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Visit Karup's Hometown Amateurs

Karup's Hometown Amateurs

Any current/ past members had a problem with Karupsha's payment processor?

I've been checking out this site. The only thing is the payment processer EENT? Never heard of that one before. I usually go through ccbill. Any current members had a problem cancelling or logon through this processer?

The payment processor is a big deal if I don't recognise it. This issue alone can turn away members.

05-14-09  09:40am

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Visit MPL Studios

MPL Studios
Reply of lk2fireone's Comment

if you join through pornclubcard.com; you can collect points and then cash in your points at a later time for a free membership.

MPL studios is currently worth 175 points on their site.

you will have to go to the site and learn for yourself how it works; but I've cashed in my points for a membership and it worked.

05-14-09  09:17am



Femjoy is now offering $29.95 for a 60 day membership

Femjoy is now offering 2 months for the price of one.

I found out when I visited their site out today.

I've been a member of Femjoy several times; and have never been disappointed. Its a solid nude site; and a great time to check it out if you are a nude fan.

05-10-09  08:54pm

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Visit Sardax

Reply of lk2fireone's Reply

I took a look at those sites. Franzetta is very much dark fantasy. I haven't looked at enough of his work to see where hes coming from. I'll have to take a more in depth look at their sites when I have the time. I don't really buy art- never have up to this point- very expensive for one thing. Though I do like giantess art; where beautiful women are big scale and hold small scale men in the palm of their hands. Its the combination of beauty of the drawing of the female Mistress; and the truth that these women can be powerful with their beauty over men. Making men kiss their feet and humiliate themselves and do things for them. Sardax depicts that in his art drawings. womanworship.co.uk depicts that in picures- though I haven't been a member of their site; Nanshakh.com depicts beautiful women with male slaves serving them in at least some of his drawings. I haven't really been a member or a buyer of femdom sites. Though, after Sardax; I am probably going to check out his site.

05-03-09  10:00pm

Visit Sardax


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: # Sardax is a Mistress pleasing femdom artist. # a compilation of two decades of work here # commissioned portraits of mistresses and femdom sites.
# commissioned work has both pleased and has been used by many real life Mistresses.
# $16 rebills at only $12
# hard copy artwork has sold for much more..
# this site could appeal to both male and females!
# could be a unique gender studies project.
# distictly unique from other porn sites: stories, audio story narration by real mistresses, femdom anime art; see femdom magazine covers; classic femdom art from years ago; and links to other femdom sites
#offers a nice introduction to femdom site first timers without spending much money- and without worry about getting ripped off.
# those that see his art in free section may see humorous resemblance to their own spouse/ girlfriends/ or even your female boss.
# lots of erotic stories narrated by Dommes, and Mistresses as depicted by one of Sardaxes artwork.
Cons: #art takes longer to make than pictures; so only get about 3-7 updates a month; sometimes more.

# art work comes in unpredictable assortment of sizes 393 x 567; 466 x 539; 592 X 803; 606 x 515; 541 x 739; with some larger.**
** this is probably due to the fact that this is artwork that takes many hours to make and thus the copywright issues are more sensitive and protected- so the pics are not going to be in ultra large form or printable- though some are still in good resolution even when backgrounded.

# lots of erotic stories; so if you don't like to read- this site is not for you.

# not for those who don't like femdom artwork
Bottom Line: I am drawn to femdom art because I am a submissive myself. Sardax is for those who may feel they are already submissive in their relationships to women- to your own wife or female boss. If you think that you could be a submissive male; or dominant Female who wants to explore Femdom anime for the first time- this site could be for you. You may even feel good to support femdom artists like Sardax. If you want a site that has erotic stories narrated by mistresses in written or audio files- this site is for you.

This is also a site for Mistresses who want to see other Mistress portraits and may want their portrait done.

Sardax's site is divided into four rooms; with 13 to 15 works in each room. Most have short stories to read. Then theres a story room with about 70 stories narrated via writing or audio files by Mistresses; some are written by submissives. Here, Sardax's artwork actually totals around 100 as some stories have multiple drawings.

Finally, there is the classics room; where you see Spoof magazine covers; Goddess Farah art; commissioned Mistress portraits; Pedestal art series; Oriental Whip Queen series; watercolors from Stiletto Books; Venus in furs; Shanghai Bazaar series; and Empress series.

There is also artwork by another femdom artist Nimrod; and a few examples of the femdom artist Nanshakh whose link leads to his website and a free area.

