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Visit Daring Sex

Daring Sex

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Artsy, high production values porn that not many sites offer. Reminds me slightly of Dorcel and others
-Lingerie, glamour and light fetish themes that the other sites on this network almost entirely lack
-Decent 720p HD quality steraming on newest scenes
-Great looking models in hardcore action that doesn't leave musch to be wanted
-Comes as a part of large network with a very reasonable price
-Fast downloads, even faster with a dl manager. Easily maxed out my 10 megabytes per second connection
Cons: -Very limited amount of content. Only 20 DVD's totaling 107 scenes today
-Slowish updates on scene by scene basis. One scene per week with the last DVD title added in October
-No download option for HD scenes, DVD quality is the best you can keep and sadly often the best you can even view when the stream is buffering for long times
-Sometimes the artsy effects and camera work take the main role leaving the porn somewhere behind
-Ads, pre checked cross sales, regional pricing with local currency etc. The dirty tricks of the trade
Bottom Line: Daring has been known for producing artsy features, glamour porn and fetish content. They appear to have been with FameDigital since May 2010 and while their content is not big in numbers, it's extremely welcome in the network filling many niches not other sites do.

Generally it's the fetish content (if you don't like bi, ts and such) that was missing from the network. This site with it's 20 DVD titles brings lingerie, latex, bondage, high production feature titles like the Rome trilogy and so on.

Whether one likes this content is very subjective as it's as far as possible from the gonzo style content that for example RoccoSiffredi.com and DevilsFilm offer. Sometimes it even appears that the presentation takes the lead role and the action is forgotten. I certainly hope this site keeps growing as content like this is quite hard to come by on many networks.

The grade I gave this site may seem high but I factored into it the fact that this is a part of very large content you get when subscribing to FameDigital and also considered that it's still updating. The actual content in my opinion is easily 90+ but the sad fact that HD is only streamable takes a good chunk out of the final score. The streams are sometimes ok, never portable and sometimes unviewable even over fast broadband which is quite strange as the download speeds have been steady 8 megabytes per second even without a download manager.

12-19-10  02:48am

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Visit Fame Digital

Fame Digital

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -A network of quality sites. There's 12 listed as premiumm sites and 11 bonus sites
-They have 9912 videos available at the moment, the content format is DVD scenes
-All DVD's are acceptable or good DVD quality
-Very nive quality 720p HD streams also available, topping what a DVD would be able to offer
-Good subsites dedicated to film labels and actors
-Very nice hardcore material over the sites
-Wide range of genres varying from lesbian to vintage to modern hardcore and more fetishy stuff
-Great download speeds of up to 8 megabytes per second without dl manager and more using one
-Very reasonable price
-Quite ok images for a DVD site
Cons: -Trickle releases of DVD's scene by scene. Hard to tell if it's fully released or not
-Plenty of advertisements on member area
-Pre checked cross sales, although not very hard to detect one
-Regional pricing. 1$ -> 1. At least you get your TPB discount unlike on Videobox
-Streams don't work too well. Unlike with their downloads, it appears the stream is narrower in bandwidth and you end up viewing buffering screen a lot if you want to skip around a scene
-HD content not downloadable (!!!)
-Content tags are not entirely reliable. A finger in ass for two seconds gives a scene the anal tag and so on
-No zips for images
Bottom Line: A nice DVD site with a variety of offerings. Some subsites are dedicated to film labels like Devilsfilm, Daringsex and Silverstonedvd while others are official sites of stars like Silvia Saint, Rocco Siffredi and Tera Patrick. These premium sites seem to be actively updating with single scenes. There's also a bunch of bonus sites with less frequent or no updates and some niche content.

Site works well and looks pretty ok if a little busy because of many banner ads. Complete DVD downloads and image zips would have been a nice addition. Full size images especially are behind one click too many.

Then comes the big fail of this site. The HD content they visibly advertise is not available for downloading. While they do not outright lie about this, there's nowhere a mention that unlimited downloads and HD content do not go hand in hand. So you join, you pay and only then you see that you do not get what you thought you would.

This download issue ruins a lot of this site for me, even a DRM would be better. With DRM I could view everything as I please as long as I was a member, with streaming I end up waiting for it to buffer and can view it only in browser. This combined with no zips for images and no complete DVD's leaves me with the bad taste that they really try to make downloading content a chore.

I'd give this site a score of 90 if we could download HD clips. I'd stay a regular subscriber like I do with networks like 21Sextury who allow me to download what I want. Even DRM limited downloads would keep me here but the streaming that essentially breaks my viewing experience often gives me only little and I might end up finding some other site I'd rather to subsribe to.

12-17-10  02:51am

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Visit Teach Me Fisting

Teach Me Fisting

Status: Current Member for over 3 months (at the time of review).
Pros: -304 scenes of material on a very well defined topic and updating weekly
-61 scenes in nice 1080p with rougly the same number in perfectly ok 720p
-Newer sets have high resolution photosets available with enough pixles for the largest of the screens. Other scenes have equally nice photography in slightly smaller image size. All zipped.
-Mostly very good looking East European and Russian models
-An occassional baseball bat here and there to bring variation to the slightly monotonous content ;)
Cons: -Server issues resulting in corrupted video files and image zips. Zips are less affected while video files are often rendered unviewable
-A niche site. Some may find the contents very monotonous as is often the case with these. On the other hand to some this might be a goldmine
-Don't count on getting this immediately. You need to do little research to find out which subscriptions give which sites as the main content and which as a bonus
-Action can be a bit messy which may not be to everyones liking
Bottom Line: The name of this site is a bit misleading as it appears little teaching is needed here. Or maybe it's just that the teachers are so good that taking fists, giant dongs and baseball bats to all holes is as easy as it looks like on this site ;)

Models are mainly the same that on the other sites of this network, I'd say 90% East European and Russian. That is perfectly ok to me as I prefer them to other options.

There is content from 2005 and the current updates are weekly. The older videos suffer from low quality as can be expected. These days the content is mostly g/g while originally there was more b/g scenes, maybe a little more with that teaching aspect visible. The newer content is however a bit more varied and suffers less from the "same old sofa in every scene" syndrome than the older content.

All in all this site is very nice part of the network because it offers something no other site there has.

