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Visit We Are Hairy

We Are Hairy

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +Friendly, involved and supportive Webmaster.
+Amazing models, amazing quality.
+Excellent growth since my last review. I counted 134 models today who, on the average, posed for seven to eight sets and videos. Not shabby for a site a year old. Growth has accelerated even more since Nov. 11, 2010, when the site decided on three updates a day, seven days a week.
+Now includes downloads for portables.
+All videos, except for a very few are of HD quality at 1280x720 at 5000 kbps. Videos are available in various formats, HD MP4, HD WMV, DVD MP4, DVD WMV plus iPOD/iPHONE MP4.
+Picture sets are available zipped in Standard Resolution (1024), High Resolution (1600) and Super High Resolution (3000+). Custom zip available.
+Excellent HD streaming of videos.
+Excellent search. Search by category or hone in on something that meets your taste exactly, it's all there.
+Allows you to filter out themes you don't care for, has a voting system, allows for comments good and bad, has a forum. Continued:
Cons: Super High Speed for me (anywhere from 2.5 MB/s to 3 MB/s.


Can't find one darn thing wrong with the site, except that | would like to see every model come wrapped in erotic lingerie but seeing that someone else expressed their distaste of all those lingerie sets in a comment .. we must give Kudos to the Webmaster for looking after his strange taste as well! :-) Just kidding, friend!
Bottom Line: I love this site. So far as I am concerned they started with the intention of making theirs the best hairy site possible and have added enough bells and whistles in the year they have been in existence that they achieved top dog position in this short time.

I would have given a hundred but I'm still smarting from that one non-confidence vote I got last time I gushed over a site. :-)

Highly recommended to all hairy fans. You are getting the best in the niche.

12-05-10  04:11pm

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Visit American Vice

American Vice

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Excellent video site that caters to most tastes, a rarity among its peers who tend to be so main stream that they become boring very quickly.

Three different degrees of quality when it comes to downloads. The best quality video (WMV) has a bitrate of 2000 and is quite acceptable, especially since the huge HD files of other sites have eaten up a lot of my hard drive space.

A superb search engine even though a novice frequently gets a message that whatever he is looking for can not be found. With a bit of experience these messages get fewer and fewer and you really are able to zero in on what appeals to you most.

The most responsive and friendly webmaster I have come across so far in a porn site.

Excellent download speeds (1.4 - 1.7 MB/s) for me on single downloads. With multiple downloads speed goes down accordingly but is still quite respectable.

Almost forgot to mention: I love the editorial comments and find them not only funny but quite helpful.
Cons: Only one con but I am not sure if that is a personal or site problem: I am not able to stream a scene with Firefox. I have tried everything, even using the IE plug-in, but that invariably takes me to the join page and asks for my user name and password. I am using "sample" to get an idea of what a scene is all about but usually don't get much information through the short clip shown. Wish they switched to Flash.
Bottom Line: This is a site I am really enthused about.

Subscriptions to other video sites usually start out with a WOW and next day are followed by IS THIS ALL THERE IS, but the niches are so well represented in this site that I keep finding excellent videos left and right that I've never seen before and the WOW factor has been extended.

As someone stated, this site could stand heftier updates to keep up with the competition, but on the other hand, if the webmaster keeps throwing us bones in the form of different and unusual contents I shall remain a loyal supporter.

In one sentence: Highly recommended and, to me, this is the best video site around, beating its bigger peers hands down when it comes to entertainment value and value for the buck.

02-24-09  02:47pm

Replies (2)
Visit Nubiles.net


Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: Beautiful girls (988 of them at the latest count). I have yet to rate any of them as less than 9 out of 10. Half a million pictures plus over 5000 movies. This is indeed a mega site.

Videos: I downloaded only HD videos at 1280x720p in wmv format but there are other choices, AVI and MPG in High Quality, MP4 in Medium as well as a mobile version in Low Quality, available to those with less available storage space or with a slower connection.
Talking about the latter, videos can also still be downloaded in parts.

Streaming is excellent and also available in three different screen sizes for the newer videos (and there are a lot of them): Low, Medium and High. Some of the older videos stream at Low and Medium only.

Pictures are available in two sizes: Hi Resolution at 2400x1600px as well as in 800x1200px.

Excellent Search Engine*, excellent Members' Page Layout with many choices to study the girls and material from every angle. Models, Picture Sets and Videos can be rated.
Cons: One Con, in my subjective eyes, is the lack of erotic underwear on most models, but I do understand that times have changed and girls dress much more casually these days, so even though I regret the scarcity of sexy satin or nylon undies, like teddies and full back panties and flimsy nighties. I will not hold this fact against the site. They cater to a younger generation and they do that well.

Another con for me is the Bonus sites. Again, this won't effect how I score Nubiles but I really do wish that if a site offered Bonus material it wouldn't always be from outdated, left-way-behind sites like: “Spring Break Fuck Adventures” and “Katrina18.” Their videos are completely inadequate in this day and age.

I decided to download test videos from both and ended up with mpg videos that were in 320x240p at 800kbps, incredibly blurry in full screen, and could only be downloaded in four parts. My preference: rather no bonus than one that is grossly outdated. It cheapens a great site.
Bottom Line: I did a review of this site a few years ago and found it very good. In the meantime it has become even better, in my eyes. As I stated earlier the models are a joy because there is not one who is less than beautiful in the whole bunch of 988 of them.

I find all the choices listed on their members' page irresistible and spend as much time browsing as I do downloading .. a rare thing for me.

I would highly recommend Nubiles to all those who like beautiful models from approx. 18 – 23 years of age.

This site contains a fine mixture of European and American models. Exotic models (Blacks, Latinas, Asians) are a bit under represented, though and I would like to see more of them as well.

I almost forgot but I had problems with download speeds when I first joined this site and tech support bent over backward to help me. They were prompt to reply and very friendly ... a very huge plus for a site.

