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N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I like how no one selected "yes but she didn't know" See we are all nice trustworthy guys on here !

09-24-11  08:58am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I sure do ! More the "Racey" near nude/ nude Part of the question though. I bought a eos t2i Cannon so she is My one and only subject and model. It's fun and she likes it. Keeping it on a top racey level is good too because it will never come back to haunt her or end up on xnxx hah.

As for filming myself have sex, No.... I wouldn't even want to see that so no one else should :)

09-23-11  10:24am

N/A Reply of Cybertoad's Poll

100O Dollars ?!?! that better some with a Model from the site...

09-21-11  10:17pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I Personally don't. I despise "Athletes" like the ever so declining Tiger woods, so the feeling falls towards all sports. I find it boring just watching, playing sports on the other hand is a different story. Besides why watch sports when there are naked girls on the internet ? :)

08-24-11  10:18am

N/A Reply of BadMrFrosty's Poll

Reflects my own name, because i always suck at choosing a screen name, that and i never really had a nickname given to me before.

08-22-11  06:38pm

N/A Reply of messmer's Reply

+1 for German background !

08-22-11  06:36pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I find with myself that over the years my tastes have been getting more refined and sophisticated then was i was liking before.

08-09-11  06:39pm

Visit 18 And Busty

18 And Busty
Reply of wanker28's Reply

Thanks for the comment, I'm sorry for my response being more then late. I have been overly busy.

As for the site, what did you find poor ? the models, picture quality, price. layout ?

I constantly remind myself that this website is purely 100% opinion based, what might now be good to me turn on another guy or girl to no end.

That being said i can see this site not being for everyone or even you finding it poor because it does lack a lot where other sites, even mega sites pick up.

You should write us a review, maybe some one in the future will find it helpful. Cheers !

12-26-11  08:01am

Visit 18 And Busty

18 And Busty
Reply of wanker28's Reply

If your main interest is Videos then i wouldn't get a subscription here. The videos seem to be mostly stripping, shower, posing themed, there is one masturbation video which is very hot and i think i remember a hardcore vid ?

The main focus on this site i find is its pictures. Also not every model has Videos with her sets.

10-14-11  09:46pm

Visit 18 And Busty

18 And Busty
Reply of tboy's Reply

Thanks for the comment, i appreciate it . I was unaware that they could automate or easy label the sets, now that i know there is no excuse i'll probably bitch about that subject in every review haha.

And i agree, They should do something about older material, it is just a disappointment in most ways. I guess they keep it around because some people will not mind or it might bring the site down losing content? But really, some pictures on this site were useless to me.

09-21-11  02:23am

Visit 18 And Busty

18 And Busty
Reply of manholelover's Reply

This site even has a Cancellation option on the front page, you don't even have to sign in to the members area to get to it ! Another plus is you can contact the webmaster, advertised with a link. They use CC bill so there is also another No worry about subscribing.

09-21-11  02:04am

Visit 18 And Busty

18 And Busty
Reply of otoh's Reply

I have down them all too, I need to start using it more. I usually use down them all when i cant get a zip file to work. Hahah about the instant 100, i wouldn't either, that was just frustrated writing.

09-21-11  02:01am

Visit 18 And Busty

18 And Busty

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: - Easy upfront Cancelling.

- Unique videos

- Free half decent Bonus site

- Site lay out colour is pleasant

- Updated every 3-4 days with more then one set/vid

- Exclusive sets with well known Models.

-Videos offered in different players
Cons: - Some Zips are broken and the working ones are not labeled.

- One set advertised i couldn't find! :(

- Sets all seem to revolve around Hotel bed, Shower, Window and Couch

- Tiny Resolutions in some sets.

- Photo quality seems to fade during old sets.

- Some sets are in the Minus 25 pics range.
Bottom Line: Ok I'll admit it... the reason why i joined this site was 75% because of one model. I found her on a free site which instantly brought me in, after Looking into the model list i was sold.

18 And busty has some Great models, A very high point for this site. 4 or 5 of the models specifically were complete Sirens that i would probably forget to breath around in their presence, and were zipped right away. Not a common practice with me Until the nearing of my cancellation.

Speaking of zipping, the sites many down falls are it's zipping, I was having difficulty most of the time and when the files were fully downloaded the majority were not Labeled. Absolute hell for some one who likes his Erotica neat, organized and filed !

