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Visit Twistys


Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: #Hoards of very beautiful women. Most include videos. All have picture galleries; enough that you'll stay busy downloading.
# HD comes with all the accolades Twisty promised us.
#allotted space for votes and comments
# unbelievable, heavenly crafted anatomical infrastructure ..no "warts and all" associated with any of these beauties.
#videos up to 15 minutes.
#For those inclined, unusually long, strip teasing
#Hardcore, softies, lesbos, something for everybody but solos (predominate).
#Rather simple navigation
#Should get a good discount if you look for it.
#popular site. My second time around
Cons: #Particularly annoying was that nearing my termination I had to login again after almost every video clip.
#Way too many shoots done places and in positions that did nothing for me ...example: chairs, showers and outdoors. Although we've yet to see close ups of rears fresh from being seated in a mud puddle.
#Have yet to find my few video downloads anywhere. This could be my own fault reading their techie's instructions.
#A proctologist dream site ...Rectum sizes and opening galore. Panoramic close-ups are so voluminous medical students would do well to considering a go at joining.
Complete with Technicolor highlighting bowel structure, hemorrhoidal close ups, hairy asses, and pairs and pairs of hanging balls abound. Compounded by Agonizingly long clips of this eye-sore going non-stop ...... I suppose when the cameraman's arms become so heavy they simply drop equipment and "head" fo the "head."
Bottom Line: With all twisty's hype, on this second visit I came away still combing the four corners looking around to find it. (the hype that is )
I mean, sure, one has to admit sight-savoring, eye-candy depicted this great stuff does abound throughout the ranks of these killer-babes.;
And along with those goodies came the obligatory overload of erotic-crushing smiles, digital foreplay (twisting nipples, among other things cupping and arborizing their pristine mammarys, followed often by just moving from side to side in a repetitive motion ....seemingly to kill time before summing up their act with the good stuff)
I call that interlude "the body waltz" because they just move about aimlessly in the same motion.

I even wolfed down a hefty tray of raw oysters once before Twistys came on stage this time hoping to get a rise out of my dozing pecker. However , All I got from that was heartburn for perhaps eating too fast.
I also ought to mention here another porn related malady resurfacing by this site.... namely the reoccurrence of an old condition I sometimes get with a show's stagnating non-occurring erotic stimuli coupled with said sites' reoccurring but expiring occurring 30 day occurring sneaky pete reoccurring membership policy.
I just call the condition wherein a site leaves you numb with boredom "phalluses paralyses."
For me this recent sojourned into Twisty's "reoccurring" renewals, I found myself again a reoccurring victim of erectile disinterest. The condition came on mercilessly leaving me considering inventing new ideas to introduce positive blood flow back into a lifeless penis.

Forgive me, but I think I might've gotten a tad carried away with just trying to give a favorable review here ....inclusive, of course, nourishing the fact I'm shamefully off topic.
I know that makes no sense but For the lack of an official medical name, I just call the condition "phalluses paralyses."
Old geezers like me get those things for a Varity of reasons .....don't'cha know?

Okay ..... so I've been a little "hard" on Twisty with this review. Wait! "hold-it" can I get another AMEN on the relative connotation "hard?"
Alright listen up! Enough non-sense, already.

So in my final judgment, and in all fairness, Twisty is a site I have to recommend ....The sky rocking number of flawless beauty as well as the sheer volume of the whole package alone speaks volumes. (excuse the double entry of the word volume) But its always been one of my favorite words ....and its legal.
So, guys, FWIW ... by all means "charge" on into Twisty website with my hardest blessing.
But for me .....I don't see a reoccurrence.

01-06-15  06:29pm

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Visit Digital Desire

Digital Desire

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Big collection of exclusive content.
Zip ==200mb wmv = 300mb mp4 =300mb (whatever)
Seemingly all shoots are done on DD's own turf.
Ample Photo gallery featuring each model.
1,055+ video Scenes (approx. 15 min. each).
Video HD. Sharp images. Streaming with flash player. 2-3 second buffer. although this observer might argue that point.
Very nice playbacks. might even win you over from downloading.
7 day updates (With no less than 5 image galleries; four full videos.
Soft core,...no hard stuff; all solo, but acted out by women so incredibly beautiful that
hardcore fanatics are left not giving a f...k ....
Few scattered tattoos. Ample Space allotted for viewer comments on each model
Primary niche: Photography: which is quite Plentiful. videos: also in the high numbers.
Attractive TBP introductory discount at the time I joined.
Download managers (yes)
Cons: Wildly popular with the gals here is one of my greatest peeves ... that of endless insertion of their their little hands and fingers in their mouths .... all whilst vigorously wanking away as if these digital appendages were lollypops laced with opium based sweeteners.
Might wanna Look out for tricky buddy-sites that sparingly dwell within corners of some pages, beckoning you in.

I ultimately found cancelling a bit un-nerving:
Although could very easily be my own shortcoming -- but I did seem to experience some tenacity on the part of saying Bye-Bye to these folks. Finally had to call epoch billing to get the results I wanted.
Bottom Line: This site looks every bit to live up to its title: "Desire" is everywhere. Some of these gal's acts are piling up such gun-powder one has to hold down the artillery.
Girls are from 18 to 30yrs, and wields the kind of glamor and curves that look hand-made by the Gods.
I was looking at this site for a long time before reaching for the plastic. Luckily helped along by DD with being given a deal I couldn't refuse.
And I gotta say ..... I'm really not the least disappointed I choose to jump in.

