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Visit Woodman Casting X

Woodman Casting X

Bate & Switch

Going to the homepage of this site one sees many great items, but when one goes to join he finds out that access to all of the items on the homepage really costs 49.90 Euros, not 29.90.

For 29.90 a user gets access to only a fraction of the items found on the homepage.

In my circle that's called bate & switch.

03-05-15  11:45pm

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Visit Czech Casting

Czech Casting

360 degree view fascinates me

Czech casting has something I haven't seen before, but absolutely love... the model stands and moves about in a room that takes pictures from every side in a complete circle giving the viewer a model he can turn around like an action figure and see from every angle on one plane (if you remember geometry). It offers a new model every day and though it is not very sexy I still find viewing a new woman from all sides wonderful.

The possibilities of what could be done with a system like this are mind boggling for me, even though now we only get to see the naked and semi-naked bodies of the models.

01-02-15  02:11pm

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Visit Sex And Submission

Sex And Submission

Download Issue seems solved! Hurray!

After a week or so of impossibly slow download problems, Sex & Submission seems to be up & running well again. I went away in frustration, but came back yesterday just to check and the download issues seem to have gone away and it works well again.

I was rattled, but my faith in Kink.com is now restored.

05-03-14  02:25am

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Visit Sex And Submission

Sex And Submission

Anyone else having download issues?

I have been joining Kink.com sites for at least a decade and in the past have found it at the top of the pack in quality of service. Suddenly 2 or 3 days ago my downloads (normally 800-1200 KB/s) screeched to school zone speed (42 KB/s) which is useless since I don't care to stay connected for 6 hours for the download of one scene.

Downloads from other non-Kink sites seem normal (a sample from firm hand spanking downloaded at 500 KB/s which is normal for their site), so I can't blame my computer, browser, or Internet service provider.

E-mailed them Friday, but no reply because of the holiday weekend. Just curious if anyone else has experienced problems with Kink.com these last few days. Would appreciate knowing that I'm not alone.

04-20-14  11:10am

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Visit Chaturbate


New price added seems like a bargain to me

After spending lots of big money on My Free Cams over the last year or so, I have just started using Chaturbate. I was pleasantly surprised to see a new special price of $79.99 for 1000 tokens making it even cheaper than MFC. As a pretty big spender, I find this very attractive.

02-26-14  06:14am

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Visit Hardcore Gang Bang

Hardcore Gang Bang

Double gangbang sites does not double the updates

The fairly new site Hardcore Gangbangs from Kink comes with free membership to the older Bound Gangbangs. However.....

The interesting thing is why they broke into 2 sites for basically the same material. The new site has new weekly updates, the old site seems to only recycle old material at this point. Why the new site?

Princess Donna often directs the astounding and overpowering fantasy gang-bang scenes here, but why there is a new site for this still seems a mystery to me. You get lots of scenes, but NOT double updates.

04-16-13  02:27am

Replies (4)
Visit VideoBox


Videobox....why the poor quality introduction?

I've belonged to Videobox in the past and thought it was a pretty good site, but here's the problem:

When I go to the intro page to view what's on the site now.....the pictures slide away like ghosts fleeing from the light. I don't get to view the icons of samples available.

I make it a habit of NOT joining sites that have problematic introduction pages, so have not rejoined VideoBox lately.

Can anyone explain why the poor introduction pages?

01-02-13  04:12am

Replies (2)
Visit Nude Fight Club

Nude Fight Club

Annoying sign in again....and again...and again

While 21st Sextury has some of the best photographed porn videos on the net and I've been as member on and off again for years, I've noticed that the sign in procedure seems now more frustrating than ever before.

When I go away from my computer for a few minutes, they require me to sign in again with my email address and password.

Because I don't get to select my password, I have to type in a ten digit set of letters and numbers that they gave me. If it doesn't work, I am then required to try again, but this time with a new 4 digit authorisation (that's their spelling)code which is extremely hard to read.

