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N/A Reply of Advent's News

Wow, Was looking forward to knocking out several reviews but figured I should give your company the benefit of the doubt and wait.

I have been a member for less than a week and only had 1 evening that your site worked. Its been down all weekend...sent several messages with no reply.

I tried to join your forum so I could let you guys know that way and the required verification email never came through.

I noticed your site says its running with a beta program....ehem, almost 2 years? What is the three stooges your tech people?

To be honest and the reason for my delay in rating is this....
The ATK movie site...2 year beta testing or not. Is the worse site I have ever been to. I can deal with the expense part. I have never been to a site that runs, is set up or has been out of commission like this. All this BS from a high fee site? EVERY free site features better streams, Better search functions and 100% more reliability.

The pros:
It has a video only format
Lots of videos


The site is SLOW...Im not talking "Man I wish this site were faster" slow...Im talking Pounding my head on the desk screaming "WTF is this so damn slow" Slow.

Mega gateway Errors. YUP...havent seen them for years. But get them numerous times from this site.

Almost 2 years of Beta testing? Common!

Only offer (and the customer pays a lot for) stream. The problem is the download is so slow that theres a little black rebuffering box that is on the video 1/2 the time.

Tech Support....Well that goes along with the overal site..Its been over 4 days and I havent heard back from you...site has been down 4 out of 5 days now.

Search engine...There is a ton of work that needs to be done with it.
OVERALL, I cant justify your fees. Inshort (out of space) Its the WORSE site I have ever been to. With possibilites of being one of the best. But that being said...will it happen in this millenia?

02-15-11  01:02am

N/A Reply of Advent's News

Hello melissa,

I just previewed this site and it looks interesting.
A few thing I noticed that couls use improvement.

1) To be honest, the fees are rather high. If I were to go with the minimum. I would be able to watch aproximately 5 movies. Granted most are exclusive. But Ive seen some that arent. With the little detail given whats to say the video Im about to watch is what Im actually looking for?

2) The search engine is less than mediocre. You either have the ability to look at a very broad search...like for instance masturbation. You end up with more then just what youre searching for. Or hope that its in the title....my search was vibrator (5 pages) what I know theres a ton more. magic wand Which pulled up one. Or massager that pulled up about 5.

I realize its about making money. But for 20.00 I would expect to have the ability to search and play for most an evening. Although you have a ton of content and this style of billing may work at other sites. I think your company would be better off billing a 30-40.00 monthly fee.

Im sure youve heard this before....The site is slow. I read somewhere that youve combined all your sites to one server. That wouldnt be an issue if I had a whole month to view the movies.

Overall I think youre site is on the right track. That is without actually viewing the content. At this point, Im kind of scared to join. With billing like that, I could see myself dropping 100.00 an evening.

Any discounted deals going on? Like the first time mebers get 40 crowns with the 20.00 purchase?

02-07-11  11:31pm

N/A Reply of nygiants03's Poll

It depends. If I really am attracted to the girl....like this little korean I was living with in Korea. I was able to last as long as I wanted....then go at it again.

But having intercourse with someone Im not attracted to...I usually get a nut just to get it overwith.

Now if its getting head. I last a real long time. Sometimes like an hour hour and a half.....lmao you dont think that pisses them off?

03-30-08  02:59pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Ive paid quite a bit. Over 50.00 a month for one site and I normally belong to atleast 4. If the effort, professionalism, even just semi quality, new additions are there I dont mind paying for it.

07-26-07  11:14pm

N/A Reply of apoctom's Poll

Im pretty much the same as the other 2. LMAO it doesnt take much to interest me. Then I look at the preview and if I think its something thats promissing. Ill join. Ill also join to check out if they offer a 3 day discount to check it out.

07-24-07  09:06am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I voted too lenient. I see it as were paying partrons to these places and we have a right to tell what we think about them.
To be honest, (Well ok Im a solo freak and video only) seeing things in my setting. If they were actually resturants and the equivelency of the video people were equal to that of the chef in the resturant. Most would be out of business.

Its not that hard to find womem or girls that would be interested in doing a solo. The hard part (looking at available sites offering solo videos) is being professional enough (yes and this goes for the amature sites too) to get the video work done properly.

It almost makes me angry when I see a beautiful girl going for her all in a solo and the video guy is getting a shot of the toy... or hear her say shes cumming and see the camera shot go to her tits or something stupid like that.

I find it strange that out of all the sites on here noone is 100% satisfied with any of them that I know of. Does this mean theyre doing something wrong.....in my opinion hell yeah!
Some have video updates everyday....a lot have them 3 or 4 times a week. You mean out of all that snatch being posted they cant produce a video a week to satisfy the average (well I would say if you post on this site youre a little more then average porn user) patron?

