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N/A Reply of jd1961's Poll

To suggest that they are not amateurs imply because they get paid for it is absurd. The term 'amateur', to me, means girls who might do some porn to get by (eg students, unemployed, etc). Professionals are those who make a career - I imagine they might do strip joints, hi-class prostitution, as well as porn.

I think a lot of amateur girls do it for a bit of a kick, and by the looks on their faces, I think most of them enjoy it. The money is an extra bonus.

02-12-09  12:31am

N/A Reply of surferman's Poll

I voted yes, but it has to be convincing, and not sound like the check-out chick do when they say "Good morning" (Fake as fuck. They couldn't give a toss about how you feel, and they'd be more honest if they just shut up.) The same with dirty talk.
PS I wish my wife would talk dirty while we have sex!

02-12-09  12:26am

N/A Reply of Vegas Ken's Poll

All of these I consider. I like to sample pics to get an idea of that they offer. But the most important thing is the sense of erotic 'feel'. If there are 'in your face' pics or girl's open spadges, I turn off. The biggest lure for me is attractive looking faces - and the same with eh navigation.
But in the tour, sites need to give you accurate info about what you will get. No tour, no sign up.

02-12-09  12:23am

N/A Reply of Denner's Poll

I am assuming that we are not counting lesbian sites as 'gay'.

I'm not gay, and sites such as 'hardbears' and 'soldiers of cock' only interst me insofar as they are amusing names.

02-11-09  06:31am

N/A Reply of Drooler's Poll

Oh and another cliche which annoys the fuck out of me is the 'dumb girl with finger in her mouth' pose.

02-11-09  06:28am

N/A Reply of Drooler's Poll

One thing that annoys the fuck out of me is how with the undressing, they don't do it in proper order. So the girl still has her hobnailed boots on, with a full pussy spread, the trousers half-way down her legs.
My other pet hate is when they show full pussy spreads around pics 4 0r 5. Too many porn photographers are as dumb as dogshit; they have fuck-all feeling for genuine erotic taste, and it shows in many of the stupid things they do. Sewe my article about photography in the forum.

02-11-09  06:26am

N/A Reply of Vegas Ken's Poll

I don;t think enough attention is paid enough to the male talent. I would like to see some real seducers in scenes - the kinds of guys girls go crazy over - suave, sophisticated, intelligent guys who can really turn the girls on. IN bondage sites I'd like to see a couple of lean, tallish muscular guys with fashion trousers and bare tops team up on the girls and really work them over! Too often on bondage sites we see unattractive, overweight guys in boots and overalls.

02-11-09  06:16am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I think the comments about on this topic speak for themselves. I wish all those moronic cameramen who think they are so good would read these remarks, and realize what cretins they are making of themselves.

02-11-09  06:09am

N/A Reply of Toadsith's Poll

Although I don't live in the US, our man in Australia - Kevin Rudd - has already implemented an ecomonic stim. & is about to implement another one. Most of it I'll be squirelling away for a new car.

02-11-09  06:04am

N/A Reply of nygiants03's Reply

Hi nygiants03 - I'm one of those who can't hold 2 minutes, especially if I haven't cum within a few days of having sex. I know all the advertising people try ot make me think I'm inadequatre with their pathetic "How to last longer" adds. I think it's bullshit; to me, sex is about loosing control, and I just thank God I'm, turned on enough to have to let fly so quickly

02-11-09  05:59am

N/A Reply of nygiants03's Poll

If I haven't cum within 2 days, I'm one of those people who will cum within a minute. Some seem to think this is an inadequacy, but I disagree. To me, sex is about loosing control. I know my wife likes it when I cum quickly.

02-11-09  05:56am

N/A Reply of Rick's Poll

I prefer mediun to large. There's nothing worse than a guy with a tiny dick and the girl is saying things like "Fuck me with that big cock, baby!"
Having said that, the MORE annoying thing is the pathetic loads of cum that are sometimes produced. We naturally expect big dicks to produce big loads, and sometimes we are disappointed.

