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Visit Asshole Fever

Asshole Fever

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: 1. Part of a large network that has GREATLY improved since I belonged to it a few years back, now available at PU/TBP discount of $19.95 USD/mo decreasing to $14.95, then $9.95 on the third month.

2. 324 scenes on this site alone (7208 on the network today with 2286 models of all kinds including many that I find intensely attractive). Great filming of high quality scenes in beautiful locations.

3. Huge number of well-filmed "elegant" episodes that start with models taking the time to SLOWLY show off all aspects of their body, eventually getting to worship of the butt and finally great anal sex.

4. Great navigation with multiple ways of finding what you're interested in (models, scenes, categories of action, etc.). Choosing a model and finding all her scenes easily (from the great quantity of models) is a real plus for me.
Cons: 1. Complex (and not easily explained) "loyalty" rewards on the network making some sites immediately available, but several sites that you don't get until the next month. You do get all of Asshole Fever and several other sites, but have to wait for DP Overload and many other sites.

2. My downloads of even "medium quality" scenes often take nearly an hour. Highest quality takes way too long on my system. I have high-speed internet but not the highest available, so this might be better for higher speed customers.
Bottom Line: A great bargain for anal enthusiasts who like a huge variety of models in well filmed elegant scenes in beautiful locations with great time taken to totally absorb every aspect of the model's beautiful body before the slow and steamy hot sex starts, culminating in excellent anal sex. Part of a very interesting network that will make most feel like the proverbial "kid in a candy store."

07-07-10  03:55am

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Visit Everything Butt

Everything Butt

Status: Current Member for over 3 months (at the time of review).
Pros: 1. As a lover of ass-play this site has many great scenes where the butt gets more than its share of attention.

2. As a Kink.com site, this site belongs to probably the best consumer-friendly set of sites on the web with EXCELLENT service and reasonable prices. I don't even have to constantly put my password in once I've bookmarked the site, it recognizes me as a good customer each time I visit.

3. High quality video and pictures.
Cons: 1. Updated con now much more a "pro": Much more heterosexual anal sex now. Before the site had far less of it than one would expect, "butt" that has changed a lot for the better. Where earlier the focus was often on enemas, solo anal play, or lesbian dildo play, the later episodes while still including solo and lesbian butt play and enemas now has added heterosexual butt play and anal sex much more often. It now hits my fetish fantasy nail on the "head."

2. I don't mind the fact that some of the stars appear again and again in the scenes, but those who want greater variety might be disappointed with this. This "con" is also far less true than when I first wrote this review a few months ago.
Bottom Line: An interesting site with quality videos, pictures, and great customer service, this site is definitely for those who want more than heterosexual anal sex. Emphasis on dildos and enemas with lots of lesbian butt play, "butt" now includes much more heterosexual butt play and anal sex.

06-22-10  06:00am

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Visit Sex And Submission

Sex And Submission

Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: 1. The quality of videos has improved as time goes by, camerawork is excellent in general.

2. Many beautiful ladies participating in S&M sessions with spanking, bondage, and rough (but smiling) sex.

3. Site goes out of its way with before and after shoots to show that sex was TOTALLY consentual and enjoyed by all parties.

4. Much more creative than other sites, often including more than one girl in a session, something I find much more interesting.
Cons: 1. While I enjoy the site and it does have some outdoor shots, the general dungeon, rusty factory kind of scenes get old. I'd enjoy some hot scenes in more luxurious surroundings.
Bottom Line: I've been enjoying Sex & Submission for a long time (I think I first joined when it was pretty new a few years ago). It now has tons of content for those who enjoy spanking, bondage, and rough sex. At about $30 USD its a bargain for the quality and quantity.

The girls either really enjoy it or are great actresses, smiling and saying how they'd love to come back and do more sessions. I've been coming back periodically for a few years myself.

12-05-08  06:57am

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Visit Dallas Spanks Hard

Dallas Spanks Hard

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: 1. For spanking enthusiasts who like absolutely beautiful "next door girls" getting spanked and having their beautiful red asses exhibited with great photos & videos this is a great site. Having belonged to most of the top spanking sites on the web, I'd give this the award for best video and photography of red-assed spanking with an excellent variety of views and accent on the act of spanking.

