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Visit Catalina Cruz

Catalina Cruz

Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: Hardcore, Solo, Lez, Straight
250+ Videos .310 Zipped Photosets (50pic ea)
Nice design top notch look navigation easy.
No DRM or DL Limit
Cam Shows 2x month Cat Her Self.
Updates Regular (not exact)
Part of a 9 Network Site
Catalina in 90% Scenes
Forum ( Catalina Interact as well) ++
800+ K Speed Video 800K WMV, MOV
Photos No Water Marks ++
Catalina is the Director All Scenes Unique
Live Play or Downloads
Special Pricing $19.99.Billing incl-Cbill
All Scenes Unique
Cons: Being Picky ,
Some Old Video Content
Link To Other Videos Also On Other Site.
Tech Support Responding?.
Bottom Line: CatalinaCruz.com is the Queen of the Sport Model turned porn queen,
her soft sexxy voice and true orgasms let you know that she takes the job serious.
If there is such a thing as Classy HardCore this is it.
In interviews she says Cleary that she is still shy having orgasm on Camera, because its still intimate to her, and she truly loves sharing that intimacy. With all of us as well as the model actor she is with. But goes on to say its not like acting because she pics people that want to do this. And will enjoy it. Its very clear its not fake to her or the models.
She is Height: 5 3" Weight: 100 lbs. Measurements: 32C+-23-34 , and still has a smooth rock hard body and Legs and Ass to make you weep. If the above doesn't make you join.
The ideal porn star, she cares about her job, her audience and that members enjoys what she does. In her latest Blog she is talking about releasing bloopers because she feel that close to her audience.
Catalina hires mostly women photographers and Camera operators, and she directs her self in 90% or more of the site. She involves you from the get go and starts by making you feel involved. Fantasy Girl Entertainment ( her company ) is exactly that true fantasy from the start.
Cons are hard as there are not allot, there are other videos here on the site that say other girls, but these same girls are on another site in the network hmmm. My only complaint over the years is support doesn't respond ever. But they will in the forum. But then only to comment on the site have I written the site works well and is designed well.
The other sites include Jessica James, Austin Kincaid , Puma and a Fantasy Girls to name just a few. These is Lez scenes, hot solo scenes and Straight sex, but all done with hard core class if there is such a thing. The live shows are like you are right there and she truly interacts 2x month on her shows There's a Forum and Blog.
Cybertoads Take:
Catalina has been in porn for years now both behind and in front of the camera, and each seen you would swear she was a virgin but horny with class. Not sure how to explain that combination unless you see it your self. Like my review of Rachel Aziani, for milfs, my review is the same but better for Catalina her site is good sized , but that alone is not why to join, you will be treated like you are there. She is young enough for the young adult watcher and will satisfy the oldest of porn watcher. Site is a joiner, and possibly a stayer long term. This site has been around a few years and the network a year or so and is just one of these sites that flies under the radar not truly given its props. Even though video is not awesome quality The content supersedes that as Catalina is just as good as they gets. Gave the site a high rating because this is how porn shoiuld be produced not just shoved through the line. To see a Model care about the job years in is a plus any day.

HOT-Fact if hear a directors voice its hers not a mans !


09-12-08  07:48am

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Visit Fucking Machines

Fucking Machines

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
HD Videos
Updates with HD 2x per week.
Pictures & Video
Real Orgasms and Pleasure.
Very Original Content.
Fast Downloads.
Famous Stars.
Navigation and Search could be better.
Wow 29.90 per month price a tad steep.
Watch for checked boxes at sign up.
Bottom Line: Hey there:
Let me explain Fucking Machines, this site takes mechanical pleasure to a "hole" new level ( misspelling on purpose)They have machines that will suck, lick, rub, penetrate, tickle and is called " Fuck Machines for a reason.
FuckingMachines, the woman getting "well"? fucked; holds the controls, so you always know that the hot girls is getting off for real. Anal, Vaginal,and any-other hole they can find.

Whether it's hardcore anal fucking, pussy fucking, deep probing G-spot fucking or explosive female ejaculation, the woman's pleasure is genuine. You'll know when she screams in pleasured orgasms she's cumming hard. I really found this exciting to watch. Great Show!

These girls are hot,I mean smoking hot. At first it seemed staged cause it is, but once they get going the phony acting goes away as you see sweat pouring down necks and thighs. Did I say they have smoking hot women ?

Toads Take:

This is a different site, I have never joined a site like this. But wow.
Before you join imagine something a actress would get penetrated by ? And its there.
LOL, even Alien Tentacles, ya it can get weird thats for sure.

The quality is amazing and the HD you can see beads of sweat and perky breast.

Be prepared this is hardcore at a new level, and pricy too. Is it worth the 29.90. Put it this way why it is pricey I would pay 40.00 to see this as it original and amazing real porn. Not the fake stuff we see sometimes.

The nice thing is its raw sex, and no guy talking
through it or getting in the way was huge reason for high rating I gave. I joined for three months and have two weeks left about.

Sorry for the long explanation of the site, but was a site you can not put into few words.

