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Visit ALS Scan

ALS Scan
Reply of mr smut's Comment

Sound like good review. I like new models and see release of old models to. New models like Faye Reagan,
Jaylee, Olivia Roche, Blue Angel, Raven, Klaudia are best.

Great bonus of Kacey yes and she got great big vagina. Email Alex for model request for old model and he reply. I emailed for requests of Ember and Alex posted all new set.

01-19-08  07:22am

Visit ALS Scan

ALS Scan
Reply of Davit's Review

Divit you sound like crying baby that got milk taken away. 65 score is very bad so you are just mad not above average review like you say. You want alscan with above average review then change number to 85-90. Alsscan is one of best sites on internet and maybe best which should be 90-100 review. I have been member of over 150 sites what about you? Alscans has more content and better quality pictures and video than anybody I see. I count more than 75 percent of video are masturbation or girlgirl video. Below 25 percent is photoshoot video that is labeled. You do not like Alex voice then do not download photoshoot video. I like photoshoot video to and it show real girl. Still more video on site than 95% of other internet sites. Alsscan do not release photos in piece. Scenes have 2 or 3 theames. Some glamore with little and no insertion. Some explicit with lot of insertion and different toy and sometime fist. Each photo release completes set in order. I do not talk good English, I just no good porn.

Your review just seen as angry baby review. Nobody believe 65 score review.

01-19-08  07:11am

Visit ALS Scan

ALS Scan
Reply of Davit's Reply

I do wish for Boy-Girl on site. Then it would be 100 score. It is best site for content and quality. I have big monitor to see all quality and compare. alscan is best of all in video and photo.

01-19-08  07:08am

Visit FTV Girls

FTV Girls
Reply of exotics4me's Reply

I agree width you. This site dissapoints. They have good site design and promotion but bad product. Webmaster/Camera guy ruins video and pictures. Compatition so much better now. Read my honest review.

12-20-07  01:37pm

Visit FTV Girls

FTV Girls
Reply of Drooler's Reply

That why I was so mad at TBP people for there false review. Because of TBP I waste my money and now do not trust site reviews. Maybe Ftv pay people to get high review.

I try best to give good propper review of sites and be honest. You do good reviews and should review Ftv. Not many updates for money made me most sad and I for got to list bandwidth limit as bad to. It is over I just move on to much better sites.

12-18-07  01:47pm

Visit FTV Girls

FTV Girls
Reply of Robare's Comment

What is a leap-frogged? Much of competation is better and Ftv just start HD video. Competation has years more HD better video for members than Ftv which is better. I join many sites and Ftv not worth money any more and only update site every 5-7 days. Sorry for not so good English but you now what I say is true.

12-18-07  08:19am

Visit FTV Girls

FTV Girls

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Nice Magazine Covers
+ Nice Web Design
+ Have to cancel to get lower membership price offer of $19,95 USD
+ Set of large pictures given every 4-6 months
+ Just started HD video
Cons: - No Daily Updates up to a week for single model update
- Blurry and porly lit pictures
- Girls seem forced into uncomfortable situations and not very happy.
- Only one size small pictures offered weekly
- No customer service. Tried to cancel and charged again. No email back
- Not so many pretty models
Bottom Line: I originally join site because of TheBestPorn review but was very sad. TBP review not honest about site. Ftv updates every 6-7 days which makes it not worth money. Only single model updates so when model not pretty you have to wait 1 more week and wish a pretty girl is added. To many bigger sites for money update daily like met-art, ronharris, alscans, and 1by-day with higher quality pictures and better video. Ftv trys to shoot glamore but Met-art is very much better quality and value. Site not first time video because always same models do video for Ronharris and other sites many months before ftv.

Many pictures are blurry/graney that is why pictures are only given in one small size for download. Every 4-6 month site releases a set of supersize pictures hand selected to find no blurry pictures. They should give all picture sizes in each weekly update. Site has nice magazine covers to get peoples money. Almost no Hi-Def video, only few models. Rest of site is low def video.

Same models shot at other sites look much better. I collect pretty models from many sites and ftv pictures and video are never as good. In videos man filming makes models uncomfortable and makes me sad for them. This is true review that so many more better sites for money with daily updates. Site does have some pretty girls but not enough. Members site layout is very good. Site was better 3 years before but now compatition much better then Ftv.

12-18-07  08:11am

Replies (7)
Visit Met Art

Met Art
Reply of jd1961's Review

Nice Review. I agree met-art is best glamore site, but sometimes want more explicit. Me and you have Met-art and alsscan reversed. For me alsscans have higher photo and video quality width better glamour plus hardcore. We agree both sites are top of class and I agree with your nice met-art review. Just not so high score.

