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Visit Aunt Judy's

Aunt Judy's

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Updated: 11-06-12  12:14pm  (Update History)
Reason: Streaming and DL Managers now possible.
Pros: Vast amount of old Aunt Judys/Older women material stored in the archives.

Very much improved members' page under the new management of ATK.

Much improved quality in Hi-Res picture sets and an even more startling improvement in videos over those offered by “Older Women” in the past. Most updates (except remastered ones) are now in true HD.

Same excellent search engine as in the other ATK sites.

Access to ATK Lounge.

No download restrictions.

Fast download speeds ... however, read below.
Cons: Streaming a video is discouraged, so that more bandwidth is available for downloads. Despite my fast download speeds (max of my modem) navigation within the site was sluggish.***

Download managers are not allowed. I wasn't sure if Firefox' DTA, when downloading one video at a time, was considered to be a true manager and used it consistently without being stopped. If I crossed the line, my apologies to the new managers of the site. ***

*** This was only recommended during the first few days. Streaming and Download Managers are now allowed. Score upgraded by 5.

Updates are a mixture of Aunt Judy and “bonus” picture sets and videos imported from ATK Natural and Hairy (Mature Hairy). This has caused complaints from those who are subscribing to both sites at the same time. I was surprised myself when I downloaded some picture sets and found that I had them already from a previous membership to ATK N&H.
Bottom Line: I must confess that it was a disappointing month for me. I had received an email by the old "Aunt Judys/Older Women” site offering me a membership for $ 9.95 a month (recurring), with the notification that the site was now under new management. I had not liked AJ/OW for a long time because the “tease and erotic factor” had declined dramatically over the past few years, but could not resist .. just to see how ATK would do with one of my formerly favorite sites.

My first impression was and still is: not ready for prime time. Without the imports from “Mature Hairy” their updates would be very skimpy but what saddens me more is that ATK's new content is every bit as bland as that of the former site in its dying years. And no I am not calling for hardcore material, just for more excitement in the solos.

This might appear to be a very unfair assessment when viewed from the “web owner's“ side but I have to repeat once again that any review, especially that of a layman, has to be subjective so take my score with a grain of salt. Not everyone feels the way I do. And I still believe that the new management will eventually create a very attractive site. If it will be for me remains to be seen.

Old AJ (pre 2007 or so): lots and lots of enticing lingerie, or a prolonged strip, on attractive “housewifey” models.

New AJ/OW (until take-over by ATK): most models came with three very basic items of clothing that they would take off within the first few pictures of a set, or within a couple of minutes if it was a video.

New ATK AJ: same thing, which can make a set very boring unless one absolutely loves a model and collects her, no matter how utilitarian and sparse her attire may be.

My old complaint, as in so many other sites, is that the tease factor has disappeared and, without that, so has my libido when it comes to most sets or videos. There are only so many positions you can place a naked body in so, why give them so little to wear and why undress them so quickly. At least if you dressed the women in more than the “bare” essentials there would be a difference from set to set.

I let the subscription lapse (yesterday was my last day) despite the low price because I could not find any picture sets during the past month that truly excited me. I gave some of them high marks because of the model herself, or because of factors like quality and lighting and crispness of picture etc. Or because of the way the photographer posed his models but it was done half-heartedly.

I sincerely hope that the pendulum will eventually swing back to the way things were and that at least one set from a shoot will contain a nice strip or lingerie.

09-23-12  12:10pm

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Visit Aunt Judy's

Aunt Judy's

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: A plentiful amount of models or varying ages and looks now that AJ and Older Women have been combined.

Picture sets are HR, 2000 pixels on the long side, zipped.

A movies only section is also part of the deal.

Updates appear to be regular.

Speed was fairly good for me. All you need for, what is basically, a photo site.
Cons: Very awkward way of naming their sets.

No true Hi-Res pictures.

Movies are a disgrace.

Site navigation and viewing are unnecessarily complicated.

Navigation is sticky.

Most photo sets are uninspired.
Bottom Line: Well, they did it to me again. I got a special Memorial Day offer that took ten dollars off their regular price for one month and, as a lover of mature women, how could I resist, despite previous vows never to subscribe again. What can I say? Hope does spring eternal in the human breast! Maybe they improved in the meantime?

This site is still basically second rate when compared to other mature sites. The 2000 pixels long side sets lack the crispness and the ability to count every pore, every hair on a model that is found on just about every other picture site these days. Here, the pictures seem basically enlargements, and that's it.

The naming of the picture sets itself is very awkward and it is incomprehensible to me why they would do things this way.

Let's say you find a favorite model and want to download all of her sets. Well, they are all named Eve.zip (example only).

Your computer will most likely make sure that they are re-named Eve (1).zip, Eve (2). zip etc. however every picture within every set is named exactly the same. Why would they do that? This requires a lot of renaming, and if you ever make the mistake of unzipping all of them at the same time you will find yourself with an unholy mess.

The whole set-up is awkward and hard to navigate. Seeing that Aunt Judys, Older Women and Older Women movies are now one "super site" why not have everything in one spot and just keep listing the various niches.

Want to look at the high res version of a picture in a set? First click on thumbnail of model, then click on thumbnail of the picture you want to look at, within the set. This gives you the small version of the picture you want to study in detail. Now click on that and a new window opens with another small picture you have to click on in order to finally get your so-called HI-RES 2000 pixels long version. So many unnecessary steps.

But I would forgive them for every one of their attempts to make it harder for me to navigate and view, if only their picture sets were not so incredibly stiff, lifeless, unimaginative, dull, inept.

