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N/A Reply of careylowell's Poll

I posted this poll in honour of the Great Ice storm of Feb 1998. It was a right bastard as the Aussies say, covering much of northern New York(me)and southern Quebec. No power at my place for 13 days. The average duration for those tens of thousands without juice was a week. My best friend was one of those out for the longest: 23 days. Like me, he thankfully had a wood stove and kerosene heater.

03-24-10  07:05am

N/A Reply of Monahan's Reply

Edwards' wife had been described as having a huge gulf between her public image and her true self. Johnny's hanky-panky was no great shake to the media following his campaign. When you're ten yrs older and several rungs down the ladder of good looks than your Hubbie, ya shouldn't refer to him as a 'hick' in public, rail against the household staff, refuse to tip waitresses and bellhops, smoke like a chimmey in no-smoking zones, curse like a sailor. No wonder John started fucking someone else. Wood's spouse has been nothing but a devoted wife. And hot.

01-27-10  04:52pm

N/A Reply of Drooler's Reply

Yes, I realize that 'British' is an poor label for vocal inflections ranging from the rawness of the Liverpool docks or the Highland Scots to the blue bloods of Pall Mall. But with only six answers allowed, I din't want to break it down futher. Perhaps I should of label that choice as Commonwealth nations?

01-02-10  04:58pm

N/A Reply of careylowell's Poll

During several four hour Amtrak rides.

12-26-09  07:07am

N/A Reply of messmer's Poll

I picked outdoors, but all of the above will do except for a bathroom. Which are no more interesting then a Greyhound bus station.

08-10-09  04:29pm

N/A Reply of Colm4's Poll


07-15-09  07:19pm

N/A Reply of exotics4me's Reply

"Of course you aren't going to argue my 2nd post, you would prefer [i]playing flame wars like we were in the 5th grade."

I did not argue your second post 'cause I am not interested in flame wars. The guy who yacks on for 30 lines complains that the dude who type in all of 100 words is out to breach the peace.

07-12-09  04:23pm

N/A Reply of pat362's Reply

Lord's age when she made her first 20 or so flesh films is discussed in detail in "The Other Side of Hollywood: an Uncensored History of the Porn film Industry" by Jennifer Osborne. The author makes a strong case that Lords was 2 months short of 17 yrs when she started and dropped the dime on the industry on her own accord.

07-11-09  08:37pm

Visit What Boys Want

What Boys Want
Reply of badandy400's Reply

I've no idea from whom that 'No' hailed from. Maybe one of you computer jedis can unscramble his anonymous ID. My gut feeling is his dark designs haunt some other site, that he's an ex-member.

07-11-09  08:00pm

N/A Reply of careylowell's Poll

When I first saw porn flicks in the late 1970s, "Deep Throat", "Behind the Green Door" et al, had been out (If only in peep shows) for four or five years. But not in my one-horse town. For a lucky few in isolated hinterlands, flesh flicks were soundless short B/W 8mm tapes.

07-11-09  07:03am

Visit What Boys Want

What Boys Want
Reply of badandy400's Reply

I received the 'No trust' after reviewing nine sites. I had been a member of each for at least a month. Can't recall what led me to type "..I joined seven of the nine sites mentioned..." It should of read that of the nine, I belonged to seven for just a month.
I have since rejoined two but haven't updated my reviews due to sheer laziness.

So my rating is tagged with 'No' trust. That dude could of gilded the bitter pill by either not being anonymous or writing more than two sentences to explain his decision.
I appreciate your concern, Badandy400.

07-11-09  06:53am

N/A Reply of careylowell's Poll

I posted this question after chewing the fat with my physician, someone I've known since 3rd grade. Doc mentioned in a discouraged voice that men in the 20's were pestering relentlessly for Viagra prescriptions. To a man, each mentions a porn-induced inability to reach a stiffness required for mons venus penetration. That they've been spoiled by busty online tarts and their willingness to DP or deep throat at the drop of a hat. Doc's query of why not give up porn while in a long-term relationship generates a wide-eyed expression as if the guy suggested giving up indoor plumbing. My own smut hasn't (yet) displaced the four idealized versions of females I played hide the salami with in carefree, sylvan-ish pre-HIV days. Those teens displayed then the same minor flaws found on current bedmates, now all 40-ish: extra flesh, crows feet, a saggy bow, acres of freckles and/or saddlebacks.

