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Visit All Sites Access

All Sites Access

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Pretty good quality for the file size.
+ Hot Girls
+ great selection of niches
+ because of so many sites there are daily updates
+ easy navigation
Cons: + on some of the sites the plot and sequence of action is always the same
+ some of the older sites dont update
Bottom Line: It seems like every 4-5 months I go back to all access for the trial to see(download) what has changed since my last sub with them. I know that is mostly the same girls on most of the shoots. But they are so hot and really seem to enjoy the sex and play. I even like the tease scenes they shoot before the down and dirty hardcore sex. Its all good. Note: on TBP it says you have to call to get your trial upgraded but it seems every time I go in for a trial its always full access from the start. Maybe it depends on which biller you get directed to. Anyrate. I really enjoy this site and recomend that at least get the trail.

01-18-07  03:04pm

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Visit Devils Film

Devils Film

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Great looking videos.
- alot of mainstream content that you dont see on the other sites.
- well organized and easy to navigate
- one file per scene
- not many updates
Cons: - video options are either to low quality or the high quality are very large files.
- Videos play fast, but the site navigation speed is really slow.
Bottom Line: If you like looking at mainstream vidoes sites this is a good one. The network sites are really nice too. They all have the same general layout. They do however need to update more to keep up with the competition. I was a member for a month and only saw about 4 new DVDs in that time.

01-11-07  07:53am

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Visit Homemade Paysite

Homemade Paysite

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + True essence of amateur porn.
+ Multiple Video options for Broadband, Dial-up and MPG users.
+ Great Excusive content
+ Nice update schedule (5-6 new scenes a month)
Cons: - In some of the videos, the girls seem to be just going thru the motion and donít offer up much passion.
- Very basic site design with no extras
- Photo section could be better organized
Bottom Line: Overall I enjoyed this site. This is what you get when you take few horrny co-eds along and a couple of guys with camcorders and cameras. It appears to be just a group of girls that decided to get together and have some sex scenes to sell as DVDís and post them on the internet. It has a very low budget feel to the site (which is not a bad thing). Most of the scenes happen in one or two rooms of their house. I think they are up to about 45 unique scenes (some broken up into a couple of files to download.) Most scenes are 20 -30 minutes long. I think there are 4 main girls centered on the action in this site. Most of the Lesbian content is really hot. The boy-girl stuff was pretty boring though. While this site does offer some good content, I feel that is also has a lot of room to grow. Itís nice to see the creators take interest and attempt to update the site based on membersí feedback. I wish more site owners would take that role. I look forward to seeing this site grow.

01-24-07  11:54am

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Visit Naughty Lesbian Girlfriends

Naughty Lesbian Girlfriends

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + pretty good size collection of Vids non-exclusive videos to download
+ several videos that I have not found on other non-exclusive video sites
+ easy but plain navigations
+ access to 18 other sites
+ ID and PW also work for Unlimited Pass network
Cons: - video encoding could have been better. the high quality videos had large file sized.
- high price for regular sub (to high if you ask me)
- much more focus on Videos. Pictures were lacking
- a little overlapping of videos accross the sites.
Bottom Line: I gave this web site a slightly higher score that what I would normally simply becasue of the $1 3-day trail (which I am on the 4th day and it is still working). I seems as if this network and Unlimited pass are together. My ID and PW worked on both networks, which I found out by accident. However both networks are structured the same with the majority of the same videos. I did however find some that were just exclusive to one or the other.

There is a ton of content. for this site Naughty Lesbian Girlfriends it had 340+ different scnenes + the lesbian site from Ulimited pass put the total lezbo content to 400+

This was the same for some of the other niches like group/orgy. It had 300+ vidoes.

For a buck you trail lovers out there can't go wrong, but IMHO its not woth $40 for a whole month sub.

02-07-07  09:30am

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Visit Cathy's Craving

Cathy's Craving

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: + Has great video selection with many niches
+ Good gob with video options and encoding rates (nice manageable file sizes)
+ Lets you see select full episodes of WestCoast Gangbangs and Cum on her Face web sites.
- Frequent updates
Cons: - I don't think she is all that hot
- Many of the scenes are lacking passion. She just seems to go thru the motions in the videos.
Bottom Line: This is my second time to check out Cathy's site. Still not that impressed. While it was easy to Navigate with some good web design. I felt while she has great quantity of content, it was lacking in the quality of that content. Some of the G/G scene were pretty good. But the rest just seems passionless and boreing.

She does also have some non-exclusive content what was pretty good. And her partnership with WCGB and COHF was pretty nice. It would be nice if Her site would go in with WCGB and COHF to sell as a network access. That would be a nice combination.

01-30-07  03:23pm

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Visit Real Sex Pass

Real Sex Pass

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: + If you like british/euro chicks (as I do) then you will like this site.
+ Lots of 100% exclusive vids.
+ I liked the dialog of the actors before the action begins on several of the videos. Has a very personal feel.
Cons: - video quality is not so great (300-500K)
- the price is insanely high
Bottom Line: I was suckered in to this network because I do have a thing for British/English chicks. But if that is not a big thing for you then I would pass on this site. Way to expensive.

01-30-07  03:35pm

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Visit DVD Box


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + does have large dvd collection
+ I have found some mainstreem vids that are not on the other dvd sites
+ Nice TBP discount price
Cons: - DVD's added before 2006 look like crap
- They dont update as fast as their competitors.
- Bad encoding on new videos (if you want the hi-res version of a scene, it will usually cost you 400+ meg for 30-40min scene)
Bottom Line: Basically it is a repackage of several videos that you would get from Pornaccess.com. Its nice that you don't have to go though several individual sites to get the videos. But on the other hand there is still several videos that Pornaccess has that are not listed on this site.

