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N/A Reply of Colm4's Poll

If that was ever all that was left out there for me to watch ....... I'd simply dump porn and go back to over-eating.

05-31-14  02:04am

N/A Reply of graymane's Poll

Thanks to Pat and CT .......so far this poll hasn't sunk into the deep-blue.

as for my thoughts to this brilliantly conceived poll inquiry goes, I can say with full conviction that I'm actually rather ambivalent when it comes to making a choice acting on whichever of the options is closest to those mentioned in the poll.

That is to say, although I'm fervently in favor of first checking out any and all offers from porn sites coming down the pike, whether previously dealt with and/or securely acquainted, .... that should I be exercising good-sense judgment by running it by TBP, ...... conversely, on impulse and brevity, go straight for the offer in my email.

A perfect example of "don't do what I do, do as I say do."

05-27-14  03:09pm

N/A Reply of Cybertoad's Reply

I suppose I was too late getting in my reply ...made answerable to your comment on this poll.....
.hence its expiration and like hood you won't be reading my time-consuming response.
therefore I'm writing this and pushing the buttons to hopefully bring it back for your viewing. lol..... for what it's worth!

05-24-14  01:00am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Cybertoad, --- as with his usually agile, cultivated and exemplary cyber-referenced awareness of things going on around the internet -- and especially on a business level and the general lowdown on Porn ... to which, I'd venture we collective perverts all generally know it.

And it follows, pertaining to the inquiry this poll currently is seeking:.... I can assuredly agree with CT's voluminously written thoughts on the matter.

My personal take on cams is that It's a sort'a internet-porn shell-game that's working well for the right people. And its picking off customers like flies on flypaper.

Remember that I said it here ... on Porn Users.

Lets just say porn-related Cams are now in a rather productive accumulative stage.
Then, one has to fathom, by its current acceptance and gaining popularity ....albeit, however, assuming assuredly by projecting its obvious potential and subtle advancements....that its bound and determined to fragment into new-found adjoining ideas ....the conceivable results of which follows another obscene money-making bonanza.

05-23-14  05:31pm

N/A Reply of Drooler's Poll

Well... suppose it could be OK.
That is, if the surgeon can make'um look like
Angelina Jolie's

05-19-14  02:16am

N/A Reply of lk2fireone's Poll

Not only "primary"
Tis also the "only computer".

05-16-14  01:39am

Visit Double View Casting

Double View Casting
Reply of rearadmiral's Reply

Funny. And as with most of the jokes I've read that you've posted here, they smack of the kind of things that brings us back over and over to read whatever you author.
I read a book on writing jokes many years ago. And it might interest you to know that the key word the author dwelled on associated with the success of a good joke is "incongruity."

The so-called joke punch line, depending on the congruity aspect.... can, for all practical purposes, make or break the effect of how well the joke comes across.
And it is he who masters a jokes' incongruity ......well, I suppose you could say "separates the men from the boys" on the subject of delivering a good joke. ...

Oh yes, RA .....
Thanks much for hanging in there, and appearing to perceive my touch on the next stage after one croaks.
I suppose I got carried away!
I guess because I've been reading up lately so heavily on the subject; and because I myself am approaching that dimension so rapidly on the fast track ........ well, it happens when you give another your ear ......

05-16-14  01:12am

Visit Double View Casting

Double View Casting
Reply of rearadmiral's Reply

Not in this lifetime, my good man........and,
I can say, without a shred of growing doubt, ....neither the next,.

Wherever all the recent, as well as present, and lets not forget we old-timers' who, lets say, will ultimately gather as then discarnate porn-lovers, who'll chat about their sexual preferences, esp. those who'll face, in their next life when they'll get another shot at getting it all right this go-a-round.

Finally, should they earn their ultimate reward for repeated earthly sojourns to get that one-way ticket upstairs .....wherein you'll meet the "Big-guy" -- and later check-into the mansion of your choice .....waiting just for you, including all the amenities ---Mortgage-free and never any further delinquent fees.

Devoid of darkness, perpetually perfect weather, always time to stroll down one of limitless danger-free streets, admiring scenery that never bores or grows old.
Porn, sans fees, renewals or hassle, are at your finger-tip offering multi terabits of limitless adult choice ...except, of course, illegal and inappropriate fare.