Caveats ???? ......OH YEAH!
Here's another bunch hung-up on Superfluous Vaginal close ups.
Geeeze! When will they ever listen and learn? Enough is enough!
Thanks to vaginal-obsessed cameramen, I'm now an expert on every aspect of the female genitalia.... including even the behavioral habits of amoebae-like creeper-crawlers that roam the epidermis and love dining on the unique women's aromatic sheading .
How much further can the lens go? ....lest the camera territorially eventually wind-up scouting the ovaries.

Would I recommend Digital Desire? Yes I would.
However, if you've been to those sites, Twisty and the likes thereof offer some of the same kind of heart-thumping power!
But DD does have those selected gals who look so much to be uniquely hand-made by the Gods.

07-06-14  04:09pm

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Visit Babes Network.com

Babes Network.com

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
1)What few models they have on this site are spectacular. So much so I’m inclined to think budgeting for makeup exceeds what they pay models.
2)Proudly touts categories including Athletic, bald pussy, combat ready spiked heels, black stocking and more. does that make you lick your chops, or what?
3)Video quality, is exceptional. HD so graphic one is tempted to reach inside to grab a tit.
4)Media Choices given are streaming RTNP/ progressive HTTP/ Video quality HD 720 SD medium 480P/ SD Low 320P
(if you pressure me to explain all that, I could have a senior moment concerning a blather-matter.
5) Epoch billing is primary.
6)Each model's stats are posted, including a generous amount of helpful info.
7)Comments are given space and encouraged for each model.(Pulling no punches, I think mine went down the toilet)
8)Ample solo, mucho-lesbo, plenty hardcore, as well as an added mix aimed for pleasing all.
8)Video timing varies, 10 to 15 minutes, perhaps some more or less.
Cons: 1)They boast of having hundreds of models. Where?
Could this be the beginning subliminal porn?
2)clumsy password transport started from the get-go. Lost a day or more in limbo.
3)I found navigation reminiscent to stumbling through an Amusement Park fun-house .... exacerbated by countless promo trappings sticking you for limitless partners, Networks, buddy-boy boot-likers as well as you-scratch-my-back and I'll ... well, you get my drift. If the bate is too tempting, its because "Babes" made it so.
4)Scratch the technical mombo-jumbo about pixels, kbs, electronic numbering and the like, I had enough trouble just puttin' this review together.
4 not surprisingly, each fuck scene routinely goes through the same ritual of she gives him a BJ, followed by a tedious duration of the male vaginally poking, gouging, munching, licking, and generally any other event he can muster up in his presumed goal of upping the volume of her hackneyed screams of uncontrolled ecstasies.
Bottom Line: I’d predict most guys curious enough to read this review might find this site a bonanza for a promo 30 day price of just $10. And he'd be right.
Me, on the other hand, might find better use for my money getting’ a quickie from a Aria Giovanni life-sized doll, pumped at a pressurized perfect psi with velvet lined motorized enter "tush" , satin soft tits, hand-made textured body skin, and all orifices working at peak performance.

But seriously, my lust run rampant every time I see an erotically charged video or a series of photos depicting aria lying on her back ..... wanker motion is in over-ride, titillation gauges at warp mode, all the while I'm praying she'll keep her dammed hands off her self-enamored, overweening obsession with her great pair of tits.

Well my friends, some of the gals you'll see working on this site is about as close to the excitement generated, and physically empowered endowments of the woman I just described as I can muster.
A number of These models are at a rolling boil; I might even add they're shockingly glamorous.
Figuratively, I simply visually dined on the gourmet of seeing them do their stuff.

I'd like to enthusiastically give the direction, and camera crew equal praise, but, unfortunately, they're dug in to the same old rut that befalls too many of these guys who just won't listen to we their customers.
The prolonged unsavory close-ups; shabby uncorrected mistakes; stumbling around thus giving us unsatisfactory imagery; too few full body shots; glued on single point focusing to the point of sheer boredom. The operative word is plainly "lousy.
Recommend it? with only two weeks into the site, I can't give a fair answer. Amend

12-21-13  11:02pm

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Visit ATK Natural & Hairy

ATK Natural & Hairy

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: 1) Hair is paramount. If'un you like hair on broads, then here you won't be disappointed.
2) Site boast of having millions of pictures. Well, bully for them. I'd have to say that might be a bit of a stretch.
3) Claims to be 12 times the size of any other hairy site. Does it also mean 12 times the cost?
4) zip files for downloads. Small watermarks on pics, larger on videos. No DRM.
5) Promotion touts of having 1577 models.
Well, I guess if they say so .....
6) 5,549 videos. Could be, but the 30 days I was there they musta been in hiding.
7) Updates appear to roll in as promoted.
8) HD on more recent shoots.
9) Some very pretty gals are in the lineup, European, Asian, Latina and American; predictably, a lotta plain-Jane's are there, too. Then there are those who're are just plain ugly.
10) You have solo, soft core, toy, boy/girl hardcore, and lesbian.
Cons: 1) Sometimes I'd corralled a beauty only to suddenly see her wander off somewhere.
2) Poor selection of medias, having WMV pitted against two other unknowns.
3) Streaming went smoothly, however, Buffering was unceasingly long and tedious.
4) From my viewpoint, I thought the video-shoots and directing sorely lacked the quality subscribers deserved.
5)Same-'olé-same-'olé .....what with too many and long closeups, and particularly ones that dwell on the genitalia. I can only assume The guy shooting just falls asleep at his camera. The man must belong to a damed good union.
6) Small watermarks on pics, bigger ones but none obtrusive on videos
7) Maybe it's my lack of electronic wizardry, but I simply couldn't find the combination to opening pics on a full screen.
Bottom Line: Prepare to stare at a lot of hair.
Hair here, hair there, hair everywhere.
Nary model dare to be hair-bare, and that's fair

(jus' thought I'd throw that in)

I went for this $21 deal because I strongly favor seeing natural hair where it's supposed to be on women. It's sexier, more erotic, and adds that important element of realism to the scenes.

