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Visit DVD Rack

DVD Rack

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Updated: 06-27-09  03:16pm  (Update History)
Reason: Positive Changes!
Pros: Over 4000 DVDs, 720x480, total bitrate of 4000. Can be streamed or downloaded in wmv format, high, medium or low.

Daily updates with five new DVDs.

Nice clean, appealing GUI, nice navigation, nice search that allows you to do in depth searches for your favorite stars, genres, DVDs, most recent updates, video producers etc.
Cons: Slow, slow, slow speeds. Am at present downloading one scene at a speed that alternates between 90 and 130 KB/sec. Files are huge but deliver only a mediocre picture on most DVDs despite the high bitrate. Many broken links always giving the, by now, hated message: "An Error Has Occured: Movie is 1513 sec long but you have requested 1514 sec." What the heck does that mean? Support is non-existent because two emails sent regarding the rather baffling message above went unanswered. It's almost as if the site were set on "automatic" because nothing broken seems to get fixed and no complaint gets answered. Movies are mislabeled: Under "Classics" I found "Deepthroat" and the site even mentions Linda Lovelace and Harry Reems beside the cover above the scenes but the scenes themselves are from a completely different movie.Synchronization of sound is frequently off.
Bottom Line: Here is another potentially great place for lovers of bargains that fails to deliver. The selection of DVDs is great, the updates are on a par with Videobox but very slow speed, plus many, many errors throughout the site, plus a non-responsive support team make the place very unappealing.

I had made myself a promise that I was going to wait for a full month before I wrote a review on any site but, in this case, one week has been enough to prove to me that extremely low speeds are a chronic problem and not just a fluke, and that even high bitrates don't guarantee a crisp picture.

A little hint: in order to combat the slow speed line up 15 - 20 scenes on your Firefox downloader (yes, they let you do that) and then do something else for six hours. With a bit of luck many of them will have downloaded onto your hard drive by then.

And I am sick and tired of clicking on a download only to get: "An Error Has Occured: Movie is 1513 sec long but you have requested 1514 sec."

Not recommended even at the low price. You will be better off to spend a couple of extra dollars a month and subscribe to a Video site that delivers rather than this, I must say, beautiful looking clunker.

And for those who might be interested: the scene I mentioned above, the one I had started to download five minutes before commencing this review is still downloading with 34 minutes to go! And once I get it I will probably throw it out because it isn't "crisp" enough. :-)


I don't know if this site was teasing me during my first two weeks of subscription or if they got tons of complaints during the past month, but in order to be fair I upped my review by a full ten points because in my last week with this site I have not found a single broken link and speeds have unaccountably been around 360 KB/s (single download) during varying times of the day. It still amounts to only 1/4 of my usual speed but for anyone without broadband 360 isn't bad. And so, a 79.

06-10-09  07:37pm

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Visit Black Ice Pass

Black Ice Pass

No Review.
02-27-12  12:57pm

Visit Boys Love Matures

Boys Love Matures

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Mostly attractive mature women.

Latest videos are in HD format at 1280x720p wmv at a bitrate of 3000. Picture is good but could be better.

Videos can be streamed.

Picture sets (All Hardcore) are crisp and come zipped.

Updates are regular.
Cons: Updates may be regular but are infrequent. As far as I can tell, videos update every three weeks while picture sets update every two weeks, give or take a couple of days.

Content is small with 82 videos. What makes it even worse is that only about twenty of the latest ones are in HD format, the rest are 640x480p.

If you wish to download pictures you are asked for your log-in information all over again. This morning I put in the correct info four times and was rejected all four times. A request for help by support presented me with a captcha that was almost illegible and makes it necessary most of the time to keep changing it until you finally get something you can read.

Only one download at a time, if you attempt more you will get an error message.
Bottom Line: I got this site as a bonus when I first signed up to Stunning Matures and liked the fact that they at least had streaming where you could check out the videos first.

I also like the fact that they have quality picture sets of the video shoots. I must point out though that the sets are small (50+/-) and that the average picture weighs in at 1500x1000px. Not bad but not exactly cutting edge.

The videos are typically Ferro: The technical expertise is there, but in many the heat is lacking or the premise is improbable.

In one scene, for instance, a “cougar” is attacking a young man with a ferocity that almost amounts to rape while he pretends to be totally disgusted by the whole thing until eventually his juices start flowing and they continue on from there.

In other scenes the couple have barely entered a room when the Mature whips off her clothes, most often behind the surprised “young” man's back. I know these are fantasies but these B grade fantasies are usually only found in erotic stories written by inexperienced boys.

Something that makes more sense leading up to the action would be a great improvement, it needn't be long, just a bit smarter.

One other thing that bothers me is that the “boys” are so often almost of the same age as the matures. Or, to give the site the benefit of the doubt, they appear to be almost as old.

Finally, my biggest beef: The huge watermarks on pictures (lower right hand corner) and videos (lower right hand corner as well as upper left.)

General impression: I suppose if you stay long enough (a month) to accumulate an extra four bonus sites then subscribing to any of the Ferro sites is not a bad deal.

Especially since my criticism of the content quite naturally is highly subjective. I realize that, without a doubt, the videos I pan might be quite erotic and appealing to others, so the site didn't get the same low mark I gave to “Stunning Matures.”

As for me, I have cancelled already after two days because I just can't get warm to their site set-up, the difficulty in obtaining pictures and the incredibly huge water marks. If the videos and pictures I might download from added bonus sites during the month turn out to have smaller water marks I might be nudging the score up a bit.