I'm sure you can find a bar somewhere..... but I wouldn't speculate on the availability of the golden foamy stuff until you get there.

But if there were ..or a reasonable facsimile .....there wouldn't be anybody around I'd rather choose to dispense them with than my good PU friend Rearadmiral .
Only exception, though .....
we leave "anal" covered up in a dark corner

all the above is one of this writer's many proposed dissertations on the merits of ones' highly deserved achievements.

Unfortunately, this one got away like a speeding, unattended, downhill locomotive with no breaks.

05-15-14  02:25am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Don't know if this has been addressed, but I've always favored the photo starting out small but comfortably viewable ....with the option of a single click, to bring it up to large.

05-14-14  08:00pm

Visit Double View Casting

Double View Casting
Reply of rearadmiral's Review

Still can't get into anal, ol' buddy .
But could try -- if I hav'ta, ...... to part the oceans if it were the only course of action at getting at your reviews.

05-13-14  08:20pm

N/A Reply of Cybertoad's Poll

Allow me, CT, if you would, to include an additional option, that for me works better than all the others.
My suggestion .....
"provides an unexcelled outlet"
Yes! ....that's it! that simple.

Simply put ........
A date with my porn leaves no doubt that beginning, during, or before the kiss goodnight, through visual imagery I will come away completely satisfied.

Compare that to a conventional date with any woman (none of whom, BTW, will likely even come close to the physically feminine features you'll get to see from the Porn-queens.

Anyway, gas at $4.00 a gallon, the meter starts runnin' the moment you leave your driveway for your new evening date until it finally stops, upon its return home.
An evening together of this nature is usually expected to include a somewhat costly menu... resulting in an unchallenged duel chomp-down, presumably at a reasonably fancy restaurant ....the drinks keep comin' whilst you're hip-deep in a one-sided talk-a-thon wherein your date is extolling the many cute things about her grandbaby (or) assuming you're robbing the cradle, the young lady's own brood.
All this going on as the evening keeps chipping-away at the roll of greenbacks you started out with .....
And for what?
Answer: the payoff, naturally.
You know what I'm talkin' about.
The evening ending, saying goodnight but praying for that age old welcoming invitation to come into her apartment for a nightcap. (yeah, right)
That would be "nightcap" ... spelled P-U-S-S-Y.

Slipping back to those rare moments when you were able to squeeze in a romantic overture or two... working up to un-leashing your entire repertoire of combat-ready hit-on tactics.
Well.....Maybe it'll work, maybe not.
But Most-likely not.

But my Lady-Porn never leaves me wanting, cost me only a pittance and unfailingly delivers the goods.
And if that don't float your boat......she keeps her mouth shut at the tap of a button.

05-12-14  09:47pm

N/A Reply of sonofzog's Reply

You might find your answer, sir ....coming from the advice of Rowan and Martin's Laugh-in......... to wit:
Look it up in a Funk & Wagnalls .

But stay tuned, sonofzog ......most of the polls that comes through this portal makes sense.

05-11-14  12:26pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Reply

Please be advised, chief ..... I whole-hardly take the full blame for any and all remnant Faux pas, those present and any on the way ......whether it be the result dancing on the floor of my misdoing, or the forthcoming avalanche of predicted, negative recourse from regulars ... most likely demanding me stepping down from my bid to run against you in the upcoming election for the office of administrator.
But hey, I concede now before it gets down an dirty!

05-11-14  12:12pm

N/A Reply of graymane's Poll

BTW .................
Question number five (5) of this awkward selection is suppose to read "HORMONAL"

NOT: "normonal" levels!

05-11-14  01:06am

N/A Reply of graymane's Poll

As usual, because too many times I tend to run off the end of the page in the process of getting my messages across, oftentimes the whole idea I'm attempting to convey just takes flight into nonsensical oblivion.
So it is with this poll ....

Let me try and make more sense of this turkey by simply offering an example ......

"Honey, what'cha doing? You sending something else off to that deviant, cesspool of porn that you spend so dammed much of your time on"?
"If it's another of those dumb-ass questioner's, then let me ask something, as a woman, I wanna know about this time?"

There you have it, guys ....it's about the best I can do!