12-15-07  06:31am

Visit ALS Scan

ALS Scan

Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: + Huge amounts of full length HD Video for member download
+ Daily Updates 7 days a week
+ Highest photo and H.264 video quality on internet
+ Pictures available in 2 sizes all zip paks for download
+ Directors Blog for secrets about models with advance preview
+ Lots of behind the scene videos shows models true personality
+ Large monthly video and picture bonuses.
+ Lots of glamore pictures and lots of hardcore pictures
Cons: - No boy-girl sex
- No Vagina hair at site. Sometimes model with vagina hair is nice.
- Old site design with frames
- Some models not updated for me enough
- Old Models before 2000 low quality and partial sets
- No open multisite discount
Bottom Line: For me Alscans is best site on internet because I have been member of over 150 of sites.
Best balance of glamore and hardcore. No site have ever allow member to feel closer to model. They love work for Alsscan and must make them very happy to show best in pictures and video. Compare model shot by alsscan with other sites like Ron Harris, metart, ftv, or Suze Randal, and models always look very much better on alscan. Five years before I think site might not be so good with not enough video but now site is amazing. So much full length videos. More pictures and HD video than member can ever download. I wish for alsscan boy-girl then site is perfect 100.

They have top photographers with largest picture details and alsscans only special toys and fisting. Large mix of European girls and American girls and I think 50/50 of each. Lots of model talking during video sex scenes that I like. I hate when photographer talks but that is old videos. No photographer talks in videos for last 2-3 years. I got 1 year memberships to both alscan and alsangels for $220,00 USD but I do not think they want people to now about discount. Maybe just ask.

A Blog has great stories and pictures about shoots and models. Alscans models use lots of body oils and looks so sexy with shiny skin and smoth wet vagina.
Site design is old with frames but member surfing works and is easy. My emails to site get answered. Nice Anna emails back. Sometimes photographers emails me back to.

12-15-07  06:23am

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Visit Suze Randall

Suze Randall

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Nice Pretty Models
+ Suze is great photographer
+ Hot Boy/Girl sex with nice cum shots
+ Can find very low price for membership
+ Huge amount of pictures
Cons: - Bad Members Site Design
- To much makeup on models
- Download Video quality very bad
- Confusing to find models and old shoots and history
- Picture sizes too small
- Do not like streaming video. Want better download video.
- Cannot find some old sets from before
Bottom Line: Site much better than 5 years ago. Then I would rate site 70. It was very bad with DRM locked video and different sites to pay for pictures and video. Now everything for one membership with no DRM. Suze is old time great photographer and daughter is OK I think. Maybe not quit as good as mom. For low price of $9,97 USD I tryd site and got some good photo sets. Pictures sexy but picture quality could be very much better and bigger. I do not like poor quality download video and was sad about that. Boy-Girl sex seems real with no fake moaning. But models to me have to much makeup and seem like porn star sluts. Site worth low price but then cancel. There are many odder better sites on Internet witdh much better quality pictures and video. Site getting better. I will look back in 1-2 years.

12-13-07  03:03pm

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Visit Met Art

Met Art
Reply of Drooler's Reply

Maybe I do not say right. Not asking for insertion but just more
pink and open shots can be just as sexy. Some of Met-art copy sites do this better, but those sites are not consistant as much updates or overall quality. Soft = playboy, but met-art should me playboy plus more pink to me better for me.

12-10-07  06:02pm

Visit Met Art

Met Art

Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: + Best site in class of glamore
+ High quality photography
+ Pictures in different sizes and zip packs for download
+ Very pretty models
+ Lots of Daily Updates
+ 3 image sizes for download small, mediem, large
+ good wed design
Cons: - Videos are boring
- No hardcore or even no spreading
- No response on emails
- Girl-girl photo and video has no sex touching
- Inconsistent shoot quality, photographers not equal
- No information about model
- Small browse pictures should start with lo-res first
Bottom Line: This is one of few sites I keep constant membership. It is best site on internet for glamore. Photos much better over videos. Videos of dancing and strip tease always to soft and get boring. Site has slowly shown more vagina but still no spreading and always leaves me wanting to see more explicit of model.

I email site with question and do not get emails back. Site used to have to many European girls only but now has more American girls to, that is good. I have joined other glamour sites that try to copy met-art but none beet this site.

Some photographers at Met-art make very good sets and some are not so good sets with blurry and graney pictures. They have good photographers and some bad photographers. They have very nice very large pictures, but sometimes larger pictures show quality weekness of some photographers. Also some photographers sets have no variation that model only stand hole set or model only sit hole set which is not good. I want to see odder poses. Please understand my bad English.

They should do glamore with more open vagina. Hair on vagina is nice but not hair by vagina lips and sometime model never show vagina. To girl sets should have girls touch more and kiss and spread more like real life girls do. It can still be glamore and sexy. Model pages do not give information about model that makes them seem distant and cannot touch.
Best glamore site but not perfect.

12-10-07  03:46pm

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Visit Ron Harris

Ron Harris
Reply of nygiants03's Review

I heard from before Ron was a older man so you might be right. He is a good photographer and probably been shooting many years. Good artsy photography. I do not agree site is similar to ftv girls. Ron Harris site is much better. ftv has amature photography and video that is not much in focus and Ron is a profressional. Ron does have not to good site design inside members section. ftv has better site design. At times Ron does not seem nice to girls but maybe they do not work hard enough so he gets mad.

