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Visit Evil Angel

Evil Angel

Status: Current Member for over 3 months (at the time of review).
Updated: 05-12-13  06:00am  (Update History)
Reason: addition of "Privacy Addendum:" section in Bottom Line
Pros: Price: $14.95 per month.

Updates: 2 - 3 daily sometimes an entire movie.

Site Stats : Scenes: 8069 Movies: 1379 Stars: 2840

Good Navigation

Download WMV (160p, 240p, 360p, 480p) MP4 (same as WMV plus 540p, 720p, 1080p)#

Scene information: Video Front Cover shot, Title and Scene number, Date updated, Length in mins,
Size*, number of Images, number of Views, Who's in the scene**, Tag words, Director's name, Rate the movie, Current rating, Scene description***, Comment Section****, Links to other scenes by participants.
Cons: * File size listed has nothing to do with file size.

** You are forced to use the IAFD database to sort out who is in a scene.

*** Older postings have no description or relevant tags.

**** You're encouraged to comment. Don't hold your breath that your comment will be posted - ever! Not sure what the webmaster does with these - maybe sprinkles them on his cereal in the morning.

# Video quality of older films are of tubesite quality and will never be improved upon with the 480 being the largest size, yet if you're into a specific babe, it may be your only chance to have her in your collection.
Bottom Line: John Stagliano provides other directors an opportunity to offer their movies through Evil Angel (EA) without relinquishing ownership or profit participation. Thus, rather than a bunch of themed sites or purchased content, Evil Angel publishes DVD video's, generally released one scene at a time.

The EA website lists 33 directors associated with it at this time, including one couple (Le'Wood), three women (Belladonna, Bobbi Starr & Dana Vespoli), and eleven Europeans working there &/or in the States.


Gay/Lesbian - While EA does not have straight up gay porn, Joey Silvera has broached this area by offering Shemale / Tranny (393) scenes (a total of 598 on the site) and "Strap Attack" scenes (234). "Lesbian porn" pretty much happens anytime two women kiss though some directors such as Belladonna, Bobbi Starr and John Stagliano feature plenty of girl girl scenes.

Anal - This has become the mainstay penetration act of the porn industry and EA is no exception. Sometimes I think they feel that if there is no anal there is no porn.

Jay Sin leads the way with his over the top anal DVDs, though Mike Adriano has added prolapse eating to his anal tongue fucking sequences (as opposed to rimming) to his prolific anal penetration videos.

Other notable and prolific directors featuring anal are Euro Rocco Siffredi, Christoph Clark, Raul Cristian & Nacho Vidal.

Manuel Ferrara has always had an ass obsession but also a series of DVD's called "Raw" which have the most authentic interaction of the two participants. Jake Malone also had plenty of anal scenes in his releases.

Oral - Hands down best on the Internet is Jonni Darrko's series of oral themed DVDs. The late John Leslie plus Mike Adriano, Joey Silvera and Belladonna have made oral themed movies too.

BDSM - This is not a specific niche that is specialized in though there are 71 Fem-Dom scenes listed.

Certainly Francesca Le and Mark Wood's (Le'Wood) current offerings, "The LeWood Anal Hazing Crew" and "Facial Vi0lation", has sado masochism well represented.

Thinly Plotted Gonzo Porn - Only three come to mine at the moment. John Stagliano's vampire themed "Voracious" and his 2003, groundbreaking feature "The Fashionistas", which swept the AVN Awards. Rocco Siffredi's "XXX Fucktory - The Parody Italian Style", which is mostly in Italian so who the fuck can understand the plot? Yeah, I know - people who speak Italian.

The directors at Evil Angel do not stay strictly in a specific genre so you will find a lot of cross over.

Bottom Line:

One of the best porn sites available at a great price with a variety of niches where you might find something that you like. Highly recommended.

Privacy Addendum:

It was brought to my attention that the EA website has a horrible Privacy policy. Honestly I'd never really read it before and quite frankly it's rather ugly. You can read it at the following link.


or look at my rely to Buckhead in the "Replies" section below.