As usual, there are exceptions to the rule, but generally speaking their stable of photographers should be fired wholesale.

The movies are a farce. I cannot find a bit of difference between their DVD quality movies and their so-called HD quality wmv files. I found, to my great disappointment that their "HD" videos were without exception 640x480 px with a total bitrate of approx. 3300.

Now other sites manage to give you a decent picture even with those specifications but trust me, the quality here is really bad. I cannot bear to watch anything I have downloaded so far, especially in full screen.

Low recommendation. They are not ripping you off, but they don't give you top quality either and if you subscribed at their regular price you would pay too much.

05-29-10  09:14am

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Visit Aunt Judy's

Aunt Judy's

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: A site that recognizes that beautiful amateurs can be found in an older age bracket. Gives a choice to pick models by category. Lots of mature models.
Cons: Picture quality is very uneven. Some of the newer sets aren't bad, some of the older ones I don't bother downloading because they are too small and greyish. An effort is being made by AJ to upgrade old sets but after they do this they aggravatingly remove them from their main site and put them into an AJ Archive that requires an additional subscription fee. Movie quality is horrible almost throughout. Haven't come across a decent one in the three weeks I've been subscribing to the site.
Bottom Line: Some nice, mature amateurs, but you can download the ones that truly appeal to your personal taste in a matter of days. Movies are not worth downloading because the site got stuck in the '90's when it comes to quality. Way overpriced for what you get. Updates are regular but too infrequent. I won't resubscribe.

11-07-07  01:17pm

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Visit Bangbros Network

Bangbros Network

No Review.
02-29-12  03:15pm

Visit Black Ice Pass

Black Ice Pass

No Review.
02-27-12  12:57pm

Visit Boys Love Matures

Boys Love Matures

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Mostly attractive mature women.

Latest videos are in HD format at 1280x720p wmv at a bitrate of 3000. Picture is good but could be better.

Videos can be streamed.

Picture sets (All Hardcore) are crisp and come zipped.

Updates are regular.
Cons: Updates may be regular but are infrequent. As far as I can tell, videos update every three weeks while picture sets update every two weeks, give or take a couple of days.

Content is small with 82 videos. What makes it even worse is that only about twenty of the latest ones are in HD format, the rest are 640x480p.

If you wish to download pictures you are asked for your log-in information all over again. This morning I put in the correct info four times and was rejected all four times. A request for help by support presented me with a captcha that was almost illegible and makes it necessary most of the time to keep changing it until you finally get something you can read.

Only one download at a time, if you attempt more you will get an error message.
Bottom Line: I got this site as a bonus when I first signed up to Stunning Matures and liked the fact that they at least had streaming where you could check out the videos first.

I also like the fact that they have quality picture sets of the video shoots. I must point out though that the sets are small (50+/-) and that the average picture weighs in at 1500x1000px. Not bad but not exactly cutting edge.

The videos are typically Ferro: The technical expertise is there, but in many the heat is lacking or the premise is improbable.

In one scene, for instance, a “cougar” is attacking a young man with a ferocity that almost amounts to rape while he pretends to be totally disgusted by the whole thing until eventually his juices start flowing and they continue on from there.

In other scenes the couple have barely entered a room when the Mature whips off her clothes, most often behind the surprised “young” man's back. I know these are fantasies but these B grade fantasies are usually only found in erotic stories written by inexperienced boys.

Something that makes more sense leading up to the action would be a great improvement, it needn't be long, just a bit smarter.

One other thing that bothers me is that the “boys” are so often almost of the same age as the matures. Or, to give the site the benefit of the doubt, they appear to be almost as old.

Finally, my biggest beef: The huge watermarks on pictures (lower right hand corner) and videos (lower right hand corner as well as upper left.)

General impression: I suppose if you stay long enough (a month) to accumulate an extra four bonus sites then subscribing to any of the Ferro sites is not a bad deal.

Especially since my criticism of the content quite naturally is highly subjective. I realize that, without a doubt, the videos I pan might be quite erotic and appealing to others, so the site didn't get the same low mark I gave to “Stunning Matures.”

As for me, I have cancelled already after two days because I just can't get warm to their site set-up, the difficulty in obtaining pictures and the incredibly huge water marks. If the videos and pictures I might download from added bonus sites during the month turn out to have smaller water marks I might be nudging the score up a bit.

01-23-12  12:39pm

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Visit Cathy's Craving

Cathy's Craving

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Prodigious output by one amateur model.

Bonus Sites.

Frequent updates.

No Download Limits.
Cons: Older material is best because it seems more spontaneous but the quality is terrible.

Newer material is better when it comes to quality (640x480 wmv.) but I find that the staged quality of the newer videos is leaving me cold. There's no heart, no passion .. gangbangs, for instance, seem nothing but an opportunity to take pictures and to get another update ready for the members: "Okay, now let's try this position or that position," and this is done with a stable of male "amateurs" that are seen in scene after scene and location after location. There is chatter and laughter throughout some scenes that could be very hot if they allowed the viewer to get involved in the fantasy without having to listen to directions given and inane giggles.

The action is raw and raunchy but the eroticism is missing.
Bottom Line: I like mature women. I like Cathy. I certainly like the price offered to our members (I wish I had known about the special discount because I subscribed from the outside .. will never do that again) and despite the fact that the cons above annoyed me no end I would still recommend mildly a one month subscription. Go to the site, get an idea what Cathy looks like, if you like her then there's quite a bit of material for you to download even though quality lags a bit.

