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Visit Watch 4 Beauty

Watch 4 Beauty

Watch4Beauty offers full free gallery in tour

Watch4beauty offers a full free gallery to look at. Not just one sample pic per gallery. Anyone with a flat screen moniter will love this site. The photography is great. I've been a member of this site before and I have backgrounded so many photos. The Glam- the vivid colors- and overall art appeal is stunning. Watch4beauty is a glam site. If you have a flatscreen monitor and background the photos. It takes erotic photography and mixes it with art- just extreme colors, bright reds and yellows; models painted with paint; stunning beachside photo shoots. Also some of the best- interesting and dazzling, thoughtful shooting locations that I've seen.

05-19-10  04:22pm

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Visit Humiliatrix


Humiliatrix recommended _ like what i see and will join again

I revisited Humiliatrix and updates have been consistent since my last review. I will join again, and give a re-review soon. Some new - and interesting vids: ISABEL taunting me to let loose my loser load. Hearing about newcomer BECKY, and hearing how she's going to pour the cum of her gangsta boyfriend's XL condom all over my LOSER face. KENDRA the mistress story of her dominance and dog walking and humiliation.. Princess SELENA and her cum licking commands. I would have to eat out of a dog dish in front of any one of these mistresses and princesses- and be bopped by Kendra with her her strap on. Courtney, and Nikki and Tiffani. I would clean their toilet to immaculate condition. REMI calling me a pathetic little stutterfuck. Becoming BECKYs pedicure manicure slave. Though probably her toe jam is the only thing I could get from her. HUMILIATRIX is a great site for vid lovers- Looking forward to hearing some of the new audio mpegs laying the truth on me and telling it like it is!

05-08-10  05:04pm

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Visit Only Tease

Only Tease
Reply of Capn's Reply

Though you are talking to an Only Tease convert (they have broken me down to the point of trembling). Philflash.com may work for you; or Met Art.

05-08-10  04:03pm

Visit Only Tease

Only Tease
Reply of Capn's Reply

OT is geared towards those who enjoy a womans body in clothing. Topless is about the furthest they go. Though some do go bottomless. Most members probably join for the softcore appeal and clothing fetishes. Nudity is mastered and niched for sites like Femjoy or SImon Scans- whose updates (based on my experience aroud 10 mos ago) are like ten to fifteen pictures clothed with the rest naked.

04-28-10  11:50pm

Visit Only Tease

Only Tease

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: # I have been a member for about ten times and still am excited enough about it; taken my breath away enough to do another review.

# Only Tease is one of the most erotic brands of softcore I have seen; a must see database for softcore and panty, hosiery, and foot and shoe fetish lovers.
#Prestige section which is premium quality glamour
#711 x 1066; 1365x2048; 2000x3000 photos

# enormous amount of photos over 850,000

#collection of models and overall photo quality
#price: only 24.95 a month
# offers fastrcks that members can use to see future updates Each membership starts with about 10 to see 10 future shoots or vids
# I look at all of the updates; just a solid amount of models-
Cons: # the same set is usually the same for a lot of the photo shoots

# this is not a hardcore site. Its a niche site dedicated to softcore, hosiery, and foot fetish.

videos are outnumbered about 4 or 5 to one
Bottom Line: The power of Only Tease- I've done so many reviews; even redoing and updating a review for the main site Only Tease; and I have spent a lot of time doing so.

I hope that softcore lover geared towards erotic softcore photos and videos won't miss out on such a fine database of gorgeous and mostly uk models. For only 24.95- its a great buy. I hope people won't miss out- but some will because they may think that softcore is too soft to be erotic but OT has proven to be the opposite of that Its taken my breath away just as much as some of my prior fav site reviews.

I have spent around 24.95 x 10 months for Only Tease member ships or about $250
without thinking much about it and probably will keep the 24.95 a month going though I should join the multi month or only all sites to save a little.

plenty of panty and bum closeups, uniform; tennis, ballerina, cheerleader; hosiery; premium prestige section shich is where they have the models pose in the nice sets. Vids are done both inside and outside and usually consist of the model primping and stripping their clothes off
but I would suggest Only Tease membership for any softcore lover- its really a reliable site in terms of overall quality and I have still yet to see all of the updates- more than I have time to look at.