12-03-07  01:31pm

Visit Ron Harris

Ron Harris

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: + Very pretty models and girls are happy
+ Good Photographer
+ like fan blowing hair look for pictures
+ Has special wand toy for masturbation and girls like
+ Picture and video quality good
+ HD Video is very nice
Cons: - Obscesson with one model, to much of same model
- Video work shaky sometimes with bad or mistake edits
- small updates or missing updates
- not enough varity in photo sets and video work follows same plan
- photosets are to soft with little progresson in update
- not enough new models
Bottom Line: Ron Harris site has really extra pretty models but not enough different models. Recent site changed to daily update and no image correction. But some daily updates are short video clip only and not full video sceens. Other daily updates may be 10-20 pictures that seem to all look like the same pose or little pose change. Before pictures had to much image correction to make models look fake with smooth airbrushed vaginas. Now some look too many red bumps and raser burn. There shuold be something in between to have girls look nice but real.

Site went week or more with no updates but says daily update. I think there may be problems at company. Plus way to many updates of same model and not enough explicit of her. No more Kara please Ron. She is pretty but too much the same.

Bottom line is I leave site wanting more. More explicit, more updates, more change. I will be cancelling membership because lately many updates was missed and too much the same. This is slightly better than average site. I joined because of pretty girls took me in but when in members section my need is not full filled.

12-03-07  06:20am

Replies (2)
Visit Simon Scans

Simon Scans
Reply of exotics4me's Review

Good Review and it is accurate. Videos are very boring and site going downhill. It was much better tree years ago or maybe rest of adult internet sites have got better. Simon Scans has not improved and maybe got worse. definatly not worth price.

12-03-07  05:41am

Visit Reality Kings

Reality Kings

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Lots of HD Video
+ Many sites for price of 1
+ Good sex sceen with girl solo first to warm up than man come in for boy-girl fuck.
+ Man they use has big cock which is good for girls and they like
+ really cannot think of any more good things
Cons: - Video Looks Stretched more than HD should be that makes girls look fat
- Many not cute girls
- Pictures are not more than same as video and small
- Limit of downloads is very bad
- to little updates
- 20 sites for 1 price you should be warned
- sceens with 2 girls or more and man seem fake with unatural acting and moans.
- I emailed about download limit and no email back.
Bottom Line: They offer 20 sites for price of one but all 20 are not as good as many single sites. I joined for one or two girls I love and they were only on 2 sites Pure18 and We Live Together and each just one video with each girl. Then no more site update for sites I like only other sites of 20 I do not like. Best example of company good at taking your money and marketing (look 20 sites for 1 price) but content do not deliver. I should no better, over years sites that offer many sites for one price have never been good. I will cancel site and not come back. To many better sites for money. 72 rating is fair and honest. Guy that voted 50 was just mad I think.

11-27-07  03:19pm

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Visit ALS Scan

ALS Scan
Reply of qualsite34's Review

Do not beleve review. This site is one of best on
the internet. I joined over 100 site in 10 years and this site has best girls, best video, best picture quality. Some shots are very vaginal, that is true. Most shots are glamure. He must not be member, old videos are available.

This persons review is not to be trusted. Look at other reviews.

11-27-07  05:22am

Visit 1 By Day

1 By Day

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: Great Video Quality High Definition
Archive is one of largest sceen
Best DP Boy-Girl
Lots of anal gapping
Pretty girls but Euro only
Better than last year
Cons: Tricky price, Euros are much more than US Dollars that make it one of most expensive sites.
No American Girls
Sets become repitition
Sometime photo cum shots look fake
Models have to much makeup on face
Bottom Line: Great site but would be better if had American girls to. I am German but understand english, I like to hear girls talk, to me talk is sexy. More girls need to talk to camera and sometime model sex seen sounds fake with fake moning. Site has good boy-girl video better than pictures. Girl only sets and video not good as other sites. Site is worth money but very high price now with Euro be careful it is expensive. Like to join site every 6 months.

11-25-07  09:42am

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Visit All Internal

All Internal

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Excellent DP Action
Internal Cum Shots with cum drips out
Very good video quality
Exclusive content
Site Speed usually good
Good Anal pentitration
Mainly boy-girl sometimes ruff sex (good).
Models are pretty.
Cons: Not enough updates
trial memberships given waste of time
Very predictible scene progress
Not a fan of wide angle camera lens
Needs more new models some of my favorite girls are not on this site.
Bottom Line: I am fan if internal cum shots. Site is good for love of this type of video. Not enough updates for me to be real happi. To me price does not care to much but I think we should get more for the money. Site is good for internal cum but not rebill. I stop in once a year. If they updated more I would be member more. Recommend look if you like internal cum and maybe ruff sex.

11-23-07  11:27am

Replies (1)

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