06-09-09  08:57am

Visit Orgy Max

Orgy Max
Reply of Monahan's Reply

Visa charged me one buck foreign transaction fee for each monthly tab. Just another excuse for more $. I'm glad ya enjoyed the review. FistingInAction.com and PowerOfFeet.com have been added since my most recent m'ship.

06-06-09  11:40am

N/A Reply of Wittyguy's Poll

As i didn't see my first flesh flick until age 25 or thereabouts, I can go a month of Sundays without. When single (as I am now) I check whatever site I'm subscribed with daily. If in a relationship, I'm cold turkey. Longest so far is 18 months.

05-27-09  08:05am

N/A Reply of Drooler's Poll

"17th Century Flemish Art (Vol 2)" is the jewel box label holding a rather graphic DVD of favourite downloads. Just in case one of my nephews, curious as cats, should stumble across it in my desk draw.

05-25-09  08:04pm

N/A Reply of Colm4's Poll

My wanna-keep-forever stash fits on two (2) DVDs. Of the last ten sites I've joined over appox two years, I've kept an average of four flicks and/or ten pics from each.

05-24-09  01:07pm

N/A Reply of exotics4me's Reply

You have posted hundreds of replies (Not all worthy of a Demosthenes)to the cts of others, yet my single sentence reply draws a heavy-handed response. You're the only one on PU permitted to be a bastard?
Let's keep this in perspective:
I was not advocating the free distribution of heroin in schools
nor roasting babies in a furnace. I could argue your 2nd post but that's rewarding posts that are over-wrought.

03-26-09  11:51am

N/A Reply of exotics4me's Reply

It caused problems, and though I don't think most people would look at the situation and think anything about it, it is much different when put in that position. I remember one of the straight players even saying, "Would I be allowed to shower with the female cheerleaders?" and he had a good point. That would be seeing your sexual preference nude.

He didn't have a good point as showers are seperated by gender not sexual preference.

03-25-09  04:19pm

N/A Reply of Denner's Poll

Signed on to 'Horse Hung Hispanics' (now defunt?) yrs ago for girlfrined. She grew up in the macho-drenched atomosphere of P. Ricco. By the age of 13 numerous men had exposed themselves to her, had made graphic comments and some of these dudes were police or from the Island's professional classes. Nothing exception in her experience: that's just the 1950s era mentality that still lingers in PR. So she really grooved to the vids of guys taking wangs anally or playing tonsil hockey with others. We had some great fucking on account of that site.

03-25-09  10:08am

N/A Reply of badandy400's Reply

"We all know that there are generally no good looking women at nudist camps anyways." Jeepers, that's a broad statement for someone who probably hasn't attended. The gals at the three I've visited minic the US population. But the resorts are nearly all family-run, family-oriented, so babe spotting is an unwanted behaviour.

03-06-09  12:13am

Visit What Boys Want

What Boys Want

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Updated: 07-11-09  08:18pm  (Update History)
Reason: An update to my intital review of 4 mths ago, see 'bottom line redux'.
Pros: -The elephant graveyard of amateur porn.
-Majority of clips have sound.
-Low price.
-Good international mix: just 33% of members are US citizens.
-42,000 movies & 938,000 pics as of 1 March 09.
-Peer review is fair and critical: out of 11K fuck pics, 190 are rated four or more stars on a scale of one to five. Just 38 of 7046 BJ clips are considered worthy of four or more stars. Other site contents are too often rated stellar, the porn version of grade inflation.
-No zip files.
-Low res: the number for an average picture sounds like a good golf score. 173 party clips occupies just 1.22 GB. The 597 for beach requires all of 3.92GB. So clarity is rough, almost never good enough to judge eye colour or fordyce spots.
-Search is horrific. More on that in BL.
-Watermarks are of a set size, so it appears large on too many clips.
-"To ensure pics and or movies are not randomly tagged and abuse, we ask you to have at least 250 postings before you can tag." Hence the lion share of images lack tags.
-Many vids are 10 to 20 seconds duration. The camera pans left to reveal a taunt, lithe, naked homewrecker fisting herself... "Now we'll see something.." I think, not without satifaction, and the clip ends. Ugh.
Bottom Line: This daedal maze would be time consuming even if the search was flawless. Its not. The huge number of images are slotted into a few sections: stripping, dance, facials, etc. These can be search verge to verge by tags or duration. In theory ya can hunt down the top rated 200 of any section, but the best of cute/sexy reveals the same 11 vids. The highest rated 200 fuck pics generates just 66 finds. Two emails to support generated a stock boilerplate response that their tech section is working on the problem.