Trying to cut and paste these items each time they need to be used doesn't seem to work well, either....so I find myself spending 2 or three minutes trying to log-on.

This is very picky of me, but I've been spoiled by Kink.com and other user-friendly sights that don't have any log-in problems.

Doing this over and over again is very annoying for this consumer.

11-27-12  10:01am

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Visit My Free Cams

My Free Cams

For those who love Eve Angel & other pornstars

In my (hopefully temporary) Myfreecams addiction, I noticed beautiful & famous pornstar Eve Angel has been hanging around lately.

I remember some Porn Users who especially like her so I thought I'd let them know that she is available as EveAngelBabe (someone else has a similar name, so you have to look carefully) and you can watch her on the freecams or see a "private show" with her for 60 tokens a minute (about $60 for 10 minutes or $360 an hour).

CAREFUL, her and other models really make you want to give even more in tips and gifts and you can't blame them, for a few minutes you will feel sexy and desired, but WATCH YOUR WALLET!

06-18-12  06:40am

Replies (8)
Visit My Free Cams

My Free Cams

Warning, this site is addictive!

The best of the web-cam sites, this site sucks you in with its huge variety of girls. You become a "premium member" by buying $20 in tokens, because most girls don't waste their time dealing with "free" members.

You can watch live sex shows with hundreds of others for free or cruise through the girls looking for someone who teases and texts back and forth with you. I find the hot sexy live shows less interesting than porn so I find myself cruising for pretty girls to flirt with.

I'm not a big live show guy since real life ladies are cheaper, but I find myself tipping 10-20 tokens ($1-$2) at a time thinking "this is just like putting a dollar or two in a g-string at one time, not that expensive. WRONG.

Many of the incredibly pretty girls begin teasing and flirting and my token bag is quickly emptied, and I'm back at the window buying more tokens like a gambling addict buying more chips in Las Vegas.

It's not quite as expensive as a crack cocaine addiction, but I'm worried it could be. I have one cam girl that is beautiful and is the greatest flirt in the world. Part of me might even really believe she can't wait until she sees me again....the really dumb part of me, that is.....

05-25-12  01:16am

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Visit Public Disgrace

Public Disgrace

Types of Public Disgrace shoots makes interesting content

Public disgrace is still a very interesting site where pretty girls get a public fucking, often with a dose of BDSM.

It now breaks down into two types of shoots. One is where the girl is led around naked in a public place for many minutes and eventually gets fucked in a more semi-public area like a park. In these shoots there seems to be a lot of emphasis on the public reaction to the naked girl and the eventual naked sex by passers-by (seems to be in Europe where the public nudity laws are not like the USA). To be honest, this is fast-forward time for me and I feel the flaunting of nudity and sex in front of pedestrians, some of whom who would rather not see it, is problematic and not particularly sexy.

On the other hand, many shoots are inside, in porn shops or other small establishments or in the San Fransisco Kink.com Armory with an enthusiastic invited crowd. These scenes seem to be a lot hotter in my opinion and I really enjoy the crowd reaction enjoying the hot fucking.

A definitely interesting site with a "twist" from your everyday porn.

10-08-11  05:48am

Replies (3)
Visit Fame Digital

Fame Digital

Even I almost paid $29.95 too much

Fame Digital is an excellent value for the $9.95/mo Porn Users discounts. But BE CAREFUL signing up.

After going through two screens of inputting data, you arrive at the screen where the large box that covers the left side and middle of the page has you put in your credit card information.

Here's the clever trick.

For most of us who read from left to right and down the page, our eye will go down the box inputing the credit card info and go straight down the page arriving at the "Click here to purchase" box.

If we are in a hurry to get to the tons of porn inside at this great price, we might quickly click the purchase box without ever realizing that on the upper right hand corner of the page to the right of the large box in fairly small print is a pre-checked box that says, " Sign me up for a 3 days trial membership to Pornaccess for 1.95 usd. After 3 days, membership renews automatically at 29.95 usd every month. The charge will appear under CHP-payffbill.com."

