid which was weird but interesting.
I adore public nudity and girls flashing their pussies in naughty no underwear scenes, great indeed, love the kissing scenes in public too. nice touch.

Lots of the scenes are fresh of the top of the models head and you never know were its going, some are disapointing in the end, others are like wow, the naughty babe.

All is downloadable and yeah some of the older stuff not the best of quality, I think it would be good to re edit them like sapphic erotica did but that could take forever as u can guess, still the the quality is improved which is the main thing.

All the solo stuff for me is kind of boring, really wished they would do more lesbian scenes as they do it so well and could be one of the leaders if they got more of the girls to pair up, theres loasds of models who have done lesbian stuff on other sites so its not like they aren't willing.

For the lesbian and some of the fetish stuff off the wall scenes I really liked but its mainly solo stuff, if thats your thing you'll be in your element, some stunning girls. Solo masturbation though bores me and always has.

Overall its got stuff to warrant a membership here for most porn seekers apart from the hardcore crew, none of that here.

I'm giving 87

01-20-08  01:51am

Replies (0)
Visit Hands on Hardcore

Hands on Hardcore

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Some real hot European women hang out here
Great quality movies that have plenty of choice of download for all users.
Images are done to the highest quality too and crispy clear , some good close ups too.
Good navigation
Got a good deal with 2 sites for the price of one so that was a huge plus and was the main reason I joined
Cons: Models too highly done up for my preference
Not as many models as I thought there would be
Only other con would be older suffis of poorer quality but hey that expected of course.
Bottom Line: My main problem with this site is its very glam/porn star really done up with big hair and lots of eye makeup, were as I much prefer the fresh faced look and not trying to hard to look all glamorous. Anyway there is some good stuff here with fresh faced girls too which I really enjoyed as the action is hot and the quality of the movies are top notch stuff.

Some of my fav girls have been here too so was great to see more of them having sex. Priscilla for one, she is my current number one model, she is amazing and such a naughty smile, also Suzie Carina is here and she is hot stuff indeedy.

I enjoyed it here for my time but is certainly more suited to those who like the porn star look. I would comparer it very much with pix and video site.

Overall not bad at all for hardcore fans.

01-20-08  12:56am

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Visit 1 By Day

1 By Day

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Very Good Quality movies in lots of categories
Some really cute women from Europe here, lots of familiar faces.
Navigation is above average
Something I feel for everyone, solo, hardcore and lesbian
Includes some of the hottest lesbian movies I've ever seen and I've seen a lot.
Cons: Poorer quality movies in 2005 and before with some in 2003 and 2002 I didn't even bother with as were so small files I knew would be too lower quality to what I like to watch now a days.

Too heavy makeup on girls in their 20s making them look like glam porn stars which isn't a look I'm fond of, much prefer fresh faces without much eye shadow

Thats the only two cons I can think of
Bottom Line: Very good site now and think will have a good future if it carries on offering high quality movie downloads along with smaller options. Keeps adding more teeny and fresh faced women without all the heavy glammed up eyes shadow look all the time. I noticed before 2005 the sets are rather generic and think the site has come into its own definitely in the last 2 years, before then I would of rated the site much lower. Its good to see they are listening to what people want and offer something for everyone. Thats good, I certainly think a preview of the updates for non payers would be good idea just to give past members and insight and new members a view of the sets inside.

Of the lesbian stuff from the last couple of years I downloaded OK theres not hundreds I adore as lots are too dildo obsessed porn star posey for my liking but theres a good few of really sexy movies with girls without so much makeup and looking more natural in my eyes and totally make this site very much a worthwhile visit if you like solo and lesbian movies. I think I will certainly join again if they carry on the way the new movies look, hopefully they'll get onboard some of my fav models back for more lesbian fun.

But with this amount of content you can't go much wrong, if you like the pornstar look you'll even have a field day downloading the much older stuff photosets.

