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N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

If it porn related no, although they are sexxy , not in a hardon kinda way.

02-25-14  09:25am

Visit Nubiles.net

Reply of nutcrackr's Reply

Wonder if size increase is planned will it only be from new material on?

02-13-14  10:27am

N/A Reply of gaypornolover's Reply

" Download simply because the file size is too big? "

Thats what she said hahaha.

I like the biggest that yields the best results.
Some are so big that really the definition is not noticed.
I did a test on EveAngel recently three videos of size.
Full scene
1280x720 6.5Mbps
801.20 MB

Full scene
950x540 4.5Mbps
561.89 MB

Full scene
640x360 1.2Mbps
166.14 MB

This is from a new release. The First one was great, 2nd acceptable third I had to ask why they even bothered.

02-13-14  10:22am

N/A Reply of jberryl69's Poll

Many times a nice beautiful shapely body is turned to crap with big bulging massive tit job.
I hate it , hate it. And when then end up looking like you touch them theyde explode is just gross.
That my main reason.

02-11-14  11:33am

Visit Eve Angel Official

Eve Angel Official

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
HD Content
Video up to 1280x720 6.5Mbps
Photos some HD
Fast site.
Very Hot Lady
Unique Material
Zipped photo's
Not Much in HD Video
Many Pic's low Quality
Misleading Bonus sites.
Very slow updates 1item once a week .
Search engine misleading.
Items miss-matches and dead ends.
Eve has the only Solos
Site says Male Female scenes there are 3
Pic & Vid are not consistent.
Bottom Line:
Over views:

I joined Eve Angel cause she is amazingly hot, and has been for many years. She is part of the DDF network, Not the other way around as is hinted.
The site boast being part of the DDF network and is, if you join via another access for 10.00 more something that is not clear on the site.

Eve is smoking hot with and ass to die for, her older videos why not as good in quality show one tight natural beauty. She has an innocence from her first 2008 Video to her 2014 ones. Just seems she is a 100% natural at knowing what it takes to be sensual and sexxy with a tad whore on the side.

Good Stuff:
As said one hot model, she does Lez and solos on this site. She is seen in many varied places and positions making each scene unique to this site.
Eve is a super star in the industry having won a AVN award in 2009.
She does her scenes flawless, and I only saw one or two scenes that did not seem natural.

The Bad stuff, I hate give a 75 to such a smoking hot model. But the down side is not her, its the site.
The site hints when joined that you have access to the DFF network, not true the DFF network has access to Even Angel's site. Not the other way around and that will cost you 10.00 more dollars.
The site looks amazing, but the search is useless as there is very limited material on site.

Site shows a search for Male and Female scenes, there are three scenes. Hardly need a searching and fancy Male Female button for three scenes. There were 4 and one does not work.
Which brings me to another issues, there are some models shown as included that when clicked are not on the site. That shows poor quality control to say you have a model and do not.

A Huge pet peeve is when sites advertise videos with pictures to match. I'd say the site was just about bold face lying as about 1/2 photo's have no video, or half the videos had no pics.

One last downside to the site is HD, they say HD,
but maybe 10% of the movies are in HD, many are in medium and low resolution until late 2012 they got better. Some older videos look like they were taken on a cell phone just horrible. The photos are about the same very low resolution until last two years.

I am a tad hard on the site, just because it promised allot, and why some of that is sales some is not. The site comments by members is nearly non-existent making one wonder does anyone even come here ?

Closing Toads Take.
This is one of those sites that seems to plague me in the solo market of models. I seldom have ever found a website that is a solo model do what they say. Eve is a dream girl, one who's ass should be in the Smithsonian, she is a model with no plastic and is a natural beauty.
My advice is do not join Eve Angel, instead join DDF network and get all the sites included for 29.95 at TBP ( at the time of this review) it more but you will get much more. Eve Angel was $14.00 and why she is smokin, it was not worth 14.00 if only because the site misleads on many level.

This is a no joiner for me, but would advise the DDF Network join and get more bang for you buck.