This would not be a deal breaker for me. Here are some suggestions:

First: Make sure you un-check cross sell ads as you make your way through the sign up procedure. Work you way through carefully.

Second: When you join, OPT OUT by following the link they provide.

Third: Don't accept any offers through their website, not limited to but specifically LIVE SHOWS or SHOP DVD STORE.

Fourth: Use pop up blockers and a script blocker.

Thanks for the feedback.

05-11-13  09:39am

Replies (16)
Visit Naughty America

Naughty America

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Thousands of scenes (in excess of 5200) dating back to at least to 2004

They update between one and three a day.

Some of the updates are ReMastered older material but since they put update as the current date, it is impossible to tell how old it is.

$9.95 for first month

Newer scenes (2012) in HD (1080p & 720p)

Vanilla porn
Cons: Older scenes (2007 and earlier) are of the quality equal to the worst tube sites.

Nothing changes except the players putting out Vanilla Porn.

A lot of their scenes in 2011 & 2012 have downloads of 1080p & 720p in a format of f4v which means another player (I think - I didn't pursue it much)

Very little wet oral or anal sex (less than 10% of all videos have anal sex) .
Bottom Line: "Nobody" "Nobody" "Nobody Does it Better"

If you like your porn vanilla by the numbers porn then you need go no further than this site. There is nothing wet or slippery about this site. While each scene is set up as a fantasy, it's nothing more than a set up for the same Old Routine.

Scene setup, oral, reverse cowboy, doggy, missionary, oral, cowboy, pop shot. The only thing that differs are the players. (Without ever joining, SexArt has better fantasy, production quality and looks so much better - and this just from doing the tour.)

The enthusiasm of the players is non existent. No heat. Even though they get a good line up of mainstream performers they don't let them loose.

Frankly I got bored real quick. I downloaded 3 scenes that interested me. The reason I went there to begin with was a scene with Rachel Milan with two guys and that was an anomaly cause that seldom happened - actually 4 times was there any DP.

And of course, for me and my niche, while they claim over 1200 scenes of deepthroating, they are very delusional in making such claims. I found only one worthy of beat material (Kitty Bella & Randy Spears). And, they had some outstanding deep throaters in attendance.

A lot of times I found the camera work wretched - like when the oral is going on, the camera operator pans down away from the action to look at something and back up rather than pulling out from the close up. The perfect example of this is Katsumi throating Bruce Venture and the operator pans down for a shot of her tits. Like, wtf dude?

I quit the site after this continually happened as I found it extremely irritating and totally unprofessional.

That about sums it up. My rating is subjective to my tastes and though I am open to evaluating different sex scenes outside of my niche, I'm parched after spending a couple of weeks on this site.

There might be something for some of our readers (I highly recommend Slutty's review below), but not for me and thus I can't even give it a "might recommend" score.

02-08-13  02:53pm

Replies (14)
Visit Sinnistar


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: * Found 6 scenes which I rated 7.0 /10 or better that need editing.

* Found two new models I was unaware with good skill.

* 189 scenes currently available for download

* Downloads pretty quick

* 2 scenes Buck shot are now mp4

* Some scenes were shot in the role playing mode.

* Purchased content is better quality video production values than original vids.
Cons: * Not very easy to find models except to open up the download screen and see the title attached to the file.

* Video quality very poor - not much better than what you'd see on a tube site.

* Scenes are starting to get recycled - one scene was repeated three times (his famous Kalyn cheerleader, head over the couch, throat fuck with her throat bulging, while she flails away, to no avail, in panic).

* While each scene has a description you can't tell the original content from the purchased content.

* Two ways to see if scene has entertainment value - view online (very frustrating) or download. No thumbnails to even give you a hint.

* While Buck tried, I think, to make his original content "Roll Playing Amateur", his POV, lighting and editing leaves a lot to be desired.
Bottom Line: Last night was my first night and I started thinking about this review, I remembered a 3 card monte game I came across in Mexico. After thinking I knew what was going on I threw down a 100 peso bill and immediately lost. That's how I felt like my $30 was taken.

