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Visit Orgy Max

Orgy Max

No Review.
04-26-10  01:09pm

Visit We Are Hairy

We Are Hairy

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Excellent photography and videography.

Gorgeous models (58 at last count), mostly Eastern European (at least the ones I've come across so far). Might be a minus for some but I find videos and photos coming from the East generally more exciting. As an added benefit this leaves out all those annoying male comments because the models and photographers don't speak English.

HD quality videos at 1280x720 at 5000 kbps.

Videos are available in five formats, HD MP4, HD WMV, DVD MP4, DVD WMV plus iPOD/iPHONE MP4.

Recent picture sets are available zipped in Standard Resolution (1024), High Resolution (1600) and Super High Resolution (3000+).

Custom zips. Excellent search capabilities.

Smooth streaming of videos.

Two updates daily!
Cons: Some of the American models are still indulging in the aggravating habit of wearing too little lingerie and getting undressed too quickly, leaving one with three pages of nudes. Blame the photographer though.

A little quirk when it comes to downloads. If I want a video in mp4 I have to right-click to bring up the menu. If I download in WMV I have to left-click.
Bottom Line: In my opinion this new site has made itself the best "hairy" site on the web in one fell swoop. I tell you what it did to me, it re-converted me to a picture fan because most models are gorgeous and the super high resolution pictures are breathtaking. So are the videos, by the way, so I can enjoy both for a change. Most picture places neglect videos and most video places neglect photos. This site does both well.

I would have given this site my highest rating ever if it had had a larger amount of contents, but with two updates a day it shouldn't take long to build.

Maybe in another year, if the webmaster sticks to his present standards I'll give it a 99! :-)

02-06-10  12:28pm

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Visit Lady Suspender

Lady Suspender

Status: Was a member approx. 6 months prior to this review.
Pros: + Mostly Mature Amateur Models. I did recognize some models from Pro sites but they are few and far between.

+ Exclusive contents.

+ Sticks faithfully to its niche of catering to girdle and old-fashioned lingerie fetishists.

+ No Download Restrictions.

+ Pictures can be downloaded zipped.
Cons: Picture sets are relatively small and are basically just repeating what you can see on the video clips.

Torturous search to find all the parts of a video since they come in small chunks over a period of time.

Very confusing and old-fashioned interface.

If I remember right video was at 640x480, 1000 bitrate, a bit underpowered for 2009 but not bad.
Might have improved in the meantime. I will let you know in a comment when I re-subscribe to this site.
Bottom Line: I felt the need to make this quick new review because I was not entirely fair to this site in my previous one.

Because, at the time, I was only a member for one month I assumed that full DVDs could only be obtained by ordering them at outrageous prices (by North American standards) from this site.

I have discovered in the meantime that, with enough patience, all the parts of the DVD can be obtained with the membership .. so I retract my remarks re. "shilling" and will up the score at the same time.

Not only that, but I find that I retained quite a few clips from this site because they have kept their appeal to me over the past year, something I can't say for every site I have subscribed to.

I would recommend this site to lovers of mature amateur women and especially of mature apparel like girdles, slips, nylons, full nylon panties, garter belts etc.

Don't expect hardcore. This is a very soft core site, catering primarily to the fetish mentioned above. It contains some mild lesbian and spanking scenes and a lot of intimate fitting of various foundational garments that allow the (female) fitter to do a bit of lusty groping. There is nudity but it is of the discrete kind, no "gapes" to be found here.

02-04-10  07:38pm

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Visit Silverstone DVD

Silverstone DVD

No Review.
12-03-09  03:23pm

Visit Amateur Hi Def

Amateur Hi Def

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Updated: 12-06-09  12:00pm  (Update History)
Reason: Entirely too many old clips being offered as updates. There's less to this site than first meets the eye.
Pros: + Approx. 160 Models

+ Approx. 500 clips all in HD at 1280x720,
bitrate varies from 3000 to 6000.

+ Downloads are available as wmv, h264 mp4, and
ipod files.

+ Streaming is of excellent quality.

+ Picture sets are zipped. Pictures of my test
set were HR at 1152 x 1728 pixels.
Cons: - Clips vary dramatically in size. Some are as short as 2.5 minutes, others as long as 30 minutes. The majority are between 3 minutes and 5 minutes long.

- Empty links. Model and scene are shown but there is no content to be found.

- Some content was shown as an update even though it had already been offered at an earlier time.

- Confusion when it comes to spelling a model's name (Faye Regan, Fay Reagan etc.).

- Awkward naming of files.

- Picture sets, despite being nice and crisp are mostly boring. Many are very softcore and don't even offer full nudity. This applies to many video clips as well.
Bottom Line: I like this site. I like the fact that I can get all the clips in High Definition. HD is not quite as good as that found in ITC or FTV but is of a very pleasing quality just the same.

However be warned that there is a lot of softcore being offered in the shorter clips, eg. sometimes the models will perform a lap dance without taking anything off etc. etc.

