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Visit I DeepThroat

I DeepThroat

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Lots of movies (300+)
Tons of pic sets that are not just vidcaps.
Decent download speeds (averaged around 300-400 kbps)
All movies fully downloadable.
Heather is pretty good looking.
Amazing deepthroat action.
Only girl I've ever seen keep a man deepthroated while he cums. Unbelievable.
Cons: No longer updating since '06
Content gets repetitive.
Video size and quality isn't great (320x240 mpg).
No video options or vidcaps.
Site design is pretty bland.
Only 1 guy involved, her husband (need some variety).
Bottom Line: I kind of found this site by accident by downloading a random file from elsewhere that had the logo for this site on it. I figured it was just a generic site with deepthroating but when I got to the page I saw that it was all this Heather girl, which is pretty cool actually. She is easily the best deepthroater I have seen, and her "extra skill" is beyond belief. Some points:

1. So a lot of girls can deepthroat, but this girl is crazy with it. She takes her husband's 9 inch cock down like it's 1 inch, and can basically just sit with it in there no problem indefinitely. Well that's good and all, but the real kicker is her "extra skill" that I mentioned. This is when she has her husband LITERALLY cum down her throat. There are some vids where she is blowing him and let's the viewer see that he is just starting to cum, at which point she instantly takes his entire cock down and just leaves it there until he is done, and there are other times where you don't even see that he's started, she just never let's him go till he's done shooting his load. NEVER have I seen something like that. Hot doesn't even begin to describe it, especially when it doesn't even faze her at all. No choking, gagging, nothing. She just has a guy literally cum down her throat like it's an everyday activity. My god, I didn't even know anyone had ever done such a thing.

2. There is a lot of content on this site, but it's dated and it shows with the quality and video size. Very small videos, I'm not even sure if one surpasses 15 or 20 mb on my hard drive so that should say something about what I refer to. It's enough to get by, but it's not enough to impress.

3. Another point on Heather. She is very attractive and has a great body EXCEPT for these massive fake boobs. If you like fake boobs then you'll really be in love but if not watch out, they are some of the fakest boobs I've seen. So sad when girls do this because they would look so much hotter without them. Well, that's an opinion I suppose.

4. No more updates here, the site seems to be dead. There is enough content though to keep you busy so it shouldn't leave you wanting too much. There is so much deepthroating I can't imagine another movie would satiate some hunger the first few hundred movies didn't.

5. It would have been very nice to see some other guys involved to test her skills with some other dicks. It's just her husband in every scene, and while his cock is big, it gets old seeing it over and over again. There are some other girls on the site though for some lesbian and deepthroat action too with Heather.

I rarely if ever join oral related sites, but I just had to see more of her "deepthroating while the guy cums" action. If you are a fan of deepthroating or just cumshots and such, you should probably give this site one go at least. If for nothing else, you need to see what I'm talking about. Seeing is believing with this.

08-16-08  07:23am

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Visit French Fisting

French Fisting

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: 43 scenes (all scenes have video and pics)
All exclusive content.
Still updating, although infrequently.
Multiple download options, although highest resolution is 640X480.
Download speeds are fast (averaged 500-600 kbps)
Access to all "sweet group" sites.
Fisting action is good, all high energy full fisting.
Cons: Model's tend to be average to downright disgusting.
Updates are slow in coming.
Can only download one movie at a time from the site.
No full movie download options.
No easily viewable vidcaps or movie trailers.
Bottom Line: Well, this site kind of falls in the middle between the really crappy fisting sites out there and the better ones like Fistflush and Teachmefisting. One of the most important things to note is that unlike Fistinglessons, this site is still updating. Time for a rundown of points.

1. First things first, the models. Ugh. Let me repeat that. UGH! Seriously, would they shoot a monkey if it came onto the set and said it would be willing to do some fisting too? Probably. It seems they take whoever no matter what they look like so expect a high amount of models who may have one or more of the following attributes: old, ugly, overweight, obese, missing teeth, millions of tattoos, etc. There were a few girls who weren't that bad, but out of all 43 updates, there is not a single one who I thought was "hot".

2. The fisting scenes themselves are really good actually. There is a woman and a man who work the girls, usually starting with the woman, then moving on to the man. Practically every scene involves both full fisting from the woman and the man, and the woman in particular really works the girls with a lot of spreading and in and out full fisting action. Some of the scenes the guy gets some full fisting penetration but he's usually a bit more lame about it. Still, overall they have a lot of action and are high energy, which is good. None of that putting 4 fingers and a little bit of the thumb in and calling it fisting crap here.

3. You get membership to the entire Sweet network of sites which is a crap load of content. Basically you'll get upwards of another 15 sites of equal content, if not more, than French Fisting. Along with that comes membership to Fisting Lessons, and Fist and Piss, 2 more fisting sites. Fist and piss is new and doesn't have much content, and it's not exclusive, but the archive of Fisting Lessons is extensive and really adds to the Fisting rampage you will be on. There are other sites too which focus on other niches. Can keep you busy for a while.

