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Visit Fake Hub

Fake Hub

Network split up

The sites on this network used to be part of the Bigz.com network, which is now split up into two separate networks. In addition, the scenes are no longer shot in 1080. Instead, they're now 720. According to the bigz network (which still exists for exisitng members), the network "just got better".
A rather bold statement in my books.

04-18-15  03:34am

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Visit Magma Film

Magma Film
Reply of ManicaMark's Reply

Great! That's the third version of the story now.
First, your customer support tells me to request a site via email. Then, you tell me that the additional site comes automatically (i.e. "you get one site of our choice"). Now you tell me to hit the claim button, which I would gladly do if I could see such a button. However, there is no such button!
I can visit the preview area of all network sites and I see two buttons there, "Visit Website" and "Add website". Hitting the "Add Website" button leads me to a site where I can "BUY" that particular site for another 9,95. Visiting the site leads me to a prevew area of the particular site... again, no claim button here.

02-19-15  09:52am

Visit Magma Film

Magma Film
Reply of ManicaMark's Reply


no, unfortunately that's not how it works.

I had a subscription to magmafilm for one month. After that month, the timer with the "your next free site in X days!" went up to 30 days again, no access to any other site except magmagilm though. It's definitely NOT an automatic process, Hence my question to the support and THEY told me to email them with the site I want to add, which I did.

02-18-15  09:50am

Visit Magma Film

Magma Film

Bonus site program

Being a member of the stiffia network, you are granted access to one site of the network for free after each month of consecutive membership. However, I could not find an option to unlock another site, so I decided to send an email to the customer service to check.
Their (more or less instant) reply was, that you need to send them an email and tell them which site to unlock, which I did in reply.
A couple of days after that, I'm still stuck to the first website. No unlocking of the site I wanted, no further reaction what so ever.
Looks as if this is just a dodgy way to get your customers to renew their membership for another month after the first one.

02-17-15  01:19pm

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Visit Magik Sex

Magik Sex
Reply of Divinx's Reply

Thanks for your reply, Divinx!

Allow me to add a few notes in response.

The quality of the movie is my highes priority. I don't have a problem with sites that are offering low resolution movies. It's just not my cup of tea. However, IF a site decides to offer 1080p scenes, they should at least have a certain level of quality, otherwise the scenes are just consuming space on my hdd.

About the navigation issues: I know that users will get the hang of it after a while. I still think it's annoying. There are many other sites out there offering scenes and movies and they all somehow manage to do a much better job.

Finally, yes, I agree: the action of the individual scenes is awesome! I already said that in my review though.

Maybe my score is a bit harsh, but I'll stick to my points. It's not the site I expected it to be.

12-29-14  12:02pm

Visit Magik Sex

Magik Sex

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: * Featuring some of the big EU pornstars
* Many different download options
* Pretty good connetion
Cons: * Confusing nagivation
* Crappy video quality!
* Comes with prechecked cross sales
* One-Click upgrade "options"
* Number of scenes/movies is not that large
Bottom Line: I joined this site because I was looking for scenes of some of my favorite EU girls and since the review on TBP seemed pretty good, I decided to give it a go, and regretted my decision just a couple of minutes later.
The biggest issue with this site is most certainly the quality of the movies. Except from a few notable exceptions, the majority of the scenes are just a blurry pulp. And yes, I'm talking about the 1080p scenes! They mostly look like 640x480 scenes "blown up" to 1080. Absolutely no details, not even close to the standard HD quality of other sites. It's a pity, because most of the scenes are quite well done with good lighting and pretty good action.

The second issue of this site is the navigation. I've subscribed to many sites in my lifetime and I've seen some unusual and plain navigations in my time, but this site tops them all. There is basically no clear distinction between "movie" and "scene". If you click on a model, you will be directed to a number of links, which will lead you to either a picture set, or a scene, or a movie (where you have to find the scene you were looking for). Some movies are actually some kind of long trial movies. It's just a mess.

Talking about search options: you can manually enter search words, but the scenes are tagged by the customers, so there's a big chance that you'll miss the scene you were looking for, because the tag was actually "big natural breast" instead of "natural tits".

I have to say that this site is a big letdown for me. Maybe I expected too much, maybe I should have read more/other reviews first. I strongly disagree with the TBP review here, this site is NOWHERE in the 80-ranks.

