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Visit Devils Film

Devils Film

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: No DRM
Lots of niches to choose from
Good selection of well-know porn stars available
No DL Limits
Great price through TBP-Makes it worth it!
Decent video quality
Fast DLs (See note below)
Friendly (although typical) search function
Cons: Need more updates
Would like higher-resolution videos
Don't join for the picture galleries
Bottom Line: I joined this site for two reasons:
(1) A great price if you join through TBP
(2) It showed Amy Reid on the home page (ok, I know that's lame, but I will collect anything I can find of her)
This site is good value. You get more than 1000 movies for $15/month. The videos are available in good quality, although not hi-definition.
I know some have complained of slow Downloads, but I did not experience that. I use an 8 Mbps connection and do a lot of Downloading at late hours using a DL manager, so that may be why.
All of the content appears to come from the Devil's Film Studios, of which I'm a big fan.
If you're a collector of photos and that's all you come for, use your porn budget elsewhere. If you enjoy a great selection of hardcore sex vids, this site is a MUST...even if you only join for a month.

07-13-08  01:30pm

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Visit Diabolic

Reply of Thagnut's Comment

You're right about the DRM on the higher quality.
Check out ZTOD (Zero Tolerance On Demand). They have removed all their DRM and you also get Third Movies with your membership.
Not only is their DRM gone, but you get much higher quality videos. I dont consider anything under 2200kbps and a 640X480 frame size to be high quality.
Next, you can check out Club Red Light. You get most Red Light District movies available for download. They use a one-time only DRM, which doesnt mean you can't watch the movies after your membership expires. They use this to prevent peer-to-peer sharing of their movies. There is some great content here and again, it is true high-res video.
Apart from those, I agree with other posters that movie studio sites are generally overpriced and under-delivering on quality.

12-08-07  08:02am

Visit Download Pass

Download Pass

Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: No DRM
Reasonable Price
Loads of content
Pretty good navigation
Cons: Video quality is not up to par
Content can be found on many sites
Updates are not as frequent as they should
Just not unique
Bottom Line: Download Pass is kind of a yawn. They have content that can be found in higher quality on many other sites. They really need to update the quality of their videos. C'mon, most of us have high-speed connections now.
Reccommendation: I would take my money elsewhere

10-03-07  01:27pm

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Visit DVD Store

DVD Store

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: No DRM
No Download Limits
Hi quality videos available
Fast servers
Large selection of vidoes available
Full access with Trial Subscription (See Below)
Cons: Search engine needs work
Many of the identified stars are incorrect
Review section is there, but no reviews
Many of the videos can be found on other sites
Bottom Line: Ok, this is not a bad site, but I still cannot compare with VideoBox. However, they do have some vidoes that you won't find on VB. That makes it worth it to me...for $9.95 per month. No, that is not their monthly subscription fee, but I found a way to get it.
Sign up for the One Day Trial Subscription for a buck. Then, before the end of your day, try to cancel. When you cancel, it will offer you an unlimited subscription for $9.95/month, forever.
I guess they don't want you to leave so they make this offer. Now it's worth it.
They have an awful lot of work to do on their search engine and their video/scene identification. When they have Teen videos and they identify the scenes as "Milf", then there is something askance. In all, this is still not bad for 10 bucks per month because they do have some very good videos here that would take a long time to DL from other sites.

03-14-08  07:37pm

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Visit FTV Girls

FTV Girls

Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: Beautiful girls-lots of choice
Multiple sets of several girls
Hi quality videos
Hi res photos
Cons: Price is high for content
Some lesbo sex but no boy-girl, not enough niches covered
Bottom Line: I waited a long time, reading reviews and looking at samples before joining this site. Then I bit the bullet and said I'll take it on for a month. It is significantly overpriced for the content I have come to expect from my porn sites. (How about some sex?)
I like the premise of breaking out the girls, showing them in a personal light, choosing what to wear and then the interviews before they get down to stripping and sometimes, inserting fingers or toys.
But, it stops there. I'd love to see a guy come in and slip the salame or insert the gherkin once in a while. Some of those beautiful faces would look great with some jizz splattered over them. C'mon guys, these are First Time Video girls, so let's give them an initiation!
Anyway, I didn't stay for more than a month for that reason. I did enjoy the girls.