Sardax's artwork are unforgetable pieces that you get abstract representations of many men who are submissive and dominated by very strong mistresses and women: there are men depicted as dogs walked by mistresses; ashtrays to mistresses; foot worship; slaves to mistresses; getting slapped by women; sissification; cuckolds; face sitting; and other forms of humiliation.

Sardax does banners, logos, and portraits for a wide array of other femdom sites. He also writes books. I have seen his art drawings for sale as well. To my knowledge; he apparently makes a living off of this- and from what I see - its because of his quality.

Sardax is a nice starting point for Femdom first timers- or Femdom veterans

Sardax is a solid Femdom anime site for only $16/ rebills at $12. Sardax also leads to links to other Mistresses sites; femdom sites; other Femdom anime sites which there are some femdom anime artists out there- not in the numbers that porn sites. I'm talking about that there are a handful of anime porn artists that make a living from what they do- and they usually offer memberships for $20 and less; or sell their work a la carte- per piece - rather than charge a monthly membership fee.

I give this site a 90 because for the money $16/ then rebills at $12- it lives up to the price. This is in light of the fact that this is art that is time consuming and has to be meticulously drawn- so I really don't expect an update a day like a photograph based site.

So if you have a dominant female in your life- I think that she would even like to take a look at Sardax's work.

04-30-09  09:55pm

Replies (2)
Visit ATK Natural & Hairy

ATK Natural & Hairy

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: #overall a solid good photo archive; out of all photo archives I have seen over the past year - the ATK Natural and Hairy archive won me over- it took the air out my lungs; and made me into a slut; looking through archives at cute, beautiful, smart women for hours.
#beautiful girls; includes attractive 30-40 yr olds; and well as the young and hairy; and scary hairy.
# raunch and rude style photosets: booty hiked up in the air in your face- skirt pulled up high; panties pulled up real tight. Relentless in-your-face raunch- pic after pic; legs spread wide; legs pinned behind ears. Its Quite different from glamour sites. Sets go on well into the 200- 300 pic range; others are less than that. 90- 160.

#raunch is shown by skirts and stretch pants with lint on them; panties that show wear and have stains on them- even skid marks.
#yet other models are very clean; with cute clean outfits and spot free panties and outfits.
#well balanced, exotics, mature, young, softcore, and hardcore
Cons: #Wives and Girlfriends section should either be dropped or replaced - not a full section
#1024 x 684 mic in older parts of the site (sets made in 2006)

#navigation doesn't allow for key words, slowing down navigation for movies and sets.
#same panties are worn in multiple sets
# good resolution for a volume site- but not great. Other sites offer much larger pics.
# movies are hard to navigate.
#hardcore sets just begun; small section right now.
#you have to like hair; most are crotch hair; but some sets have hair on legs as well.
Bottom Line: I was overcome by the power of beauty of ATK Natural and Hairy. This site is for you if you like bold; rather rude and crude poses. This is definately not a glamour site; or an art site. You get booties hiked up in your face; panties pulled up tight and in your face; legs spread wide; and even balance between softcore and hardcore.

the movies are not in Hd just WIndows at good but not great resolution.

Lola; 4,567 images, 20 updates; Sativa; Bianca; Snega.

Jasmine's sets made me blow my first wad. She has 8,693 pics; 40 updates; 5 vids.

The archives are deep. Young and Hairy; volumes 720- 1071. Scary Hairy; (18 -23yr old) vol 261 - 622; Hairy Lesbians; vol 32 - 56 (18-23);Hairy Fun 179- 291- masterbation; exotic and hairy vols 55-300

Like I said, ATK natural and Hairy offers just about everything good; mature, 18 -23 year olds; exotics; and lesbians; masterbation; vids are interviews; masterbation with fingers and toys. Overall, the vids would be better if I could find them better. No search boxes; just drop boxes.

Gallery lovers of softcore and hardcore will like this site. Mature galleries offer attractive women- different women will appeal to different people. Movie lovers will like this site- only if they can find them- have to look for them.

03-13-09  06:08pm

Replies (0)
Visit AT Kingdom

AT Kingdom
Reply of Denner's Review

ATK is a volume site everything is good; but not great..though I still think its a solid buy..girls are hot..never regretted joining atk..; my memberhip is almost up...I noticed that ATK reduced the size of their girls per update from 16 to 12 in ther recent updates...and now have new bonus galleries from karupsha...which I've never joined but am curious about.....I would give them a B.. 85..but for video..I tend to go to other sites that specialize in video..