They are all cute, though. I didn't find a single ugly model in the bunch. I subscribed for three months at $ 25.00 and certainly feel at this moment that I will get my money's worth. The special one month price offered to PU is also a bargain in my eyes.

Changed on 12-28-09 to "Low recommendation" because of the, for me, fatal flaw mentioned above. To me it is cheating if someone keeps juggling the inventory and one never knows if one gets an update or something one downloaded earlier on. This site becomes very unexciting after a while because once one picks the clips one likes there is nothing much new from week to week. I stated above that I liked the site but the longer I am a member the less pleasure I get out of visiting it.

So be guided accordingly!

11-05-09  01:31pm

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Visit Score HD

Score HD

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Approximately 800 videos in HD (1280x720), bitrate varies but all are of satisfactory quality.

+ Various tastes are catered to through 8 sites that offer everything from teens to MILFs to plumpers to breast lovers to foot fetishists.

+Zipped Photo sets (large at 1280x720, small at 640x360)

+Almost daily update of one to two videos.

+2 additional sites, one containing non-HD material (Scorevideos) that is pretty good if you don't use full screen (640x480, 640x360 wmv), while the other site caters to owners of hand held devices (Score2Go).
Cons: - All pictures are screen captures. Quality isn't bad but I would rather see a set of a given model in a different setting.

- All models of the various sites and their videos are found in the data base at "Home." I find this a plus but why advertise 8 additional sites if it is really one site with 8 niches.

-No streaming except for previews.

-Search is somewhat limited, offering only "body type," "model name," and "Color Of Hair."
Bottom Line: I like this site very much, it gives me hundreds of good quality videos to choose from. Despite the fact that it is "Score" I do have a choice of models that range from tiny to pleasingly plump and that goes for breast size as well.

The material itself is a welcome mixture of softcore and medium hardcore, in other words nothing extreme or degrading. All clips have at least a little bit of a build-up leading to the action. Just like with Naughty America it isn't much of a story and very much cliche (repair man, rent collector, delivery boy etc.) but better than the hard core without any story found on so many video sites.

I am not reluctant in the slightest to recommend this site.

10-23-09  09:40am

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Visit Plumper Pass

Plumper Pass

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + 3321 videos,

+ 41581 pictures,

+ 213 models,

+ True to its niche,

+ Picture sets come zipped,

+ List of Models has them listed with picture.

+ Something for every taste when it comes to BBWs.
Cons: - Claims to be a network of five sites but should be treated as one.

- Videos are in wmv. format for best quality at 640x480 with bitrates ranging from an unorthodox 984 to 1508! Not up to 2009 standards but not bad. Just not crisp enough to deserve a plus.

- The same strange figures are found in connection with their pictures. Latest sets I downloaded had 667x1000 pixels for Portrait and 1500x1000 pixels for Landscape format in the same set. Again not up to par when compared to other sites.

- Very intrusive watermark on videos and pictures, it draws the eye to the logo rather than to the video itself.

- Streaming stops and buffers every few seconds.

- Daily updates are promised but that basically means that each of the five sites is updated once a week and in the short time I've been with the site I've only seen one update in three days.

- Site will be quickly exhausted by the average user (see below).

- Site support was non-responsive in connection with a question I had.
Bottom Line: I must confess that I've developed a liking for BBWs and found some of the videos I downloaded quite appealing, yet at the same time, I have the feeling that I shall be done with this site shortly because they don't have enough contents when it comes to the various body types within the site. BBW is such a large (no pun intended) category and not every BBW video will appeal to every BBW lover.

Those who like "normal (as compared to runway model thin) to slightly plump" will find what they are looking for, those who like "regular BBWs" will find what they are looking for, and those whose taste goes for the "obese to really obese" will find what THEY are looking for, but the site simply does not contain enough material to keep everyone happy for longer than two weeks tops.

Speed, btw, was quite good (1.7 - 1.8 MB/s) with DownloadThemAll through Firefox but I was only allowed two downloads at a time with that download manager and couldn't go anywhere until one of the downloads was complete. Download by ordinary means weighed in at around 450 KB/s.

It is not a bad site by any means and will appeal to lovers of plump women. Not every model will be to everyone's taste, some are prettier than others, some are plumper than some Porn Users' tastes might tolerate, but it is a change from the usual fare, and even with the limited contents that appealed to me I don't think I was cheated in any way by taking out a month's subscription.

An afterthought: The site also refers to 665 scenes, I left this out of the statistics because I find it confusing. They do not have DVDs and scenes usually refer to a part of a DVD, so I put down the 3321 videos they list and let it go at that. Maybe someone can enlighten me on this!

09-20-09  11:14am

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Visit Porn.com


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Large selection of DVDs. Over 5328 listed as of todate, broken down into 27700 videos (scenes).

+ Streaming is of excellent quality at 640x480. Compared to VideoBox it streamed very smoothly even with seven simultaneous downloads going on.

