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Visit Woodman Casting X

Woodman Casting X
Reply of rearadmiral's Review

Nice review and I've often considered joining but put off by the price and navigation. If you got the WUNF site as a bonus site I maybe would join for the $40 but its too expensive for me at the moment. Also not into the one man camera angles, one of my pet hate is cameras not changing position and focusing in and out proper.

Anyway its interesting to read the review and get a lowdown.

07-12-13  05:46am

Visit Brandi Love

Brandi Love
Reply of pat362's Reply

Cheers Pat for the confirmation of the trial, I may sample it, she is super hot and tempting.

07-12-13  02:15am

Visit Brandi Love

Brandi Love
Reply of pat362's Review

Thanks for the review Pat, have to say I am rather tempted by the 3 day trial, do you know if you get full access or did you join for a month.

She is very nice indeed loved her on Moms Bang Teens on Reality Kings network (which is my fav site but seems to of gone down to one update a month)

Do you get access to the brazzers scenes she has done also wanted to ask as it shows some under her videos, so I presume you do.

07-07-13  03:47pm

Visit Teen Mega World

Teen Mega World
Reply of Randyman's Reply

Have you tried it on a different browser. I'd contact their support if you haven't already.

07-07-13  02:17pm

Visit Teen Mega World

Teen Mega World
Reply of Randyman's Comment

You want to go back to your email and copy and paste the url for the membership and login again there. I'm currently a member and the site is working for me. It does this after you login session expires and its hard to get back in from that page so I recommend using the membership url again, should work.

07-07-13  03:46am

Visit Teen Fidelity

Teen Fidelity

Can anyone recommend any outstanding movies on this site

Just joined a couple of weeks ago and am interested in anyone's recommendations of really outstanding episodes on this and any on the porn fidelity site. I joined it more for this site but would be also interested to hear any outstanding porn fidelity episodes.


06-21-13  03:35am

Replies (0)
Visit Teen Mega World

Teen Mega World
Reply of lk2fireone's Reply

Yeah it worked fine thanks, I emailed you back also.

Cheers again

06-09-13  10:01am

Visit Teen Mega World

Teen Mega World
Reply of lk2fireone's Reply

Thanks lk2fireone

Just checked and no such email has come through sadly for me. Oh well thanks anyway for posting about it.

06-09-13  09:10am

Visit Teen Mega World

Teen Mega World
Reply of lk2fireone's Comment

What the subject title of the email please Ik2fireone , I'm a past member but can't seem to see a email but my spam folder these days is mental with thousands of spammy crap each month.


06-09-13  01:04am

N/A Reply of RustyJ's Poll

For me I like a sporty outfit the best like a tennis outfit and pink trainers the get naked and keep just the trainers on, weird fetish of mine lol. Just something so hot about a girl in just her trainers or sneakers as people in America say.

06-09-13  12:59am

Visit Brazzers

Reply of Ozark's Comment

$9.99 you were lucky mate its $30 odd bucks for us in the UK to join.

Glad you got it sorted out in the end though.

06-01-13  05:36am

Visit Czech AV

Czech AV
Reply of Cybertoad's Reply

Yeah in this day and age we shouldn't have to individually pick out photos and download them one by one. Took me ages and knowing me I might never get around to looking through them lol. I hope I do though cause some really nice natural girls here without all the glammy makeup.

05-25-13  07:15am

Visit DDF Network

DDF Network
Reply of RustyJ's Comment

I just had a look as I've been quite a few times at evil angel but could see a email for this. Might of joined.

05-18-13  05:46am

Visit Evil Angel

Evil Angel
Reply of jberryl69's Reply

Oh yeah Dana is very special, she has the face of a supermodel and she really gets down and dirty and always having fun which for me as a viewer that's what I like best when they look to be really having fun and not just being a job.

Yeah I don't like all the Raw scenes, it can be a little too home movish, but seen a few I just though wow, that is pure animalistic passion and capturing some of that on film is a rare find in porn, it made a change for the norm. I like to be surprised now and again with what porn is and what it means sometimes. Veronica Avluv is a perfect candidate to get raw passion as she goes crazy when she is having sex, seems to get off on it so much.

