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Visit Girls Out West

Girls Out West

Some facts

General theme:
This is a genuine amateur site. You will not see fake boobs, bottox lips and bleached hair on this site. Instead, you will find real-life, girl-next-door kind of women. And this comes with all the consequences of realistic imperfection.

girlsoutwest.com offers solo, girl/girl and boy/girl scenes in videos and/or picture sets. Each scenes is split into 1-4 parts and sometimes one complete compilation with all the parts in one big file. All updates after December 2009 are coming in high resolution, which means

1920 x 1080 .mp4, 3500 bps
1280 x 720 .wmv
1280 x 720 .mp4

as well as

1024 x 576 .wmv
1024 x 576 .mpg

The quality of the high res videos is very good
1080i files are about 300-500mb for one part and 1,5-4 gb for a complete scene.
Older updates are coming in 640x480 .mpg and .wmv format
At the moment, there are about 160 high res girl/girl videos, 160 high res solo videos and 50 high res boy/gilr videos. Keep in mind, that one video means a part, not a complete scene.
The picture sets are coming in 2000x1333 resolution .jpg's and can be downloaded in one .zip file.

* The site offers genuine, non-scripted and non-staged, non-mechanical scenes. You'll find a lot of kissing, foreplay, caressing and playful sex.
* No fake tits, no bottox, no fuck-me-shoes, the models are just as real as you can get.
* None of the pictures are photoshopped!!!!
* Scenes are well shot, usually good lighting and atmosphere.
* Servers are stable and support download managers.

* Navigation is a bit clumsy to put it nicely.
* File formats, especially of the complete scenes, are a bit messy, some of the files are .mp4, some are .m4a and I even downloaded a .mov file.
* The update/video denotation is and inconsistent and casual.
* Many scenes don't have a complete scene download.

Bottom line:
girlsoutwest.com is a jewel in the rough. In many ways, it's superior to sites like abbywinters. If you're tired of glamour, sterile high-budget productions and if you're not affraid to see women as they *really* are, I highly recommend this site. However, be prepared to spend some time digging through the inconsistency and navigation inconvenience.

09-04-11  03:18pm

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Visit Hard X

Hard X

NOT a full trial

Just a mild warning, trial access to the site is NOT a full trial, at least not for european members.

10-10-14  10:26am

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Visit Hardcore Gang Bang

Hardcore Gang Bang
Reply of pat362's Review

Thanks for the review, pat! The site sure looks interesting, especially the London Keyes scene. And if the Ava Adams scene would have been pre-boobjob, I probably would have joined. :)
One thing I noticed about kink.com sites is that they are recently shooting more and more with eastern european girls. I guess it's for monetary reasons.

01-14-13  10:51am

Visit Harmony Vision

Harmony Vision
Reply of bibo's Review

The 8 MBit download cap seems to be a problem on my side, so I removed it from the list. The origin of the connectivity problems, however, remains unclear.

12-25-12  07:40am

Visit Harmony Vision

Harmony Vision

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: *High class video productions
*Good variety of EU and US models
*Simple navigation
*Different fetish themes to chose from
Cons: *NO true 1080p videos despite advertising
*Too expensive (34,5)
*No individual filenames
*No update history
*No special / extra deals
Bottom Line: Harmonyvision is a glam core video site, featuring scenes from high quality movie procudtions. As of today (12-23-2012), there are 32 movies available, spplit up into 144 individual scenes. There is no update history.

There are 4 different download options to chose from:

SD Low 720x404 @993kBit/s
SD High 720x404 @993kBit/s
HD 1040x584 @ 2429kBit/s
Full HD 1080p 1280x720 @ 2990kBit/s

All videos are ready for streaming in said resolutions.
There are NO picure sets available for download!

The bad news right at the beginning:
The "Full HD 1080p" videos are *NOT* full HD in the true meaning of the word (i.e. 1920x1080)! They are just standard 1280x720 videos, which, in my books, is as close to a fals pretense as you can get. It's especially cheeky, considering the high price of 34,95. So, again, if you want true 1080p scenes, this site won't give it you.
Apart from that (rather major) issue, the videos are well shot with good lighting and a variety of well known EU and US models to chose from. The movies are all pretty artsy glam porn stuff, lots of latex, leather and masks. You will find a good ammount of mild fetish stuff on this site if that's what floats your boat.

