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Visit Massage Parlor

Massage Parlor
Reply of otoh's Reply

Soapy Massage finished with it's last set of videos in April 2012. Since then only the other sites like Massage Parlor, Nuru Massage, & the more recent All Girl Massage. The reasons touted were that Soapy Massage was over 200+ episodes old (not too convincing a reason!). Soapy Massage was to be replaced with a site Morning Wood by the old Management [Atomic Business Solutions] but it never took off. The site is now suffering & the new management is satisfactory but nowhere nearly as convincing for the content part of it. Don't worry, you can still enjoy the old episodes of Soapy Massage as the videos would be available in HD

09-23-12  04:41am

Visit Massage Parlor

Massage Parlor

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: ð Exciting/Arousing theme~Massage/Rubdown/Handjob
ð Hot Pornstars in sweet,sexy,velvet robes excite
ð Action starts slowly builds to climactic end
ð All Episodes with brief if not major storylines
ð New Male/Female Actors look glamorous,handsome
ð Streaming,Download in Full HD/MP4/DVD/Flash
ð Weekly Updates for Main/Bonus Sites,Except Soapy
ð Very Attractive Monthly Price of $14.95 for HD
ð Excellent Techincal/Customer Support Features
ð New Management brought in good/needed changes
ð Video Duration/Sizes are excellent/convenient
ð Use of FTP is good & works well with downloads
ð Sex is Straight with no anal,gangbang,domination
ð Good Membership Options-Month/Half Year/Annual
Cons: ð Stories look lame,stereotypical unlike before
ð Many new models inexperienced, amateurish now
ð Photosets poor with Bad Angles,Camera Work now
ð Quality of Male Models suffering & loosing sheen
ð Availability/Quality of Female Talent disturbing
ð Erratic, Inconsistent & Unpredictable Updates
ð Parlor Madam not central character,bypassed now
ð Best Models-Eric/Stephanie/India/Jenner/Seth na
ð European/Latina/Asian models inconspicuous now
ð Offers/Polls are promoting "All Girl Massage"
ð Soapy Massage disbanded,no replacement website
ð Members Forum (Views/Feedback/Update) Disbanded
ð Suggestions for Episodes rarely/not implemented
Bottom Line: Massage Parlor was one of the top guns & to some it is the final word in Massages/Rubdowns with Happy Endings theme through BJ/HJ/CIM/COA/Swallows. This site probably put the M in Massage themes & were very good at it too.Towards 2007~2011,this site commanded a great following so much so that it had a huge amount of fan following & the best part was that fans had a say in everything the site posted or could express their views in tandem to improve. That's lacking now because ever since ChargePayBV took over the operations, many things have changed some for the better others for the worse! My rating & honest appreciation of this site has taken a rain check & I don't wish to give this anything but mid 70! Fans can become members because it's still great & popular but it's not a chance-less affair! Many fans will love the videos as the theme is fetish but the experience is like a wave, many a crest but several troughs in tow! Take a chance, be a member, have a once if a lifetime experience. After all necessity is the mother of invention!

09-08-12  05:33am

Replies (2)
Visit Massage Parlor

Massage Parlor

No tips for this massage!

Before 2011, this site was one of the premium ones in Handjobs,Rub downs & massages.Out of sheer curiosity, excitement & arousal one would desire to see the videos. Competition was from the likes of Fucked Hard 18, Massage Creep, Indecent Massage but this site stood head & shoulders above all. But post April 2012 when Soapy Massage was shut down, being a member, I'd asked what the future holds for this but told that a new website "Morning Wood" would be launched but that thought hasn't seen the light of day. Also Charge Pay BV [New Owners] haven't really got the measure of the site meaning what members wanted, still want & the variation in scenes now & in the past!! The latest update on 5th September was unavailable & a query to them was brushed off with the excuse that the Labor Day Weekends holidays messed up their shoot plans. I mean who are they trying to kid?? Tell you what,I'm gonna wait & watch, the moment one more fuse blows in this ramshackle, I packing my bags

09-08-12  04:50am

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Visit Naughty America

Naughty America
Reply of rearadmiral's Reply

You'd actually be surprised rearadmiral,how many perfectly sexy looking & very alluring women go for breast enhancement & ruin their bodies. An example is Angel Rivas, European Pornstar who was so sexy with her small
boobs but now she's lost that edge

07-22-12  11:33am

Visit Naughty America

Naughty America
Reply of messmer's Reply

Well, messmer, American porn sites get off a lot on the themes Tits & Ass not quality Sex. So things like Big/Fake/Enhanced Tits; Big Ass, Booty, Rough Sex will always find a place over there. European Girls are by far better & sexually starved but will keep things straight except the obvious turn on Anal Sex. You should look up Massage as a Fetish, which usually turns everyone on

07-22-12  11:31am

Visit Naughty America

Naughty America
Reply of lone59's Comment

Thanks lone59I was very tempted about 2 months ago to join Tonight's GF
but refrained as the best content seemed too limited! I mean I liked Breanne Benson's & Brandy Aniston's trailer but the action seemed so stereotypical & laced!