Shame about her recent plastic surgery though, hardly recognized her, I don't get why they do it.

05-12-13  05:50am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I don't like them but fair dos sometimes as if it makes the sites more money and they then get to stick around producing more porn for us, I accept it and as long as its not over done its ok.

05-12-13  03:18am

Visit Czech AV

Czech AV

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: * Updates are daily at 2 updates a day

* very unique scenes, credit to them here for actually thinking outside the box literally when it comes to porn entertainment and bringing you scenes that you will of seen nothing like before.

* I was impressed with download speeds here.

* I second what slutty says not bad quality and was quite shocked to see even the lower bitrate version were not all that bad and with amateur stuff you don't often get the ultra high definition scenes.

* Some very very cute girls to be found, very impressed with the quality on czech casting to be honest, 80 girls in total I really liked the look of.

* Great interviews with some of your adult models that you might of sen before, I especially loved seeing Suzie Carina here and hearing what she had to say, you get to know about them and find out more about their personalities. I love Suzie even more after this, amazing girl.
Cons: * Some simply terrible camerawork.

* not any zip files for the photos so had to manually go through them which was a pain.

* Some not great looking women bu I guess that can be expected with orgy scenes, it would be hard to find so many stunners willing to do it.

* Not exactly the cheapest of networks.

* Can get boring, sounds weird but some of the orgy scenes I did get bored with and felt it maybe stuck on someone I wasn't all that bothered watching for too long.

* site could do with more social interaction, it would be nice to maybe rate the models and comment on scenes.
Bottom Line: Right thought I'd make a review on my thought on this network. First off its not the cheapest of sites at $29.99 but you do get access to 12 sites.

It gives you 2 updates a day which is fair enough I think and overall there's a fair amount of content all together to keep you busy for a good while.

I have to say the reason I joined this site is because they tempted me in with the pretty Czech girls on the Czech parties preview and when I'd joined I immediately felt disappointed. Mainly I think it was clever previews to entice and then I quickly realized some of the girls were not all that cute to be honest and some of the camera work to left me bored cause it was basically a guy holding a handycam whilst he had sex with these girls, yeah it give the amateur feel which sometimes I love but you do miss on on so much cause the camera stay in one view point for far too long, I ended up being bored to be honest.

Some of the lesbian orgy scenes too was a big join factor for me, I love lesbians and it did look so amazing to have a house full of them and film it. But again some of the women where not really my cup of tea and filmed by a guy you often felt like you are missing on on so much happening elsewere whilst you are stuck watching someone you might not be that keen on when there this real hot girl getting it on behind the camera guy. I think it would be better if they had more camera people, film it in all rooms and edit it at the end of the orgy to just put up the good bits.

Some of the other sites are voyeur sites with watching girls on the toilet and sunbeds, felt a bit weird and unsure if these girls are signed up to it and just pretending they no nothing about the cameras, I probably think this is the case as unsure of the legal aspects of filming people on the toilet. It was interest to see for something different I say that much for it.

Now lastly and this site I was so glad about as its been my highlight and that's the casting videos. Now he the network seemed yeah ok this is different, lots of girls basically being cast with a clothed interview and then they get naked and often seen oiling themselves and playing with themselves whilst chatting. The thing that I loved about it is wow you see some really quality girls, often without all the heavy makeup like you see on loads of sites, just being themselves, it made a real refreshing change to get to know a bit about these models and why they wanted to get into porn basically.

Also the photographs they took, I'm not too gone on photos from porn sites and often just don't bother with them but these were really interesting as they posed in the same poses nearly each time for every girl. I found it great, I love girls posing with the hand by the side and legs together looking straight at you, always have done and its a real rare find to see on a photo shoot, you often never see a model simply doing this, for me it one of my favorite poses. So I've been collected around 9 of these photos in the same poses for each of the girls I liked.