08-24-07  07:47am

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Visit Hands on Hardcore

Hands on Hardcore
Reply of exotics4me's Reply

OK, good info, thank you. I was a member of one-by-day two or three years ago and I liked the content, although not enough hardcore for me. I do remember beautiful girls and slow servers, however. I'm going to give HOH a try and hopefully, they have improved their servers.

09-01-07  08:33am

Visit Hands on Hardcore

Hands on Hardcore
Reply of exotics4me's Review

good review of HOH. I have a question. You say there are HD vids and TBP says some of them are in HD. Do you know approximately how many of the 600 videos are offered in HD?

08-27-07  05:07pm

Visit Hanna's Honeypot

Hanna's Honeypot

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: No DRM
Good price with Discount from TBP
Unlimited DLs
One Cute Honey
Hi-Def Pics and Videos
Cons: Not enough content
Need to diversify to some BG action
Not enough girls
More updates please
Bottom Line: I got this site as a bonus from joining Only Cuties and thought it would be great to see a little honey like Hannah gettin' it on.
The site is a bit of a disappointment because it primarily features only Hannah gettin' her kit off. She occasionally goes for some carpet munching with other little cuties, but too few of those are available.
I love the Hi-definition videos and pictures (available in 3 sizes and zipped files). The DL speeds vary from pretty slow to semi-fast.
Thank Goodness this was a bonus site because I would have felt taken if I had paid for this site only.

07-13-08  01:09pm

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Visit High Def Ass Fucking

High Def Ass Fucking
Reply of King's Reply

No, the video did not play because I quickly exited. I am using NOD32, which has not let me down in the past three months I've been using it.
In defense of this site, I notified them, they said they would look into it. I went back to play the demo file again and the virus was gone...at least NOD32 did not detect it. But everything seems to be fine now.

08-24-07  07:35am

Visit High Def Ass Fucking

High Def Ass Fucking
Reply of Khan's Reply

I went back again with this computer and it happened again. This computer uses Vista. I went to my desktop, using XP and it did not happen. I wonder if it's a Vista thing???

08-20-07  02:57pm

Visit High Def Ass Fucking

High Def Ass Fucking

Apparent Virus

I played both the Regular Hi Def and Super HD video trailers and both of them had a Trojan virus. Fortunately, my anti-virus protection picked them up and I deleted them.

08-20-07  08:58am

Replies (5)
Visit Jerked Network

Jerked Network

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: Hi-resolution content
Good Looking women doing nasty stuff
Cons: Rip Off Network READ BELOW---WARNING!!!
Not enough updates
Some sites could be combined into one
Bottom Line: First, the site but then read on for the warning. The site has some decent content and that's why I'm not downgrading them further. They have some great girls showing and stuffing their butts in sites like Bubble Butt Tryouts, Solo Butts, Bottom Bang, Boobs & Bottoms and Butt Fetish. Why not combine these into a single "Butt" site. The guy filming is annoying and talks too much. Let the girls be the stars, no one wants to hear you.
The Handle My Wife site is basically scenes from the DVDs "Screw My Wife, Please" DMILF and Mouth Drillers have some decent stuff, although not enough. The updates are slow.
NOW THE WARNING===When you join the site, there is a box you must untick and if you don't, you will be joining about 3 other sites and charged for them. Then, when you figure this out, you go to unsubscribe and while doing, there is a tiny, little box and if you dont untick it, you've just joined another site. It took me a while to figure this out, but by the end of this experience, I had joined and been charged for 8 sites. THIS IS A RIPOFF SCAM THAT SHOULD BE STOPPED

09-28-08  08:44am

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Visit New Sensations Network

New Sensations Network

Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: A lot of vidoes
Reasonable price
Decent quality vids
Lots of bonus stuff (thru NS-All Access)
Cons: Video quality can get better. Some of the older vids are really poor quality and more recent updates are better, but could still improve.
Bottom Line: This site, if it stood on its own, would not get above an 80, but becasue you get so many other NS sites included with your membership, it is well worth the value.
I've enjoyed the New Sensations studio and their stars but some of the stars seem to be missing from the site.(contractual issues???)
You get a lot of porn for your money here, but a studio with so much power and money behind them could afford to upgrade the quality of the videos for us hi-def users.