2. About one hundred of the most attractive women I've seen, in all the spanking sites I've belonged to, get hard spankings and exhibit gorgeous red asses here.

3. At about $20 USD, this is a wonderful bargain-niche site for spanking enthusiasts.

4. Responded very quickly to a tech issue that came up. Excellent compared to many web-sites I've belonged to that ignored member e-mails.
Cons: 1. Only spanking, otherwise no erotic content here.

2. Has some (but not too much) of the annoying spanker talk so prevalent on spanking web-sites. ("Have you learned your lesson?" kind-of talk).

2. Uses Real Player, a less desirable video format for me, and seems to download very slowly compared to other sites.

3. Updates twice a month now with a full scene.
Bottom Line: Definately a gem of a niche site for spanking enthusiasts, this site offers the most attractive "next-door" type girls I've seen in porn for a good price. But it is totally limited to spanking and contains no other erotic content.

I'm a "pretty face & butt" fetish guy who loves extremely naturally pretty girls getting hot red asses. At about $20 this is well the membership.

04-06-08  06:29am

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Visit Real Life Spankings

Real Life Spankings

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: 1. A great variety of spanked models (77 girls at this time) including girls with butts of various sizes (for lovers of skinny butts as well as fat butts). Several of the girls like Angel, Destiny, and Sara extremely pretty with a next-door-girl look, not the over-makeup porn-star look.

2. 780 videos are VERY well filmed from a variety of angles during the spanking session to include nice shots of the whole body, the spanked butt, and the facial reactions. Videos are well lit in nice surroundings. 551 picture galleries.

3. The sessions include spanking over jeans and tight pants (my favorites) as well as a variety of other outfits, then spanking with panties up, then bare-bottomed. The spanker, Mike, is a likable middle-aged guy who starts with medium friendly spankings but seems to get more intense as the model comes back for more shoots.

4. Very regular updates usually every three days.

5. Excellent response to emails (answered mine in a day)
Cons: 1. A niche-type spanking site follows a predictable formula that I like, but doesn't have too much variety of content. The variety and quality of models is excellent, but the scenes are very predictable and could be boring to some.

2. No sexual content, only straight spanking.

3. Older videos, in Real Video format, are much poorer in quality.
Bottom Line: At $22/month USD, this site is well worth the money for true spanking enthusiasts. A nice variety of girls, some very pretty, get soundly spanked with excellent videography that includes good clear shots of the spanking from a variety of angles.

The girls have interesting personalities that come across better on this site than most other spanking sites, a quality I really enjoy. Angel, for example, has a clever and friendly mannerism that would make her a fun actress, not just a spanking model.

02-18-10  12:10am

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Visit Real Spankings

Real Spankings

Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: For the spanking niche this is a great (and greatly improved)site. Almost since the internet was first available I have been a member off & on, but not so often in the last several years.

It has lots of what I like when I feel like watching real spanking: red asses, pretty girls, and (sometimes) tears. I am also partial to spanking girls clothed in blue jeans and there seems more of it here now than ever before.

It has greatly improved in having far less verbal nonsense ("shame on you, you will have to be spanked"). I, personally see spanking as a sexy part of pain/pleasure and don't care for the false notion of it as punishment, especially when the spanker talks way too much (as is found a lot at Firm Hand Spanking).

They have put in wonderful new features since I was here last including model indexes, a favorites (scenes & models) section and an updates calendar going back to 2001. The calendar links with the videos & pictures, making finding things more interesting.
Cons: Limited to punishment spanking only with a variety of implements.

I find little sexual material here. A girl might seem to be masturbating (horrors!), but it is not hard-core.
Bottom Line: I was delightfully surprised by the great improvements in quality on this site at a very reasonable price (about $22/mo).

Definitely a wonderful site for those who find the sexy red asses of pretty girls being spanked a turn-on.

03-26-15  03:14pm

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Visit TS Seduction

TS Seduction

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: 1. For those who like trannies, the site offers some of the sexiest and most beautiful trannies I've seen in 140 shoots, so far, with weekly updating.