03-09-09  11:21am

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Visit Daily Sex Dose

Daily Sex Dose

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Daily updates as name implies.

Beautiful models, Eve Angel and Sophie Moone among them.

Quality pictures available in 853x1280 as well as in large at 2246x3370px. Picture sets can be quite large. Sample set contained 188 photos.

Videos available in various formats. I especially like to have the choice of HD videos. They are available at 1280x720px 4596 kbps wmv format as well as in 1920x1080px in wmv and mp4.

Downloads were extremely fast for me at 3.5 MB/s when using DTA (Firefox).

Part of the 21Sextury Network.
Cons: Mostly solo sets, something that appeals to me but others might like something a bit harder.

There are only 4 GG and 2 BG among 53 scenes.

My usual complaint (but not reflected in the score) the girls get nude and down to business too quickly. Again others might enjoy exactly that but I find I get bored very easily if masturbation or any sort of sexual activity goes on too long. I would prefer a slower lead-in to the action and a bit more lingerie on the ladies.
Bottom Line: Another quality site by 21Sextury.

At the moment they only have 53 scenes and matching photo sets, but with their daily updates they should grow rapidly.

However it is my feeling that they should vary the solos a bit more because one's boredom threshold could be reached very quickly.

Photography and videography are outstanding as usual, but you will pay for the quality with having to download extremely large files.

If you like a more softcore site among the many offered by 21Sextury this might be the one for you.

In any case membership does include quite a few bonus sites ( I got 47 for a one year subscription) but there's a respectable number of them even for the short term subscriber.

Another bonus is that the price will reduce from month to month so you can't really go wrong on this one. Recommended.

02-21-11  06:57pm

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Visit Download Pass

Download Pass

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Updated: 05-14-09  10:01am  (Update History)
Reason: Slow speeds, broken links, difficulty cancelling, webmaster stopped being responsive.
Pros: + Large selection of videos. As of this date, over 4300 DVDs with over 23000 scenes.

+ Daily update consisting of two - three videos.


+ Attractive Layout. Easy searching. A good selection of bonus sites.

+ Excellent price for our members.
Cons: - Non exclusive contents.

- Links that lead to scenes other than the ones requested.

- Search could be better when looking to narrow down one's choice of video or segment.

- Navigation within the site is slow and sticky.

- Picture sets are not zipped, however that's a small flaw in a site that is primarily a Video Archive.

- Most Bonus sites allow streaming only.

- Too many steps to sign in.
Bottom Line: In the original review I found this a very good site for the price. At the time I didn't run into any of the problems mentioned by other users but during the term of my second subscription experienced most if not all of the problems others before had with the site.

There are many DVDs I have seen already on Videobox but that's to be expected in an archive. Picture quality varies from so-so to good, depending on the age of the video and the state of the technology at the time.

First time I unsubscribed just to make sure that the process was uncomplicated and that users' complaints that they were forced to make long distance calls in order to cancel no longer had any validity my cancellation went flawlessly and I received an acknowledgment on the same day.
This time around ... see below.

May 14:

Review was downgraded by 15 points because the fast speed turned out to be an illusion. Once in a while it would meet its target but most of the time it was painfully slow.

Webmaster stopped responding to email after a couple of critical but justified remarks (see my remarks upper right of page).

Many links in bonus site are broken. Watching HD contents on some of the bonus sites has turned out to be painful because of all the stops because of slow speed. Webmaster was informed of difficulties but never responded making me feel that I was being used first time around.

Cancellation is unnecessarily difficult with no acknowledgment of the transaction. Three separate attempts to get the Billing company (owned by site?) to re-assure me went unanswered. Three emails to the webmaster in connection with the same subject went unanswered.

It appears that all the criticism by others re. speed, cancellation, broken links etc. was justified and I apologize for my original positive review.

02-04-09  09:45am

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Visit DVD Rack

DVD Rack

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Updated: 06-27-09  03:16pm  (Update History)
Reason: Positive Changes!
Pros: Over 4000 DVDs, 720x480, total bitrate of 4000. Can be streamed or downloaded in wmv format, high, medium or low.

Daily updates with five new DVDs.

Nice clean, appealing GUI, nice navigation, nice search that allows you to do in depth searches for your favorite stars, genres, DVDs, most recent updates, video producers etc.
Cons: Slow, slow, slow speeds. Am at present downloading one scene at a speed that alternates between 90 and 130 KB/sec. Files are huge but deliver only a mediocre picture on most DVDs despite the high bitrate. Many broken links always giving the, by now, hated message: "An Error Has Occured: Movie is 1513 sec long but you have requested 1514 sec." What the heck does that mean? Support is non-existent because two emails sent regarding the rather baffling message above went unanswered. It's almost as if the site were set on "automatic" because nothing broken seems to get fixed and no complaint gets answered. Movies are mislabeled: Under "Classics" I found "Deepthroat" and the site even mentions Linda Lovelace and Harry Reems beside the cover above the scenes but the scenes themselves are from a completely different movie.Synchronization of sound is frequently off.
Bottom Line: Here is another potentially great place for lovers of bargains that fails to deliver. The selection of DVDs is great, the updates are on a par with Videobox but very slow speed, plus many, many errors throughout the site, plus a non-responsive support team make the place very unappealing.

I had made myself a promise that I was going to wait for a full month before I wrote a review on any site but, in this case, one week has been enough to prove to me that extremely low speeds are a chronic problem and not just a fluke, and that even high bitrates don't guarantee a crisp picture.

