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N/A Reply of Vegas Ken's Poll

I love it when the woman wanks the cock til it shoots in her mouth!

04-09-07  03:01pm

Visit Clips 4 Sale

Clips 4 Sale

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: - Big choice of stores
- Mostly quality video clips
- All videos downloadable to keep
- Preview pictures and descriptions
- Virtually all fetishes covered
- Easy navigation
Cons: - Most videos are expensive for the length
- No option to save favourite stores
- Time limit on downloads
- Very few special offers
Bottom Line: This site features an impressive number of online stores with video clips for sale as the title suggests.
Pretty much all areas are covered, from general porn to the more obscure fetishes. The quality and length of the video clips all depend entirely on the individual store, some have full length videos but most generally have shorter clips. The general price seems to be about $1 per minute of video so it can be quite pricey if you like to order a number of clips or longer videos.
Each clip usually has a decent description and a small preview picture, although several pictures would be better. Downloading clips is easy enough although you need to get them within 2 days otherwise they expire.
A good site if you're after particular video clips to download but it can work out expensive.

04-05-07  06:26am

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Visit Cucciolo Page

Cucciolo Page
Reply of King's Reply

I suppose the site design could be better but I've seen a lot worse. All members content is sorted into categories and I found it easy to browse.

04-05-07  06:03am

Visit Cucciolo Page

Cucciolo Page

Status: Was a member approx. 4 months prior to this review.
Pros: - High quality pictures
- Lots of downloadable video clips
- Fully exclusive content
- Big updates twice a week
- Good quality camerawork in videos
- Hot looking women and nice heels
- Plenty of variety
Cons: - A bit expensive
- Some older pictures lack sharpness
- No full length video option
Bottom Line: This is a really great site for trampling fans.
The content is exclusive and there is plenty to download. All the content features women trampling on a guy, often more than one at a time.
There are loads of pictures and probably at least 500 video clips in quality wmv format, they last around 1-4 mins. The videos play great in full screen mode. The camera angles are nice and show good close-ups of feet and shoes as well as full body shots.
The women are all european with great bodies and wear some nice clothes including sexy high heels. There's plenty of barefoot action too.
There isn't much wrong with this site to be honest. It may seem a bit pricey at $29.95 but it's money well spent if you like quality trampling content.

Site has improved with new first video shoot, PPV and theater sections. Still updated regularly with quality content. Price remains unchanged.

04-03-07  02:22pm

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Visit 1 By Day

1 By Day

Hardcore content

I just want to know, does 1-by-day still only keep hardcore videos on there for 4 weeks?
Also, how many blowjob/cumshot videos do they have in total?


04-02-07  02:52am

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Visit Woman Worship

Woman Worship
Reply of Marianna's Reply

Fair enough if you don't like the site, that doesn't mean you shouldn't trust me as a reviewer.

04-02-07  02:41am

Visit Woman Worship

Woman Worship

Status: Was a member approx. 5 months prior to this review.
Pros: - High quality pictures and videos
- Downloadable video clips
- Updated about 3 times a week
- Good looking women with nice feet
- Realistic looking videos
- Fairly cheap price
Cons: - Basic site design
- Older videos are removed
- No full length video options
Bottom Line: This is a pretty nice site for any foot fetishists or leg lovers out there. The site features men worshipping women's legs, feet and shoes. There is also some trampling.
There is a fair number of quality pictures and video clips. When I was a member there were around 1500 pictures and 40 video clips which are 2-4 mins long on average. The videos are in real media format and look nice and crisp. The acting is one of the most realistic I've seen in a foot fetish site. Most of the women look pretty and have nice legs and feet, they also wear some nice high heel shoes, stockings and sexy outfits. It's a real shame that they remove older video clips as this limits the amount of content. If this wasn't the case it would get a much higher score. I still enjoyed it and would say it's worth joining for the cheap price of $15.

04-01-07  11:36am

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Visit Pro Domination

Pro Domination

Does this exist?

I was a member at this website about a year ago and found the content to be quite good. I recently tried to access the site again several times but it won't load up. I have a feeling it doesn't exist now.