4. I HATE the fact that there isn't a full movie download option, especially since most movies have 3-6 parts AND you can only download one movie at a time for whatever reason. Very annoying and needs to be fixed.

Overall it's a decent site I suppose, but it's not as good as Fisting Lessons was in it's prime. The main problem is obviously the quality of the models. If they improved that then it would be a huge improvement and step in the right direction, but it seems that their pattern is to take whatever comes. Still, worth joining once to get all the content of the site, plus you can get lost in all the bonus sites as well, which are solid. I give it 1 Fist and 2 fingers up.

08-15-08  10:56am

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Visit Yanks.com


No Review.
08-13-08  10:39pm

Visit Gapes In POV

Gapes In POV

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Exclusive content.
Movie download options (640 x 480 or 1280 x 720)
Vids are good quality.
Preview trailers for all vids.
Can get access to network of 6 sites for an extra 5 bucks.
No DRM or download limits.
Most of the girls are attractive.
Lots of vidcaps for the scenes.
Cons: 20 scenes only (pics and vids).
Many scenes have nothing to do with gaping.
Slow download speeds (averaged 100-150 kbps).
No longer updating.
All gaping is basically anal gaping, almost no pussy gaping.
Site is slow.
Viewing pictures is a hassle as you have to sift through many pages.
Bottom Line: This is another site of the network of 6 sites you can join from this company. Supposedly this is the "gaping" niche but it seems as though it's just another example of this company throwing some scenes together to make a site, in essence padding the number of sites to make it seem like it's a big network. This is painfully evident when this site only has about half of the scenes focus on gaping. Points of interest:

1. First, something that frustrates me to no end. Why on earth does every movie or site that has a focus on "gaping" seem to ONLY FOCUS ON ANAL GAPING?!?! Seriously, it's beyond annoying for someone who does not like anal but does like pussy gaping. I can't think of a movie I've seen in a porn shop or a website that had "gaping" in the title that didn't seem to be overwhelmed with anal gaping. Yeah well, same thing with this site.

2. As I said, only about half of the scenes on this site focus on gaping, or even have it in the scenes. Pretty funny isn't it when that's the name of the site? There are a good bunch of updates throughout the member area that are just blowjobs. Can you explain this to me please?

3. Along with all the other sites in this network, the videos are great if you have the patience to sit through the slow downloads and huge file sizes. It can take hours to download a full scene at the highest quality since the best I ever had on a download was about 150 kbps and the files can top a gig. Ouch.

4. The preview trailers are nice. Those along with the vidcaps makes it very easy to decide what to download and what to avoid. I wish more sites would do this consistently. Along with this, all the scenes in the member area are on the preview area so make sure you check out the preview area completely before joining to see if there is anything you will want.

5. The girls on this site are mostly original and you won't see them a lot of other places except for maybe sites like Xcoreclub or some sineplex films. However, most of the girls on this site are also on the other sites in the network, wearing the same outfits and everything. So, clearly, they just shot a few scenes one day of the girls and didn't even bother trying to change their look at all. Not a real big deal, but worth noting.

The biggest reasons I knocked the score on this site is the lack of content, no updates, and scenes on the site that are complete filler. If you are going to join this site I recommend joining the network for an extra 5 bucks since you get access to 5 more sites (some better than others but definitely a lot more content).

08-25-08  11:52am

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Visit Euro Lesbo Girls

Euro Lesbo Girls

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Movie download options (640 x 480 or 1280 x 720)
Vids look good, nice quality.
Exclusive content from what I can tell.
Nice preview trailers for all vids.
Can get access to network of 6 sites for an extra 5 bucks.
No DRM or download limits.
Euro girls that are attractive and not all over the internet.
Lots of vidcaps for the scenes.
Camera man is decent in the videos.
Cons: 11 sets is all there are (vids and pics)
No updates at all.
Slow download speeds (averaged 100-150 kbps)
Site itself seems very slow.
Viewing pics is slow and spread over many pages.
Site navigation could be improved.
Some scenes are boring.
Bottom Line: This site was part of the network I joined wile joining Dildo and Fisting. It seems as though the creators of the network decided to throw a few scenes together to make a few extra sites, such as this one, to create the image of a big network of sites. In reality, it's a farce as only a couple of the sites in the network update, leaving the other ones to just sit there and languish. Points of interest:

1. As was already stated, and a huge knock on the score, is the fact that this site does not update at all. That's bad in and of itself, but what really makes it even worse is the abysmal amount of content there is currently. 11 scenes in total. Yeah, that's right, 11 scenes now and that's all there will be. So, there is basically no reason at all to join this site unless you join the network for an extra 5 bucks. Seriously, who is going to pay 30 bucks for 11 freaking scenes?

2. The video quality is very nice, and the high def big videos are gorgeous. Only catch is that they are huge (sometimes bigger than a gig) and the download speeds are atrocious, so it can take hours to get one file downloaded. Also, the website says they have videos that are 740X480 and they are NOT, they are 640X480.