02-06-09  07:00am

Visit FTV Girls

FTV Girls
Reply of TrashMan's Review

We'll I doubt you will get much less than $30 a month on a HD video centered site. I've been a member to FTV Girls probably about seven or eight times over the years. I think its worth it the $30. The updates are slow- I agree. But I never really had time to run out of material. As for saving money, pornclubcard.com may be an option for you if you want to save money on FTVGirls.com

02-04-09  11:28am

Visit Humiliatrix

Reply of Mr Fountain's Review

No, its nothing like the site you mentioned. There is no nudity. I do like the one you mentioned though. I like sites that show men kissing womens feet; face sitting and being ordered around. Though I may try another femdom site soon. The next one will be my second one. Actually, the only other site like this I joined before was sardax.com. But presently, I am looking at sites that are along the lines that you are talking about: owk.cz and theenglishmansion.com. The second one just very well may be my next femdom membership.

02-01-09  09:37am

Visit Humiliatrix


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: #Humiliatrix offers a site for men who like to worship, praise, and serve beautiful princeses (at their expense).
#These Princesses are gorgeous
# Offers over 100 videos of princesses demanding that you kiss their ass; worship their feet, crawl on the floor like a dog; pay for their pedicure and manicures; make fun of your tiny penis, make you their panty slave, and even demand that you cum in a doggie dish.

#The videos are around 8-14 minutes long; are really great. (You will obey when they demand that you kiss their feet and ass) These women are Princess worthy.
#videos come through at a good resolution; even when enlarged to full screen.(640 x 480)WMV
#Humiliatrix is coming on strong recently with steady updates.
#first site I've seen where you get pictures with the princess leaving emasculating notes
# first site to extensively use audio files humiliating you (hence their name) hours of it-(about 8- 15 long)

#13 days of denial chastity training- for February
Cons: # price, yeah its $34.95, but maybe that's part of being treated badly- give them an extra $5. just like financial domination

# this is a niche site. audio files, humiliating assignments, femdom cartoons- won't appeal to those who just want a normal porn site.

#this won't appeal to those who are not into dominatrix, or BDSM sites.

# no nudity, since this is femdom. you never get to see them naked.

# some princesses only have one update.
Bottom Line: I decided to join Humiliatrix this month. I've been checking in on them for a few months looking at their sample vids. At first, I wasn't willing to pay $34.95. But they received good reviews and I really liked their sample vids that I saw; and I felt that it was different; offering some things that the TGP sites don't offer.

This is a site really about woman worship. Just how far will you go to worship and praise a woman? Are you willing to take it further than just words and kiss her ass and feet; lick polish her sexy black pumps; be verbally humiliated; or cum in a doggie dish. Will you be her panty slave? obey her orders to wear panties to work, or give money to Melissa's pedicure fund? If you are willing to take your admiration to the next level than Humiliatrix is for you.

Be prepared for humiliating assignments.

You don't get to kiss her on her face. The only place- just as in one of the vids I saw- you are allowed to kiss her- is on her ass- 'brown nose' her.

I liked one of Princess Isobel's vids where she talks to me seductively in a condonscending tone while she lay on a bed with her lingerie. teasing me to fill her dirty panties with my 'futility squirts'

I would say that Humiliatrix appeals to those who are willing to do above things to worship women. I would say that this site is worth a look. I didn't feel I was jipped. The videos are the best.

I would have given them an 89. But since they have really updated steadily since last September/ October until now I'll give them a 90.

These are the updated list of princesses.

#Jade, Britney, Brandi, Miss B, Zoey, Michele, Alexia, Carmen, Mandia, Lisa, Jeszi, Coribeth, Sabrina, Nykki, Nika, Emily; and recently Miss Kendra, Princess Tiffany, Princess Selena, Lifestyle Diva Leah, Princess Rhianna, Princess Dawnavon, Princess Simi, Princess Aly, Princess Amy, Bratty Britney, Princess Brandi, Princess Remi, Princess Isobel, Princess Velvette, Princess Sari, Princess Genni, Princess Danielle, Dallas Diva Dianna, Princess Mai, Princess Carlotta

01-31-09  10:10pm

Replies (4)
Visit 1 By Day

1 By Day
Reply of exotics4me's Comment

yeah, I was looking at this site. From what I've been reading.. I think its safe for me to pass on it... It was ranked very high a year ago... if they are trying to save money by dropping the archives..probably should drop the price to $30, and gain more memberships that way..instead...

