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N/A REPLY TO #11 from Jay G: (jberryl69's Reply)

OK - you caught me. I interpreted that "she quit porn or other reason" meant "she quit porn or something else happened to her"..... my wrong interpretation......I would have said that what's happening to a model in real life has no bearing on my watching her since she's only a fantasy for me. I still watch movies with actresses that are long gone from making movies.

02-12-14  06:10am

N/A REPLY TO #9 from turboshaft: (jberryl69's Reply)

Don't worry, I totally understand, it just sounded funny the way it was phrased even if you didn't intend it that way.

02-11-14  02:49pm

N/A REPLY TO #9 from Cybertoad: (jberryl69's Reply)

Hi JB,

I actually have the Sensovox Em140, it is a great unit you can even use it with music thats pretty cool. It made in the UK.

Cost Mine retail is 410.00 as you might see on Ebay, I got a deal for $350.00 with extras new. From a guy who cut me a deal.

I had been looking at some in the 400+ range but this has an incredible control, very customized, and you can use two channels = 4 electrodes.
Chose this one because it has many nice options of the 500+ units and is much better then anything in the 300- range. I wanted quality and variable settings this has knobs and digital read outs, runs on 9v or AC, and is very very easy. I like that it can start a slow pace and then when your ready knock your socks off. I will say there are times you think you could pass out if the feeling was anymore pleasurable.
To those of us whom us the 5 finger system, this blows anything thing away in my opinion. Hope that helps. PS, the feeling of a JB and BJ are very real, works awesome with your favorite vid you would swear you there , it can be a great experience and allow you to control the big O until you are ready, its edged close to an hour thats how much control it has.

PS JB a person can get a tens unit for well under 100 I tried those and then this and I wasted my money on tens LOL. Not even in the same ball park,

01-29-14  03:03pm

N/A REPLY TO #23 from David19: (jberryl69's Reply)

Wow...this is an old poll but I just logged on and was quite sorry to see that my innocent question was somehow seen as a personal attack on Graymane--when it was certainly not intended as such.

For one thing, the main page--where one first sees these polls--doesn't, so far as I can see, list the person who originated the poll. So my initial reaction to and opinion of a poll is formed before I find out who originated the poll--and therefore shouldn't be seen as a personal attack on the pollster.

Yes, of course the stereotype is that most users of porn are male. But I never like to work from stereotypes--they are often, but not always, correct. I'm actually a very, very regular lurker on here--although I usually come here as a guest and don't feel the need to log on. Most discussions, it seems to me, discuss porn in an objective, general, sense--but without information that would really reveal the gender of the poster. And--again--that is an opinion that I've formed on here as a very regular reader of these forums. So I wanted to understand why someone was assuming that most posters were male--when I really didn't see any solid evidence of it.

I hadn't know that people's gender was listed in their profiles.

01-19-14  08:57pm

Visit Hardcore Video Network

Hardcore Video Network
Reply of jberryl69's Comment from Khan:

I'm thinking you guys may have missed the staff remarks on your earlier submissions here. :)

After seeing jberryl69's initial post, I asked our editors to look into this. They did and deactivated the listing early this morning ... along with several other sites owned by the same company.

You're welcome to keep discussing it amongst youselves, just be aware that no-one else can see your remarks here since the listing is deactivated.

12-26-13  07:16pm

Visit Hardcore Video Network

Hardcore Video Network
REPLY TO #4 from pat362: (jberryl69's Reply)

It's actions like yours that give this site a good name. I get a lot of pleasure in telling people which site they might enjoy but it doesn't compare to telling them which one's to avoid. I can't be certain if this site is very bad one but my warning signals went off within less than 30 seconds of clicking the TBP link and that can't be good.

12-26-13  06:04pm

Visit Hardcore Video Network

Hardcore Video Network
REPLY TO #2 from pat362: (jberryl69's Reply)

It does but I avoided mentioning it only because it's not the only site to have a similar design and some of the others are definitely not tube sites. In any case it's a site to be avoided at all cost.