04-28-10  03:09pm

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Visit Only Melanie

Only Melanie
Reply of Denner's Reply

I do see some recent models going bottomless though. At one time- i thought that ot would be too boring going into my first time. but now i luv ot. More action and more nudity may be a theme for other sites. Don't think ot is less sexy because of that.

10-17-09  10:19pm

Visit Only Melanie

Only Melanie

Status: Was a member approx. 4 months prior to this review.
Pros: # Melanie is a full figured, beautiful Brunette who fills dresses, lingerie, and outfits with voluptuous curves and bust
# I've been looking at Melanies sets on OT for a year- she's beautiful
# 5th of 6th reviews on OT - which says a lot - for the power of beauty on me!
# pics come in same resolution sizes as Only Carla
# #19.95 month recurring- or comes part of only all sites package for $44.95
# plenty of photosets and vids for $19.95 price
Cons: # not a nude site; or hardcore site though topless is common
# Site stopped updating April 2009
# photosets outnumber video sets
# this is more of a bargain if joined through Only All Sites for 44.95; though $19.95 is a good price
Bottom Line: I was introduced to Only Tease early this year. and it was the first glamour/ site- other than watch4beauty that really took my breath away on a consistent basis. OT is just well done site with top notch softcore sets; and a collection of beautiful models.

So I became an OT fan and eventually joined the Only All Sites which included access to Only Melanie..

I suggest for any softcore lover to try OT at least once; if you like a great solo/ softcore model, then Only Melanie would be recommended.

Melanie is one of the top models at OT. I looked at all of Melanies sets and the photo sets outnumber the vids by a three to one margin.

Only Melanie is for fetish lovers; tights, garterbelts, sexy feet; and for hot glamour unis
such as dresses and cheerleader, or nurse outfits.

Melanie's solo site is worth a look, and won't disappoint for the money..

Though, I think joining through Only all sites is the best way to go if you don't want to pay $19.95. For 44.95- you get all six sites with Only Melanie's member ship included.

I usually don't rebill a whole lot or stay with the same site over and over again. But I have had a hard time staying away from the OT brand, and Melanie is one of their top notch models.

10-11-09  06:11pm

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Visit Only Carla

Only Carla

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: # Carla is beautiful; a showcase OT model; and makes for a solid solo site
# I looked at almost every one of her sets while I was a member.
# vids are personal- sexy teasing and talking to you in some of them
#very good resolution pics: 711x 1066; 1365 x 2048; 2000x3000
#$19.95 per month
#sets average 120-130 pics; vids average 5 minutes
# same OT quality applied to the solo site
Cons: # updates ended in April; no longer live

# vids are about one fourth the amount of picture sets

#not for those who want hardcore
Bottom Line: Carla can hold her own site. I first saw her at OT site and saw her sets about 85 sets and 15 vids at OT. After being a member of OT for about seven months (not consecutively but in total); I joined the Only All Sites last month, and had access to Carla's site.

I may rejoin Carla's site later. Though I have access to her OT sets. Carla's review is the fourth review I have done. The power of OT- and Carla too. Proves that softcore sets are hot.

This is a solid solo site with plenty of content.
Her vids are more personal; she dresses as Cleopatra in one of her vids and talks to you while she strips down to see thru white panties.

I saw just about all of her sets which says a lot about the quality of them.

I saw a lot of the vids too; and they were hot.

Carla is a big part of OT. I would say I'd rejoin again. Maybe as an Only all sites member.
But for a solo site. Carla does hold her own. Her sets are very provocative; she poses well and makes her vids worthwhile.

I'll give the site a 91 for living up to expectations. But no higher than that since it is not an active site.

08-22-09  05:12pm

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Visit Digital Desire

Digital Desire
Reply of zachvenice's Reply

Thanks for your reply.

Overall; your site just needs to be packaged and presented better.