08-24-07  08:05am

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Visit Only Cuties

Only Cuties
Reply of TheRizzo's Reply

Only Cuties has fixed the problem I had with the speeds. I am now downloading at very fast speeds. I guess they were working on their servers during the time I was evaluating.
It is much better now.

07-19-08  12:09pm

Visit Only Cuties

Only Cuties

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Discount thru TBP
Loads of beautiful, young Euro girls
Hi-Def Videos
Downloadable,Zipped Hi-res Pics
Frequent Updates
Good search navigation
One Bonus site w/membership
Good Tech Support
My DL Mgr (Down Them All) is Supported
Cons: Problems with Vista OS
Not enough BG action
Download Speeds can be slow at times
Bottom Line: THE BAD: I've waited writing my review of this site to see how the solution for my download problems would pan out. I could not DL a full video and wrote to Support. They gave me a "work around" for the Vista problem. I was directed to an alternative URL and it worked.
At first the DLs were slow, but they said it was because they were working on the servers. I tried later and they did pick up, although not as fast as some sites.
THE GOOD: I love young Euro cuties and this site is full of them. I normally only DL videos, but this site offers their honeys in photos that have great clarity, available in 3 sizes and you can DL the zip files also.
The search function is friendly and there is a good selection of girls to fit most tastes-unless you're into tatoos, cuz most of these girls have none or damn few.
I got hooked on Hi-def videos about a year ago and most of the videos are offered in 4-Bit, Hi-res. They are so clear, you can sniff the quim.
CONCLUSION: In all, I would recommend the site, as it's a decent price when you join through TBP, as a good discount is offered. The Tech Support kept me in the game here.
If you use a DL mgr, Down Them All from Firefox works great with this site.

07-13-08  01:02pm

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Visit Peter North DVD

Peter North DVD
Reply of C Spanker's Reply

Good question because I didnt even notice that in the statement.
I can honestly say NO, that I have not received anything in the mail. At least, I have not received anything of a pornographic nature and nothing that I know about.


08-27-07  04:56pm

Visit Peter North DVD

Peter North DVD

Status: Was a member approx. 4 months prior to this review.
Pros: Hi quality videos with NO DRM
Peter blasts the beautiful girls
Access to other sites-some are great
Cons: Not enough updates
Price is high
Not all the sites are of interest (to me anyway)
Download speeds can be improved
Content needs a Balco shake
Bottom Line: I was a member of the old Peter North site a couple of years ago because I love watching Peter and his buds blast the goo all over girls' faces. Their problem was bad quality videos chopped up into little bits.
Well Peter North DVD has fixed that piece. They now have complete videos with high quality viewing. Many of the same content from the old site is present, but there is a lot of new content as well. There's just not enough of it yet. They really need to pump up the content.
I do like the access to the other sites, which makes the high price more palatable. But, dude! What are you doing with that Curry thing and fat chicks getting creampies? And who wants to look at Hairy Undies? How's about some Bald Panties instead?
I do like some of the other sites, however, and their content also needs to be pumped up. I enjoyed Devil's, Silverstone's (for the Eurosluts) and Combat Zone (Yeah! Some Amy Reid)
If you are a Peter North fan and the price fits your budget, give it a try.

I am upgrading this site to a 90 because I was enticed to come back with the lower price offered through TBP. I am not disappointed. There are many more updates, the quality of the vids have been improved and Peter has added some "Vintage" videos. You gotta check him out with Brit Morgan and other vintage cuties. PN has done a great job of keeping up with the constant changes in the Porn World. I will most likely stay longer this time.

08-24-07  08:25am

Replies (3)
Visit Reality Kings

Reality Kings
Reply of rome476's Reply

I was a member of Captain Stabbin and Mike's Apt before they were members of the Reality Kings Network. I never had problems then, but this time I had problems on both of my computers. When I wrote to them asking for help, they did not reply.
Now they are spamming me with three-four solicitations per day with special deals.