So...what do boys want? Here its lots of bjs performed by bottle blond females on men who keep their shirts on. No safe sex. Big on threesomes so long as the 3rd person is female. Open to any Race so long as they are White.

This is the site if non-pro smut is your thing & if ya have the hours to devote to its thousands of pages. Dividing the wheat from chaff will probably give me carpet tunnel.
Some great examples of non-pious proclivities reside here but I'm guessing a multi-month m'ship will be require to run them to earth.

The bottom line redux: I'm adding this short ct four months later: this remains the best girl-next-door site, even with the flawed search feature.
Perhaps one pic in every 400-500 is that of a pro model. A good number of Ashley Juggs fotos have slipped in under the radar, but otherwise the site does a class A job of rooting out the non-amateur stuff. I've yet to stumble across any flick that I suspected was from a pro site.
The Euro has gained a bit in value and last month's tab was $14.03. My 1st mth of m'ship was appox twelve bucks.

03-02-09  12:02pm

Replies (5)
Visit Orgy Max

Orgy Max
Reply of rome476's Reply

FullyclothedSex was updating weekly, but I only glanced at myfetish in passing so I can't say.
I'm still trying to run to earth a decent orgy site. Others claiming to offering this venue stock threesomes or foursomes. An orgy is an encounter where the models run out of endurance, not partners.

02-17-09  08:25pm

Visit I Feel Myself

I Feel Myself
Reply of TrashMan's Reply

Most of the gals don't speak on camera and whom could place their accents via the moans alone? I had assume the majority hail from Australia, the site's home base. I do recall two or three women introduced as Americans.

02-17-09  08:07pm

Visit I Feel Myself

I Feel Myself

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: -All other masturbation oriented sites fade to a pale pink in comparison.
-The Female orgasm, not a phrase usually associated with porn, is on full display.
-A host of fresh faces. Does anyone claim to have seen these gals elsewhere? Other than its non-nude sister site beautifulagony.com
-Most lose themselves to their pleasures, others stare straight into the lens. Some of each group generate yells and groans that are klaxon-loud. I dare say the building has no mice.
-During the post-orgasm, the sensation overload leaves some barely ambulant as good sex is a gentle cathartic.
-While some don't get naked, I enjoy the slow undressing of those that do. Many begin by rubbing thru their garments & this may continue for some time before blouse, bra and panties are removed at leisure.
Cons: -Understandably, a vid only site, as moans/groans don't translate well to pics.
-Some updates are merely a previously released scene now shown at a wider crop or via another camera.
-Perhaps two gals old enough to have bought a beta tape. The rest are just past legal age.
-The home page naviagation links are squashed into a small area. I clicked into wrong sections thru out my m'ship.
-Its a one-trick pony site: the desire to film big O's reaches something not far from mania.
-Concolourous sets.
Bottom Line: -This is one of the tiny number of porn sites whose members aren't 98% male. Don't write that your sexy wife is devoted to Abbeywinters.com or the latest female conquest really grooves to your old downloads of Jeanna Fine fuck-fests. No, I'm guessing this is one of a very few with a sizable m'ship of single females who tracked it down on their own accord. Others would be adultfriendfinder.com and, maybe, hegre-art.com
-If your idea of perfect porn is non-plot fucking conducted at breakneck speed, hup-two-three-four! then you won't incur an erection. If you prefer women being fucked into the floorboards, so hard she ends up with a nosebleed or concussion, this site won't raise your blood pressure.
-A reminder of what gets many women off: fully half don't finger themselves internally, the dildos are small-ish, I don't recall any anal probing. Judging by the twitches and moaning, any desire for cock is a passing velleity compared to the yearning for mons venus stimulation. Gentlemen, take notice.

02-16-09  04:53pm

Replies (4)
N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

While at college, a classmate turned up on the cover of a major gay porn magazine. I saw it while perusing the porn at a local newspaper stand. I forget the name as this was circa 1983. He had always been comfortable in his flesh: did nude modeling for several art classes, always the first to wear sandals and shorts each Spring.

02-01-09  08:35pm

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