12-14-10  05:34am

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Visit Cuties Galore

Cuties Galore

Status: Current Member for over 3 months (at the time of review).
Pros: -137 scenes available and updating
-Most of the scenes are at least 720p or 1080p with less than 20 in DVD quality
-Huge 21 megapixels photosets available in zips exceeding 500Mb. Also regular sized option if you are short on hd space
-Cute girls you haven't seen too many times yet. They feel real as opposed to some sites that use ridiculous props and clothing on their teeny content
-For a mostly solo girl site this one's quite hardcore. Almost as if it was a training site for Anal Teen Angels and Lez Cuties
Cons: -Video is not quite as top quality as on some other sites in the network. Not as crisp and vibrant as Pix and Video or Club Sandy
-Content is repetitive and may be of little interest if you are not into mostly solo girls action
-21Sextury is still struggling with server issues. The videos often come through corrupted or downloads freeze in middle when not using a dl manager
-May or may not be included in what you subscribe to. For 21Sextury subscription this was a part of second bonus patch, on some other site you might get this immediately
-These models seem to change their names from scene to scene to site to site. While this site lists many of their aliases, it is often difficult to find anything else they may appear in
Bottom Line: A girls alone (with toys) site essentially, this one also offers some g/g content. This one has a general feeling of an entry site for new Russian talent into 21Sextury business as the girls are often found eventually on other sites too.

It naturally follows that if you are a long time subscriber and mostly go through new updates, you get lots of never before seen faces which cannot be a bad thing in my opinion. Quality is high both with models and with production and while you may get to recognize a leather sofa here and a disturbing green wall there, it never gets too repetitive like some initiation type sites tend to do. Videos are, as with other premium sites in this network, nowadays available in up to 1080p resolution and this site si one of those few that give you full resolution images from a 21 megapixel camera. Both images and videos are excellent although you may sometimes notice 1080p is little soft and noisy and maybe not exactly the best this network offers. Maybe they should do some outside shoots to get the light and color there?

Keeping a nautural feeling instead of in-your-face-teeny is very important to me as trying too much usually delivers the uncomfortable barely (if at all) legal feeling that I do not like. No such issues here aside from the single teddy bear I managed to spot.

I'd give this site easily 4-5 points higher rating if it wasn't for the server issues and the fact that this is little more than a softer version of Anal Teen Angels and Lez Cuties. Still it never hurts to have more HD content to choose from even if I often skip their updates just because some other content draws me more.

12-13-10  01:05am

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Visit Hustler's Taboo

Hustler's Taboo

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Photos from Hustler's Taboo magazine are great
-Some quite good 720p video quality in the later updates
-A good collection of 72 DVD's
-Part of the DVD's under their Taboo label are vey nice if you are into fetish clothing, light bondage etc. stuff. They are however only one label featured on this site
Cons: -Much of the video quality is rubbish
-The magazine is not included
-Downloading photo sets is apparently made as hard as possible
-Releases of new DVD's come in pieces, probably to hide the fact that there really isn't much happening on the site
-The quality of the DVD's is far behind the photography. It appears at least parts of photography is outsourced so that might explain
-72 DVD's isn't all that much since their content varies greatly and some can hardly be called especially "taboo". Anything not 100% vanilla is thrown here
-Regional pricing, regional TBP special price, attempt to sneak in extra subscriptions and so on as listed in my review of the main site
Bottom Line: This site was my #1 reason for subscribing to Hustler's site. I remember reading the Hustler's Taboo magazine way back and always liked the very high quality classy photography that was still hardcore. However, that's exactly where this site fails (it's more like a category than a site though). The magazines are not included at all except for the photo sets. They are very good still but downloading them is made very slow and difficult as there are no zips and every image is behind two clicks having the same file name as the others.

I wonder how Hustler's photography has been arranged. I'm certain part of these photos are from the same source as DDF Prod's House of Taboo's photos. Part of them appear very Suze Randall like and they too are top quality. Unfortunately this does not apply to most of the DVD's and while some are great, others are not and part of them are ruined by bad video quality.

I hate to give something with this good memories this low grade. If they included full versions of magazines in pdf format, this'd be very much worth the price. I understand this site gets content whenever something fitting is made. I'd love to see increase in number of their Taboo label DVD's. Right now the last two are girls only content that has been released very slowly, a scene at the time.

12-06-10  08:41am

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Visit Cheating Whore Wives

Cheating Whore Wives

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Great quality FullHD video on all scenes
-Excellent photosets even though none of them are up to 21Sextury's new high res quality
-Nice mix of models. They have Europeans and Americans as well. I guess the MILF business isn't really that big among European models
-It's a new, free bonus for loyal subscribers
Cons: -Only 23 scenes and updates have already stopped! Quite strange that an exclusive premium site comes to such an abrupt stop after five months of weekly updates
-They are certainly stretching the meaning of term "housewife". Sure, you can have young housewives and girls that are technically MILF's in their twenties and before but that's not quite the point of it. It seems that big tits is more like the common theme here which on the other hand suits me just fine
-Quite tame content even if it's all HC
Bottom Line: Another site that 21Sextury has decided to add as a bonus to all subscribers with full loyalty bonus. I'm not sure how long one has to be member to get this but after two months the bonus is maxed.

It's quite nice bonus considering the general mix of the network. With few exceptions the content is divided between quite young girls (which is ok) and grandma aged elderly women (which I cannot even look at). There really was a gap for this MILF or "housewife" content to fill. They have also lacked in dedicated big tit content which I think this is more than MILF content.

What you actually get varies from scene to scene. There are some with big names that certainly fall into the MILF category like Puma Swede and Kerry Louise and others with younger looking girls who I thought were more in teeny category or just out of it (Katie Kox, Angel Dark). Of course there's the obligatory one with Phoenix Marie who seemingly must be featured in anything that even approaches this genre.

The score I gave reflects the fact that this is a part of something I already had and got this as a free unexpected bonus. I don't know if one can subscribe via this site itself and wouldn't recommend that in any case. I'd give it an additional 5-10 easily if it started updating again!