A little hint: in order to combat the slow speed line up 15 - 20 scenes on your Firefox downloader (yes, they let you do that) and then do something else for six hours. With a bit of luck many of them will have downloaded onto your hard drive by then.

And I am sick and tired of clicking on a download only to get: "An Error Has Occured: Movie is 1513 sec long but you have requested 1514 sec."

Not recommended even at the low price. You will be better off to spend a couple of extra dollars a month and subscribe to a Video site that delivers rather than this, I must say, beautiful looking clunker.

And for those who might be interested: the scene I mentioned above, the one I had started to download five minutes before commencing this review is still downloading with 34 minutes to go! And once I get it I will probably throw it out because it isn't "crisp" enough. :-)


I don't know if this site was teasing me during my first two weeks of subscription or if they got tons of complaints during the past month, but in order to be fair I upped my review by a full ten points because in my last week with this site I have not found a single broken link and speeds have unaccountably been around 360 KB/s (single download) during varying times of the day. It still amounts to only 1/4 of my usual speed but for anyone without broadband 360 isn't bad. And so, a 79.

06-10-09  07:37pm

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Visit Easy Elders

Easy Elders

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Lots of video scenes, the site lists 19433 (labeled misleadingly as "videos".)

Lots of pictures, site lists 3.951.559.

123 Bonus sites. These sites are incorporated into "easy elders" because no password is required to navigate between them. Download speeds were usually around 400 - 600 KB/s.

The price is right for our members.
Cons: There is very little "elder" content in the main site. Milf would describe it better. The contents listed under "Pros" are scattered over 122 very small sites, most having nothing to do with "elder." i.e. there is a fairly large gay and trannie section. Some video segments, in some sites, are downloadable but most of the sites are streaming only. Even then streaming is iffy .. quite a few sites stutter and I could only stream properly when using a "dial-up" speed setting which greatly reduced the viewing quality.
Picture quality on all sites is generally poor, average size 600x800 or less and not zipped!
Awkward navigation, guessing game when it comes to updates. Some sites might never update and you would never know it unless it happens to be your favorite site. Entry into the site is unnecessarily complicated, a pin number (or email address) is required on top of username, password and the security code. A bit of an overkill just to enter a mediocre site.
Bottom Line: A bunch of little sites thrown together. All of them outdated, unoriginal, and not offering much excitement.

If you look for pictures, look elsewhere, the quality is that bad! If you look for "elder," look elsewhere. If you look for young and pretty, also look elsewhere because most of the time after you finally find something you like you'll only be disappointed because you can only stream it. I suppose it's not too bad a deal for ten dollars but that's all you can say about this "network."

Very lukewarm recommendation for those who want to subscribe for the special price!

Not recommended for those who pay the regular subscription price.

09-07-08  03:28pm

Replies (4)
Visit English MILF

English MILF

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Updated: 06-09-11  08:06pm  (Update History)
Reason: The longer I am in this site the more I notice its flaws. See update below:
Pros: Surprising amount of pictures and videos for a Solo Model Site

I counted approx. 150 picture sets (1024 px), 110+ movies (720x576), anywhere between 20 and forty minutes long judging by the samples I downloaded. There are over 100 shorter clips for download as well.


Short sex stories containing pictures of model.

Model is a happy amateur exhibitionist (the site is run by her and her husband) and it shows.

Mostly softcore. Hardcore content is mainly role playing between husband and wife.

2 Bonus sites: Daniella Lycra Ass and Daniella in Pantyhose, great for lovers of either or both.
Cons: No streaming, but because the videos are also offered in very short 1 minute clips with pictures for those with slower speed one can get a good idea what the video contains. Still I miss being able to preview a video.

Large and very obvious watermarks.

Pictures are not offered in zipped form.

No search engine.
Bottom Line: The site is run by a Lady called Daniella English and her husband and it should be everything I hate: no zips for the pictures, large water marks, no streaming, no HD videos.

If I saw this mentioned in anyone else's review I would say, no thanks, yet there is something very appealing to this site and I confess that, despite the above mentioned shortcomings, I like it. Probably because it is not run by professionals which is a welcome switch.

Daniella has an incredible posterior - and be warned that in most videos and picture sets the emphasis is on showing off this large booty. She also has lovely big natural breasts and nipples and you truly get the feeling that she really enjoys showing off both. Those who expect a glamor model will not like this site but those who enjoy an ordinary housewife doing "rude" things for our sexual gratification will be glad they joined.

Because of the above mentioned cons I could not in clear conscience give the site a higher score but I like it nevertheless.

Update 09/06/2011: I was willing to overlook quite a few of the flaws of this site because I was so thrilled to run into a real amateur for a change but the longer I am with it the more I discover its flaws.

Many videos are too formulaic concentrating mostly on the butt of the model while there are very few prolonged frontal shots, or even shots of the English Milf's face.

Updates may be regular but are turning out to be too infrequent for my taste. Some updates (today's) could hardly be called an update at all because it consists of a very inferior series of small vidcaps.

And so, regrettably there's less to this site than I first hoped for and I am reducing my original score accordingly.

05-24-11  07:25pm

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Visit Facial Abuse

Facial Abuse

No Review.
08-03-09  06:15pm

Visit Frank's TGirl World

Frank's TGirl World

No Review.
07-24-11  04:31pm

Visit FTV Girls

FTV Girls

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Tons of very attractive models.

The new Super HD videos are crystal clear with
a size of 1440x1080 and a total bitrate of 8000 kbps.