01-23-12  12:39pm

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Visit Petites Parisiennes

Petites Parisiennes

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Updated: 05-09-11  03:23pm  (Update History)
Reason: Upped to original score because refund was promptly issued after a Billing France mistake.
Pros: 59 models by my count, (I might be off by a couple) who are generally quite appealing. Most have at least seven picture sets and 6 - 8 videos.

HD videos being offered at 720p and 1080p.

Picture sets being offered zipped at 1000, 2000 and 4000px.

Multiple downloads possible.

Detailed search, once you have figured it out, allowing you to search by every possible criterion, from body shape to setting of shoot and everything in between.

Original concepts in some shoots.

Regular daily updates alternating between picture sets and videos.
Cons: I hate to say it but I found most of the sets very bland, and even those containing lingerie were far from what I expected from the camera of a lingerie fetishist.

Many of the shoots are ill-lit, greyish in tone or too soft. (See Anais update, January 11, this one was definitely not ready for prime time unless the photographer was being artistic.) The wrong color is often used in the studio shoots. One model who was shot in front of a blue background looks ghastly, like a drowning victim.

The same question might be asked when it comes to focus. Is the photographer doing it for artistic effect or is it a mistake that the head of the model is blurred while the genitals are in sharp focus, and vice versa. One sample set even contained a foot in focus while everything around it was blurred. Affectation or artistry?

Many of the 4000px photo shoots I downloaded lacked detail and looked more like enlargements than Ultra High Resolution.

Videos are only between 2 and five minutes long.
Bottom Line: Okay, I could have kept on going about many of the videos being nothing but an actual photo shoot being filmed, or that most picture sets look more like screen caps when it comes to composition and positioning of the models, or that the navigation is highly confusing to the newbie, or that the file naming could be improved, but I think you get the point by now that I liked very little about this site.

I also believe it is in search of an identity:

There is artistic nude modeling, there are outdoors, exhibitionist shoots, there is lingerie etc.

I would say there are eight different categories in all, because most models have that many sets, all with a different motif from the others.

This would make it awfully hard for anyone, no matter what their taste, to like this site for very long because with only 50+ models one can download one's personal niche in a day or two.

Of course if you are less discriminating than I and like every setting, or if you tend to download models rather than themes, then you would be fine for the month.

I did like a lingerie set or two (talking about my own niche) but even there I was greatly disappointed. A flimsy wrap or nylons and garter belt in a handful of pictures does not an erotic set make.

Especially if so many pictures of the short sets (60 - 90 pics approx.) are out of focus in important places.

I did like the originality of having some models start out nude and then get dressed in their finery, rather than the other way around.

I also enjoyed the way their short interviews were conducted (4 - 5 minutes) by giving the model a handful of cards with questions on them and they could reply, or not, if they felt like it. No pressure put on, no offensive questions by the interviewer .. a nice change.

A change of a different kind: one model even confessed that she wasn't all that keen on sex. Her honesty is to be admired but doesn't exactly get the juices flowing.

Bottom Line:

I would say this is a softcore site for the artistically inclined, because all of that "softness" and out of focus material MUST have been shot that way intentionally (see the site's Forum for the exquisite equipment used by the photographer) and would appeal to a special, more refined taste than mine.

I really hate to say this (thinking of my good friend's review below) but I got more good material out of the sites I like to complain about than out of this one, and wish once again that I could give away a membership that others who like experimental photography might enjoy more than I do.

Added on the second last day of my subscription to this site (Feb. 20):

If you like crisp, clear, well-lit pictures with natural flesh colors do not waste your money on this site because you won't find them here.

The models are pretty but could look a lot prettier in someone else's hands. Subjective, I know, that's why I am really looking forward to some future review(s) to see how far off I was in my assessment.

01-24-11  10:48am

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Visit FTV Girls

FTV Girls

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Tons of very attractive models.

The new Super HD videos are crystal clear with
a size of 1440x1080 and a total bitrate of 8000 kbps.

Picture sets are zipped.
Cons: Older videos (even as recent as 2007 and 2006) are of mediocre quality. Just as an experiment I went to the models' list and downloaded two video segments each from the first two models that were listed with a 2000 bitrate, wmv. I also downloaded the same two segments in divx.

Divx was an unmitigated disaster, the wmv files were better but far from crisp and clear as one would expect from something shot as recently as one - two years ago. One video shot in 2004 and downloaded because I really liked the model hit the recycle bin within seconds it was so awful.

The segments are numbered in a most awkward way. Each you will download will be called 01dx (for DVX), 01w (WMV), 01HD (HD) and you will be forced to rename it. Even if a model has two separate sets, both are named the same.

There is no search engine.

Some pictures can be obtained zipped in super size but the choice of pictures is arbitrary!

The regular pictures themselves are only so-so in size and definition.
Bottom Line: There should be two scores: One for what FTV are offering NOW (for that I would give them a ninety even if the updates ARE slow) and one for the rest of their material which is really mediocre in my eyes. The girls are great and are doing some daring things in a natural way which I find appealing but what good is that if the picture is small and blurred as is so often the case with the older material.

September 16: I will not lower the original score because the site deserves it but the more I read the site's derogatory comments on some of the models' looks or performance, the angrier I got.

It is demeaning to them and uncalled for. Let us users make up our minds if someone's body needs "tone" (a comment in today's update) or if their actions weren't as enthusiastic as they could have been. This site will NOT be revisited by me.