If we click too soon (as I almost did) without reading the WHOLE PAGE, we will have signed up for Pornaccess at $29.95 a month without even realizing it until the bill arrives.

Please note my new forum thread (8/14/2011) about credit card security for unwanted purchases. It might save you money if you make a mistake like this or someone tries to fraudulently use your card on-line.

08-14-11  04:10pm

Replies (3)
Visit Anal Lick Fest

Anal Lick Fest


As a former member several times over the years, I went back to possibly rejoin and found that Anal Lick Fest (as a part of Meat Members) had, surprisingly, raised its price to $39.95/mo/USD.

The quality was always second rate, but the quantity was huge when I was a member in the past.

There seems to be no new added value for the high price, but only the "same old same old" at a "new high price."

Conclusion: my general experience in the world of porn for many years is (almost always) "THE MORE YOU PAY THE LESS YOU GET."


06-30-11  10:47pm

Replies (7)
Visit Spank Christina

Spank Christina

inet cash?

As a spanking enthusiast I now find that Inet-cash seems to be the third party biller for 15 sites including Spanking Christina.

I always investigate how to cancel memberships before joining a new site and sadly find that Inet cash does not have the normally fairly easy "customer support" link to do it.

Instead it relies on emails, a system that I have found very undependable for internet commerce. The great majority of my e-mails in the past remain unanswered and I am afraid of joining an Inet Cash site and then finding it very difficult to cancel because of the reliance on e-mails instead of a link.

Have and PU members had experience with Inet Cash?

06-18-11  07:25am

Replies (2)
Visit Oriental Orgy

Oriental Orgy

Orgy? What Orgy?

Seems to be one-on-one very average sex with an oriental woman in every set. If that's an orgy, doing it all alone might be a gang-bang.

05-22-11  12:15pm

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Visit Everything Butt

Everything Butt

It only gets better for butt lovers!

I have followed Everything Butt since its inception and was at first disappointed by its lack of heterosexual anal sex, but now it has come around to the perfect fetish site for butt lovers. The last several months, most scenes have included at least two good looking women whose butts get nearly an hour of anal attention.

Lesbian rump slapping and whipping is often followed by ass worship and licking. Then come a wide variety of fingers, fists, and dildos up the ass, dildos in a great variety of shapes and sizes.

Finally, a male gives the two butts wonderful attention and hard ass-fucking, with some fellatio usually thrown in for good measure. This is a perfect formula for me, and even those who like or dislike various aspects (lesbian or hetero) of the buttplay can find something in every scene for rear-end lovers.

This has become my favorite web-site of all time. (And I've joined scores of websites in just the last few years).

04-11-11  06:19am

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Visit Ass Teen Mouth

Ass Teen Mouth

I spoke too soon

In my recent review I said that Ass Teen Mouth and related sites had solved the technical problems I experienced two years ago. I spoke too soon. After four days of working well, today I tried about seven times and was totally unable to log in.

24 hours later no e-mail reply, but I tried logging in and it worked. Am walking on eggshells enjoying the site, but uncertain every time I log in. Now often I have to log in every few minutes even when I'm in the middle of looking at items in the site....very annoying! I miss the technical excellence of Kink.com where you almost never have to put your password in.

03-01-11  06:15am

Replies (3)
Visit The Training Of O

The Training Of O

For those who like girl "lineups" (five to seven girls)

For those who like girl "lineups", the training of O has had several episodes in the last few months that include a lineup of six or seven naked girls doing "tasks" in a kind of survivor-like elimination contests. One of my many strange fetishes is viewing a line of naked women being treated like recruits at a boot camp, soooo......

If anyone else shares the girl "lineup" fetish I have, they might want to take a look at the last several months worth of episodes from Training of O. The "tasks" are a bit light SM and very little sex, but for those who share my fetish....take a look.