Picture sets are zipped.
Cons: Older videos (even as recent as 2007 and 2006) are of mediocre quality. Just as an experiment I went to the models' list and downloaded two video segments each from the first two models that were listed with a 2000 bitrate, wmv. I also downloaded the same two segments in divx.

Divx was an unmitigated disaster, the wmv files were better but far from crisp and clear as one would expect from something shot as recently as one - two years ago. One video shot in 2004 and downloaded because I really liked the model hit the recycle bin within seconds it was so awful.

The segments are numbered in a most awkward way. Each you will download will be called 01dx (for DVX), 01w (WMV), 01HD (HD) and you will be forced to rename it. Even if a model has two separate sets, both are named the same.

There is no search engine.

Some pictures can be obtained zipped in super size but the choice of pictures is arbitrary!

The regular pictures themselves are only so-so in size and definition.
Bottom Line: There should be two scores: One for what FTV are offering NOW (for that I would give them a ninety even if the updates ARE slow) and one for the rest of their material which is really mediocre in my eyes. The girls are great and are doing some daring things in a natural way which I find appealing but what good is that if the picture is small and blurred as is so often the case with the older material.

September 16: I will not lower the original score because the site deserves it but the more I read the site's derogatory comments on some of the models' looks or performance, the angrier I got.

It is demeaning to them and uncalled for. Let us users make up our minds if someone's body needs "tone" (a comment in today's update) or if their actions weren't as enthusiastic as they could have been. This site will NOT be revisited by me.

08-22-08  08:13pm

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Visit Girls Out West

Girls Out West

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Others have given all the details (quality, regularity of updates and navigation etc. etc.) regarding this site, so allow me to generalize and simply state, or shout: This is without a doubt the best amateur site I have come across so far.

Instead of a bevy of aspiring porn stars (read clones) here be found real women! Arghh!

There are the skinny, the chubby, the shaved, the hairy, the teens and the mature. There are teeth that aren't capped, pimples that aren't hidden under layers of make-up, hair that's not always perfect, instead there's simply a bunch of models who are for the most part unabashed exhibitionists, cheered on by photographers (female) who don't give a hoot if they end up in the picture now and then, by accident or design.

I think the web mistress defiantly proclaims through every set and video: take us or leave us!

Well, I gladly take it! The site is one of the few that's true to its niche, yet the pictures and videos are of good to excellent quality.
Cons: I really can't find any cons, except for the usual one: that some of the older material is obviously not as high quality as the newer stuff.
Bottom Line: Summing up: this is my second subscription to this site. I was so delighted with it first time around that I put down money for a three month subscription this time. (Billing through CCBill, another plus)

After reading tons of reviews from my fellow PU members I must warn those who express disappointment in connection with other sites because they always find some models that fall short of their ideal, that this might not be the perfect site for them.

However, for those who long for natural rather than "porn queen pretty", this could easily become their second home.

I know that I find ALL of the girls gorgeous because they almost manage to convince an old cynic that they are not just posing for money.

They ARE the girls/women next door who like to be naughty now and then. Three cheers for our friends from Oz for running a great site.

05-07-08  02:12pm

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Visit In The Crack

In The Crack

No Review.
06-14-10  10:13am

Visit JAV HD


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: A large collection of videos. Site claims 12888 but this number has not changed in days even though they update, as a rule, with at least two videos daily so, take with a grain of salt.

HD videos, 1920x1080p with a total bitrate of 3000+ since late 2011. Date is approximate.

Attractive, mostly young, Japanese models.

Part of a network of five sites.

Zipped picture sets. Pictures are taken from the video but are of better quality than most screen caps.
The most recent set contains 27 pictures, sized 1000x1500px.

Movies and pictures are not pixellated.

Excellent download speed for me, maxing out my connection.
Cons: Generic porn with no surprises or originality. This comes from an older man, someone younger might disagree with my assessment.

My niche, mature women in sexy lingerie, is disappointingly under-represented.

Most older videos are not in HD but of lower quality, which is normal for all sites that have been around for a while, but this annoyed me because I expected a site calle JAVHD to be all HD.

No model biographies, inaccurate niche listings, eg. I expected to find mature women under “mature,” and not just someone over twenty, unless older Japanese women look exceptionally young. In most sites there are MILFs (over 30) and all that are older than MILFs will be sorted under mature. Which usually means 40 years of age and up. I am still looking for a single 40+ female on this site.
Bottom Line: Well, as I explained in my comment, Japanese Porn has the reputation of being different, so my expectation of finding something that I hadn't seen before was high. Regrettably, I am finding mostly every day, generic porn .. not bad at all, mind you, if you just started to get into Porn recently .. but for anyone who has been looking at videos for years this site is no better than any other video site and even worse in some aspects. For instance, the preponderance of those microphone shaped wands used to stimulate women's clits, is astounding.

Models are pleasantly (THEIR pleasure not mine) attacked with these monstrosities in every second video, or so it appears. If you don't like dildos or wands you will get annoyed at seeing so many videos containing them.

There are good things too about this site:

I haven't seen a single set of enhanced breasts, so far. I am sure they exist, but it appears that Japanese males have the good sense and taste to reject them.

There is no pixellation, which is great, but this might mean that this site is in non-Japanese hands, which would explain why the porn looked generally so unexciting to me. However, I do like the fact that the action is a bit slower than what we are used to and that the actors (male and female) nibble an ear now and then or dwell on a nipple a bit longer than two seconds, or concentrate on teasing for a while before the action starts. This is a lot more appealing to me then the frantic copulation right from the start that one is exposed to in so many North American videos.