02-10-09  03:48pm

N/A Reply of Rick's Poll

The 2% who answered 'I dont masturbate' are liars.

02-10-09  03:39pm

Visit Naked Novices

Naked Novices

This lot are also shonks

These people are shonks. I signed for the 3-day trial, and found that I had been signed up for several other sites for 'free three-day trials'. Of course, the catch was the you had to cancel memebrship to these sites, or get billed. I worked through them all, but 2 escaped the net, and I got billed. Luckily, one of the credit companies refunded me.

Interesting that Denner's review, although more comprehensive
than mine, is similar in the fundamentals.

02-10-09  03:22pm

Replies (3)
N/A Reply of roseman's Poll

One site I signed a 3-day trial to: Naked Novices. Not only was is a rubbish site, I found out that on singing up I had '3 day free access' to a number of other sites. Of course the catch was that I had to cancel membership before 3 days, or get billed for full membership. I did my best to work my way through all the sites, but 2 escaped the net. Luckily, one of the credit companies refunded me when I complained.

02-10-09  03:15pm

N/A Reply of Rick's Poll

Many sites have a very poor feel for the genuinely erotic. The key to good erotica is taste, tease, and alure. But far too many sites 'go through the motions', with bored looking models, or worse still, the porn is real 'in your face' stuff.

02-10-09  03:09pm

N/A Reply of Rick's Poll

I prefer pics. BUt my greatest preference is for a really good erotic feel. Many sites with HQ pics & vids, beautifully dressed (& undress!) girls with attractive settings etc, still go through formula, repeat-scenario, standard-moves bullshit. The best site I have come across for erotic sensitivity is littlemutt - the girls look normal, and really appears as they are seducing one another.

02-10-09  03:00pm

N/A Reply of JBDICK's Poll

Nothing makes me vomit more than the thought of my mum in a porno.

02-09-09  04:55am

N/A Reply of Vegas Ken's Poll

I put 10-15 min, although 15-20 is acceptable. But I think any porn scene which hasn't "stated it's case" by then is too long, unless it's effing good, which most of them aren't. It's noticeable that most voters opted for 15-20 min. Yet most porn producers ignore this, and make vids that are far too long.

02-09-09  04:53am

N/A Reply of Colm4's Poll

Quality is my first consideration. But if it's not updating, it's had the gong

02-09-09  04:17am

Visit DDF Busty

DDF Busty
Reply of TrashMan's Reply

Thanks for your reply, Trashman. I tend to agree about the shot taking in the whole scene. This 'opening up the angle' to see the bits is an annoying trend in porn. It look phony and staged. I might submit a thread in the forum, and see what others think.

