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Visit Candy Girl Pass

Candy Girl Pass

I see recycled updates.

Thanks to the Wayback Machine I noticed this network of sites has been recycling and re-dating updates since 2007. That likely means 640x480 vids at best.

I'd consider this site for $10 not $30 as it is.

02-16-11  12:29am

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Visit Reality Pass HD

Reality Pass HD

Slow download speeds make this site unusable

The speeds on this site are snail slow. I never got above 90 kbps and averaged 75kbps. Only one connection can be used so download managers don't alleviate things. To add insult to injury, the file sizes are sometimes close to 1 GB in size and the site doesn't allow resuming downloads.

I wonder do they have the bandwidth set low on purpose or are they hosting the site on dialup on some island in the Pacific.

02-07-11  05:32pm

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Visit Digital Playground

Digital Playground

I don't suppose the offer video downloads yet??

It's been about 9 months since the latest TBP review that stated no downloads. But can anybody surprise me and tell me that you can download the videos now?

I doubt that so does anybody know if any of the DVD sites like videobox have Digital Playground movies in their library? I'd like get at them.

01-17-11  07:51am

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Visit Nerd Hard

Nerd Hard

Question for anybody who has joined or any twistys member

Does it give you access to twistys member's site or does joining twisty's give you access?
Have they added more content?

01-06-11  03:56am

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Visit Big Tit Hooker

Big Tit Hooker

They don't update, they just redate the videos

This site has been recycling the same 30 or so scenes for the past two years and making them look like new updates. I was wondering why a site that has been around for 2 years and updates every week has so little content. I checked out what the site was like on archive.org in 2008 and I see the same updates that the site claims were released in 2010. I assume this is the case for all of the loyalty bonus sites you get for joining the score network. Whatever you do, don't pay for any of these sites.

07-11-10  12:06am

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Visit Big Tits Paradise

Big Tits Paradise

not updating anymore but still decent

They quit adding updates in February, 2010 and it's a bit pricey, but I recommend this site. It features mainly Eastern European chicks and they stick to the niche well. 83 scenes and I didn't see any (noticeable) breast implants.

If you factor in Only Big Melons and Busty Britain, which are both still updating, this site/network is definitely worth a join for big natural boob lovers.

06-13-10  12:07am

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Visit No Rest For The Ass

No Rest For The Ass

Triple Anal!!??

I saw in the previews a girl taking 3 dicks in her ass at the same time. I didn't even know that was possible. This update came a few months after pat362's review so I doubt he got to see it, but I wonder if anybody saw this scene.

It looks gross actually. It doesn't look like a sexy scene and the guys are practically fucking each other. I just had to say something about that scene. I bet her parents are proud.

Has anybody seen 4 or maybe 5 dicks in one ass at once? Is 3 the record?

02-02-10  09:43am

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Visit The Lisa Ann

The Lisa Ann

What will you find in here

34 videos and 83 photosets. Updates come about every other day.
Mix between solo and hardcore and a few g/g.
Videos are 640x360 2000kbps to 720x400 5000kbps.
Top photos are 1063x1600, with zip downloads.

Not bad as a bonus for joining hollyrandall. The content is good if you like this lady. I needs to time to grow.

12-26-09  12:23am

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Visit Holly Randall

Holly Randall

bonus access to club kayen and others

I just noticed today that if you join Holly Randall you get The Lisa Ann, Club Kayden, Danger Live and Angelina Ashe as a bonus. I'm pretty sure this wasn't always the case. Now I'm interested in joining.

From what I can tell you only get this deal if you join through Holly Randall, the other sites seem to offer different combinations of the bonus sites.

11-30-09  08:52am

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Visit Ferro Network

Ferro Network

Have you guys seen this?

That price is crazy! $85 for the first month then $50 thereafter.

I don't care if this is a network, that's too much to charge. Maybe it appeals to the fetish crowd. I recognize the names of some of these sites and I didn't even know they were still around. People must actually be paying this much.

There is no way this site should be that much. This looks like cheap eastern European and South American content. What I mean is the talent get paid very little.

I can't even believe TBP reviewed this one.

11-26-09  05:42am

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Visit Brazzers Reel

Brazzers Reel

Anybody have any info on this site.