I can see how some Webmasters/Photographers wouldn't have the time to Individually name and label The pictures within a set but the first one to actually label a set like (to my standards) of "model name- Set name" will get a automatic 100 from me on here. It's such a pain zipping and trying to make folders look the same.

Back to the initial Impression of the site: When i first got to the Members area i was greeted with the standard title screen with Site options below and under that was model names alphabetically listed in a cluster, presented on a nice Pinky purple coloured background. The site at first has tricky Navigating, The list you see when you first get in is a no picture alphabetical list but until you scroll down that's when you get a model card, a card like box which contains a picture of the model with her name and a little bio and viewing options, But is not alphabetical.

I was quite confused at this point looking for the new material,the updates and most importantly the main reason why i joined, i needed her sets pronto !

It turns out they have it set up as a special link in the Updates and Bonus button, all new models and sets are posted there and stay there until bumped off the page by new material, thus leading the now "old" sets to the profile cards and alphabetical order. Confusing ? At first, yes.
The Updates and Bonus button also link you to the bonus site, Quite obvious now....

It seems the download cap Of 6 Gb a day that plagued this site is now lifted. I was downloading heavily from the site and never hit a cap.

After download at least half the site I Found the earlier videos and shots were Lacking quality. Videos were shaky and you could tell when the camera man went down on one knee to get a different angel, almost like some type of Blair Witch erotica. But the good news with all that is that the new videos are in great quality and Very very hot. Some are humorous too which is a nice break, not many sites offer this.

The biggest draw back to this site is its earlier material more specifically the sets. Earlier sets are all over, one set will only have 8 pics in it, zipping in low res and newer pics will be high res some not with a zip option or zip is broken. A few sets seem weird, almost as if they were just the warm up shots or initial ideas...one set was 500x333. It hurt my feelings.

The set i really wanted finally came to me TWO DAYS before my subscription was up. So in my cons of some sets advertised i couldn't find still applies even though i got it at the end. That has to be the worst thing (besides credit card fraud) for any porn user- When you see a model or set you really like and you sign up just for that reason JUST to find out she is no where to be found.

Strangely with all the little problems and disappointments i feel satisfied with this site and would probably join again in a year, since it has a nack for finding extremely sexy Women.

Bottom Line: The models are not 18 and this site is far from finely tuned, but it is a good one for anyone who likes busty girls who have slim to curvy figures. Would i recommend this site ? Ya i would, but not with out a i told you so after.

One more thing, Seriously.... how many models can have the same name as "Anna" ?!?

09-19-11  10:25pm

Replies (10)
Visit 18 Closeup

18 Closeup
Reply of selphy's Review

Thanks for the heads up on The daily video limit, that's is always a pain and sever draw back on any site.

You might want to fill up your bottom line section more if you want more trust points here, That part is pretty important of the review because you will find a lot of members on here pay particular attention to it and relay on its information.

08-23-11  06:31pm

Visit abbywinters

Reply of otoh's Reply

I was drawn to girls out west more the AW too, but those reviews did me in for AW. Now reading reviews on GOW I'm getting a bit skeptical. Apparently they go for a real natural touch, "Dirty underwear on some" and "some girls need to take a shower before the shoot, gross!" Is severely detouring me away !

I can't handle stuff like that. Not clean ass makes me sterile for days on end. I stumbled upon a set on my last site Little mutt with that and i was actually grossed out. Deleted the zip set of it and all.

If you try it first make sure to get a review up, Ill be interested in your findings, Messmer is wondering about it too. I want to know if it is actually only a 77. Would be good to get a trusted guy's rating for it.

08-22-11  07:29pm

Visit abbywinters

Reply of messmer's Review

This site didn't impress me too much, but that's me and my taste. It obviously impressed you which is good ! I'm glad to see some one honest put up 100, It's how you felt about the site and although it shouldn't have to be heavily justified i think you did a great job on everything.

All these reviews are all about Opinion and how we liked it. So if some one loves it and feels it shouldn't be anything under 99 then who is to say they are "wrong"

Keep up the good reviews Messmer !

08-20-11  01:21pm

Visit abbywinters


Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: -Exclusive girl next door models.

-So much content, even with the solo package.

-Nice resolution pics.