I think a chronological style for your updates would be better than having so many different categories.

I Don't really want to go to the model index to search for sets; or by the top rated- just different tastes. I know everyone else does it chronologically; but I think it has to be simplified.

The other thing is to have consistency with the photo sizes. 1600 minimum size would be ok. The sets whose biggest size is smaller than that- I think sets back your site. But then again I can't speak for other members.

08-22-09  04:16pm



Femjoy new offer for $19.95

Femjoy used to be the site that never gave discounts. But they have come on strong. First with that 2 for 1 deal. Now its only $19.95 a month. So this may be yet another opportunity to become a member. I think it rebills at the same price but I am not sure so you will have to check that one out..

08-14-09  06:55pm

Replies (2)
Visit Digital Desire

Digital Desire

$18 special on digital desire/ navigation comment

The special got me to try this site out for the first time.

I have seen beautiful models. But the navigation is one of the worst here. Watch4beauty is a glamour site whose format I'd like to see this site use; or at least a magazine style set up.
Looking through; I really don't like how they dont have a chronological search option.( to look for the newer sets that offer the hi rez option. I have to hunt for the sets I want to see under the alphabetical model setting. There are yet later sets with small rez photos which I don't know if someone would want to look at that. But that said, please at least make the navigation easier so the member does not have to spend time hunting for sets like on an easter egg hunt. The navigation is one of the most convoluted I've seen- Its my third day and I still really don't know where all of the great models sets that I saw on the tour are.

08-14-09  06:42pm

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Visit Only Silk And Satin

Only Silk And Satin
Reply of dracken's Reply

The legs and stockings are prominent in each shoot 80% with the rest closeups of bums, and busts. A lot of the pics include at least the models face in it but are very sexy. Most of the shots are as if you were on the floor- or on your knees looking up at their gorgeous legs and feet. A lot of models sit on beds or office chairs. Lots of shots where legs are lifted high in the air while lying on their back on a bed- giving great views- or bent over a bed or office table. Overall, this is a great site for stocking; panties, or foot fetish fans. The shot selection is great- out of 130 pics (average amount for each set)- there are not many that you would not want to look at. I would say that this is a safe bet for what you are looking for. I never have regretted joining- its just a great buy and safe bet. It really does not matter which sister site you want to start- some are bigger- OT is the biggest though.

08-09-09  02:03pm

Visit Only Silk And Satin

Only Silk And Satin

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: # one of my top five softcore sites that I've been a member of this year for overall selection of models and outfits; shoot quality
# forums; fastracks
# $19.95 per month; $10 off 90 day nonrecurring- 49.95
# about 50,000 pics; 140 videos

# outfits selection very good
#specializes on silk and satin dresses; panties and lingerie.
#vids come in HD; hirez AVi/ or lo rez flash
#one update per day.
#sets average 120-130 pics; vids average 5 minutes
# very good selection of models leaning towards full figured; big busts with curves
# offers tight fetish, shoe fetish, feet fetish;
# very provocatively shot sets; lots of close-ups of bums and feet, legs, breasts
#shoe lovers site
#very good resolution pics: 711x 1066; 1365 x 2048; 2000x3000;
Cons: # site is a little new- started Nov 2008
# about 9 videos per month
# no full nudity- though models do go topless; with a few going bottomless.
# most models are not exclusive.
#silk and satin theme is limiting
# sets are often shot in the same setting
# I wish some of the models had more sets.
Bottom Line:
I have been quite taken by OSS and all the OT sites.
I went from trying OT out for a month a year ago because I liked softcore. Going into it, I didn't think I'd be back. I was blown away by their set- beautiful models. The poses were awful hot for a softcore site.

Now I am an only all sites member. This time reviewing Only Silk and Satin. OSS is a sister site of OT coming in the package. Though if joined seperate- $20. I have access to OSS because I paid 44.95 for all the sites- and it delivers I love it.

OSS has my respect- its my third review for the only all site. Its still a good deal for $20; though it is the smallest of the sister sites.