I say givem hell until they give us what we want!

07-21-07  01:14am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

alright...call me a dumbass. I went out and bought this highend dvd burner but dont know how to use the damn thing. So, In essence, I would love to but just to ignorant to figure out how to use the thing.

I had my computer guru over and he started doing all these downloads to convert the files so theyre playable in my dvd player. But know its much simpler then what he was doing.

I have one hd full to the max.....and another 40 gig with about 200k left on it. Well there was 700 but dl'd some of karupsha's latest solos. I also bought a new 400 gig hd and 100 blank dvd's. so, if any of you wanna give this idiot some advise....yes sorry to say Ill be asking a lot of questions.....drop me an email.

07-18-07  02:21pm

Visit 18 Eighteen

18 Eighteen

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: *Exclusive girls
*Trial join
*pretty girls
* A euro site that actually has vibrators with batteries!
Cons: Hate to be negative but......

*Very Very limited video
*Formats to finding videos are crappy
*Very limited updates
*A lot of video unable to play (corruption error or weird format that cautions people when they try to install).
* There boasts about how often they update is B.S.
Bottom Line: My postings are about video only......and mainly solo female video....I dont look at pictures.

I belong to thefemaleorgasm.com. I frequesnt there forum and there are several running posts about random sites. I told them I would check this one out.....ppppffffttt I have been here before. There homepage threw me off for some reason.

Its been quite a while (I would say a couple of years) since I was last there. There wastn too much more being offered. I think they mainly update there photo section which is pretty common. Very limited video. Fewer yet videos that are solo. Glad they had a trial membership. I wouldnt pay much more even if it were monthly.

Its too bad.....with the models they get in. If they were to concentrate on solo video instead of pictures they would be a hit. Im not saying that cause Im a solo female fanatic.....but lets face it...there arent too many out there.

06-14-07  05:08pm

Replies (0)
Visit CD Girls

CD Girls
Reply of jd1961's Reply

I could go out there for some consulting (they need it). They have so much opportunity.

07-19-07  09:09am

Visit CD Girls

CD Girls
Reply of IKnoPorn's Comment

The one bad thing to say about this site, is that they re-release content from many years ago and post it as "new" like Katie (one of my favorites from this site). Although this makes me more curious to re-join, to see if the video has been re-edited to a larger format.

Thats common with a lot of sites. Paulmarkhamteens., seventeenvideo., well just a lot of them out there.

The ones that dont that I know of are karupsha and mattsmodels. But in my honest opinion, Most good solo sites really screw up the camera work. bad framing, moving too much, out of focus.

CD girls is a pretty good site. It should be a solo fanatics premier site but there video work is hideous. True, It looks as though they spend a lot on there staging and cameras and such. But there end product lacks a lot.

07-18-07  02:59pm

Visit CD Girls

CD Girls

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: ** They have a ton of resourses.
** A lot of nice look women.
** Nice looking site
** stay in contact with previous members
** a lot to offer
Cons: ** Terrible video work
** Solo content needs a lot of help
** Too complicated viewing
Bottom Line: CD girls was one of the first professional sites I joined. HEHE that was in my younger days....I was so into it I traced there IP and talked with there software guy for sometime....he was shocked. I discontinued then joined again...then dropped and joined again...and finally dropped.
The time before the last I actually spoke with the guy in charge and we talked about there video work. HE agreed they needed a lot of help and was looking for a new video person....it never happend and the last time I joined heard the familiar british accent in the back ground.

Well for one thing I know they allocate too much for what is really needed.
**Seems like they use 3-4 video cameras when all they need is one.
** Too many side shots
** too many out of focus shots
** too many drifting shots

I guess it could be the fault of the person doing the mixing of the video they get.

I know I could take one camera and get 80% better video then what they get with 3 or 4.
Its so disappointing to see these nice looking girls either doing there premiere video or possibly there only. Left to the hands of people that may have shot a lot of video but shot it all the same....WRONG!

Well, I had an old hd I dl'd a lot of video from cd girls. But deleted most of it. Dont get me wrong....sometimes there is a fluke and they do get it partly right and it happens to make a decent solo video. But for the most part....its nothing different then you can find anywhere else on the net.