This site does a very good job of giving us that, but sadly, eroticism falls woefully short. For one thing, the girls move around too much. No sooner than I get into a clip than the model jumps up and leaps onto something else. Another erotic spoiler is the over-use of smiles ....I know readers don't share or agree to that, but when a gal is in the throes of sexual release, smiles ought to be minimal.! They're necessary I know, but porn isn't Comedy Central and I just don't find them compatible with serious porn.
Cameramen and directors here tend to follow the same old trend that shooting genital closeups are gold. When, for crying out loud, will these numb-nuts wise up and give us a break, already?..... Thanks to vaginal over-exposure I think I now know more about the female pussies than my x-wife's gynecologist.
In my judgment, I'd recommend this site for all who wants to see hair. Otherwise, it's just plain-old generic porn.
Admittedly, I got a bang-for-my-buck for what I paid, but I don't think I'd opt for thirty.

01-21-13  04:02pm

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Visit Playboy Girls

Playboy Girls

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +Exclusive content
+ Exceptionably beautiful models
+ Over 600 models with 1000 plus galleries and over a thousand videos
+ Very few tattoos. Seemingly most or all models have natural breasts
+ purchase includes six additional sites. Models are mixed into two scrolling columns. Simply click on link
+ Videos are in three formats. The HD video selections produces extraordinary quantity -- playing at 4000k and up to 1920x1080
+ H-RES JPG 100kb photos.
+ membership includes download mgr.
+ Zips at 10 MB,
+ video=WMV HD. Downloads are lighting fast.
+ Downloads available also with VLC player.
+ Forum for those who want to use it and promotions toutes of chat with the models.
+Models are almost all white and from age 18 to 30. All appear to be simply flawless.
Cons: + Nagging problems initially getting into the site (password, etc.)
+ Unable to bring up photos in full screen mode
+ Because I didn’t check this site out at our Best Porn, I got myself into a choice that I couldn’t be more sorry of … that being a site primarily made up of still photo shoots.
+ Videos are short. Four minutes or less. Photo sets basically feature less than twenty pictures.
+ Although I favor softcore over the real hard stuff, this fare goes way over the top with “soft.” Eroticism is as scarce as hen-teeth.
+ Indeed, This outfit is blatantly starving for titillation, despite the abundance of glamour and exquisite bodies
+ Each folder representing a model is made up of three to five photo sets, including videos numbering around four but usually three or less, with always one consisting wholly of an interview.
+ Small watermarks on pictures
+ Updates are less than spectacular.
+ check boxes are cleverly placed everywhere to nail you into joining additional stuff.
Bottom Line: If you opt to sink your money into this turkey, be advised to check with our Best Porn for discounts. I learned the hard way by going elsewhere for what I thought a good deal…..Ha!

Be sure to cross all your T's and dot your I's after your credit card dispenses a chunck of your hard-earned molla into their coffers, cuz obtaining credentials to jus' smoothly slide into this harum of beauties might surprise you like it did me: Like finding your excited trip unexpectedly blocking entry at the door.

As stated: This site has some drop-dead-good-looking’ gals. But don’t expect too much motion on their movin’ parts. There’s patently a grave waste looming here that screams out that playboygirls aren’t giving us what they’re capable of. You’re jus’ sittin’ there salivating, waiting for those heavenly bodies to get your motor revved up.....but don't expect it to get beyond an idle. If they’d only let loose!

Of course, if your thing is eye-poppin’ artfully done photography, then this may be your bag.

Howsomever, I can’t recommend this site; Not even a little bit. Not Even with PU’s current, tempting discount. Jus' think of it somewhat as harddrive clutter.
Of course I could be wrong. This kind of eye candy jus' might vibrate your taste buds.
But for me, I wish I'd did some homework before steppin' into this cow pie.

10-07-12  06:46pm

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Visit Erotic 4 U

Erotic 4 U

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: # message board

# Offers usual media formats for downloads, as well as a user-friendly streaming feature.
Cons: # I couldn't find anywhere near the promised 43,506 scenes and 5,765 actresses that was being promoted before I joined.
# Limited time offer of a usual plus-cost feature called "The list" was being included free if I acted quickly.
# The limited free "My List" boasts of having all clips and movies now available that was ever uploaded: Over 12 terabytes of content for my viewing pleasure.
The list, however, unfortunately turned out to be frozen in a form of zip mode, wherein, all those clips I was promised, I'd found I couldn't open.
# Almost all of the movies and performers were unknown to me, and probably to many others as well.
# Many of the scenes were too dark, washed out or generally of poor quality.
# Sizable volume of the clips were so short they made no sense.
# Navigation is okay, but awkward and time consumming to get at download.
# Upon cancelling my membership, I was immediately locked out of any further downloads for the remainder of time I'd paid for.
Bottom Line: This site appears to have gained the position of getting the lowest score of all I've rated. And, unless I've failed somewhere in my efforts to obtain what I was promised and paid for, then I'm sticking' by my guns and firing away at the short-comings I'm finding that dealt with this purchase.
This outfit introduced itself via my mailbox, and the site's promotion was so enticing that I felt compelled to follow-up with some inquiries of my own ... from which, the webmaster himself replied reassuringly of all the wonderful things I could expect from joining up.
Disappointment for having caved and going for his pitch couldn't be stressed too strongly.