2. High definition on the newest shoots with interesting sets and a variety of fantasies where a regular male is "seduced" and fucked by a tranny.

3. A large selection of photos with each shoot.

4. As part of the Kink.com group, this site offers the great technical support that so many other sites lack.
Cons: As a dominant bisexual myself, I enjoy beautiful females and female-looking trannies, and would enjoy seeing these good-looking trannies getting fucked more. In this site, however, most scenes depict the regular male being fucked by the tranny, though they both perform oral sex on each other.
Bottom Line: Worth the price of admission, this site offers kinky tranny to male relationships with the tranny as the dom.

Good looking sex partners, quality sets, great videos, and excellent Kink.com service would make this a site I recommend.

01-16-10  07:50am

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Visit Public Disgrace

Public Disgrace

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: 1. A Kink.com site, one of the most user-friendly group of fetish sites on the web. Quality of videos/photography is in the upper tier of all fetish sites on the web (and I've checked out most of them over the last few years).

2. Gangbang and public humiliation theme with the spice of some bondage, spanking, rough sex similar to others found on Kink.com websites.

3. Quantity of videos is smaller than other Kink websites, but improves with regular updates.

4. Lots of outdoor action with an audience sometimes participating.

5. Interesting before and after interviews with models gives a good understanding of this type of consentual sex.
Cons: I could suggest minor ways to improve the shoots to fulfill my fetish preferrences, but I can't begrudge the overall attempt by the producers to include a variety of material in scenes (some of which I'm not particularly interested in), but it's fun searching for the stuff I like with fast forward.
Bottom Line: Overall a worthwhile user friendly site for fetish fans, especially public outdoor and gangbang, at a reasonable price $29.95/mo USD.

07-22-09  09:24am

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Visit My Free Cams

My Free Cams

Status: Current Member for over 3 months (at the time of review).
Pros: A fascinating site when you are horny and also when you are not.

Usually between 800 and 1400 models are available and can be viewed in my favorite setting "Cam Previews Small" where you see a quick picture of what was happening on the model's page only moments before.

This is a fascinating microcosm of model performance with everything from non-nude pretty girls chatting to active models performing self gratification or gratifying other models with hands, tongues, and dildos.

The site is free and for many can provide hours of free entertainment. The temptation to go from just a "guest" to a signed up member to a paying "premium member" who tips and gets extra status with the models is VERY TEMPTING, however.
Cons: No male models, no trannies, no heterosexual couples. Only females here.

If you have a lack of self control, you might be like me and spend huge amounts of money here to be a "big shot" and have some of the prettiest girls you've ever seen smiling, kissing, oohing and aahing when you greet them. It is a fantasy experience that is far more addictive than the sex you see here. Chatting with pretty women who pretend you're important is very addictive....BE WARNED.
Bottom Line: On the whole I love the site and have spent lots of time looking for another cam site that compares.......none do so far.

10-17-12  02:41pm

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Visit Rocco Siffredi

Rocco Siffredi

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: 1. For fans of old Rocco videos, this is a great bargain. As Part of the Fame Digital Network, you get 155 old Rocco DVDs (or scenes from them to be more exact) for $14.95/mo USD Best Porn Discount. You also get access to 16 other sites (including Peter North, Silvia Saint, Tera Patrick, and others) with a total of 1797 videos.

2. Fantasy travel all over Europe with Rocco; see the sights and meet scores of beautiful women who like Rocco's big appendage in vigorous oral and anal sex in a large variety of settings.

3. Feel like you're part of Rocco's gang of party guys participating in lots of group and semi-kinky sex with lots of pretty women.

4. Because of warnings from Best Porn users, I was very careful to uncheck the boxes and read all the fine print before joining, so my credit card statement had no surprises that others had experienced.
Cons: 1. Very slow downloads for the best quality videos, and older videos still look like older videos in the quality department.

2. Pictures are low quality screenshots that don't do justice to the great videos.
Bottom Line: For the bargain price of $14.95/mo USD(if you're careful), there's a ton of the kind of material I like (very good looking women with lots of vigorous oral, anal and group sex).