07-18-07  02:45pm

Replies (2)
Visit FTV Girls

FTV Girls

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: Tons of models. Professional site. Easy navigations. Whats better then watching a nice looking girl get herself off? Thats what this place has to offer.
Cons: scenarios way off. Too artsy. Needs to tone down a little, simple is better. FTV toy? Why? Personally I like to see sincere solo masturbation. I like to see the model get herself off....not just shove whatever is available in her snatch.
Bottom Line: They have a lot going for them. Tone it down a little. Maybe have the model do her solo on a bed instead of anywhere else. Dont be afraid of getting the snatch in view when shes cumming and you should have something big.

03-01-07  09:02pm

Replies (0)
Visit I Feel Myself

I Feel Myself

No Review.
03-17-09  02:09pm

Visit In Focus Girls

In Focus Girls

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: Easy navigation. A lot of models. Very pretty women. as much as glamor as anythign else.
Cons: I dont look at pictures so this is for there videos only. They didnt stick to there site name as often as I would expect. Many shots were way out of focus...so much so I thought it was funny.
Very few videos and actually very few I would watch. normally the models would go through the motions and then they were done. Its typical of amature sites that offer solo masturbation.
Bottom Line: As with dozens more sites. I have this on my list to check out again later. I wouldnt recommend it right now.

03-01-07  09:10pm

Replies (0)
Visit Karup's Hometown Amateurs

Karup's Hometown Amateurs

Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: Great site!
*Tons of models
*more added all the time
*Beautiful girls
*Theyve been using the hitachi (something I think every model should at least try on camera).
*Some models really get down on their solo.
*More than one scenario per model.
*Fully downloadable and streaming available.
Cons: *Expensive
* Video work (although done with good equipment) is shaky, Too much movement, Trying to be too fuckin artsy.
* search engine
Bottom Line: Overall its an awesome site.
I ONLY watch videos and ONLY the solo videos so thats all Im commenting on.
VERY, VERY annoying video work. It could be worse...but could be a lot better.
They constantly do the wrong thing at the wrong time. Mainly when the model is about ready to orgasm. They move away, get a closeup of their face, get a shot of everything except their snatch and puter (2 items that should be in the shot, but not necessarily a closeup). All the artsy shit should be done at the beginning of the shoot. Afterwords, concentrate on the model, what shes doing and her orgasm. Location is another thing. Quit following the other places. Bedroom, Living-room and bathroom should be the primary masturbation locations. Not on a little fucking foot stool, table, stove...WTF?
Most sites need to fix their fucking search engine. This one is no exception. A good portion of your content is solo models...so why not make it possible to search for specific things? orgasm, hitachi, magic wand, pocket rocket, vibrator, contractions.

I currently have a subscription for:
The female orgasm
ATK petites
ATK movies
ATK exotics

This site has the best possibility of over taking the rest....just a few flaws to workout. overall, love the place and cant wait until the next update. But get real bummed when the wait was to watch some BS the camera man was throwing in.

11-25-14  01:28am

Replies (1)
Visit Karup's Hometown Amateurs

Karup's Hometown Amateurs

Status: Current Member for over 3 months (at the time of review).
Pros: Easy navigation, plenty of updates.
Very professionally done site. A ton of nice looking eager beavers. The site is definately the top of the amature sites that feature female solo masturbation. They dont get too artsy like some of the others do. I dont know if youre like me. Simple is better....girl laying on bed...decides to get off....Actually gets off. Shes not shoving cucumbers in her snatch. Not pretending to get off on an over sized butt plug.
Cons: They need to work on the videos themselves. The rating would have been higher if this were the case. As with most amature sites....the video people move way too much....so much its almost sickening. Concentrating on this will bring them much more in terms of a viewing audience.
Bottom Line: The best amature site out there....doesnt have the artsy stuff that ftv does....doesnt do the sick and twisted stuff that als scans does. But does offer a little more then matts does.
I dont look at the photos so I couldnt grade that.

03-01-07  04:58pm

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Visit Matt's Models

Matt's Models
Reply of RagingBuddhist's Reply

I hear ya. I was just trying to give constructive criticism. The way I look at it now is just like he said. Its his site and he will run it the way he wants (right or wrong). Ill just join when I feel the need to blow 14.00.
I better be careful of what I say...last time he threatened his lawyers on me. LMAO. good luck! want my address?

Nohing personal against the guy. I just see it way too often...the producers/camera people are way more amaturish then the models are. But hey like I said, its his business.

05-02-09  02:50pm

Visit Matt's Models

Matt's Models
Reply of Matt Frackas's Reply

You have a screw loose dude.
I made an entire post and it got deleted......
I tried your site several times and it wouldnt come up....seems to me it was down

07-04-08  10:29pm

Visit Matt's Models

Matt's Models
Reply of Matt Frackas's Reply

Wow you got a screw loose dude.