+ Downloads are available in three different formats. Small mp4s for handheld devices, medium 480x320 for wmv and H264 format (mp4) at 640x480.*

*Recent addition of wmv files at 720x480 at 2628kbps.

+ Huge Pictures Archive (over 2 Million listed)

+ Clean design of Home Page with exclusive scenes listed on top, a featured star in the middle and the latest additons to the DVD selection on the bottom. Updates to 55 special sites are featured on the right.

+ Search is quite easy. It allows you to look for models, latest videos, scenes, categories, Dvd series through a drop down menu which often offers extra search options. HOWEVER: search is often inaccurate and gives results that don't fit what you were looking for.
Cons: - Forget about the pictures. If you look at them and download them individually in "large" mode they are 768x1024 px, however if you should choose to download them zipped they are in a very antiquated 600x800 px format. Download of a complete set, for testing purposes, was done with the latest set offered (Sept.11).

- I listed the ability to download in three different formats as a plus but as you can see, quality could be better.*

*see above for additional choice

- Of the fifty-five bonus sites listed many have not updated since 2006-2007. The ones that are still being updated are often updated once a month only. It would be better to look at them as an extra bunch of scenes you can view (today's figure 1933 scenes).

- Download speed still a tad low for a broadband user (250 - 350 KB/s average, sometimes even a bit less) but by downloading seven scenes simultaneously as a trial (average file size 300 - 600 MB) I still managed to download all in an hour. So, all in all, not bad.
Bottom Line: Despite all the cons I still think that Porn.com is an excellent value for those who love DVDs. No doubt you will have seen many of them before, seeing that most are non-exclusive, but there are quite a few that were new to me and therefore would make a subscription at $ 10.00 US very worthwhile.

And it is a site that makes browsing fun because their streaming is so good (for me.) It allows me to watch a whole scene or look around, while tons of stuff is downloading in the background.

Now comes my biggest problem with not only Porn.com but with its sister site Download Pass, while they have the contents I like and while I like the sites themselves and their lay-out just fine I do not like the way they conduct business.

I cancelled (to see how cancellation worked now that they have made some adjustments) and while the process went flawlessly when I used the url given in the original receipt of my subscription I noticed two very unlikeable things: one, there was a pre-checked offer of a free trial to another site that would renew at its usual ridiculous price (39? 49? Dollars) so if you should forget to un-check the offer ... well you know the rest. A user in a hurry might not notice, so Porn.com please get rid of anything pre-checked, and two, I was promised an acknowledgment of my cancellation by email and once again, just as with Download Pass, it never arrived. No, it's not in my Spam folder!

They never re-billed me last time, so I'm a bit more relaxed about it this time around but this should not happen with a reputable Billing company and tends to make the user nervous.

I sure wish, not only for my sake but for theirs as well that they picked a billing company like CCBill or Epoch to put people more at ease about subscribing.

Summing up: If you are willing to put up with a bit of nail-biting re. billing and are careful with pre-checked offers upon leaving I do recommend the site to DVD lovers for its large and varied contents. I like the site very much and once I find that I won't be rebilled after my cancellation I might just return to it. The price is certainly right.

October 4, 2009

Another few short remarks before leaving: I got amazing results re. speed when using DownThemAll through Firefox. The only way to go!

Their security measures are still overdone and annoying: On top of a username and password you also have to provide a personal identification number and type in a CAPCHA (security code).

Hidden among all the stuff you have seen before there are quite a few German videos that you haven't. A knowledge of German would help but they are still quite interesting even if the sound is turned off. Be prepared for a long leading up to the main action, though, it's the European way. Just type in "German" under search and you will be led there.

It's been a positive experience for me, now we'll see in two days how the cancellation goes because I never did get that promised email acknowledgment.

09-12-09  11:20am

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Visit Facial Abuse

Facial Abuse

No Review.
08-03-09  06:15pm

Visit Zoliboy


No Review.
08-03-09  03:11pm

Visit abbywinters


Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: Large archive of beautiful "next door" kind of models.

Picture sets are technically excellent and come in zipped format. Videos have improved quite a bit from the last time I wrote a review, and they were good even then, but still fall short of those of the new, more up-to-date HD format carrying sites.

True to its niche.

Excellent download speed.
Cons: The biggest con is that this site was split up into three different ones. I got a special returning members rate for all three but, to me, it is still unfathomable why they would do that.

For instance, there will never be any long term subscribers to their g/g site because updates are so slow in coming, so this move does not seem very wise.

As others have pointed out, both photo sets and videos have become boring because the "tease factor" (according to the webmaster) is being stretched out too much. Maybe they really toned things down in anticipation of the coming raid?

When it comes to the photo sets, I hate those shots of one breast, or part of a hip etc. I don't see the reason for them. Show the whole model in landscape now and then and give us some pink!

My personal beef (not influencing the score) is that when it comes to underwear, cotton and wool appear to triumph. It would be so nice to see something glistening and silky under those jeans and sweaters once in a while.
Bottom Line: For those who yearn for technical details, my apologies, two months plus after having been a returning member I cannot remember them (except that they had switched to a crisper mp4 format for their latest videos) and I have nothing on my hard drive to go by because, of all the downloads from all three sites, nothing was kept. Regrettable for an ex-favorite.