400+ Videos
About 120,000 picture.
Many Videos have pics.
Updates 2x week in HD
4 Live shows every month
Amateur Girls & Professionals
Members Forum too ( maybe see ya there)
( note):
There are other links to pay for view so be aware they are an extra cost.


09-21-11  05:49pm

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Visit Mommy Got Boobs

Mommy Got Boobs

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: -Lots of content
- Part of a giant network
-Pics and videos are typically very nice quality-wise.
Download speed consistent in network
Really Attractive models
Good Reasonable price
Pretty Frequent updates
Cons: Some of the older content isn't the best quality and in poor quality format for some reason.
Action seems pretty repetitive.
The site is not the best in the network one would venture its weakest link.
I found that this site in the network was the worst acting just didnt click for me in most scenes wise.
But thats just my own opinion, these are just small knit picks.
Bottom Line: What saves this site from a lower score is the scenes are hot for this type and a good size content.

This isn't the best site within this network, but it is good with potential in the long run. The site features a awkward design I see throughout the network so surfin is ok.
The price is awesome with all of the other sites that you can access.

Older video quality keeps me rating the site higher.
But being part of a huge network keeps its rating high.

The daily updates for the network are awesome and several new sites have been added to the network over the past few months.
As with the network its worth joining two months min.
I may rejoin just because of all the new content.

Well Done

06-18-08  10:14am

Replies (12)
Visit Big Tits At Work

Big Tits At Work

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: .The Models are top notchs.
.Some of the scene are almost prime time quality.
.You get great models like Lezley Zen, Devon, Shyla Stylez , Eva, Angelina. These are some of my favorites ans a definite pro.
Site has 17 other sites. 18 if you count a new one added.
Priced very well for what you get .
Fun story lines
Downloads are big files but download fast.
Awesome tech support.
Cons: The site surfing ( not DL) was slow at times.
Some scenes become repetitive.
Navigation is awkward , but on network this big its expected some what.
Not to many negatives so these are more knit picks.
Bottom Line: What kept me giving the site a perfect score was that some older content quality was not as good in my opinion. But there is tons of new content that is great quality.
As with large files now days there is some time involved DL. Average was 20 minutes DL for a movie.

Models are awesome Lezley Zen, Devon, Shyla Stylez , Eva, Angelina are my favorites throughout this network and they are done justice.
Lost of original scenes only seen on these sites.

Bottom line is this site is about as good as it gets. Only a few quality issues on old stuff but site is really worth the money.
I am not one that likes allot of guy talk and these sites the guys talk allot. But the women take you mind off it quick .

If you have a few dollars or about 4 gallons of gas you do not need this week spend the cash on this site.
Talk about original content I would venture 97% of everything here is from there own filming .

Kudos go to the directors whom obviously work hard to come up with hot scenes . Cant be easy to keep coming up with new material. but even if it repetitive some times. Its done well.

This site and its network are worth at least two months membership because there is so much to see.

06-18-08  09:59am

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Visit VideoBox


Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: 1. They Advertise 5,018 DVDs Movies View by Date
View by Popularity. Cost from 9.95 - 20.00 depending on site access.

2. 28,499 Scenes View by Date, View & Popularity.
at the time of this rewview. No Limits, or licenses. Video's only no pics site. Movie sizes Range from 100-600mb

3. Unique Customized, scene selector you can create clips and edit download.

4. Daily updates, and unique format downloads from HD to IPOD defs.

5.Good Search and navigation.

6. Can View Site in Other Lauguages(interesting).

Good Average Download DVD File 600k 4 files took 20 miutes. Good average. No Drops All Movies and clips have a quick clip review as well .
Cons: 1. Most movie sites look the same as this one.

2. Price Ranges from 9.95 for non HD then 14.95 up to 24.00 Brazzers Box cost more then just video box and they are the same, be careful where ya join.

3. Many DVD's and Movies but some niches had one or two movies only.

4. Content not unique, but is a huge selection.

5. Many Niches overlapped, so you will end up seeing the same movies under another niche.

6. Clip maker made some videos buggy at first play not sure why. But over all was ok. Full DL best.

7. Some content just ok, worse then amature, just duds.
Bottom Line: This is a HUGE, site it uses a average sytle look for access and updates. But is very easy to use.

The site has ipod formats to DVD downloads and you can customize what scenes you want to download or just the whole movie. Nice for cutting out the foreplay, or conversational before the ride.

The site have many niches, but some just had a movie or two in it. Hentia, and computer generated films had just three all together as and example.

Site download is fast enough at 600k, but on 5mb conection on a monday morning west coast it should be faster. But is faster then some.

With over 5,000 movies you need to look but will find lots of diamonds in here, as well as well known stars. I particularly likes the remasters Ginger Lynn in the classic it really was done well for having to take old film and remake. Awsome job.

There are about 40+ niches, so something for everyone, from Amatures,POV, BJ HJ, and BDSM, to Transsexual stuff and everything inbetween. For the curious that maybe never wanted to join a taboo site, this has everything.

The site is about the largest ive seen.