08-22-08  08:13pm

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Visit Art-Lingerie


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: This site has maintained its emphasis on beauty since my last review. Not one bad looking model to be found.

Videos can be downloaded at 720p and lower. 720p would be my preferred size as the picture is good (albeit not as crisp as I would like it) and the file size is relatively small.

Picture sizes available in three resolutions. This review will have to be a one pointer because I have not downloaded one single set so far, therefore I cannot quote any picture dimensions.

Downloads have been at my top speed.

Daily updates. Usually two - three picture sets in a row, then a video.

If you are near the end of your subscription it might be worth your while to look at the coming updates because you can get five freebies (fast tracks) of material that has not yet been published, A very nice and generous touch.

Very nice, user friendly, lay out. Models and outfits can be rated, comments are possible and are not censored, to my knowledge.
Cons: It could be such a terrific site if only they put away the air brush, body make-up and photoshop for good and went with natural! For an ultra high resolution fan this can be so aggravating. I look at the models' faces and bodies, and all the small imperfections that make them the persons they are have been carefully removed until they look like someone from Madame Tussauds' Wax Museum. One can admire them but they are not erotic.
Bottom Line: Because the choice of lingerie sites is so limited I subscribe to Art-Lingerie now and then. I am limiting myself to the download of videos to escape the "improvements" in the picture sets, even though I am a collector of both.

To those who like the Only Tease, Only Satin etc. sites (and their picture sets) this site is highly recommended. You will find some more of the same, except there's more nudity here, but with none of the raunchiness found on other, similar sites. You will also find the same, user friendly home page and search engine as in the "Only ... " sites.

To the 58% who, like me, are craving something more crisp, more natural in their picture sets and more natural coloring (a bit too warm for my taste) in their videos, I would recommend waiting for a while before subscribing, just to see if the webmaster will give serious consideration to their preferences.

Until the unnatural softness and coloration of the pictures is fixed I can give this site no more than a 75.

07-22-12  05:47pm

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Visit Action Matures

Action Matures

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: 268 videos, many in 1280x720p HD 3000 bitrate, wmv format.

Older Videos at 640x480p 2000 bitrate, wmv or avi are not bad considering the advances made in quality over the years.

Many mature ladies, some for every taste, but don't expect glamor.

All contents are hardcore which is a plus for many.
Cons: The typical Ferro minimalism. No search engine, no model base, no scene description.

Lack of co-ordination between the various sites. I just received this one as a bonus and once again had to feed it my awkward generated user name and password. Other sites manage to make navigation between their sites easier, why can't Ferro.

The very strong feeling that the network is on cruise control without anyone at the helm. Last update to this site was in October 2011. It looks as if they have given up and just collect money now for what they have accumulated over the years.

Only one download at a time possible. Attempts to download a second one at the same time will fail.

The same HUGE watermarks as in their other sites. This is especially noticeable in the 640x480p videos with their smaller windows.

No pictures.
Bottom Line: This site might be worth a subscription to you if you like hardcore and reasonably mature women.

The picture quality in most videos is excellent, only spoiled for me by those accursed large watermarks on top and bottom. If you don't mind those then there is enough of what looks to be exclusive material to keep you happy for a while ... especially since one monthly subscription brings four bonus sites with it.

Just be warned that Ferro must be getting ready to leave a sinking ship, judging by the rarity of updates in all sites I have looked at so far, as well as deafening silence when it comes to support.

I won't be back but Ferro might strike a chord with you, so I'll give it a 75. Not great, but tolerable.

01-30-12  02:12pm

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Visit Frank's TGirl World

Frank's TGirl World

No Review.
07-24-11  04:31pm

Visit Skin Video

Skin Video

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Tons of clips and videos.

Good search with great choices to narrow the field to what you are looking for.

Good Price.
Cons: Clips in HD (1280 x 720 3100 kbps) and in lesser resolution (720 x 480 2100 kbps) are not up to net standards even though the technical details say they should be.

I found it quite easy to do a side by side comparison of the HD material because it was sitting on my hard drive already, downloaded from another site. I did not expect exclusive material but HD clips from one extraneous site only, and that for a premium price?

Despite the fact that there is a large amount of material subscribers should be aware that clips can range anywhere from 3 minutes to 30+ minutes.

Updates may come with regularity but consist of clips rather than DVDs. You always take a gamble with the updates themselves because the streaming is of terrible quality. I have yet to watch a streaming clip (HD excepted) where the picture isn't blurry and one has to wait until one has finished downloading a clip to see what the quality is really like. Cont'd below:
Bottom Line: There is no consistency when it comes to the date the latest clip was produced either. One would expect that a brand new update means a fairly recent production date but that is seldom the case.

Download speed varies wildly. I got only one fifth of my normal speed with this site and on the "old" site the speed was ridiculous at something like 64 KB/s.

The layout of the home page looks cluttered and confusing.

Clips are not exclusive. This is something to be expected, so I won't count this when it comes to the score.

Bottom line: Not one of the better Video sites in my estimation. If one counted all the clips added to the site during the average day it would amount to no more than a full DVD, or DVD and-a-half!

I did find some niche content I hadn't seen before but there's not too much of it in any of the niches that lie outside the mainstream.

This site made me regret the join from the moment I first logged in. Not only is the quality not very good but there is something outdated and "off" about it. Other video/DVD sites have advanced way past what this site has to offer.

Not a pleasant experience and I am really sorry I took the three months offer because of the HD content. I swore in the past I would never do that again but the price sounded so right! Sigh, not recommended.