02-13-11  12:53pm

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Visit Schoolgirl Sex Punishment

Schoolgirl Sex Punishment

Transferring Ownership, Again

Teens Reform School is transferring ownership again and I have a hunch they'll just become part of a network. This site had lots of potential for spanking and ass fetish folks, but was very poorly updated and never quite got organized enough to be a real spanking site.

I'm waiting a couple of weeks to see if the new owner will simply let it live in limbo as part of a network or actually get organized and add new material regularly. Not holding my breath about the last possibility, though.

11-26-10  03:50pm

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Visit Her First Punishment

Her First Punishment

team@spanking-support.com now answering my e-mails

To update my former complaint: the support team at Her First Punishment is now answering e-mails promptly and I will be joining the site soon. I did bombard them with e-mails every 12 hours or so for several days because I was eager to join, but that may have caused a problem.

There may have been a technical problem that caused me not to receive their e-mails in a timely manner, but they assure me that there is a cancellation link in the join letter.

I hope there billing method will some day contain an easy cancellation link (like third party billers such as CCBill use) instead of the old fashioned e-mail system.

10-09-10  01:33am

Replies (0)
Visit Her First Punishment

Her First Punishment

Cancellation Policy a confusing maze? Anyone try this?

I was thinking of rejoining HFP, but checked (as I always do) the cancellation policy before joining.

Oh,oh! something's changed since my last membership on this site. No longer like CCBill or other 3rd party providers, clicking on any "support" links brings you to a "support ticket system," no "cancellation" info in sight.

Terms & Conditions link also contains no help except this: "In case of any technical problems, login problems, signup problems, order/subscription problems or any questions or requests of general nature in respect of our sites or content please send us an email at any time. All support request are answered by eMail only. Preferred support language is English. Please allow up to 12 hours for reply."

OK, so I try to use the e-mail type "support ticket system" to find out about cancellation policy. I fill it out and click "submit".....nothing happens. After five or ten minutes of trying various things I realize that, at least as a non-member, I can't contact them. Do I want to become a member and see if they'll answer then? I don't think so.

Has anyone dealt with this "Support Ticket System" regarding cancellations? I've belonged to seventy or eighty web-sites over the years and have never had a problem with cancellation but don't want to start with problems now. Would appreciate info from anyone who may have dealt with this.

09-30-10  02:13pm

Replies (3)
Visit Belting Videos

Belting Videos

DRM warning!

This site was tempting to me as a spanking enthusiast.

Be warned however, poorer quality DRM (Digital Rights Management or Devilishly Ruined Media) makes videos you download both NOT collectable and NOT yours to keep. Many DRM videos also do not work well in your video player (because of the added "protections" against the consumer).

Hackers can get around all of this, of course, but those of us who merely want to pay for content are ignored.

A few content providers have decided to go to war against their consumers using DRM and other technical tricks to make sure you never really own the videos you download. Your choice is to go elsewhere when spending your money. Most great content providers out there have collectable videos available with no devilish junk: please patronize them instead.

09-26-10  01:46pm

Replies (1)
Visit Everything Butt

Everything Butt

More Heterosexual Butt Play

When I reviewed everything Butt 3 months ago, I mentioned that there was less heterosexual anal than I would care for. Well.... someone there must have thought the same. The new updates are much more heterosexual buttplay and less often the solo buttplay, enema stuff they were before. They now include more male use of the female butt (my preference). Great improvement for those who have my personal kinky preference: males playing with female butt!

09-11-10  08:02am

Replies (6)
Visit Four Finger Club

Four Finger Club

Four finger what?

Interesting....I like fingering so I went to the preview page and NOT ONE picture involving fingering...not one finger,....certainly not four. Is this a site that has a name someone thought up but never followed up on?

06-16-10  05:36am

Replies (0)
Visit Bad Tushy

Bad Tushy

DRM means it's not yours to keep

DRM "Digitally ruined media" ;) ruins this site. All the videos you download are no longer playable when your membership expires. NOT a site for collectors.

05-24-10  08:06am

Replies (9)

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