I love the outfits

Its for those who like softcore- may have panty hose; shoe or foot fetish.and close ups of bums busts, and beautiful feet in cute pumps and stockings.

and for those who like teasing in videos.

of course Only Silk and Satin focuses on silk and satin lingerie; and outfits.

Honestly, I think its better to join all the sites and be a member through the package deal- because OSS is still a small site.

I give this site just a 91 for its small size. But they are only asking $20 for it so not much should be taken off for that.

OSS has a great model collection; sexy outfit selection. The sets are shot in the same room but thats not important to me.

08-07-09  11:23am

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Visit Matt's Models

Matt's Models

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: # most models(18-23) are genuine amateurs; first timers flown into LA from all parts of the country
#pretty girls- I did not see very many models that I would pass
# nice shoots; provocative poses; girl next door; amateur quality; pretty girls-
I respect their model quality- poses; none have a stripper look to them- girl next door.
1303 x 2000 rez pics ( sets shot in 2009)
1063 x 1600 pic size; 2008 shoots.
884 models; 1048 vids; 249,995 pics
some models set pic count up to 200 per set.
videos: masterbation, interview; backstage, audition tapes- get to know models; lesbian; boy
girl hardcore all have links that seperates them out- dont have to got to fill in the box search page
recent 06'-09' vids 797 X1200 size; good quality. ##windows media or quicktime
#photoshoots start with sofcore- with plenty of nakedness towards the end
# behind the scenes photoshoots
#ccbill processor- reliable cancels and join
Cons: # great looking models are spoiled by poor resolutions for any shoot shot between 2001- 2004. 2005 set sizes are bare minimum
acceptable size. Sets any older than 2005 and get tinier and tinier.

797 x1200 pics rez shot in 2006
546 x 683 pics sets shot in 2001 (who wants to see sets this small?)- 2001 sets should should
be scrapped- save the space
800 x 1067 sets shot in 2002.
711 x 1056; 711 x 1091 rez pics for set shot in 2005
# updates are inconsistent; and pic count inconsistent.
#vids are broken down into clips; and aren't offered in various sizes.
# they should resize or drop the sets from 2001-2004 and then reduce the membership price to 24.95. #29.95 is a bit too high. Though I'd pay that if they upgrade 2001- 2004. But may be better to drop it and then charge $24.95 for a smaller site.
# some models portfolios are three updates or less- though most are four or more with about three photosets to one vid ratio
Bottom Line: I was a complete man slut this month and joined a new site to look at pretty girls. It was a long time since I tried a new site. Matts Models was one site that I was looking at for a while. i saw some great reviews on it- which is why I gave it a shot.

This site is for those who like pics; amateur models, lesbian vids; masterbation vids. The models are mostly students from all over the country who are flown in to LA for a few days. Some are genuine first timers- others can be found on other sites. Some have never done this before- others are not.

Most vids are shot in an apartment setting which give it an amateur look.

The pic quality is good- not great; the same goes for the vids.and I liked both the pics and vids. The pics primarily should satisfy pic lovers.

The problem with trying new sites is that you don't know what you are getting. The reviews don't always help either.

They did deliver on the models; beautiful models; provocative poses; with good resolution.

a lot of the models are from all over the country- and are flown in to LA for the shoots.

but this site is the best dating back to 2006 with 2005 being the last real year for acceptable quality. Any older than that- there are still beautiful models; but the size starts getting too small.

I would say- from 2006 on, Matts Models is a pretty decent site. The photosets are not
watch4beauty quality. I am a pic lover and they satisfied me.

This sites videos are fair to good quality and comes in 797 x 1200 size on screen; full screen mode is available.
Some random videos come through in a larger; hi rez size larger than 797 x 1200.

Photo quality 2006 to present is 8/10
model quality is 8/10- they said amateurs and most are
vid quality 7/10
updates 6/10

So, again, Matts Models is a good site 2006 to present.. Anything older than 2005 starts to get pretty sub standard.