Subsequently, I think my cons convey, from my point of view, that one should approach any interest of joining this site with a cautious level of analytical forethought.
Your's truely won't be takin' the bate anymore, that's for sure.

07-01-12  05:02pm

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Visit Emily 18

Emily 18

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: HD in most pics and some video
All zip downloads, if that is your choice.
Downloads are reasonably fast and offers medias of most popular formats.
A prepossessing and seemingly talented young lady, convincingly portraying an innocence thats so rare and sought after, in a business that chews and spits out even the toughest.
Exclusive content .... well, Duh!
Reasonably easy to navagate.
That's about it ... not much to say good about this site.
Promotions for this site boasts of having 64807 hi-res pics in 627 sets 384 movies.... (Good luck finding them)
After paying $26.95 for opening a subcription, the site would'nt accept the password they gave me. Ultimately, as the meter kept running on my 30 days, I had to go to CCBilling to obtain permission to enter the site.
3) None of the bonus sites appearing on the Home Page worked.
4)I was only able to bring up an overall total of less than 20 sets of pictures and 25 videos. This is a huge reduction of the promised volume of contents touted in the promotions. Attempts at opening archive files denied entry, with some lame excuse about a "path."
5) Complete non-response to my emails
6) obtrusive watermarks with both pics and videos
7) Picture Sets and videos repeatedly appear with updates, giving one the illusion they're new
8) shockingly, after cancelling my subscription, I was immediately shut off from entering the site -- with 15 paid days left.
Bottom Line: Here we have a site offering a hot, prepubescent young lady who started soloing at eighteen, and still blessed with passing for well under the age at which she started. (A must site for those guys who like’em little girly-like.)
With leverage, and no-hold-bar‘s enthusiasm to tap into this burgeoning porn industry, the Russian movers-an-shakers are seemingly setting up the big-guns by bringing in beautiful, legal but underage appearing girls to do non-nude as well as an array of tamer nude shoots.
Who could fathom the possibilities of this trend? I mean, driving this nitch to a massive untapped market, an example of which are frustrated guys wearing down their fingertips surfing for child-like but legal girls of porn. Tis but a sprout in a garden nourished and ready to blossom.
Emily is the whole show for this generic, non-nude site, save some lesbian scenes. And she carefully adheres to protocol by doing barely enough to conceal genitalia and butt-hole, although your plastic can be stretched to purchase those intimate taboos in nude paraphernalia at her "zip shop" -- A remote entrepreneurial move geared by porn-hustlers' greed to satisfy a starving inclination to see what you're denied in the main course. A neat coin-released ribbon-wrapped-box containing the goodies to trade imagination for the real thing.

Emily says she got into this business because she's living alone without parents… And it's very hard to live like that))). This site pays the rent and she even can save some money for college, which, she says, is very important.

Summarizing, Apart from said operational woes, its worth repeating: photography, although of excellent quality, are screaming out for better directoral orchestration; video's only salvation is the motion of the youthful and obvious talents of Emily ... but they're short (most 1 to 3 minutes) and also lack good directorial input. And, more importantly, communication and business ethics with this site shows a dire lapse of professionalism on all fronts.
I can offer nothing good about this train wreck ..... except for Emily. She deserves better.

05-12-12  08:04pm

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Visit Figure Baby

Figure Baby

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
+ If you like the “girl-next-door-type” or something apart from the usual offensive stereotypes, then this might be your lady.
+ Tony does a superb job with the camera (technically speaking) but his shoots scream out for more life from his models.
+ An important factor for me, although I doubt it’ll make a twit of difference to most, is the fact no animal furs are used in Tony’s work.
+ A very reasonable subscription fee of $9.00 a month -- hard to beat.
+ A comment section is provided at the bottom of the sets for those who want to note their opinions.
+ No technical problems, except with videos.
+ 58 pages of exclusive content wherein four or more different models are doing shoots. Avg. of about 50 - 80 pictures Each.
+ Billing can be through CCBill
+ Site is made up almost entirely of photography -- with only a miserly addition of movies -- which are in HD, WMV, MP4 and flash.
+ Updates weekly, but it’s fair to say they are few.
Cons: + This isn’t glamour -- not even close.
Appealingly Attractive? ...Yes.
My take on these girls are that they're basically your plain-Jane, wholesome variety, stripping and posing in pixie to simi-erotic settings .
Bright Smiles appear to be welded on each of the girls’ faces, with seemingly rare changes of expression.
+ Much to my dissatisfaction, most of the shots are done whilst planted on a chair of some kind. Beds or items eliciting erotica where the model’s lying down apparently hasn’t yet come to the attention of the people who run this site.
+ Too few Videos to even mention. On my computer all the videos were skipping frames and voices broken up. Whether it’s just my computer, I don’t know. It doesn’t appear to exist elsewhere.
+ Updates are sorely inadequate. Usually two or maybe three a week.
+ The volume of pictures, though commendable for a budding site, will be only a light lunch for agressive clickers.
Bottom Line: The rave reviews I read before joining this site made it flat too appealing to resist.
I wish I had.
Taking the whole bate, I caved and went for all the marbles -- 90 days.
At first, what with the absence of any hardcore or hackneyed, toy-wielding, pussy-gouging, touted soft-core that one usually finds out there, I thought I’d found my dream site.
For about 20 minutes I did. Then it started drifting downhill. What I’d really gotten was the antithesis of prime erotica. Great photography or not, The stuff was almost patently devoid of gonad stimuli -- which, on some level is absolutely essential for me.
Figure-Baby is lovable, too lovable, in fact, to recommend it to the serious porn-seeker.