11-30-10  03:29pm

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Visit Old Pussy Exam

Old Pussy Exam

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: True to niche (Gynecological Exams of older women).

Exclusive contents.

All videos in HD at 720p.

Large picture sets (over 300 not unusual) usually around 2000 px with zip download available.

Super fast download speed for me through Firefox when downloading videos one at a time. (3.5MB/s)
Cons: Not download manager friendly.

Daily download limit of 20 GB.

Contents still small with 29 models and 58 videos as well as 58 picture sets.

Updates only weekly, usually alternating between video and picture set.

Quality of HD movies and pictures could stand a bit of a boost in my opinion. The movies all seem a bit too bright (details in whites, like coats or panties, hard to make out because of this) and not quite as crisp as one would expect from 720p.

Pictures as well are not quite as sharp as one would expect with 2000px. Rather than true high resolution pictures they look more like enlargements. However I have been spoiled by sites where one could make out every pore on a models skin so it could be that I am a bit too demanding when it comes to the video and picture quality of this site. Compare TBPs review to mine and maybe the truth lies somewhere in-between.

Some of the models could still fall under the MILF category (a plus for many, I'm sure).
Bottom Line: Just to give you a bit more of a feel for the site. All models have two videos and two picture sets. One video and picture set is called "Naughty Nurse" (Solo) and another video and picture set is of the "examination" itself.

Nurses' uniforms tend to be be either tacky or inadequate (a simple hospital shirt). Because I'm not interested in uniforms this leaves half of the contents of little interest to me. You might like it.

There are further problems for me. I love older women and I get them on this site but the whole thing gets stale in an awful hurry, with the same "office," the same "doctor" and elderly, mostly BBW (and I like chubby) women who wear bikini or thongs style panties that would look good on younger women but get too often hidden by drooping bellies (again nothing wrong with that in my eyes), not only that but the models tend to get undressed in an awful hurry as well.

The procedure after that is strictly Gynecology 101 with probably some actions on the part of the doctor (recommendation of a dildo for therapy, as one example) that would be frowned upon by the College of Physicians and Surgeons, I am sure.

There is no hard core action unless extreme vaginal gaping or use of a dildo is considered hard core.

This is not a minus for me, but the sameness of each video and picture set will leave you bored after a very short time.

I am two days into this site and after having looked at five different videos (approx. length 20 minutes) the joy of discovering something new and different is already starting to evaporate.

Mildly recommended to lovers of gynecological prolonged close ups and nurses' uniforms, but that's about it.

10-17-10  11:12am

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Visit VideoBox


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Over 8750 titles available as of today.

Five daily updates.

Excellent streaming.

Excellent download speed.

Reasonable price.
Cons: Search is horrible, eg. search under "old" or "grannies" and you will get listings featuring teens etc.

Most videos are grade B or worse.

Not enough variety from one update to the other, it is mostly Gonzo style Porn that starts with the action rather than with a lead-in. Checking any given daily update shows a monotonous sameness among the five DVDs.

Much Niche content is under-represented .. see monotonous sameness!

Deception in many DVDs. Sometimes compilations are offered that only have one or two scenes that actually represent the action promised by the title. This goes for other DVD sites as well.

Talking about titles and deception, frequently teens aren't teens and MILFs aren't MILFs. This would be the producers' fault rather than that of Videobox but they could be more discriminating when it comes to choosing the titles they will purchase, so they must bear part of the blame.

Too many videos are blurred (soft rather than crisp) .. see Grade B videos.
Bottom Line: Just like others I have to stress that this is not the first time I subscribe to this site and the obvious conclusion is that there must be something that keeps bringing me back. Sometimes I do wonder why, but still and all I would encourage anyone who is new to porn to subscribe.
They will find a wealth of scenes they will like.

For a newcomer there is even some nice niche material (hair, pregnant, mature, peeing, BDSM, transsexuals) they can download if they are interested in the off-beat.

However, for anyone who has been a member on and off over the years the neglect of niches when it comes to the daily updates is regrettable and has to reduce the ratings given by them. That's why a newbie might give a 99 while I'm giving a 75. In my mind no higher score is justified at the moment.

Together, newbies and veterans might give this site an average score that better represents its value than the 95 given by TBP.

And, yes, down the road I'll probably subscribe again!

10-09-10  10:23am

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Visit Amateur Hi Def

Amateur Hi Def

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Updated: 12-06-09  12:00pm  (Update History)
Reason: Entirely too many old clips being offered as updates. There's less to this site than first meets the eye.
Pros: + Approx. 160 Models

+ Approx. 500 clips all in HD at 1280x720,
bitrate varies from 3000 to 6000.

+ Downloads are available as wmv, h264 mp4, and
ipod files.

+ Streaming is of excellent quality.

+ Picture sets are zipped. Pictures of my test
set were HR at 1152 x 1728 pixels.
Cons: - Clips vary dramatically in size. Some are as short as 2.5 minutes, others as long as 30 minutes. The majority are between 3 minutes and 5 minutes long.

- Empty links. Model and scene are shown but there is no content to be found.

- Some content was shown as an update even though it had already been offered at an earlier time.

- Confusion when it comes to spelling a model's name (Faye Regan, Fay Reagan etc.).

- Awkward naming of files.

- Picture sets, despite being nice and crisp are mostly boring. Many are very softcore and don't even offer full nudity. This applies to many video clips as well.
Bottom Line: I like this site. I like the fact that I can get all the clips in High Definition. HD is not quite as good as that found in ITC or FTV but is of a very pleasing quality just the same.