* Edit Nov.16: I downgraded my score by 3 points because the "excellent" search engine proved to be far from excellent. I got highly inaccurate search results when searching for "stockings", just as one example. Tons of hits, yet very few contained nylons.

10-20-11  12:01pm

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Visit abbywinters


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Updated: 08-21-11  04:03pm  (Update History)
Reason: Split movies in g/g section plus .. see below!
Pros: 1384 beautiful, natural models.

Latest movies are available in Lo, Regular, High and HD. High is very good at 1024x576p while HD is at 1280x720p and also very nice and crisp.

Pictures are available in two sizes, 3888x2592px and 1470x980px, zipped. The sets are huge but for those who think less is more there are also “the best of” reduced sets available of the same models.

I love the fact that so many pictures and videos are heavily tagged, it really encourages one to browse and I've come across some incredible material via the tag method already.

Homepage layout is a joy, even giving one a preview of what's to come for the whole month ahead complete with samples.

Download Manager friendly, plus ample bandwidth given to the user. I downloaded 5 videos at a time and was still able to move freely around the site and even watch smooth streaming while downloading.

Download speed for me was over my max at 2.3 MB/s, either for one file or for the five combined.
Cons: I am looking hard for one! Oh, yes, b/g content .. I hate it. Will be a plus for others so will not count against the site.. In any case there is not THAT much of it, so I'll find it easy to avoid it.

I'm also not particularly keen about the “rump” shots found in many of the picture sets. I would prefer to see more of the model than just a picture of hip down to top of upper thighs.

When considering the first 100 I ever gave a site please be kind and remember that TBP states that site "could do little to improve" and I agree with that wholeheartedly.
Bottom Line: I know that a lot of us were discontent and disappointed a while ago because many movies took too long to get to the point, but I don't find this to be the case this time around.

All the videos I have looked at so far take me back to my first subscription, and to the awe and delight I felt in connection with this site. Except that this time around the videos are in one piece and in HD and the picture sets are awesome in their Ultra High Resolution size.

AW appear to keep improving with age and don't look (judging by the updates) as if they have any intention of slowing down in the foreseeable future.

The girls look and act so incredibly natural and appear to enjoy themselves so much that I am almost reluctant to describe this site as a porn site even though it was given an award by AVN.

It was my favorite site then and is in danger of quickly becoming so again.

What happened to my love of older women and fine lingerie, you may ask?

Well, this site is so enchanting that I don't find it hard at all to forgive them the lack of the above mentioned, and give AW the highest mark I've ever given anyone.

No glamour, no excessive make up, no porn star mannerisms here, just young women of all stripes and sizes who are highly erotic to me because of the fact that everything they do seems so unstaged and natural.

If the discount through TBP is still valid I would strongly recommend the “three pack” of Abby Winters to all of our users who prefer wholesome and natural.

August 21, 2011: Have reduced my score of 100 by five points because,

a) as I found out in the meantime, not all movies are in one part. In the girl-girl section they are still as a rule in four parts: "before, part 1, part 2, after." I would like for at least the main action to be in one part only. Before and after I can do without.

b) this past week's updates were exceptionally bad, in MY eyes I agree, but that's the only way I can judge a site.

Because of these two factors I have reduced my score slightly from 100 to 95.

07-26-11  06:34pm

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Visit We Are Hairy

We Are Hairy

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Excellent photography and videography.

Gorgeous models (58 at last count), mostly Eastern European (at least the ones I've come across so far). Might be a minus for some but I find videos and photos coming from the East generally more exciting. As an added benefit this leaves out all those annoying male comments because the models and photographers don't speak English.

HD quality videos at 1280x720 at 5000 kbps.

Videos are available in five formats, HD MP4, HD WMV, DVD MP4, DVD WMV plus iPOD/iPHONE MP4.

Recent picture sets are available zipped in Standard Resolution (1024), High Resolution (1600) and Super High Resolution (3000+).

Custom zips. Excellent search capabilities.

Smooth streaming of videos.

Two updates daily!
Cons: Some of the American models are still indulging in the aggravating habit of wearing too little lingerie and getting undressed too quickly, leaving one with three pages of nudes. Blame the photographer though.

A little quirk when it comes to downloads. If I want a video in mp4 I have to right-click to bring up the menu. If I download in WMV I have to left-click.
Bottom Line: In my opinion this new site has made itself the best "hairy" site on the web in one fell swoop. I tell you what it did to me, it re-converted me to a picture fan because most models are gorgeous and the super high resolution pictures are breathtaking. So are the videos, by the way, so I can enjoy both for a change. Most picture places neglect videos and most video places neglect photos. This site does both well.

I would have given this site my highest rating ever if it had had a larger amount of contents, but with two updates a day it shouldn't take long to build.

Maybe in another year, if the webmaster sticks to his present standards I'll give it a 99! :-)

02-06-10  12:28pm

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Visit Nubiles.net


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: A very big selection of models.

Most are beautiful, within an age range of 18 - 20 (some are older) therefore fitting the name "Nubiles" perfectly.

Picture sets are available in zipped form with most sets (since 2008) giving you a choice between normal (1200x1793) and large size (1600x2400). But since the "normal size" is still quite respectable it is a pleasure to be able to go back past 2008 and sample all the "older models."

Videos are crystal clear, the new ones in wmv format at 3500 kbps. Since there are so many updates (one daily, alternating between stills and videos) I have concentrated mostly on new contents, dating from 2008 until the present.

Older contents is good and while not great by today's standards the mpg videos are still quite palatable.

Much thought has been given to the navigation of the site making it easy to get around.

The webmaster is very friendly and responsive, this is a big plus in my eyes.

Download speed is very good.
Cons: I love this site just as it is. My only con would be in connection with what it is NOT! Most who know me by now also know that I'm slightly out of place in a site that contains models under forty, but then it wouldn't be Nubiles any longer, would it?

Why am I here then? Because when I took the tour of its sister site "Anilos" I found the quality so good that I couldn't resist subscribing to a much younger site, just because it had the same quality of material and much more contents.

