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Visit 21Sextury.com


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Exclusive content, no DRM, no dwn limit, DM works as well
-Beautiful women (semi-pro est europe teens and super-pro of the Est Eu Porn Industry)
-Good video quality, different video format, different option (full scenes and clips), Good Pics
-Good design of the site, good navigability and well done index model
Cons: -Sometimes the content of a site is mixed and merged in another one so it is difficult (for an older member who joins again) to remember the location of the past scenes
-The best quality (FullHD, 1920) video scenes sometimes aren't "fluid" in viewing, but I don't know if it my fault (!)
-Many sites are not update, since three or four years; their growth were abandoned. Why don't they eliminate (that video qality isn't good),to growth others niches ?

-Decreasing speed download. In the 1st week of my membership it was quite good, than decreasing...I don't know why (they limit your IP after intensive dwn ?)
Bottom Line: Most of us, I think, like to experiment joining new site, cause of the interesting home page, adversiting,....but then afer joined, remain disappointed and so go back to favourite sites.
21sextury is one of my favourite !
If you like good hardcore, good softcore, beautiful european porn actresses, hou have to join it and enjoy.
A lot of content, divided for niches (different sites), good navigabiliyu of the network, good speed download (DM works well), daily update.
Do you want more ? Yes we always want the "perfect site", so I would like to tell to the Admins of 21sextury.com that:
1) Don't often mix and merge the content of some site in another one (cause the old member who have joined in the past,struggle to remember if a scene already been seen). IE: lezbohoneys.com or fassinating.com, and others
2) The old content of some sites (that are that are no up to date, why don't you eliminate and grow other niches ?

At the end: a beautiful network that always merge (in a good quality videos and pics) some different contents like professional porno (dpfanatics.com, footsiebabes.com, pixandvideo.com) and semi-pro (analteenangels.com, lezcuties.com, cutiesgalore.com).

The last pro comment: in the past membership you did not access to the whole network, and you could see some sites only after renewing the monthly membership.
Now you can access the whole network as in adversiting of home page. That's good and correct !

08-27-11  06:25am

Replies (1)
Visit Teen Mega World

Teen Mega World

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: -The video quality is excellent, in my opinion, not the best of the net but it is good for viewing the video on your pc (1280)
-The model are beautiful est europe teen girl, skinny, smiley, not so amateur, but neither too professional (the best type of actress, for me)
-One update a day !
-The video files are not too large (1,0 / 1,5 GB average, but often < than 1 GB)
-The DM works without problem and the speed connection is good
-The video option are good, the navigation is simple and there is the model info section that is useful in a large network such this
-They often add a new site, also if they don't update others...(ie: recently they add crempieangels.com and leave squirtingvirgins.com)
-Trickymasseur.com is original and very nice !!!
Cons: -Many sites of the network aren't updated (the last update of this site were a years ago, so this files have not a good quality). The Company would restore all the network to join the "perfection"
-For a this kind of network I'd like to see more variety of niches (more anal, bj, and most of all MORE RECENT THREESOME, and recent lesbo scene)
-The Beautyangels.com is clone of other sites, some scenes are dated (also if good shooted)
-There are only three or four male actor that shooted all the girls.....blessed them !!
Bottom Line: I joined TMW a couple of years ago for the 1st time, and re-join the site two-three times a year in the average. When I'm boring with other sites or remain desappointed, I join TMW and enjoy, cause the overall quality remains good.
I would like to see more improvement: niches (lesbo, bj, 3some that are present in the network but NOT recent updated !!)
The opinion is personal, but I like too much this kind of models (like analteenangels.com style)

08-20-11  08:15am

Replies (1)
Visit Lez Cuties

Lez Cuties

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Beautiful est eu (russian model) 18-25 y.o. girls
-Kindly approach of the teen performers (you can see all lesbo action variety, from kissing to gaping)
-About 400 hundreds scenes
-Good video quality (at 1280); only the oldest scenes are 320 or 640 pix
- The site is regular updated (this is not the 1st time I join the site)
-Navigation is easy, having a model index and also the "behind scene"
Cons: -I'd like to see recent three-girl-action, as you can see, sometimes, a couple of years ago in this site. In the last year there is not that kind of scenes.