Toadmix's Bottom line:
DON't be a cheapskate spend the 14.95 for HD
the older movies come out much better re-mixed in HD. Be careful, joining VideoBox.com directly as other sites charge you are much as 7.95 more to get to the same site through their portal, BrazzerBox is just such and example and there are others.
You will get a hand cramp, just surfing through to find all the goodies. So Use the other hand for surfing (lol)
This site will require atleast 2 months to get through it and see what you would want.
Its one you should join even if you happen to join at 24.00 its a steal. I do wish Downloads were faster there is just no way a person could ever download all teh content in even a year. and it looks from a guess to be in the 2-3 Tera-bytes so be careful what you download you will use some space.
I am still confused what to download as there is
just so much so at first I focused at my favorite niches stars, and scenes.

I rated the site 94 for these reasons, site is huge, but downloads speed doesnt match size and use. The look is generic even though its easy. About 1/3 is ok to medioker content. Great DVD covers just to see ok stuff. The other 66% is good stuff, but sifting through it may not be great , and takes time. Site niches should not be listed unless there is atleast 5 or more movies in the niche.
Site is resold content, meaning nothing original. But again is huge site and good site.

Yes, you should join its worth every penny, I was relectant having just reviewed a new movie site like this one, but found this one was far superior. I would have rated the other site I reviewed much lower if I was comparing Video Box to it. This is a fair and honest review, site is very Good not great. Content good not too Great.
join for the DVD's stay for the massive content and daily updates. Site is woth a month or two membership.

08-04-08  10:29am

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Visit Aziani


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Lots Of Movies looks to be 600+
Good Download speed.
Not Often Seen Models, some new to me.
Has Zipped Pics :-)
has Awesome model pics and video.
Navigation Good
Models Very Good.
And excellent Note :
Sites in this network do supply allot of help info. " Kudos".
Cons: Cons are not as obvious as they are on Rachel Aziani own site.
They are on the same network but this site offers more.

I guess Cons would be.

Downloads are good but not great speed wise.
Updates confusing, to tell unique to this site only?

Navigation is good but very old school vintage 2005
Bottom Line: This site is part of network of ten sites, but more like 4 as some are duplicated clones so you are getting 4 with streaming.

Rachel Aziani site had no zipped picture file. but this site does a true plus, perhaps they can get the act together and add zips to Rachel Aziani as it well needed.
Video quality average to very good.
The list of models is great.
And what looks to be nearly 600 videos this site is more a stand alone then and addition.

Looking at this site and compared to other stand alones out there, I rated it in mid 90's because they seem to have a good grip on what this type of adult site is to be like.

I compare quality to Twistys and Suze.net as far as quality and model listings.

One annoying thing that seems to be about this network is lacking modern technology.
The navigation in this network reminds me of what adult sites looked like 3 years ago.
The navigation why old works, but there isnt any sparks at the technical knowledge. the sites do not jump out and say JOIN ME I"M AWSOME, they more like say. hey look here I am and adult site .
Even the Rachel Aziani site doesn't do the model justice. As I review the network I just can't hope that some one will invest in new technology.
Seems this network would battle some other great sites with a good upgrade and faster server. But I would join again for sure.

07-01-08  12:06pm

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Visit In Focus Girls

In Focus Girls

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Nice new clean look.
MP4 HDV UP To - 1280 x 720 @ 4Mbit (MP4)
Unique Material to this site.
Streaming Material is fast smooth
Many Vids have matching Photosets.
Navigation is good.
Very professional looking site.
Cons: Older Movies SDV - 640 x 480 @ 964Kbit (MP4)
Photos not accessed on video page.
Search engine did not accurately search.
Downloads on my 50MB connection was average not impressed.
Sameness in shoots.
Bottom Line: Toads over view:

The site has improved greatly since my last review in 2008. I did notice PU icon is not accurate to the new site format makes one think the site has not updated the look.
I found joining was easy and accessed with no problem. Girls are stunning and very nice bodies.
I was disappointed that most all the girls appeared under 24 and looked award when dressed in clothes for a person in their 30's. But were good non-the less.

Conerns I had:
I disliked the older material, some as old as 2005 and did not look or feel fresh. The newer
material was great and very high quality.
I was troubled by the poor results from a well designed search engine. The look of the search engine looked intuitive and clean but gave bad results. A search for blonds would bring up black hair and blond. Other niches did the same.
I ran a check on my PC and connection several times and took longer per movie then it should on this site.

Toads take:
This is one of the best overall sites out there, the search engine and old material are bothersome but the site over all is clean fresh and feel right. Those issues are the only reasons that kept me in the mid 90's score wise. If the search worked well I would have bumped my score up to 96.
The girls are amazing with many niches this is a girl only site there is some hardcore solo activity and some Lesbian shoots by over all is mostly solo. Allot more outside shoots then I would like, and would not make not of it but the search engine did not omit these well and added to the confusing finding the idea user material.
If you join any solo site make sure you do not miss this one. The unique material alone makes this a high mark site and quality is great except on older material which in my opinion should be archived and not included as total videos the site offers. I was also impressed that each video had picture sets. However in the video section there was " UNCLICKABLE" photos icon and access to the photo was done by a almost missed link. The link is fine but pictures should be clickble to the set. Just some small annoyances but the the site is great and worth the join.