04-01-07  05:04am

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Visit Hot Legs and Feet

Hot Legs and Feet

Status: Was a member approx. 5 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Very sexy models
- Literally loads of content
- High quality pictures and downloadable videos
- Nice feet and shoes
- Decent site design
- Easy navigation
Cons: - A bit expensive
- Could be more 'sex' scenes
Bottom Line: If you're into feet, legs and shoes you must see this. It has to be the highest quality foot fetish site on the web full stop.
There is loads of content to browse with all pictures and videos sorted by date or model. The quality of both pictures and videos are impressive even at full screen and can be downloaded easily. The women look fantastic, most are genuine models with perfect bodies and feet.
There is a fair amount of variety in the scenes with lesbians, couples and single models although it would be great to see a few more 'sex' scenes.
The site isn't cheap but you get what you pay for here and that's quality DDF content. Good stuff!

03-29-07  10:51am

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Visit Deluxe Pass

Deluxe Pass

Status: Was a member approx. 5 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Tons of sites listed
- Plenty of videos and DVD's to download
- Most videos in high quality
- All sites split into categories
- Fast servers
- Lots for your money
Cons: - Many sites share same content
- Some fetishes not covered very well
- Takes a long time to browse
- Site list not updated very often
Bottom Line: This is a very good value-for-money site which features hundreds of other porn sites. DP was one of the first to bring so many porn sites together in one membership.
Most of the listed sites feature DVD scenes in all kinds of categories, including most major fetishes. You're going to need a fast broadband connection as most of the sites only allow full length downloads. Most of the videos featured are of a high quality but admittedly it does depend on the individual site, unfortunately some are poorer than others. Another problem is that many sites tend to show the same content as others but there is still plenty to see.
DP hasn't grown all that much in the last couple of years but it's still a good, cheap way to get hold of tons of DVD's. It would be great if they could simplify site access because it's not ideal having to type in your password for every single one you visit.
Still, this is a great link site which gives you a lot for $29.95 a month.

03-26-07  02:43pm

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Visit Elektra Skye

Elektra Skye

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: - Original and exclusive content
- Downloadable video clips
- Sexy mistress
- Lots of pictures
- Updated regularly
Cons: - Fairly expensive
- Downloading videos not particularly easy
- No full length video option
- Needs more content
Bottom Line: This is an exclusive femdom site and Elektra Skye is a tasty mistress who talks in a very seductive manner.
There are currently around 400 video clips on offer lasting 1-3 minutes, this is okay but there are only really about 40 different video scenes. Downloading them is not exactly straight forward. You have to play the clip directly in media player and then save it once it has transferred. The videos are original and in fairly high quality though.
There are a fairly good number of pictures all sorted into categories and the quality is pretty decent too.
Luckily the content is varied enough with soft activities like foot worship and hairbrushing along with heavier bondage with needles and whips.
The site could do with more content, particularly videos. For $24.95 I'd expect a bit more but this is still a decent site with a sexy, attractive mistress.

03-26-07  10:34am

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Visit Planet Femdom

Planet Femdom

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: - Loads of quality pictures
- Downloadable video clips
- Exclusive content
- Attractive site with good layout
- Extra content from other sites
- Very reasonably priced
Cons: - Older pictures and video clips are in poor quality
- Only updated once or twice a month
- No video previews or screenshots
Bottom Line: This is a very reasonable femdom website which features gentle activities like worship, servitude, facesitting and some whipping. Most of the women look great and wear nice dominant outfits.
There are currently about 220 video clips in WMV format, although the older clips are short and in low quality. The more recent updates from the last 18 months or so are much longer and in a higher quality. There are lots of pictures to see and again the latest sets are in higher resolution. You can search either by category or mistress. There are also 'extra' pictures to see from other sites, mostly models.
The site still seems to be slowly growing and improving but considering the price is only $17.95 a month it's worth a look.