I've enjoyed Rocco videos for over 20 years and am now able to collect and re-experience some of the old fun from his European travels for an inexpensive price.

04-29-09  07:54am

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Visit Gangbang Playground

Gangbang Playground

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: 1. A part of the Evil Angel Network that includes lots of scenes from videos I loved when I rented them years ago (31 scenes on this site right now). Many beautiful women give themselves over to very sexy scenes.

2. Great scenes for those who love gangbangs and reverse gangbangs with ass and anal fixations by Rocco and his friends. As many as a dozen sexy women attend the reverse gangbangs (Hot!)
Cons: 1. Many mostly older video scenes aren't as often crisp and high definition, but are better than what had been available online in the past.

2. Fairly slow downloads if you want the whole movies. Individual scenes are better option if you're in a hurry.
Bottom Line: I love Rocco and Evil Angel since I used to rent their videos, but have been disappointed in the recent past by what was available online to download.

The sites of this network are much better now with a wealth of scenes with beautiful european women, ass fetish, and nice orgies. Rocco and his friends are big, but the girls are willing and it sure looks like a lot of fun.

The price is also back to more reasonable ($30 USD/mo or the $40 USD for 2 month option I liked). With so many sites now in expensive euros, this seems like a bargain

06-07-08  02:17pm

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Visit Chanta's Bitches

Chanta's Bitches

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Large selection and variety of models, many of them very attractive to me.

Chanta is a great spanker and knows just how to push the limits for each girl. Bobbi Starr says she's up for anything except face slapping and chanta slaps her face (and in the end Bobbi is happy).

Chanta's sexual interest in the girls seems very real and the sexual tension makes the shoots very erotic.
Cons: Somewhat repetitive. I'd like to see a wider variety of scenarios. After an interview, we see the girls bound and then tormented which is great, but I sure would like a little resistence from the girls, then Chanta (with help if needed) overpowering the girls and tying them up before the torment. The excitement of a buildup would be great.
Bottom Line: For those who like a "Whipped Ass" girl-on-girl spanking and tormenting scenario, this site is great. Chanta is so much more genuine than many dominatrixes, I really believe her more than any others. Her verbal and physical torments is not too much, not to little, but JUST RIGHT. She always seems to be pushing each girl's limits.

The girls are beautiful, even if the scenario is quite repetitive. I get bored after awhile, but always come back later because this site has something special for this particular "kink."

08-09-07  05:59am

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Visit Fucked And Bound

Fucked And Bound

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: 1. Many beautiful women fulfilling the "fucked & bound" fantasy.
2. Site is growing and seems to be trying to be a half-step above "Sex & Submission" in its intensity.
3. Price, especially multi-month packages, is still fairly reasonable.
4. One of my favorite models, Bobbi Starr, is much more intense on this site than on her previous sites such as "Sex & Submission."
5. Excellent response to my e-mail in less than 24 hours (unusually good for web-sites, many don't respond at all).
Cons: 1. Some episodes are fairly mild spank, fuck, and blowjob sets.
2. Some models are simply "OK" and not drop=dead gorgeous.
3. Site is still growing and not as large as other sites.
Bottom Line: For intensity in the "spank & fuck" genre, this is the best site so far, even out-pacing the pioneering "Sex & Submission" site in its intensity. Fans of Bobbi Starr (I'm one of them) will be blown away by her 2 intense episodes so far. Fairly good price for a cutting edge and growing site. Excellent response to e-mail inquiry also is light years above most unreponsive web-sites.