02-06-09  04:03am

Visit DDF Busty

DDF Busty

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Well organised site. All scenes have pics & vids
-Easy navigation
-No phony tits
-Big tits not just on over-weight girls; many have average build & large tits
-HQ pics. Most sets have a choice of size
-Pic sets not too large (ie not too many pics)
-Photography: they bother to snap the moment the guy comes (sister site 1 by day tends to do it better). Too many sites ignore important nuances like this. If sites bother with pics, they should do it properly, like this one
-Range of vid size selection
-Range of scene types: solo, GG & HC - toys, anal insertions, 69, anal sex, etc
-Some variety of scene type: occasional hints of dom/sub, or Melanie D & Emily Cartright, who slop glue on each others' tits!
-Tasteful, clean decor & settings. (many sites have dingy, messy settings, or ugly decor completely devoid of any erotic feel)
-PRICE: good value & payment options
-LOGIN & PW is sensible: they let you choose your own easy to remember word Also no 'enter the code' rubbish
Cons: -Although variety of vid sizes, only lower Q vids are broken into separate clips
-Although there is variety, much of the action is cliche, formula stuff. EG phoney-looking squirming around, licking through clothing/lingerie, and rubbing & jiggling of boobs before model has removed clothing. Also annoying is single-lick oral, single-lick kissing, etc.
-Often the ladies don't undress properly befer the action starts. ACtion with knickers still on (crutch pulled aside for cock, dildo, or licking. Looks like standard, drab formula, instead of rampant lust. This kind of thing is okay every now and then, but on this site it seems to be the norm.
-TOO MUCH LOOKING AT THE CAMERA Especially the photos
-Too many scenes begin with model(s) stripped down to lingerie (more evidence of formual approach)
-silly positioning for close-ups. Happens most often in doggie, but also in missionary where guy positions himself out of line so we can see entry. An annoying tendency in porn, this.
Bottom Line: Summary
A good-value, high-quality site, easy to navigate, easy to find good models, and user friendly. The site focuses on models with large boobs, but it's not a fetish site - you get the full menu (pussy, sex, cum-shots, oral, etc). But they make good use of the large tits - eg boucing them around, self-licking, etc. The doggy sex scenes are particularly good, because these give scope for the ladies' udders to swing around like sets of wrecking balls. Usually the cum shots are over the tits, something which I find a bit limited. I prefer them to be in the mouth or face, preferably with the girl jacking the guy off.
Nevertheless, it's one of the better sites around, value-wise. The only thing that prevents it from being a top-rating site are several of
those irritating formula aspects which seem to come not from a sense of natural erotica, but the girls doing what they're told (see above in the 'cons'). If the site organizers freed themselves of much of this nonsense, this really would be a top-rating site.

02-05-09  10:35pm

Replies (3)
Visit Sex And Submission

Sex And Submission
Reply of morgentau's Reply

Oh dear oh dear! You are basolutely correct! I'm so sorry - I'll put in a request for an immediate redrawal of that review, and thanks for pointing it out to me.

01-11-09  03:54am

Visit Real Spankings Institute

Real Spankings Institute

Status: Was a member approx. 5 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Spankings quite severe and real
- Attractive, young girls
- Most girl have pubic hair.
- Good navigation
- Pics & vids each set.
- Sets not just in isolation: set within context of aims of the 'Real Spanking Institute', which gives shoots greater focus.
- Range of implements used: paddles, canes, straps, broad perspex plastic canes (real brutes of things. At least one really good scene with this)
Cons: - School uniform seems to dictate that standard shool underwear is but, white, baggy things which come out of grandma's wardrobe. Would have greater appeal of far more girls were caught wearing 'non-regulation' underwear.
- Not enough nudity.
- Use of hands for spanking. Get real! A hand spanking really does "hurt me more than it's going to hurt you." With all the wonderful implements available, why use hands?
Bottom Line: This is a convincing site. The introductory information presents the site within the context of how prison was not working for young female inmates, so the Government set up the Real Spanking Insitute as an experiment to bring these troubled young women back onto the straight and narrow. (Good to know the US Governent has some sensible policies. Someone should have a word in the ear of our man in Australia, Kevin Rudd, about this policy!)

The spankings vary in severity, according to the girl's misdemeanors, scenarios framed according to how much punishment and nudity the model has opted for.
On this point, the pay for the girls varies according to the severity of the spanking, and the amount of nudity they show.
I'm surprised at how little full nudity there is - If their butts are going to be beaten to a pulp, (which many of the girls obviously opt for) I can't understand why they don't go fully nude and get paid more.
There are, however, some really good scenes - and at least a few full nude scenes where the girls get a fairly severe buttock padding.
overall a good site, if you like this sort of thing.

One of the models featured is Jessica, whio also has her own site: Spanking Teen Jessica.

01-04-09  02:07am

Replies (1)
Visit Hot Legs and Feet

Hot Legs and Feet

Good erotic taste or not?

Can someone tell me how this sites rates regarding a genuine feel for erotica? Like legs and feet - I've seen pics of the women massaging the guy's gock with her feet. Is this done in a sensual, tasteful manner, with lots of variety? Or is it repeated formula-cum-fetish substandard rubbish?
I've seen the reviews and it looks good, but I'd like to know these things.
Thanks anybondy who can tell me.

01-04-09  01:39am

Replies (6)

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