Strangely enough I haven't been sorry for a moment. And as you can tell by another review I just put in, I threw all caution to the wind when it came to "Anilos" and subscribed to that site as well. The site owners can thank "Berkley" for that!

I find both sites near perfect and am only stopped from giving a score in the high nineties because the older material doesn't quite live up to my taste for HD and near HD material yet.
Bottom Line: A great site for lovers of nubile women. I find it a very nice mixture of Europeans and Americans, and in contrast to some of my friends here I like the interviews in English as well as the beautiful models that America has in such abundance. Mind you, the Europeans aren't bad either!

I usually skip the hardcore stuff (m/f) but that's a personal preference.

Highly recommended!

03-21-09  06:51pm

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Visit Girls Out West

Girls Out West

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Others have given all the details (quality, regularity of updates and navigation etc. etc.) regarding this site, so allow me to generalize and simply state, or shout: This is without a doubt the best amateur site I have come across so far.

Instead of a bevy of aspiring porn stars (read clones) here be found real women! Arghh!

There are the skinny, the chubby, the shaved, the hairy, the teens and the mature. There are teeth that aren't capped, pimples that aren't hidden under layers of make-up, hair that's not always perfect, instead there's simply a bunch of models who are for the most part unabashed exhibitionists, cheered on by photographers (female) who don't give a hoot if they end up in the picture now and then, by accident or design.

I think the web mistress defiantly proclaims through every set and video: take us or leave us!

Well, I gladly take it! The site is one of the few that's true to its niche, yet the pictures and videos are of good to excellent quality.
Cons: I really can't find any cons, except for the usual one: that some of the older material is obviously not as high quality as the newer stuff.
Bottom Line: Summing up: this is my second subscription to this site. I was so delighted with it first time around that I put down money for a three month subscription this time. (Billing through CCBill, another plus)

After reading tons of reviews from my fellow PU members I must warn those who express disappointment in connection with other sites because they always find some models that fall short of their ideal, that this might not be the perfect site for them.

However, for those who long for natural rather than "porn queen pretty", this could easily become their second home.

I know that I find ALL of the girls gorgeous because they almost manage to convince an old cynic that they are not just posing for money.

They ARE the girls/women next door who like to be naughty now and then. Three cheers for our friends from Oz for running a great site.

05-07-08  02:12pm

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Visit Pornstar Network

Pornstar Network

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Updated: 06-29-11  04:18pm  (Update History)
Reason: Speed is generally much better than first experienced. And the longer I am with this site the more I discover its depth and how much I like it!
Pros: + 7250 DVDs, 62000 Videos (Scenes).

+ 1080p HD Videos (251 at present).

+ 59 Extra Sites.

+ Good Navigation.

+ Speed is good for me most of the time but tends to fluctuate.

+ Zipped Picture sets.
Cons: - Very unfriendly when it comes to my Firefox DTA, speed tends to be blazing at around 4MB/s but will shut down every 20 seconds or so and report a server error until I click on resume.

This forces me to stay with the download all the way. Downloads are fine with the ordinary Browser Downloader. At first I experienced much slower speeds but this must have been a fluke because now they do approach my maximum speed.

- Many videos are only available in avi, or mpg format but wmv is also available, except for the HD content which is in mp4.

- Talking about HD, I think most people would not even be aware that there is such a thing. I stumbled across them by hitting the "advanced search" link and seeing 1080p HD listed right beside the small window listing "videos" on the new page.

- Had to sign back into the site twice in the space of an hour.
Bottom Line: I like this site. It has plenty of good stuff, some of it previously unseen by me and that's unusual for what is primarily a DVD (Video) site. Especially a site so closely related to Videosz.

HD videos are of nice quality!

Their ordinary videos are not bad but could stand an upgrade. By comparison to other DVD sites and this, strangely enough, includes Videosz, they don't appear to be quite as sharp and clear.

But I am only a couple of days into my subscription so maybe I have just looked at the wrong videos so far.

It requires a bit of time to get used to the basic lay-out of the site but what's wrong with clicking a few buttons to see what's behind them.

Picture sets are generally small and taken from the beginning of a video shoot. They are, however downloadable in High Resolution at 1600x1200p size. In other words better than the general vidcaps.

All in all a good subscription at a fair price through TBP. Recommended.

06-08-11  03:04pm

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Visit VideosZ


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: A huge archive of DVDs. Today's count stands at 10441 with five new ones being added daily.

Approximately 350 DVDs are available in HD at present, at 1280x720p. Most are in mp4 format. If you don't like large files there is also the option to download the DVD at reduced quality, again in mp4 or, for the smallest files, in avi format.

Excellent search engine.

Excellent streaming (depending on how many scenes you are downloading while viewing.)

People who like niche content are not forgotten, with studios like Niche and White Ghetto and
others that present the occasional unusual fare being well represented.

No download limits.

Favorite scenes and DVDs can be saved for a viewing or download later on.
Cons: I really have to stretch to find anything negative to say. Videosz is slightly more expensive than its nearest competitor. It also does not have the capacity to create custom clips, but that's about it for me.
Bottom Line: I like Videosz, as a matter of fact I like it better than its not-to-be-named main competitor in the DVD business.

I had complained in the past that niche content was being ignored at Videosz in favor of run-of-the-mill mainstream material, and it is true that it still represents only a small part of the whole, but they have way more than, okay I'll name it, Videobox, who are too conscious of the importance of holding on to their target audience to be bold enough to present an update now and then that would most likely be resoundingly rejected by the majority.

I would still like to see more niche material because after long years of porn viewing I do appreciate anything that is different, even if it isn't always pretty, but also understand the law of supply and demand.

I am enough of a realist to understand that if they didn't cater to the majority they would quickly be out of business. So keep on doing what you are doing, Videosz.

Your average update is in no way inferior to anyone else's and I have the feeling you are trying hard to keep everyone happy.

That's good enough for me to give you a high rating.