12-26-13  06:38am

Visit Hardcore Video Network

Hardcore Video Network
Reply of jberryl69's Comment from pat362:

Hopefully some from PU/TBP reads this comment and does something about it because I got a pop-up the moment I tried to click on one of that sites tabs. It was for some virus detection software and not the good kind. In TBP's defense. The site has never been reviewed nor does it appear that it ever will and it's been online for many years now so who know how many owners have had their hands on this site. Well worth dropping if what I fear is now a very bad site to visit.

12-25-13  06:32pm

N/A REPLY TO #10 from Drooler: (jberryl69's Reply)

I don't know how to break the shocking news to you, but not everyone likes what you like. I hope that's not a big problem for you. You're going to run into that sometimes, you know.

There's no need for you to tell the world that you're petty and intolerant over the fact that your tastes and the tastes of others might be at variance once in a while.

11-24-13  03:44pm

N/A REPLY TO #6 from graymane: (jberryl69's Reply)

Guilty as charged ...... but I still lov'ya, big guy.

11-24-13  09:12am

N/A REPLY TO #7 from ebal: (jberryl69's Reply)

wow i like this sie, lovely very good

no words

11-13-13  09:09am

Visit Evil Angel

Evil Angel
REPLY TO #14 from Buckhead: (jberryl69's Reply)

Haven't looked here in a while. Thanks for the update to the review...I will probably be giving this a try soon.

11-07-13  09:13pm

N/A REPLY TO #3 from Khan: (jberryl69's Reply)

Well, there's really two reasons I posted this question.

First, and probably foremost, is the fact that, because we ask a lot of poll questions, many of them are repeats. So, every once in a while I like to try to come up with something we haven't asked before.

The 2nd reason was because, over a period of a week or so, I noticed that a lot of the tv show ads (both for shows and products) seemed to focus on sex or at least, sex appeal. I wondered if our users here thought that mainstream media might be getting overly saturated with this one subject.

Now, being as our users enjoy porn, I'd guess that they'd think "the more the merrier" when it comes to sex. But hey, you never know until you ask, right?

Bottom line, it's just a poll question. No real deep dark hidden meaning behind it.

11-05-13  10:30am

Visit Evil Angel

Evil Angel
REPLY TO #12 from rearadmiral: (jberryl69's Reply)

I've been meaning to ask a question about all the Evil Angel BTS/outtakes scenes because I first noticed maybe six or eight months ago that they were locked. That seemed odd to me since all they were are fluff. It never occurred to me that I needed to upgrade. That is certainly some serious nickel and diming!

10-22-13  06:02pm

Visit Evil Angel

Evil Angel
REPLY TO #10 from rearadmiral: (jberryl69's Reply)

Thanks for the information on the fisting scenes. I'll definitely rejoin when those get posted.

10-21-13  02:36pm

Visit Evil Angel

Evil Angel
REPLY TO #3 from RustyJ: (jberryl69's Reply)

Well, I wouldn't call it exactly a bonus if it's all one gets. Where's my regular update then?

10-12-13  02:07pm

N/A REPLY TO #2 from Khan: (jberryl69's Reply)

All our poll questioins don't have to be about porn. It's just a poll question ... if you don't like this one, skip over it. BTW, this one was first asked back in the summer of 2010

10-08-13  08:12am

N/A REPLY TO #11 from graymane: (jberryl69's Reply)

Always a pleasure having you drop in JB!
Your reply reminds me of a pretty, yet quite prudish and proper gal I once dated. During our moments of heated petting, I was allowed to go anywhere except near her tits ....the reason, I suspected, was her self-conscious secret of wearing falsies over a flat chest.

My last date with her, determined to find out what's under that guarded property, ended when my hand strayed to her breast.
As my hand was tearing through all that foam, she screamed out:
(are you ready for this?)

Her utterance:....."HERE, HERE!"
My immediate reply ...."WHERE, WHERE"?

10-05-13  02:44pm

N/A REPLY TO #8 from Monahan: (jberryl69's Reply)

Off topic, but what makes scenes with prolapses erotic? That I just do not get.

