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Visit Tranny Surprise

Tranny Surprise

Status: Was a member approx. 4 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Performers are almost all hot and (a big plus for me) really into the sex.
- Can't say enough how important TWO money shots are in tranny sex scenes. This site delivers almost 100% of the time.
- Access to a 10+ site network which actually includes some hot sites with good content (including Welivetogether)
Cons: - Variety is simply not there. Most scenes look like they are shot behind the same building.
- Without the network, there wouldn't really be enough content here to justify the price.
- No full video options.
Bottom Line: I rarely care if a site has no bells and whistles if the content is hot enough. The performers are sexy, the action is dirty and the video is decent quality, but there's little else to the site and it just felt like something was missing. Nonetheless, the scenes are well shot (if predictable) and I'd join again just to catch the new updates.

01-31-07  07:29am

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Visit Three Pillows

Three Pillows

Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Good variety of content. Exploring refreshing combinations of partners and genders.
- Attractive performers in hot scenes.
- Videos combine of professional quality with the energy and freshness of an amateur production.
Cons: - Video quality could be so much better!
- in particular, the way it is shot. Seems like the camera angles get a little ambitious and then they get stuck in an awkward place.
Bottom Line: Better camera work is definitely in order. Watching a left butt cheek, zoomed all the way in, bouncing up and down takes me right out of it.
But aside form the few hiccups, the site is perfect if you've ever been curious about bi porn and are looking for something a little out of your comfort zone. And for those of us bored to death with the standard 1,2,3: Boy-does-girl, boys do each other, boys-do-girl, the sight is a breath of fresh air.

01-31-07  07:14am

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Visit Naughty At Home

Naughty At Home

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Great exclusive content!
- Des is hot, kinky and fun.
- Great interaction, especially member requests. She loves to dress up in whatever will turn her audience on.
- Good quality vids, going back several years and even little writeups on each one.
Cons: - Despite the awesome, dirty talk Des loves, it's hard to hear. Audio overall is not stellar.
- No video size options on recent vids.
- Slightly pricey.
Bottom Line: Most so-called amateur girl's sites tend to fall into two catgories: impersonal anonymous barely exclusive sites and hack-jobs. One of the rare exceptions, Naughty at home is good quality and personal the whole way through. From the cam shows to the journals to the videos. Desirae is hot and so are the scenes. Des is so energetic and incredibly vocal during sex and the scenarious different enough taht each video is memorable and hot in its own way.
The site could be trimmed down a bit, not every single ounce of content over the past 5 years needs to stay up there, but that's hardly a complaint.

01-18-07  02:52pm

Replies (2)
Visit Naughty At Home

Naughty At Home
Reply of marcdc1's Review

Great review. Joined today based on it and you're 100% right.

01-15-07  06:35pm

Visit Lady Sonia

Lady Sonia

Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Exclusive, unusual fetish content of handjobs, footjobs, blowjobs, teasing, spanking and a whole lot more.
- If you're absolutely bored with other "fetish" sites, Lady Sonia's content is fresh and actually exciting.
- Sonia is attractive and in control, both of her playmates and the viewer.
- Quality, well shot content, steady updates and good sized library.
Cons: - Layout and menus are downright confusing. I was never sure if there were three seperate websites or just different sections of the main site. And I'm sure I missed some good content because of it.
- Video pages are a pain. Some require scrolling down through 100 or so thumbnails to get to the video link.
- Pricey
Bottom Line: Lady Sonia is a kinky, hypnotic, middle aged English fetish domme. Her videos feature her teasing and pleasing attractive men and women in various ways. But make no mistake, the Lady is always the one in control. Seems like every week she comes up with a brand new idea or twist on an old one. And this is not sexless domme/sub content for it's own sake. In the end someone is always cumming. And in the end, it makes the really high price not so bad.

01-13-07  07:06pm

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Visit We Live Together

We Live Together

Status: Was a member approx. 4 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Very attractive women.
- Good quality vids.
- Energetic, really hot lesbian sex scenes.
- Network of over 10 websites are quality sites that stand up on their own. not filler like so many other so called bonus sites.
Cons: - One-note and certainly not a month's worth of content. (although the network sites do make up for it)
- Clips are short. Even with a slow connection I could have handled longer Mpegs than that!
Bottom Line: The scenario: Two hot lesbian roommates go out in search of a third girl to join them. The reality of the scenario is never the point, of course. The bottom line: is it hot? And the site passes with flying colors; due mostly to the sexiness of the girls and the enthusiasm with which they go at each other. Throw in a great network of sites that add content and variety to the mix and it adds up to some sweet porn.