11-05-12  01:21pm

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Visit In The Crack

In The Crack

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: Excellent quality and HD
Massive content .
Awesome interface and navigation.
Cons: Scenes are similar and same consistency.
Looks like many scenes at the same places.
Lots of close ups, ( too many my opinion )
Bottom Line: Knowing there was a more recent review I tried to think of a better approach then saying the obvious
and repeat what was just said three weeks ago.
I agree with the previous review, therefore I will
share my experience.

The site is an amazing experience, it is easy to use and navigation is simple and intuitive.
The quality is awesome and brings out incredible details.
The site download speed was good and no problems with my downloads at all. Picture quality was equally impressive with great details and contours were clear.
This site sets a great example of simplicity and ease and invites the user to surf without feeling like your chopping branches through the jungle to get the the fruit. This site is about ease of use and providing a great experience.

The bad:
I found the site repetitive and for myself why the site is amazing the scenes were after awhile same ole same ole. Now some may not agree, this was my "own" experience. I also did not like the place of scenes often seemed to be around the same places. There is not allot to say wrong about this site. To be far many sites are the same in content. I this being the site is based on a niche makes it seem more so.

Hard to compete with such and awesome review before this one. So I chose more personal review input.

CT Take:

Join for sure, it is worth the money and time and after this you will wish other sites ran like this one.

03-08-12  09:19pm

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Visit 1 By Day

1 By Day

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Hardcore, Lez, Solo many Niches
Huge Site, no DL Limit
Great Search Engine
Video HD and HD Photos Varied Size
26,000 + not a mis-type Videos
No DRM, Updates Daily
Good Download West Coast 500-700k
Videos 4000k ( wow) 1280x720
Stunning Models Awsome / Unique Scenes
Good Navigation.
Many Formats, to many to list.
Slide Shows
33,000+ Pics ( Plus Zipped )
Download Mangers work well.
Looks To Have Daily Updates.
Cons: Some Models Only 1 or Two Scenes
Site Design is Good But Intense
No Live Shows ( not really a con)
Downloads speed good not great.
Very High Price.
Lacked specific niche navigation unless searched.
Bottom Line: Many reviews all over the net rate this site high.
I wondered why, I joined and stop asking.
This site is awesome, mostly because of the awesome models the scenes are hot.
And thank you thank you for not having guys talk through out the whole thing.
( who ever thought this was a good idea in other sites should be shot)
So what I often do not see in the reviews is negatives on this site, the site is so good
that one wonders where it falls short if any.

My only complaints are, that I will find a hot model, and I think ok here we go only to find just one scene to her. That's repetitive in the site and site where you find only one or two scenes of a stunning model. There are 10's of thousands of Videos more then I could even begin to download. This is one site I will be picky and pick what I like not just horde it. They are that stunning you will fin lots to admire.

The sad thing is this sites cost is high very high , and its going to be a one time joining for
me I can not afford that kinda cost.
The Navigation why simple , is intense, there is one flaw I saw that was annoying.
You must search for a niche rather then click a niche button, that's ok but often didn't reveal all scenes.
Other additional sites are available at a huge cost as well. This network would be rich if they lowered the price.

Cybertoads take, I rated it a 93, its a great site meets and exceed your fantasy and has a
incredible search engine for niches, but not 100% accurate more like 90% accurate.
The site navigation is good but intense because you have to travel through many areas.
Must be hard on a site this huge but wish there was a better way to do it.
Join yes, stay maybe not price is just a factor. I tried not to let it not influence my review.
If I had it would have been a 85 its just to much.

You will enjoy the site after you stop crying after thunking down $34.95 ( like 5cents makes a difference here its 35.00 . But you will enjoy

I loved the site but there was one or two short falls I didnt read elsewhere and why this is a awsome site I felt was important to give a all around review.


Added / 10/3/08
Just finished downloading the entire site.
A: it was done flawlessly, using Downloadmananger
B: The quality is very good on 90% or more of the videos. More Girls then guys and no talking really by guys. A new update every day and are videos. Some very hardcore solos, Lez scenes too.
Just sharing the info, enjoy.

09-29-08  12:10pm

Replies (10)
Visit Sexy Babes

Sexy Babes

Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: A wide rang range of models
Some very very good sets.
Simple and straight forward to navigate
Updates pretty regular.
Part of a larger good quality network.
Quality very good.
Downloads speed good even with multi-DL's
Cons: There were a few broken links.
My experience was no response from tech support but that could be just and isolated incident.
Quality was good but sometimes repetitive.
Site is navigated well, but similar to others in look and feel. Nothing excitingly different in the look of this site comared to others.
Bottom Line: I took a few weeks to review this site to compared it to similar ones in my visits.
Site is worth membership even long term for awhile.
Downloads were good speed no drop offs.
A few broken links but only a few.
Site is good looking , models are top notch.
Comes with other sites of similar quality.
If you like twistys and others like that you will like this site.
My own opinion was though I wasn't overly excited about the interaction of the site. Why the site is great, it also is similar to other sites but well worth the visit if that makes sense.