Just my view but would also like less dildo play and more figures and tongues or even more ice cream/food vids lol

01-03-08  07:11am

Replies (0)
Visit Asia Movie Pass

Asia Movie Pass

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Heaps of dvds and dvd scenes
Some very good titles if you are into bukkake theres some really creative stuff too, slightly strange but interesting.
Good Quality at fast download speeds
Cons: Not too good on navigation , theres so much so can be a drag tredging through clicking on dvds to find out what they are about.
Slightly repetitive stuff
Good do to be $20 or include more bonus sites, asianropes doesn't really do it for me
Bottom Line: Overall its a great site if you are after asian bukkake, its got it all. I would of liked a little few other fetishes maybe just to see something other that girls getting wads of cum all over them. Some of the dvds include fake semen but it sort of tells you this before you download so not a problem. There is a few lesbian titles on there too, wish was nice.
theres heaps to choose from , dvds though are always going to be ages downloading, well maybe not for those with ultra fast connections but in average around 2 hours on my connection so was slightly bored whilst you wait, that said there is on some dvds scenes broken down in smaller files, not all though and you have to use the search engine to find the scenes from the dvd you wanna see.

after a bit more time here I did find it a little disturbing if I'm honest and has rather put me off Bukkake. Some of the scenes I saw went a little too far with humiliated these women and I did ask myself what am I doing watching this, it all made me conclude that I found it was very degrading to women. Each to their own I know and I'm glad I became a member to find out I just don't like to watch this stuff, it just steps over what i find erotic. The things these very beautiful Japanese women do slightly disturbing. It has in fact put me off Japanese porn in general and I won't be watching anymore i don't think, perhaps the odd soft lesbian flick. Anyway just be warned it is pretty hardcore here.

Have had to alter my score

11-18-07  12:55am

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Visit Lezboland


Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: The price of the site
The hi-res vids
Cons: Not much content to ever make staying a member here
Seen most of the vids elsewhere
Bottom Line: Yeah slightly dissapointed here, its ok don't get me wrong, if you don't have the vids, I love all the Euro Lesbian vids and have collected loads from various other sites so a lot I already had here. That said there was a few I didn't which was nice to add to my collection. Quality can vary here but in general they are good quality vids, not a great deal else here though, no extras. It needs work but again it is a bargain price so you can't go wrong.

11-18-07  12:38am

Replies (3)
Visit My Sexy Kittens

My Sexy Kittens

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Well the babes are lovely here, top class euro tottie

The vids are of fairly original in that they do quite a few out door scenes which is good.

Good Lesbian content
Cons: Right navigation is one of the worst I've seen in a site.
slow to browse
not too many vids or updates

High Price In euro so be careful you don't make the mistake thinking its in US dollars like most sites

No full downloads, bad move, people want the whole thing in one nice file not 6 bits.

maybe just my preference but not enough threesomes or more in my opinion, the 7 girl orgy scene was awesome, more of that type of thing please mysexykittens makers.
Bottom Line: Well the vids are of reasonable quality, seen better and seen worse, newer vids tend to be 720 X 540 whilst older vids more 640 X 480.

The navigation though is the worst part of this site, its painfully slow when you click on a niche from the menu. the all kittens option seemed to not be in any order, theres no option to see all the vids one particular model has done which sucks. That should be the first thing I'd recommend to the webmaster is have a nice models index where to view all the girls with a nice picture taken straight on of the girl. I hate clicking on vids if you can't see the girl properly to see if you fancy her. Also don't know why it takes so long to load a page up. In its favour , very sexy girls who smile a lot so obviously love what they are doing, best smiles on the site belong to Tiffany alias Belicia, Vanessa and Natasha alias Sonya Red.

One thing with girls I don't get though and its tattoo's , just hate them on sexy girls, always have and always will, I just don't think they look good on girls, probably loads will dissagree with me. But a lot of girls these days are covered in these things and I just don't understand why they think they look good. Sonya Red would look so much better without the tattoos

Rant over, okish site if it got a new site makeover to bring in more user friendlyness and maybe be more personal and tell us more of the model and what she likes to do, more interviews and stuff. More work but would pay off I'm sure.

10-06-07  05:08am

Replies (3)
Visit Lez Cuties

Lez Cuties

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Gorgeous girls of the European origin, really my thing, like saphhic erotica type girls.

Anal vids, that could never be a bad thing
Cons: Not too much content
Could do with mixing it all up a bit and have some chat even though it may be foreign, just make it more real.

Toys, yup lots of toys here which I hate, Just show the girls using their tongues, so much more natural and nice.

Quite expensive

Vids could do to be more Hi Def

Get more vids of the lovely Angelique from sapphic Erotica, just so pretty.
Bottom Line: Overall I enjoy it here, just need no toys and more anal licking which makes it a bit different from all the other lesbian sites.

Its a thumbs up for lesbian fans though and one of the best out there, sadly there isn't many good lesbian sites.