-Updated weekly

-potential for re-bill discount.
Cons: -Package sales

-Clean looking but not navigation friendly

-Tag system is great but really takes away from simplicity

-Photographer lacks style at some points, or dare i say skill.....
Bottom Line: When i first signed into Abby Winters i felt like i was at a busy air port...

It is cleanly laid out and the colors used are nice on the eyes but i didn't like how they have the model sets laid out, even when i got used to it.

The tag system is great, but can kill simplicity, especially if you want something simple like big boobs, it gets way to in depth. Or i just get nice nipples... am i using it wrong ?

Luckily for me I'm not into movies that much or any type of girl on girl scenes so the "packages" they sell didn't appeal to me. This can get pricey, the packages are as follows.

First is the Solo package - 25 bucks gets you all girls sets and two new "solo" models a week.

Second package is Girl-Girl:

1 new Girl-Girl video
1 new Girl-Girl image set
Fun, Make-out, and Hardcore content

That one will run you 30 bucks.

The third package is Intimate Moments which you will get

2 one-girl Masturbation videos
2 two-girl Masturbation videos

It is the same price as The solo package.

And the final 4th package is the fully loaded of the erotica industry 39 bucks a month and you get

7 new videos in total
6 new image sets in total
2 new Solo models
2 returning Solo models
1 new Girl-Girl video
1 new Girl-Girl image set
Fun, Make-out, and Hardcore content
2 one-girl Masturbation videos
2 two-girl Masturbation videos

or get this... you can customize your 4th package with specific site options.

why does it feel like I'm subscribing to a new car ?

Now i know it seems like i already have a dislike on for this site but to be truthful i did enjoy it, i also recommend it ! but i wasn't impressed as much as others.

Abby has some nice resolutions, that means when you click on a pic you know you are going to see some nice detail . Even if you get the solo package like i did you get a TON of content to go through, so much you might need more then a month for sure if you are going to be browsing and taking your time.

Every page has an attractive amateur girl, the definition of the girl next door type, and you will find with so much content you wont get bored. A bit overwhelmed but not bored. You also get a discount option of 4.36 if you select package 4, customized. Which would technically be package 5 ? oh man... there are more package options on this site then a transsexual site search option.

I fail to see the hype of this site. Where as it is a great site i don't think it is a Titan when it comes to this type. It seems it climbed to the top by just staying around on the net for a long time accumulating sets.

To be fair i subscribed to the solo package which is just a fraction of the site (which was all i needed really) so some might view this as not accurate because i didn't experience the full site.

But be sure i would probably have the same type of review even if i was treated to the customized package 4 which includes.... hah I'm wont even get into it.

I was going to sign up for girls out west because of their very attractive upskirt option but i kept reading reviews on how the models at Abby were better and how amazing it was. I think i will try their next.

Bottom line: If you like amateur girls, next door type looks, and just natural women i will give you a friendly shove in the direction of this site, because you need to be there. But please, don't soak up the hype that surrounds this site.

I see people rate this site as 100, fully understandable if it is your thing but i cant rate it that high for myself.

08-20-11  01:11pm

Replies (2)
Visit Adult Empire

Adult Empire
Reply of dave70's Reply

What i find amazing is how Sites like this actually keep in Business. Comparing it to what is out there i can't believe its even in the lime light. I'll check out Brazzers, thanks !

05-25-11  06:57am

Visit Adult Empire

Adult Empire

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Swiss Army Knife of networked sites, has everything.

-Cancellation has improved since reviews before.

-They back up their terms of service.
Cons: -VIRUSES !!!!!

- Content from other sites (that are exclusive)

-Some of the "sites" are only 4 or 5 sets big.

-Certain pics and categories get thrown in with each other.

-4 "sites" did not work.

-No zipping ! :0(

-Some sites are like a photo album exploded.
Bottom Line: I'm finding it difficult to not write a one sided review, I don't really want to come off as a upset subscriber, but on the flip side i want this to be a heads up to any one else deciding to subscribe to this site.

This site Does have some decent material, i found myself pretty into some of the amateur shot stuff. And it seems in the past it was hard to cancel, now a quick email to the admin will get you a same day cancellation and confirmation. The site also does keep true to its terms of service, which in the pay site industry seems unique.