3. Content seems to be exclusive. I haven't seen it anywhere else anyway, but that doesn't mean it isn't anywhere else. Typical lesbian fare here, with a combination of kissing, dildos, fingers, etc. The scenes are fairly long, with more than one topping half an hour which is very nice. I get sick of those scenes that are 10-15 minutes where they cram everything in so fast it isn't even worth anything. It really is a shame they didn't keep this site going because it has a lot of potential.

4. The preview area is basically the same as the member area, so look through it carefully and view all the trailers to get an idea whether it's a site worth joining for you or not. There are no scenes in the member area that are not in the preview area so don't expect extra stuff in the member area.

This site could be really good if they kept it up and updated it, but they don't so what can you do? What is here is quality, but there is just so little of it it's hard to take the site seriously at all. As I said before, it seems they just threw a few lesbo scenes together with no intent of ever updating it just to make a site and add to the amount of sites on their network. If you are really craving some new lesbo content you can find it here, but do so with caution. Also, take a good look at all the sites in the network and consider highly the option of joining that as it's only 5 bucks more and you get WAY more content with access to all those sites.

08-25-08  10:36am

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Visit Stretching Sessions

Stretching Sessions

Status: Current Member for over 6 months (at the time of review).
Pros: Most of the girls are young and thin. Not all are attractive but many are.
Pics and video of every scene.
Movies can be downloaded as parts or as a full clip either in WMV or MPEG formats.
Streaming option is available.
Quite a bit of decent pussy stretching.
A few bonus sites with membership.
Trial membership seems to actually be a full membership indefinitely? (a fluke maybe?)
Cons: Updates are very sporadic and random.
Scenes are generally very short (10-15 minutes).
Newer scenes are less focused on pussy stretching.
Videos for download size is only 640 x 480 for new movies and smaller in older movies.
Streaming size is ridiculously small.
Download speed for MPG movie format is VERY slow for some reason.
Bottom Line: If you are like me and enjoy watching pussies get stretched and opened, this site may be worth a trial membership. I say trial because it is a full trial even though it says limited. Also, I joined a LONG time ago under the "limited trial option" and have canceled my membership long ago, but yet I'm still a member with full benefits. Why? I have no idea.

The content of this site kind of lives up to the bill. Kind of. There are a few scenes and girls where it really is just constant pussy stretching, usually the older scenes. But for the last 6-12 months ALMOST all of the updates seem to focus more on just regular hardcore sex than anything else. Yes, there will usually be some pussy stretching for a minute before the sex and blowjob starts, but that's about it. It's almost like they give the token quick stretch to make it qualify for the site and then it's just generic the rest of the time. This is the most frustrating thing about the site in my opinion.

Also, the scenes are ultra short. Considering that the updates are very random and infrequent, you would think they could come up with more than 10 or 15 minutes worth of material. It's especially frustrating when only 10-20% of that time is spent on pussy stretching too.

The girls are usually fairly attractive, I will give them that. The highlight has to be Sophia. She is very pretty and toned, and man can her pussy stretch. There are a couple duds in the mix too but overall they aren't bad models

03-18-08  03:38pm

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Visit The Best Amateur

The Best Amateur

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + 376 movie sets.
+ 1446 picture sets.
+ Mostly all attractive models.
+ Decent download speeds (avg 300 kbps)
+ Has full video download option along with option to download movies in smaller clips.
+ Many screencaps of videos to see if videos are worth downloading.
+ Search feature.
+ Most models do have an amateur look to them.
+ New photo set every day and video set every other day.
Cons: - Horrible site navigation.
- Very bland site design.
- Movies have no file name, nor do they even say what models are in them often times.
- Poor quality video and camera work.
- Old content.
- Lots of nonexclusive content.
- Largest downloadable movie size is 640 x 480.
Bottom Line: I don't usually join these amateur sites but figured I would give this one a go. Was disappointed overall but maybe some people will enjoy it, although I can't imagine some of the cons would be overlooked by too many. Some points:

1. The site navigation and organization is beyond horrible. I will confidently say it's some of the worst I have ever seen to be honest. There is a model index which is kind of nice, but most models don't even have their movies listed on their model page. There is no link to look at past movie updates at all, so you have to use the search function to search "movies" then you can sift through the movie archive. Once you start finding movies, you will quickly find that when downloading every single movie has the same filename, so you have to come up with your own naming system, and since it DOES NOT list what model is in most of the movies, you will probably end up with a naming system like mine: Toy 1, Toy 2, Les 1, Masturbation 1, etc. And if you do find a movie with a model you like, again, you don't know what model it is and their isn't a link to their model page, so good luck finding them in the model index to see more of their content.

2. Movie quality and production values seem very antiquated, and this is reinforced to be true by the fact that I recognized quite a few of the models as euro models who are now out of the business, but in these movies they seem to be in their early work. Lighting is quite bad and often times the camera man is too zoomed out to really get a good luck at good stuff.