12-28-14  10:53am

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Visit Elegant Raw

Elegant Raw

Some facts

There are currently 44 videos available on the site. New scene is coming every 2-4 days according to the timestamps.
Technically, the videos are a bit disapointing. Some are downright killed by bad lighting, some are not as sharp as 1080p could be.
Pictures can be downloaded in one zip file, resolution is pretty high (4000x2660), but same problem here, some are just not as sharp and crisp.

I would not recommend the site until it has become A LOT larger.

10-19-14  04:10am

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Visit Hard X

Hard X

NOT a full trial

Just a mild warning, trial access to the site is NOT a full trial, at least not for european members.

10-10-14  10:26am

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Visit Team Skeet

Team Skeet


Just a mild warning: the majority of all updates these days seem to be POV scenes! So if you're not a big fan of blurry butts wobbling around your screen, you might be dissapointed of the left over scenes, like I was.

09-30-14  02:54am

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Visit New Sensations Network

New Sensations Network
Reply of rearadmiral's Comment

Sorry, but that reply by NS is a load of nonsense. Looks like they're trying to talk their way out of this dodgy behaviour.

1. The quote I posted in my original comment is a copy/paste. They DID say 2 GB and 12 hour lockout.

2. People, who are using those horrible download managers to download more than 6GB content from sites are now considered "abusers", who are hurting the "legit" members (hurting them in what way exactly)? Welcome to the internet, welcome to 2014! I wonder how sites like Brazzers or RK are handling those abusers, considering the fact that some of their files are larger than 5GB. If the NS membership would be 12$, I wouldn't say a word, but NS comes at the usual full price range of 29$. That's quite a lot compared to similar sites, who are a LOT cheaper, have more content to offer and don't have a download limit.

3. There was no mentioning of the download limit, neither here on TBP, nor on the site (although I'm sure NS will point us to the crucial sentence, hidden somewhere behind a wall of text.)

Bottom line for me is:
If sites want to "protect" their content, it's their choice and that's fine. But this is a market. And being a customer, I want to be informed about what I get and what I don't get BEFORE I join, clearly and fairly. There are too many sites out there resorting to those little tricks or downright rip offs (see my pornxn comment).

05-05-14  09:15pm

Visit New Sensations Network

New Sensations Network
Reply of rearadmiral's Comment

Thanks for the confirmation!
This site is on my "avoid" list from now on. Time for TBP to add this to the site review and maybe adjust the score.

05-04-14  10:54am

Visit New Sensations Network

New Sensations Network

Warning: download limit!

I just found out there is a 2GB download limit (at least during the trial period).

The following message appeared on my screen:

Bandwidth Limit Exceeded

"You have exceeded the bandwidth you are allotted per day. Each member is allotted 2 gigabyte's per 12 hours. This is to ensure that bandwidth is more even around for all members to download at fast speeds all the time. If you feel that this has been a mistake, or that your username/password have been cracked or stolen please contact us at: help@nscash.com and we will look into this and see if your username has been compromised."

Note: after exceeding the limit, you can't even connect to the site anymore! Given the fact that there is no notice whatsoever about this limitation, I think this is rather cheeky. Maybe the TBP staff could add this to the site description?

05-04-14  03:39am

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Visit Porn XN

Porn XN


This site is a joke!

After registering and reveiving my welcome email, I tried to connect but couldn't log in. After a couple of failed attempts, I was temporary banned for "too many failed login attempts". So I wrote a support ticket, explaining my problem.

The next day, I was really able to connect (wohooo!) and I even managed to download a movie (go me!!!)... just to get booted from the site after a cople of minutes. Logged in again and saw random lines of php code on the side of the screen and my account was created on "22.12.2012" for whatever reason.

After another booting event, I was lead to a login screen, that didn't even give me the oportunity to enter my login details. The text fields just wouldn't accept any letters (however, the "wrong password" message was still working, thank God!)

In addition to that, some of the 1080p movies are actually 720p resolution.

Bottom line: I've never seen such a messy, buggy and instable site. If this is the member area of a paysite and they deal with people's personal data and cc details, we should be worried.

05-02-14  08:35am

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Visit Naughty America

Naughty America

Naughtyamerica kills my internet connection

Well.. title says it all I guess.
Whenever I'm downloading something from this site, my internet connection goes kabooom. I can't browse, I can't load other pages. It is as if my connection is being reduced to 56k modem times. I can cap my bandwidth, no effect. This is the only site where this happens.
Anyone else got the same problem? Any ideas how to solve this?