However be warned that there is a lot of softcore being offered in the shorter clips, eg. sometimes the models will perform a lap dance without taking anything off etc. etc.

They are all cute, though. I didn't find a single ugly model in the bunch. I subscribed for three months at $ 25.00 and certainly feel at this moment that I will get my money's worth. The special one month price offered to PU is also a bargain in my eyes.

Changed on 12-28-09 to "Low recommendation" because of the, for me, fatal flaw mentioned above. To me it is cheating if someone keeps juggling the inventory and one never knows if one gets an update or something one downloaded earlier on. This site becomes very unexciting after a while because once one picks the clips one likes there is nothing much new from week to week. I stated above that I liked the site but the longer I am a member the less pleasure I get out of visiting it.

So be guided accordingly!

11-05-09  01:31pm

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Visit Plumper Pass

Plumper Pass

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + 3321 videos,

+ 41581 pictures,

+ 213 models,

+ True to its niche,

+ Picture sets come zipped,

+ List of Models has them listed with picture.

+ Something for every taste when it comes to BBWs.
Cons: - Claims to be a network of five sites but should be treated as one.

- Videos are in wmv. format for best quality at 640x480 with bitrates ranging from an unorthodox 984 to 1508! Not up to 2009 standards but not bad. Just not crisp enough to deserve a plus.

- The same strange figures are found in connection with their pictures. Latest sets I downloaded had 667x1000 pixels for Portrait and 1500x1000 pixels for Landscape format in the same set. Again not up to par when compared to other sites.

- Very intrusive watermark on videos and pictures, it draws the eye to the logo rather than to the video itself.

- Streaming stops and buffers every few seconds.

- Daily updates are promised but that basically means that each of the five sites is updated once a week and in the short time I've been with the site I've only seen one update in three days.

- Site will be quickly exhausted by the average user (see below).

- Site support was non-responsive in connection with a question I had.
Bottom Line: I must confess that I've developed a liking for BBWs and found some of the videos I downloaded quite appealing, yet at the same time, I have the feeling that I shall be done with this site shortly because they don't have enough contents when it comes to the various body types within the site. BBW is such a large (no pun intended) category and not every BBW video will appeal to every BBW lover.

Those who like "normal (as compared to runway model thin) to slightly plump" will find what they are looking for, those who like "regular BBWs" will find what they are looking for, and those whose taste goes for the "obese to really obese" will find what THEY are looking for, but the site simply does not contain enough material to keep everyone happy for longer than two weeks tops.

Speed, btw, was quite good (1.7 - 1.8 MB/s) with DownloadThemAll through Firefox but I was only allowed two downloads at a time with that download manager and couldn't go anywhere until one of the downloads was complete. Download by ordinary means weighed in at around 450 KB/s.

It is not a bad site by any means and will appeal to lovers of plump women. Not every model will be to everyone's taste, some are prettier than others, some are plumper than some Porn Users' tastes might tolerate, but it is a change from the usual fare, and even with the limited contents that appealed to me I don't think I was cheated in any way by taking out a month's subscription.

An afterthought: The site also refers to 665 scenes, I left this out of the statistics because I find it confusing. They do not have DVDs and scenes usually refer to a part of a DVD, so I put down the 3321 videos they list and let it go at that. Maybe someone can enlighten me on this!

09-20-09  11:14am

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Visit Facial Abuse

Facial Abuse

No Review.
08-03-09  06:15pm

Visit Adult Doorway

Adult Doorway

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: A Gateway to a network of 21 sites plus various bonus material. All can be reached without needing to repeat one's password or user name.

True to its niche, at least in its flag ship sites for containing the most extreme porn on the net: Facial Abuse, Latina Abuse, Ghetto Gaggers etc. should give you a good idea of what it's all about.

Video quality and picture quality in the approx. 8 first class sites of the network are outstanding with HD being the norm in the most recent updates. One even has the choice of two different HD formats, 1280x720 and 1920x1080. Both give a crystal clear picture.

Picture sets are huge, mainly screen captures but once again of outstanding quality. The usual size is 1440x960. All can be downloaded zipped.

Download speed was generally good for me.
Cons: Updates are slow.

The secondary sites diminish the value of the net. Most contain mpeg videos that were tiny even two years ago and are not worth watching in full screen. Many of the videos on those sites are still in segments that have to be downloaded separately.

On the primary sites the quality is excellent but things get boring very quickly because (in Facial Abuse, for instance) the girls all sit on the same couch, with the same backdrop, doing the same thing video after video. Very little imagination is shown by the "abuser."
Bottom Line: I subscribed to this network of sites because I was enthralled with the high end HD quality of the videos and was willing to put up with some personal wincing and soul searching when it came to watching the rougher stuff, consoling myself with the fact that the abuse was by mutual consent.

And, just so I won't appear to be a hypocrite, I'll tell you in all honesty that my darker side also drew me to the material like a magnet because I hadn't gone the "rough" way before, except for once when I stumbled across similar stuff on Videobox, but I must say that I badly need the cleansing experience of soft porn after this. :-) This is a purely personal thing so don't take it as a put-down of the site or of your personal taste.

I would recommend the top sites in this network of twenty-one sites to those who like their porn rough and extreme. The price is certainly right, plus there are some "milder" sites as well ( eg. POV Hotel), and even though the updates are slow in coming you will find enough to keep you happily occupied for a month.