07-01-07  07:22am

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Visit Porn Multi Pass

Porn Multi Pass

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: 1. If you like orgies, Brazil Bang and Orgyental are full of lots of quantity and often have my favorite fantasy, a linup of girls' butts shaking and being closely examined as a prelude to the main action.
2. For inter-racial nasty sex, white slave whores and Black Gang White Bang are better than average sites.
3. There's lots of quantity for a good price, it's great. I got the Porn User deal at less than $20 USD/mo, a real bargain.
Cons: 1. The girls are Ok, but no outstanding beauties.
2 I love very pretty girls getting down and dirty and prefer more facial expressions(more pretty faces with time to enjoy them would improve the shots).
2. Quantity, but little creativity here, for those of you who are as jaded as I am, always very pleased to see INTERESTING as well as sexy porn.
3. Great for big butt lovers, but I prefer a wider variety of body types in orgy scenes.
Bottom Line: A real bargain for those who like quantity with pretty good (but not great)quality. 34 sites offer some variety, but the concentration is on orgy, anal, and inter-racial. Worth a look, especially for bargain hunters.

05-08-07  11:04am

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Visit Lupus Spanking

Lupus Spanking

Status: Was a member approx. 6 months prior to this review.
Pros: 1. Severe spanking and caning videos with many pretty girls in a wide variety of settings.
2. Access to many "Rigid East" and "Lupus" Videos which for a long time were the best severe spanking videos available.
Cons: 1. Dialogue is an eastern European language and only has some subtitles.
2. Videos only in "Real Video" format which I find less desirable.
3. Videos are often long stories that are hard to follow without knowledge of the language. While some videos have lots of spanking, others go on and on with a poor spanking at best. Inconsistent.
Bottom Line: For those into spanking, worth a look. Lupus has a lot more videos not yet online, but are something to look forward to.

An update: On returning to Lupus, it seems the quality of the videos in general is better than I remembered. A few SUPERIOR caning movies including "Wild Party," but still some many "talkative" movies where 80% is talk in an Eastern European language followed by mediocre action. Still, there are several gems for spanking enthusiasts if you search for them.

01-22-07  06:24pm

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Visit Teach My Ass

Teach My Ass

Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: 1. Great variety of really cute girls.
2. Lots of introduction including a prep talk, stripping, viewing from a variety of angles, leading up to really hot anal action.
3. Action seems more "real" than most anal sites, often includes serious fingering and dildos, then closeup serious anal action, without the fake sounding moans & groans of older porn.
4.One feels like one's watching a seduction of a very inexperienced pretty girl.
Cons: 1. After seeing several videos, the action becomes fairly predictable.
2. Girls are often very passive.
3. Seeing the suddenly wide open eyes of a girl first getting it in the backdoor is a big turn-on for me, but we usually only get the "rear-view" gonzo video once the real action starts. (A mirror view of the girl's face or two cameras while we see the rear-view action would make this just about a perfect web-site).
Bottom Line: Well worth a look. Cute girls and serious anal action. More realistic, up close and personal than typical anal sites. Seeing the girls' faces more during the anal action would improve the site greatly.

01-14-07  09:51pm

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Visit VideoBox


No Review.
01-14-07  09:23pm

Visit The Upper Floor

The Upper Floor

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: 1. Like "Big Brother" with naked women and sex, this sight offers a live-in atmosphere of sexy women in kinky servant positions serving men and women at a variety of sex parties.

2. Seems very real with participants talking and fondling, eating, drinking, and having sex in a way that seems very random and unplanned. This is both a positive and a negative feature.

3. Includes LIVE sex parties Wednesday nights that invite (but often ignore) member comments while several party participants go about fondling, eating, and drinking.

4. Includes the excellent and user-friendly Kink.com service where a member seldom needs to enter the password and can cancel membership very easily when it comes time. Of the hundreds of sites I've belonged to in the last decade, Kink.com seems to have the very best service.
Cons: Much less intense (less sex per minute) than many other Kink.com sites (such as Sex and Submission, Everything Butt, or Whipped Ass).

More talk and social-party atmosphere with several naked ladies serving the party-goers, with fondling and ass-slapping, but fewer blowjobs and actual sexual intercourse than other party sites.
Bottom Line: I took a long time before joining this sight, but find it an interesting one after having been a member of many more intensely sexual sights. Watching people at a party can be interesting.

While there are more performers per scene, there seems to be less actual intercourse per scene than most other sights.

If you enjoy watching lots of naked ladies walking around fancy parties being fondled and ass-slapped with some actual sex this would be your perfect sight.