The bottom line is, join the site, you wont be sorry, this site continues to get better as times goes on.
They appears to take the site and updates serious and thats why I rated them a 93. The site is in the business of providing quality and a good speed. Not just a snatch and Grap ( no pun intended).

Visit you wont be sorry.

06-17-08  09:21am

Replies (1)
Visit Babelicious


Status: Was a member approx. 6 months prior to this review.
Pros: Well Designed
Easy to use
Lots of Content
Goo Download speed
Cons: I found no real cons.
Other then download speeds that varied
Bottom Line: I good clean site, when I used the site it was a good site, clean and easy to use. For me it didn't set it self apart from others enough.
But is a definite member worthy site.
A must visit site. for sure.

01-02-08  09:43am

Replies (2)
Visit Wow Girls

Wow Girls

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Updated: 04-21-14  10:22am  (Update History)
Reason: IT was my browser apparently this site hates firefox .
Pros: HD Video
Large Selection.
Stunning Girls
Cons: Bad navigation system.
Links go all over.
Dead links.
Bottom Line: The site is amazing with very good HD and stunning models. They look fresh, sexxy and horny.
The HD is very very good and pictures are amazing details for photos.

I know there is new software is being used by all these pornsites. But that software is unproven and every site I have tried in the last year is bad bad bad. The problem is this software allocates a smaller amount of ram to save server load, problem is this same software makes it hard on members.
I think this gave some conflicts with Firefox, i switched and chrome worked best on this site.

No answer from support is is another minus.

I have been a fan of this site once before but the format change is not good since I was last here.
I would join but be aware it was buggy on Firefox.


04-13-14  09:46am

Replies (4)
Visit Club Sandy

Club Sandy

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: About 2000 Videos WMV,Flash (.mp4,.mov),
Most video and pic HD quality
About 2000 Photo Sets ( zipped)
Many Bonus Sites
Regular Updates ( each week 2x )
Great Model Selection ( most well known )
Cons: Site navigation is difficult.
Scenes some are ok.
Search not accurate enough.
Older scenes quality ok.
Bottom Line: The Pros:

Lots of good XXX action, solo to hardcore. There's no advanced search, but you can filter your results on this site, any of the bonuses or the entire network by a rather extensive list of categories. However this was also a con as it was big too big for the search they offer.

The site design looks good, the picture quality on most items was spectacular. The detail seems to be awesome through out the sister sites as well. I have an HD monitor and HD video card that made this look amazing. The price is good too especially if you are new to porn you will get a huge selection here. 19.95 can not go wrong.

The Cons to this site was the search really bugged me, as looking for items over these massive sites made downloading nightmarish to keep track of. By no fault of the site, but collecting was not made in mind in the design. And the size why awesome adds to the issue.
However if a person plans out it will be easies to use the site if one preapares and separates the content on their hard-drive. Download speed was moderate and slow at certain times.

Toads Take.

And amazing network of sites and porn for just about any taste. I was amazed at the stars and the quality is top notch. I did not put it as a con but the quality is used in the form of large file size so highspeed is recommended.

The site navigation was not as I would hope, but was satisfactory and given the size of the site I would hope in the future as the sites grow a more advanced search appears.

Going back again to the quality, the picture sets you could see skin cells practically, the details are that good.

If I were to recommend a great site this is it. I would have rated the site higher, but the search and navigation knocked it down a few. Still 92 is fair.


03-14-12  01:55pm

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Visit Viv Thomas

Viv Thomas

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Updated: 09-21-11  01:12pm  (Update History)
Reason: There are 155369 pictures to be exact.
Pros: Very High Quality.
Updates Very Often.
Original Content
Fast Downloads
Decent Pricing $24.95
Cons: Navigation is ok.
Not Really Hardcore, as more Erotic then Hard Core.
Although there is Full Sex, Anal etc.
Very Much Like X-Art !
Bottom Line: Good Site, Lots of stuff. The quality alone is worth a peak at this site.
Will I rejoin? Not sure as some stuff becomes semi-repetitive, this may appear this way to the lighter type of hardcore. Very hard site to review. Because its great in many areas, but hard to grade it.

The Stuff:
Over 1300 videos about 30 minutes each (download and stream)
DRM: No restrictions
+ Full Movies, Multi-Bandwidth
WMV Flash (640x360)
Most photo sets contain 80-90 individual pics and each one is perfect great lighting, excellent composition, and showing you exactly what you want to see in long shot and closeup.
Over 15000 ( correction 155369 ) pictures " wow"
+ Fullscreen pictures, Zip archives

3rd Party Feeds, Model Index, Message Board, Blog, Interviews, Live Chat.

If you like girl/girl, you are going to love Viv Thomas. This site has a huge amount of girl/girl scenes, but more than just volume, they just know how to do lesbian sex right. The winning formula seems to be: find two hot girls who like each other and let them enjoy themselves.
Boy/Girl. Erotic hardcore,straight and anal.
both types start off light and then get down to business.

Beauty of this site is it is 100% original stuff.

Price is 24.95 using Cbill 19.95 recurring.