08-23-11  08:01pm

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Visit Fame Girls

Fame Girls

Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
This site consists of only three models: Ella (age 18) Sandra (19 and Virginia (age 18). All are hot as a pistol, and each set of pictures I see of these beauties leaves me salivating to see more.
This is a non-nude, renewable, and non-renewing pay website. But don’t let the “non-nude” throw you, because although the genitals are skillfully concealed, these girls are so appetizing and photographed in such erotic attire and poses that your imagination does all the rest for you.
Note: Each girl also works at SEV-archive.com, which are separate sites of their earlier work and giving you eye-popping views closer to the peak of their youth.
To really better appreciate and get the most out of Fame-girls, one might do himself justice by first perusing the archives.
The content is 100%exclusive, have Zip’s, offers easy navigation, touts premier Hi-Res images.
151+ Galleries (avg.126 pics each) €25.00/$31.76 per Mo.(recurs at €22.00 Euro/mo. Small water marks but non-obtrusive.
Cons: There are no videos.
Updates are trice weekly, but only features one of the three girls at a time, therefore you have to wait on your favorite model.
No visual break-down or presentation of regional prices. All monies are in Euro, and don’t be surprised if you’re surprised.

You won’t see pussies (at least not whole ones). Enough, though, to feed the imagination and certainly what you see is mouth-watering.
Display of tits are bolder, but minimal.
Too many outdoor shootings, as well as more waste on the gals cutting up and making cute facial expressions.
Volume of pics, although substantial, are less than one would expect. I went through almost all of them in two settings.
Pricey. A greedy bunch; but the girls (especially Ella) are so damned addictive that caution is thrown to the wind.
Bottom Line: I came upon this site soon after it opened, which got me swept up by it's three tender, young models. These sexy Russian gals have a fresh, natural beauty and innocence that ..well, rocks! -- Happily disturbing some of my dormant, virility hormones and getting them off their collective asses.
Hark! Let me repeat: although the models are photographed in provocative settings, and shot in ingeniously clever ways to trick the eye, those juicy, budding little hair-sprinkled mounds (nestled between the legs) unfortunately hide behind fabric -- but to keep us coming back, we’re thrown just enough eye candy to keep our appetites wetted.
Pictures portray the girls frolicking and involved in playful antics, others are mood embodying, and, of course, the good stuff -- high octane poses that test the testes.

Worth repeating, probably because of the overall volume, this site being reviewed seemingly picks up later in the girls careers. The archives of their earlier work is individually seperate and noted on this reviewing site’s tour -- Which, again, I suggest you examine before hurriedly launching into this one
These girls are a good example of less being better. By that I mean creative tease stepping front and center showcasing arousal at it’s finest. Contrarily, The repetitious, pussy-close-up-images continuely being churned out now by this business have become overkill. Can one imagine the sight of a pussy as being jaded?

In conclusion -- For those who might fancy a diversion by retreating to a milder-erotic, theater of porn -- then a ticket to this site could be rewarding. Of course, at the same time, a charge conceivably exceeding $30 is something to think about.
I’ll be going back to Fame-Girls, because I want to follow those young ladies’ growth in this business. Especially, when and if the time comes that the strategically located “fabric” is pulled aside, or comes off.
I recommend only that one who might be interested, to visit Fame-Girls, take the tour, and decide on those merits if it's worth the trip.