Now for the Minor stuff:

Some "sites" (using that term really loosely) look as if a photo album of amateur porn/erotica exploded. Hundreds of pictures one after another with out any organization.

Content is repeated with in its self. For example, In a Big tits "site" you will find the same pics as in the Chubby girl "sites" because the women have big tits. Or should i say Large breasts...

They supply you the user name and password, which is fine really, nothing wrong with that. BUT when its something like aeb306210 and your password is equally as long with case sensitive letters it really does become a complete hassle ! and even more of a hassle is you have to log in twice, one time at the member log in then another initial log in once you choose a site. I just want to look at naked girls. To much to ask ?

Now for some major problems...

Viruses... My anti-virus program stopped 5 "sites" from opening up due to identified threats ( Thank you Avira!) As a Subscriber to a pay site i should NOT have to worry about viruses !!!

It has content from other sites, I saw pictures from at least 6 exclusive sites on there, Very disappointing.

I sent a e-mail to the Admin requesting my cancellation confirmation and a full refund which he honored ( not yet fully refuned but he said it will be)

Bottom line, this site doesn't offer anything unique or better then most the mega networked types sites out there and Has some major issues that need to be addressed.

05-21-11  08:39pm

Replies (2)
Visit All Of GFs

All Of GFs
Reply of Concedus's Comment

Thanks for the heads up, I have been caught paying 5 bucks for the "trial" which consists of a few pics on other sites too in the past.

08-24-11  03:04pm

Visit Breath Takers

Breath Takers
Reply of RLane's Reply

Glad to hear you like that sort of set but there are very few that are along that tone so it might just give you a taste.

I liked clothes sets, there are some very sexy ones on petites-parisiennes that i have found. BUT unlike BT there is a bit of a tease, a flash or something to set an erotica tone.

Sets that show nothing but a smiling beauty in nice clothing do nothing for me. I need something to give it a erotica kick. I may as well flip through a sears catalog if not :)

I think BT should be on every ones list. Looking back now i underscored this site slightly.

12-26-11  08:50am

Visit Breath Takers

Breath Takers
Reply of otoh's Reply

Like we talked about Otoh, ill be defiantly going back to this site. ESPECIALLY since i lost all those folders! :( I have two more reviews to write out on the current sites I'm subscribed to then BT's bandwidth better pucker up because there will be some sever zipping.

08-20-11  02:52pm

Visit Breath Takers

Breath Takers
Reply of slutty's Reply

Thanks, out of all the sites that i know of i think this one is defiantly list worthy if you are into this sort of erotica.

08-20-11  02:49pm

Visit Breath Takers

Breath Takers

Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: -Steady flow of updates.

-Sexy sets.

-Some models are to die for.

-Original Ideas.
Cons: - Sets are only displayed 20 pics at a time.

- Non nude sets might disappoint some subscribers

- Could clean up the how viewing content works.

- Large pixel pictures are a bit fuzzy
Bottom Line: I did not really want to write a review on Breath Takers because what has been said in the reviews below pretty much summed it all up, and i would only be repeating what other have reviewed. But i decided it is more then a half decent site and it deserves a review and rating.

This site was refereed to me from a friend with more then creditability in taste when it comes to erotica, So i got a month subscription. It did not disappointment all. The models are next to the best i have seen, actually only one other site i know of that it could push in for fist place.

The photography in this site is outstanding, I'm very impressed with the shots. With the mix of Drop dead gorgeous models and the shooting style it made for a very seductive atmosphere that lets you almost feel present at the set. I found myself thinking what a beautiful picture, and not just because of the naked model on it.

There are some issues though, I couldn't handle 20 pictures at a time. I need way more on the page that i can scroll down to. Also clicking on an enlarged picture opens up a different window, so you have to go back to the original window which makes it a pain to see other sets from the model. fixing that mess would do wonders for the navigation for the site.

Some times it was hurtful to not see a model naked or even half undressed. Such beautiful models and not even a tease in some sets. Makes a guy kinda sad. We need something !

Although breath takers isn't my favorite site, it does have the hottest set i have seen since i have been in the scene. I also found myself zipping a good half of the models there for my personal collection too.

Bottom line: Not bad !

08-08-11  10:03pm

Replies (6)
Visit Busty Teens

Busty Teens
Reply of trishabcarson's Reply

Thanks Trish :)

09-21-11  08:13am

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