11-11-10  07:16am

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Visit Gapeland


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Full 1080p resolution video available for every scene
-Great photography and excellent image size
-Very cute European models
-Very, very hardcore, could be even too much for some. But with a name like this site's, I doubt too many wander in seeking softcore or g/g kissing action. Some of the scenes make me even feel little worried ;)
Cons: -Only 16 scenes so far. On the other hand, it's a new site, comes with a network of other sites and is updating weekly as we speak
-While the quality is good overall, the files are quite large. The wmv's can be over 2 gigs which is no justified in my opinion since there's better quality around in this network
-Videos are quite not up to the level of other sites on this network. They are all shot indoors with less that excellent lighting, resulting in low saturation and contrast. Also videos are a bit too soft compared to sites like Club Sandy or Pix and Video
-Not available with the network subscription via 21Sextury, at least not yet. They however have been promising changes on their guestbook that are supposed to make loyal customers happy. We'll wait and see...
-Once again some of the male talent makes me wonder if they really couldn't find any more pleasant ones. I don't really want to see that Rocco's bald sidekick Omar ever again
Bottom Line: This site is easily summed up as Cuties Galore, Anal Teen Angels and Lez Cuties girls taking a step into more hardcore action (which in some cases is saying quite a lot). Focus of this site is gaping cute East European and Russian girls and that is what it delivers.

Content is very hardcore with almost nothing but anal action both with guys and HUGE toys, dildos, plugs and whatever. Sometimes it hurts just to watch it.

There was already a lot of content available on this company's mess of networks but nothing quite like this. Hope they are true to their words of making loyal subscribers happy and bring it all together into some kind of comprehensive network and make everything available to everyone (or at least those with higher loyalty levels). Until then this nice little site is quite pricey addition if you are already subscribing to an option not including this.

11-05-10  04:59am

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Visit Hustler


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Quite large collection of Hustler's DVD's available for download
-Streaming is clearly taken care of. Scenes have up to 12 different choices of video format and bitrate available which is clearly excessive
-Photography is very professional in the picture sets taken from Hustler's magazines
-Some old DVD's are really good content wise, for example those directed by Pierre Woodman during his Hustler days
-No download limits
-No DRM anymore
-Decent download speeds even overseas
Cons: -Some scenes not downloadable with no explanation
-Many DVD's have only few scenes available even though the DVD is listed as released on the site. Sometimes scenes appear later but as there is no clear update calendar, it's hard to tell when
-Photosets are small and not downloadable as zip files. To furtheer complicate the matter, all the images are behind two clicks from the thumbnail gallery view and all images within a set have the same name forcing you to manually rename them if you want to save them on your HD. Photos older than few years are small messy scans
-Where is the rest of the magazine content? That's the first think one'd expect when joining Hustler site
-Video quality ranges from mediocre to poor. The later pseudo HD scenes have blocky compression artifacts although some are actually decent
-Some scenes are only downloadable at lower quality compared to stream
-Models are mostly average looking with some bigger stars in between
Bottom Line: Cons continued:

-Slow update rate compared to other, cheaper DVD sites
-Scenes lack contrast, are poorly lit, not crisp etc.
-Regional pricing. They try to charge you more just because you are outside US. There's a workaround for that but then you lose your TBP special price
-They try to trick you into buying something you did not ask for. It's quite sneaky actually that there is a pre checked sale for another sites trial that is quite cheap so you wont probably notice it at the checkout but it rebills after few days at full price
-No real subsites despite the advertising. The "sites" are just scene categories
-Wmv as the only download format. Limiting what can be used to view the clips

I had high hopes despite the reviews, when joining Hustler's site. After all, Larry Flynt and Hustler are like #1 hard porn company in the world, quite the same as Playboy is to the softcore. However the site was a big disappointment to me.

Everyone's probably seen a Hustler DVD or two and knows that they are your run of the mill generic American porn (nothing wrong with that) with some parody thrown in between. They also have a long backlog with more interesting stuff (Woodman etc.) I was interested to see. However, all but the latest DVD's are ruined by miseraable presentation. When browsing deeper into the past DVD's you soon find yourself staring at a grainy video aize of a postage stamp. Come on Larry and guys, you have the DVD's! Hire some kid to re-rip them into something viewable. Generally I'd say that the older material seems better here also but I cannot really enjoy it in that form.

Same applies to photos. The photography is good but the presentation fails after few last years. They've obviously made it nearly impossible to download them on purpose.

Downloading is another issue. There is no full DVD download but you can only download individual scenes. Sometimes you cannot download the scenes at all with no explanation but they have the nerve to give you a link to buy that DVD (for example the Avatar parody I read they are sueing people over the net for pirating). WTF? Didn't I join the site to not have to buy them? Sometimes you can download only lower quality cleap even though the streaming version is available with better image.

That brings me to the "HD" content. Some of the newer scenes are available in 720p format that is quite ok but from time to time you feel like you are watchin lego porn when some freaky, blocky compression artifacts take the resolution away. Could these be just DVD resolution that's been upscaled?

Take my review again with a grain of salt. I found I do not like Hustler DVD's. They seem too basic and cheaply produced. Scenes are poorly lit, low in saturation and blurry. I don't know the word but they are the opposite of crisp and vibrant.

NOT recommended as it is. If they fixed the download issues and brought the existing content to a good DVD quality level, it wouldn't be half bad site.

10-29-10  06:14am

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Visit Sweet Sophie Moone

Sweet Sophie Moone

Status: Current Member for over 3 months (at the time of review).
Pros: -Sophie is still very pretty and fresh looking after all these years
-The guest stars are all very beautiful European ladies
-Excellent 1080p video quality and like other 21Sextury sites, SSM has also upped the resolution of zipped images. They are not the whopping 21MP seen on AnalTeenAngels and CutiesGalore but bigger than any consumer monitor can display
-With 424 scenes and still updating (all the way from 2003 except 2009), this is one of the main subsites of the network with very large amount of content
-General quality of photography. While you probably want to skip the videos of the older scenes, the photography is very professional and eye pleasing all the way from 2003
-21Sextury general pros: Very good download speeds with dl managers with no download limits or DRM's. Excellent search and filtering tools that work perfectly across the multiple subsites with exception of some bonus sites which appear to be not keyword indexed
Cons: -Site was on hiatus the whole year 2009 meaning there is a long break when HD videos started appearing widely on the network. That means only 38 scenes are 1080p and all the rest are DVD quality or below
-All the scenes on this site are produced after what I consider her "prime". With that I mean the time when she did b/g scenes all the way
-Backstage scenes and other filler takes up to 50% of the updates lately. There are scenes with nothing sexual whatsover (not even nudity) going on, scenes with her opening presents sent to her, interviews and so on
-The usual 21Sextury gripes which I want to repeat: Server issues with corrupted downloads, fancy interface not being able to handle browser back/forward actions, updates being uploaded without any content and staying that way for days sometimes
Bottom Line: Sweet Sophie Moone is one of the larger subsites of the 21Sextury network, dedicated to the great (possibly formerly, depending on point of view) Hungarian porn actress Sophie Moone, also known as Sophie Sweet and probably a list of other now obscure names like these eastern Europeans starlets tend to do.