-I don'like so much extreme insertions (dildo and fisting), and in the last year this kind of scene is grown (but they remain "kindly" and well shooted)

-Decreasing speed download. In the 1st week of my membership it was quite good, than decreasing...I don't know why (they limit your IP after intensive dwn ?)
Bottom Line: This is a site part of the 21sextury.com network, that I usually subscribe. The network is full of different niches and lezcuties.com is the lesbo site of the network.
It's a 18-25 y.o. est europe (russian) teen model based, that perform about 400 hundred lez scenes ! Thats good if you like good lesbian action !
The same (and same kind) semi-pro models you can appreciate in teenmegaworld.com network. I also think that lezcuties.com is the complementary site of analteenangel.com site, that is another one of 21sextury.com
The video scenes are shooted with a particular attention: they are different to the lesbo scenes in which you can see (i.e) Aletta Ocean and Aleska Diamond, or Tory Lane and Bree Olson.
In lezcuties.com you see two beautiful and all natural girls, that have a "gently" and soft approach: they stroke gently, than kissing each other (I love last kissing action), undress, licking all the body, till to gaping, rimming and fisting too !
But also if the scenes perform quite extreme lesbian sex, they remain "kindly", cause of the model that appear very natural (in approach, in clothing, in situations and locations).

That's all about the shoot; for the rest I think that the site is well done designed and it is easy to navigate, also the speed dwn appear "decreasing" ; in the 1st week of my membership was quite good with dwn managers, than decrease without an apparent reason...

This is not the first time I join 21sextury and lezcuties. I also did it a years ago. So I can say that during this time the site (and the entire net too) has weell grown. The oldest scenes/files are smallest (320 and 640), newest (from 2009) are more clear and better in quality (different format, divided or not in clips)

That's all; I say: if you like lesbian I highly reccomend this site !!

09-04-11  08:12am

Replies (1)
Visit Nubiles.net


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - GbTons of young pussy (50% EU and 50% USA, pro, semipro and newbie), often shooted at the beginning of their careers
- Very good designed site. Simple and efficient in surfing, you can choose the model (good info: there are also links to other site where the same model appear)
- Many downloadable format: wmv HD (never heavy to dwn), mpg, mp4, mobile.
- Also pictures have zip file in medium and large format
- Good dwn speed and dwn manager works fine too
- Well shot scene: solo or HC too.
Cons: - A little bit "plan": there is not various (i.e. few anal or lez scenes)
- Sometimes videos are lack in quality (some rumors or blurred), or sometimes the HC scenes are not well cutted at the end (this is very important): I prefer the scene where you can see the actors in their "10 seconds after the c.shot"
- Only 1 HC scene a week.
- Poor bonus sites (also if there are some discount to other sites)
Bottom Line: Warning: GigaTons of Pussy inside !!
I'm warning you....
It is a very good designed site, with a lot of different way of viewing your preferite model. And, when you are inside a model description, you can choose your pref video, pictures (large or medium res), resolution, streaming or dwn, format (wmv, avi, mpg, mp4, mobile, flash), clips or entire. The most videos (2012 to 2007) are in wmv HD; only sometimes the videos are a little bit lack in quality or are not completely in focus. I've never seen before such a well done site.
The dwn speed is good and also dwn manager works well.
The girls are fantastic (50% USA and 50% EU), young (you can see some recent pornstars at the beginning of their career or semi pro model) and you can see solo scene (most of the video are solos) or hardcore scenes too (about 20% is hardcore and the rest is solos).
There are few, few, few anal scenes In HC shots and I'm regretted for this....with such a beautiful girls....; but this is (in my opinion) a precise choice of the Company Site.
There are every day updates and this is fine compared to other site; every week the Company focuses on one or two models and shows theirs scenes. There is one HC scene a week and the rest are solo scenes.
What's not nice ? Well...
In my opinion, to be "the perfect site" , It would be a little bit more various in HC scenes: more "anal" (just 20%), and or more "lesbian"

02-12-12  10:19am

Replies (0)
Visit Reality Kings

Reality Kings

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Updated: 11-11-11  10:56pm  (Update History)
Reason: SCORE CHANGE: It is NOT CLEAR how the dan limit works. It is not correct.
Pros: - Cautions: Huge Network ! There are a lot of video scene, pictures, and variety of niches.