01-24-09  06:20am

Visit Watch 4 Beauty

Watch 4 Beauty

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: #fabulous artistic magazine photosets that are vibrant in color and a breath of fresh air from plain nude sites.
# the art amplifies the seductive quality of the photosets; really have to see some examples for yourself- hard to explain really.
#gorgeous models
#620 issues, 31,754 photos, 100 video clips, and 131 models
# on top of included above: bonus memberships for Nikkysdreams, Verunkasdreams, Ambrasdreams, and Monikasdreams.com
#new photoset every 2 days; with update of some kind (jokes, video, photoset) everyday.
#new hi def video every week (3-6 minutes)
#6 month member get glossy full color book of 50 models; 1 year members get invited backstage to a photoshoot (in the Czech Republic)!
#Unlimited downloads; PDF and zip files for download
# apart from the art; there are simple and beautiful beach photoshoots; models in bikinis and lingerie; and themes such as dominatrix.
# most photosets have backstage videos
# 1200, 2000, and 5616/ 4992; pix sizes
Cons: # not a volume site; most photosets will have 50- 80 pics; with some going much further than that into the 100's

# large magazine style avatars slows down navigation

#not really an international; multi ethnic site

# this site is pretty big on special effects; so if you are looking for just a straight nude shoot without any manipulations- you probably won't like a majority of this site.

# some models only have one shoot...
Bottom Line: Watch 4 Beauty uses artisic manipulations with their photoshoots and vids to enhance and amplify the erotic appeal of their sets...a refreshing and erotic respite away from traditional plain 'vanilla' nude sites.

I see why they jokingly keep mentioning in their porn comic section how you are going to blow your load to their gorgeous models and well done photoshoots. I read a few of them before I joined and laughed at a few of them. Their stunning photosets made me gasp and I ended up blowing out some hard loads myself when it was all said and done- just as advertised. Melisa in Sundown was one of the first sets I looked at. WOW.. anyone who looks at that set will love W4B!

These are highly seductive photosets that have as many backgroundable quality pictures per set than I have seen. These are calendar style pics....

mesmerizing is what I would describe it W4B. Just images that I background and stare at on my large flat screen monitor. You get Hi rez pics of shoots with models in front of absolutely stunning sunsets and waterfalls; Studio shoots where models pose on brightly colored couches; there are all sorts of background fades; lighting effects; and vibrant colors that really looks great on my monitor. There are photshoots in expensive cars; lesbians making out in pools; The picture quality is some of the best that I have seen...and I have been around the block with nude sites.

and Watch 4 Beauty offers the perks that are definately unique and worth looking into. A big glossy book for 6 month members and an invitation to see a behind the scenes photoshoot live seems unheard of for a porn site.

The bonus sites will give you access to this:

Nikkisdreams: 28 photosets; 3 vids; and wallpapers; Verunkasdreams: 44 photosets; 8 videos; and wallpapers; Ambrasdreams.com; 33 photosets; 7 videos; and wallpapers;Monikasdreams; 24 photosets; 6 videos; and wallpapers.

I would say that Watch 4 Beauty offers more useable pics. I know that W4B still is not as big as some other nude sites; but I spend a lot less time thumbing through repetitve pics like the other nude sites and a lot more time in each individual set because they are simply stunning shoots and the Czech models are gorgeous. I have spent 45 minutes in one set a few days ago. It was one of Gwens photoshoots.

I recommend Watch 4 Beauty for any nude site lover. It is a must join at least once; it is significantly different from other nude sites in a stunning and erotic way. You really have to look at a few samples and see for yourself to see if this is for you; but it is not one of those tours that the tour looks better than the site. Watch 4 Beauty is the real deal.

01-06-09  06:57pm

Replies (1)
Visit MC Nudes

MC Nudes
Reply of jd1961's Review

thanks for the info; I was looking at this site but now I am glad that I passed on it. Bland is definately not what I am looking for.

01-02-09  08:34am

Visit Rigin Studio

Rigin Studio
Reply of Drooler's Reply

Yeah, thanks for the information. I probably am going to pass.. If I try a non mainstream nude site. I may try a site called hippiegoddess..or mpl studios again... or I may simply keep looking..but thanks for the info.

12-26-08  10:41am

Visit Rigin Studio

Rigin Studio
Reply of Drooler's Comment

So this must be a pretty good site if you are willing to put up with this...and still be a member...thats how it comes across to me...I've never really tried a nude site other than Femjoy, Met Art or Mplstudios..but I'm willing to go in a different direction..in your opinion.. is this site worth a try over these?

