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Visit 18 Only Girls

18 Only Girls

Preview is NOT what you get!

I just resubscribed to this site because some of the videos in the preview section were looking promising. However....

As serveral users already pointed out, you don't get access to the entire network anymore when you join either younglegalporn or 18onlygirls. Instead, you're getting access to 18onlygirls and superskinnygirl.com. In addition, there is now a loyality program. They give you access to the entire network when you remain a member for two months.

Now, despite the fact that I'm not a big fan of loyality programs anyways, the really annoying thing is, that the preview update section of both sites (younglegal and 18only) are showing the NETWORK updates. So you won't have access to the majority of the preview scenes when you join, because they are from sites you can't access unless you stay for 2 months (or decide to make a separate subscription of course)! Sorry to say this, but this is downright cheating in my books.

Apart from that, the price is not 29$ as stated in the review, but 23$ instead.

01-13-13  04:55am

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Visit 18X Girls

18X Girls

Video resolution

The TBP review says the videos are 1980x1080, but on the site, they say the videos are 1280x720. Can anyone confirm either side?

10-31-11  04:10am

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Visit 21Sextury.com


login/password mess

This is probably one of the best sites on the net in terms of quality and quantity.
However, they seem to have some problems on the technical end. A couple of days after joining the site, I was unable to log on. Checked my emails and found an email from the admins, saying that they registered "too many login attempts" in the last few days, so they changed my password. (Come to think of it, when I was a member of that site about a year ago, the same thing happened). A few days later, the new password didn´t work, but I was able to log in with my old password again. Then they re-changed the old password ...yet again! And just a few days ago, they changed the login! Instead of entering your username, you now have to enter your email address.
I know it´s not a big deal, but it´s a tad confusing and annoying.

So take this as a friendly heads-up: if you join this site (which I highly recommend), check your email accounts and don´t panic when you´re unable to log in.

01-17-11  01:52am

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Visit Casting Couch X

Casting Couch X

Spam Galore

I'm currently a member of castingcouchx.com as well as passionhd.com and just received two emails (one from each site) containing a fake link with my name and a picutre extension /name.jpg and /name.png. Being curious, I clicked one of the supposed picture links and found out that it was just a lonk pointing to some random teen sex site.
Frankly, subscribinig to a site and paying money is a matter of trust. I can live with advertisement emails and I don't even mind "we want you back" spam, but sending me FAKE links, trying to lure me onto other sites is just unacceptable.

12-20-12  10:10am

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Visit DDF Network

DDF Network

Cancellation problems

I joined ddfprod a couple of weeks ago and when I decided to cancel my account, I found out that they did not send me an email with the cc processor, so I had to cancel my account via ddf directly. First time I opened a ticket, saying "please cancel my ddfproc.com account", I got a reply, saying "hey, it looks like you are a member of site X, would you like to cancel your account on site X?"
So I opened another ticket with a similar simple and clear instruction "Please cancel my ddfprod account." This time, they played the "Sorry, we're unable to find your account in our database. Please give us the last 4 digits of your cc number, the email account you registered with and your full name."
I replied with my site login, email address and last 4 digits of my cc number, so more than enough data to find me. Sure enough, I got another email, asking me for my full name.
Sorry, but this is a joke! NO cc processor needs that many informations. No other site is cheeky enough to ask for FOUR different identification parameters in order to just CANCEL an existing account. Sorry, ddf, but this is my last visit to your site.

12-20-12  10:03am

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Visit Dog Fart Network

Dog Fart Network

Movie resolution

Just a quick note: the highest movie resolution on this network is 1280x720 and NOT 1920x1080 as it is stated on the TBP review page.

08-21-13  07:21am

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Visit Elegant Raw

Elegant Raw

Some facts

There are currently 44 videos available on the site. New scene is coming every 2-4 days according to the timestamps.
Technically, the videos are a bit disapointing. Some are downright killed by bad lighting, some are not as sharp as 1080p could be.
Pictures can be downloaded in one zip file, resolution is pretty high (4000x2660), but same problem here, some are just not as sharp and crisp.

I would not recommend the site until it has become A LOT larger.