Comparing body shapes and boobs and everything is actually really good I found and really makes you think of what you actually are attracted to in women. I found 80 women here I liked, I went through them all getting these 9 photos and videos, still a few to do actually. Will be something I know I'll definitely look at again which is actually more than I can say for lots of sites so feel now maybe my money hasn't been wasted which is how I felt when I initially joined and got a bit bored about the camera work.

One thing though with the castings I think I should mention is they do sometimes go too far with the pestering the models to go further when they clearly feel uncomfortable about it, watching someone feeling awkward and not into it certainly doesn't make for a hot video. Lots of the girls though are models in the adult industry now so it didn't put them off, but just some I did feel sorry for.

Think I should mention First Videos, Amateurs and Streets sites, often bad camera work but some real gems in there too I found, some really cute girls and I was impressed by a few here and there on these sites.

Overall not too bad network and there are some real gems to be found and very unique scenes, sure there was lots I don't think I'll ever watch again with some of the amateur stuff but certainly don't regret joining and think there is some good to very good stuff on the networks, just takes some finding sometimes.

I've just reevaluated my score after viewing more on the czech amateurs site, very impressed, before I only briefly looked at what was in there now after downloading and viewing some, very good indeed, this is the type of amateur stuff I like and works better than the handy cam orgy scenes. Also some really natural sex in these scenes with real couples. All what I've seen this afternoon I think my 82 was unfair and actually going to go for a 87 after all for the network.

05-12-13  03:02am

Replies (2)
Visit Evil Angel

Evil Angel
Reply of jberryl69's Review

Nice review. I too love this site, these movies are often one of my first port of calls when I'm looking to what to watch.

Love the Raw movies, especially the Veronica Avluv ones, so intense and raw lol hence the name.

Also Dana DeAlmond movies, oh wow, she is simply my fav porn star at the moment, so amazing, always puts in 110% and seems to love and enjoy her scenes. Her best films that I've seen of her are from Evil Angel.

05-12-13  02:01am

Visit Reality Kings

Reality Kings
Reply of audrina69's Comment

I do tend to agree with you here, Moms Bang Teens is the strongest site I found on the network followed by we live together then pure18, I would love to see more of these videos on MBT, amazing some of them, about 5 of them I found amazing. When you get onto a winner like this, do more, no one else is hardly doing older/younger threesome you would clean up.

04-21-13  05:25am

Visit Morning Star Club

Morning Star Club

Another regional pricing site for non US customers

It should be stopped this regional pricing thing, really annoying to find out yet another one who think $19.99 is the same amount as 16 which is more $24.55.

oh well another one to miss I guess.

04-14-13  07:14am

Replies (0)
N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Yeah it is ok, sometimes I can watch a fisting scene, but I'd never join a site that was just fisting, it all depends on the girl, yeah Nella on Sapphic Erotica used to do lots in her scenes and she was hot but it does look abit weird someone having a person hanging of their arm lol.

04-14-13  03:27am

N/A Reply of Vegas Ken's Poll

They have to have pretty girls without tattoos for me to think of joining these days.

04-12-13  04:59am

N/A Reply of Cybertoad's Poll

I would say a no for this, I really do not like guns and can't find anyone sexy holding one.

03-24-13  02:30am

N/A Reply of Colm4's Poll

Give me a aussie accent on a hot girl and that does it for me, I do love a french accent too though.

03-15-13  03:25am

N/A Reply of Dracula's Poll

I've never tried it but sure I would if I started to have a problem down there.

03-03-13  01:24am

Visit 18 Only Girls

18 Only Girls
Reply of Dracula's Reply

Thanks for the info Dracula, appreciate it.

Have to say it not the greatest of deals $69, (woh), thats a bit out of my price range, I thought it was going to be same price $30 or $40 maybe. I'd be only interested in 18onlygirls and younglegalporn and skinnysupergirl (which came anyway with these sites) which are $30 now so it would be cheaper to join both outright than $69. I'll give it a miss.

03-03-13  01:19am

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