06-14-11  10:30pm

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Visit I Feel Myself

I Feel Myself

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: The solo action here is exactly what I’m interested in : They're done mostly on a bed by models lying on their backs, starting slowly removing clothes piece by piece as gyrations intensify and build up to their masturbation scenes, most of which are done very well and in different degrees of momentum. All acts culminates in orgasms.
Each model’s page opens with her name, length and size of the video. An option to stream or download in either WMV or High performance. Also on the model's page is a list of her other clips, onto which one can simply click to open.
Video quality is quite satisfactry, with some inovations added I haven't seen elsewhere.
A forum exist for those who want to communicate their thoughts .
Updates are done on a daily basis, although too complicated for me to figure out.
A page navigation with over 200 sections listing about six models’ pages is a convincing reminder there's ample videos for the full price
Cons: The fact clips are so artfully done, one can almost overlook the shortage of the usual glamor one finds in most models found on other sites of it's kind.
Perhaps its’ a good thing, though, because the "plain Jane" "real-life" type we get here does appear to present a fresh change.
But, I hasten to add there's no shortage of "babes" either, whose natural beauty introduces something Porn marketing could use more of.
Many of the clips were done which included the model's girlfriends, conversations, and girl-stuff which interested me in no fashion.
IFM promotes, as well as present too much space for their other pay sites to suit me.
I left them alone for fear I’d be roped into joining another site.
Bottom Line: I visited this site a couple years ago, and, upon this recent revisit, I found little change except for the added models.
As I mentioned earlier, IFM is unique and is giving me mostly what I want: Realism, routines done with elements to please most everybody. They seem to sincerelly have their members' interest in mind.
One thing that stood out for me was the absence of those infernal “toys”. The fact I saw little if any of them this time has a lot to do with heightening my respect for IFM's skills at running this kind of site.
I'm also pleased to see less vaginal "gouging." I suppose this whole hand digging stuff is done for effect. The more I can see of her virgina, especially on angle shots, the more I like it.
I would sumit my vote, however, for more full-body scenes and limited closeups...esp. those which dwell too long on the same spot.
If there was a disappointment to be had, I’d have to say it was the unavailability of any form of discount through our PU The Best Porn.
Although the membership and renewal price is the full $29.95, I'm convinced I'm still getting my money's worth.
I like IFM; And I enthusiastically recommend it: And its very likely I'll join again.

Please note this is an edited revision of my review of I Feel Myself.
Since I did this initial review of IFM, I came to realize I had acted too hastly with some of my judgements, and I think it only fair to IFM to rectify those actions, if indeed they cast any negative connotations that would otherwise effect the decisions of those contemplating joining this site.

01-01-11  07:00am

Replies (4)
Visit AT Kingdom

AT Kingdom

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: * Certainly no shortage of beautiful women, nor the number.
* The images are of superp quality, and happily a respectable number of frames for each model.
* No DRM and there's zipped files for those who favor them.
* Diverse content and simple navigation, as well as favorable Download speeds and updates.
* No compliants on the quality of video and images; HD supported video and sharp images.
* Scores and comments are available for those who want to opine the model's performance.
* The price is right at $19.95 a month; and, happily, cancelling was remarkably simple and forthcoming.
Cons: * With more than usual touted camera men and videophotographers, from my perspective there was a dramatic lack of eroticism --something that's paramount on my list of importance.
* Smiles are great, but they seem to be painted on every model...even during scenes of supposed sexual excitement.
* From a layman's view, I'd have to say the content isn't remarkably "exclusive." albeit the quantity is impressive.
Bottom Line: This site isn't for everyone...and I'm one of them. Since I'm hard to please, I'd have to say ATK's appeal would still lean in favor of a majority. It's a good site and I'd recommend it.
I don't, however, think I'll be re-joining until they get enough zip in the action to float-my-boat.

11-20-10  04:01am

Replies (2)
Visit Met Art

Met Art

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: I'm not going to go into to technical aspects of the display contents because all that is clearly spelled out in the Best Porn page.
I will say that the image quality on photo sets are as good as it gets. Sharp, crisp and retention friendly with even the highest zoom setting. The number of Models appear endless, that is if you're smart enought to negotiate the dated archives, something I've yet to accomplish.
Models are listed under alphabetically labeled tabs, which I liked.
The most sterling feature, and one sadly absent in many other major sites, is their Flash Player.
This allows one to play the clip before downloading -- something I find essential.Plenty of picture sets with up to and over a hundred frames per set.
The site's reported to have thousands of videos, unfortunately I wasn't able to find them. No DRM or restriction on downloads.
No problems logging in -- as well as enjoying freedom from unexpected shortcomings after doing so.
Cons: 1) Video content, although of excellent quality, as a rule provided poorly orchestrated scenes.
2) As mentioned, I couldn't access the number of videos reported...could've been my ignorance.
3) Picture Images and videos, although offering ample nudity substantially lacked eroticism.
3) Too many closeups dwelling too long on a single scene in the video clips.
4) Sizable watermarks on videos.
5) Archives going back to 2005 produced the same material as offered in 2010. That is to say the number of selections is kind'a limited.
Bottom Line: I, personally, don't particually care for Met Art.
Although Met Art and Erotica Archives came as a combo at $30, as I've said before that if I had it to go over I'd decline the offer. Both are beautiful sites, but in my mind Met Art is over-rated.
It's fair to say, to the connoisseur, the exquisite photography alone might be worth the cost. But I'm not into precision photography.
The site never delivered what I expected, although, again, it could've been something I wasn't doing; But then again, it shouldnt've been that complicated --even for me.

11-01-10  07:49pm

Replies (4)
Visit Errotica Archives

Errotica Archives

Status: Current Member for over 6 months (at the time of review).
Pros: + No technical or login problems.
+ exceptionally good quality HD pics and videos.
+ Zip files.
+ Ample number beautiful models.
+ Frequent updates.
+ Picture images are done well, with multiple frames and poses.
Cons: + My major compliant is this site is chiefly a nude photo shoot. Models do very little except smile.
Videos, although sexy, are mostly rapid-fire takes of subjects who are too often changing positions. There are also too few videos for the number of models on hand.
Although most media formats were availsble, I found them complicated and download speed to be agonizingly slow. Hardcore is non-existent, as well as a dire shortage of erotic behavier.
Bottom Line: I was given a combo, Met Art and this site for supposedly a discount. However, $29.95 is still too much. I'm getting woefully little I wanted or expected from this deal. For those who fancy superb photography and video of sexy ladies... then this is their bag. But I wouldn't recommend it to guys who want to get a rise out of what they're looking at --- So with that in mind, I wouldn't bother to unzip my fly.