10-19-14  04:10am

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Visit Fake Hub

Fake Hub

Network split up

The sites on this network used to be part of the Bigz.com network, which is now split up into two separate networks. In addition, the scenes are no longer shot in 1080. Instead, they're now 720. According to the bigz network (which still exists for exisitng members), the network "just got better".
A rather bold statement in my books.

04-18-15  03:34am

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Visit Ferro Network

Ferro Network

Trial membership

Just a quick note: many of the network sites are offering trial memberships (about 7$ for 3 days), so if you want to get an idea of the quality of the content, this might be worth a try before you drown your money into the entire network.
That said, I tried a few sites couple of months ago and my impression is, that the content is nowhere worth of the full price. A lot of the movies are badly shot with poor lighting and basically no camera work. The models are all amateurs and look like it. You'll get better quality on other sites.

01-05-13  03:51am

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Visit German Goo Girls

German Goo Girls

Another warning

I recently checked my cc balance and noticed that I have been repeatedly billed by ggg although I thought I cancelled my subscription 5 months ago. I checked the billing site and found out that my subscription was still active, so I cancelled it again.
Checking my email account, I found out that they had sent me an email 5 months ago, saying something like "we would like to keep you as a customer. If you still want to cancel, respond to this email with a reason."
Basically: they expect you to read and reply to their email in order to complete your cancellation! If you do NOT reply, your subscription will remain active, regardless if you hit the "cancel my sub" button on the billing site or not. This silent agreement thing is unacceptable in my books and I will stay FAR away from any site that charges through this biller.

Also, my new attempt to cancel the subscription was ignored. No email, no nothing, I'm still a member of this site, whether I want it or not.

03-01-14  01:27am

Replies (2)
Visit Girls Out West

Girls Out West

Some facts

General theme:
This is a genuine amateur site. You will not see fake boobs, bottox lips and bleached hair on this site. Instead, you will find real-life, girl-next-door kind of women. And this comes with all the consequences of realistic imperfection.

girlsoutwest.com offers solo, girl/girl and boy/girl scenes in videos and/or picture sets. Each scenes is split into 1-4 parts and sometimes one complete compilation with all the parts in one big file. All updates after December 2009 are coming in high resolution, which means

1920 x 1080 .mp4, 3500 bps
1280 x 720 .wmv
1280 x 720 .mp4

as well as

1024 x 576 .wmv
1024 x 576 .mpg

The quality of the high res videos is very good
1080i files are about 300-500mb for one part and 1,5-4 gb for a complete scene.
Older updates are coming in 640x480 .mpg and .wmv format
At the moment, there are about 160 high res girl/girl videos, 160 high res solo videos and 50 high res boy/gilr videos. Keep in mind, that one video means a part, not a complete scene.
The picture sets are coming in 2000x1333 resolution .jpg's and can be downloaded in one .zip file.

* The site offers genuine, non-scripted and non-staged, non-mechanical scenes. You'll find a lot of kissing, foreplay, caressing and playful sex.
* No fake tits, no bottox, no fuck-me-shoes, the models are just as real as you can get.
* None of the pictures are photoshopped!!!!
* Scenes are well shot, usually good lighting and atmosphere.
* Servers are stable and support download managers.

* Navigation is a bit clumsy to put it nicely.
* File formats, especially of the complete scenes, are a bit messy, some of the files are .mp4, some are .m4a and I even downloaded a .mov file.
* The update/video denotation is and inconsistent and casual.
* Many scenes don't have a complete scene download.

Bottom line:
girlsoutwest.com is a jewel in the rough. In many ways, it's superior to sites like abbywinters. If you're tired of glamour, sterile high-budget productions and if you're not affraid to see women as they *really* are, I highly recommend this site. However, be prepared to spend some time digging through the inconsistency and navigation inconvenience.

09-04-11  03:18pm

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Visit Hard X

Hard X

NOT a full trial

Just a mild warning, trial access to the site is NOT a full trial, at least not for european members.