Navigation of the site is simple and plain, no unneccessary features or anything. However, during the registration process, you DO NOT get an on-screen message with your login details. All you get is a "you're registered" message. So MAKE SURE you entered the right email address during registration. Also, when you enter harmonyvision.com, you have to click through some kind of portal gate, containing the three stiffia network sites. It's just an extra click, but I find it annoying.

During my first couple of days as a member, I ran into a number of connection problems. Some times, I only had like 30-60KB/s download speed (wchih means about 7 hours dl time for one 1GB file). At other times, the speed was ok, although it seems to be capped at 8MBit. Since I'm not entirely sure if the problem was on their or on my side, I won't let this influence my score. Howeber, I'll keep an eye on this issue and post a comment if something changes.

The site does not support resumed downloading (tested with IDM). Each file you downloadcomes with the same filename, there is no specification of the scene you are downloading. File size for the fake "Full HD 1080p" files are between 500MB and 1,3GB.

Bottom line:
Harmonyvision has a lot to offer. Unfortunately, it doesn't keep their promises. Advertising 1080p videos and offering 1280x720 instead is unacceptable in my opinion. This, in combination with the unusually high price decreases my score, which would otherwise be somewhere in the 80s.
If you can live with the lower resolution, there are a lot of high quality scenes to chose from.

[EDIT: removed the 8MBit download cap from the Con list]

12-23-12  03:24am

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Visit HDV Pass

HDV Pass
Reply of Khan's Reply

What a coincidence! ;)

03-25-13  10:07pm

Visit HDV Pass

HDV Pass
Reply of ItGonRain's Reply

Well, consider yourself lucky then. And btw welcome to PU! ;)

This is not the first site I subscribed to, trust me on that one. But it is the first site that decides to repeatedly give me a 403 for merely browsing. I don't have a problem with the content, which looks promising indeed (if a little dated), but as you can see from the webmaster's reply, the problem IS there and it's not on my side.

03-25-13  11:52am

Visit HDV Pass

HDV Pass
Reply of TeeHeiman's Reply

Same problem. I log on, start a download, skitch to another scene during the download (not streaming, not downloading, just surfing) and get a 403 error.

03-20-13  11:12am

Visit HDV Pass

HDV Pass
Reply of TeeHeiman's Reply

I understand that launching a website often comes with technical difficulties. However, connectivity and downloads are the minimum requirements. Members being blocked out is a no-go. I can live with the occasional bug, but not being able to access the content in a decent way is something you should take care of.
As of today, I'm now able to log on to the site again, but can not download anything, becuse the dl link doesn't work, IDM is not supported. All I can do is stream the videos.

03-17-13  01:32am

Visit HDV Pass

HDV Pass


This is the worlds best hd porn site (according to it). Unfortunately, the server seems to be located somewhere in Bonksville/Tennessee.
After subscribing to the site, I logged on and tried to download a movie... and got a whopping speed of 20KB/s. Fine, server has got some hicups or something, so I just logged off and came back after a couple of hours.
This time, I could not even log on to the site! Whenever I try to log on, I'm getting a 403 error (Forbidden
You don't have permission to access /auth.form on this server.)

No idea what's going on and how to solve this. So take this as a friendly heads-up! The site is definitely not the most stable one.

03-16-13  08:56am

Replies (10)
Visit Hegre Art

Hegre Art

Downloading picture sets

If you click on a downloadable zip file for a picture set, it takes up to 1 minute to "find" the file and another minute before the actual download starts. (At least that's the case on my side). Also, during this search phase, the browser (FF 17 in my case) is basically frozen, you can still ATL TAB to other programs, but the internet connection is taking a nap.
So, if your download doesn't start right away, give it a little time.

12-26-12  12:19pm

Replies (0)
Visit Humiliatrix

Reply of RagingBuddhist's Reply

Obvious faker. Joined today, first review, 100% score for a site that got three 100% scores on ONE day by first time posters.
Hopefully the admins will take care of that, because this is just fraud.

03-21-13  10:47am

Visit Joy Mii

Joy Mii

Download limit?