10-18-10  08:17pm

Replies (8)
Visit Twistys


Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: + Plenty of beautiful girls
+ Nice, sexy, well done video routines.
+ More than ample, timely updates.
+ Video and images are sharp and crisp.
+ Professional site managment and dependable technical maintainance remains a sterling Twisty given. An exceptional value with PU's perks.
Cons: + After a short duration of being on this site, despite the availibility of so many great looking women, in my case I found myself looking for and expecting something better to come along. That didn't seem to be forthcoming.
Either I was to dumb to find it or the streaming video feature wasn't working on my dime; because all I had (though excellent) was the usual medias that required downloading onto a temporary folder.
Bottom Line: Although Twisty deliverded, I somehow just couldn't get into what they were offering on the scale I was expecting. The girls were great; picture and video clarity superb; routines well done......but it simply lacked the sought-after elements I'm looking for.
With a Twisty membership special, as I've said.... It's an exceptional offer and one I'd heartily recommend.

07-15-10  10:59pm

Replies (4)
Visit Mr. Skin

Mr. Skin

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: The first of few things I can say good about this site is the price.
I got an offer in my mailbox for just $7.00 per month. Skeptical, I emailed them asking if I'd get all and full features for that little price. They responded I would. Well, if what I have is the same as higher paying subscribers are getting then they're paying too much.
I must admit they have a bunch of stuff..but in little pieces. Many, many Clips, although worthwhile are artfully butchered.
There are so many stars, one is almost bound to find his or her favorite.
Cons: I completely failed to find anything to justify the previous accolades I'm seeing from other reviews and comments.
I found very little on each celebrity I checked out. In fact, I've gotten more from non-celebrity sites.
The scenes were so short they were over almost before they began.
Video quality was relatively poor, as well as many scenes being so dark the figures were hard to make out.
Sometimes I was confused as to whether I was logged in or out... because while logged in I was still seemingly getting the promotional page.

Most aggravating is the scenes labeled "nude" under which tits, bush, or ass were so fleeting one has to go back and freeze the frame. Those shown under the label "sexy" weren't any more bold than a TV commerical.
Bottom Line: Even at $7.00 a month I wouldn't say I'm getting my money's worth. Of course, that's just me. Most, I'd presume, may think they're getting a steal.
The site may be living up to it's reputation for it's volume and other glowing indorsements, but it's not showing it to me.
Maybe Mr. Skin actually isn't giving me the same thing for $7.00 others are paying the full price for, I simply dunno.
Maybe the email I answered was from a hacker claiming to be the popular Mr. Skin and has me roped into a scam.
Apart from that, I have to be honest, it's rather hard to complain at only $7.00....and for that it's recommendable.

07-11-10  08:31pm

Replies (9)
Visit Sexy Satin Silk Fun

Sexy Satin Silk Fun

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: This site picks up where it's sister site (satin silk fun) leaves off. That is to say here one finally gets to see what's behind the satin and silk.
1) The girls talk to you in that delightful
British accent, as they go through their routines.
2) The slow tease these gals are so good at will have you right up out of your chair.
3) The models aren't short on looks, either. Every one of them presented a unique style and stimulating performance.
4) Not as many models as I'd perfer, but the show they put on makes up for it
4) Video clarity is superb. sharp images with amixture of closeups and great angle shots. All popular medias are available for opening and downloading.
5) Attire is sexy and blends well with the luxurious fabrics, which abundantly surrounds the subject.
6) As the scenes progress the good stuff then materializes as the girls part with the coverup satin an silk and go into their sensual finally.
Cons: 1) As with their sister site, too much Satin'n Silk and a longing for more skin and erotic action.
2) As mentioned, the scenes are relatively short --- about four to eight minutes.
3) Updates are frequent but not extraordinary.
4) Although there isn't a download limit, agressive downloaders will easily run out of choices well before their renewel kicks in.
Bottom Line: In lieu of a possible absence of technical data that advanced users look for in these reviews, let me try and suppliment it by just giving my honest thoughts. First, the $16 bonus package I was awarded for initially purchasing Satin and Silk Fun, got me much more than I bargained for. I found the content well above par and delightful. The clips were sexy and done with class. On the short side, however, volume is somewhat lacking. The sources promoting this site needs to find more girls and stretch the scenes longer.
Well worth the double package -- being offered for only the extra $16 for the full use of this site.