01-13-07  05:47pm

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Visit Valentina Fetish Doll

Valentina Fetish Doll

Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Marquis fetish model Valentina is exotic, sexy and disturbing.
- Photos are High quality: bright, vivid and colorful.
- Regular updates with a lot of variety. Great costumes, fetishwear.
- Exclusive fetish content.
Cons: - Video quality falls way behind the impressive photo quality and clean site layout.
- Photo archive is still modest in size.
- BIG ONE: There is no, repeat no video archive. Two videos are kept on the site and replaced at each update. A "videoarchive" is kept, featuring only stills from previous videos. Nowhere will you find the older videos themselves.
- For the high price, all the good photos in the world don't make up for such poor video options.
Bottom Line: Upon first glance, the site has everything a Marquis magazine, fetish model fan would be looking for. After closer investigation (and a mad search for videos) the content and the price just don't add up. Maybe the site owners will wise up and just include a video archive, but in the meantime there are cheaper sites with equally good photos.

01-11-07  08:01pm

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Visit Thrill Asian

Thrill Asian

Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Probably exclusive content.
- Decent size videos
- One of the few sites that is caters to big bust fetish with digital asian girls ... sorry, I can't stop laughing at myself for joining.
Cons: - There's not much here. You could be through it all in a few hours with a dial up connection.
- Videos and artwork are a few steps removed from professional quality.
Bottom Line: Wow, what a bad idea joining this site was. That's all I can say. If you've been to every other digital girl archive (twice) and you want to add to your library, AND you want to drop a quick $20 then I will not stand in your way! The site is pure amateur and while better than i could ever hope to do myself, that's probably why i review porn and don't make it.

01-11-07  07:29pm

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Visit Velvet Ecstasy

Velvet Ecstasy
Reply of BostonPJR's Review

lol, you know what i mean.

01-11-07  07:10pm

Visit Svarog's SFxxxPlace

Svarog's SFxxxPlace

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: - Good quality sci-fi/fantasy digital art and animation.
- Exclusive and unusual content. Had you ever wanted to see a chick and a velociraptor, or perhaps a centaur; have I got a site for you ...
- Decent update schedule.
- Good size library with diverse content.
- Videos are well visualized and have various size options.
Cons: - Definitely some bizzare stuff here. I won't lie. Know what you're joining.
- This is maybe the worst layout of any website I have ever been to. Ever. No rhyme or reason. I kept getting lost and looking at the same stuff twice and pretty sure I ended up only seeing 1/4 the content.
Bottom Line: This site is one you definitely have to know what to expect when you join. If sites like Pornotopia are what you enjoy, then this site makes a good addition to your collection of "anything you can think of" sci fi/fantasy porn. The art is better than most and the videos, for lack of a better word are well directed.

01-11-07  01:46pm

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Visit Mommy 4 Sex

Mommy 4 Sex

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Honestly, her site is hotter than i really feel comfortable admitting.
- Exclusive content for this niche seductress. Her roleplay is bold, agressive and convincing.
- The woman (just can't bring myself to call her Mommy) has a pretty good body and hypnotic breasts. A fact she takes full advantage of in each scene.
Cons: - Not a lot of variety. Seems that updates come slow too. Just over 40 Scenes so far and they are very similar. Probably a product of such a small target audience.
- Dialogue is sometimes silly.
- Video quality and sound are not stellar.
- Overall site design is very basic and there are no bells and/or whistles.
Bottom Line: Looking to explore a little mom/son fetish play? Mommy4sex is a site with about enough content to keep you around for a few days.
To be fair, her specialty is pretty specific and there's not much that can be done to keep it fresh each time. You're paying for the rarity of the niche here and frankly the quality could have been much worse. The performer (not Mommy, not Mommy ...) is attractive and enthusiastic enough and the content is hot enough that if this is your cup of tea, go for it.

01-09-07  07:47pm

Replies (2)
Visit Chelsea Charms

Chelsea Charms

Status: Was a member approx. 5 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Photo quality is not bad. Lots of photos per shoot. Pretty good detail.
- Chelsea is by far one of, if not the, biggest girl in the giant bust business.
- A few good videos.
Cons: Where to start ...
- Many of the pics are ancient and updates are infrequent. Bottom line: even with pics going back to 2001, there's not much here.
- Beware, it's pretty much a topless only site. I know that the breasts are what we're here for, but that is literally all there is.
- Nearly all video looks like it was shot with a cell phone. There were some scenes where she may actually have gotten completely nude and I honestly couldn't even tell.
Bottom Line: Fans of giant breast fetish most likely already know who Chelsea Charms is. Probably the biggest of the mammoth breast girls and one of the best looking. But the site hardly does her justice. Little more than a fansite, most shoots and videos look like they were done in a hotel room right before some convention. I like the lady, but I need more than a few dozen photoshoots of her getting topless and smiling at the camera to make it worthwhile.