Which will definitely explain why I lowered the score from my original review (90) to a more realistic (for these times) 80.

My favorite site of natural girls being slightly naughty has become a ho-hum triple site of natural girls being coy.

The technical quality is still there, the large archive is still there, the girls are still pretty so, for those who like their porn very soft, it would still be a pretty fair site .. if only they hadn't split it up. I really couldn't recommend a single site of theirs for the price they ask for.

P.S. Two months or so later: For honesty's sake, I did come across some g/g and IM video clips I had kept recently so I take back what I said above about having deleted everything. But sadly what I had kept was still slim pickings from a triple site and does not affect the score.

07-22-09  01:15pm

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Visit Adult Doorway

Adult Doorway

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: A Gateway to a network of 21 sites plus various bonus material. All can be reached without needing to repeat one's password or user name.

True to its niche, at least in its flag ship sites for containing the most extreme porn on the net: Facial Abuse, Latina Abuse, Ghetto Gaggers etc. should give you a good idea of what it's all about.

Video quality and picture quality in the approx. 8 first class sites of the network are outstanding with HD being the norm in the most recent updates. One even has the choice of two different HD formats, 1280x720 and 1920x1080. Both give a crystal clear picture.

Picture sets are huge, mainly screen captures but once again of outstanding quality. The usual size is 1440x960. All can be downloaded zipped.

Download speed was generally good for me.
Cons: Updates are slow.

The secondary sites diminish the value of the net. Most contain mpeg videos that were tiny even two years ago and are not worth watching in full screen. Many of the videos on those sites are still in segments that have to be downloaded separately.

On the primary sites the quality is excellent but things get boring very quickly because (in Facial Abuse, for instance) the girls all sit on the same couch, with the same backdrop, doing the same thing video after video. Very little imagination is shown by the "abuser."
Bottom Line: I subscribed to this network of sites because I was enthralled with the high end HD quality of the videos and was willing to put up with some personal wincing and soul searching when it came to watching the rougher stuff, consoling myself with the fact that the abuse was by mutual consent.

And, just so I won't appear to be a hypocrite, I'll tell you in all honesty that my darker side also drew me to the material like a magnet because I hadn't gone the "rough" way before, except for once when I stumbled across similar stuff on Videobox, but I must say that I badly need the cleansing experience of soft porn after this. :-) This is a purely personal thing so don't take it as a put-down of the site or of your personal taste.

I would recommend the top sites in this network of twenty-one sites to those who like their porn rough and extreme. The price is certainly right, plus there are some "milder" sites as well ( eg. POV Hotel), and even though the updates are slow in coming you will find enough to keep you happily occupied for a month.

As to the secondary sites, forget about them. You'll find out soon enough which are which.

Even though extreme porn is not exactly my niche of choice I would have given "Adult Doorway" an 80, possibly an 85 if the "fleshing out" of the network hadn't been done with such inferior material. Always makes me feel cheated, somehow, even if the good stuff makes up for it.

07-14-09  07:46pm

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Visit DVD Rack

DVD Rack

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Updated: 06-27-09  03:16pm  (Update History)
Reason: Positive Changes!
Pros: Over 4000 DVDs, 720x480, total bitrate of 4000. Can be streamed or downloaded in wmv format, high, medium or low.

Daily updates with five new DVDs.

Nice clean, appealing GUI, nice navigation, nice search that allows you to do in depth searches for your favorite stars, genres, DVDs, most recent updates, video producers etc.
Cons: Slow, slow, slow speeds. Am at present downloading one scene at a speed that alternates between 90 and 130 KB/sec. Files are huge but deliver only a mediocre picture on most DVDs despite the high bitrate. Many broken links always giving the, by now, hated message: "An Error Has Occured: Movie is 1513 sec long but you have requested 1514 sec." What the heck does that mean? Support is non-existent because two emails sent regarding the rather baffling message above went unanswered. It's almost as if the site were set on "automatic" because nothing broken seems to get fixed and no complaint gets answered. Movies are mislabeled: Under "Classics" I found "Deepthroat" and the site even mentions Linda Lovelace and Harry Reems beside the cover above the scenes but the scenes themselves are from a completely different movie.Synchronization of sound is frequently off.
Bottom Line: Here is another potentially great place for lovers of bargains that fails to deliver. The selection of DVDs is great, the updates are on a par with Videobox but very slow speed, plus many, many errors throughout the site, plus a non-responsive support team make the place very unappealing.

I had made myself a promise that I was going to wait for a full month before I wrote a review on any site but, in this case, one week has been enough to prove to me that extremely low speeds are a chronic problem and not just a fluke, and that even high bitrates don't guarantee a crisp picture.

A little hint: in order to combat the slow speed line up 15 - 20 scenes on your Firefox downloader (yes, they let you do that) and then do something else for six hours. With a bit of luck many of them will have downloaded onto your hard drive by then.