01-24-12  03:52pm

Replies (10)
Visit ALS Scan

ALS Scan

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Updated: 04-28-11  03:10pm  (Update History)
Reason: The longer I am a member of this site the more I appreciate its qualities. Raising score by Two (2).
Pros: A large selection of very beautiful models from Europe and North America.

Impressive photography, mostly solo or g/g. Available in approx. 930x1400 px, Normal Resolution and 2200x3500 px High Resolution, zipped. Slight changes in resolution from picture to picture. Enormously large sets giving you the choice of keeping only the very best.

Most recent videos are in HD format in 720p dvx and mp4 format, as well as the extra large videos at 1080p wmv. All are downloadable!

Streaming is also available for previews or watching the whole video on-line if you so desire. Streaming picture is HD and very clear as well. I experienced no buffering problems.

Speed of download was also very good for me at 3.5 MB/s. This was for a single file through Firefox's DTA. Normal downloads through the browser downloader were much slower but still around 600 KB/s but as a plus this way of doing things seemed to allow multiple downloads.

Nice bonus material (auditions, blogs, bts etc.)
Cons: Huge picture sets will require a large amount of time to prune. I never thought I would consider a set containing approx. 300 pictures a con. Well, it isn't really - see above under pros, but some of you might be a bit more impatient when it comes to downloading or editing a 500 MB picture set so be warned.

I desperately want a search engine for this site. You practically have to go from update (arranged in chronological order) to update to find something that fits your taste.

Model directory is in alphabetical order but it would be nice if the pictures of the models contained the dates when her sets and videos were published. This would prevent the frustration of finding a beautiful model and then realize that her pictures are not High Resolution and her videos are split up into various parts .. something most of us aren't interested in nowadays unless we collect the complete works of a model.

Continued below:
Bottom Line: It would be nice to be able to go to a point where publishing HD videos and HR pictures first started and work one's way up to the present from there.

Close attention is required when looking at the updates themselves, some are an invitation to rate sets, some are bonus material from other sites, some are masturbation videos or g/g videos, some are picture sets, but there are also videos of photoshoots .. something I dislike heartily, but others might enjoy.

Because I didn't pay attention originally I downloaded a hefty HD file (g/g content) expecting hot action and found myself listening to the distracting remarks of the director as he gave his instructions for the shoot. I don't like to have my illusions destroyed. But, as I said, some might like that sort of thing.


This is a well-respected, well run site that offers top quality material. I did not see one single unattractive model, I'd even take the ones they had to reject during their auditions. Most would be between 18-25 in age.

The material is shot indoors, as well as in more exotic locations. Lovers of glamorous videos and picture sets will be well pleased.

There is also the added eroticism of a bit of kink. Fisting, insertion of large objects (mostly dildos), peeing, some public exposure scenes. Good stuff for most.

I also loved the fact that I did not come across one single pair of enhanced breasts. They MIGHT be there but I didn't come across them. This is so refreshing when compared to most sites!

I am adding my usual plaint, and yes, all of you who know me knew it would come:

I wish they featured some mature women, and I wish that their models would wear more than the bare necessities. Sometimes the girls don't even wear those, because I very seldom came across a bra or even a pair of panties during many of my spot checks of the picture sets and videos, but then I shouldn't go to a site like this one and expect it to be something it wasn't meant to be.

You can't expect to find cougars in a cubs' playpen.

After all this site is not meant for lovers of a leisurely strip by mature women but for those who revel in beautiful young, glistening bodies, and for them ALS SCAN does its job very well.

04-24-11  09:55am

Replies (26)
Visit 50Plus MILFs

50Plus MILFs

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: True to the niche. All models are over fifty and most are quite attractive to those of us who like mature women. Models seem to be genuinely enjoying themselves.

Videos available for streaming and download at HD quality at both 720p and 1280p

Excellent streaming at 720p.

Downloads were generally quick for me.

Photo sets come in medium and large sizes, zipped. Large is usually around 1500 px but fluctuates, even within the sets.
Cons: Picture sets are relatively small, 35 - 50 pictures per set in the ones I tested. As in its sister site 40somethingmagazine the watermarks are too garish and huge and tend to spoil the picture.

Watermarks are also quite prominent in the videos but because they take up less of the screen they are easier on the eye.

Download speed was erratic. Some videos downloaded at 1.8 MB/s (single download through DTA) while others barely reached 600 KB/s.

Only one download at a time when using DTA through Firefox. Much slower speed when using regular Browser downloader.

Still a relatively small site with 49 models.

Videos and Picture sets only update once a week, which might not be a bad thing since attractive 50+ models are few and far between and the chance is always there that the quality gets watered down.

Navigation is simple but nevertheless takes a bit of getting used to.
Bottom Line: I love this site and it would have rated well in the nineties if it hadn't been for those accursed big watermarks and the fact that it is still a relatively small site.

The quality of the videos and pictures is excellent. The ladies are confident and at ease with their bodies and sexuality and appear to be having fun at the shoots. I especially enjoy the interviews because it makes the scenes the models appear in later on more "intimate" for some reason.

I would highly recommend this site, for a month, to lovers of truly older women.

07-06-10  11:38am

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Visit Public Disgrace

Public Disgrace

No Review.
04-26-10  02:45pm

Visit abbywinters


Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: A great selection of amateur models, refreshing in their lack of self-consciousness. One gets the feeling that they are girls-next-door who enjoy getting naughty at times. Selection of models is excellent, girls are attractive. The quality of the pictures and movies is outstanding. One special plus is the sensitivity to the models' feelings by the videographers.
Cons: I wrote in my remarks that I would keep resubscribing but changed my opinion after a few months. There may be a variety in models but there is not much variety in what they do. I commend the webmaster for sticking to her guns. This is her site, this is the way she likes it .. and good on her, but without adding some categories (older, lingerie etc.) I'm afraid it is going to be a one time subscription site for many of us.
Bottom Line: A wonderful site, very well done and well worth a one time subscription. It definitely rates a 90 or even a few points higher but AW might want to consider doing things a bit different now and then, just to keep us resubscribing.