07-04-08  08:55pm

Visit Matt's Models

Matt's Models
Reply of pornmaster's Reply

I just found what matt is so upset about:

A lot of what he said was taken out of context.

using your analogy tho,
Matt's Models IS the Ford of porn.
(we should use that haha)

That is funny. I think theres something better then that out there for the site though.

Thailand is cool. Ive been to bankok well been all over asia.
You seem a little more level headed then Matt....


07-04-08  06:26pm

Visit Matt's Models

Matt's Models
Reply of pornmaster's Reply

what i can't figure out
is why you keep rebilling
if u dont like the content?

As stated I joined because of the discount. I never rebilled cause its the same old style.

i'm not a goon.
i'm just a webmaster that sees
hundreds of members join or rebill daily.

they must all hate the style too LOL

thats cool. Im glad ur not a goon. Im just trying to express my opionion at a site that was made for it. If matt were to send his forum goon in thats when the bitching and whining would have started.
As stated a million times. I wrote his and several other critiques based on what I felt about the site. I made them IRT the solo videos only. If matt were to look I did say positive things about most of the site but did leave it open for there own interpretation by stating I only watch the solo videos ...I dont look at pictures or girl/boy...girl/girl videos.
Although there are hundreds of website out there. There are only a handful (at best) that have a schedualed and/or consistent turn arround of models. Comparing your site (which has a good turn arround of models) to nearly all of the other sites is irrelevant. Thats like saying a Ford is a better car then a Lambroghini because they sell more of them.

Like I said Im sorry if it hurts Matts feelings. I made an offer to him that would have totally cleared the air.....just one video of the hundreds he has made.
I do realize its an amature site. But normally thats to describe the models...not the staff and from what I have seen here the management.

I also tried to sooth him down by letting him know I have directly sent at least 100 people to his site just for the chantelle video. But he consistantly threw a fit about the fact that I posted something I feel is true on a site that was made for criticism. The fact still remains that there were a lot of people that agreed with me on his forum about the videos.
It seems to me he feels this is a personal attack. IT isnt. Or that Im trying to hurt his business...Im not. In my very first post in his forum. I just offerd some suggestions that may improve the solo videos. I will always feel the same about the suggestions.
Anyway, Have a good 4th.....time to go party!

07-04-08  11:01am

Visit Matt's Models

Matt's Models
Reply of Matt Frackas's Reply

Your credibility as a porn producer or even a fair critic of comparing adult sites is zip. Your opinion is just that, your opinion, and marred by your jealous, hostile NON FACTS.
Put down your crack pipe and listen. I NEVER suggested to anyone I was a porn producer. I never claimed to be a critic. This site was made to allow patrons of adult websites give there opionions. Thats all I did. Jealous of WHAT? Dude, you need to get a grip. Youre the only one calling names and getting hostile. Im sorry if I hurt your feelings. Welcome to the life of being in business.

I took the Forums down in my members area years ago mainly because of SPAM and because I had MEMBERS ARGUING with each other (sound familiar?). I'm sorry your lost your VOICE OF AUTHORITY there :( Are you still mad about that? Frankly I don't need "experts" like you spamming other sites and pissing off other members. If I wanted to start a site like that I'd start a site like PU.
I never tried to be a voice of authority. As explained in many of my posts I would like your place to be successful or more successful. But In my opionion it needs work. I had just as many members agreeing with me as your forum goons disagreeing. Even so, thats not what Im about.
If our members have complaints, we have a help forum and support email. They dont try to make a career out of it like you. (FYI....ALL ADULT SITES HAVE DISGRUNTLED MEMBERS. Ive spoken with the owner of more than one of the top rated sites and they tell me they have to deal with "whiners and moaners" all the time.
Again, Im not digruntled about anything. Just stateing things the way I see em. All business's have people who try to help them...or in your words whiners and moaners.
I run an "Amateurs Nude Models Pay Site" which is for the thousands of people who enjoy it for what it is. I realized my job is to provide our customers what they have been coming back for every year. It's not for the few dissatisfied who get all up in arms because it doesnt meet THEIR PARTICULAR VISION.
Again, Its my opionion. Youre the only one up in arms here. The same thing happend at your forum. All I did is give a suggestion as to how I think it could be a better solo video place...as stated because of the turnarroun of models. Then you and your goons cut me down and closed the post.
There's only about 6,000 adult websites reviewed by TBP and thousands more on the net. There's a niche & site for EVERYBODY and PLENTY sites you can THROW YOUR MONEY AWAY ON DUE TO DIRTY TRICKS LIKE LIMITED TRIALS AND OTHER DECEPTIVE PRACTICES. Ive run a solid, honest website since 1999.
I never even hinted your site was shady. Just that the SOLO VIDEOS need work.
Once again, the fact that you keep signing up only to disappoint yourself makes one wonder :)
As stated prior, the discount and in the hopes youve changed your style.