- Five sites worth the entire network: Pure18, Welivetogether, Mikesapartments, Cumfiesta, Eurosexparties. They are impressive sites, for girls and niches.

- Good speed download, different video options (mp4, wmv, HD videos only for recent ones, iPod, mpg, single clips)

- Good surfing ! For each scene you have: preview, pics, screen caps, trailer, comments, clips...

- Good monthly price

- Regular daily updates (only for half network)
Cons: - Download limit of 10gb daily (per site) makes impossible to dwn (and storage) or watch the HD videos (2 Gb size each) ! It is a nonsense...

- There isn't the size of the video files (it would be important with the presence of the daily limit)

- RK HAVE TO EXPLAIN IN THE NETWORK HOW THE DWN LIMIT WORKS (because without sense in one day you can dan more than 10gb files from more sites, and other day NOT). WHY ?

- A lot of sites aren't longer update (half of the sites of the network)

- In my opinion, the US-niche sites of the Net contains only few anal scenes...
Bottom Line: It is a huge network collection of AM and EU videos/pics ! There are about 30 sites but I've joined the network especially for some of those sites: Pure18, Mikesapartment, Welivetogether, Eurosexparties, Cumfiesta and Firstimeauditions that in my opinion worth the price of th entire Network.
At the beginning I was in doubt if join or not the site cause of the "download limit" of 10 gb/daily that the Netw impose for each site of the Net.
That is if you download/watch HD videos (about 2 Gb per video) it is very annoying, but if you download only the mp4 or wmv "midsize" videos (about 3-600 Mb per video, 768x432 format) you can see all the collection in two-three months !!
Yes there are a lot of amazing contents !!
The quality of the HD videos (only the most recent, 2011-2010 nd half) is very impressive, but you can collect only the most beautiful video in this format....(in my opinion) cause the limit of your personal storage size !!
I said that there are 2-3 site that are very very amazing !! That is Pure18 and Welivetogether; in my opinion they are the most worthy sites of the net. They deserve theirs reviews that I'do later....
But in few words: Pure18 i impressive for the girls. All the girls are very young, US-girls, semi-pro or at the first appearance but very very skilled !!
Welivetogether is a lesbian site and it is very impressive for the variety of the scene-locations, for the climax (the most video are 3 way lesbians), and for the kind of shoot (few toys, a lot of wet kisses and tongues, tongues, and a lot of tongues...).

The prices is good and it is right; I think that the Huge Network can't have a high prices cause it is impossible to view all their video collection in 1-2 months; with low prices you easy going on join the site for the time you want without spend an exaggeration !

10-30-11  11:16am

Replies (0)
Visit X-Art


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Beautiful Girls/Teens, some are wonderful (Caprice, Faye, Blue Angel, and many others)

- The sites shows a particular way of shooting video: short video, plan sex, plan positions, as in a porn romantic age...

-The navigation is simple and the site is plan: all the updates are in one page and you can see the cover of the single update, the rate of the model/teen, the date of the video/pics, differnt video/pics options (various format)

-Three updates/week (regularly)

-Good speed connection and the DM works fine
Cons: -Sex is Plan, too plan..., always.

-Sometimes the camera man cuts the actors in a strange way...I don' understand if it is a mistake or a decision or the Director

-The scenes are Too much "filtered", never sharpe and detailed (too much soft focusing)
Bottom Line: This kind of site could be fantastic or ugly, it dipends on your personal thought.
I don't like so much this kind of Porn: too much boring...
Not anal sex, not crazy positions, too much romantic...., it could be a dream.
Yes, I think that everyone of us have got in mind these fantastic girls that appear in the video like "real angels".
The images are always filtered, enveloped in haze; the shoots (10 min each) aren't sharpe, detailed....but this is the "camera works" and the Direction...
You can like or not...