07-26-09  04:54pm

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Visit Only Opaques

Only Opaques
Reply of mbaya's Reply

Thanks, a year ago i came across a good review on OT. i was just going to give it a month. I just saw some of the hottest models like Carla Brown; and too many more to name. I went from that to joining OT about seven or eight times. Then this month; I joined all the sites- which is how I got Only Opaques membership; don't know if i can do that every month. But I will make myself useful and do some reviews of their other sites in the near future.

07-25-09  10:18am

Visit Only Opaques

Only Opaques

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: # Only Opaques is hot: a sister site of OT; now they have my money also going to them.
# photosets and models are hot; and have me looking at their sets two hours at a time.
#beautiful models that are on the full figured side and less on the skinny side
#top three softcore picture site that I've been a member of this year- I love these photosets
#not too softcore; Only Tease sister site; i joined this site because i was so taken by Only Tease.
# foot fetish, stocking fetish; boot fetish; foot worship
# updates one photoset a day
# some recent select videos are shot in HD quality
#you can earn fast tracks easily; and see future updates in advance- have not seen this anywhere else
# $19.95 for 30 days- very nice deal for softcore
#Hi rez photos are hi quality in all sizes: 711 x 1066, 1365 x 2048; 2000 x 3000
# forums to give opinions; interact with models
# one of the best collection of models I've seen- top five sites for overall quality of models- they are beautiful
Cons: # get about 8-9 videos per month; secondary to photosets
# Hd quality is not the super HD variety; and is only applied to select shoots.
# site is not huge- been shooting since August 2006
# this site is not for those who only want to see models naked though there are a few exceptions but for the most part- no.
Bottom Line: Only Opaques is a great site for softcore lovers who lean towards pictures; and who love full figured models in tights; and in both silky and cotton panties. I also like to see beautiful women in pretty dresses; cute pumps; and cute outfits and you get a lot of that as well as well as close ups of boots; shoes; lovely busts toes and feet.

I found out about Only Opaques because I was a member of Only Tease first- and this is one of their sister sites. For one, the selection of models is great- I dont pass over models like I do other sites. I love their clothes; pretty dresses, the way they pose. Its a site for those who enjoy the way a womans body looks like in clothes; lingerie; garter belts; socks.

I'd recommend this site as a starter site for the whole series of OT sites- for under $20.

If you have read my past reviews- you'd see that i have seen a lot of hardcore; Yes, the softcore that Only Opaques offer is hot enough. and enjoyed this as much as hardcore.

Only Opaques is a sister site of Only Tease- which I love as well. It is because of Only Tease that i gave Only Opaques a chance. The models are hot and are dressed beautifully. Now, my money is also going to Only Opaques.

Its the same shoot style as OT. But specializes in hosiery. Lots of super close ups of rear ends; big lovely bras; toes encased in silky hosiery; lovely garter belts and tights in your face; snug panties over volutuous bums; boots in your face; lovely tight skirts over vloutuous bums; nice portrait shots; tight opaque tights stretched over silk and cotton panties; some topless shoots; open leg shots in hosiery; bent over- round rear end in face shots and beautiful models.

I respect Only Opaques. The beauty of their models took my breath away and now have taken my money!!

07-18-09  08:03am

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Visit Pin-Up Wow

Pin-Up Wow
Reply of jd1961's Comment

They have a lot of Only Tease models- whether this means they have the same photo quality- I have no clue. But their link is on their site. But I don't think this is a sister site of Only Tease. i have never been a member of Pin Up Wow site.
Though, I have looked at this site in the past but never got around to joining.

07-12-09  11:01am

Visit ATK Petites

ATK Petites
Reply of Drooler's Review

It is a little small/new for me. Atk and Atk natural and hairy are much older and bigger. But at least atk petite can grow right- without the super old sets that have lo rez pics. Atk galleria has a lot of pics and models to choose from; but they should get rid of the super old lo rez sets and reduce their site size. I don't think many people even look at those sets- for all practical purposes; they shouldn't count. its just cluttering up the site and making navigation difficult. Fionaluv.com is a site that I liked in that genre. Though it is a solo site and isn't updated anymore- but I did like it- Fiona is a great petite model.