Despite some of my negativity this is really not a bad site at all, and I rated it as such, I am sure many will like it, and the price is right at the moment, but for someone who was looking for a bit of excitement up and above that found in other large video sites it was a bit of a disappointment.

And I am still not sure what the offer to upgrade (under my account) entails. I thought I had it all. I have access to all five sites, there are no restrictions on downloads so what more could there be?

04-28-13  12:45pm

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Visit Karup's Older Women

Karup's Older Women

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Updated: 01-28-11  11:08am  (Update History)
Reason: Original score restored. See remarks below and also under comments.
Pros: A huge archive of mature, attractive models.

Picture sets: Older sets display at 1024x680 px, not bad if they are all like the sample set, dated 2005, that I test-downloaded. Newer sets are at 1500x1001px.

Latest videos are in HD at 1280x720, total bitrate close to 4000 kbps. Nice! I could not quite determine when either pictures or videos changed to a higher resolution but it cannot have been too long ago because even early 2010 videos are in 640x480 at 2000 kbps. However it must be stressed that they, as well, are of good quality and quite crisp if one does not insist on watching them full screen.

Excellent search engine.

Excellent basic home page lay out, even though it looks a bit dated, but it makes it very easy to find one's way around.
Cons: Bonus pictures and feeds: Bonus picture sets are from AllOver30 and Anilos. It would be nice if they could be downloaded zipped and in their best resolution. Many of us simply don't feel like downloading a set, one picture at a time.

The bonus "feeds" are even more disappointing because they consist of 1 minute clips of various DVDs only, and are further ruined by a logo running across the picture. Karups would do better not to offer bonuses that aren't really bonuses.

However, in all fairness, one of the bonuses, KarupsPC Content, is a nice little gift because the picture sets are zipped and the quality itself is fine even though they date back to 2005.

Search engine, as much as I like it, should have the additional function of filtering HD content and High Res Picture sets. Many users are no longer content with less than HD quality and don't like to sift through all the updates and models to find what they want.

Too many enhanced breasts.

Cons continued below:
Bottom Line: The term older does not really fit because most models would be called MILFS or Cougars or Mature in other places. There is only a handful of models over 50 and only one over 60.

Bottom Line:

A nice, solid, quality site for lovers of mature women. So far it does not live up to my personal expectations because my preferred niche is erotic lingerie, while most models that are found under "Lingerie" or "Panties" in their advanced search appear to wear daily ho-hum "underwear" that is practical rather than arousing.

Experience has taught me that my taste is not necessarily the generally accepted one so I won't hold this against the site.

I have also found a few videos and picture sets that do come a bit closer to what I want in the short time I have been with this site, so who knows, maybe between the updates and the site's vast store of material I'll be able to dig out a few more erotic nuggets during my month of membership.

Edited Jan. 28, 2011

I received a notice yesterday informing me that my subscription had expired despite the fact that I have still three weeks to go. Access was cut off immediately and two emails to support to correct the situation brought no response. It is impossible to get in touch with their Billing Company because the only link provided is that of KarupsOW support. Because support, when needed, plays such an important part I have downgraded my review by five points.

Edit: Score restored to its original because I got a response to my 3rd email informing me of a glitch in their system and their efforts to correct it. Additional days have been promised for every day lost now.

01-20-11  01:19pm

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Visit Lacy Nylons

Lacy Nylons

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Models on the average are easy on the eye. Not porn star quality but not ugly either.

Site updates videos once every eight days. Not great but mentioned under the pros because other Ferro Sites are so much worse when it comes to updating.

Picture sets appear to update every two days.

Videos since 2009 (I counted 114) have been shot in HD at 1280x720p in wmv at a total bitrate of 3320kbps. Videos before that are at 640x480p.

Picture sets can be downloaded zipped, with the individual picture weighing in around 1000x1500px.
Cons: Separate sign-ins required for pictures and videos, because the username and password are generated by Ferro and therefore very convoluted, it is an impossibly aggravating extra task to have to sign in twice to every site you receive as a bonus that also contains pictures.

The huge watermarks in the bottom right hand corner as well as in the left top corner I've remarked upon in previous previews of other Ferro sites, are present here, too, and manage greatly to add to the aggravation factor. I almost didn't bother adding this site because while the technical quality of the videos isn't too bad, they are not worth looking at with that intrusive logo staring you in the face all through the video.

Picture sets are small and not very erotic.

Download and streaming are highly erratic. My downloads started at around 1MB/s, gradually reduced to 200K/s, and then see-sawed back and forth between those two values.

No proper search engine, no model directory or bio.
Bottom Line: This is a site I was prepared to love. After all, who, over fifty, does not like to see models dressed in nylons and garter belt?

And you get plenty of that in this site. For once pantyhose was not substituted in someone's mind for stockings and they stick to the old definition when it comes to nylons.

One idiosyncrasy of this site, or maybe two:

Most models start out naked and then get slowly dressed, rather than the other way around, also very few of them wear panties but walk around commando style under their lovely dresses instead.

This anachronism is jarring to an old-timer because nylons and garter belts belong to an era where no woman would have thought to get dressed without panties and slip.

Both picture sets and videos lack imagination, with the models looking stiff and uninvolved. Of course, it doesn't help that the videos are in a foreign language (Russian? Hungarian? Czech?) so you miss out on the context of the video as well.