10-10-14  10:26am

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Visit HDV Pass

HDV Pass


This is the worlds best hd porn site (according to it). Unfortunately, the server seems to be located somewhere in Bonksville/Tennessee.
After subscribing to the site, I logged on and tried to download a movie... and got a whopping speed of 20KB/s. Fine, server has got some hicups or something, so I just logged off and came back after a couple of hours.
This time, I could not even log on to the site! Whenever I try to log on, I'm getting a 403 error (Forbidden
You don't have permission to access /auth.form on this server.)

No idea what's going on and how to solve this. So take this as a friendly heads-up! The site is definitely not the most stable one.

03-16-13  08:56am

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Visit Hegre Art

Hegre Art

Downloading picture sets

If you click on a downloadable zip file for a picture set, it takes up to 1 minute to "find" the file and another minute before the actual download starts. (At least that's the case on my side). Also, during this search phase, the browser (FF 17 in my case) is basically frozen, you can still ATL TAB to other programs, but the internet connection is taking a nap.
So, if your download doesn't start right away, give it a little time.

12-26-12  12:19pm

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Visit Joy Mii

Joy Mii

Download limit?

Can anyone confirm the download limit to be a fact or not?

12-26-12  10:04pm

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Visit Little Mutt

Little Mutt

hi def videos since...?

When did they start adding hi def videos? Can any current member tell me the month/year?

Thank you in advance!

09-15-11  06:28am

Replies (2)
Visit Magma Film

Magma Film

Bonus site program

Being a member of the stiffia network, you are granted access to one site of the network for free after each month of consecutive membership. However, I could not find an option to unlock another site, so I decided to send an email to the customer service to check.
Their (more or less instant) reply was, that you need to send them an email and tell them which site to unlock, which I did in reply.
A couple of days after that, I'm still stuck to the first website. No unlocking of the site I wanted, no further reaction what so ever.
Looks as if this is just a dodgy way to get your customers to renew their membership for another month after the first one.

02-17-15  01:19pm

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Visit My Precious Virgins

My Precious Virgins

Site needs some work

This is a pretty good site with lots of high quality content. I joined the site because of the movies.
However, the navigation is quite uncomfortable and needs some work.

1. The picture and the movie part of the site are completely separated. If you look up a model on the picture site, you only get links to the photo shootings. There are no links to the movies of the model.

2. All movies are split up into 3-8 parts and you need to downlaod them separately.

3. All movies have the same filename (high01.wmv etc.), so you need to rename them!

4. Download speed seems to be capped at 2 MBit/s, you can download more than 1 file @ that speed though.

5. Some movies are tagged as HDV 1080 but are in fact only 1280x720 resolution.

6. The actual HDV 1080 movies are 1440x1080

7. The movie page does NOT have a page navigation (page 1 2 3 4 etc). You just have a next button and the back button of your browser.

Bottom line:
A solid site with good content but some inconvenient elements.

11-01-10  06:36am

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Visit My XXX Pass

My XXX Pass

Download speed...

[I joined today and I have to say the download speed is abmyssal. I'm getting like 150 KB/s which means 2 hour download for a 1,5 gig file.
Apparently, the network is suffering from severe connectivity problems. Since I don't know if this is a temporary effect or the actual status quo, I'll just leave it at that and will update you in case of a change.]

I logged in a couple of hours later and the dl speed seems to be ok!

11-03-12  01:18pm

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Visit Naughty America

Naughty America

Naughtyamerica kills my internet connection

Well.. title says it all I guess.
Whenever I'm downloading something from this site, my internet connection goes kabooom. I can't browse, I can't load other pages. It is as if my connection is being reduced to 56k modem times. I can cap my bandwidth, no effect. This is the only site where this happens.
Anyone else got the same problem? Any ideas how to solve this?

04-04-14  11:03am

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Visit New Sensations Network

New Sensations Network

Warning: download limit!

I just found out there is a 2GB download limit (at least during the trial period).

The following message appeared on my screen:

Bandwidth Limit Exceeded

"You have exceeded the bandwidth you are allotted per day. Each member is allotted 2 gigabyte's per 12 hours. This is to ensure that bandwidth is more even around for all members to download at fast speeds all the time. If you feel that this has been a mistake, or that your username/password have been cracked or stolen please contact us at: help@nscash.com and we will look into this and see if your username has been compromised."

