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Visit About Voyeur

About Voyeur

Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: *I actually had access to this site.
*There are pictures of naked women on this site
*Some of the girls are actually attractive
Cons: *No updating is infrequent
*No video option
*Site is poorly constructed
*No real "voyeur" stuff per say
Bottom Line: If you want to waste your money, get a match and set it on fire. That would be more entertaining the to have to endure sifting through this worthless site.

11-01-07  07:04pm

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Visit Trixie Teen

Trixie Teen

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: *She's hot, she looks really young and her body is perfect!
*Tons of picture sets to choose from.
*Toys! Toys! Toys! The girl loves her dildo's and vibrators.
Cons: *Video section is terrible. She has shot hardcore video which is available on other forums but she hasn't posted it on her website. Huh?
*Not much content unless you like tons of picture sets.
Bottom Line: I would not waste my money on Trixie Teen. Sure she's smoking hot, braces and all. She's a innocent looking nubile but without decent video content, it's not worth the money.

11-01-07  02:26pm

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Visit Skin Video

Skin Video

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: *HUGE selection of videos to choose from
*Site rips from the greatest selection of newsgroups out there today
*Multiple file and scene selections make it a breeze to watch scenes without having to download entire clips or full scenes
*Video quality is great
*You have download options as well as streaming options
*Offers an "ethnic women" section which is nice
Cons: *Updating depends directly on the newsgroup participation
*You may have to sift through undesirable videos to find gems you really like
*If you have a slow modem, your download speeds may suffer
*The newsgroup lists are for selected niches are sometimes unoccupied or not active at all
Bottom Line: I love newsgroups. They offer a variety of videos and pictures for your selective tastes. I would suggest though that visiting this site on occasions rather then daily can keep content fresh. Patience is also needed when newsgroup participation is not frequent. All in all, it is now one of my new favorite sites for good high quality newsgroup porn.

11-01-07  02:18pm

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Visit Exploited Black Teens

Exploited Black Teens

Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: *Girls are very attractive and young
*Bonus content with exploited teens and exploited moms included with subscription
*Scenes are broken down with thumbnailed sections for slower modem users
*Scenes download quickly
*site is updated frequently
Cons: *Site can be tricky to navigate and the performers section is antiquated. It could use more current features for newbie web browsers
*no multiple video options unfortunately
*site could use a face lift. Too busy which can be confusing
Bottom Line: *If you enjoy young black teenagers who love to have sex, you will enjoy this site. Even with it's design flaws, there are plenty of beautiful black girls who are very nubile and gorgeous. Their performances are genuine and in a world of amateur sex sites, this one is a crowd pleaser.

07-20-07  11:18am

Replies (3)
Visit California Pimp

California Pimp

Status: Was a member approx. 6 months prior to this review.
Pros: *Women that are featured are very attractive and willing
*Interesting pre-sex interview segments with the girls
*Different media streams available
*Scenes broken down for slower users
Cons: *Site is not updated frequently
*Users tend to be denied access even with working passwords
*Slow streams with broadband
Bottom Line: *If you are looking for a cheap site that has plenty of good looking girls that are very sexual and not actors, this is the site for you. Beware though. Content is dated and not updated very frequently

07-20-07  11:10am

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Visit Nicky Starks

Nicky Starks

Status: Was a member approx. 6 months prior to this review.
Pros: *Plenty of dirty black chicks doing incredibly the nasty
*Lots of video content
*Userid/password work on their sister sites
Cons: *Little to no updates for months
*Picture section is not good but borderlines on bad
*Sometime userid/password is denied even though you are still a member
*Navigation is cumbersome
Bottom Line: *This is pretty decent site. The models are nasty and the hardcore is decent. The site needs a navigation overhaul and the content needs to be updated more frequently. Their sister sites are very decent and it's worth a look.