05-11-14  12:49am

N/A Reply of snickelb's Poll

Excuse me, but doesn't the aforementioned have to be pulled up/down over the models' midsection somewhere before it is removed to carry on with the nude part of the scene?

Obviously I'm overlooking the importance of what this all "really" means.

05-09-14  11:40pm

N/A Reply of tangub's Reply

I know where you're coming from, tungub ......
I was visiting the Philippines in the early '90's ....

That would make me then be a little over sixty.
Lemme. tell you, son..... I packed two weeks of living the kind of life there I could only dream of here in the States.

Didn't have to beg, borrow or steal to squeeze out the kind of affection one has to work so hard for from a girl here in my country.

There ....It was like I could simply have a life-sized painting made of a girl possessing almost any dimension of beauty I wanted ....and Voilà! .... my wish and vision steps right off of the canvas.

I only wish I'd discovered the place when I were younger.

05-04-14  05:51pm

N/A Reply of messmer's Poll

Geeez ...... since everybody feels that way about 80 year-olds escorting "VERY YOUNG GIRLS" about and being seen with them, an all.......
I'll hereafter jus' keep my "very young" harem of beauties away from the enviable eyes of those who just can't afford the likes ..... or, those who're simply settled down to his "one-an-only." and can't get out'ta her sight to do that kind of stuff.

05-04-14  05:06pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

No, but I did try it with a straw once.

05-03-14  02:14am

Visit Exploited Teens

Exploited Teens
Reply of rearadmiral's Review

I'm passing on some very important info to the right people upstairs, RA, about lookin' into providing you with a much deserved reciprocal Company retirement package.
Yep! you heard me right!

The unstoppable flow of your numerous, comprehensively reviewed sites, courted by an unmatched editorial quality born of each review, that would be the envy of any noted, local news pundit serving on any paper within the U-S-of-A ......

I figure your notoriously proven power of sway, guiding judgment, and directing fellow members in the right direction, not to mention the blood-sweat-an-tears that went into each effort on your part.... all of which, adding up to awarding you at least equal monetary allotment.... with and among which the whole being shared by our PU founders, their loyal, time-honored and presently entrenched staff.

04-29-14  02:41am

N/A Reply of graymane's Poll

The way I see it, monitoring, and/or going after general copyright violators has got to be one of the more classic, monumental exercises in futility as is any other, or anywhere else on the net.

It's so pervasive, having lost it's scare-tactics, all it subtly gets anymore is the perennial lip-service ......much of which is from die-hard hanger-on's who still throw out all that threating legalize in their "terms of acceptance" as well as other similar sundry threats.

Like badandy, and Lpee allude to .....uploads to tube sites, and the like, proliferate at such astounding volume everywhere that the shock-values has gone the way of penny-loafers.

04-28-14  06:12pm

Visit Newbie Nudes

Newbie Nudes
Reply of OnlyMe's Review

Good start, only me.
Enjoyed your review (short, but informative and amusingly interesting)
"I'm struggling to think of any"

You'll discover it'll never be "only you" for as long as you hang-around this site...... people here make you feel right at home.
We're Judged, among other things, the most civil of its genre on the net ...
Polar-opposite of the kind of baggage you've reviewed here.
If you're like the rest of we regulars, you're gonna be glad you found this place.

Come on over to the forum..... we can use some of your displayed keen wit and savvy over there ------ dueling with the pros.

04-24-14  10:17pm

N/A Reply of Wittyguy's Poll

May I suggest, even so far as to earnestly beseech thee ...... to read my post in the forum-section dealing with this subject.

04-22-14  09:57pm

Visit Bangbros Network

Bangbros Network
Reply of rearadmiral's Review

C'mon, RA ..... lighten up. I'm running out of superlatives with which to cap the anointing praise consistent with your unending display of journalistic talents.

My God, man! ......get some sleep.

04-20-14  07:36am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Please allow me to expand on the option: "pretty disgusting."
I also find it repulsive, repelling, offensive, repugnant, revolting, slimy, degrading, putrid, despicable, sordid, foul, abhorrent, demeaning.
Vile, sickening .... and whatever else one can think of that would be synonymous with any of the above.

04-20-14  04:19am

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