10-02-11  10:40am

Replies (1)
Visit Fucked Hard 18

Fucked Hard 18

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Beautiful US teen girls, most semipro, some EU, some famous pornstars
-The main theme is fantastic (in my opinion) and attractive if you like massage.
-Some superlative scenes very cool, also if they are "simple fucking scenes"
-Good numbers of scenes (about 200)
Cons: -They could improve the speed connection (sometimes the server can't respond to your click, especially when downloading a file). It not possible to manage 2 file simoultaneously with your DM
-Price is high (for that kind of site): there is not (significant) extra content.
-I like that Main Theme but, ALL THE SCENES ARE TOO SIMILAR. I can' understand why there is not variations: no titfuck (there is a lot of OIL in through the set..), no pussylick, no anal, not final BJ, damn...it could be a simple way to grow the site (and the members too) !!!
Bottom Line: FuckedHard18 has a unique theme: "hard massage".
You like or not, it depends on your taste but the theme is clear before you join the site.
I like too much this "main theme" that is similar to Trickymasseur (a site of TMW network).
That is: a US teen (young and fresh, sometimes a famous pornstar as Aletta, Angelica Heart, Dani Jensen or another semipro girl) enters the studio with a massage bed. The guy starts the massage all over the body (tits, pussy and back) and then she start to blowjob and the fuck.
It starts a SIMPLE, plan vanilla fucking !! That is a good fucking, but without variety !!
The same three or four (or five) positions, no titfucking (that is simple to imagine with a lot of oil massage all over the girl), not a pussylick, not anal (!!); also the cumshot is plan. There are also fantastic shot (facials and crempie) but I can say that the most of scenes (about 200 files) are similar.
I ask the Admin why there isn't so much variety to the site, but he didn't respond to me.
There are a lot of beautiful us teen and in the end I can say that you can join the site is you like the main Theme; I also say if you really want to see that kind of massage you have to join Trickymasseur (a lot of anal sex, beautiful Eu girls, it is quite different and complementar to FH18).
I said: 200 files, the most recent at 1280 (about 50 files), others (about 100) at 1000, and the othes at 640. Quite good.
The site is simple (as the scenes....) the navigation is plan, you have 3-4 update every month; but the speed is quite low. You can't download two files simultaneously or you can't change the page of the site while you're downloading a file...: this is not so good, but with some patience you can see all the scenes in a month....

10-11-11  12:18pm

Replies (1)
Visit 18 Closeup

18 Closeup

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Original content
-Video files appear sharp, clear, at good quality
-Dwn managers work as well
-Skinny teen girls (est europe), most of them shooted also in other sites (teenmegaworld)
The lesbo scene are quite interesting, but there aren't a lot of this kind in the site.
Cons: -The daily vieo limit it is very boring; they says that you have 7,5 GB per day and 4,5 per session, but nothing said to you how long is a "session" ? Often the session limit does not work(you can download less than they says); when, after 1 hour you have disconnected you try to dwn again, but it does not works !

-Not so large content; there are a lot of video files but they are at 120 kb average sized, about 5 min., so you can't say that the website has "a large content"
- I don' like Photo in general, but these are videocaps not real photoshoot sessions.
-About two update a week, that is not enough if you consider that a video scene it's about 5 minutes each !!
Bottom Line: You can for a month get a membership, it is a nice content, but in my opinion you subscibe the site only once in your weblife....

I don't intersersting in pics so I can't judge the difference with others site.

The content is quite good and the teens who play scenes are skinny and beautiful, similar to other networks (est europe teen girls), semi-pro.

After you visited you can say that the site could be an "extra content, bonus site" of another one.