01-09-07  06:52pm

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Visit Ox Pass

Ox Pass
Reply of cerebral's Comment

Ha, having read that I went straight to monster cocks looking for Faith. You were not wrong!

01-09-07  06:04pm

Visit Lisa Boyle

Lisa Boyle

Status: Was a member approx. 5 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Lots of exclusive content. Especially photos. It's a Lisa Boyle overload!
- A large library of other hot models, featuring Lisa behind the camera.
- Photo and video quality is good.
- The site is easy to navigate
- Content updates frequently.
Cons: - Not all content is exclusive.
- There's not a lot of video content.
- The other featured women are attractive but for a site called lisaboyle.com, i expected more Lisa.
- If you're looking for anything other than some pretty tame softcore pics, continue elsewhere.
Bottom Line: If you've missed seeing Lisa pop up on a late nite Skinemax movie, then this site serves as your reminder of just how exotic and friggin hot she is. A talented photographer and model, there's a lot to see here, but it can feel a bit repetitive. The videos are well shot and good quality, but are edited to feel like those old Playboy "Best of ..." series from the mid 90s.

01-09-07  01:28pm

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Visit Velvet Ecstasy

Velvet Ecstasy
Reply of DpornGuy's Reply

Appreciate the feedback just the same. And is it me or do we probably subscribe to way too much porn?

01-09-07  10:46am

Visit Beautiful Agony

Beautiful Agony

Status: Was a member approx. 4 months prior to this review.
Pros: - An original idea. Up close and personal faces of women (and men) experiencing orgasm alone or with a partner.
- Tons of content and all exclusive.
- Some good extra content: interviews and a busy member's forum.
Cons: - The site is definitely one-note. It almost has more academic interest than erotic.
- Faces only, so it really requires that you enjoy watching people experience orgasm.
- True amateurs, so don't be dissapointed in their looks.
Bottom Line: You may ask what's the difference between one woman's face as she climaxes, compared to another's. The forum posts by the site's members will help clear that up right away. The members have their favorites and with each girl having an ID number, the forums steer you to the moaners, talkers, screamers. (Sometimes they are a bit too helpful.)
Beautiful agony is reasonably priced to be a look for those with any interest in the artistic or erotic value. All others, steer clear.

01-09-07  10:28am

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Visit Christine Young

Christine Young
Reply of DpornGuy's Review

I agree. So much potential. What could have been ...

01-09-07  10:10am

Visit Melissa Ashley

Melissa Ashley
Reply of DpornGuy's Review

I can tell you weren't impresed with the site, neither was I. Moostly dissapointed. But a 30? If I gave a site a 30, I'd probably have nothing in the pro section at all. Or my bottom line would be "If you like flat chested teen sites ... still don't join!"

01-09-07  10:04am

Visit Velvet Ecstasy

Velvet Ecstasy
Reply of DpornGuy's Reply

Decent point there, I was unimpressed with the content a few months ago, but 106 sets is quite a bit. It's still getting no score of 90 from me. Not with 1998-quality video. But I'll update my review.

01-09-07  09:59am

Visit Lactalia


Status: Was a member approx. 4 months prior to this review.
Pros: - For fans of this particular fetish, Lactalia is not just on the short list; she pretty much is the short list!
- Attractive, exclusive content.
- Relatively easy to navigate.
- Close to 20 bonus sites.
Cons: - However most bonus sites have little content and some are absolutely pathetic.
- Videos come in two sizes: small & grainy and big & grainy.
- Not much content at all.
Bottom Line: Lactalia knows what her fans are into and though she's just as into it as her fans, and provides the little extras such as cam shows, it's impossible to get past the homemade feel and dismal production value of the content. The site also prices out the casual, curious fan. You have to really want to see Lactalia for that price!

01-09-07  07:48am

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Visit Sapphic Erotica

Sapphic Erotica

Status: Was a member approx. 5 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Scenes between the girls are passionate and have a more intimate feel than girl-girl scenes on most other sites. The sex is genuinely hot!
- The girls are young, beautiful and natural looking.
- Scenes are well lit, in focus and have few distractions.
- A rarity in most sites, the sound quality is actually good.
- Recent addition of HD feature is great for those with speedier connections.
- Easy to navigate and good search features.
Cons: - Not all content is exclusive.
- DVD and other paysite ads are distracting.
Bottom Line: Sapphic Erotica is THE place for genuinely erotic girl-girl action. The price is great and there's more than enough content to last through a month's membership. One of the few rare sites you can sign up for and just let renew.