Let me sum things up in a highly subjective way (in other words don't take every negative thing I have to say as the Gospel truth):

A. I wouldn't bother with the pictures. The quality is too uneven and the sets are too small. Plus the logo, even if it has been reduced to one only, is still too intrusive.

B. I wouldn't bother with the videos because they lack erotic heat as well as the tease factor, and on top of that they are being ruined by watermarks that are meant to protect their copyright but manage instead to aggravate purists like me who like to look at a clean picture with no, or at most, with a discrete logo.

The separate sign-in for the various sites is just plain dumb. Especially if a distinction is being made between pictures and videos requiring authorization by both.

If I judged this site, or any other Ferro site I got during this past month, for myself I wouldn't give any of them more than a 69 because I look and then throw away ... see humongous watermarks.

However because of their relatively good rate of update, plus the basically decent TECHNICAL quality of the videos, plus the fact that one monthly subscription will give you four sites eventually, I will give it a 79. Of the four Ferro sites I reviewed during the past month this site, despite its flaws, is the best.

BTW, the site is softcore with some toy play thrown in. A plus for me (the softcore part), might be a minus for others.

02-05-12  08:05pm

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Visit Ladies Kiss Ladies

Ladies Kiss Ladies

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Some beautiful Russian Models.

+ Excellent video quality (1280 x 720, 3000 kbps, wmv) in the most recent (approx 40) updates. Very good quality in earlier clips (640 x 480) in avi. format.

+ Good picture quality at 1500 x 1000 px in latest sets.

+ Exclusive material.

+ Steady but not frequent updates.

+ Excellent download speed if downloading one file at a time.

+ Loyalty bonuses: This site is part of a network of fifty sites and one extra site can be added as a bonus every week one remains a member. The network itself is mostly about lesbianism, gay, transsexual and transvestite life styles ... even about sissies, but does contain a few straight sites. Nice sites also for lovers of pantyhose or stockings.
Cons: - All the scenes are in Russian and because much of the clips consist of lengthy conversations watching can become frustrating.
- Some scenes are passionate but many lack life.
- Cameramen should imitate North Americans when it comes to picking the right angles. Quite frequently the action is being veiled by one of the models' hair and you seldom get a clear view of what exactly she is doing.
- Picture sets can be quite meager (35 pix).
- Being asked for my password and user name too frequently when attempting to download picture sets.
- Allowed only one download at a time when using DownThemAll. Speed however reached over 3MB/s for me, so this was only a minor irritant.
- Large watermark taking up most of bottom right.
- No search tools.
Bottom Line: I am impressed with the technical quality of the latest videos and have found a few already that are keepers but there are also quite a few I deleted after only watching a few minutes because the models acted too detached and lacked true passion or the video looked like a lecture on how to use Lesbian sex toys rather than two women who were truly involved with one another.

I picked up my first bonus site when first signing on, it is called "Girls For Matures" (you can pick any of 49) but I have a hard time figuring out which one of the two is the mature one and which one is the girl! If that's any indication of what's to come then I am not exactly holding my breath for that next bonus.**

Most aggravating is that I have to give a password and user name created by them (which means it is so convoluted that it can't be remembered) every time I want to download a picture set. Things are fine for the rest of the session once I do that but next time I visit it will ask me again even though I am inside the site already.

Bottom line: There are some good clips and picture sets to be had but many are just so-so and repetitive and in a foreign language to boot.

If you don't mind the $ 30.00 price tag a one month subscription might be worth your while. The kissing can be quite passionate and arousing to male and female subscriber alike.

**Next bonus arrived. I picked "Boys Love Matures" and am forced to repeat what I wrote above. The boys are frequently men in their thirties with the mature women barely a couple of years older, so beware if you go for old-young themes. Most clips are in avi format even in the latest updates. If the bonus sites I've received so far are any indication of what the rest of the Ferro network is like then I would really advise against a subscription.

07-04-10  11:33am

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Visit Lady Suspender

Lady Suspender

Status: Was a member approx. 6 months prior to this review.
Pros: + Mostly Mature Amateur Models. I did recognize some models from Pro sites but they are few and far between.

+ Exclusive contents.

+ Sticks faithfully to its niche of catering to girdle and old-fashioned lingerie fetishists.

+ No Download Restrictions.

+ Pictures can be downloaded zipped.
Cons: Picture sets are relatively small and are basically just repeating what you can see on the video clips.

Torturous search to find all the parts of a video since they come in small chunks over a period of time.

Very confusing and old-fashioned interface.

If I remember right video was at 640x480, 1000 bitrate, a bit underpowered for 2009 but not bad.
Might have improved in the meantime. I will let you know in a comment when I re-subscribe to this site.
Bottom Line: I felt the need to make this quick new review because I was not entirely fair to this site in my previous one.

Because, at the time, I was only a member for one month I assumed that full DVDs could only be obtained by ordering them at outrageous prices (by North American standards) from this site.

I have discovered in the meantime that, with enough patience, all the parts of the DVD can be obtained with the membership .. so I retract my remarks re. "shilling" and will up the score at the same time.

Not only that, but I find that I retained quite a few clips from this site because they have kept their appeal to me over the past year, something I can't say for every site I have subscribed to.

I would recommend this site to lovers of mature amateur women and especially of mature apparel like girdles, slips, nylons, full nylon panties, garter belts etc.

Don't expect hardcore. This is a very soft core site, catering primarily to the fetish mentioned above. It contains some mild lesbian and spanking scenes and a lot of intimate fitting of various foundational garments that allow the (female) fitter to do a bit of lusty groping. There is nudity but it is of the discrete kind, no "gapes" to be found here.