07-06-10  05:23pm

Replies (1)
Visit Skin Video

Skin Video

Status: Current Member for over 3 months (at the time of review).
Pros: 1) A Huge archive of image and video selections. A search on any genre will usually bring up almost anything you can ask for (within guidelines, of course)
2) Very affordable, starting just under $15 monthly, and from my perspective dropping to $10 after established membership.
3) Although HD and other advanced features are basic on much of the general fare, Upgrades to HD and/or selective premiums can be had for a small additional fee.
4) a very good flash player and streaming video options.
5) Easy downloads with no limits.
6) No DRM or watermarks.
7) Variety index for subject matter seems endless -- Vintage, classics, early porn, TV and movie clips, selective clips from other pay sites etc.,. Includes thumbnails of similar content of what's currently selected.
8) Downloads are fairly fast, depending on the traffic. Plenty of space for favorites.
9) Full screen as well as other selections.
Cons: 1) Things were going fine until, recently, The overall appeal from Skinvideo recently changed configeration to a newer format; although still leaving an option to use the old site, it tends to be very confusing -- as well as new stuff they're promoting that is irritating.
2) Selections under names/subjects are somewhat scattered and not very orderly.
3) Continued Clips are often-times missing segments breaking the continuity of the overall movie.
4) The Streaming feature although good could use some improvements.
5) In praise of the multitude of content being featured, there is still a cluttered amount of content that's worthless and just in the way.
Bottom Line: Being a member of Guba -- later giving over to Skinvideo -- for ten years pretty much speaks volumes for a bottom line. I've loved this site and stayed loyal...(pondering)...until now.
Skinvideo's new format is quite disconcerting and the changes are not to my liking. Sure, I can still shift over to the old site, but it just isn't the same.
Further, after before offering a generious quantity of softcore, they're focusing more on hardcore now -- which is definitely going against the grain.
Overall, however, I still think it's the best for the money and heartedly endorse it.

07-04-10  05:19pm

Replies (4)
Visit Satin Silk Fun

Satin Silk Fun

Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: Lovely British models who amply demonstrate their delightful English accent. They are indeed sexy and project the kind of body-language that appeals to a measure of softcore aficionado. If you like the combination of satin, silk and women, especially those who wallow in it, then this is your "spot of tea." The video quality is superb, as well as the pictures. The site offers a special price on their sister site: Sexy satin and silk fun -- which siginficantly relaxes the softcore action and really "gets down".
Cons: Way too much empathis on the luxurious fabrics, which the models use to rub all over themselves for erotic effect. The models' intimate areas are always covered up by the fabrics, so one could argue it's somewhat short of softcore.
But the only persons getting-off here appears to be the models, who're all caught up in the feel of this stuff.
Bottom Line: Great, if you like to see women wrapped up in fine silk and satin -- panties, pillow casings. sheets etc., I found the English models a novel departure from mainstream fare ... but certainly not measuring up overall to true porn.
therefore, The Site delivers but not enough for me to recommend it.

06-27-10  02:07am

Replies (4)
Visit Hypno Girls

Hypno Girls

Status: Was a member approx. 6 months prior to this review.
Pros: Although the models generally came up short on looks, some of the routines were very sexy. A variety of scenes are included on each model who're acting out the hypnotist's commands. The girls put on a pretty good act despite the major obstacle of having to follow the agonizingly dumb commands of an obviously phoney pitch.
Cons: Errors and technical problems began immediatedly getting into the site, although no problems existed processing the charge on your card. Problems secureing user name and password was aggravating. Very limited media options. I Could only get a very small screen on which to view videos (no full screen). Promotional promises to join never materlized. You find out only after you get on the site that you can't download anything -- a major disappointment. None of my written appeals were acknowledged. Finding the way to cancel my membership was like finding a needle in a heystack. I Experienced several occasions of inability to access the site. Video quality was poor and undependable. Navigation was also poor. Lot of small anoyances unworthy of listing -- but the one I will complain about was the insufferable, repetitous and obvious phoney act put on by the so-called hypnotist. Nothing remotely fresh, everything unmistakingly predictable.
Bottom Line: Most everything is summed up in the con department. The only thing that appealed to me was in the acts from the models -- namely, convincing me they were being fondled, engaged in very hot foreplay, and lastly copulating with a partner that wasn't there or visible. As redeeming as that ought to have been, it didn't have a chance.... the overall fact remains that there's nothing I can say that would come anywhere near recommending this site.

06-22-10  07:52pm

Replies (1)
Visit Celebrity Movie Archive

Celebrity Movie Archive

Status: Current Member for over 6 months (at the time of review).
Pros: Contrary to complaints of high costs, My experience is the opposite. Whereas you pay $20-$30 for 30 day access, with a compulsory renewal clause on the basic sites, here you don't have to contend with that. Just under 1200 MB's for about $20 usually last me 6 months. The celebrities and their clips are easy to find, listed alphabetically by last name. You can also find them the same way by the movies they stared in. Just click on and select scenes from their movies....which are listed in a column. At least four still shots are provided as a preview. Selections are global..stars from all over the world. Download to harddrives are super fast...and all your downloads are posted, so you won't inadvertently re-load later. Few if any technical problems or entry failures into the site. Upgrading to HD a spectacular improvement. Dependable, might sum it all up.
Cons: You have no trials, you pay up front for X-number of MBs. Not unusual that a particular celeberity you're looking for won't be in the lineup. The search field might not be much help, either. Not recommended for those who mega-download. You aren't given Gigs, here. About $20 gets you just under 1200 MBs. Once exhausted, you have to purchase more. However, You can ride the site for as long as you want without using up your alloted MBs. I would sum things up by saying if I were looking for a downside to CMA, it might be that the hot scenes seem to lack some of the erotic fire that are on more competitive celeberity sites.
Bottom Line: The site is basically user-friendly; Very simple to navigate; The volume of content is considerable and the quality of the videos are about as good as it gets..Although the archive of celebrities are massive, it's not uncommon not finding who you're looking for, or a movie she's stared in. Comparably, it's a breather from locked in renewals and operational complications one might get from subscriptions. Expect Only videos, no pics or thumbnails.
I recommend Celebrity Movie Archives, it works for me.

06-19-10  05:27pm

Replies (3)

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