02-05-14  08:53am

Replies (2)
N/A Reply of Denner's Reply

What he said

02-05-14  08:21am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

There is a saying : Those who canít do, teach.
Or those that do, will break a hip. ( in this case)


02-03-14  01:40pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

When I was younger ID impulse buy, now I want quality and a good experience, I will take a month sometimes even more. I read reviews, see cost and content then maybe Purchase. I sign up for 1-10 ratio I am very picky and it can be 10+ sites before I pick one.

01-30-14  11:13am

N/A Reply of jberryl69's Reply

Hi JB,

I actually have the Sensovox Em140, it is a great unit you can even use it with music thats pretty cool. It made in the UK.

Cost Mine retail is 410.00 as you might see on Ebay, I got a deal for $350.00 with extras new. From a guy who cut me a deal.

I had been looking at some in the 400+ range but this has an incredible control, very customized, and you can use two channels = 4 electrodes.
Chose this one because it has many nice options of the 500+ units and is much better then anything in the 300- range. I wanted quality and variable settings this has knobs and digital read outs, runs on 9v or AC, and is very very easy. I like that it can start a slow pace and then when your ready knock your socks off. I will say there are times you think you could pass out if the feeling was anymore pleasurable.
To those of us whom us the 5 finger system, this blows anything thing away in my opinion. Hope that helps. PS, the feeling of a JB and BJ are very real, works awesome with your favorite vid you would swear you there , it can be a great experience and allow you to control the big O until you are ready, its edged close to an hour thats how much control it has.

PS JB a person can get a tens unit for well under 100 I tried those and then this and I wasted my money on tens LOL. Not even in the same ball park,

01-29-14  03:03pm

N/A Reply of turboshaft's Reply

( Maybe I should have put this in the forum lol )

If I may, just add for all those that may or may not know.
There is no Zapping in Estims, Tens units and Estims are even different.
The machines used in BDSM are very different as well.
You end up with three types of Electrosex type units.

Tens Unit, can be used for Estim play,but is used most often in physical therapy to help stimulate nerve ending and in some cases even encourage nerve and muscle repair. Its the feeling that makes it used at time but has a edge to it that can feel unpleasant.

There are varied BDSM Tens units too that are used as a pain pleasure to punish and reward a partner. These tend to be much more painful and reflect the ZAP many might associate it with.

Sexstims are not like the above, they are designed for pleasure and not pain. they tend to have gentle adjustments allowing allot of control to avoid any jolt.

Turbo the misconception is these units shock and Buzz you. That is not an accurate statement for these, they can be used that way I am sure but bringing a partner or individual to orgasm or teasing is the
main goal of the Sexstim / Estims.

Turbo you mean Iam more twisted then you > lolol.
Now thats a switch I never thought I would be too exstreme for this group, I will say if you have never done it. Well lets say I had all the concerns most would have and after 2 years it can be very relaxing and fun, and no it does not hurt
( unless you want it too lol ) Anyone looking for more information let me know, be happy to give some help if its your thing.

01-29-14  08:17am

N/A Reply of graymane's Reply

The Estim and Sex Stim are worded to mean erotic sensation by Electro- erotic means. Its fun for couples too. ( if one is into it.

01-28-14  03:04pm

N/A Reply of Cybertoad's Poll

Ok seems interesting JB was about the closest and others just votes.
OK Erotic electrostimulation (abbreviated e-stim and also known as electrosex) is a human sexual practice involving the application of electrical stimulation to the nerves of the body, with particular emphasis on the genitals, using a power source (such as a TENS, EMS, Violet wand, or made-for-play units Sexstims) for purposes of sexual stimulation. Electrostimulation has been associated with BDSM activities, and erotic electrostimulation is an evolution of that practice. Erotic electrostimulation is the use of electrostimulation in an erotic or sexual manner versus the more sadistic or painful applications in BDSM. There is a huge stereotype that Estim is BDSM, in fact most Estim users are not into pain but pleasure.
The Estims ( look up EM140 Sensavox example, can reproduce the feeling of a BJ, or licking, and even sucking depending on electrodes. These are not painful unless you turn up the juice, there are precautions that all tens and estims are required.
But in closing the bonus is you could get hands free Orgasms using these. And it can even hands free edge you right before. I was curious about what people knew about it here, I know people 21-75 that use them safely and have allot of watching Porn and getting HFO.