10-05-13  10:45am

Visit Facial Abuse

Facial Abuse
REPLY TO #15 from pat362: (jberryl69's Reply)

I'm sure that in retrospect her trust was badly placed but I gathered from her comment that she sort of trusted the opinion of the other girl. She learned the really hard way that she made a mistake but she isn't the first person to do that and she won't be the last.

10-04-13  05:57pm

Visit Facial Abuse

Facial Abuse
REPLY TO #13 from pat362: (jberryl69's Reply)

The main reason why she didn't go with her gut feeling is because the girl who arranged the shoot (for a 10% fee) was an acquaintance and Clayra trusted her that it would be all show and not misogynistic crap. You can imagine how pissed Clayra was with the other girl.

I saw a couple of the pics and it's not pretty. I'm glad that she had the guts to walk away because she had to know that she wasn't going to get paid or at least get a much, much smaller amount than she was promised.

If you want to see the pics then visit Clayra's ADT thread and scroll to 2010 or 2011. You can read her account of the event as well as see a couple of pictures.

10-03-13  06:13pm

Visit Facial Abuse

Facial Abuse
REPLY TO #11 from pat362: (jberryl69's Reply)

Have you ever read what happened to Clayra Beau when she shot for FA? If you haven't then the gist is that she had done some research prior to shooting for them and had decided that it wasn't for her. Be aware that she had shot for Kink and another BSDM type of site so extreme porn was not an issue but she didn't trust them. She had an acquaintance that asked her if she would be willing to shoot for them and the girl said that what you see on camera isn't what happens behind the scene. She had shot for them so she supposedly knew what she was talking about. Let's just say that Clayra was slap around and not in a good way. She wound up with blood in both eyes and a bloody nose and that was just in the BJ part. She stopped the shoot right away and told them what they could do with the rest of the shoot.

I don't know if she is an isolated case but having been a member twice in the last decade then my gut feeling is that she isn't. I grant you that some women have gone back to them but they are in the minority.

10-02-13  05:55pm

N/A REPLY TO #17 from graymane: (jberryl69's Reply)

I know it's getting down to the wire for this operation you've been rather up-tight about, so I just wanted to pass along a few thoughts before you take leave from the forum.
I know you're gettin' tired of hearing this, "but it's gonna be all right." You're gonna awaken from this thing flying high under "Love potion number nine, and hopefully having a wet dream of your fav. having her tonsils stretched by your rock-hard "wow-guy!"

Ok, that's the good part!
But it gets better: Just remember, soaring high's remain at just an IV away.
Then there's that welcomed TLC on its way that hasn't been around for awhile ......doing catch-up.

Lastly .......I'll tell you what my surgeon told me. "I can't repair the damage already done, but I'll guarantee stopping it in its tracks towards very possibly your becoming paraplegic.
You don't get that kind of insurance from the yellow pages, my friend.

I haven't been one to chat, or ask for anything on a regular basis from the Almighty, but I shall, on your behalf, make an earnest effort doing so until you're outta the woods.
Good luck, my friend.

10-01-13  02:26pm

N/A REPLY TO #14 from graymane: (jberryl69's Reply)

And thank you, my good sir, for pointing out that egregious FAUX PAS.

"Shame, shame, graymane ......now put on this dunce-cap and go over there and sit in the corner 'till you can stop butchering our wonderful history ..... as well as apologizing to our grand, renowned and respected world-scholars" "Particularly Mr. Aristotle".

But'cha know, JB .... It's doggone worth taking a few "slings an arrows" just to know you're still coming around.

09-29-13  04:42pm

N/A REPLY TO #11 from turboshaft: (jberryl69's Reply)

I imagine that trying to explain phenomena like rosebuds or vacuum pumping to future generations will be something akin to trying to rationalize embarrassments from our past like patent medicines or the insane nuclear buildup during the Cold War. There were few genuinely positive things to say about them but they seemed like the right idea at the time.

09-29-13  10:38am

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