11-07-07  09:44am

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Visit Vintage Flash

Vintage Flash

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Updated: 06-18-12  02:56pm  (Update History)
Reason: After a brief mental struggle I upgraded this site from 82 to 89. It should be rewarded for being different in a conformist world!
Pros: Beautiful British Ladies in alluring retro lingerie and doing a lot of erotic talking. Nice!!

Improved search since my last review.

Excellent streaming is available for those who like to preview a scene or watch it on line.

Updates appear to be steady with one update every 5 – 8 days, containing one picture set, plus screenshots and video of a given model).

Picture sets are available in High Resolution up to 2390x1600.

Videos are available in 720p HD wmv. Lesser sizes and resolutions also available.

4 additional sites: Vintageflash Archive, Pantyhosed4u, VF Academy, The Joy Of Feet
are also available as a bonus.
Cons: Still a very basic outlay since my last review. No model bios, no member forum, pictures are designated as “small” “middle” and “regular” (leaving one guessing as to their dimension until a set is downloaded and studied.) The individual sets are marked “pictures.zip” and nothing within the zip gives any indication of who the model is. So make sure you memorize a model's name before you download and then rename the zip.

Medium watermark on pictures (upper left of the photo.) It is not too intrusive except that I prefer my watermarks (if I have to put up with them) at the bottom right where they are less visible to most.

The tour promises 1920x1080p HD videos but I haven't come across one yet. BTW, I wish the lay-out of the member's page were as clear as that of the tour.

Navigation within the site is awkward with each bonus site requiring a separate sign-in. I am using Firefox to save my user names and passwords between visits to a site, so this was only a problem first time around
Bottom Line: Okay, here it is: I have looked at many sites over the past few years and being a lingerie lover have not found any that would suit me better than this one. The ladies are great, the talk is great, the retro lingerie is great and taking this into account I was prepared to return to this site over and over but there is one big con for me:

Strangely enough I didn't notice last time around or maybe the handful of videos I have looked at are no indication of how things are but all the videos I have looked at during the past three days were way too softly focused for my taste despite the fact that they are shot in 720p HD.

I have been to many other sites in the meantime where the picture in full screen was crystal clear and crisp even at the lower end of HD (720p).

Some members might actually prefer a slightly diffuse picture, so might the webmaster, but my taste runs to “crystal-clear” where every pore can be counted so, until that changes, I am afraid that, once again, I will have to resume my search for the perfect lingerie site.

This one is good, make no mistake about it, you have a choice of 567 picture sets (54410 pictures), 407 videos and 155 beautiful mature models (25 – 40?) at the moment, but it could be much better with sharper videos, renamed picture sets, and an easier way of getting around within the site.

Recommended to all vintage lingerie lovers despite the personal drawbacks I listed.

06-17-12  03:26pm

Replies (18)
Visit ATK Natural & Hairy

ATK Natural & Hairy

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Large selection of attractive, hirsute models.
Large selection of high-quality picture sets. Updated faithfully. Easy to navigate.
Cons: Many of the videos are of inferior quality. Some of the video graphers conduct awkward, painful to listen to, conversations with the models, in order to put them at ease, I suppose? In any case, they achieve the opposite effect in viewer and in model alike. There is also one photographer (SeanR) who uses a bit too much make-up on the various models, making them look like painted dolls rather than the attractive women they could be.
Bottom Line: A great site for hair lovers. Highly recommended even though my cons took up a lot of space.

The sets by SeanR have become far better with less make-up and better flesh tones.

11-16-07  02:22pm

Replies (0)
Visit Naughty America

Naughty America

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Updated: 01-06-13  01:12pm  (Update History)
Reason: I lowered the score by two points because I run across broken links on a daily basis. Very annoying!
Pros: A huge site containing 5140 scenes and 1933 models as of December 24, 2012.

A big plus with me is that most scenes (maybe all) don't start in the middle of the action but have a little prelude to them.

Models are beautiful without exception.

One of the best organized lay-outs of a home page I have seen so far. It shows the latest updates, models, sites, and my favorite, “porn finder,” that allows you to really narrow the scenes down to meet your personal preferences.

All newer scenes, dating back at least two years (a rough guess only,) give you the option to download a video in 1080p, 720p and 480p.

There is the additional option for those with slow internet connection to download videos in DVD quality in small-sized clips.

Download speed was invariably at the high-end of my scale which is 2.35MB/s. This was through Firefox' DTA with the setting of one file at a time.

There are no download restrictions even though the special offer is called a one month “trial.”
Cons: Cons: Not many, really. For my taste there are entirely too many scenes containing models with enhanced breasts.

There is a captcha when signing in. Always an annoyance to me.

There is also a pop-up promoting an affiliated site when first entering which is followed by a page of special offers by various sites until one finally clicks "home."

Most people's preference would be to click on “members” give a user name and password and be admitted straight to “home” rather than go through an obstacle course.

Edited onJan. 6, 2013: I downgraded the score by two points (was 90) because I run across broken links on a daily basis. This is not acceptable.
Bottom Line: To my great surprise I like this site a lot. It does have too many “enhanced breast” scenes for my taste but I knew this going in.

According to “Porn Finder” the ratio is 5140 NA scenes total (as of today) with only 1804 scenes containing natural breasts, but since 1804 scenes is still a lot I shall let the big breast lovers enjoy this site and be content with ONLY 1804 scenes.

Naughty America is a collection of 30 individual sites catering to most tastes. Many of the sites no longer update but those that do do it frequently.

I did not sample their picture sets because I usually don't bother downloading hardcore pictures, so I can't make a comment except that they are available for download zipped.

Someone else might clue you in on the details if you are a picture fan.

Anyone who knows my taste for more mature women will understand that I would not subscribe to this site with any regularity because the MILF and COUGAR sections are even more swamped with surgically enlarged and firmed-up breasts than the ordinary sites, but for one month I am really prepared to enjoy this class site.