And I am sick and tired of clicking on a download only to get: "An Error Has Occured: Movie is 1513 sec long but you have requested 1514 sec."

Not recommended even at the low price. You will be better off to spend a couple of extra dollars a month and subscribe to a Video site that delivers rather than this, I must say, beautiful looking clunker.

And for those who might be interested: the scene I mentioned above, the one I had started to download five minutes before commencing this review is still downloading with 34 minutes to go! And once I get it I will probably throw it out because it isn't "crisp" enough. :-)


I don't know if this site was teasing me during my first two weeks of subscription or if they got tons of complaints during the past month, but in order to be fair I upped my review by a full ten points because in my last week with this site I have not found a single broken link and speeds have unaccountably been around 360 KB/s (single download) during varying times of the day. It still amounts to only 1/4 of my usual speed but for anyone without broadband 360 isn't bad. And so, a 79.

06-10-09  07:37pm

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Visit White Ghetto

White Ghetto

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: 254 DVDs listed.

Daily updates, ranging from 5 to 8 scenes

Video quality is good at High Quality wmv files at 2000 kbps. There is a lower quality option.

Wide variety of niches covered in main site and in
17 bonus sites.

Speed is excellent for me.
Cons: DVDs are not necessarily complete because scenes are being added on a daily basis to various Videos listed.

Some of the same videos listed in White Ghetto are also found on Bonus sites.

Updates are for the whole network, so five to eight a day, each consisting of a scene seems a bit meager.
Bottom Line: I like this site and its bonus sites because they DO present something different. Some have called some of the videos bizarre and they are, certainly many of the models would not be to everyone's liking, but because this site offers, in a multitude of niches, what cannot normally be found (at least not in large quantities) in the more polished and glamorous sites I give it a happy thumbs up.

The great divide again: if you like beauty and glamor stay away, if you like rude and raw and not always pretty then I recommend this site to you.

05-09-09  01:23pm

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Visit Naughty America

Naughty America

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Twenty-three different niches to pick from.

You have the ability to build scenes based on your personal preferences, a novel and exciting choice. For instance, if you want a scene involving a hairy MILF who is your friend's Mom, having sex in the living room it's only a couple of clicks away.

If you want a scene involving your sister's friend, shaved, in the bedroom it's there as well. All you have to do is tick the boxes that would contribute most to your personal dream scene. Neat!

A refreshing difference when it comes to porn videos, there's actually a short story leading up to every "main event!"

A wide variety of scenes available, filmed in good quality. I download primarily high quality wmv files and the bit rate is 2000, not HD but good enough.

Zipped picture sets are offered to accompany a scene with a choice of high or low resolution.

Some older scenes are being remastered and look very nice and crisp.

Download speed has been excellent for me.
Cons: Picture sets are only helpful if you want a quick look at where a scene will take you because the individual pictures are tiny (less than 600x800) by today's standards.

The quality of the videos is good, to have a story line requiring a bit of acting, even though short, is refreshing, yet there is a strange lack of eroticism when it comes to most scenes. It is, in my eyes, once again porn made according to a certain formula.

I found myself very quickly bored because of this and don't think I will visit too often once I've downloaded my favorite MILFs.
Bottom Line: When I referred to a lack of eroticism and the videos being formulaic one thing came to mind: there may be a short introduction to the scene but it seems that every model goes from fully clothed to naked in a split second. A gradual, teasing undressing would be so nice and so appropriate. It would also be so helpful if at the end of a scene a bit of tenderness were shown. This site is not like other sites, in that models are treated with respect and the scenes are filmed in beautiful surroundings. A bit of a tease at the beginning, a fitting ending is all it would take to make this a very desirable site.

I would still recommend it for its quality but would not put it on top of my list because of the too quick transition from a couple of minutes of small talk to completely nude and ready to go. Just doesn't ring an erotic bell with me.

05-08-09  01:03pm

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Visit XX Cel

XX Cel

No Review.
04-27-09  12:14pm

Visit Nubiles.net


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: A very big selection of models.

Most are beautiful, within an age range of 18 - 20 (some are older) therefore fitting the name "Nubiles" perfectly.

Picture sets are available in zipped form with most sets (since 2008) giving you a choice between normal (1200x1793) and large size (1600x2400). But since the "normal size" is still quite respectable it is a pleasure to be able to go back past 2008 and sample all the "older models."

Videos are crystal clear, the new ones in wmv format at 3500 kbps. Since there are so many updates (one daily, alternating between stills and videos) I have concentrated mostly on new contents, dating from 2008 until the present.

Older contents is good and while not great by today's standards the mpg videos are still quite palatable.

Much thought has been given to the navigation of the site making it easy to get around.

The webmaster is very friendly and responsive, this is a big plus in my eyes.

Download speed is very good.
Cons: I love this site just as it is. My only con would be in connection with what it is NOT! Most who know me by now also know that I'm slightly out of place in a site that contains models under forty, but then it wouldn't be Nubiles any longer, would it?