09-20-11  09:45pm

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Visit Rachel Aziani

Rachel Aziani

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Awesome Model
20 Year Olds Body, on a 40 Year Old.
Good download average .
Navigation is good.
Very Pretty other models
Updates look to be consistent.
Near Daily diary.
Very good quality on newer videos
Cons: No zips for picture sets Very Sad,
Must log in too often
Only one download format, other than streaming
Clone Sites, they claim 10 but really its 4 bonus sites. And one is a streaming site seen on most other sites.
Downloads could be way faster.
Mostly Solo, so pro or con depending on perspective.
Bottom Line: Wow,
This is one of these sites where some stupid issues keeps it from being aces among other sites.
Rachel Aziani by far the best out there bar none.

No Zipped Pictures is a huge issue as this model is awesome too bad it would take a person 6 months to download individual pics.
The site download is ok at best. I have a 5mb connection, and the best I could squeeze out was
275. About half what Brazzers and Twisty's would do.

The site needs to be worked on to be faster and to have pics zipped. Still unsure why anyone now days would not have zipped?

Ok but the bottom line is would I join the site again ?
Yes, the model Rachel Aziani beyond insanely awesome true beauty.
There are about 170 videos and the bonus sites are not bad. But there are clones so its not 10 sites you get as a bonus, more like 4 and their is streaming only on some.
Advice wear loose pants ppl, by the time you sign up well you get the picture.
Even being a average site hardware wise, its some thing that will blow you away.

Quality : The pics and video are the best and is what keeps the site rating very good.
If it wasn't for the model and quality I would have rated it lower. But this downfalls do not out weigh the truly awesome Rachel Aziani

07-01-08  10:05am

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Visit Met Art

Met Art

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Fast Downloads
HD Videos Over 1000 not all HD
Over 1 Million photos.
Over 2500 Models
Been in the business 12 years
No Drm
Over 100 Updates a month.
Repetitive Content
Lots to navigate through
Over picture& video quality is ok.
$19.99 Membership
Recurring every 30 days at $19.99
$39.99 for 30 days To big of a difference as you can not download the site in a month.
Bottom Line:
This is the top of the line best SoftCore nude site on the planet.

There are varies formats, pic Divx its the best picture format for their production work.
The site is huge with over " ONE MILLION " photos and over 2500 models. There are about 100 updates per months and it one huge site.

I do not want duplicate others reviews on PU and most details are recently covered, so a twist on review here.

The site is very high quality site, the models are gorgeous, I could hardly find one that was not drop dead model material.
Compared with 99% of the websites we review this one has to be the classiest site of all.
They have worked 12 years and respectfully stayed successful in soft-core porn.
Why other sites are reaching to find a new level.
Met Art takes things to a new level in quality nude women.

The look and feel of the site is like going to a high class show in Vegas. The site feel like they are kings of the Softcore and have numerous photographers that get the shots right.
There are gratuitous scenes in the collection, but nothing that would be known as Hardcore.
That said, I am sure many will love the curves and erotic nature in how hey present.
This is not playboy tame, nor hustler slutty, it fits nicely enough to a niche in its own class.

Bottom line:

Price is tad high as you will have to stay a member awhile if you plan on full site collections. They take CCbill and Epoch so thats helpful. I like the navigation as its not that hard to find stuff even though the site is huge.
They appears to be free stuff but never had time to look at it. Site may have similar scenes and format. But hard to avoid in 12 years in business, so why it is in my cons, it is expected.

Toads Take.
Its worth a peak, even for a month. If you have not seen a softcore site or avoided them because you thought you would fall asleep with lube in your hand. Rest assure this site will excite and is erotic enough to peak the interest.

I never finished the site before my subscription ran out. But I have a nice collection
A site that is up 12 years will never get the review it deserves. I tried to give some details that may do that justice if at all possible.

Hope you enjoyed my review.


09-22-11  06:59pm

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Visit Sex Pro Adventures

Sex Pro Adventures

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: The site is well designed.
Navigation is very good and easy.
Models are awesome.
The site fits right in as one of the networks best scenes givers.
These type of scenes fit a fantasy very well if you into this type of senerio.
Fast downloads average 500k for me, average time just 15 minutes or less.
Lots of hard bodied women.
Part of a huge network
Downloads , Pics and streaming.
Low cost addition sites.
At times a recurring 10.00 offer. Wow.
No download limit.
You can use a download manager.
Cons: Only Cons I can say in being picky is that the main networked interacted into all the sites gets confusing as some sites that are on the menu are not free. The streaming is very nice on the network but downloads would be better. Over all this is a great network and site.
Bottom Line: Bottom line if you like a women in control of your tool. Then this is the place.
The women make no bones about it and go right to work.
The site and acting is good, but its fantasy, not Broadway.
Brazzer has set a very high standard at a spot hard to tie up in this industry. A few years ago I wouldn't have used the network for free.
While other sites have become sloppy after making the cash. This network continues to grow with updates often.
This network is obviously popular, but downloads are still fast and faster then many large sites like this.