As to the secondary sites, forget about them. You'll find out soon enough which are which.

Even though extreme porn is not exactly my niche of choice I would have given "Adult Doorway" an 80, possibly an 85 if the "fleshing out" of the network hadn't been done with such inferior material. Always makes me feel cheated, somehow, even if the good stuff makes up for it.

07-14-09  07:46pm

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Visit XX Cel

XX Cel

No Review.
04-27-09  12:14pm

Visit Cathy's Craving

Cathy's Craving

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Prodigious output by one amateur model.

Bonus Sites.

Frequent updates.

No Download Limits.
Cons: Older material is best because it seems more spontaneous but the quality is terrible.

Newer material is better when it comes to quality (640x480 wmv.) but I find that the staged quality of the newer videos is leaving me cold. There's no heart, no passion .. gangbangs, for instance, seem nothing but an opportunity to take pictures and to get another update ready for the members: "Okay, now let's try this position or that position," and this is done with a stable of male "amateurs" that are seen in scene after scene and location after location. There is chatter and laughter throughout some scenes that could be very hot if they allowed the viewer to get involved in the fantasy without having to listen to directions given and inane giggles.

The action is raw and raunchy but the eroticism is missing.
Bottom Line: I like mature women. I like Cathy. I certainly like the price offered to our members (I wish I had known about the special discount because I subscribed from the outside .. will never do that again) and despite the fact that the cons above annoyed me no end I would still recommend mildly a one month subscription. Go to the site, get an idea what Cathy looks like, if you like her then there's quite a bit of material for you to download even though quality lags a bit.

03-09-09  11:21am

Replies (4)
Visit Lady Suspender

Lady Suspender

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: A site that is reasonably true to its niche.

Mostly mature amateur models.

Picture and Video quality, while not outstanding, is reasonable. New videos are 640x480 at 1000 bitrate.

Picture sets are zipped, however ... see below.
Cons: The more I look and download the more I realize that the site is actually nothing but a tease to encourage you to purchase their DVDs. at a steep price in my opinion. I saw one that sold for 35 British Pounds.

Video segments are poorly organized and it takes a lot of searching to find part one or part two of a series. Once all the parts are found it usually amounts to no more than a ten - fifteen minute excerpt of a Video that has no beginning or end for the above mentioned reasons.

Most picture sets are duplicates of the incomplete videos and can be downloaded zipped but beware, most sets are small and still require multiple zips .. one per page of pictures.
Bottom Line: I must confess to having mixed feelings about this site. On the one hand it is refreshing to see mature women in old-fashioned underwear, something very appealing to someone over fifty, well, appealing to me, anyway and I'm enjoying the "teases", as frustrating as they are in their incompleteness.

On the other hand, however, I have seen some of the models on other mature sites and, most importantly, I really don't like having spent a subscription fee just to be used by a site shilling their products.

03-08-09  01:07pm

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Visit ATK Natural & Hairy

ATK Natural & Hairy

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: Lots of attractive, hirsute models.

Daily updates containing new photo sets as well as video segments.

A way to rate the quality of a picture set as well as the "hotness" (or not) of a given model which is great when the photographer missed in his shoot and the set is rated low. This way one can always mollify the model by going to her page and give her a five (hot) if one loves the model but hates the present set.

Good search engine.
Cons: The quality of the picture sets is wildly uneven.

In today's (Sept. 29, '08) update, for instance, one set is way too dark, one has a bluish tinge throughout, and the one containing one of my favorites is way too saturated with color to be pleasing to the ordinary eye.

I find, in general, that lately the photographers don't show too much imagination and that many of their sets could be clones of one another. I've even seen the same set of underwear on three different models.

There is still no way to download a whole set of pictures with one zip file.

Videos are still ill-lit, lacking color and definition, of early 2000s quality and not up to 2008 standards and generally not worth downloading. A few of the more tolerable ones have a video-grapher who never shuts up, forcing one to watch them with the sound turned off.
Bottom Line: I'm currently on my second subscription (this time a 3 month one) to this site because first time around I was so delighted to find a "natural" (read hairy) site that it blinded me a bit to its shortcomings.

The models are beautiful, but they (the site) desperately need new photographers and new models, a few more mature ones wouldn't hurt and also find a way to treat the picture sets with Photoshop or similar program so the pics will look more natural before they present them to their subscribers.

I really find it appalling that nothing has been done to improve the quality of the videos since I subscribed the first time. I realize that this is primarily a soft core picture site but with the sets getting boring, proof: lower and lower marks by the viewers on many of the sets, it would have been nioe to have decent videos as alternatives.

This is another site that had great success initially and is now resting on its laurels by stubbornly sticking to an outdated formula.

I would still recommend it to hair lovers because sites like this are hard to find these days. I can't even recommend an alternative since the one site that could compete with ATK Natural And Hairy has material of even lesser quality.

Bottom line: ATK's Natural And Hairy leaves me more and more bored in connection with picture sets and videos that never seem to change.

09-29-08  11:42am

Replies (7)
Visit AT Kingdom

AT Kingdom

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Huge selection of attractive young women.

Nice sub-divisions into categories like lingerie, pregnant, Co-ed, upskirt etc.

Fair to good download speed.
Cons: Huge selection of attractive young women ... who all look too glamorous to be amateurs. Most who would be tempted to subscribe to an "Amateur Kingdom" would do so in order to download pictures of "girls next door." The models' wardrobe is plain enough to qualify (denim lovers rejoice) but the faces belong on a glamor site.