3. One thing I did like was that when you go to download movies, there are a few screen caps to show you what the movie has in it, but there is also a screencap gallery you can click into to see even more pics of the vid scene. This is in addition to the regular model sets so it doesn't replace them, and it helps in deciding what to download. For people like me who are picky with what we download, it helps a lot to avoid unwanted content being downloaded.

4. One final point I will mention is that most of these girls are really hot. They do look amateurish and I didn't recognize too many of them which is good. Lots of hot bods on this site.

09-02-09  01:37am

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Visit Exclusive Club

Exclusive Club

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Some good spreading, gaping, and extreme shoots.
Decent movie download options (full movie included).
Good amount of screen caps per video.
Forum and blog are kind of cool.
A few really hot models.
Cons: Very slow download speeds (100 kb/s).
Low amount of content (46 shoots)
Infrequent updates (once per week).
Small amount of content added with updates (either 1 vid or 1 photoshoot).
Broken links abound on site.
Only 1 or 2 videos per girl.
Many unattractive models.
Expensive for quality of content.
Bottom Line: Overall I was disappointed with this site. It has some potential but definitely needs a lot of work. I joined for the Sam update since I love gaping pussies and she is probably the best one on there in my opinion. Wish there was more of her, but as with all the models, you are only going to get a couple photo shoots and a couple videos. Here are some points of interest:

1. According to the webmaster members should get around 300 kb/s on downloads, but I never got above more than 125 or so, always hanging around 100 kb/s. Downloading the best quality movie on some girls took 3 hours.

2. Updates only come once a week, and even that update is only 1 set for a model. Not 1 whole model, just 1 set for a model. So, one week you might get a picture set of a model, then wait another week for 1 movie for a model, etc. In other words, don't expect a lot of new content here. The site has been out for years and there are only 46 main models to choose from, each of which only have a few photo sets and 1 or 2 videos. There is a vault with extra content in it from the older days but most of this is very poor quality, and often times the links don't even work to download the stuff.

3. Broken links. Unacceptable as far as I'm concerned on a site that I pay for. Only this site and Simon Scans have I seen so many broken links. If you go into the vault and try to download some of the older videos, many just link you back the main page of the site. I even found this to happen on some of the newer content as well. Nothing is more frustrating than seeing something that makes you think, "this looks hot, let me download it", only to find that you aren't going to be downloading a damn thing when the link is busted.

4. The scenes themselves mostly revolve around solo masturbations and examination videos which involve some stretching and gaping, along with speculum use. The scenes are decent, but there just needs to be more of them, and at an increased pace.

06-30-09  05:38pm

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Visit Perfect Teen Movies

Perfect Teen Movies

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Caters to the solo and lesbian niches well.
All scenes have video and pics.
Quite a bit of fisting and pussy stretching.
Some of the models are good looking.
Cons: Updates are very random and not consistent at all.
The highest video size is 640 X 480.
Many models are just reshot over and over.
More unattractive models than I would like to see.
Not a lot of scene variety if one is looking for it.
Not that much content.
Bottom Line: This is my second go round with this site and not much has changed. Many of the updates since I left originally are just of the same old models. You can expect most of the models to have at least 3 scenes, and some upwards of 8. The reason this is such a problem is because there really isn't that much content in the site in the first place, so when you just have a bunch of reshoots it seems there is even less content than what there already is.

For fans of fisting/insertions/pussy stretching you will get what you're looking for, however, since almost every scene has this to a certain degree. Still, while I am a fan of that content, I still didn't leave with much copied onto my hard drive at all.

Also, contents are super random it seems. The latest update was on 1-22-08 and I haven't seen one since. Definitely disappointed with that.

Overall it's a fair site, nothing great, nothing horrible.

03-01-08  12:04pm

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Visit Pleasure Fisting

Pleasure Fisting

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: Exclusive content.
Some of the girls are very attractive.
Full access trial for fairly cheap.
Some good fisting content.
Cons: Content is rotated so no real updates.
Some of the fisting is not true fisting.
Video quality is fair.
A few models are mediocre to unattractive.
Bottom Line: This site is a niche site for fisting, and does an ok job at providing said content. Most of the models I have seen before on other sites, but not frequently. Actually, many of them I have seen on older Sineplex and Sinsational movies (regular porn). I believe they are all Russian, but I could be wrong. Regardless, some of them are young and very attractive, and take some nice full fisting. Then, there is the typical 4 or 5 finger use just to the knuckles that really isn't fisting, but they like to call it that anyway. 50/50 is about the breakdown of decent stuff to lame material.

A big note of importance is the lack of updates. Sure, they have "updates", but they are just rotated over and over. I've joined this site on 3 different occasions and it's always the same thing, with the future updates always scenes I have seen already on my previous dalliances with the site.

Still, it's worth a quick trial membership. Pop in, download what there is, then move on and forget the site ever existed.