12-12-08  01:40pm

Visit Reality Kings

Reality Kings
Reply of nygiants03's Reply

I know they have good content, but for some reason the vids were not downloading for me. I tried on my laptop with Vista and my Desktop with XP. I experienced the same problems on both. Perhaps it was my IP address was blocking or something, but you would think that they would answer my crys for help and try to keep a customer.

12-12-08  01:39pm

Visit Reality Kings

Reality Kings
Reply of Pinche Kankun's Reply

Hola Pinche. Yea, I was a member for a few days and asked for help about five or six times. They never emailed me back with help. Now I am no longer a member and I am getting three or four emails a day soliciting me with offers for special deals.

12-12-08  01:37pm

Visit Reality Kings

Reality Kings

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Content looks good from the OUTSIDE
Cons: Downloads very inconsistent. Most videos do not download.
Customer Support is TERRIBLE
Bottom Line: I joined the site with a FULL membership, not a trial. I am a veteran of many sites, but this is the worst I've ever experienced. I was impressed with the array of sites and the fresh faces not seen on many other sites.
I use both Firefox and the latest version of IE for browser. With Firefox I have the ability to use a Download manager, but need not do so if the site is not compatible.
At first, I was able to downolad a couple of videos. I have a very fast connection, so I DL the full files, not the fragmented ones.
Out of about 50 files attempted, I was able to get 5. The rest would DL 4-24Mbps and then quit. I tried with the DL manager and without. I tried with Firefox and with IE.
I contacted their Chat three times and they have some very canned things they tell you to try. NONE of them could fix the issue.
I have asked for a full refund, but am not confident one will be forthcoming.
I also wrote to their Customer Support email address but received no reply in more than 24 hours.

12-07-08  01:58pm

Replies (10)
Visit Silverstone DVD

Silverstone DVD

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Lots of beautiful women, especially Euro women
No DRM on videos
Price is great if you join through TBP
Video quality is very good
Download speeds are good
No daily downolad limit
Cons: Can only d/l two videos at a time
Not enough updates
Pics are just ok
D/Ls did not work with my Download Manager
Bottom Line: I actually joined Peter North and this came as a bonus site. WoW! I am impressed as I have seen this site in the past, but they have done a major overhaul in the way they present their videos. No more fragmented files to deal with. They feature PickUp Lines from the former Odyssey Studios, now Silverstone. There are other series, but the PUL series will keep you busy for at least a month.
This is the only site where I have found the beautiful Margo Stevens as she did several vids for this studio. You can wallow in the beautiful European women for a long time on this site.
The only knock I would give it is the lack of updates, although I won't complain until after I've been a member for a few months because there is plenty there to keep me busy.

07-25-08  01:09pm

Replies (0)
Visit Third Movies

Third Movies

Freezing Downloads

I am having major problems with downloads freezing. My connection speed at better than 4mbps is not the issue. I attempted to contact them thru their Support Page and it won't go through either. Some Support Page if it doesn't reach them.

08-21-07  03:01pm

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Visit Third Movies

Third Movies
Reply of PinkPanther's Reply

I can't comment on the timing of the releases since I have not followed their productions in the past. I can say that they have some good content in there. If you preview the site, you can take a look at the list of vids offered. If there seems to be a good bunch in there that you haven't seen yet, then it would be worth it for you.
Again, it's hi-quality videos with somewhat slow download speed and nearly no DRM.

08-21-07  09:11am

Visit Third Movies

Third Movies

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Hi quality videos
Beautiful stars not readily found on other sites
Good selection of niches
Most vids are not DRM protected
Cons: Slow servers
Streaming Medium versions sometimes do not work
Need more frequent updates
OK-HERE'S AN UPDATE THAT'S NOT GOOD. I have been having problems with the downloads freezing. I attempted to contact them using their Support Page. I can't get that to go through either. Major problems with this site.
Bottom Line: I signed up for ZTOD and got Third as a bonus. Nice bonus. My connection avgs 4.2mbps and my downloads from Third average 75kbps. I have had as high as 150kbps, but that is slow compared to most sites. They need to rethink the streaming(Hint:Check out Club RLD)
Great bonus with the DRM protected ZTOD and most certainly a better value if it stood alone.

08-20-07  03:11pm

Replies (2)

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