But now that I know that you can't download any of the videos & the staff don't respond, it rings alarm bells & bills also. You're right, the public had better keep away from this one. Think you would do well to stick it to TGF as a Site Error on Thebestporn.com! That'll show the clowns who's boss!

A site like NA shouldn't be promoting garbage & footloose sites like this on their website. What are they trying to do? Endorsing Rubbish isn't the way of doing good business

07-19-12  10:59am

Visit Naughty America

Naughty America

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: ¨ Multiple Sexual Hardcore Fantasies,700 + scenes
¨ Hot Websites - My Wife/Sister's/Hot Guy/Others
¨ Multiple Download Formats, True HD (1080/720p)
¨ Multiple Updates every week, Latest M/F Models
¨ Live Cams, On Demand Sex Chat,Interactive Option
¨ Teen Models (Victoria/Angelica/Lizz/Erica Hot
¨ Added Sexy Naughty Massage with hot rubdown/sex
¨ Pop Up Ads for Sites - Tonight's GF/Neighbor Sex
¨ Excellent Photosets, Zip Downloads,Best Quality
¨ Excellent Annual Discount Membership~$7/Monthly
Cons: ¨ Login Problems & frequent disconnection issues
¨ D/L Managers (DAP) have disconnection problems
¨ Trends show busty moms/MILF's dominate scenes
¨ Naughty Bookworms/Athletics/MNHLM Update monthly
¨ Photosets run into 20+ pages with 15 snaps/page!
¨ Lots of Fake/Big/Massive Tits & Huge Ass scenes!
¨ Many MILF/Older models typecast with impunity
¨ Negligible Asians ; Ebony/Latina Minimal listing
¨ Scene suggestions/forums hardly acknowledge/act
¨ Male models are very ordinary & often typecast
Bottom Line: NA is a great site for pron fantasies,no doubt about it because you would never get stories like My Sister's Best Friend or My Wife's Hot Friend as your first teen fantasy anywhere else from a not so teen site but there it is. Almost everyone in porn knows NA like the back of his hand. There's a lot of good content out there in the videos & all of them have a great storyline. The recent My Naughty Massage promises to be a great site hopefully. A great thing here is that you can choose your best fantasy which is a unique & truly amazing concept which may help you find it or recommend something on similar lines anyway! Wives,daughers,sisters,BF's,BFF's,Moms anything that's an animate sexual object is fair game or so they say!

However,the way things go these days,it would seem
that the NA of old would look much better.This is a pure American theme which is why excellent quality Asian/Ebony/Latina girls wouldn't feature much as compared to their Caucasian counterparts! This is a major letdown & seems discriminatory at best. Some other technical issues plague the site as file sizes of 1Gb & above necessitate a D/L Manager like DAP/Flashget which don't run well at all here with intermittent output! Other things like massive photo numbers have to be addressed!

Still,NA should go back to school & focus more on youth, nubile girls & middle aged women.Too much emphasis is being given to the Matures/MILF's & Cougars which isn't great sexual instincts for a high quality site like this. Another thing is even
in these scenes the male models are repeating be it Johnny Castle,Johnny Cage,Danny Wylde etc Rarely do you see a Levi Cash/Xander Corvus/ Marco Banderas/Ryan/Anthony Rosanao who are the newer & latest male pornstars

All in all, this site is well worth the money & it will reward you well because of multiple site updates in a week. In a month, you could well have content to keep you occupied for weeks on end
Be it photo sets or video downloads, NA has in it something to thrill the senses of every age group
assuming that's their intention.Those with a special interest in good hardcore may or may not come up trumps because iconic episodes aren't the
flavor here. Sometimes scenes thrill & at other times they spill but that's about it for NA & its Sister Sites. Should you be keen on great porn go for it!

07-19-12  10:51am

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Visit Passion HD

Passion HD
Reply of atrapat's Comment

You're obviously referring to X-Art which is several notches above this due to their screening models & making them look amazing on screen. I'm sure passionhd is just a rehashed version & pure cousion of the original theme which X-Art floated.

However,my experience is that it gets a tad too repititive for comfort & there are many sites with similar genre so what's the big deal anyway

07-21-12  01:54pm

Visit Team Skeet

Team Skeet

RubATeen.com - Plagiarized Content, Beware!