My own opinion is that this site ( network) is a joiner, if you stay as a member you will get often updates.
I don't normally recommend long term joining because many sites only give a video or two if your lucky weekly and if a site cost ya 20.00 a month thats 5buck a movie update.
But not here, many sites with many updates.
If you join you will be looking at about 20+ updates a month not counting the pictures, if you count that its doubled in updates.

The team here really takes adult fantasy serious.
The only negative I find consistent in most of the network is bad acting by the men.
They always try sound macho and end up sounding like thy have one brain cell they just talk too much at times.
Of course they only need one brain cell to get a HO. But thats my only gripe is the men in scenes
not always my cup a tea here guys. My advise is to take the lead again and keep the talking of the men to a minimum. MTC.

06-26-08  09:32am

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Visit Sex Sim

Sex Sim

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Great HUGE list of options
Graphics are very good and detailed.
Free fully active demo.
Free Account, only buy as you need.
Can Make Custom Characters
Great Support Staff.
Cons: Could be very costly to buy all options.
I found some artifacts when getting to close to walls.
Sound was not as good as I would hope.
Bottom Line: 3D sex is not new to the internet, there have been tried and true efforts all in my opinion fail. However, Sex Sim is innovated in their approach, it seems like they read and heard the bitching and crying of people forking out huge money on this technology only to get a bad cartoon type porn.

Sex Sim is not like other 3d porn it may look similar and that's where it stops.
The options to move models around are good, not great. But simple and best I have seen so far a definite move in the right direction. Many other 3d's are mouse oriented this is does by the programs software via a mouse.

Over view, the speed increases both models at the same time so both are always moving at same speed not something I liked. The voice overs were ok, and speed increase also didn't change the voice much. The costs would be hundred to buy all options, not that you would have to, but takes a free program and makes it pricey in my opinion to get all they offer. They give you 500 credits for free, but you can not buy anything at 500 without additional purchases. Prices on options varied to much. I would like to see options same price so a person could mix and match easier. Even a buy one get one free option would help encourage the high cost.

The women are amazingly gorgeous, but facial features only changed slightly the guys seemed disconnected from the sex, more robotic.

Toads Take.
I love the work done by the programer, software is easy to install, has varied graphic settings and has a very small imprint of a hardrive considering the great software. The usage is easy that does not matter what language you could figure it out and use it. But it is in English.
My reviews are always hard on 3d porn because compared to real porn there is a high hill to climb. There are several options that could be added. Improved sound, maybe music additions using your own MP3. separate model speed control.
And a scene module so you could pick several scenes then automatically move to the next you chose ( clickless). As it is its the same as past 3d you pick scene manually. no play list so far in any I have seen.

I would recommend this to anyone interested on how far 3d porn has come. These guys are in the right direction, but cost and varied options cost hinders me giving a higher rating.
Holding on to members long term was probably the pricing idea, but it also deters average income guys like me.

Great job and great support gives this website and its crew a high 80's mark.
If I could split it I would give them a

93 Innovation and quality
79 price and good value.
83 ease of use and programming.

Nice to see some good 3d porn finally

11-12-11  11:16am

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Visit Sapphic Erotica

Sapphic Erotica

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: 700 + Average Size Videos wmv , mpg , mov
Many Photo sets 1000+
Discount running at $19.99
Large Site
HardCore Lez, Toys, Solo
Updates Often.
Approx 900 Models nice ones.
Easy navigation.
Cons: Average Videos no hd not over 920x540
repetitive , no story lines.
Very old school looking website
Going through the motions models.
Bottom Line: This site is part of the Final Whistle Ltd.
of 4 Sites. ( not all included in membership)
The same quality video plagues all these sites I reviewed in the network all 4 and I was never fully impressed.

This site is the best of them all, the women are pretty, but robotic at times. Lacked passion in scenes my opinion.

BUT IS A GOOD SITE, as mention its the best they offer. Navigation is easy and downloads are average speed

Not to much to add to this site, its a good porn site average at its best, robotic at its worst.
But the women are hot do not get me wrong.

Cybertoads Bottom Line:
Should you join?
Yes this site has massive pics for you pic masters here.
The videos is good and the price currently 19.99 is a good price for it.

I liked the site wasnt knocked out of the park but was good and worth a month joining.

11-18-08  08:01am

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Visit Suze Randall

Suze Randall

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: Good site over all, the quality is excellent.
Models are very pretty.
Great Scenes
Site was good speed download.
full picture updates and pic's to match on most downloads.
Cons: Some areas of the site have not been updated since last year.

The updates were often but often repeated another release just in a different format, not what I would call a release update.

Navigation was clunky but worked.

Download speed was average some files very large.
other sites accomplish the same near quality at lower size file.
Bottom Line: The site was near a 90, many areas kept me from rating this high quality site higher.
Real updates would be nice and more areas updated.

There appears to be another site being added soon.
Quality was excellent.

I would recommend membership at least a month even though updates are not great, the content is well worth looking at, some of the best quality out there. The sites design and updates keep it from being rated higher for me.

I would like to see a better navigation between the two sites net and .com or just combine the one site.