02-26-08  03:16pm

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Visit Dildo Machine Sex

Dildo Machine Sex

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Exclusive content with decent machine sex action.
+ Full movie download option or smaller clip downloads.
+ Fast download speeds (averaged 1 mbps)
+ Access to full network of sites including Brutal dildos.
Cons: - Hasn't updated since January 11th 2009.
- Only 51 sets.
- Best movie resolution is 640 x 480.
- Most models are US models seen all over other sites.
- Mostly older content.
- Picture sets are just movie screen caps.
Bottom Line: Chances are that if you join this site you will be spending more time with other sites in the network since there isn't that much to see here. What is there is decent, but that doesn't say much when there is only about 50 updates with no new updates in sight. Some points.

1. This site hasn't updated since early January and that is of major interest since there is only 51 sets as there is. If you are a major fan of machine sex it may be worth it but if you don't think you would enjoy the other sites in the network such as Brutal Dildos and Huge Strapon Lesbians you may want to think twice about it.

2. The fact that you get access to the other sites in the network such as Brutal and Huge Strapon is a big deal because Brutal is massive in and of itself. But as I said previously, if those big insertion type of sites don't appeal to you and you are only joining for the machine sex, it may not be an incentive to join.

3. Download speeds on this site seem to be much faster than other sites in the network for some reason. I was blazing through the downloads on this one.

4. If you tire of seeing the same models frequently like I do this site will be a major downer because most of these girls are all over the internet and regular porn movies. Would have been much nicer to see more original models.

5. You would think that approaching 2010 most sites would have a better movie resolution option than just 640 x 480, but that's all you get here. Well, you could downgrade to two smaller sizes but I don't know what the logic in that would be.

09-02-09  02:06am

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Visit Fist And Piss

Fist And Piss

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Attractive models for the most part.
Fast download speeds (averaged 500-600 kbps)
Full access to sweet network of sites.
Multiple download options.
Cons: 12 scenes is all (vids and pics)
Content is not exclusive.
No update schedule that I can see, not sure if it's even updating at all.
Movies can only be downloaded in parts, no full movie option.
No vidcaps or trailers for the movies.
Can only download one movie at a time from the site.
Bottom Line: This is the "new" fisting site that is part of the Sweet Network of sites. Well, I sure hope this isn't what they plan on being their main fisting niche site, because it's pretty much crap as far as I'm concerned. Where every site in the Sweet Network, including the other two fisting sites (French Fisting and Fisting Lessons), has it's common problems, this one only adds on top of it with a lack of content and completely non exclusive content. Points of interest:

1. This content is just bought, plain and simple. It's the same stuff you would find on Agangels or maybe Zoliboy. Same style as Teachmefisting as well with the same camera guy and Zoli, plus Kissie as the assistant fisting the girls in most of the scenes. I mean, the scenes themselves aren't bad, but I can't stand sites buying content from another site then presenting it as new. Hey, look at our "new" fisting site. Yeah right, nothing new here.

2. Content is dismal to say the least, 12 scenes, so you'll be counting on the access to Sweet Network as the crutch to pull you through this. Luckily that's a good thing, since there are a multitude of sites and niches in the network that have a lot of content, with two sites being fully fist focuses as well. You'll end up spending a lot more time on the other sites than here I would imagine, but for the price it's not a bad deal at all.

3. Same problem here as with all the sites, you can only download one movie at a time and they are all in parts which is very annoying. And since every scene has 3-6 parts plan on taking forever to get one scene squared away after downloading them all individually and then using a movie joiner to get it to one file. What a pain that is completely unnecessary.

There really isn't much else to say about this site, since there isn't much to it and what there is really is part of other sites just being sold here. This is not a highlight of the sweet network by any means, and just taken as an individual entity there is no way I could recommend this site. Keep in mind that you don't have to take it as an individual entity, however, since you get the bundle package with membership. Another fisting site, another failure really. I give this site a measly 2 fingers up, not even 1 fist.

08-15-08  11:46am

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Visit Fisting Sex

Fisting Sex

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Decent amount of content (updates added monthly since 1997)
Definitely true to it's name, lots of hardcore fisting.
Some nice bonuses (an FTV girls scene here and there, Exclusiveclub.com pics, story section, message board).
Almost all updates have video along with pictures.
Reasonable prices ( 17 dollars per month).
Very fast download speeds.
New videos are of decent size and quality 720 X 480.
Cons: Model quality is very very poor. 85-95% mature models that are not pretty nor in shape by any means.
Updates only come once a month.
Some models are commonly seen elsewhere (lots of Dennio, Amazing Ty, etc.)
Only one movie option, WMV.
Site is very plain and navigation is only fair.
Movies are broken into parts, no full downloads.
Bottom Line: I just rejoined this site after taking a 2 year break from it and out of the 24 updates since I left, I have 2 of them on my hard drive. If you are into mature models that are usually either thick, pregnant, or gaunt, this site is definitely for you. If not, you will probably want to pass since that basically makes up 80-90% of the model base. I will say, though, that there are a couple diamonds in the rough, but for every one of those there are probably 10-15 updates of the kind already described. This is not an exaggeration, but just the facts of the model base.