I know it's just another DVD site and it's brought to you by the now despised brazzers, but has anybody joined? Or does anybody know if it's a clone of another site or whether or not you can get most of the vids on videobox? Maybe something about the quality?

11-14-09  01:15pm

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Visit Brand New Faces

Brand New Faces

No downloads? No thanks!

I'm glad I checked out PU before subscribing to this one. I'll never knowingly join a site that doesn't let you download videos. Sure you could use some program to grab the flash files, but that might not always work and the quality stinks.

And this site costs $30, what a joke. Too bad for them. I probably would have joined.

11-13-09  03:11pm

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Visit Foxes.com


Are you thinking about buying sets from this site?...Wait

This site charges $10 to download one photoset or movie(I don't even know if you get to keep it). Most of us here won't go for deals like that. But if you've ever wanted to view some of the content, "Good news everyone!" Its looks to me that they have been and will be adding the content to a their new subscription site Rascal Dog(review coming later) which is $25/month.

The only thing I have to say right now is it ain't HD quality.

11-12-09  07:36am

Replies (2)
Visit Zero Tolerance On Demand

Zero Tolerance On Demand

Are there still speed issues?

More than a few porn users have mentioned that the speed on this site is very slow. Is this still the case? I know they have huge 1080p quality videos that are well over 1 gig. I don't think I would want to spend hours downloading a scene. So can anybody confirm or deny that this site and network still suffers from slow downloads.

11-03-09  04:11am

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Visit Fetish One Pass

Fetish One Pass

Rundown of sites on network

mbaya's reviews for this network's sites are on the money. Some videos are released in wmv now though. The problems with poor navigation, little content and sparse updates are still there. Not bad though, they have fresh girls; just needs more content. Here's how much each site has to offer.

Baby Dolls on Fire - 16 scenes, no longer updating, I didn't understand this one
Pornstar at Work - 42 scenes, possibly non-exclusive, not very nichey
Fuck My Jeans - 93 scenes, this site is decent.
I Love Miniskirts - 32 scenes, this one is not bad either, but not unique
Lusty Office - 16 scenes, no updates, this niche has been done before and better
Rip her up - 29 scenes, good forced sex action, but would be a lot better if it were in English
The Pussy Licker - 27 scenes, seems to be only site out there of it's kind
Urban Teen Models- 21 scenes, not updating, boring

10-27-09  02:37pm

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Visit Naughty America

Naughty America

New HD vids look good but....

NA has started offering HD quality videos in 480p, 720p and 1080p. It might be a problem for some that they are in a f4v format. It's actually just a flash version of H.264. Some people might not be able to play them with their favorite media players.
I watched them with VLC media player with no problem in case anyone is wondering.

I don't mind that much, but they should think of using a more common video format. I bet some people with set top media players might be having a problem. They still have 3 versions of wmv's like before though.

10-01-09  10:09am

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Visit Milf Seeker

Milf Seeker

A lot wrong with this site/network

The content was fine, there's a big network and I found some good scenes. The problem is that too much of it not available for download. Many scenes had "downloadable" written on the thumbnail, but it wasn't true. They claim that they would be available for download in 30 days. They are probably counting on us never finding out or getting tricked into wasting money for another month. The majority of scenes are streaming only.

Another major problem is the lack of exclusiveness. I have seen the content on the feeds for all these pink visual sites on dozens of sites that I have joined in the past few years. In fact this site is nothing but a feed. The url inside the members area is pluginfeed.com! I realized didn't need to join this site, I already saw most of the couples seduce teens, milf seeker and wife switch movies on a cheaper site.

I could complain about the video quality, for example there are only a few HD vids and they're only around 1068x600. But I'm more worried about the scenes that I can't even download. I don't care if those old scenes are only 320x240, I'd like to be able to download them.

I should note that I didn't have the download speed problems that many others are having. The speed wasn't exactly blazing, but I never saw those crawling speeds mentioned. However, I don't doubt their claims. Too many people have had problems, so maybe I'm just lucky.

These guys need to take some time and join all their old files and make everything available for download. And since they have already put most of their stuff out on other sites, they should lower the price too.

They make their sites look good on the tour pages, but it's just a collection of half undownloadable feeds that you can get elsewhere. Do yourself a favor and don't join this company's sites.