01-28-14  03:01pm

N/A Reply of graymane's Poll

I'm going to say 5 years as many a rulings ending personal rights have occurred over a short amount of time. I see porn as no exception, and there is no main stream political support for porn like there is for most everything else. Its for that reason it would not be hard to see a swift axe occur.

I hope the above never occurs, but fear it might.

01-26-14  08:25am

N/A Reply of Drooler's Poll

No, as long as it does not affect her former acts. There are many porn stars who get married or serious boyfriends and will change what they will do, and often won't d porn with anyone other the the S/O.

I only see this in the ladies and most males do not stay committed very long in the porn business. There are some but most end up separating or getting a divorce.

01-22-14  08:23am

N/A Reply of Monahan's Reply

I truly hate Madison Ivy, Dayna Vendetta & Memphis Monroe,
those three make it very hard to get anything done. Just the thought of these beauties ! Oh well ! LOL gotta go LOL

01-21-14  03:20pm

N/A Reply of Monahan's Reply

I agree, not a big fake boob fan, but Madison Ivy for me pulls it off pretty darn good do not think she could tan lines though.

01-21-14  12:41pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I love to hate them, if you are like me and enjoy your 70's and 80's ladies in porn then you gotta love tan lines. Tan lines tend to go best with the natural ladies of the 70's and 80's. i have never seen fake boobs looks good with tan lines. I a sure many will not like them, i think sometimes they outline the hips and butt nicely . Probably just me remembers my old Penthouse and Playboy tan babes where tan lines were in.

01-20-14  08:18am

Visit VideoBox

Reply of stingerxxx's Reply

Hmm wish I knew why then, but didn'y have any throttling issues.
I was able to even watch while I downloaded.

01-18-14  06:26am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I guess yes since I am currently #3 on the list LOL

01-18-14  06:25am

Visit VideoBox

Reply of stingerxxx's Reply

Maybe something in your routers firewall ?
There is some odd stuff happening here and there on the net.
Whats your test speed ? I know you said 30, but what does it say under a download test. I have a 50mb connection and mine reads about 50.

01-17-14  08:18am

N/A Reply of Drooler's Poll

When a model poses she is making a focal point for the camera. Often under the direction of the photographer she is told what to do. where to move and even when to smile.

And actress, must create a scene to give a story. Models who are photographed seldom tell a story in away a actress does.

I am a photographer a dam good one I think.
That does not mean I would be a good movie director now does it.

Same same. Model does not mean actress it means model LOL

01-16-14  10:42am

Visit VideoBox

Reply of stingerxxx's Reply

I did not notice any throttling I have a 50MB connection and was
about 4MB on average. I am on a Ethernet on my porn PC, some people share their wireless and the router may have a cap so one does not steal to much bandwidth. I have always seen wireless much slower on DL sites. Not saying this is your case, I can't check as my account just expired. But was about 4mb a sec.

01-15-14  08:49am

N/A Reply of skippy's Poll

I only had it a few times, where a site even with auto-fill in my browser wont load, then half to type it in. Not a huge issue, but having to type it or not should be the users discretion not the site.

01-14-14  08:17am

Visit VideoBox

Reply of rearadmiral's Reply

Yea it just seemed a rarity to get the HD I could see at say 21st or Twistys etc.

01-11-14  10:21am

Visit VideoBox

Reply of rearadmiral's Reply

Hi RA,Glad to be back.
Yes it does appear the UPdates do have older and new, even though they say HD I found some where not even 720P.
I decided not to include daily HD as in my opinion it was not always true HD, but maybe enhanced or refurbished LOL

01-11-14  07:51am

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