01-27-07  01:36pm

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Visit ATK Premium

ATK Premium

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: *Very pretty models
*European content is available
*Hardcore videos available as well
*Easy to navigate
Cons: *Updates are NOT frequent
*Video section is muddled
*Needs more models!
*Less masturbation videos and more couples
Bottom Line: *I've been to the site over and over and it still comes off as stale. Downloading or streaming vidoes is painful because you click onto a thumb nail to see that certain section of the video and it kicks you right back to the beginning of said video even though you want to skip certain sections. The girls are stunning but you never see any new girls, just the same one for months at a time. There is not enough girl/girl or couples action and the majority of the site contains pics and masturbation videos which are easily faked. I would suggets atk exotics or atk hairy if you want more content for your buck.

01-27-07  01:32pm

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Visit Home Spy Video

Home Spy Video

Status: Was a member approx. 6 months prior to this review.
Pros: *Tons of video pages to sift through
*Almost the entire site is hard core
*Voyeur section available
*No hassle streaming videos
Cons: *There is absolutely no content categories.
*Userid/password tends to get kicked back on occasion
*Some content quality is below average or even poor
*Screen shots do not always depict what you are downloading
Bottom Line: If you are looking for improving your amateur library and want quick short hardcore clips, then homespy video is for you. There is an attempt at putting the videos into categories but they don't tell you what they are in. You just start noticing certain chunks of videos all being in the same niche which can be irritating. Quality of videos can suffer as well and some are not even viewable but the content is there and the majority of the videos are solid.

01-27-07  01:27pm

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Status: Was a member approx. 4 months prior to this review.
Pros: *High resolution pics
*Models are stunning
*Content is updated frequently
*Did I mention the models are hot?
Cons: *Video section is an after thought
*No hard core content
*Navigation is cumbersome and sluggish
Bottom Line: Femjoy seems to be a knock off of Met-Art but the content is fresh and on a lucky day, you find dozens of extremely attractive nubile models to drool over. The video section is not very exciting and imho, if you want videos on your site, do a 100% effort and make it worth the subscription price.

01-27-07  01:19pm

Replies (0)
Visit Met Art

Met Art

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: *Probably the best teen amateur site on the net
*Every girl is absolutely beautiful
*Tons of European models
*Ability to see pics in very high resolution
*Tons of picture content. It never ends!
*Moderate video content
Cons: *Video content could be more expansive
*Site can be tricky to maneuver
*Hard core videos would be on my wish list
Bottom Line: *Hands down the creme de la creme of nubile teen picture sites on the internet today. Their content is constantly being updated and the models are supreme. If you are looking for a vast library of vidoes, you may be disappointed.

01-27-07  01:16pm

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Visit Little Mutt

Little Mutt

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: *Beautiful models doing all sorts of things ranging from masturbation to girl/girl.
*Videos are broken down into smaller sized clips for folks with slower modems.
*The ability to download the entire clip which other sites do not give the option to do.
*Did I mention the girls are smokin' hot?
Cons: *Not enough boy/girl scenes.
*Some girl/girl scenes looked contrived and not one hundred percent natural.
*I noticed dips in bandwidth and certain files downloaded quicker the others.
Bottom Line: *Top notch amateur site that has been around for a while. There is lots of content and if you are into female masturbation and girl/girl scenes, this is the site for you. If you are looking for hetero sex scenes, you may be disappointed.

01-27-07  01:08pm

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Visit Perfect 10

Perfect 10

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: *Plenty of European models to drool over.
*Every model has a perfect body.
*There are plenty of updates available.
Cons: *Models could have more picture content.
*Video section is almost an after thought.
*No links to other hot model sites.
*No bonus content.
Bottom Line: If you desire to have a site with absolutely drop dead gorgeous models with absolutely perfect bodies then subscribe to perfect 10. If you want tons of videos accompanying this variety of pics, then this site is not for you.