08-23-11  12:11pm

Replies (2)
Visit Oldje


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Fantastic and Beautiful Girls (nice and young famous pornstars but also semi pro models)
- New videos are in HD 1280 (most of them are not in HD but the format is acceptable, 720x404)
-There are photo and screen cap of the videos
Original and exclusive content that combine romantic sex and a little fetish (old and fat man- with young and beautiful girls)
Cons: -There are about 350 videos but 150 of them are in real media and their quality are poor (about 200x100; I've deleted those files...)
-No model info
-Old files are divided in two or three parts
-The files you downloaded are not named, so you have to renamed them (boring)
-No update info (1 new episode per week)
-Navigation is plan and the login is boring (userid, pwd and captcha).
-The server timeout is too short; it's about 2 hours, and at the and you have to re-log in
-No bonus site (I thought that the other Class3some site was included)
-The are music inside the video and often you can't hear the "voice" of the performers.
Bottom Line: I was intersting in this particular content, most of all because the preview of the site showed a lot of beautiful girls.
So I become a member a couple of weeks ago. But after two days of surfing this site I was not satisfied at all.
I think that if you have such girls who perform and that especially have performed in the past in your site, you have to re-mastered old videos and offer (about 30 euros a month) to your customer a good quality. Not surely the quality of a 15 Mb video in .rm format !!
Otherwise you had to offer one or two quality bonus site !
The same company has also Class3some: it appears a good site (the same girls of Oldje) with only about 50 video.
Why does not offer the two site at the same price ?
Oldje is expensive if you think that 1/3 of its content is not usable, but if the Company offers Class3some togheter with Oldje, I think the 30 euro price is correct.

Well, If you are interersting in old-young sex the new video of Oldje are really good ! But remember that only about 200 video (the new ones) are really usable (not less than 720 x 404)

02-05-12  04:13am

Replies (4)
Visit Sun Erotica

Sun Erotica

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: The overall quality of the scene is good, if you like the open air hardcore set.

The surfing on the site is easy
Cons: The site is the clone of sunrisekings.com

The hardcore videos is not exclusive (most of the scene are part of Private and Pinko major films)

Some video aren't fluid (with any players, included vlc)

There aren't model info

The extra material is poor and there is included only a part of the Silversinema site (at bad quality and not downloadable)

The softcore scenes are shooted with the "rumors" of the set and are quite bad...

No one hardcore update in a month !
Bottom Line: The scene are very beautiful and the model are prof, but the site primise most than you really get !

They don't update the hardcore video, they only have changed the date of the old video scene to be appeared as "new video": bad practice !!!

08-20-11  12:31am

Replies (0)
N/A Reply of Denner's Poll


Almost ever exclusive
Daily update
Various sex
Good average quality site (technical, video)
Fantastic est eu porn actresses

02-15-12  01:49pm

Visit Young Legal Porn

Young Legal Porn
Reply of Denner's Reply

Bah...., I quote you Denner,
I was a lot of times a member of teenmegaworld network and sometimes a member of other site as smackmybitch, 18onlygirls, nubiles, ddfnetwork....and many more.
I always seen the TMW videos in other sites randomly, not the contrary.
This is enough to say that other sites lease video....

i.e. Dieselman says to became a member of their new great sites ???
Well, this is a math rule:
18onlygirls = Younglegalporn = SkinnySupergirl

02-09-12  01:27am

Visit Oldje

Reply of Denner's Reply

Thanks for your comment.
When I rate a site, at the first, I usually observe the price/quality.
In this case the overall quality is low: I think that you have to upgrade ALL the old files you store on your server, otherwise (if you want to sell the content of the site at 30 euro) you have to offer more (bonus site, other Parent sites...).
They have more than 400 videos, but about 150 are not usable.
The content of the site is 85, the vids quality is 45...., the average is about my rate ...:)

02-06-12  12:09pm

Visit Reality Kings

Reality Kings
Reply of rearadmiral's Reply

Yes it'a absolutely true.
I am an active member of the rk network (after two months, cause I would like to dwn other sub-site of the net that I like), but I am boring and angry.
In some days I can dwn 10 gb till to be' blocked; so I have the entire bundle of 10 the day after.
When I can't dwn 10gb in a day, I have only the difference to ten the day after !!!