The different categories are not always accurate. Being a lingerie fan I found very little true "lingerie" contents, most I came across so far were sets of models who had their panties on to start out with.

Under "upskirt" I found many sets of pictures that didn't really represent what's usually understood under the term. Sets of models sprawled on beds and sofas being photographed from the foot of said pieces of furniture may be technically upskirt but not for the afficionado of the genre.

Customer service "specialist" acted very defensively when I expressed disappointment with the site and enquired if it would be possible to switch me to "Natural and Hairy."
Bottom Line: Frankly, the site is a great disappointment because I had such a positive experience with ATK Natural and Hairy. I gave that site an 89 in my review while this one ends up with a far lower score. Mildly recommended to anyone 18 - 25 years old, not recommended for those who look for natural or for diversity or who are over thirty.

May 13 Update: The longer I am with this site the more I get irritated by the cookie cutter quality of the picture sets. There is a monotonous sameness to the way the models pose and to the way they are dressed, it seems that only the faces change. I am reducing my rating to 75. Probably to a storm of protest because ATK is usually a quality product but this site isn't. At least not in my eyes.

04-21-08  12:55pm

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Visit Aunt Judy's

Aunt Judy's

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: A site that recognizes that beautiful amateurs can be found in an older age bracket. Gives a choice to pick models by category. Lots of mature models.
Cons: Picture quality is very uneven. Some of the newer sets aren't bad, some of the older ones I don't bother downloading because they are too small and greyish. An effort is being made by AJ to upgrade old sets but after they do this they aggravatingly remove them from their main site and put them into an AJ Archive that requires an additional subscription fee. Movie quality is horrible almost throughout. Haven't come across a decent one in the three weeks I've been subscribing to the site.
Bottom Line: Some nice, mature amateurs, but you can download the ones that truly appeal to your personal taste in a matter of days. Movies are not worth downloading because the site got stuck in the '90's when it comes to quality. Way overpriced for what you get. Updates are regular but too infrequent. I won't resubscribe.

11-07-07  01:17pm

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Visit English MILF

English MILF

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Updated: 06-09-11  08:06pm  (Update History)
Reason: The longer I am in this site the more I notice its flaws. See update below:
Pros: Surprising amount of pictures and videos for a Solo Model Site

I counted approx. 150 picture sets (1024 px), 110+ movies (720x576), anywhere between 20 and forty minutes long judging by the samples I downloaded. There are over 100 shorter clips for download as well.


Short sex stories containing pictures of model.

Model is a happy amateur exhibitionist (the site is run by her and her husband) and it shows.

Mostly softcore. Hardcore content is mainly role playing between husband and wife.

2 Bonus sites: Daniella Lycra Ass and Daniella in Pantyhose, great for lovers of either or both.
Cons: No streaming, but because the videos are also offered in very short 1 minute clips with pictures for those with slower speed one can get a good idea what the video contains. Still I miss being able to preview a video.

Large and very obvious watermarks.

Pictures are not offered in zipped form.

No search engine.
Bottom Line: The site is run by a Lady called Daniella English and her husband and it should be everything I hate: no zips for the pictures, large water marks, no streaming, no HD videos.

If I saw this mentioned in anyone else's review I would say, no thanks, yet there is something very appealing to this site and I confess that, despite the above mentioned shortcomings, I like it. Probably because it is not run by professionals which is a welcome switch.

Daniella has an incredible posterior - and be warned that in most videos and picture sets the emphasis is on showing off this large booty. She also has lovely big natural breasts and nipples and you truly get the feeling that she really enjoys showing off both. Those who expect a glamor model will not like this site but those who enjoy an ordinary housewife doing "rude" things for our sexual gratification will be glad they joined.

Because of the above mentioned cons I could not in clear conscience give the site a higher score but I like it nevertheless.

Update 09/06/2011: I was willing to overlook quite a few of the flaws of this site because I was so thrilled to run into a real amateur for a change but the longer I am with it the more I discover its flaws.

Many videos are too formulaic concentrating mostly on the butt of the model while there are very few prolonged frontal shots, or even shots of the English Milf's face.

Updates may be regular but are turning out to be too infrequent for my taste. Some updates (today's) could hardly be called an update at all because it consists of a very inferior series of small vidcaps.

And so, regrettably there's less to this site than I first hoped for and I am reducing my original score accordingly.

05-24-11  07:25pm

Replies (0)
Visit Only Tease

Only Tease

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Updated: 10-19-10  10:50am  (Update History)
Reason: This site is starting to seriously annoy me. Today's video update was at an unacceptable 640x480px at 1469 total bitrate. Lousy picture!
Pros: At present 657 models, 913.663 images and 1854 videos according to their tour .. that's a lot.

Mostly beautiful girls. Sexy lingerie and hosiery.

Frequent updates.

Excellent picture quality offered in three different resolutions (largest 2000x3000px).

Zipped downloads.

Easy navigation and elaborate search engine.

Most recent videos are in 720p HD with a bitrate over 10000.
Cons: The most disappointing con: I found a real sexy model with tons of picture sets and videos and her most recent video, published as recently as August 2010, is in 640x480 AVI format (approx 50MB) and of horrible quality.

In general the older videos, and you don't have to go back far, are just terrible. I have watched plenty of videos with the same technical specifications on other sites that were much better in clarity and quality.

Catering to a younger crowd only. There are tons of picture sets featuring thongs and stay ups but very few featuring full back panties or camisoles etc. There is not one mature face in the crowd.