06-09-08  11:53am

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Visit Erotic Beauty

Erotic Beauty

No Review.
12-11-11  04:03pm

Visit Naughty America

Naughty America

No Review.
09-18-11  09:33pm

Visit X-Art


Status: Current Member for over 6 months (at the time of review).
Pros: Good Quality Video 10
Pictures Good about a 7
Sites price and reliability a 8
Fast Downloads.
Reasonable updates timing.
Stunning Women !
Limited Picture Set.
Updates slow a few a week.
Some content very tame, some not. Site not consistent.
Bottom Line:
Toads Take.

The site is easy enough to navigate, however not all videos have picture sets and not all sets have video. Kinda sucks. There is allot of soft type porn were I almost fall asleep watching it.

There are some women like Marie also know as Satin Bloom and another name I can not recall. Who are sparking this site up with more cutting edge stuff sure to get your pocket rocket to take off.

The site is one of the better quality sites, there consistency is getting better but still lacks a direction of clear organization, but is improving.

I am going to stay a member awhile and see how it goes. Will update as info arrives.

09-14-11  11:04am

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Visit Stunners


Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: Lower Price under 20.00.
More HD and improved menu.
Wmv & Mov format.
1000 Videos
2000 Pic collections.
Small Water Marks.
14 Sites included with membership.
Cons: Feels Allot Like Twistys and Other Sites in Format.
DL in peak hours seemed slow.
Some old stuff still circulating.
Stuff does not seem original ( but good quality)
Bottom Line: The site uses CCbill and Epoch, and gives a feel of style and class. I did a review on here years ago for them, was surprised no updates.

The content seemed original, but I thought I had seen some before. May have been from a previous membership.

There are some newbies and some faithfuls like Vanessa Lane, and Jessica Jaymes
Zafira,Audrey Bitoni,Shyla Stylez,Bree Olson and
Anette Dawn. Just to name a few.

Toads Take :
I was very please to see the site is now about 6.00 cheaper then it was in 2008 and is bigger and better now then it was then. Did not see any trial offers (darn). Sites like these always have nice quality and incredible looking women even fully clothed. With the quality on here I would think you could have a non-nude site and people would join just to see hot women.
The site is not in MHO to hard and may be too tame for others. As it is with any site,to each his own. But Stunners is like your favorite burger joint. You know what you need, and what to expect, and they deliver.

09-17-11  04:54pm

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Visit Licensed To Lick

Licensed To Lick

Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: Lez Hardcore
Zipped Photo Set (15) Matching
Nice Site Design
Camshows ( to main site)
Part of a 9 site network included
Member Forum
Average 800k day or night
No Download limit or DRM
1200k, 720x400 wmv mov
Average Photo Quality
Professional Models
Navigation Simple
Nice Directing / Shooting
Female Camera /Director ++
Content Unique Mostly
Cons: Site Has Only 15 Scenes
Only 15 Matching Photo Set
Site hardly Ever updated
Catalina in Only Half Scenes
Photos Could Be Better
No Trial Available
Price $29.99 Could Be Lower Deal 19.99 at times)
Bottom Line: This site was originated from CatalinaCruz.com
And is part of Fantasy Girl Entertainment.
Catalina is a sports workout model to porn star.
Her always tight but sexxy abs and awesome legs
will show this to be true.
She has similar taste in the women she chooses as well. If you look at the main site you will see license to lick 2 scenes before LTL site started. The videos as very hot and tasteful, as well as
a nice balance of hardcore. Catalina has a say as
to what is directed and how, nice to see Lez scenes from the point of view of the women instead of a male director.
No annoying male director and this is a plus in
the hole network. On occasion you will hear Catalina directing the girls, but thats hot. And some times she sits right in guiding the girls.
This is also seen on the network else where.
Sad is that in the network this is a very good site,but content is nill really at 15 videos if it wasnt part of the network its be a sad site as ony 15 video and pic sets can be download ( even on dial up) in a daywhilke watching CSI ( lol) But seriously luckily this site is just a addition and not the main site. Its a awsome addition
and makes the network perk up with just one more example
of female erotisism done well.
If they focused on what they do well here it would be the best Lez site bare none.
You wont see these sets elsewhere if you do
They started here.Repeated in my review through out this network is fast downloads, Fast play, and very well produced scenes. What Fantasy Girl Entertainment lacks in huge masive size like
Videobox or Brazzers it makes up in that most scenes and pics done with style and a women take and input. I wish this site was huge as I have always admired the fact Catalina Cruz took a bold career move from fitness model to porn
productions. The quality of the videos while not all HD are just something you have to see as they are done well.I'd join for a month and if you like her stay.They whole network can be donwnloaded in about a week or less not a big site. I love that Austin Kincaid is part of the 9 sites. she picks only awsomely gorgious models on her sites. I honestly can say that I do not find a bad scene in the network. and only a few videos were of bad quality.
Its agood site, could improve on more updates in the network including this one as its quality Lez action and you can tell they are into almost every seen. It seem real to them and will you as well. I am a true fan and been a member off and on for years.
Price $29.99 Could Be Lower Deal but there is a 19.99 at times that what I have.

09-11-08  11:57pm

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