Can anyone confirm the download limit to be a fact or not?

12-26-12  10:04pm

Replies (1)
Visit Little Mutt

Little Mutt
Reply of Marko's Reply

Thank you! :)

09-15-11  12:44pm

Visit Little Mutt

Little Mutt

hi def videos since...?

When did they start adding hi def videos? Can any current member tell me the month/year?

Thank you in advance!

09-15-11  06:28am

Replies (2)
Visit Magik Sex

Magik Sex
Reply of Divinx's Reply

Thanks for your reply, Divinx!

Allow me to add a few notes in response.

The quality of the movie is my highes priority. I don't have a problem with sites that are offering low resolution movies. It's just not my cup of tea. However, IF a site decides to offer 1080p scenes, they should at least have a certain level of quality, otherwise the scenes are just consuming space on my hdd.

About the navigation issues: I know that users will get the hang of it after a while. I still think it's annoying. There are many other sites out there offering scenes and movies and they all somehow manage to do a much better job.

Finally, yes, I agree: the action of the individual scenes is awesome! I already said that in my review though.

Maybe my score is a bit harsh, but I'll stick to my points. It's not the site I expected it to be.

12-29-14  12:02pm

Visit Magik Sex

Magik Sex

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: * Featuring some of the big EU pornstars
* Many different download options
* Pretty good connetion
Cons: * Confusing nagivation
* Crappy video quality!
* Comes with prechecked cross sales
* One-Click upgrade "options"
* Number of scenes/movies is not that large
Bottom Line: I joined this site because I was looking for scenes of some of my favorite EU girls and since the review on TBP seemed pretty good, I decided to give it a go, and regretted my decision just a couple of minutes later.
The biggest issue with this site is most certainly the quality of the movies. Except from a few notable exceptions, the majority of the scenes are just a blurry pulp. And yes, I'm talking about the 1080p scenes! They mostly look like 640x480 scenes "blown up" to 1080. Absolutely no details, not even close to the standard HD quality of other sites. It's a pity, because most of the scenes are quite well done with good lighting and pretty good action.

The second issue of this site is the navigation. I've subscribed to many sites in my lifetime and I've seen some unusual and plain navigations in my time, but this site tops them all. There is basically no clear distinction between "movie" and "scene". If you click on a model, you will be directed to a number of links, which will lead you to either a picture set, or a scene, or a movie (where you have to find the scene you were looking for). Some movies are actually some kind of long trial movies. It's just a mess.

Talking about search options: you can manually enter search words, but the scenes are tagged by the customers, so there's a big chance that you'll miss the scene you were looking for, because the tag was actually "big natural breast" instead of "natural tits".

I have to say that this site is a big letdown for me. Maybe I expected too much, maybe I should have read more/other reviews first. I strongly disagree with the TBP review here, this site is NOWHERE in the 80-ranks.

12-28-14  10:53am

Replies (3)
Visit Magma Film

Magma Film
Reply of ManicaMark's Reply

Great! That's the third version of the story now.
First, your customer support tells me to request a site via email. Then, you tell me that the additional site comes automatically (i.e. "you get one site of our choice"). Now you tell me to hit the claim button, which I would gladly do if I could see such a button. However, there is no such button!
I can visit the preview area of all network sites and I see two buttons there, "Visit Website" and "Add website". Hitting the "Add Website" button leads me to a site where I can "BUY" that particular site for another 9,95. Visiting the site leads me to a prevew area of the particular site... again, no claim button here.

02-19-15  09:52am

Visit Magma Film

Magma Film
Reply of ManicaMark's Reply


no, unfortunately that's not how it works.

I had a subscription to magmafilm for one month. After that month, the timer with the "your next free site in X days!" went up to 30 days again, no access to any other site except magmagilm though. It's definitely NOT an automatic process, Hence my question to the support and THEY told me to email them with the site I want to add, which I did.

02-18-15  09:50am

Visit Magma Film

Magma Film

Bonus site program

Being a member of the stiffia network, you are granted access to one site of the network for free after each month of consecutive membership. However, I could not find an option to unlock another site, so I decided to send an email to the customer service to check.
Their (more or less instant) reply was, that you need to send them an email and tell them which site to unlock, which I did in reply.
A couple of days after that, I'm still stuck to the first website. No unlocking of the site I wanted, no further reaction what so ever.
Looks as if this is just a dodgy way to get your customers to renew their membership for another month after the first one.