Sophie used to be a really hot young chick doing all the tricks of the trade with multiple guys and what not until she grew older and pulled Silvia Saint's. In other words she stopped being nasty and young at the same time which rarely works well in my books. I find the progression from soft stuff to g/g and further the natural way while the opposite makes not much sense. Who wants to see one get older and do less?

Anyway, the material is not bad at all if you get over the issues you might have with how great she used to be conpared to the present. Once you weed through all the filler stuff, interviews and walks around the town, you are treated to lots of great g/g stuff and even some solo action if you like that. Sophie should be around 30 now but looks really great and can fully compete with the younger guest starlets appearing on her site.

There's even an occassional hardcore scene with b/g/g setup to spice up the things. These however can be little awkward with Sophie so obviously avoiding any and contact with the male actors and standing the safe distance behind the other lady during the money shots. Sometimes I think I'd rather just have her do all girl scenes.

All in all I wonder why this site still exists as a site of it's own (besides the obvious that networks want to advertise many sites). I've gathered that she is not maybe all that interested in the acting anymore and certainly not doing anything but girl stuff. Maybe she simply has nothing better to do and doing a toying scene with some fresh talent once every now and then between opening-the-presesnts scenes just pays well. Who knows. When the scene on this site is good, it really rocks. Too bad the top ones are quite few.

10-20-10  10:34am

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Visit Aletta Ocean Empire

Aletta Ocean Empire

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Aletta Ocean. Lips like Angelina Jolie and tits like nothing else on this planet. AVN Best Female Foreign (that's non USA) Performer of the Year 2010 and for good reason
-Very high quality video and photography. There are few dozen older non less than HD scenes but those are obviously with a different Aletta, at least one with different lips and breasts ;)
-Other actresses are top of the class too
-Like Euro girls tend to do, she does it all. Too bad that lately she isn't made to do it...
Cons: -Old updates are duplicates from other 21Sextury sites
-Newer stuff focuses mainly on softcore, girl/girl, backstage, casual fooling around and such
-Although the results are nice, it's a bit scary to see the transformation she's gone through in only few years
-Download issues resulting in corrupted video files. Tried on multiple computers using multiple different network accesses with no help so far. With or without DL manager
Bottom Line: Since February 2010 it appears they have been adding all Aletta content on this subsite. Due to the confusing plethora of membership packages this company offers, you may or may not have access.

All the content older than that is actually found on some other 21Sextury site. There's ca. 40 exclusive scenes of 91 altogether now and they are updating once a week at the moment.

The new updates are a mix of hardcore and softcore scenes. There are lots of solo and g/g action but also scenes with nothing but fooling around with occassional flashing.

The content itself is good although my rating is not a top one. It reflects my slight frustration with them making the whole network so confusing. This site is certainly not worth cancelling your 21Sextury (or other package) membership and lose potential loyalty bonus just to get most of the same stuff with one or two sites swapped out of 40 or so.

I don't know if they are making things more complicated on purpose or what is their purpose? They took their most popular model and decided to upload her stuff on a site where members don't get access. All the links to the old scenes also point to that new site so one has to manually dig up even the ones available already to him/her. Even joining is confusing since your 21Sextury user/pass work just fine on this site but when you log in you actually log into something else.

Maybe she went exclusive with them, demanding a website of her own?

10-14-10  04:49am

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Visit Lez Cuties

Lez Cuties

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: -FullHD video quality as close to flawless as on any site I've seen and 720p is very good too
-The whole 21Sextury seems to have taken a step to higher resolution pictures just within last week. While AnalTeenAngels update was awesome 21 megapixels, this site has updated with slightly smaller but still great 3000x2000 (or 6 megapixels) resolution. I guess it's up to what we each like but this is probably quite optimal and large enough for even the biggest displays of today. I'd happily take the original resolution but that results in 500MB zip file
-Fresh looking talent, mostly girls I've never seen on the newer scenes. Of course there are scenes with girls who've become more frequent actresses since then if you browse through the backlog
-Manages to deliver the site theme with the girls. No excessive use of "teeny" props that sometimes make you wonder if they are really trying to make things look underage
-As rough as you can get between just girls without special fetishes
Cons: -Same actresses are used quite a lot which can get repetitive
-Lots of backstage updates that are just photosets of behind the scenes happenings
-Makes you wonder why they don't do boy/girl scenes since it's not exactly softcore
Bottom Line: Being not really my genre (lesbian), I was surprised in a positive way by this site. It's quite unique within 21Sextury network, focusing on teenage girl on girl action.

The overall feeling is fresh, they do not go overboard with "teeny" factor and while the content is all girl, it's not softcore by any means: It's all about inserting various items (and fists) into available orifices. The talent is apparently East European and mostly unknown to me.

They have 315 scenes at the moment and updating regularly. Rougly 60 scenes in FullHD and about the same amount in 720p. There's also lots of old material all the way from 2005 with very similar look and feel but obviously not on the same level of presentation as the new stuff.

Take my rating with a grain of salt. If girl on girl is your thing, you might rate this one way higher. I'm normally not really interested in content like this but it might be I think that all sites like this resemble the ones like SapphicErotica which this one fortunately does not do.