04-04-14  11:03am

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Visit German Goo Girls

German Goo Girls
Reply of Sumom Ltd's Reply

[quote]In most cases the delays were caused by missing cancellation confirmation e-mail from the requesting member.[/quote]

The big Q here is, why you would require a confirmation email from your customer in the first place and why you don't TELL your customer during the cancellation process that he needs to send you a confirmation email to complete the process. Call me blind but I didn't notice any mentioning of an email when I clicked the "cancel" button. All I got was a message that my case is taken care of. And I usually don't read each and every mail that lands in my spam folder. Oh wait... maybe that's the point?!

[quote]Once the cancellation request has been received, it is forwarded to our customer support representative, who initiates contact with the requesting member and asks for a confirmation of the cancel request.[/quote]

Why on earth do you forward a cancellation request to a representative (who then - magically - never bothers to reply)? Cancelling a subscription is the most fundamental form of seller/customer interaction. It's a simple check out and if you want to retain your customer, you can give him a chance to rethink this decision during the process like all the other billing companies do. ON the website, DURING the process. It's not that a cancellation request is something that requires careful consideration and evaluation by an employee.

[quote]Centrobill is a reliable and legitimate billing processor which has served us very well for a long time already. It has a good reputation among its clients[/quote]

It's borderline cheeky to post stuff like that in reply to the ammount of problems that are discussed on this site, especially considering that the ammount of people who are posting here are just a tiny fraction of all the customers out there, who are facing the same problem minus your generous "send me an email and I'll sort it out for you" support. For them, I guess the only way to avoid being billed to eternity and back by your non-existant customer support is to block their cc.

03-01-14  05:27am

Visit German Goo Girls

German Goo Girls

Another warning

I recently checked my cc balance and noticed that I have been repeatedly billed by ggg although I thought I cancelled my subscription 5 months ago. I checked the billing site and found out that my subscription was still active, so I cancelled it again.
Checking my email account, I found out that they had sent me an email 5 months ago, saying something like "we would like to keep you as a customer. If you still want to cancel, respond to this email with a reason."
Basically: they expect you to read and reply to their email in order to complete your cancellation! If you do NOT reply, your subscription will remain active, regardless if you hit the "cancel my sub" button on the billing site or not. This silent agreement thing is unacceptable in my books and I will stay FAR away from any site that charges through this biller.

Also, my new attempt to cancel the subscription was ignored. No email, no nothing, I'm still a member of this site, whether I want it or not.

03-01-14  01:27am

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N/A Reply of jberryl69's Poll

More than just one option.
1. knife
2. dead
3. retired
(4. soft) depends on the girl.

02-13-14  10:17pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I don't care about the filesize. High speed connection and download managers make it as easy to download a 15 GB file as a 100MB preview. The biggest files I bumped into were the ones from fuckinggamble, they are about 16GB for the full version (3-4h 1080 though) However, I avoid certain sites when I see that their files are big and the quality is sub par. Recently, naughtyamerica has fallen into that category.

02-13-14  10:15pm

Visit Casting Couch X

Casting Couch X
Reply of Micha's Reply

Fair enough. Then again, hdd space should not be an issue anymore these days, considering the fact that you can get a 3TB hdd for about 100$. Bandwidth on the other hand could be a problem in some areas though and the files from this size are pretty large.

01-28-14  10:30am

Visit Dog Fart Network

Dog Fart Network

Movie resolution

Just a quick note: the highest movie resolution on this network is 1280x720 and NOT 1920x1080 as it is stated on the TBP review page.

08-21-13  07:21am

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Visit She Fucked Up

She Fucked Up
Reply of bibo's Comment

Quick update on this issue:

There is no update on this issue. More than 48 hours after joining the site and writing an email to the support team, I still didnt reveice a reply, let alone solution for my problems. Still not been on the site for a single minute.

Im going to claim a refund via the cc processor now.

08-04-13  10:39am

Visit She Fucked Up

She Fucked Up

They fucked up

I just joined this site and can NOT connect! Upon entering my username and password, Im being redirected to the join page!
It says "please wait 2 minutes for your login information to work", but I waited about half an hour and still got no access.

Also, there is no customer service via chat system, so I have to send them an email to sort it out.

Very annoying. I'll keep you updated here, but for the time being, I'd recommend to stay away from this site.

08-02-13  08:35am

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Visit Teen Dreams

Teen Dreams
Reply of Capn's Reply

Do you mena TBP pricing in general, or for this particular site?
I'm using TBP pricing quite a lot and it always works, although I'm from EU.

04-13-13  12:55am

N/A Reply of RagingBuddhist's Poll

Do be do be do.

04-01-13  12:48am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

IDM, always if possible.

03-31-13  09:31am

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