03-23-07  08:55am

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Visit AEBN Video On Demand

AEBN Video On Demand

Status: Current Member for over 6 months (at the time of review).
Pros: - Literally loads of videos
- All categories and fetishes covered
- Updated virtually everyday
- Server is generally quick and reliable
- Most videos are high quality
- Some 'hard to find' titles
- Option to store favourites
Cons: - Can work out expensive, especially if you're a regular user or want to download
- Takes a while to browse titles
- Individual scenes don't always work
- Some titles found on other PPV sites
- Popup after closing site
Bottom Line: This is certainly one of the better PPV sites out there. Most of the videos are of a high quality and can be streamed quickly. Most videos have a few screenshots and a brief description. There is an option to choose individual scenes but this doesn't always work for me.
At first it may seem relatively cheap but it can turn out expensive as it's easy to get through your minutes very quickly.
The best thing about the site is the sheer choice of titles. The site covers all angles, featuring everything from latex to gangbangs and cumshots. Something for everyone. Let's face it, it's expensive and can be a privacy issue ordering DVD's and you're likely to get bored of it after a while.
Very good site overall with loads of choice.

03-22-07  03:58pm

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Visit Mistress Whiplash

Mistress Whiplash

Status: Was a member approx. 6 months prior to this review.
Pros: - High quality full-length videos
- Fully exclusive
- Mistress Whiplash looks very sexy
- Nice selection of shoes
- Easy site navigation
- Free access to another site
Cons: - Fairly expensive
- Lack of 'heavy' scenes
- Basic site design
- Infrequent updates
Bottom Line: This is a site for those who mostly like foot worship, trampling and facesitting. All the videos are full-length and high quality. You also get to choose the format. There are pictures to view but these are mostly video-style shots.
Mistress Whiplash looks very hot in her various outfits and sexy high heels. In some scenes she teams up with another sexy mistress. The content is mostly quite mild and it would be even better with some heavier torture scenes.
There are currently about 35 full videos. When I was a member the site was only updated about twice a month which was a slight letdown. However, you do get access to another similar site.
Overall it's a good website with a hot mistress, exclusive content and high quality videos.

03-22-07  07:54am

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Visit The English Mansion

The English Mansion

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: - High quality videos all downloadable
- Fully exclusive content
- Updated 2-3 times a week
- All content split into categories
- Some unique fetishes
- Attractive mistresses
- Good sound and dialogue in videos
Cons: - Picture quality could be better
- No full-length video option
- Expensive compared to other femdom sites
- More mistresses would be nice
- Site design is a bit plain
Bottom Line: This is a quality, well updated femdom site. It features all the major types but also shows some 'harder to find' material, such as mummification, rope bondage and electro-torture. A lot of the action is focused on CBT (cock torture). It's refreshing to see some bondage scenes with men totally immobilised. More foot worship and trampling would be nice to see though.
Most of the mistresses are attractive, strict looking and wear some nice outfits including latex, leather and office suits.
There is a big collection of downloadable high quality movies in WMV format and this is certainly the best part of the site. Most are 5-10 mins long. There's also the option to view pictures but the quality is not the best.
Expensive but it's worth joining if you like to see unique videos of women dominating men.

03-21-07  03:05pm

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Visit Only Blowjob

Only Blowjob

Status: Was a member approx. 5 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Excellent quality pictures and videos
- Fully exclusive content
- Good length downloadable videos
- Very attractive 'models'
- Updated about twice a week
- Scenes have some variety
- Choice of picture and video quality
- Easy navigation
Cons: - Quite expensive
- Not many 'sex' scenes
- Most cocks are very large
Bottom Line: This is a truly excellent site for anyone who enjoys oral sex and blowjobs. Most of the content features pretty european women giving blowjobs to well hung men with the occasional sex scene. More facial scenes with the woman in control would be great.
Most of the women look like true models with their tight bodies and classy make-up. Plenty of very high quality videos and pictures sorted by date which will keep you busy for a long time.
DDF Productions are well known for their quality and this has to be the best blowjob site around. Fairly expensive but certainly worth it!

03-20-07  03:56pm

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