09-22-07  08:10am

Replies (0)
Visit Hardcore Partying

Hardcore Partying

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Excellent niche content, wish more sites out there
Good amount of videos
Get access to network
Pretty Girls
Cons: Poor Quality mpgs vids
Some of the downloadable vids are in upto 85 parts
Not too frequent updates
Too many men, would love more all girl parties
Bottom Line: This site if done better in my opinion could be awesome. Ditch the DRM wmv files and give the member sure an option to download whole video in say 5 to 10 parts, but also a full file option.

Ditch the video camera and get a decent one to film in HD, the quality is below par in comparison to other video sites out there now.

More all girl parties please too.

Other than that it would be an awesome site and could make so much more money with people staying members. Have maybe a party a week or at least every 2 weeks.

Also same goes for the other sites on the network, ditch the 60+ segmented videos and have the member download the whole thing and improve the video quality.

Oh one final thing, have the price $29.99, it would get miles more people trying it out, its currently one of the most expensive out there.

I will conclude about hardcore partying, its an excellent idea and if you're like me love orgy scenes there some really good stuff here, just need to better quality and 1 file downloads in hd.

09-18-07  06:47am

Replies (2)
Visit Dream Girls Members

Dream Girls Members

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Ideas of flashers I like and wild parties
bonus sites
Cons: The quality of the vids is rather poor
Slow site I found downloading
Tends to be made up of feed sites that have vids thats can't be downloaded.
Navigation is very basic as is the site and bonus sites in general
Bottom Line: Not worthy of a decent mark here, poor quality vids in lots of segments is tiresome to download. Wouldn't waste money on full membership, try the trial if you want to see some average quality vids. Theres is some ok stuff, just hard to find I found.

Overall seen much better, needs alot of work and better quality vids in more organized categories.

08-27-07  07:46am

Replies (1)
Visit Karup's PC

Karup's PC

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Some nice lesbian vids if you search through all the dross

Pretty euro models can be found
Cons: Right now I'm to it, this site shocked me, I think it so overated its unbelievable, really wished I'd not spent money here, 10 bucks ok that would be fine 30 bucks for this site is just a rip off.

Its such a terrible designed site that is so well out of date, like something from when the net started.

pictures are downloaded in zip files of 12 photos,

theres hardly any cute girls in hardcore

searching for a model is just photos and is painful at that with so many
Bottom Line: what a load of rubbish, who wants to go through the hassle of downloaded a zip and opening it for 12 photos, madness.

I honestly thought there would be some good movies of euro babes in hardcore and theres hardly any, lots of not so good looking women in dull scenes. some good lesbian stuff when you search I will say and very nice some is. The solo stuff I find very boring and the hassle with the photos I thought can't be bothered with it, with all that opening up zips.

Just needs so much work on it , site needs bringing into the 21 century with proper navigation and get rid of 75 percent of the content, too much just average porn that needs dregging through to the good stuff.

Anyway just not for me at all, wish I'd of spent my money elsewhere.

Some may like the solo model stuff but as I say just not for me.

08-18-07  04:20pm

Replies (9)
Visit Mad Sex Party

Mad Sex Party

Status: Was a member approx. 5 months prior to this review.
Pros: Some very attractive European Girls which is always a plus with me and in orgies and look to be having a fun time indeed.
Cons: Right here we go, very frustrating site indeed, the girls seem to keep their clothes on a lot and just move their panties to a side, why I'll never know, very strange practice and just makes the vids a little boring , I want to see a room full of naked girls getting fu**ed, but just not as good when you hardly see much pussy. Its very obsessed with blow jobs which certainly isn't what I want to see.
Bottom Line: The idea for the site is fantastic, love seeing loads of girls together and wish there was loads of orgy sites on the net, sadly there isn't, so this concept is great. Just needs to get the girls completly naked and have more all girl parties with loads of great sex we can see.

08-12-07  05:13am

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Visit Cuties Flashing

Cuties Flashing

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Very cute girls and great idea for a site
Cons: Terrible quality vids and pics not much better, such a waste getting these really cute girls to strip and flash outside in ok some scenes are pretend, its obvious but still would be great with good quality vid, you can hardly see anything with the camera they use.

also not many vids just over 1 page
Bottom Line: a waste of money , be good if done right with a decent camera for hi-res vids

02-24-07  06:48am

Replies (0)
Visit Lightspeed World

Lightspeed World

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: -Great looking girls especially the new european girls
-Better quality vids now with natural sound
-Playful sexy vids, not always full on sex which is nice to see the girls doing other things
Cons: -Older vids not as good quality,
-some sites really don't have alot of updates
Bottom Line: my recommendation to the owner of the sites, would be call it lightspeed world and have 1 huge site, and have all the main girls in one place, make it more of a community and bring it all togther, the vids on most the girls sites are on other girls sites already it seems confusing sometimes, I would think many would stay subscribed to the whole thing longer and make more sense to have as one package,in my opinion anyway.