Picture sets in general spend too much time on the fully clothed.
Bottom Line: Quite frankly the eighty I gave this site is for the technical quality of its picture sets and for its elaborate search features.

The high resolution picture sets are great even though most did not appeal to me because they are too "young" for my taste when it comes to lingerie. See above.

I am managing to get my money's worth from the recent HD movies because, even though they might not exactly feature the lingerie I was craving to see, I love the girls and their British accents!

A good tease only site for softcore lovers, especially younger ones who grew up with thongs and stay-ups and pantyhose. For me it is a disappointment. Too bad I really had high hopes!

10-18-10  01:39pm

Replies (6)
Visit Stunning Matures

Stunning Matures

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Nice looking mature women
+ Latest videos in HD (1280x720p) in wmv., most of them are approx. 10 - 15 minutes long and look nice and crisp.
+ Fair download speed. My normal speed with most sites is at my maximum of 2.3 MB/s while this site gave me 1.2 MB/s. Not too shabby, though and since most files are around 300 - 400 KB it's not really an issue. However, be aware that this was done with Firefox' DownThemAll, while with Firefox' native downloader the speed was more like 250 KB/s.
Cons: - The most "bare minimum" member's page I have ever seen.
- Only updates once every two weeks.
- A total of 90 videos ONLY starting in 2008.
- Huge Watermarks in videos in lower right and upper left of videos! Very distracting and unnecessary.
- Allows only one download at a time.
- No streaming.
- No pictures.
- No search engine.
- No information on videos.
- No model list.
Bottom Line: First let me say that the ugly grandma on their tour page does not represent the majority of the mature women, most of whom are actually quite good looking if you like them a tad older than thirty-five.

Having said that, that's almost the only really positive thing I can say about the site.

The member's page is a joke with four small thumbnails of the latest updates shown plus a section below containing page numbers, if you click on those you are taken to another page featuring another 4 small thumbnails, there's no description of the scenes themselves, simply the names of the actors and that's it ... really, really bare bones navigation.

The earlier videos (and you don't have to go back very far) are in 640x480p avi format at a 2000 bitrate. Actually, in all fairness, they don't look too bad, but could be better.

The videos themselves are typically Ferro and lack heat. They are well lighted and filmed but something is missing. The samples I have watched seemed too posed for my liking.

Upon subscribing you are being given an impossible user name and password. I copied and pasted one and wrote down the other just to get into the site where I was promptly informed that I would need further authorization before I could proceed with downloads. So back to G-Mail to click on the authorization link and I was finally a member in good standing.

One bonus site of your choice (from the Ferro network) can be added at this time, but you are once again asked for your user name and password. If you get a site that also contains picture sets (zipped) you have to sign in to that one separately as well. Awkward to say the least.

In order to encourage you to continue to subscribe you are being given an extra bonus site for every week you are a member.

Stunning matures would get no more than 70 from me*** if it weren't for the extra sites that are being added at the time of subscription and in the weeks to follow.

As I can tell by my first bonus, not all Ferro sites are as poorly set up as this one. That's a relief because this site would never survive on its own.

*** This may look a bit confused but I gave the site originally a seventy-five but reduced it to seventy because of their super-sized water marks. This major change was explained in the bar heading the review but then was wiped out by further small corrections I made to the review.

01-21-12  04:15pm

Replies (0)
Visit ATK Natural & Hairy

ATK Natural & Hairy

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Updated: 10-28-10  07:49pm  (Update History)
Reason: Nope, just couldn't leave the score at 80. I tried to be objective but over 10 days with 8 picture updates a day I have downloaded ONE picture set!
Pros: Huge number of models and pictures.

Picture (around 1600x1065px) files can now be downloaded in one zip file.

Large daily updates.

Fast downloads for me.

Good search engine that really allows you to narrow down your choices.
Cons: I complained about this in my last review: Too little imagination shown by many photographers.

One of them uses the same dress and underwear on too many models. One striped dress in particular should be retired for good because I've seen it on at least four different models over the years.

Greater attention should be shown to the temperature of a picture set. Some are way too warm (too much color, too much of a yellowish, orange tinge).

Quality of models seems to be deteriorating with too many heavily tattooed and pierced ladies on the pay roll. Introduction of hardcore material has not done the site any good either. This was not taken into consideration when scoring because many like hardcore and consider this a plus.

I still don't like the present set-up when it comes to up-dates. To a newcomer it must be very confusing to see previous updates in numbered "volumes."

Videos have improved SOME (854x480px, 2149 TB) but still fall short in days where HD has become standard
Bottom Line: I adjusted my score upward from the 75 I gave this site in my last review because I have already found some quite well done sets of beautiful hairy ladies in my first few days back with this site and with the large daily updates I expect to see enough worthwhile material to make my month's subscription a good deal.

Nov. 13, 2010:

However, now I am forced to downgrade even more because the quality of the updates is truly appalling. The models are lacking, with too many sporting tattoos, piercings, scars etc., the photography, as mentioned above, is consistently dull.

My take is that ATK Natural and Hairy is on its way out and is making a last ditch effort to keep or build its subscriber base by throwing 8 picture updates plus two videos a day at the consumer. This will be fine, of course, by those who like to rip a site but to the discriminating collector the present ATK is a disaster.

Just to show I am not being too subjective: I just counted the past thirteen updates containing 104 picture sets and only five of them were voted as "hot" by the subscribers!

Folks are fed up and it's obvious by the score they give the sets.

10-18-10  07:25pm

Replies (10)

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