02-17-15  01:19pm

Replies (5)
Visit My Precious Virgins

My Precious Virgins
Reply of Denner's Reply

According to the update history, the last movie was added in February 2010 and the last picture set was added in June 2010. They seem to have pretty big gaps in between their updates from time to time.

Yes, it´s definitely more a photography site than a movie site. I`m not a big fan of picture sets, but to be honest, I´ve seen better quality on other sites. Images are often photoshopped (which is a no-go for me) and some sets are lacking variety.

After surfing the site for a couple of hours, I spotted a few more glitches and bugs. No big deal, but annoying and it confirms my initial statement, that this site needs a rework. It´s just sloppy and poorly coded.

As for the review, I never wrote a review and I don´t know if can be bothered. I think my comment contains all the crucial points, so people can form their own opinion without my score.

11-01-10  11:45am

Visit My Precious Virgins

My Precious Virgins

Site needs some work

This is a pretty good site with lots of high quality content. I joined the site because of the movies.
However, the navigation is quite uncomfortable and needs some work.

1. The picture and the movie part of the site are completely separated. If you look up a model on the picture site, you only get links to the photo shootings. There are no links to the movies of the model.

2. All movies are split up into 3-8 parts and you need to downlaod them separately.

3. All movies have the same filename (high01.wmv etc.), so you need to rename them!

4. Download speed seems to be capped at 2 MBit/s, you can download more than 1 file @ that speed though.

5. Some movies are tagged as HDV 1080 but are in fact only 1280x720 resolution.

6. The actual HDV 1080 movies are 1440x1080

7. The movie page does NOT have a page navigation (page 1 2 3 4 etc). You just have a next button and the back button of your browser.

Bottom line:
A solid site with good content but some inconvenient elements.

11-01-10  06:36am

Replies (3)
Visit My XXX Pass

My XXX Pass

Download speed...

[I joined today and I have to say the download speed is abmyssal. I'm getting like 150 KB/s which means 2 hour download for a 1,5 gig file.
Apparently, the network is suffering from severe connectivity problems. Since I don't know if this is a temporary effect or the actual status quo, I'll just leave it at that and will update you in case of a change.]

I logged in a couple of hours later and the dl speed seems to be ok!

11-03-12  01:18pm

Replies (0)
Visit Naughty America

Naughty America

Naughtyamerica kills my internet connection

Well.. title says it all I guess.
Whenever I'm downloading something from this site, my internet connection goes kabooom. I can't browse, I can't load other pages. It is as if my connection is being reduced to 56k modem times. I can cap my bandwidth, no effect. This is the only site where this happens.
Anyone else got the same problem? Any ideas how to solve this?

04-04-14  11:03am

Replies (0)
Visit New Sensations Network

New Sensations Network
Reply of rearadmiral's Comment

Sorry, but that reply by NS is a load of nonsense. Looks like they're trying to talk their way out of this dodgy behaviour.

1. The quote I posted in my original comment is a copy/paste. They DID say 2 GB and 12 hour lockout.

2. People, who are using those horrible download managers to download more than 6GB content from sites are now considered "abusers", who are hurting the "legit" members (hurting them in what way exactly)? Welcome to the internet, welcome to 2014! I wonder how sites like Brazzers or RK are handling those abusers, considering the fact that some of their files are larger than 5GB. If the NS membership would be 12$, I wouldn't say a word, but NS comes at the usual full price range of 29$. That's quite a lot compared to similar sites, who are a LOT cheaper, have more content to offer and don't have a download limit.

3. There was no mentioning of the download limit, neither here on TBP, nor on the site (although I'm sure NS will point us to the crucial sentence, hidden somewhere behind a wall of text.)

Bottom line for me is:
If sites want to "protect" their content, it's their choice and that's fine. But this is a market. And being a customer, I want to be informed about what I get and what I don't get BEFORE I join, clearly and fairly. There are too many sites out there resorting to those little tricks or downright rip offs (see my pornxn comment).

05-05-14  09:15pm

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