02-14-07  03:49pm

Replies (0)
Visit Sapphic Erotica

Sapphic Erotica

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: The pros are the old material is just to die for in my honest opinion, super cute girls and the vids with my fav girls, cindy, darlene, angelique, janine also known as porn starlet Pricilla, Dianne (keegan from other sites) some of the new stuff is awsome, saw a great vid of twio girls playing table tennis strip were they had to take off some clothing if they missed a shot, it was cute and different, like to see more different things, maybe even more playful vids with just fun nudity.
Cons: Cons are toys seem to appear far to much for my liking, really don't get how you can't fill a vid with playful flirting kissing and making love without toys, just not what I want to see huge dildos, not for me.

site design is annoying cause it has a irrartating thing when searching through new vids it seems to throw in the pictures as well after a while and you have to tell it just movies , it has done this fault for ages now.
Bottom Line: Fantastic site and definatly worth a try if you like girls together making love, more threesomes and foursome even more I'd like to see and take it in different directions, like abby winters and ftv with the maybe public nudity and kissing and stuff outside, love that kind of daring stuff. and love more anal sex with the girls too.

02-14-07  03:29pm

Replies (0)
Visit In Focus Girls

In Focus Girls

No Review.
01-21-07  12:56am

Visit abbywinters


Status: Was a member approx. 5 months prior to this review.
Pros: Very different porn site, love the way the site promotes itself, great photographer, great community also which gives the site a joy to return to.
Cons: Natural girls yeah thats fine, still for my taste I'm a sucker for a natural good looker, very few of them here, just takes the natural thing too far and some girls are very plain. The good looking girls are fantsatic though, wish Abby would choose more decent looking girls to be honest, sounds horrible to say but being honest, girls with tatoos and hairy armpits don't do anything for me.
Bottom Line: overall one of the best sites out there if you can find what your looking for. definatly one for the natural girl fans and I could see lots of women loving this site too. Great site Abby

01-14-07  04:12am

Replies (0)
Visit Dana Lightspeed

Dana Lightspeed

Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: The pros are she is the hottest girl ever in my eyes, that innocent smile and them blue eyes could melt anyone. She has for a while now been my favourite of the eastern european girls. The site has inncoent playful solo and lesbian content. that smile of hers makes her perfect for the lightspeed sites cause thats what its all about cute innocent playful teasing and girls getting naked together, quite different to see a site not only about sex.
Cons: Not enough updates and content, but it is relatively new and she is a busy woman. Look her up she's done loads of hardcore too.
Too Expensive for one site, far better for 29.99 for all sites, I'd stay a member then
Bad quality vids, this day and age people want better quality vid files.
hi res pics also would be good as these pics are far too small for my liking, I'd like to see real perfect close ups by a pro photographer of these honies together. maybe one day
Bottom Line: Good if you get the 5 site or ten site deal, needs more content, like to see more for sure, love the 3 or more lesbian scenes, giggling naked girls, nothing better.

worth it in the end for me cause she is adorable. love to see her have sex with Jordan Capri

01-14-07  02:49am

Replies (0)
Visit Devils Film

Devils Film

No Review.
01-11-07  12:49pm

Visit Jordan Capri

Jordan Capri

Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: She is a gorgeous fresh faced cutie. The best in my opinion from the first girls whoi got a site with lightspeed network, she is adorable when she smiles and a body is just to die for, ok she's small breasted but they look great on her, small boobs look good on some girls and shes one of them.
Video are superb content wise but need to be better quality. she does a striptease video that is one of the sexiest things anyone will ever see.
The format is great if you like cute girls teasing you
Cons: Needs better quality vids
needs higher res pics, she is so cute we need to see her shot by someone with a decent camera.
very expensive and needs more updates
Bottom Line: Fantastic overall cause with all the negatives she is just one of the best prettiest girls on the porn scene. She seems to be so natural and at ease with herself being nude, its quite refreshing.

Jorden is hot hot hot

01-11-07  03:05am

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We are strong supporters of RTA and ICRA, two of the most recognized self labeling organizations. Our site is properly labeled to assist in the protection of minors accessing inappopriate content. For information about filtering tools, check this site.


To report child pornography, go directly to ASACP!  We're proud to be a corporate sponsor.
Have concerns or questions about porn addiction?  We recommend this helpful resource.

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