01-11-07  06:49pm

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Visit HomeClips.com


Status: Was a member approx. 5 months prior to this review.
Pros: *Large variety of amateur clips.
*Clips are very entertaining with the majority of couples worth watching having sex.
*Archive is large with a variety of couples to watch.
Cons: *Site owner/webmaster has a fascination with posting videos of him masturbating on almost every eighth clip.
*Content could be updated more frequently.
*Some couples are not that attractive to watch having sex.
*Too many females and toys. Need more couples.
Bottom Line: If you like a large content amateur site, homeclips is for you. There is a large variety of couples engaged in sex and a large archive section. The site could use a thumb nail face lift and the quality of videos vary but all in all a pretty decent amateur video site.

01-11-07  06:42pm

Replies (0)
Visit Exhibitionist Paradise

Exhibitionist Paradise

Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: *Plenty of amateur content.
*Amateur content is very amateur and has plenty of couples to choose from.
*Despite some video quality issues, the couples are very believable.
*Majority of videos are thumbnailed to prevent undesirable content.
Cons: *Updates are rare.
*Some video quality is poor.
*Archived material is not thumbnailed making it frustrating if you do not want to see three hundred pound amateurs having sex.
Bottom Line: EP has the potential to being a very entertaining amateur website. The quality of videos from their contri's needs to be scrutinized more and bad quality video needs to be rejected and video you can actually see and understand should be accepted.

01-11-07  06:36pm

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Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: *Young European looking girls posing in natural settings.
*Content is comprehensive and has tons of models to choose from.
*Photography is top notch.
*Availability of zip downloads makes it easy to get entire sets.
*Updates are often.
Cons: *Some of the poses tend to be boring and not sexy.
*Too many shaved girls trying to look like twelve year old nubiles and not adult women.
*Archived content not thumbnailed.
Bottom Line: A very decent teen site that has a great volume of hot and young beautiful girls posing. The site updates very often and keeps the content fresh. The photography is top notch and they do not silk screen the models adding to their naturalness.

01-11-07  06:26pm

Replies (3)
Visit Crush Photo

Crush Photo

Status: Was a member approx. 5 months prior to this review.
Pros: *Very very hot young girls posing in non-provocative ways.
*Did I mention the girls are hot?
*Huge picture section that seems to go on forever.
*Video section is still in it's development stage, but is still fun to watch
Cons: *The site is excruciatingly hard to navigate with very hard to read names and fancy buttons to hit which can be distracting
*The site tends to not update as frequently as I would like
*The models tend to not show as much as I would like in posing models
Bottom Line: All in a decent site with very hot young girls. Despite the frustration of trying to navigate the site, there is much more frustration in knowing you will never have any of these girls in your lifetime. I don't care, there is countless pics available and the content is solid as a rock!

01-11-07  06:22pm

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Visit Biggest Dick in Porn

Biggest Dick in Porn

Status: Was a member approx. 6 months prior to this review.
Pros: *Big black dicks and the women who love them.
*Two sections that provide streaming clips in both sections with a smaller section that provides clips for slower modem users.
*Models are very pretty and seem generally interested in having sex with black men.
Cons: *Streaming video section is plagued with compatibility problems with streaming WMV files. Most of the time they will not stream at all.
*Content could use more updating.
Bottom Line: Not a bad interracial niche site that has big black swinging dicks with chicks eager to be a part of the action. There is streaming problems that kept me from keeping this subscription. The video quality is great and they may have solved their streaming malfunctions which will make this site a must have.

01-11-07  06:17pm

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Visit ATK Natural & Hairy

ATK Natural & Hairy

Status: Was a member approx. 4 months prior to this review.
Pros: *If you are into hairy girls, this is the site for you.
*The picture library is huge!
*Many videos to choose from.
*You can choose to pick how hairy you want your girls.
*Comprehensive search engine that narrows down your hair desire!
Cons: *The video section is antiquated with a "volume" section that can tend to be a pain.
*The video section female models do not stand up beauty wise against the picture models and tend to be less "pretty" then the girls in the picture library.
*Archived videos are not thumb nailed and you have to just download the video to see what you get.
Bottom Line: One of the most comprehensive hair lover sites around. Tons of pics of beautiful hairy women where you can use a great search engine to narrow that hairy search you desire. If you love women in fur, t his site is for you!