09-28-09  07:24am

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Visit Movie Box

Movie Box

Is this a regular pay site or a VOD or a PPV?

This looked like a regular DVD site until I went to the sign up page. They mentioned you get $10.00 in bonus credits. So you don't get unlimited downloads, just $35 worth of downloads? How much does each video cost? Doesn't matter for me, because I will not join a site that charges per video.

They don't make it clear. This is what the "How it works" page says:
"Imagine over 4000 Full High Quality DVDs. Download them to keep, or stream at blazing hot speeds. Over 20,000 scenes of content averaging about 20 to 40 minutes each. 10 New DVDs added daily, no download limits, no hidden fees, and of course no DRM. An entire library for less than the price of one pay site subscription, it just doesn't get any better."

I didn't see anything about credits in there. I hope the webmaster explains.

09-20-09  09:16am

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Visit Jayden Jaymes

Jayden Jaymes

New official site for Jayden Jaymes

It appears that this one is indeed an official site. This might be good news. She's definitely one of my favs. I hope she never abandons it and updates 5 times a day with ultra-HD vids. :)

I also saw a scene in one of the bonus sites featuring this girl Lee Ann whom I'm absolutely in love with and haven't' seen in a while.

Looks like it's about a month old so there will not be much content. I'm trying to hold off as long as possible. If anybody happens to join before I do let us know about the quality, quantity, DRM status, etc.

09-16-09  10:57am

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Visit Naughty America

Naughty America

Only $9.95 right now

The price of a one month at NA went down, not up after the end of the deal vegas ken announced. It's now only $9.95(for one month). This is the "student discount" mentioned, but from what I can tell it's the only price available so it's open to everybody
I think I might rejoin this month.

One of the guys in Europe will have to tell us if the sale is regional or not.

09-14-09  03:28am

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Visit DDF Network

DDF Network

You should join this network

People were saying the deal would end in August, but it looks like its still going on. It should be permanent, if you ask me.

You get access to:
1 By Day
Hands on Hardcore
DDF Busty
Hot Legs and Feet
House Of Taboo
Only Blowjob
Sandy's Fantasies
Euro Girls On Girls
Cherry Jul
Euro Teen Erotica

I never really knew much about these sites with an exception of a month at onlyblowjobs maybe a year ago. But most of them are rated fairly high at PU, and I always like to join new networks. So far I think it's money well spent.
If you like or think you might like these(mostly czech) models pay the $35 for a month.

09-02-09  03:47am

Replies (1)
Visit Fantasy Girl Gianna

Fantasy Girl Gianna

Must be new, how is it.

Last time I joined this network I didn't remember Gianna having a site. So the question is, is there anything exclusive in there at all? Also how many videos are in there and are they the same in quality as the other site's vids I downloaded months ago?

I don't think this is an official site. Right? Like I said before, this girl has done an incredible amount of scenes in the past few years. It'd be pretty easy to get the rights to a bunch of her scenes and make a site.

That being said, I'll probably join this network again if there's anything in there at all.

08-24-09  04:19am

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Visit Sexy Pattycake

Sexy Pattycake

Teasing is okay. Video quality stinks

I don't mind the teasing and lack of actual nudity. I think this girl has a great body and I had been a member over a year ago. But the video quality is terrible. They are very blurry mpgs at 417x240. In 2009 on a site that is still updating, having video quality that bad puzzles me. They are only watchable on a CRT TV under 19 inches. Get with it.

08-22-09  11:58am

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Visit Brandi Belle

Brandi Belle

I like her style

This is a site I've joined a several times over the years. I've always liked the unique scenes as well as Brandi's approach. It's true that in her earlier work she was happier and more enthusiastic, but I like the bored looking Brandi too. I find her demeanor to be sexy. She's serious and quiet, but she knows how to get a guy off. I appreciate it when a woman in porn doesn't engage in over the top screaming and squealing we normally see.

I think it's cheaper than it used to be, but it's still not quite worth joining for more than a month. I am going to echo the others that said this site belongs on a network.

08-17-09  12:01pm

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Visit Asia Movie Pass

Asia Movie Pass

I hated the full DVD download only

That annoys me. That you can't just download a scene, you have to download an entire 600MB-1.5GB file. Come on.

08-12-09  10:53pm

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