02-04-10  07:38pm

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Visit Lady Suspender

Lady Suspender

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: A site that is reasonably true to its niche.

Mostly mature amateur models.

Picture and Video quality, while not outstanding, is reasonable. New videos are 640x480 at 1000 bitrate.

Picture sets are zipped, however ... see below.
Cons: The more I look and download the more I realize that the site is actually nothing but a tease to encourage you to purchase their DVDs. at a steep price in my opinion. I saw one that sold for 35 British Pounds.

Video segments are poorly organized and it takes a lot of searching to find part one or part two of a series. Once all the parts are found it usually amounts to no more than a ten - fifteen minute excerpt of a Video that has no beginning or end for the above mentioned reasons.

Most picture sets are duplicates of the incomplete videos and can be downloaded zipped but beware, most sets are small and still require multiple zips .. one per page of pictures.
Bottom Line: I must confess to having mixed feelings about this site. On the one hand it is refreshing to see mature women in old-fashioned underwear, something very appealing to someone over fifty, well, appealing to me, anyway and I'm enjoying the "teases", as frustrating as they are in their incompleteness.

On the other hand, however, I have seen some of the models on other mature sites and, most importantly, I really don't like having spent a subscription fee just to be used by a site shilling their products.

03-08-09  01:07pm

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Visit Lingerie BBW

Lingerie BBW

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Has BBWs

+Has Lingerie (mostly fetish wear)

+Part of a 25 sites Fetish Network (sort of)
Cons: -Video quality is horrible (No HD available). There is not a single downloaded clip that can be viewed in full window without being horrendously blurred as the total bitrate is around 1000.

-Updates every 8 days a small part of a DVD. It can take as many as 12-13 parts to obtain the complete DVD.

-Downloads restricted to 600 kbps and to one file at a time. During this time it is impossible to move around the site or to do any streaming.

-Streaming itself is inadequate at approx 400x300 (didn't stop to get the exact details).

-Most of the extra sites offered are streaming only, from 3rd party providers to boot. with a streaming window that is absolutely tiny and featuring a blurred video..

-Very limited for a fetish site (some BDSM, some TS contents, some BBW, some Female domination, some pantyhose ,,, that's about it. If you are interested in any of these fetishes .. read above re quality.

-Member's page is absolutely horrendous, overcrowded, the most confusing I have ever see
Bottom Line: I have not one good thing to say about this site. It is a total rip-off at $ 29.95 and made me, for the first time ever write to CCBill asking for a refund.

Make a wide detour around this site and all the sites listed with it.

Absolutely worst site I ever joined. I cancelled right away after looking at some samples and downloading enough to give me a fair idea of what LingerieBBW was all about. Now I am waiting for a response from CCBill.

07-26-11  10:14am

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Visit Lusty Grandmas

Lusty Grandmas

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Updated: 09-26-08  10:31am  (Update History)
Reason: Eight of the bonus sites no longer update. Main reason for downgrading: I am being flooded with Spam since I subscribed to this site.
Pros: Site sticks strictly to its niche. Plenty of real grandmas who look the part, each having at least one high quality picture set (1280x857) zipped and one very high quality video just short of HD.
Recent videos are primarily in wmv format and can be downloaded in whole in a zip file or in segments.

No DRM protection.

Download speed is fast at 1.2 MB/s.

Lusty Grandmas is part of a network. With the first month's subscription 34 other sites are now included catering to every taste. The number of bonus sites will be increased by two every additional month one subscribes while the price drops from $ 29,95 to $ 24.95 after the first month. Both are offered as a loyalty bonus. In addition two HD sites are promised down the road if one stays with Lusty Grandmas.

Amazingly enough in the light of past, bad experiences, the 34 bonus sites one receives seem to be of high quality (no time to test all) with lots of good material and not just low grade fillers to make the network look good.
Cons: The picture sets basically repeat what's on the video. They are of excellent quality but it would still be nice to have a picture set that is different from the video.

Updates come daily but I have problems with them coming in segments over a period of time. It amounts more to one update a week than a daily one, but with so many sites to pick from one never gets bored waiting for the next segment so that's a smallish "con."

Video scenarios are a bit repetitive and hard to understand at times because many of the models are Eastern Europeans whose English is not very good. Some videos even use interpreters.

That dratted security sign-in! Yep, the one that's so hard to make out in most places.

Epoch handles the subscription, which is good, but beware of a pre-checked free trial offer to another site when you sign up. You may not want it!
Bottom Line: In my efforts to get away from the perfect, powdered or oiled, fake breasted Barbies I strayed into new and unfamiliar territory but I must say that I like it because it is so dramatically different.

The models of Lusty Grandmas are not glamorous, they are not MILFs but rather the mothers of MILFs, most could not be called beautiful by any stretch of the imagination, but I like them .. a lot .. and for those of you who like glamor and glitz and nubile, you can always ignore this site and enjoy the other thirty_four.

There is a wealth of good material in them with at least a couple of sites to suit your taste.

This "mother" or should I say "grandmother" site makes it easy to sample some of the material. Go, have a look at the quality of the videos and pictures for yourself as you take their tour.

What you see is pretty well what you'll get in all (most? because I haven't looked at them all) of the sites when it comes to quality.

Another big plus I couldn't fit in above is the fact that no other sign-in but the first is required to cruise this net of sites.

03-28-08  11:49am

Replies (11)

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