One good thing about the site is that almost every update has video at least, except for the content in the 90's. Also, many of the models are exclusive amateurs.

For those that are fans of ass attention with fists, there isn't much on here to talk about really. Pretty much everything is pussy oriented, which is fine with me, but just wanted to throw that info out there for the anal lovers.

I will say that at least the price is fair for the content provided, as you can get a full month membership for under 20 bucks. Also, you can even just choose no recurring billing as an option right off the bat which is unusual but helpful, especially since there isn't much reason to stay a member for more than a month at a time every few years or so.

If you are a fan of fisting and looking for some unseen content, this may be the site for you. But be aware of what type of models await you.

03-07-08  01:55pm

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Visit Hard Fisting

Hard Fisting

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Exclusive content (both pics and videos)
Multiple download options (WMV high and low qualities full movie and MPG full movie, or 1 minute WMV parts)
Download speeds are acceptable (around 350-400 kbps)
Tons of bonus sites (all fairly poor though)
Cons: Minmal content (20 movies, 34 pic sets)
No longer updating.
Misleading preview area, not as many movies as it made it seem.
Horrible site design.
Advertising all over the member's area.
Girls tend to be only of mild attractiveness (good looking models tend to be in the pics sets and not in video, why?)
Bottom Line: Hey, who would have thought, me reviewing a fisting site. Yes, I continue to be the pioneer and explorer for this nice here at porn users, so far at least. Anyway, another fisting site, another failure. Let's just jump into the points.

1. So the preview area was pretty smart. They made it look very professional, and what they also did was show pic sets in the same way that they would show movie sets, even with a vid trailer. Of course for the pic sets the vid trailer said that it had an error, so for me, who hadn't joined yet, I just assumed they were all movies and that once inside I should be able to download them all. But, those sets in the preview area with the "vid trailer error" were actually just pic sets in the member's area. Tricky tricky.

2. Content of the site is ok I guess, there just isn't enough of it. Only 20 movie sets isn't going to cut it when the models aren't even that attractive in the first place. At least it's exclusive which is good.

3. The bonus sites that you get with this site are a ton (32 I believe) but they are all very small and the content is pretty bad. A lot of the bonus sites are ones you've seen before and almost none of it is exclusive. I didn't spend more than maybe 30 minutes with them but maybe someone else would get more use out of it.

4. My god, I've never seen so much advertising in a member's area. There are banner's everywhere, ads mixed in with the video and pic updates, ads on the bottom of the page, on the right side of the page, hell, they're everywhere and they can't be stopped! This was beyond annoying.

Another failure of a fisting site. What is the deal with this? Besides for Teachmefisting and Fistflush, can no one put some money into making a site that's actually worth something and may bring in some revenue? For the fisting fantatic such as myself, it's ferociously frustrating and frequently causes fatigue, I must say. Oh well, if you want a few new fisting vids that you haven't seen before of models that are either average or unattractive, join. Otherwise, just avoid this one.

08-13-08  10:57pm

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Visit Playful Coeds

Playful Coeds

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: A few of the girls are kind of cute.
Full trial membership.
Pics are ok quality.
True amateur content.
Exclusive content.
Fair price.
Cons: Poor video quality.
Poor site design.
Poor site navigation.
No thumbnails for pictures.
Many models are not attractive.
Minimal content.
Not enough thumbnail pics for videos.
Bottom Line: Joined this site on a whim, definitely not my cup of tea. Perhaps fans of a certain niche of amateur content will find the beauty of the beast here, but I had a hard time doing so. The site navigation is cumbersome, especially when it comes to viewing pictures. There are no thumbnails, you just have to keep pressing "next" over and over to see all of the pics in a set. Also, the videos only have 1 picture as a representation of the video, basically making it a total guessing game whether you should spend time downloading the movie or not. Video quality is also rather poor.

Plain to ugly models except for a few, and not a lot of content. After going through the site in its entirety, I have not 1 pic or video that I decided to save from the site.

As I already said, if you have a thing for amateur girls to the utmost degree, then you may really enjoy this site. Most of the girls seemed to just be normal girls that got taped doing their thing. Unfortunately, not too many of them are very good looking, but there are a couple.

02-26-08  09:18pm

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Visit Solo Interviews

Solo Interviews

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Newer updates have option for full movie download, different movie formats, many screen caps, and different pics sets.
Download speeds were acceptable (400-500 kbps)
Most girls were at least decent looking.
Access to network with 7 other sites.
Trial is full trial.
Cons: 70 updates is all.
Old content, nothing new since I was a member years ago, regardless of the site saying there are new updates.
Not all content is exclusive.
Not every update has a full scene download option (some broken up into 10+ parts)
Some updates have no pics at all.
A lot of the models are ones you've seen before a hundred times.
Bottom Line: I got a special offer to join this site again for free for 3 days since I was a member in the past, and the add said the following "Over 100 new girls since last time you were a member!". Guess how many new girls there were. Zero. I'm assuming they were referring to the network as a whole with 100 new girls, but the way it came across made it seem it was for Solointerviews, which is the only site of the network I really cared about. I won't bitch too much since it was a free deal, but my review is what it is without any bias, so 65 is all it gets. Some points.