09-29-10  10:26am

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Visit Anal Teen Angels

Anal Teen Angels

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Fresh looking girls without going over the top with trying to look young
-As the name states, the action is all HC
-Weekly update with a monthly backstage update
-Not a single low quality scene if you don't count the backstage ones. All the standard ones are at least HD while more than half of them are FullHD
-Excellent bandwidth, at least in Europe. I've seen rates over 11 megabytes per second
Cons: -Quite many backstage sets compared to normal scenes. Fortunately they are not posted as standard updates. There's 18 of them at the moment out of 112 total scenes
-Some girls are just fresh looking, not the prettiest ones. This, however, is just a minor nitpick in the otherwise great content
-Have to wait one month to gain access
-Pictures. Just upload the high res ones already. I love pictures and often look at them more than at the videos
Bottom Line: If you want reasons to subscribe to 21Sextury network for consecutive months, this one certainly is a good one. This is one of those too rare sites in this teen genre that achieve the goal by delivering the no nonsense content with female talent that doesn't need to be made to look young. You won't find lollipops and teddy bears here or too much teeny clothing. Just natural looking girls with only little make up. There are not many well known actresses on this site which makes it even better since I get tired of always looking at the same faces. Hell, even the guys seemed to be different ones from all the other Euro scenes.

The quality is what you can expect from one of the 21Sextury main sites. Content appears to be exclusive and also made for this site in particular and not 21Sextury in general.

Only big issue is, as usual, that you cannot access this site right away. I guess you could navigate through their membership option maze and find a package that comes with this one initially but if you want to order the main network package, you'll have to wait.

09-12-10  03:54am

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Visit Enslaved Gals

Enslaved Gals

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Updating again since July 2010
-A decent DVD quality content all the way from the beginning
-Good variation of the BDSM theme. There are ropes, corsets, collars, gags, cages, tweezers
-The latest scenes offer something new and entirely different for the network. In their other fetish content the clothing hasn't really had a significant role. Hope they keep the updates coming while upping the quality
Cons: -No photosets worth downloading. The sets are very small. There are larger screenshot sets but they understandably are of lesser quality
-Average quality (DVD) on even the latest scenes
-79 scenes is not very much
-American porn screaming. "Oh yeah!", "Fuck yeah!", "Oh god!" and so on.
Bottom Line: This is one of the sites you are given access to once you've been 21Sextury subscriber for one month. As I'm always looking for something more than regular action, this was also one of the sites I was really waiting to get access to.

I had considered this one a dead archive site with the last updates in 2008 but just a month and half ago they seem to have come back to life. However the quality of the new sets is not up to HD standard they claim them to be and are actually regular DVD size. I wonder if they've bought these from somewhere to get more updates since their other content is FullHD these days. Also it's easy to spot the obvious difference between the old and the new scenes. The latest ones are all lesbian with stong focus on latex clothing (nothing wrong with that) while the older ones are mostly b/g sex in bondage.

Another difference from the network's main sites is the fact that this is not Euro material. Sasha Knox, Jada Fire, Bree Olson, Sasha Grey and many others on this site are well known American stars.

At the moment the site has 79 scenes, six of those are new updates from this summer. It delivers well the main theme of sex in bondage and fetish gear with the no holes barred hardcore attitude.

All in all a nice bonus site with not that much content but also none of it is really weak.

09-06-10  05:45am

Replies (5)
Visit DP Fanatics

DP Fanatics

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -264 scenes of exactly what the name promises. It's hard to find a site with that many quality HC scenes, let alone anal ones. This one is one step further
-Top models from eastern Europe
-A good deal of content is in FullHD and 720p
-Content all the way from 2005 and frequently updating still. You can find many now seasoned professionals in their early scenes (sometimes first DP's) here
Cons: -While the presentation goes up in the newer scenes, the creativity goes down. You get borde of same old scenarios in the same locations (that lime green sofa must be pretty stained by now). The same can be said of many 21Sextury sites
-The same old eurodudes are way overexposed on this site particularly. Many of them shoud consider retirement by now
-Average sized pics. Two million pixels should be the standard these days
-If you join via 21Sextury network main site, you'll only get access after one months memebership
Bottom Line: One of the sites I had high hopes for and also one of the ones I didn't get when I joined. Well, it's something to wait for and since the network is very reasonably priced and there's content for a year, I'm not really complaining.

If you've read my other reviews this far, you probably know I'm not really looking for softcore. I could explain it a bit more since I'm not against it either. It's just that if I want softcore, I want it done by softcore models that usually are one step cuter and hotter than the ones doing HC stuff. What I DONT like is HC sluts doing softcore with their heavy makeup and all when you perfectly know they've done a lot more and they really don't give an illusion of cuteness of innocence anymore.

Now that that's out of the way, I'm happy to say that this site is hardcore all the way. Some networks include maybe a one all hardcore site and at best an all anal site so an all DP one is quite a surprise. With weekly updates this is one of my favorites if not the favorite on 21Sextury.

Few more point would be awarded if they somehow managed to bring the old scenes back in higher resolution. Could be though that they were shot as they are.

09-04-10  03:38am

Replies (1)
Visit Footsie Babes

Footsie Babes

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -254 scenes and updating regularly
-Close to 50 scenes in very good looking FullHD video, available in either wmv or H.264
-Lots of mainstream hardcore content in the scenes. A standard vanilla viewer could easily edit out the licking and footjobs and get great quality content while saving some disc space
-Not much softcore fooling around. Some but not in the latest scenes
-Hot girls in almost all scenes
-Some light BDSM in scenes every now and then
Cons: -I end up with LOTS of broken video files. It's frustrating to have to reload two gigabyte files
-Photos could be larger
-Maybe I'm confusing niches here but I don't see many boots here. It's probably all about naked feet but I'd love to see some more boots and high heels thrown in
Bottom Line: Normally I would skip a site with a name that's got anything to do with feet as they tend to be seriously focused in nature and you are lucky to see a glimpse of any real action or naked ladies.

This one however is a different thing and I'm happy that 21Sextury comes with a decent site in this fetish as this can really be enjoyed even if one doesn't give a damn about toes and feet. Sure, there is a lot of footjob going on and obligatory toe licking but once that is out of the way, you get good quality Euro action in extremely high production quality with the hottest girls around. This site works for me great, unlike HotLegsAndFeet for example.

I must remind that I don't really care about the subject in name so the rating could be way higher for those who've been desperately looking for foot action with real hardcore. For me it's great to notice that sites I wasn't really expecting anything from turn out quite good.