07-05-09  10:19pm

Visit Matt's Models

Matt's Models

matts models- 6 months for $49- multi month

I think that being a multimonth member can save money in the long run. This may be an even better way to save than trying to get the best month to month deal. I am a first time member of this site and am not familiar with it- so I passed on it this time. Got to see if I like it first. There is also $8.25 a month for a year. multi monthing may work out better; though I haven;t multi monthed it with any site except for Femjoy's 2 for 1 deal.

07-04-09  11:02am

Replies (0)


2 for one promotion done; no more

Femjoy is back to the regular pricing. No more two months for one deal. I did not know if it rebilled at 29.95 for two months anyways. Does any member who joined at the bargain price know if it rebilled at 2 for 1 rate? I cancelled out of the rebill about a month ago. I seldom rebill- though I should have this time.

07-01-09  03:42pm

Replies (2)
Visit Humiliatrix


Humiliatrix has consistent updates 4x a week since April

First, i like Humiliatrix because they have a nice tour. Get to see what they have. Its not like after the first tour page- you can't see anything but the join page.

I used to go to this site and not know when its updated. Around the new year, they started to update a lot but there was no telling when- it was all unpredicatable.

Checked it today and surprised to see a consistent update schedule: four times a week- usually Mon Tues/ then Thurs and Fri. Its been this way since mid April. Nice to see Miss Kendra;
Princess Isobel; Princess Selena; Princess Ci Ci; Princess Tiffani; Princess Remi; Intern Aly; Princess Danielle; and Goddess Rhianna..all in new vids..

Last time I joined very dominating- turned me into a submissive. It was degrading; vids (8-10 minutes long) and audio files.

Just four vids a week but all of them are watchable. In them; they call men like me bitchboy; bikini slut; sissy servant; and sissy cuckhold..

06-22-09  02:40pm

Replies (0)

Reply of lk2fireone's Review

Femjoy, I admit, does takes my breath away with their beautiful models and elegant interior sets; and dramatic/gorgeous outdoor shoots. I also like that they are showing more lingerie in their sets insted of nudity. I didn't think I'd gasp at something so simple and plain but I do- great buy for 2 for 1; Femjoy has some beautiful models and sets.

I got what you have to say about Met Art. Though, I wish their resolution from set to set was more consistent. Some have nine MP pixels; others are much higher. otherwise- I agree. though both offer different qualities.

the opposite of Femjoy I can think of is watch4beauty very erotic- artistic/ erotic- I loved that site

06-16-09  07:11am

Visit Only Tease

Only Tease
Reply of GCode's Reply

I joined early last year; thought that it would be one and done for the same reason; but now have been a member about 6 times over.
Its worth a one time try if you like softcore; its a hot tease.

though, from what you wrote- its looking like you would like phil- flash- really great softcore site; very provocatively shot- super hot vids though no hi def vids- they got the strip tease feel to it.

06-10-09  11:41am

Visit Only Tease

Only Tease
Reply of linzi1's Review

I've been a member of this site. But, personally, I like the photoshoots. At $24; its going to be hard to get HD movies; and great photo shoots in one site.

Its one or the other- and thats the truth... and i have been a member of a lot of sites. You will get one or the other done really well. The closest thing of a site that does both well is in-the-crack; ftvgirls. But again, the movies out number the amount of pics in both sites.

and its the content of the film; not just being shot in HD.
Phil-Flash has great content in his movies. not shot in Hd; but some really hot flicks. Though i havent been a member of his site for a while.

06-08-09  10:00pm



Wait a few minutes before logging on after joining

I decided if I could handle two for one.. and joined

I had no problems logging onto the site. The screen tells me to wait about five minutes before logging on..so thats what I'd suggest..

Other than that. No gimmicks to the deal..Still two updates a day..The girls are gorgeous; beautiful skin; well posed; gorgeous outdoor locations; elaborate sets.. and the beautiful girls just take my breath away..the beauty is so finely polished to the smallest detail; hair; earrings; make-up--
the power of beauty..

05-17-09  12:37pm

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