Its been over 2-3M now that RubATeen.com has been passing off as a Massage/Rubdown site but this isn't original content. If you're into Euro Porn, you might have come across TrickyMasseur.com from where you can view the same scenes in multiple formats! TM isn't updating regularly anymore so it's not a popular site now but at one time it did have the best European girls around.A better deal may be available as far as price as for a similar rate, you may be able to reward yourself with a monthly membership with multiple sites access of Euro porn. Still, it's not great of TeamSkeet to do this as I'm sure they can shoot much better content,footage & use high quality pornstars like Lizz Taylor, Molly Bennett, Megan Piper, Chanel Preston,Avril Hall,Abigaile Johnson & launch a similar genre like FuckedHard18.com for example. As a bounty site on TeamSkeet.com, you can pass!

10-06-12  02:52am

Replies (0)
Visit Tricky Masseur

Tricky Masseur
Reply of Gasperdian's Review

Well, lk2fireone, your plaudits for this site seem truly unfounded as also my review. Let me eagerly substantiate, firstly the membership options

3M Membership - $59.95 as against actuals of $89.95 which is saving of $ 30.00 & discount of 35% which is better than average. Costs here are very attractive

12M/1 Year Membership - $89.95 which is the price of 1M extended upto 3M @ 29.95 which is unbelievable because for the price of 3M, you get a 12M Membership. This works out to $ 7.40 which is very sweet for highly cost conscious. The discount is 75% which is fabulous & only Naughty America matches the price

The Oldest Video in this site (TM) is 28th November 2010 so this site is well over 21M old, closing in on 2 years but Teen Mega World is a much older umbrella of sites many of which are defunct & don't update anymore despite just a handful of episodes

Older HD Videos have major issues of Codecs & even in VLC Player you have to opt for Direct 3D Video Output or else you yellow/buff bands across your screen in MKV/WMV format. I know this because, I had addressed this issue with their technical support in 2010 & they couldn't solve the same. Also the site uses MKV Codec which isn't the best HD format as Video Quality is highly grainy. It's likely that WMV may have fixed this problem in 2011 but as a new site it was hell breaking loose

Update Schedule for Tricky Masseur has stopped. I've tried writing to the site since April but since they all they have to say is that they're shooting new footage. God only knows when it will come but perhaps as an alternative, they've launched a site "Dirty Doctor" which isn't a great site & it deals with an old pug faced doctor feeling his female clients & doing them for fun. Its a very poor site in the sense the Doctor wanks off in almost every scene

I lost a lot of money having taken an annual membership, surely don't wish for others to suffer!. Stay away from this site people, they're just ripping people off unless you especially like teen anal, dildo, solos & that sort of thing European style, then get out there. What's the saving grace anyway?? No updates, poor models, unreliable support
& more gamesmanship rather than facts!! Take your chances with this site but either way you're going to come out a major loser so I hope you get my drift

07-28-12  06:32am

Visit Tricky Masseur

Tricky Masseur

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: § Sexy,Erotic,Titillating themes,Passionate Stories
§ Low Membership Price,Large Bonus Site Access
§ Login,Ease of Access,Stable Site Design,Quality
§ Movie Stream Option is fast,steady & reliable
§ Multiple Movie Formats-Fair HD,WMV,MKV,IPod,Mobile
§ Excellent Membership Option - 3M/6M/12M Discounted
§ Fast/ Access/Response by Customer/Tech Support
Cons: § Older videos not HD & latest not real HD Formats
§ Erratic/Unpredictable Update Schedule,No support
§ Streaming in Non-HD,poor quality in full screen
§ Model/s quality is abysmal,new faces are absent
§ 90% Bonus Sites Non-Updating;Discontinued Sites
§ Reduced Footage/Bad Story lines/Quality Suffers
§ Comments section untutored,clutter, death match
Bottom Line: TM started out as an excellent site over 3 years ago but with all that's happened,it's hard to say what went wrong! When sites start to compromise on one thing, it affects other things & leads to an overall disaster in the offerings.This is true for many but it's a site worth trying out if you like fetish & bizarre themes. However be warned as bonus scenes are with themes like Anal, Solo, Masturbation, Toys. The themes are strongly European though but the site is taking a beating. Go for it if you wish to see some cheap thrills!
Only the older content scores

06-22-12  11:48pm

Replies (3)
Visit Tricky Masseur

Tricky Masseur

No Updates

Since April there haven't been any updates in TM!I'd a message
from the Webmasters that they're shooting some new footage but action hasn't translated into words yet. Also everything that was good about this site has disappeared. Model quality is poor, Masseurs aren't the best. Poor story lines & much reduced footage have added to overall dissatisfaction. Seriously, this site not recommended for reviews due to absence of a member pass but I
think members shouldn't come anywhere near here!

06-22-12  11:15pm

Replies (2)
Visit Wow Girls

Wow Girls
Reply of lk2fireone's Comment

If this is the case, it'd make a world of a difference to subscribers. Perhaps bonus site access is the best way to go as otherwise Wow Girls is upwards of US $35 a month which is delimiting! Unsure how good the multiple access if we're going to see the same scenes & content across sites anyway. Surely they must have some variation or else it'll come across as stereotypical & bland pot pourri

10-09-12  07:13am

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