For those who don't mind enhanceds this would have to be the cream of the crop and I would highly recommend it.

12-24-12  02:36pm

Replies (4)
Visit Reality Kings

Reality Kings

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Big network with sites that cater to most main stream niches.

Daily updates to varying sites. Update calendar is provided.

Excellent video quality even in the lower resolutions. Introduction of 1080p HD downloadable videos a week ago.

Excellent download speed. A huge plus with the new large HD files.

Videos with a lead-in rather than just action from the very beginning.

The price is right.
Cons: Files could be smaller? An average 1080p video can be 2-4 GB.

No "official" provision for downloading 1024 x 576px, 3036 total bitrate material offered in streaming as HD. The choice is between the smaller non-HD file and the really big (1080p) one.

Intolerance of criticism. One of the recent updates had been offered before under the same name, same model .. same everything and two comments critical of this practice were removed by RK moderators twice.
Bottom Line: There have been many excellent reviews going into the technical details of this site so I thought I'd offer my personal experiences with this site rather than all the details. For details re. picture quality and resolution, for instance, please consult reviews below.

I find this network rather refreshing and on top of my list because the video quality is excellent. A small tip (and I think it must be okay with the site or they wouldn't allow it): if you really wish to download the streaming intermediary, 1024 x 576, 3036 total bitrate size (marked HD) files this can be done through an add on to Firefox called "Flash and Video Download" or possibly through your RealPlayer movies downloader.

I just wish they would make it easier on us by adding it to the downloadable material listed to the right of the videos. I also find the smaller mpeg (mp4) files generally crisper than wmv. So if you have a slow download speed you will nevertheless find the smallest sized video quite acceptable if you pick mp4. Quality is certainly better than that found on most DVD sites.

I also like the fact that natural breasts beat enhanceds hands down. Exotics4me lists them as 85% natural and 15% enhanced. So far I have found nothing to contradict his estimate.

I love the fact that every video starts with a lead-in, sometimes it's the "hunt" for a model, sometimes there's a bit of a story but it is a refreshing change from Gonzo.

All in all an excellent site that would have rated 90+ with me if it hadn't been for the fact that the site moderator twice removed my comment referring to the fact that one of the updates was a "re-run!"

10-10-10  11:07am

Replies (8)
Visit In The Crack

In The Crack

No Review.
06-14-10  10:13am

Visit Score HD

Score HD

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Approximately 800 videos in HD (1280x720), bitrate varies but all are of satisfactory quality.

+ Various tastes are catered to through 8 sites that offer everything from teens to MILFs to plumpers to breast lovers to foot fetishists.

+Zipped Photo sets (large at 1280x720, small at 640x360)

+Almost daily update of one to two videos.

+2 additional sites, one containing non-HD material (Scorevideos) that is pretty good if you don't use full screen (640x480, 640x360 wmv), while the other site caters to owners of hand held devices (Score2Go).
Cons: - All pictures are screen captures. Quality isn't bad but I would rather see a set of a given model in a different setting.

- All models of the various sites and their videos are found in the data base at "Home." I find this a plus but why advertise 8 additional sites if it is really one site with 8 niches.

-No streaming except for previews.

-Search is somewhat limited, offering only "body type," "model name," and "Color Of Hair."
Bottom Line: I like this site very much, it gives me hundreds of good quality videos to choose from. Despite the fact that it is "Score" I do have a choice of models that range from tiny to pleasingly plump and that goes for breast size as well.

The material itself is a welcome mixture of softcore and medium hardcore, in other words nothing extreme or degrading. All clips have at least a little bit of a build-up leading to the action. Just like with Naughty America it isn't much of a story and very much cliche (repair man, rent collector, delivery boy etc.) but better than the hard core without any story found on so many video sites.

I am not reluctant in the slightest to recommend this site.

10-23-09  09:40am

Replies (4)
Visit Suburban Amateurs

Suburban Amateurs

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Large selection of attractive models. Navigation is easy. Picture quality of recent sets is universally excellent. Most of the newer sets are shot in 1280 x 853 which should be enough pixels for most subscribers. Videos are very appealing because most models speak directly to the viewer. One big selling point for me is that the models actually wear attractive lingerie in most sets, rather than exhibit only the absolute minimum in order to get naked as quickly as possible.
Cons: Only one beef with the main site: I wish they would name their pictures after the models rather than tagging them with an IMG. or DSCF. It takes some shuffling and renaming if you download multi-models. As to the Bonus sites: they could be so much better if their picture sets were zipped. Videos cannot be downloaded on any of the bonus sites either, at least I have not yet discovered a way to do so. Some of them are of excellent quality and I would love to have them on my hard drive.
Bottom Line: A very good site which would easily rank higher with me if they could convince their bonus sites to a) make their videos download-able and b)zip their picture sets.

An important PS for those who might have read my assessment of the site earlier this day: I have upped the original rating from 82 to 88 because, on second thought, I thought it was unfair to lower the score because of flaws in the bonus sites. The main site is a definite hit, in my eyes.

11-24-07  11:28am

Replies (0)
Visit JAV HD


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: A large collection of videos. Site claims 12888 but this number has not changed in days even though they update, as a rule, with at least two videos daily so, take with a grain of salt.

HD videos, 1920x1080p with a total bitrate of 3000+ since late 2011. Date is approximate.

Attractive, mostly young, Japanese models.

Part of a network of five sites.

Zipped picture sets. Pictures are taken from the video but are of better quality than most screen caps.
The most recent set contains 27 pictures, sized 1000x1500px.

Movies and pictures are not pixellated.

Excellent download speed for me, maxing out my connection.
Cons: Generic porn with no surprises or originality. This comes from an older man, someone younger might disagree with my assessment.

My niche, mature women in sexy lingerie, is disappointingly under-represented.

Most older videos are not in HD but of lower quality, which is normal for all sites that have been around for a while, but this annoyed me because I expected a site calle JAVHD to be all HD.