09-02-10  05:34am

Replies (4)
Visit Zoliboy


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -All the fetishes missing from other 21Sextury sites can be found here
-1189 scenes is a lot, 32 of those are in FullHD.
-Very original content, the older scenes especially have a casual, amateurish feel to them
-Many girls you never heard of or saw before
-Very hardcore. Often with these fetish sites you see that having one thing means that something else is missing. Here the fetish themes do not take away the sex.
Cons: -Older scenes (majority of all scenes) have very modest video quality compared to today's standards.
-Most scenes have no photos in them, just screenshots. For some scenes the photos were added as separate updates and those have the same overall quality as other 21Sextury photosets.
-Multi part updates. Many scenes have been released as up to three parts even though individual clips are just few minutes.
-New content appears more mainstream. Well, as long as you count pissing all over each other as mainstream ;)
-Some scenes can be borderline disgusting
Bottom Line: It appears this site started out with some guy named Zoli, who was working in the industry, deciding he wanted to do the acting too. And it appears he did whatever he wanted to.

The older scenes are mainly Zoli fooling around with pornstars, shooting them backstage, shopping and chatting with then, getting blowjobs and such. In the later scenes there are mainly other guys on the stage but the same amateurish funny vibe remains. The newest updates have more professional feeling with focus on handheld POV shooting and pissing in addition to hardcore sex.

The site is heavy with certain fetishes that aren't common on the other sites of 21Sextury network. There is a lot of speculums, fisting, pissing and blowbangs. Lot of people look genuinely amateur, both men and women. If you are averse to men's asses getting action too, you should be warned: There's lots of licking, some fingering and I even spotted few toy/strapon scenes.

The bit strange material might be a great thing to some while others might be just repulsed by this site. I certainly had few laughs and lot of material is really hot too. The newer material is maybe little less interesting than what it used to be and the oldest ones are certainly unique. The best of it all is that this site was just a positive surprise to me for I had never heard of it and wasn't expecting it.

08-27-10  12:39am

Replies (0)
Visit Cherry Jul

Cherry Jul

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Cherry Jul is a gorgeous, slim Russian blonde who does it all. There's lots of hardcore, threesomes, g/g and solo stuff too. She looks great in every scene, well deserving a site of her own. That's hardly news to anyone anymore ;)
-It's updating again. I don't know where those scenes are coming from but I doubt she's DDF Prod exclusive anymore.
-A nice amount of scenes from the beginning of the site from May 2006 until March 2007 when she went non exclusive, all with very good video quality and DDF quality (very high) photography.
-No matter how gorgeous she is, it's good thing there are scenes with other girls too although that isn't too important now that the site is a part of big network. However it's an important part as the hardcore updates are less than frequent on DDF.
Cons: -The new scenes cannot be browsed on the CherryJul site. It lists last few but there is no calendar to go through them. You should browse them on DDF Prod main site. Note that the updates aren't shown there either but the last screen on updates page is Cherry Jul link you should follow to see them.
-The males are your usual suspects. The same old smug looking bunch. Am I repeating myself?
-It's really hard finding serious cons in a site that is dedicated to a beautiful young girl doing hardcore. Maybe you could count a three years update gap as a big con but since I joined after that, that's subjective.
Bottom Line: When I joined DDF, I didn't think too much of this site. I read that it was dead, only archiving old scenes. I was pleasantly surprised when I noticed three new updates right after I had joined and they have trickled in steadily since then. If they keep on coming, this site is going to be one strong point in the whole package.

The site still lives in the past when Cherry was contracted to DDF. She's hardly a relatively unknown newcomer anymore so the site is quite funny. I've seen her in many other productions before I stumbled upon her site the first time but it is good to see more material of her as she really outshines most of the other stars.

08-20-10  09:29am

Replies (2)
Visit Club Sandy

Club Sandy

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Large archive of 1393 scenes at the moment.
-Few hundred FullHD scenes followed by couple of hundred 720p ones when you go back in time through the archives. I read on the guestbook on the main site that they are going through old 720p releases shot in FullHD and rereleasing them in 1080p. That's really nice if you ask me.
-Updating 4-5 times a week.
-Backstage scenes can be fun and interesting.
-Some excellent lesbian scenes. While I'm usually less interested in those, on this site they look attractive in previews and are relly great in motion.
-Great download speeds, at least here in Europe.
Cons: -Sandy. Well, this is quite funny con with this being her site and all. However she is featured in very large number of scenes, obviously. While she's good looking, she's not exactly young anymore and more importantly, not doing hardcore stuff at the time (if you've read my other reviews, you must have noted this is an important thing to me).
-Scenes sometimes released in parts as multiple updates even if they are not very long.
-Backstage scenes can be boring mess with someone standing in front of the camera, blocking all the action.
-21Sextury cons (downloads freezing, small pictures, confusing membership options)
-You can check my rant concerning finding Aletta Ocean scenes on my Pix and Video review. Well, the exact same applies here although I "only" have to wade through roughly 1400 scenes to find what I wanted. Funny thing that I care as I usually like the girls natural...
Bottom Line: Reviewing this site was like reviewing Pix and Videos. It features almost similar content, maybe with slightly heavier focus on softcore and g/g due to the namesake lady apparently not doing any men at the the moment.

So who is this Sandy? I can't recall her face or connect her to any Sandy I could remember in the business. I wonder is this site is all she's ever appeared?

I really feel like repating myself with pros and cons after Pix and Videos review. These two sites however are so similar with same actresses and I guess there are same people behind them that I couldn't really tell them apart by the content if it wasn't for Sandy herself.

I don't feel like I'll be giving up my subsciption to 21Sextury anytome soon with this much great content available. I feel I have barely scratched the surface.

ps. To anyone wondering about exclusivity of the material on these sites: I have seen Private's film "Orgy at the Villa". The opening scene with Madison Parker is also found on Club Sandy. I don't really care either way as there is more than enough material, unique or not.