05-11-11  01:41am

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Visit Ass Teen Mouth

Ass Teen Mouth

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Updated: 03-04-11  05:04am  (Update History)
Reason: Password problems diminished score a bit
Pros: 1. Well-lit good photography and high quality videos. The girls often are often looking straight at YOU, the viewer, with their beautiful eyes as they deep throat and get anal from the well-endowed young man who, to his great credit, says nothing and makes no noises as he fucks them. He is the tool, but the girls are fucking for YOU.

2. Many pretty young women in intense deep throat and anal scenes.

3, Now includes several excellent bonus sites which I had no trouble accessing this time. Two years ago the accessing of bonus sites was a troublesome issue.

4. At the end of each photo set in the members area is a large thumbnail from other sites the same model has worked on, so you can get more of a model you really like.
Cons: The password needs to be re-entered as you move to each bonus site (along with annoying random symbols like "aX2y4"). There are times when you are made to re-enter the password every few minutes even at the same site and there was a time where the password didn't work at all for 24 hours.
Bottom Line: Bottom Line: In the photos the big beautiful eyes of the girls are looking at YOU, the viewer. The well-lit and excellently photographed scenes of intense deep throat and anal are of superior quality and the site has greatly improved in technical quality since two years ago when I last reviewed it.

With the bonus sites this has become a bargain, and is one of the best deep throat and anal sites I've ever seen. If they can ever settle the technical password issues this would be near perfect.

02-26-11  05:07am

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Visit Firm Hand Spanking

Firm Hand Spanking

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: I have joined the site again after more than a few memberships over the years. The beautiful models keep on enticing me back.

For those who love playful spanking, the great models at this site bare their beautiful butts in a huge quantity of scenes (over 1000 at this point).

Regular updates, good lighting, and crisp photography make this a great site for lovers of pure, friendly spanking.
Cons: Not a site for those who are looking for tears or real pain. The models here are having fun and enjoy the butt-slapping. While a few butts turn cherry red, most butts get just warmly pink here.

No sex or even promises of sensuality in most of the scenes. This is just playful fun.

With so much content there are a great number of scenes for many of the models (like Allison Miller). This may be a plus or a minus depending on your enjoyment of individual models.

Very repetitive in format, like most spanking sites.
Bottom Line: What can a guy who keeps coming back to this site say? The models are just terribly attractive and I enjoy watching the spanking.

Price is not a bargain, but still reasonable considering the tons of content. For those who love spanking, it's hard not to make this a site one of those to periodically join.

11-11-10  06:21am

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Visit Dallas Spanks Hard

Dallas Spanks Hard

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: 1. Still $20 USD, still a bargain-niche site for spanking enthusiasts.

2. Good hard spankings, all bottoms end up with varying glowing shades of crimson.

3. Next door type girls are very attractive and submit to obviously intense spankings.
Cons: 1. NEW DOWNLOAD LIMIT of 550mb's in 24 hour period severly limits quantity of downloadable material.

2. Updates are undated and thumbnail picture (face only) is not too helpful (no index of types of spankings such as over-the-knee, hand, brush, tawse, strap, etc.).

3. No index of models to easily find models who filmed multiple scenes.
Bottom Line: I recently joined Dallas's web-site again for at least the third time, because it does have a type of spanking that I find very appealing: pretty next-door girl type models who accept intense spankings and end up with glowing red bottoms. The price is still very reasonable at about $20 USD/mo.

The NEW DOWNLOAD LIMIT of 550mb's in 24 hour period was an extreme change that curtailed my normal reasonable downloads of several scenes at a time and slightly lowered my satisfaction with the site.

However, all-in-all, there is something next-door-neighbor-like about Dallas (I could have a few beers with this guy) himself. His intense spanking of pretty girls will keep me coming back, even with the new download rationing and other limitations of the site.

06-09-09  02:35am

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Visit Fame Digital

Fame Digital

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: 1. Great price with TBP discount ($14.95/mo USD).

2. Replied quickly to my email sent before joining. I had been warned about poor service in the past and wanted to check if they responded quickly now...they did.