Why am I here then? Because when I took the tour of its sister site "Anilos" I found the quality so good that I couldn't resist subscribing to a much younger site, just because it had the same quality of material and much more contents.

Strangely enough I haven't been sorry for a moment. And as you can tell by another review I just put in, I threw all caution to the wind when it came to "Anilos" and subscribed to that site as well. The site owners can thank "Berkley" for that!

I find both sites near perfect and am only stopped from giving a score in the high nineties because the older material doesn't quite live up to my taste for HD and near HD material yet.
Bottom Line: A great site for lovers of nubile women. I find it a very nice mixture of Europeans and Americans, and in contrast to some of my friends here I like the interviews in English as well as the beautiful models that America has in such abundance. Mind you, the Europeans aren't bad either!

I usually skip the hardcore stuff (m/f) but that's a personal preference.

Highly recommended!

03-21-09  06:51pm

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Visit Anilos


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +Mostly very good looking mature women.

+Video quality is excellent.

+Picture quality is excellent. Most sets can be downloaded in normal and large. All are zipped.

+Navigation is excellent.

+Download speed has been consistent around 1.7 MB/s.

+Regular updates.
Cons: Not enough of a choice of models just yet. A new site can not be faulted for that so this did not affect the score.

Most of the models are between thirty and forty, a few more over forty would lend a welcome "balance" to the site, that, plus the fact that they allowed women with fake breasts with visible scars to sneak into another wise great line-up of models, kept my score in the mid eighties.

Not enough pubic hair (my personal preference, again not counted against the site as most Porn Users prefer the shaved look).
Bottom Line: I believe this will be a great site once it expands a bit more.

I downloaded all the great ones (according to my taste) like Berkley, Dee Dee, Fallon and Calliste yesterday and was so pleased with the videos and picture sets that I feel I already got full value for my money and the rest will be gravy, especially if there should be (hopefully) an update for one or all of the above mentioned models during the remaining period of my subscription.

My suggestion would be, if you're not greedy but go for the best in a site: take the tour, see if you can find at least three, four models that appeal to you. If you can, subscribe, download them and consider it good value for your money.

That's how good the quality of Anilos' material is!

After my subscription is up I'll certainly make it a point to make regular visits to the site to see how it is coming along.

03-18-09  09:56am

Replies (8)
Visit Cathy's Craving

Cathy's Craving

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Prodigious output by one amateur model.

Bonus Sites.

Frequent updates.

No Download Limits.
Cons: Older material is best because it seems more spontaneous but the quality is terrible.

Newer material is better when it comes to quality (640x480 wmv.) but I find that the staged quality of the newer videos is leaving me cold. There's no heart, no passion .. gangbangs, for instance, seem nothing but an opportunity to take pictures and to get another update ready for the members: "Okay, now let's try this position or that position," and this is done with a stable of male "amateurs" that are seen in scene after scene and location after location. There is chatter and laughter throughout some scenes that could be very hot if they allowed the viewer to get involved in the fantasy without having to listen to directions given and inane giggles.

The action is raw and raunchy but the eroticism is missing.
Bottom Line: I like mature women. I like Cathy. I certainly like the price offered to our members (I wish I had known about the special discount because I subscribed from the outside .. will never do that again) and despite the fact that the cons above annoyed me no end I would still recommend mildly a one month subscription. Go to the site, get an idea what Cathy looks like, if you like her then there's quite a bit of material for you to download even though quality lags a bit.

03-09-09  11:21am

Replies (4)
Visit Lady Suspender

Lady Suspender

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: A site that is reasonably true to its niche.

Mostly mature amateur models.

Picture and Video quality, while not outstanding, is reasonable. New videos are 640x480 at 1000 bitrate.

Picture sets are zipped, however ... see below.
Cons: The more I look and download the more I realize that the site is actually nothing but a tease to encourage you to purchase their DVDs. at a steep price in my opinion. I saw one that sold for 35 British Pounds.

Video segments are poorly organized and it takes a lot of searching to find part one or part two of a series. Once all the parts are found it usually amounts to no more than a ten - fifteen minute excerpt of a Video that has no beginning or end for the above mentioned reasons.

Most picture sets are duplicates of the incomplete videos and can be downloaded zipped but beware, most sets are small and still require multiple zips .. one per page of pictures.
Bottom Line: I must confess to having mixed feelings about this site. On the one hand it is refreshing to see mature women in old-fashioned underwear, something very appealing to someone over fifty, well, appealing to me, anyway and I'm enjoying the "teases", as frustrating as they are in their incompleteness.

On the other hand, however, I have seen some of the models on other mature sites and, most importantly, I really don't like having spent a subscription fee just to be used by a site shilling their products.

03-08-09  01:07pm

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Visit American Vice

American Vice

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Excellent video site that caters to most tastes, a rarity among its peers who tend to be so main stream that they become boring very quickly.