1. Even though it claims to have updates and it lists the dates and everything, it must be recycled because none of this crap is new and most, if not all, of these models aren't even in the business anymore they are so outdated. The older content does seem to have more models that are exclusive to the site, but those updates are also the more annoying ones that do not have full scene downloads or pictures, so you're stuck downloading a bunch of 1 minute file clips. Annoying.

2. One good thing that I can say is that at least you know what a movie is going to be like since even the new updates have 1 minute clip options (with a screen cap for each) and screen cap pictures. I absolutely HATE sites that have 10-20 minute movies with like 1-2 pictures total to see what the movie is going to be like (I'm talking to you Karups, ATK, and many others!).

3. Basically I wouldn't recommend this site for the full membership option, but if you can get in for a trial of some kind it can be worth it since you get access to the other sites in the network, one of which is Innocenthigh which is decent.

07-21-09  10:52pm

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Visit Hush Pass

Hush Pass

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: Shane diesel fucking teen girls.
A lot of the girls are attractive.
Movies are all available for download.
Streaming option if you enjoy this.
Multiple sites with membership.
Camera work in videos is pretty good.
Cons: **** Only porn site I have ever joined where I have been charged again after cancellation ****
Navigation of the site is very poor.
I found video quality to be pretty lacking.
Updates are very random and rather infrequent.
Many of the sites do not have a full archive. Girls that I saw being a member previously are no longer in the archives.
Some links to movies are broken.
Downloads are slow.
Poor customer support. VERY poor.
Too expensive.
Bottom Line: I'm not going to rehash what I already said in my comment about getting charged again after cancellation, but I HIGHLY suggest reading that comment for the details. Join this site with CAUTION! I tried to be objective with this review to the best of my ability, and only docked 10 points from the score I would have given the site without that experience.

Let me point out something that I think is important. Scenes that used to be part of the individual sites within this network have been taken off. My moms fucking blackzilla and my daughters fucking a black dude are the main reasons I joined the network, and older scenes that I was looking forward to seeing again after not being a member for quite a while were no longer available. I also have noticed that the last couple of updates to MDFABD seem to be old content being rereleased. I could be wrong on that, but I don't think so. Perhaps Shane Diesel has moved on from them and they took down their older stuff to release it again as new. So they may have started rotating it seems. Also, it's not just a couple of the older scenes that are gone, it's a good amount of content.

The space between updates for the individual sites seems to be getting longer and longer. I remember when they would update at least weekly, but now it seems like it's 2 weeks at a time. This is very disappointing.

I will say that most of the scenes are decent. The girls are usually attractive and it's always a joy watching them take Shane.

03-18-08  10:50pm

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Visit All My Models

All My Models

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Real amateur content.
Some attractive girls.
Video of every scene.
Variety of scene types.
Cons: All advertised scenes in preview area are not in member area.
Price is too high (24.95/month) for the amount of content available.
Video size is below 648 X 480 on many scenes.
Content is advertised as exclusive, but I don't believe it is. Explanation below.
Webmaster does not reply to e-mails.
Some scenes are extremely boring and uneventful.
Too many unattractive models.
Updates only once a week.
Poor camera work.
Bottom Line: First I'll explain why I don't believe this content is exclusive. The videos on this site are the same videos that make their way into many of Dreamgirls line of movies (Read Adventures, Wild Party Girls, etc.) The content of those movies is made up of Girls Gone Wild type of material, interspersed with some amateur porn. Those scenes are the same as the scenes on this site, and I'm almost positive I've seen them elsewhere as well, which makes me highly doubt the exclusiveness of the material.

A huge problem I have with this site, and any site for that matter, is when they advertise something in a preview area and then it isn't in the members area. This seems to be fairly common for sites that rotate their own content over and over, which seems to be the case for this site as well. I haven't been a member long enough to know for sure, but that's my guess as to why certain videos are not in the member's section that are on the "all my girls" link in the preview section. The once a week update is probably whatever vids are currently not available.

If you are a fan of amateur content, some of it is decent. There is a lot of blowjobs, some sex, and then a little bit of masturbation. The video size is very small so I found myself to be squinting my eyes more than I ever want to when watching porn. Some of the models are attractive, but there are defintely a fair bit that are not.