01-09-07  07:35am

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Visit Velvet Ecstasy

Velvet Ecstasy

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Original and exclusive content. These are true amateurs!
- Videos are steamy and hardcore, the couples are sexy and nasty.
- There's a great variety in the sex scenes and in the performers themselves. It's a site where it's easy to find favorites. You'll want to see more of them.
- Easy to navigate.
Cons: The videos are a bit short. Some entire shoots are less than six minutes long with 2 minute clips.
- If you don't like how amateur video is shot or not knowing what to expect from your scene before you view it, then it will get frustrating.
- The performers are amateurs, yes. But that doesn't mean the video quality has to be. Often too dark, too bright or too grainy. Come on guys!
Bottom Line: The downloadable trailer promises exclusive sex scenes with hot, real, enthusiastic couples really getting down and dirty, not just going through the motions. Natural, nasty and anything but boring. And for the most part the site delivers. It never truly lives up to that potential, but came so, so close ...
Worth a look. (at least DL the trailer)

I rejoined and am pleasantly suprised. I can definitely say that the video quality is as good as most of the top sites. "Creative" lighting had previously served to make me dog the quality a little in my last review. But the video is so hot, I have forgotten why I cared about that.
And the content keeps growing and growing ... and makes it easy to renew a subscription. The biggest draw, as before, is the true and truly hot performances by the (real) couples (and threesomes) in them.

01-09-07  07:09am

Replies (7)
Visit Webcams.com


Status: Current Member for over 6 months (at the time of review).
Pros: - Fantastic number of performers: women, men and tranny.
- Literally dozens of great-looking women to choose from at any given time of day. You'll find someone you like.
- Features like rating system and favorites add to the experience. Not that you'll use them much.
- Performer window is bigger than most cam sites.
- Tipping feature gives you an R-rated peek without spending a heap of money.
Cons: - Seriously this is a bad idea for porn or cam addicts. Cam time adds up fast.
- Performers can get pretty pushy. Some of them wanting you in premium the second you get in or booting people left and right. I know there are deadbeats out there, but newbies often pay the price with the high pressue.
- Most don't have audio. The few that do, the audio is loud, poor quality and annoying!
Bottom Line: Ok, seriously. If you're not a person that can regulate your time spent in private cam, this place will get costly. On the flipside, if you're not willing to drop some cash once in a while, the preview cam will not keep you interested forever. What you get here is hot performers -so many to choose from you'll be using the favorites feature a lot. They will accommodate pretty much any hardcore request you can think up. And if you don't mind spending the money, then you're good to go.

01-09-07  04:26am

Replies (1)
Visit Melissa Ashley

Melissa Ashley

Status: Was a member approx. 4 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Cute girl with an unusual look that is part of her appeal. If you love tiny tits with pencil-eraser nipples or a seriously sexy skinny girl, She's it.
- Good exclusive content of her pretty much doing it all: MF, FF, solo, group, public, masturbation...
- Great photos, decent size. She's definitely photogenic.
Cons: - She often gives a less than stellar performance in her videos, especially boy-girl scenes. It can take the viewer right out of it.
- Still not a lot of video content to be had.
Bottom Line: Melissa is the poster girl for the itty bitty titty models, or as she calls hers; the smallest breasts in the biz. Her best stuff is definitely her public and flashing photoshoots and her girl-girl videos. Everything else is pretty much phoned in. But you won't find anyone like her and the price is right for a quick look. A month is pretty much all you need.

01-08-07  08:11pm

Replies (0)
Visit Queeny Love

Queeny Love

Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Queeny is hot and then some! Smoking body and a sweet sexy accent.
- Content is exclusive and innovative.
- A huge library of videos and most of them are awesome.
- Decent mix of kinky content such as ponyplay and rubber and leather, for those of you who know queeny from her fetish model work.
- Queeny IS the facial queen.
Cons: - Cumshot fans and even enthusiasts may find some of the content (such as the site's claim to fame: cumsniffing) a bit extreme.
- Updates are slow, and the site seems in constant disarray.
- Video quality is pretty inconsistent.
- Not a lot of sex scenes leading up to the money shots, so don't be disappointed.
Bottom Line: Fetish model and self crowned cum queen, Queeny Love knows what works for her. Videos of her face, hair, feet and body being sprayed with cum. The enthusiasm for it and fresh, perverted new ways she finds to do these shoots means that if you're into that content you will love her. And if you're not there is no way you should join.

01-08-07  07:47pm

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