12-25-08  10:40pm

Visit Only All Sites

Only All Sites
Reply of EroticShot's Reply

Thanks for taking the time for giving the feedback. I . I just love Only teases sets; their beautiful models; the way they pose; glamour photography mixed in with softcore shots; upskirts; and some topless and nude. Only Tease was recently nominated for the AVN awards for the best adult website..so its beginning to get some recognition. I may try Only Opaques next.. or simply rejoin under the multi site deal.

12-25-08  09:58am

Visit Only Tease

Only Tease

Only Tease nominated for best adult website at 2009 AVN awards

Jan 10th will bring the AVN awards in Las Vegas; and Only Tease is one of 15 nominated for best adult website! link to www.avnawards.com. for more info on the nominees. I have been a member of Only Tease for most of this year.
Glad to see that its beginning to get some recognition.

12-25-08  05:34am

Replies (0)
Visit Met Art

Met Art
Reply of Denner's Reply

Yeah, I have a nude site rotation. I am a member of Met Art this month. But I may rejoin Femjoy or MPL Studios.next month Hmm... If I see her there; I'll let you know.

12-23-08  05:49pm

Visit Met Art

Met Art
Reply of jd1961's Reply

Glad to help you; I try to be honest as I can and include specifics and details to be helpful. I love beautiful women and am always joining sites. Hope you like Met Art...I'm a member of them this month too.

12-23-08  05:45pm

Visit Only All Sites

Only All Sites
Reply of EroticShot's Review

I love Only Tease;just the best softcore site I've been a member of so far . At first, I didn't think that softcore would do it for me.I mainly joined hardcore prior. Only Tease made me gasp at some of the first sets I looked at. just well done, beautifully shot- beautiful models. Now I am on my 6th rebill. However, I never have done the multi site deal. First, I think that would be way more than I could get to in a month.- Only Tease itself offers an enormous amount of material- My q's for you is Do Only Secretaries, Only Melanie, Only Carla and Only Opaques offer that much different from what I get at OT? do you think that its too much to go through in one month?

12-23-08  10:07am

Visit Met Art

Met Art
Reply of jd1961's Comment

You basically select pics that you like from anywhere in Met Art and compose them on your personal list. Then you can send them to Metarts profile site and have other users vote on your list.

12-20-08  08:35am

Visit Met Art

Met Art
Reply of Denner's Comment

I think she's also on Femjoy. But I haven't been a member on that site for a while; but I thought I remembered seeing her there.

12-20-08  08:17am

Visit Suicide Girls

Suicide Girls
Reply of PinkPanther's Reply

you really have to look for them with search words like 'dance'; but there are a few sexy vids mixed in there. But yeah, I got a whole year for $29 so I'll take the positives.
If you like vids; probably going to have to go to Ftv girls (if you like masterbation; trying on clothes; or if you like more of a strip show booty shaking-- Phil Flash; or in the crack for extreme close ups vids of booty shaking, peeing and masterbating. Personally, I am going to rejoin in the crack...excellent vid site if you have hi speed internet...which I don't have ; but will have next month...

12-18-08  07:39am

Visit Suicide Girls

Suicide Girls
Reply of PinkPanther's Review

If you look toward the top of the page when you first log in. Look to the left of the boxes for your user name and password.. You will see a row in pink letters: pics, interviews, videos. Click on the video tab to see the videos..

12-16-08  08:55am

Visit Humiliatrix


Humiliatrix coming on strong lately with updates

Humiliatrix has intrigued me for months; this site offers videos; pics with messages written on them for you by the princesses; and audio files-- which is definatley coming at me at quite a different angle from other sites... I've pored through the tour and read the reviews for it which are good; but( which most are 2 years old). So I will be joining soon to try it out and give an updated review..Will I like to be humiliated by gorgeous women? I dunno, I will have to wait and see about that. This definately will be different from any site that I have previously joined except for Sardax. I've looked through the tour and the ladies..princesses.. goddesses are hot. They have recently doubled their videos to output to seven or eight a month..which I know is still not overwhelming amount but the vids that are there do look good... more than enough to pore through in a months time.. Anyways, it seems that this site has at least come back to life again with some steady update activity and they deserve some credit for that. So I be getting back about this one in a couple of months at the very most.

12-15-08  01:11pm

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