01-11-07  06:11pm

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Visit Homegrown Video

Homegrown Video

Status: Was a member approx. 6 months prior to this review.
Pros: *There is countless videos available to view
*The site is very niche friendly and has lots of content to brouse
*Their content stays on the site. You never lose archived material
Cons: *Some of the video quality is not premium quality
*The site can be tricky to navigate and can be frustrating at times.
*You have to be computer savvy to get videos to actually download. Their streaming video is put in place to discourage novice viewers from downloading video content.
Bottom Line: I've been a fan of this site for years. If you have a niche in mind, they have a video for you. There are simple remedies to getting your videos onto your hard drive. Despite some quality issues, the videos in general are quite decent.

01-11-07  06:05pm

Replies (2)
Visit Adult Bouncer

Adult Bouncer

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: *Compared to other AVS sites, AB updates their content more frequently.
*Video quality is excellent
*No hassle password prompts makes it easy to navigate through different AB sites.
*Varied content including fetish sites as well.
Cons: *Favorite sites can disappear without notice
*Tends to be more expensive then other sites
*Sometimes password prompts do not work with other AB sites.
Bottom Line: *AB is a very comprehensive site that offers great videos with varied content that will satisfy anyones video needs. The site is user friendly and easy to navigate. Despite it's price tag, the return is worth the money.

01-11-07  05:50pm

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Visit Deluxe Pass

Deluxe Pass

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: *No download restrictions or DRM's which is great
*Plenty of sites to choose from and content is quite varied.
*The video quality is superior to other AVS.
Cons: *There is no ability to stream videos which can be frustrating.
*Video clips can be quite large which is not convenient for slower modem users. Smaller clips would help this problem.
*Too many password prompts can be frustrating.
Bottom Line: If you want a AVS site that has a large amount of sites to choose from the Deluxepass is for you. The cons do not inhibit great video watching.

01-11-07  05:45pm

Replies (2)
Visit Nikkiee Handjobs

Nikkiee Handjobs

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: If you like a site that has a woman who is very good at what she does which is giving fabulous handjobs. The section is somewhat user friendly and there are sections for slower modem users. Also, the cums every time so she must know what she is doing.
Cons: There is no updated content. Very rare of it all in over a year. If you want current jack off material from this site, you may get bored quickly. The is also a huge non-topic video download section but this lacks thumb nailed views of what you are downloading so it is Russian roulette.
Bottom Line: If you like simple videos of a guy getting his gerkin jerked and don't mind stale content, then this site is for you. For folks just getting into this niche, it's a pretty decent site that is a must try.

01-11-07  05:37pm

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Visit Lesbian Girl

Lesbian Girl

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: The site does a great job of luring you in with it's pics of natural lesbians getting reading to have some serious sex and links to countless other sites that they offer with the same subscription
Cons: There is absolutely no video clip remotely connected to the content advertised on their website. Every clip you view is the same clips on EVERY site they offer. Sure they have tons of pics but I went to this site because I expected to see natural lesbians being video taped having hot sex with each other. What I got was non-content rip off short clips of boring and off topic sex...
Bottom Line: Don't bother wasting your money on this site. They do not use on topic content and there is no customer service. Logging in can send you to forbidden or no content blank pages.

01-11-07  05:27pm

Replies (2)
Visit abbywinters


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: *The girls are very natural, sexy and are actually interested in having sex with other women and even sometimes men!
*The scenes are not contrived or seem set up for cameras. The folks that run the sight seemed genuinely interested in the subscribers desire to see young, nubile and sexually charged girls in a natural setting.
*You don't seen shaved women trying to look like twelve year old girls.
Cons: *The site can be a bit difficult to maneuver.
*The control tabs are a little vague
Bottom Line: *If you want young, nubile girls loving each other, then this is the site for you!

01-10-07  07:03pm

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