No model biographies, inaccurate niche listings, eg. I expected to find mature women under “mature,” and not just someone over twenty, unless older Japanese women look exceptionally young. In most sites there are MILFs (over 30) and all that are older than MILFs will be sorted under mature. Which usually means 40 years of age and up. I am still looking for a single 40+ female on this site.
Bottom Line: Well, as I explained in my comment, Japanese Porn has the reputation of being different, so my expectation of finding something that I hadn't seen before was high. Regrettably, I am finding mostly every day, generic porn .. not bad at all, mind you, if you just started to get into Porn recently .. but for anyone who has been looking at videos for years this site is no better than any other video site and even worse in some aspects. For instance, the preponderance of those microphone shaped wands used to stimulate women's clits, is astounding.

Models are pleasantly (THEIR pleasure not mine) attacked with these monstrosities in every second video, or so it appears. If you don't like dildos or wands you will get annoyed at seeing so many videos containing them.

There are good things too about this site:

I haven't seen a single set of enhanced breasts, so far. I am sure they exist, but it appears that Japanese males have the good sense and taste to reject them.

There is no pixellation, which is great, but this might mean that this site is in non-Japanese hands, which would explain why the porn looked generally so unexciting to me. However, I do like the fact that the action is a bit slower than what we are used to and that the actors (male and female) nibble an ear now and then or dwell on a nipple a bit longer than two seconds, or concentrate on teasing for a while before the action starts. This is a lot more appealing to me then the frantic copulation right from the start that one is exposed to in so many North American videos.

Despite some of my negativity this is really not a bad site at all, and I rated it as such, I am sure many will like it, and the price is right at the moment, but for someone who was looking for a bit of excitement up and above that found in other large video sites it was a bit of a disappointment.

And I am still not sure what the offer to upgrade (under my account) entails. I thought I had it all. I have access to all five sites, there are no restrictions on downloads so what more could there be?

04-28-13  12:45pm

Replies (5)
Visit 21 Sextreme

21 Sextreme

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Updated: 11-28-11  12:56pm  (Update History)
Reason: 28/11/2011: Downgraded by five points. Renewed membership is disappointing because so many sites still update in DVD quality and worse.
Pros: The dirty sister of 21Sextury with lots of contents even after it split off. Today (8th August) 21Sextreme lists 5120 scenes as well as 2032 models in total.

36 sites in total. 18 primary sites and 18 bonus sites.

Will appeal to the pervert in you with plenty of fetish material. This may not be to everyone's liking but they even list 7 Trannie sites as well as one gay site (highly unusual in most “straight” networks.) Not to forget my personal favorites, the “very” mature sites like “Lusty Grandmas,” I believe there are at least four sites like it which counts as a plus ... however, see below.

New picture sets are available zipped in regular size, as well as in Hi-Resolution at 1696x2544px, while the scenes are being offered in medium wmv and mp4, high wmv and mp4 (720x540 with a 3500 bitrate) as well as in two HD sizes, 1280x720p and 1920x1080p.

21Sextury and 21Sextreme excel when it comes to quality because even the non-HD scenes are quite watchable even in full screen.
Cons: While updates come regularly, an average of 11 updates a week is a bit meager for a network of 36 sites. This is because many of the sites stopped updating some time ago and others update only infrequently.

Our users should also be aware of the fact that not all updates are in HD because some of the sites, even though they are still active, have not yet switched to the higher grade material.

Especially galling for me is the fact that only one mature site updates on a weekly basis while the others are slumbering, awaiting a wake up call by the site owners. You might find that this is also the case in connection with your favorite niche!
Bottom Line: All in all I like this “darker” sister of 21Sextury a lot. I never did visit the individual model sites as well as the more “glamorous” teenie sites all that often in the olden days, so, to me, the fact that they split into two has actually encouraged me to concentrate on the rest of the 21Sextremes contents more closely and I like what I see.

For the fan of the unusual, this fetish site will be quite satisfying. For a low price you will get a satisfying share of lesbians, trannies, grannies, granddads and BDSM and some other kinky stuff, with even a gay site thrown into the mix, and the technical quality of the more recent material is great.

28/11/2011: Took out a new subscription and noticed how many of the prime sites are still updating in an outdated format. Today's update was marked HD but the quality is far from HD like. This update does not even look like DVD quality as it is blurry when viewed in full window. This is the case with many updates that are not marked Super HD. So, high quality updates are fewer and farther between than I thought when I first wrote this review. Downgraded by five points.

08-08-11  04:15pm

Replies (5)
Visit Pornstars Punishment

Pornstars Punishment

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: 85 Scenes with prominent porn stars like Faye Reagan, Eva Angelina, Briana Banks etc. Keep in mind that this is only one site in the huge Brazzers Network which has to count as a huge plus for those who like big breasted models.

HD Scenes are now available for download to everyone. Quality of the 720p and 1080p videos is excellent. Downloads are also available in lesser quality and for hand helds.

Best streaming I have come across so far in the many sites I have subscribed to.

Huge zipped picture sets are available and download at a 1663x2495px resolution. With about 550 pictures available in the sample set I downloaded about 200+ were solos by the model, the rest were hardcore. So both solo and hardcore fans will be able to get what they are looking for.

Downloads were very fast for me. I invariably maxed out my 5MB/s limit.

Active Forum.
Cons: Typical Brazzers site with many huge and enhanced breasts in evidence. I was well aware of Brazzers' love of big breasts, so this didn't come as a shock. This is most likely only a negative for me.

Too many ads for Brazzers accessories, annoying pop-up right at sign in time. Too many offers to join other sites at a reduced price. Pages therefore look cluttered.

Extra security code (Captcha).

Each picture set will bear the name of the model in the zipped version (good) but once unzipped all pictures are numbered from 0001 - end of set (bad).
Bottom Line: Okay, let me state right off, that I am not a fan of huge breasts, especially on smallish frames and that I despise most enhanced breasts. The very first video I downloaded showed the silicone bag rippling under the skin the moment the breasts started to sway. Not very appetizing for me.