Today however, I've covered all the content (took about four hours) and feel like the price is still a little over the top considering the age and quality of the content but I'm okay with it.

I will edit down the "keepers" for content and will post the $/min I got out of it.

It's hard to figure out how old the scenes Buck shot but seeing that Aaliyah Jolie and Carmen Minor were a couple of his repeat models, at least 3 years old (They both left the biz in 2010).

I found it interesting that another model of interest, Kaitlyn (or Kaitlynn) is not traceable (no last name) though she was the most used model. While I realize that some sites like to give different names, I find that following a model under those circumstances most frustrating. One humorous aside, Kaitlyn had the craziest eyebrows I've ever seen - they looked like they were drawn on by a very drunk person.

FYI - the famous over the couch throat fuck of Kalyn lasted 21 seconds and consisted of 30 thrusts down her throat.

Purchased content is teen anal themed for the most part and as far I was concerned pretty standard fare. It also brought home how much I hate the European male awww & hiss dialogue that permeates these type of films. I did find humor in the one scene where they couple goes from anal doggy to reverse cowboy anal and he inadvertently smacks her head against the headboard. Just about the only real thing I saw happening.

This site would be hard to recommend to my neighbors though if you are intrigued by what some of his original content contains (dirty atm, painful anal, force throating, mostly young inexperience teens, pregnant sex) then there is really only one way to find out and it will cost you $30 bucks.

As I said earlier, I'm going to edit though some of what I downloaded into one extended scene and will tell you then what it cost.

Of the approximately 3852 mins of content, I came away with 21 mins of stuff I wanted which works out to $1.43 a min.

01-10-13  03:45pm

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Visit Evil Angel

Evil Angel

Status: Current Member for over 6 months (at the time of review).
Updated: 08-08-11  08:00am  (Update History)
Reason: just thought more relavent info would help.
Pros: + Content added daily
+ Video download & Mobile streaming quality can be as high as 720p/MP4 (HD)
+ Streaming quality as high as 540P (Web HD)
+ Large catalog of content
+ Broad range niches
+ Large number of top notch directors
+ 1,072 photo sets available(as of this review)
+ High Value cost through Porn Users
+ Good download & streaming speed
+ A few times a year they have a bonus day where multiple titles are added
Cons: - Slack online management as in:
- Has "Add Your Comment" link but they NEVER add a comment (have made many personally).
- scene descriptions have "Starring", "Category" & "Director" which on older content is sorely missing or mislabeled.

- MANY older EA titles missing

- Older content isn't HD

- Only 2 formats - wmv & mp4

- My personal bone is the use of the descriptor "deepthroat" on some directors' scenes which do NOT measure to the accepted standard of the word as popularly defined by Ms. Linda Lovalace. To bang the top of the throat because she can't get it further down, due to either her gag reflexes or the size of the instrument (or receptacle), is NOT deep throating. Maybe throat gagging or throat banging but NOT deep throating. Capice?
Bottom Line: This site has a lot of directors (and their fetishes) from Jay Sin's extreme evil anal (lots of anal on this site) to Jonni Darlko's deepthroat extravaganzas. Yes it does have some kink factor niches, like Joey Silvera's she/male obsession or Belladonna catering to the foot crowd. Plenty of girl/girl, gang bang, anal excretions (no skat), rough sex and Euro romping. Other notable directors include John Stagliano (Buttman), Rocco Siffredi, Jake Malone, Manuel Ferrara, Nacho Vidal, Mike Adriano and, while her titles have not appeared on the site yet, the newly added porn feminist director/actor Bobbi Starr.

One of the things I especially like about some of the directors is their accessibility in interacting with their fans and taking suggestions from them to create new projects (notably Jonni Darkko). [One such example was the inclusion of Rebecca Blue in TF3 when suggested by fans on another (un-named) forum].

Once a member, they will offer you access to Live Shows - and while I have never taken them up on this, I believe some of it to be free and others an extra $ item.