07-03-08  06:35pm

Visit Matt's Models

Matt's Models
Reply of Matt Frackas's Reply

My company is successful and has been for 10 years...and Ive done it SINGLE HANDEDLY.
Maybe thats what the problem is.

By the way check out our line of DVD's distributed by Vivid Video.
I suppose they distribute our DVD's and make the Pro Am charts because they suck? lol

Theres only a few companies out there dude. It would look really bad if they didnt.

and FYI I dont even shoot all the solo videos myself now...we have other great shooters helping out. So I guess they ALL suck too?

Must be a site style then.....

Why would someone (YOU) supposedly STILL be a member of my site, only to come on here to REGULARLY tell people how bad things are?
I think thats a question, smart porn consumers will be asking you. :)

I belong to several sites....not to hurt your feelings...but I signed up for yours again...because of the discount. I was hoping you improved your shoots.
Ill reference one that was hideous, well was going to look up her name but your site is down. Recent model, done 2 solos back to back...real pretty. They were shot beautiful agony style. The first one was well may be she only agreed to R rated. Then you posted another one, I thought well maybe they knew they messed up and are going to try and recoop there efforts. But then it was the same thing.

I dont know matt. Trust me arguing about this isnt going to sway anything. It just shows your bad taste and bad business. This site is here for personal opionions.

I answered all your question but one. Ill get to that in a minute.
But mind answering one question for me?
How can something so simple be messed up so continuously?

PS...and hows your porn producer career going?

Its not. I never claimed to be one. Besides, I have too many other things I need to concentrate on right now. But if and/or when I do get the time and models. Ill take the time to make sure theyre worth watching.

07-03-08  12:19pm

Visit Matt's Models

Matt's Models
Reply of Matt Frackas's Reply

Wow matt, bad day? Im sorry but you have it all wrong. As I said from the original post on your forum. Im am trying to offer suggestions and help. I would like to see your company successful.

The truth is your video work isnt that great to say the least. You dont know how to shoot a solo video and no matter how many times you do it, it doesnt seem to be improving.
You move camera and positioning way too much.
Shooting style backwords.
Thumping arround when moving with the camera.
Its more like youre just trying to get it over with.
Nothing personal. Like I have always told you. Camera people usually dont make good video people.

Of course things are going good for your company. Youre one of the few amature porn sites that have regular updates of models. (although it didnt appear so when I joined previously, 1 solo model for the month). I just think improving it (or trying) will make you and your company all the more sucessful.

(Douggie comes on here to try get my goat...and apparently he thinks TBP, PU and his own comments have some effect on the success of adult websites)
Uh Hem, thats what this website is all about dude...with the exception of getting your goat...and Im not.

The statement "someones balls" is referring to boy/girl videos. I dont remember how it was worded but I was trying to explain that I only view solo girl videos and thats it.
Douggie was a member of MattsModels for who knows how long?
I am currently a member. But have to say I am sticking to my comments about your video style (there is none). I think I also joined back in Novemebr or so...

Let me ask you Matt, Why did you take down your forum? I know I wasnt the only one trying to convince you that you need to concentrate on what youre doing more when youre shooting.
I know how these forums and such work. Youre going to contact your "guys" and send them here to bash me and my post. More power to em.

You reference 1 video that was shot properly (solo video) and Ill take back anything you think is negative and refer to you as the "king of porn" from now on. But, If you make the same misteak more then 3 times during the shoot...you owe me nothing.

Apparently you dont care about what your paying patrons think. The fact is the internet is still pretty much in its infancy. Have I ever belonged to a site for more then a year...a few of them. Was I personally satisifed with there contact....for the most part ..no.

You may not know this. But I have referred a lot (probably hundreds) of people to your site. For one single video. Chantelles video. (Im sure you remember me mentioning that before). I think its one of the best solo videos out there.

07-03-08  11:23am

Visit Matt's Models

Matt's Models

solo's only

I dont know what to say. Im only reviewing the solo video's. I dont pay for high speed to view pictures and not interested in seeing someones balls.

But man, Is Matt going out of business? I was a member the month before last and decided to wait just incase it was a fluke. One update the entire month.
Looks like Matt's isnt the place to see some good solo's....looks like it never will be either.

05-04-08  09:48pm

Replies (19)

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