Note: after exceeding the limit, you can't even connect to the site anymore! Given the fact that there is no notice whatsoever about this limitation, I think this is rather cheeky. Maybe the TBP staff could add this to the site description?

05-04-14  03:39am

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Visit Porn XN

Porn XN


This site is a joke!

After registering and reveiving my welcome email, I tried to connect but couldn't log in. After a couple of failed attempts, I was temporary banned for "too many failed login attempts". So I wrote a support ticket, explaining my problem.

The next day, I was really able to connect (wohooo!) and I even managed to download a movie (go me!!!)... just to get booted from the site after a cople of minutes. Logged in again and saw random lines of php code on the side of the screen and my account was created on "22.12.2012" for whatever reason.

After another booting event, I was lead to a login screen, that didn't even give me the oportunity to enter my login details. The text fields just wouldn't accept any letters (however, the "wrong password" message was still working, thank God!)

In addition to that, some of the 1080p movies are actually 720p resolution.

Bottom line: I've never seen such a messy, buggy and instable site. If this is the member area of a paysite and they deal with people's personal data and cc details, we should be worried.

05-02-14  08:35am

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Visit Rage Story

Rage Story

Some facts

I joined this site because I like the roleplay aspect. For those of you who are interested, here are some random facts:

* Videos are available in
1920x1080, 6000Kbps (WVM)
768x432, 3000kbps (MPEG)
768x432, 3000kbps (WMV)
480x270 (MP4 - mobile)

* There are 10 exclusive videos available at this time (04-06-2011)

* According to the update schedule, there is one opdate per MONTH.

* Video quality @ 1080i is decent but not great. Better lighting would help.

* 1080i videos are between 1,1 and 1,4 GB and about 25 minutes long.

* The site supports download managers (IDM)

* All filenames of the same type are identical (hd.wmv)

* The bonus video section contains about 40 non-exclusive, random scenes in lower resolution.

* When you join the site, you can activate a trial membership to two other sites of that company. Trial lasts for 1 day and automatically renews for $29 if you dont cancel it (for BOTH sites separately). I did not activate the trials, so I wont comment on this.

* The scenes... well... the scenes.
Each scene seems to have a plot: Boy is pissed off about girl and - consequently - decides to shag her. However, if you dont speak russian, youre going to have a hard time understanding the fine narratives of the scenes. The actors are speaking russian (at least I think it is russian), there are no subtitles or anything.

The action is generally very moderate. Some mild choking, some mild spanking and otherwise pretty plain hardcore action. The "extreme" tag is not really neccessary in my opinion.

On the positive side: the girls are all very natural, no fake tits, not botox lips, no tattoo madness, just the straight amateur girl-next-door look. A nice change from the norm.

04-06-11  12:25pm

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Visit Russian Teen Casting

Russian Teen Casting

Serious server problems

At first glance, this network looks promising. However, as soon as you´re trying to download anything, the fun starts.
First off, there is no information about the filesize you´re going to download. Even during the download process, there is no progress bar, no timer, no nothing, just the downloading 1 file information.
The server is suffering from severe connectivity problems. Downloading anything is a matter of pure luck, because downloads will randomly stop, leaving you with incomplete files on your hdd, and you´re losing connection to the site every once in a while (404). On my first day, it took me more than 15 tries to finally get one complete download. The next day, I was able to download 6 files in a row before the server went into stuttering mode again. Sure enough, the site does not supprt download managers.
I tried to contact the customer support via email, but was ignored.

Until those problems are solved, I´d recommend to stay away from the site, because the frustration level is just too high.

09-17-10  07:22am

Replies (1)
Visit She Fucked Up

She Fucked Up

They fucked up

I just joined this site and can NOT connect! Upon entering my username and password, Im being redirected to the join page!
It says "please wait 2 minutes for your login information to work", but I waited about half an hour and still got no access.

Also, there is no customer service via chat system, so I have to send them an email to sort it out.

Very annoying. I'll keep you updated here, but for the time being, I'd recommend to stay away from this site.

08-02-13  08:35am

Replies (1)

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