3.1782 Videos (9222 scenes as of this review) including lots of Beautiful women, Rocco, Christophe Clark, Peter North, trannies, anal, and group sex.

4. Nice mixture of classic old stuff that I enjoy with stuff that's not so old.
Cons: 1. While I enjoy the DVD list that includes 1782 video box covers and then fairly large pictures from each scene, there is no sorting system by actresses that I can find.

2. Downloads are fairly slow for my system, but then I download the highest quality and am not in too much of a hurry to download more quantity than I can view.

3. No fetishes, BDSM, or spanking here, the only kink is many tranny videos.
Bottom Line: For the price (at TBP discount $14.95/mo USD) and variety I think is is a great deal and enjoyable for those who like lots of videos including my old favorites like Rocco, Christophe Clark, and Peter North.

Doesn't have everything, but well worth trying at the low price.

04-21-09  05:38am

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Visit Elite Spanking Videos

Elite Spanking Videos

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: 1. 35 well-lit, good quality spanking scenes at this point.

2. Very pretty models with very nice figures in a variety of positions, many tied or bent over spanking contraptions of various sorts.

3. Camera work is above-average for a spanking site.

4. Part of the large Fetish Network available at a great PornUsers/BestPorn discount ($29.95/mo vs. normal $39.95/mo USD).
Cons: 1. While the site says it is exclusive, the material is extemely similar to the site Spanking Server.

2. German language scenes in "Punishment in Women's Institutions" type settings is very German in its deliberate, methodic, unpassionate method. Beautiful women respond passively and stoically to punishment with a few moans. No drama here.
Bottom Line: While far from being the best spanking site on the web, Elite Spanking, as part of the Fetish Network that includes Pure Spanking, Perfect Spanking, and many other sites with some spanking in them, is worth a month or two for collecting spanking videos.

The quality and camerawork of this site (Elite Spanking) are above average for this network and is worth the Best Porn discount price of $29.95/mo USD for spanking enthusiasts.

03-27-09  06:02am

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Visit Fetish Network

Fetish Network

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: 1. This is like stumbling onto a collection of boxes of old and not-so-old fetish porn in a friend's attic, lots of interesting stuff for those interested in the darker side of porn.

2. Quantity definitely trumps quality, but the videos are perversely interesting even when they're not erotic....something for those jaded Porn Users who need a break from the erotic and are willing to walk down the dark alleys of the soul to see interesting things, often like watching a train wreck.

3. Lots of older spanking videos for collectors of classic spanking (the reason I joined).

4. Best Porn discount of $29.95/mo makes this network OK in price. Make sure you join from this site to avoid the normal $39.95/mo price.
Cons: 1. The best videos are "fair" in quality, and there are many of poor quality (some sites have videos that look like they were shot through a blurry blue filter).

2. Thumbnails of scenes are not very helpful, finding what's actually in the scene is a hit-and-miss thing. One needs to wade through lots of "stuff" to find anything.
Bottom Line: Worthwhile for spanking video collectors like myself, with lots of extras, this network is a strangely interesting one and definitely not for the squeamish.

Poor quality in older scenes, it's often like an antique shop for collectors, worthwhile for those interested in the offbeat and the strange, just a dusty mess for others.

Definitely a group of niche sites, and not for everyone, this network has lots of interesting stuff for the those who want "something different."

03-22-09  06:31am

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Visit Fassinating


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: 1. Very good (1,280 x 834 pixels) photography for lovers of anal pictures.

2. 122 models at this point, many of them very good looking. Good navigation from "models" page.

3. Includes very large network with over 1000 girls with great variety of sexual activity including lots of anal and oral.

4. Daily updates.

5. Very reasonable price ($30 USD/mo, then $25/USDmo)
Cons: This network has a reward system that adds websites each month you keep it, but adds them in its own order so you have no choice. Even though you already have a lot of content, this can be irritating when you see something on a "coming attraction" you won't be able to get for several months.
Bottom Line: Not a bad deal for the money. Great site for anal fans and a very large network of sites.

Lots of quantity and pretty good quality in general. Although the idea of adding sites each month can be irritating, you still get a lot for the price right away.

08-29-08  06:53am

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