08-20-10  06:41am

Replies (1)
Visit Pix and Video

Pix and Video

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Huge archive of scenes, 2339 at the moment.
-Daily updates with more than one hardcore scene a week.
-Good download speeds. Downloading two files at the same time with DownThemAll! I can about max out my 100M connection.
-Very good search tools with more than hundred filters to find your way through all the material.
-Very beautiful models all over
-Weekly backstage updates. At best these are good fun with actors fooling and fucking around in the studio.
Cons: -Oldest scenes are from 2003 so you cannot always expect great video quality
-There are many Aletta Ocean scenes on the site but you have to find them manually. If you list scenes with her, it gives links to AlettaOceanEmpire which you wont have access to if you have subsribed via 21Sextury main site. If you can ignore the wonderful Aletta, you can ignore this nitpick too.
-Weekly backstage updates. At worst they are nothing but a second camera in the set but with somebody always blocking all the action.
-Backstage scenes don't have links to the actual scenes.
-The usual (downloads freeze often without DL manager, small pics etc.)
Bottom Line: Along Club Sandy, this one is without a doubt one of the sites that form the backbone of the great 21Sextury network. This site alone contains over 2300 of about 10000 scenes total in the network making it the largest single site there. At least 200 of those scenes are 1080p FullHD material and there's hundreds of very nice 720p scenes on top of those.

Content is very mixed, this being like a network within a network. As the name suggests, the only common theme here is the fact that it's pics and videos we get. The 21Sextury's great search and filtering options come really handy on a site like this. They offer you hundreds of filters to sort the content based on everything from sex action and location to no less than four different tit parameters. They apparently have the tit shape, size and type plus nipples type analyzed for every model...

Excellent content in numbers that make whole networks pale. I still cannot help wondering though, what is the 21Sextury's point in keeping all these separate sites.

08-20-10  05:50am

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Visit Euro Teen Erotica

Euro Teen Erotica

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Very cute and fresh looking girls.
-Fresh faces. Not many of those you can tell were already in business 3-5 years ago and are actually already veterans who just happen to look young. Of course when you browse back through the older scenes, you'll find names that became stars since then.
-Good amount of content (if you consider this just one subsite) sorted out into b/g, g/g and solo categories.
-All DDF Prod pros in general. Great quality of production, photography and videos (at least the newer ones).
Cons: -Too much solo stuff. There are other sites in the network with enough of it.
-Too much g/g, there's a dedicated site for that too. Lack of b/g hardcore is the biggest issue for me on this network.
-Lollipops, teddy bears and striped socks kind of props. Ugh... what can I say? If her face and body don't look like 18-19 years old, no amount of props or bright colors is going to change it. Kind of reminds me of the classic 80's German porn where any woman in her thirties could be made a "teen" by adding pigtails and a sweatband with a Seventeen logo.
-"Bonus content" from ATK Galleria. They are just photosets with smaller pics than DDF standard that taste like advertising, not bonus.
Bottom Line: EuroTeenErotica is the teen site on DDF Prod network. One could argue that EuroGirlsOnGirls is basically same content but less teen-themed. Obviously there is shared content between these two and other DDF sites as is typical of the network.

There are 36 scenes with b/g action, 31 with g/g and 109 solo scenes. These numbers include the aforementioned bonus scenes so you get the idea.

I'm cool with teens and barely legal stuff while it's not a really big thing to me either, just so you know where I'm coming from. However I feel little uncomfortable with the "Hey! These girls are REALLY young!"-attitude that some scenes have with all the childish clothing, schoolbooks and stuff around. I'm not saying it's bad or anything and it might even be the thing that keeps some people away from actual under age material but not my stuff really.

All in all, a nice site with some realy good stuff and quite a lot that I don't really care about.

08-20-10  02:44am

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Visit Hands on Hardcore

Hands on Hardcore

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Extremely high general quality. Videos are mostly 720p with some 1080p from the latest scenes.
-Top class models as is all over DDF.
-No softcore fooling around here, every scene counts (except those bonus ones, I'll come to them later).
-Pictures are large, crisp and photography is very professional.
-If DDF had ten sites of this quality, I'd have to rerate all my reviews to make more room on the top of the scale.
Cons: -It's the only site on the DDF that guarantees hardcore but updates only once a week. That's not unreasonable rate but the other sites release mainly solo and g/g stuff so I'm little unhappy with updates on general.
-Bonus sets. These are basically ads on a pay site. They have only images that are of inferior quality compared to DDF and the video section tries to lure you to some other site. I reduced two points for just this annoyance I get everytime I click on these on the DDF main site thinking there was some new hard content.
-Some material can be found on many DDF subsites.
-The oldest scenes can have really modest video quality and sizes. Still the photos are great if little smaller than the new ones.
-Not many really care about male actors but I start noticing if the same few guys are in every scene. Can't be that hard to find guys to do that job, right?
Bottom Line: This is another of those sites that are making the DDF Prod network worth my money. It's split into seven subcategories based on content but it's all real hardcore action.

Be sure to browse on the actual site and not through the DDF's main interface if you want to see those FullHD video links. For some reason the main site is not showing them. Also the file names differ on main site and subsites so you might end up getting duplicates if you use both.

08-20-10  02:07am

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Visit Asshole Fever

Asshole Fever

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Exactly what it promises to be. Every scene has women and men. Every scene has anal sex, often skipping the more traditional kind. No solo, no girls on girls, absolutely no softore.
-Close to 50 scenes with very good looking 1080p and another 40 or so at 720p. I understood that at least on some of their sites, they are updating the older 720p releases to FullHD which is very nice.
-Toys, costumes and themed scenes also. Not just naked action.
-Many really hot models like Willa, Madison Parker, Aletta Ocean and such in multiple scenes.
-Large photosets with hundreds of pictures. Only wish they had more pixels.
-As fast as any on this network, at least here in Europe. Up to 10MB/s with DL manager and that's all my connection can transfer.
Cons: -All 21Sextury cons apply here too (downloads freezing, smallish photos, confusing membership options)
-Quite many girls with enhanced boobs, lips and whatever so that may bother some more used to natural Euro girls.
-Some of the models are not the best looking ones these Euro sites offer but it's probably hard to keep up the very highest standard with this hard content.
-This is one of 21Sextury's at least four sites with very similar theme and the only good one offered at the start of memebership. The other two promising looking ones are Anal Teen Angels and DPFanatics so it kind of follows that this site gets less fresh looking starlets and less DP than some might like.
Bottom Line: Asshole Fever?!? I guess someone had already reserved Rectal Infection, Flaring Hemorrhoids and Irritable Bowel Syndrome... Gotta love name like that!