03-18-08  03:13pm

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Visit Fisting Lesbians

Fisting Lesbians

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: They added a section for full movies, although there are only 2 per week, which are then taken off the following week.
Teens doing full fisting, and some footing.
Trial is full access.
Content is exclusive.
Site navigation is ok.
Some thin, tight bodied, tantalizing teens.
Lots of bonus content, although it's rather poor.
Cons: DRM on videos.
Content is rotated on a weekly basis.
Movies are broken into multiple parts and released one at a time (some as many as 20+ parts)
Video quality is low.
Camera work tends to be bad, too many shots fully zoomed out.
No new content, all updates are old updates rereleased.
Material seems very old.
"vote on our next model" seems to be a complete hoax.
Bottom Line: This site has been around for a long time but not much changes. The only thing really new in the last year or so is that they started adding full videos weekly that you can download. BUT, they are taken off again the following week, as all content is rotated on a weekly basis and DRM protected. There is never any truly "new" content either as I have seen quite a few videos rereleased as new, which I had already seen during a previous venture to the site.

The model quality usually ranges from mediocre to attractive, with mostly thin young girls and a few mature models, usually thicker.

The site is broken down into multiple categories, of which there are usually a series of 7-10 updates that are rotated on a weekly basis. There is a section for new video releases (in parts), new pic sets, a section for the 1st part of all the pic sets, and a section for the 1st part of all the movie sets, along with the full movie set category. Also, on any given week all the updates in the "new" movie section are usually a hodge podge of parts of one new set. Example: Lisa & Marie, part 15 of 24. So in reality you don't even get 1 full movie per week in this section, nor full pic set in the pic section. You would have to be a member for a few months to get all the parts to one movie. And all updates only stay on for 1 week total, we're talking big time rotation.

I will also note that not many models seem to truly be into the scene, but are just going through the motions.

03-07-08  01:25pm

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Visit Exploited Teens

Exploited Teens

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Exclusive content with exclusive girls, 75-85% not seen anywhere else.
+ Many of the models are very attractive.
+ 427 updates to this point
+ Consistently updates once a week
+ No DRM
Cons: - The most annoying male actor ever in porn (explained below)
- Often times terrible camera work
- No picture sets at all
- Terrible site design
- Not remotely worth 30 dollars a month
- Models rarely seem into the scene (usually because the guy never stops talking to them)
- No model directory or search function
- Minimal screen caps per movie (new movies have 5, older movies have about 20)
- No movie trailers (they are in the tour for non-members, but no trailers in member area)
- Poor movie quality (old movies are around 320 x 240 mpg, newer just slightly larger than 640 x 480 wmv)
- Only 1 movie file download option per video
- No response to e-mails from webmaster
- Slow download speeds (averaged around 150-200 kbps)
- Wrong video file posted in most recent update, e-mailed site, week later still not fixed.
Bottom Line: In all honesty this has to be one of the worst porn sites I've ever visited. It's amazing to me this site is still going after all these years. Yes the girls are hot and the premise of unseen teen girls getting fucked is way hot, but the guy in charge of this site seems to have done every single thing possible to ruin it. Let's break down what makes this site so god awful:

1. I cannot stress enough how bad the guy in these movies is. I'm not one that typically gets annoyed by the guys in scenes, but this is an atrocity to all of porn that he is STILL making and ruining scenes the exact same way for over 4 years. He never, and I mean NEVER, shuts up. NEVER!!! Throughout the entire scene, in every scene, through 427 updates, the same guy says the same super corny comments over and over and OVER again. It's not just at the beginning of the scene or end, it is throughout every position of fucking as well. Literally, there is probably never more than 5-10 seconds that go by without him saying some corny cheesy comment to the model. The models rarely seem to be enjoying themselves or into the scene, because they are always too busy responding to what this idiot is saying to them. It is gonzo style as well, so the guy is in charge of the camera, and is terrible at it. Multiple scenes result in the camera just shooting the wall or the bed because he isn't paying attention to what's in view. It's maddening and at the same time almost unbelievable that he hasn't tried to improve in 4 years of work.

2. The site design and navigation are offensively terrible. There are 427 updates to this point with no way to search for a model or a particular scene other than to press "next" over and over again as you cycle through the pages of updates trying to find what you are looking for.

3. There are only movies on this site, there are no picture sets to browse through or download. Also, since each update only consists of 1 single movie to download you would think we would at least get a preview trailer or a good amount of screen caps to look at to help us decide if we should download the video right? WRONG! No previews in the member section (even though they are in the tour area of the site for non members) and each movie has only 5 screen caps. Funny, because the old movies have about 20-30 screen caps (movies over 2 years old) so the site seems to be regressing actually, or getting more lazy, however you want to look at it.

4. The movies have 1 download option and that's it. The first 3/4 of updates is a tiny sized mpg file that you will be squinting at, and the newer "HD" movies are on par with what the normal movies of 4 years ago were (around 640 x 480)

I'm still kicking myself for joining this site again after a couple of years but I thought that things must have improved at least somewhat. Boy was I wrong, if anything they have gotten worse. I feel sorry for every model that is a part of this site.

** Please also see reply update

05-02-10  09:04pm

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Visit Max Fisting

Max Fisting

No Review.
08-15-08  06:49pm

Visit Fist Bang

Fist Bang

No Review.
08-15-08  06:48pm

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