While other people want more for their $10, at a 1/3 the cost of a regular membership, I personally think it's a bargain able to fill the fetish needs of any reasonable person. In looking at their published numbers, they have 4,915 "straight porn" scenes (as of 8/8/2011) and 296 "shemale/tranny" scenes (about 5% of the total scenes available).

One would find that it takes six months or longer for most of the new EA releases to make it from DVD purchase to scene download. For instance, J.Darkko released Suck Balls 11/19/4 2010 but the first scene doesn't appear for download until 8/11/2011.

I recommend it highly which would really give it a 90 but for some reason doesn't seem inline with other reviewers numbers.

08-05-11  08:31am

Replies (11)
Visit Lethal Hardcore

Lethal Hardcore

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Many movie titles to choose from

Newer content on Lethal Hardcore and Older content on Celestial

Different download quality depending on when they were made

Has photos

Cheap (you get what you pay for) - 9.99

Movies dating back to the early part of the century.
Cons: One of the most difficult sites to get around

Slow - Slower - Slowest

No drop down menu for pornstars or movies - very cumbersome

Updates are about twice a month

Kind of a musty looking website - sort of like the movies it offers.
Bottom Line: Again, a website I joined for one reason only - it had an old video of Margo and collecting sets of her is not easy.

But pretty much nothing else for me there - (not a big glory hole fan). Honestly there could have been more but dealing with the navigation was too much to wallow through.

I would hardly recommend this site except if you are looking for a specific artist from the past. But it is not that expensive to go check out but don't blame me if you're disappointed.

I got what I wanted but the the whole left a lot to be desired.

01-14-11  05:29pm

Replies (0)
Visit Amateur Throats

Amateur Throats

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: 10 sites to choose from when you sign up

Different categories to choose from

Video quality ranges from 496 x 380 to 1920 x1080 depending on the age of the video

Shot in POV style - owner operator - you can see the still camera remote in his hand taking stills.
Cons: 3 of the 10 sites have been updated in the last year
Of the current sites that are active.

Only one of these site updates on a regular basis (and it's not Amateur Throats)

Amateur Throats has only 21 vids on it currently

Paid $29.95 to join the site - not much value for the content.

Not all vids have photos

Not all vids have throats explored
Bottom Line: Currently Updated Content -

Latina Abuse - dating back to 2005 - 20 updates in 2010.

Sperm Suckers - dating back to 2005 - 50 updates in 2010 (this site uses the same setting as Facial Abuse but FA is not one of the bonus sites)

Amateur Throats - started in 2010 - only 21 videos

I chose to join this site solely on the fact that it had a Kasey Chase vid in Amateur Throats.
Off all the vids I looked at, only about 5 held any interest for me.

Old Old content for the majority of the bonus sites - Amateur Throats still has to prove it's merit.

If I had to guess, this is a trial site for the guy running Amateur Throats and we will see if it lasts.

01-13-11  07:45pm

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Visit Throated


Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: - Updates every two weeks
- Everyday updates for other associate sites
- HD quality (1080) downloads
- Downloads in several different forms and sizes
- Streaming content available
- Scenes are broken down to be streamed
- Nothing but oral content
- Starting to expand out of POV to having a camera person
- Starting to add male actors (as in Chris "the Boner" Strokes - a great choice for length
- Had model move between two guys like workout stations - very hot.
- Has a review section for site and an internal e-mail link for suggestions/questions. A+ for that.
- Primary actor works well with models, from patient to forceful.
- Good pricing.
Cons: - Well, not all the performers can throat.
- Throating might only be one time down to the balls.
- Up until recently the non-variance of the views got a little boring - mostly cause it was shot POV only, so older content will have that.
- Guys almost always have to jerk off for the money shot - ruins it in the end. So her mouth was just used as a fluffer so he can masturbate. Not what most guys have in mind watching.
Bottom Line: Highly recommend for the Throating fan. Content, updating, older content, positive changes and pricing make this site a high value for the money site. Part of the XXXpass group of sites there are lots of other options to view.

11-27-10  09:13am

Replies (4)

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