This is 330 scenes and updating weekly worth of anal sex and nothing else. Very good site if you like the theme. As you can see, my cons are more like caveats to the pros than actual problems.

The site has easy to use search functions that come with 21Sextury main site design, not that you really need those tools as you probably want to browse through all the scenes manually.

With at least three other anal themed sites, put together they'd easily rank over 90 rating. Why they keep them separate and update each is beyond me. Probably they want to keep number of sites high because that can be used to better sell the network membership.

08-20-10  01:45am

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Visit Dominated Girls

Dominated Girls

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Lots of sex in bondage. I'm not really after spanking and pissing so I don't miss that.
-Gorgeous big name Euro stars dominated here. Aletta Ocean, Madison Parker among others.
-High quality video looks really good. 1080p is a reasonable download choice if you have big display and a good connection.
-Gags and nipple tweezers everywhere.
-Male talent doesn't irritate me yet. It's rare to see Euro stuff without that handful of smug looking guys in every scene (there are ladies watching too).
Cons: -Heavy on ropes. Rope bondage is my least favorite type. Needs more stock, bars and other rigid, heavy stuff.
-Little repetitive content with same props and scenes used over and over. Little too dark at times.
-21Sextury cons apply here too:
--Bad download issues without download manager
--Small pictures
Bottom Line: This is one of the three fetish sites on 21Sextury. Why there needs to be three is beyond me and I only got this one when joining. The others are Enslaved Gals and Mighty Mistress and they appear to be more female on female stuff.

Alone this stuff wouldn't be worth 85 score. I have to wait and see but I guess the total score of fetish stuff on 21Sextury might be 90 or more. However these three sites together are less than 10% of the whole package you get, eventually for 9.95$ a month. A steal if you asking me.

They have 124 scenes at the moment, roughly 50 in 1080p, another 50 in 720p and rest in low rest. Pictures could be much bigger but they are good quality.

08-14-10  08:24am

Replies (1)
Visit House Of Taboo

House Of Taboo

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Great variety of the popular BDSM fetish niches. There's bondage, spanking, latex, leather and even some more rare stuff like pissing and medical play. If you are into this stuff, you'll like this site.
-Nicely arranged site with clear subcategories (spanking, bondage, latex, pissing and a medical fetish section).
-Some seriously hot stuff if you are into these niches. It's as hardcore as it gets and the models are mostly great looking European big name stars.
-None of the frustrating catch and release bondage or removing the fetish wear as the first thing. The theme stays strong over the whole scenes. Also as the talent is non English speaking, there is none of that "Yes Master! Yes Master!" nonsense that I don't really like to hear.
-All DDF Prod pros apply. Same great quality all over the site. Photography is outstanding always and video quality is consistent in all but the older clips.
Cons: -Updates are quite a random grab so you might get something great or wait a whole month to never see anything you like. I for example would like to see more sex in bondage and good looking fetish wear and less solo pissing or g/g spanking.
-Split scenes that are added as separate updates. That means you see undressing and spanking from one scene as update on one week and the hardcore action as an update next week.
-Apparently some old material has gone missing. There are dead links and I can use Google's image search to find scenes that are not on the site anymore.
-Nitpicking for sure but once you are through what they have, you wish they had a lot more ;)
Bottom Line: Take my score of 93 for this site as a sub score within my review of DDF Prod in general (I gave it 90). I don't see anyone subscribing to these single sites anymore as a whole network can be had for little more.

All in all this is a serious strong point within DDF in my book. Along with HandsOnHardcore this one basically makes the whole network for me. The material is pretty unique and I don't think even kink.com comes close in HoT's special niche. This material kind of reminds me of old stuff you could find in Hustler's Taboo magazines way back in early 2000's.

I'm not quite sure where this site is going in the long run. The older material seems of higher quality to me in terms of uniqueness and ideas. I also get slightly irritated with that smug looking Euro male talent they have been using lately. You can only view so many clips with these choky ice's or george uhl's in it if you get my point ;)

08-14-10  12:42am

Replies (3)
Visit 21Sextury.com


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Huge amount of content. Lots of sites with hundreds of scenes
-Very high quality of videos as of late. The older ones are decent but the new ones are so good, I actually think 1080p is a good download choice
-Cheap, especially after the initial two months. I can see myself staying as a member for a while.
-Lots of beautiful European models. That's what I like.
-Frequent updates (around 20 a week) and a calendar showing the future schedule.
-Focus on hardcore and B/G material is strong.
-Zoliboy.com. I had no idea what that was before joining but it turned out to be great fun. Lot's of crazy stuff there.
-21Sextury also has couple of decent quality fetish sites. Dominated Girls, Enslaved Gals and Mighty Mistress are no kink.com but quite nice anyway.
Cons: This is mostly nitpicking but here goes:
-Streaming is quite useless, no skipping and many older scenes have no streams.
-Pictures are way too small. It's especially glaring when coming from DDF Prod.
-A bit too fancy site design. Scripting and such take control from browser navigation and clicking back often takes you somewhere else you thought it would.
-Loyalty program. Why not just let us pay for first three months immediately. 3-4 of my "really want" sites ended up delayed for me and I had no idea what I was getting when I subscribed
-Download issues. This one is nasty. Downloads often hang when they reach 99% resulting in a wmv that cannot be skipped or fast forwarded. Tried on two different PC's, both on IE and Firefox. No issues with other sites.
Bottom Line: With 9.95$ you can just about buy a decent pint up here. I lose count of my pints every month so the price from the third month on is insignificant.

That money gives me 40 sites from the 3rd month on, some great (Club Sandy, Aletta Ocean Empire, Asshole Fever, Anal Teen Angels, DP Fanatics, Zoliboy.com), some not that great and some not even updating. There are also some sites with totally same theme. And yet there is more than enough great material for anyone with some kind of normal life.

With some sites you can quickly get a good overall feel, what is available and browse through it. That is not the case with 21Sextury. There's almost 10.000 scenes available at the moment.

This would be close to 100 rating for me if I had instant access to the sites I had wanted. Also downloading issue really bothers me. When getting 2-3 GB files, reloading takes time. They state that they have put some mechanisms (timeouts, delays?) in place to prevent DL manager abuse. I wonder if that might affect regular downloading too as I've never experienced the issue on other sites.

08-12-10  05:44am

Replies (8)

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