Three different degrees of quality when it comes to downloads. The best quality video (WMV) has a bitrate of 2000 and is quite acceptable, especially since the huge HD files of other sites have eaten up a lot of my hard drive space.

A superb search engine even though a novice frequently gets a message that whatever he is looking for can not be found. With a bit of experience these messages get fewer and fewer and you really are able to zero in on what appeals to you most.

The most responsive and friendly webmaster I have come across so far in a porn site.

Excellent download speeds (1.4 - 1.7 MB/s) for me on single downloads. With multiple downloads speed goes down accordingly but is still quite respectable.

Almost forgot to mention: I love the editorial comments and find them not only funny but quite helpful.
Cons: Only one con but I am not sure if that is a personal or site problem: I am not able to stream a scene with Firefox. I have tried everything, even using the IE plug-in, but that invariably takes me to the join page and asks for my user name and password. I am using "sample" to get an idea of what a scene is all about but usually don't get much information through the short clip shown. Wish they switched to Flash.
Bottom Line: This is a site I am really enthused about.

Subscriptions to other video sites usually start out with a WOW and next day are followed by IS THIS ALL THERE IS, but the niches are so well represented in this site that I keep finding excellent videos left and right that I've never seen before and the WOW factor has been extended.

As someone stated, this site could stand heftier updates to keep up with the competition, but on the other hand, if the webmaster keeps throwing us bones in the form of different and unusual contents I shall remain a loyal supporter.

In one sentence: Highly recommended and, to me, this is the best video site around, beating its bigger peers hands down when it comes to entertainment value and value for the buck.

02-24-09  02:47pm

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Visit Download Pass

Download Pass

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Updated: 05-14-09  10:01am  (Update History)
Reason: Slow speeds, broken links, difficulty cancelling, webmaster stopped being responsive.
Pros: + Large selection of videos. As of this date, over 4300 DVDs with over 23000 scenes.

+ Daily update consisting of two - three videos.


+ Attractive Layout. Easy searching. A good selection of bonus sites.

+ Excellent price for our members.
Cons: - Non exclusive contents.

- Links that lead to scenes other than the ones requested.

- Search could be better when looking to narrow down one's choice of video or segment.

- Navigation within the site is slow and sticky.

- Picture sets are not zipped, however that's a small flaw in a site that is primarily a Video Archive.

- Most Bonus sites allow streaming only.

- Too many steps to sign in.
Bottom Line: In the original review I found this a very good site for the price. At the time I didn't run into any of the problems mentioned by other users but during the term of my second subscription experienced most if not all of the problems others before had with the site.

There are many DVDs I have seen already on Videobox but that's to be expected in an archive. Picture quality varies from so-so to good, depending on the age of the video and the state of the technology at the time.

First time I unsubscribed just to make sure that the process was uncomplicated and that users' complaints that they were forced to make long distance calls in order to cancel no longer had any validity my cancellation went flawlessly and I received an acknowledgment on the same day.
This time around ... see below.

May 14:

Review was downgraded by 15 points because the fast speed turned out to be an illusion. Once in a while it would meet its target but most of the time it was painfully slow.

Webmaster stopped responding to email after a couple of critical but justified remarks (see my remarks upper right of page).

Many links in bonus site are broken. Watching HD contents on some of the bonus sites has turned out to be painful because of all the stops because of slow speed. Webmaster was informed of difficulties but never responded making me feel that I was being used first time around.

Cancellation is unnecessarily difficult with no acknowledgment of the transaction. Three separate attempts to get the Billing company (owned by site?) to re-assure me went unanswered. Three emails to the webmaster in connection with the same subject went unanswered.

It appears that all the criticism by others re. speed, cancellation, broken links etc. was justified and I apologize for my original positive review.

02-04-09  09:45am

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Visit Naked News

Naked News

No Review.
01-25-09  11:38am

Visit True Amateur Models

True Amateur Models

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: A true amateur feel throughout the site.

Most models are very appealing and natural.

Large selection of pictures (1500x1126), nice and crisp. Most sets are in landscape format which is a dream come true for me.

Exclusive contents when it comes to pictures, some exclusive videos as well, but only a handful so far.
Cons: Picture sets are not zipped. This is a big minus for me but I thought I'd subscribe anyway because I am forever looking for "natural" which is hard to find in a sea of glitz and glamor. However the navigation is so horrible that downloading the pics becomes a real chore. (see bottom line)

The boredom factor is being reached very quickly because the photographer does not believe in fooling around with things like underwear and the models reach the nude stage much too quickly.

Most poses are quite innocent, which can be endearing in an amateur, and add to the attraction of the site to some, but they didn't do a thing for me. There are frontal shots but most are almost coy when compared to other, similar sites. There are too many shots of models' rear ends in each set and they are all so much the same that 90 percent of them could be eliminated without injury to the set itself.

No search engine.

Horrible navigation.

Picture sets awkwardly named.
Bottom Line: This site is leaving me hugely disappointed because I broke a vow to myself never to subscribe to a site that does not zip.