01-30-07  03:11pm

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Visit Watch Our Wives

Watch Our Wives

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +nice group and gangbang action on the sites that have content
+a true swinger site with 100% exclusive content
Cons: +Video quality is low for todays amature site standards
+ older videos are even worse quality
+ there are only 2-3 wives on this sight that have a decent about of content. The other 30 wives they have listed suck for content.
Bottom Line: I was a Trial member middle of last year. As a first time member it appears to be alot of content. But only from 2 or 3 of the Wives listed. If you like amature action of real swinger parties then this is a good site for you. Even thou I gave negative comments on the Vid quality (mostly 300K) some of the newer (500K) the videos were still clear enought to get off on the action.
I recently resigned back up (trail) and found that not much had updated since last year(8/2006). Plus it seemed the updates were just repeated senarios.
I would have given it a lower score except the fack that they give you a full trail for $4. I recomed to take the trail and a good download manager and get the videos. Since I am not a picture guy, I can't elaborate for the pics on the site.

01-22-07  11:10am

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Visit Dirty Dykes

Dirty Dykes

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: 7 day trail was full access
Cons: limited 3rd party feeds
limited download video was poor quality
my ID did not work on the included sites.
Bottom Line: Dont waste your time. This site only offered 3rd party feeds which were mostly very old feeds that we see on all the low end sites.
Pictures were just okay. (less than) 50 set of standard lezbo stuff.

When signing up for I did take a paycom.net offer to www2.hardsexmovies.tv for a $1.00. It has some nice videos.

01-10-07  02:41pm

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Visit Brain Pass

Brain Pass
Reply of impuls's Comment

I went to the signup page and it was a $1 for me. One question: is it a full trial?

05-06-09  06:43am

Visit Cum On Candi

Cum On Candi

bonus sites

I read some reviews that say you get access to some bonus sites. Just wondering which site they were refering to.

06-30-07  09:06pm

Replies (1)
Visit Porn Multi Pass

Porn Multi Pass
Reply of Jay G's Review

Can you download the full scenes. or do they still have all the scenes broken down into mulitple parts only?

also just wanted to confirm if the Trail was a limited access trial. I joined this site a few years back and it was a full access 3 day trial then.


05-09-07  09:06pm

Visit Strapon Lesbians

Strapon Lesbians
Reply of pat362's Review

how do you get access to the site for 18.95?

02-10-07  09:54pm

Visit Naughty Lesbian Girlfriends

Naughty Lesbian Girlfriends
Reply of littlejoe's Comment

The TBP might want to update there site. When you go to join the page for this site, it actually is a 3-day trial.

Have fun :)

02-08-07  07:03am

N/A Reply of Rick's Poll

Well to be honest I put no becuase like some of the other guys I too have signed up for a trail only to find out that it was not full access and only gave the the first few minutes to each scene. Or a site that had what to appeared to be exclusive content only to find out that it was just a bunch of 3rd party low-end crap.

But in the end I think we balance it out. How many times have we hit the jackpot and sign up for a 3 day trail that gave full access to alot of content and leech all the videos (or pics) on the whole site with our download managers. I am sure the host lost out because he is the one who has to pay for the bandwith.

Thats the cool thing I like about TBP and PU. It helps me be a better leecher :)

02-02-07  02:54pm

Visit Homemade Paysite

Homemade Paysite
Reply of AmyLusts4u's Reply

I think since they have been doing some changes to the site they have had some login problems. I did notice the same problem you had with getting logged in a few day back. I had to email the webmasters to have it resolved. Just send them an email. They should be albe to get you back up and running pretty quickly.

01-28-07  05:47pm

Visit Homemade Paysite

Homemade Paysite
Reply of Khan's Reply

Thanks for the speedy reply. I now see where you have removed the guest reviews and counts of those reviews. Great job, I definately agree with that move.

I will probably go edit my comment not to include section about the fishy reviews. I think it might confuse people now that you guys have adjusted the site.

Great work, I love this site. I hope my reviews and comments help others as much as this site has helped me.

01-22-07  12:16pm

Visit Homemade Paysite

Homemade Paysite

Not sure about this one.

My suggestion is for the Webmasters to offer a trail or a special discount from TBP so we can really see if this site is worthy of the high marks. My other suggestion would be to show more of a sampling of the members site. Meaning that when guest view the public site they can see thumbnails of all the scenes that the member site has to offer.

01-22-07  11:46am

Replies (10)
Visit Naughty At Home

Naughty At Home

Girl/Girl or 3+ scenes

From looking at the guest access I only see a couple of scenes with Girl-Girl and only one with two guys. Does anyone out there know if she has more GG or group/threeways in the members area?

If so I am in.

01-18-07  03:07pm

Replies (1)
Visit Club Cytherea

Club Cytherea

go a different route

I signed up for the trail. This site does not offer that much content. It does give you access to SOME of the other NS sites. I think a better way to go is to sign up for the NS access site. You get more time for a few more dolloars and more bang for your buck.

01-11-07  07:59am

Replies (0)
Visit Ten.com


free trial

Hey if you use a login of antique and password of porn. they will let you sign up for a free hour.

Over all I liked the site. The streaming video is pretty fast.

01-10-07  02:30pm

Replies (2)

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