So what the heck am I doing subscribing to Brazzers? Well, it was because of this site. I find it very difficult to get contents that appeals to my taste in one of my sub niches (fetishes) which is Rough Sex, and Pornstars Punishment looked promising.

At a rate of $19.95 a month, if you join through the Brazzers' site, 85 scenes is a steal.

But in connection with Pornstars Punishment I am once again suffering from mixed emotions. When it comes to roughness and humiliation, how far can one go without stepping over the boundaries?

Sites like "Facial Abuse," carry things too far when it comes to the humiliation factor. As a matter of fact they go to such extremes when it comes to humiliating a model that every scene of theirs made me squirm in sympathy with the victim and I therefore deleted all of their material.

In "Pornstars Punishment," on the other hand, a certain roughness is there, but really not enough to satisfy the BDSM closet fetishist in me. To lovers of BDSM and Rough Sex I would say that this is an in-between site.

It's not bad, mind you, I am enjoying the videos (without the enhanced breasts) to a certain extent, I am being spared the embarrassment factor because the models certainly don't try very hard to look abused and roughed up, and one is always aware of the consentual nature of the videos.

The theme is basically the mean and selfish bitch who either humiliates everyone around her or irritates the heck out of them with her unprofessional behavior and then gets her come-uppance! But I am craving something just a bit stronger.

Still, I recommend this site for the quality of the models, for the material and last, but not least, for the access to all the other Brazzer sites.

06-27-11  03:26pm

Replies (8)
Visit ATK Natural & Hairy

ATK Natural & Hairy

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: A huge number of "hairy" models, most of them very good looking.

Large daily updates, usually consisting of eight picture sets and two videos.

Immensely improved lay-out. Very pleasing to the eye as well as easy to navigate.

The ability to leave comments on each set, video or model has been added. It is good to be able to voice one's preferences or dislikes.

Pictures since the beginning of 2011 are available in a super large format of 3000px.

Videos are very nice and crisp at 1280x720p.

Good download speeds for me.
Cons: Site has become more extreme, even though ATK owner would probably disagree with my assessment, but the emphasis appears to be more and more on a general fetish for hair rather than on beautiful young, un-enhanced girls who chose to keep their pubic hair. In the past SeanR, as one example, would offer up a hairy leg set now and then but now they are everywhere.
Bottom Line: This is a site in transition because, judging by members' comments and ratings, the membership has shifted dramatically from those who just weren't keen on the shaved look to those who almost worship hair itself: hairy legs, arm hair, pit hair, anal hair etc. They interpret "natural" to mean just that, a body that has never been touched by a razor.

This transition is also confirmed by ATK owner's own remarks, who wrote in connection with some complaints about models being too shaved except for the bush: "We did approach R....e about growing out her armpit and leg hair and she told us the timing was not right for her to do that right now. So possibly later."

I have a black eye and bleeding nose from making some unwelcome noises in the comments section over this change.

The latest one was in connection with my musing as to what a girl (with extremely hairy legs) was doing wearing men's cotton briefs? She appears to be a heavy favorite of many and I was brutally slain by one member for being so audacious as to make this blasphemous remark.

I must stress that this made absolutely no difference when it came to the rating of this site because, as the ATK owner himself pointed out, tolerance is requested in connection with everyone's tastes and who am I to be the arbiter of what's erotic and what isn't.

What does make a difference to me, though, is that so many sets are extremely bland with little imagination shown by the photographer.

The average model basically wears top and skirt with a pair of panties or top and jeans with or without a pair of panties, pretty painful for someone who likes the tease factor and does not like to see a model revealing her all right from the first page.

However there is such a fierce loyalty to the models shown by the hair fetishists that even dull sets are rated highly because of the extreme hair factor.

I have changed my mind about the previous low score I gave this site because it was based on my personal preferences.

This time around I am giving it a higher score by rating it as a TRUE FETISH site that will easily please all those who have a taste for extreme hair.

So I highly recommend it to this growing group of hair lovers, especially in light of the pros. The new lay-out is really nice, clean, impressive. I also like the ability to comment even though I am still nursing my wounds.

06-19-11  11:10am

Replies (12)
Visit 21Sextury.com


Status: Current Member for over 3 months (at the time of review).
Updated: 01-02-11  11:33am  (Update History)
Reason: Too many errors that take too long to be corrected in updates. Tech support too hard to reach!
Pros: 45 Sites, many catering to lovers of glamorous Eastern European models. Available right away to long term subscribers.

Excellent quality in pictures and videos. HD in different formats available for download.


No Download limit.

Excellent download speed for me (3.5 MB/s) when downloading single files. Good download speed when downloading more than one.

Good search engine.

Good price, reducing as you go along. I subscribed long term and got a really good deal.
Cons: New updates are often buggy.

Many dead or dormant sites. I counted about 17 if my memory serves me right.

Sites with more extreme content have been tamed down.
Bottom Line: I tell you, this is the most objective score I have ever given because the vast majority of the content does not appeal to me because my niches are the unusual, the more extreme, ladies at an age that would be considered by most "over the hill," anything that is as far removed from glamor as one can get, yet most sites of this network cater exactly to the glamor part while many of my sites have been allowed to bite the dust.

Usually one's personal prejudices will creep in, knowingly or not, but this time I am attempting to speak for the vast majority (putting myself in their shoes for once) when I say that this site deserves a 90, up from the 80 I gave it previously, since they finally gave their long term subscribers five of their new sites.

A 90 is also well-deserved because most models and scenes and sites that still update regularly will be a delight to connoisseurs of feminine beauty and the excellent quality is certainly there .. so, while I keep looking for my unusual and most likely unappealing sites to most, I will highly recommend this one to the large majority of porn lovers who have better taste than mine and who will happily find a home here.

10-29-10  11:28am

Replies (4)

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