Taking their tour and looking at their appealing models I was finally willing to take a chance when it came to the inconvenience of downloading pictures one by one but, quite frankly, it's not worth the effort because one set imitates the other to such an extent that only the faces change. At least so it appeared to me.

Others appear to be enthralled by the site, so keep in mind that tastes differ.

The navigation really drove me up a wall. I would get to the end of a set, having saved approx.15 pictures out of hundreds, and there would be nothing to take me home. No "Home" button, no "Return to Galleries" .. nothing!

In desperation I would hit the back button in my browser hundreds of times in order to get back to where I had started only to find that I ended up at the beginning of the set rather than at "Home."

The way for me to get back in was to go to my bookmarks, enter once again through the front door (thank heavens they remembered that I was still signed in) and then return to the Galleries.

The place is hopelessly confusing to the novice and the webmaster should make an effort to make things simpler for easily lost souls like myself.

For only the second time in my porn subscriber's career I wish there were a way of giving my remaining subscription to someone else because I really don't want to return.

There are a few things I do like. For one thing the amateur feel is there, the models are very appealing and I am convinced that the webmaster is sincerely trying to make this a unique site. Trouble is he lacks imagination.

If he worked on navigation a bit and zipped his pictures the score would go up by five points.
But no more than that.

01-22-09  08:51pm

Replies (2)
Visit Old Spunkers

Old Spunkers

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Lots of material, reasonably true to its niche, if, in your eyes, everyone over thirty is old.

Steadily increasing exlusive contents.

Newer videos and pictures (zipped) are of fair quality.

Download speed was around 400 KB/s for me. If this site carried HD contents this would be barely adequate but for downloading pictures and fairly low quality (for 2008) videos it is a fair speed. Also keep in mind that speeds vary depending on your location.

Access to an additional site catering to BBW lovers. Contents of this site are just as
“barely tolerable” as that of the mother site.
Cons: The name of the site might appeal to some but, to me, it smacks of contempt for anyone over a certain age.

Most picture sets are mind numbingly boring. They might as well be screen captures because there's very little difference between one picture and the next in a given set. Most of the more exciting pictures I found were all pre 2001 and were of that quality.

Recent updates of pictures listed on the home page are still at 1023x685, adequate but not great.

Most videos before 2006 are almost unwatchable in their tiny format and when expanded to full screen are so blurred that there's no enjoyment to be had.

Newer videos can be downloaded in wmv with a 1900 bitrate but I ran into problems right away when I attempted to download a whole scene. See bottom line because there's not enough room in "cons" for the many things wrong with this site.
Bottom Line: I think that maybe the reviewers of TBP gave this site an undeservedly good (even though it's not great) rating. Maybe they felt sorry for the "old" folks present in it!

The pictures are so-so, the videos are so-so, navigation is awkward.

The thumbnails of the models are so small that one can barely make out their facial features.

A good search engine is desperately needed. There is a drop down menu near the bottom of the page that lists various niches but the most important one to me: the age of the model is missing. This would be a small oversight if only the THUMBNAILS were bigger to allow one to see at a glance if a model is thirty or sixty.

In my estimation 90 percent of the exclusive part of the site belongs in Cougar country while only a small handful of models would classify as “Old Spunkers” (Grandma country in my mind).

They CAN be found in abundance in the non- exclusive part, but both their videos and pictures are practically unwatchable (read outdated) unless you're still in possession of a 14” monitor and think that 400x300 pixels is the cat's meow.

We're not done with the problems yet. There is a section called Xtras where one can watch old, tiny segments of movies of ladies, aged 40 – approx. 60, trouble is half of the streaming bonus videos don't work with Firefox. And the ones that do work are about the size of a postage stamp. Exaggeration, I know, but not by much.

When it comes to the site's exlusive contents you will find 49 models with videos and picture sets. None of them looks to be older than fifty. A plus for some, I know, but why not put cougars or MILFS in the name of the site rather than the despised "Spunkers?"

Sadly, with this site it doesn't take long to discover its inadequacies. One of the first videos I downloaded “stuttered” and skipped badly, forcing me to contact the webmaster who, to his credit, replied promptly, suggesting that maybe I needed a new windows media player. Nope, I don't!

Now to get in a real "con" I couldn't fit in above: when I attempted to download a whole scene of one of the newer videos I ended up with a mess.

The individual segments of a scene are listed above the thumbnail of the video as :1, :2, :3 :4 etc. But when attempting to download all four the result was not good. Segment one of one of the selected videos downloaded okay, but the others ended up as empty 1 kb files in my downloads folder.

I had even less luck with the second video. My Firefox download manager told me that the download of all five segments had started but the end result was that there was not even one segment on my hard drive after Firefox pronounced "download completed." What I ended up with were a file name and the “size” of the file which was 1kb, in other words empty.

Oh, yes, I almost forgot, they also carry advertisements for “Adult Friendfinder” on every page.

Very low recommendation!

11-14-08  08:38am

Replies (19)

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