If you interested in RK, stay away !!!! :(

12-20-11  01:37am

Visit Reality Kings

Reality Kings
Reply of rearadmiral's Reply

Dwn Limit it is not clear. They says 10gb daily !!
If you download 8 gb from 17pm to 21pm and if you will download the day after other 2,1 Gb starting from18 pm, you will be blocked till to the day after !!! So the limit it is not "daily", but you have not exceed the 10gb/24 hours.
This is almost fraudulent cause you can't program your time spent surfing in their site !!!
There is not the way to contact the Webmaster. They have only an automatic system of replying.

Stay away from their site (today I'll cancel my subscription) !!!!

11-23-11  08:10am

Visit Reality Kings

Reality Kings
Reply of rearadmiral's Reply

Today I've download 5 Gb data and then the blocked me !!!
This is fraudulent !!

The webmaster/admin do not respond and I can't understand as they calculate this limit, also if 5gb is far from 10 gb !!

11-19-11  07:00am

Visit Reality Kings

Reality Kings
Reply of rearadmiral's Reply

I think it not true.
What is "big movies" ? Every file you download in mid size (.mp4) has the extension .big !!!
I think after you downloaded 10gb a day you have been blocked and that is it !
I'm angry cause in the first 10 days of my subscription there were not this limit ! I downloaded more than 10gb from the Network, but not more than 10gb from each site of the Net....
Why this change ?

11-18-11  10:45pm

Visit Reality Kings

Reality Kings
Reply of rearadmiral's Reply

I mailed them, asking about this....
They reply me and tell me that "We have successfully cancelled your membership effective today 00/00/2011 and you will no longer be billed. Your username and password will expire on 00/00/2011."

I did'n ask the cancellation of my membership....
It's incredible !!!! Are they funny ???

11-12-11  09:18am

Visit Reality Kings

Reality Kings

RK must to explain how the Dwn Limit works, otherwise RK must remove it !

I'm a member of RK.
In the past days I downloaded different files from different sites of the RK network.
I heard that there was a 10gb limit per site and I have always tried to respect this: I had no problem.
In one day I downloaded more than 10 gb (20-30 gb) from different sites and I've got no problem.
Today I downloaded few files (not in HD that are large files) and I ve been blocked !
I don't know why !
I think it NOT CORRECT they impose that limit (what limit ??) without write it clearly in subscription or in support page !
The limit, if it is exist, RK have to be written CLEARLY !!!
I'm angry.

11-11-11  10:52pm

Replies (9)
Visit Teen Mega World

Teen Mega World

New Site inside the network ?

They advertise me last week that there is a new site anal-angels.com
It seems that the video aren't fresh...not at all, but I' would like to know is that anal site is included in the network membership of tmw (together with first-bgg, cause I' don't see it in the subscription page)...
I'd like..., it would be nice !!

11-05-11  04:17am

Replies (5)
Visit Reality Kings

Reality Kings
Reply of lone59's Comment

Can you tell me please if the dwn limit is per network or per single site ?

10-19-11  09:50pm

Visit Karup's PC

Karup's PC

Exclusive or Not ?

Are You sure that the content is exclusive ?
I see in some previews some Teenmegaworld model and a recent scene that is clearly taken from that Company.
So, I ask to the current/previous member: is the review correct when it says "exclusive content" ?

10-12-11  12:27pm

Replies (7)
Visit Teen Girls

Teen Girls

Not Exclusive but....common and old content

Most of site content is old and not exclusive.
You can see these scene in Smackmybitch , Teenmegaworld, and the sites 18Onlygirls and Younglegalporn

10-09-11  11:01am

Replies (3)
N/A Reply of turboshaft's Reply

Forbidden to act and shoot the film/video/photo without condom by a Low

10-03-11  03:23am

N/A Reply of gggfan's Poll

Best Porn Industry
1) Russians !
Best Teens and Girls, not too much Pro and not too much Fake

2) Czech and Hungarians,
Actresses are The Best Pro in the World

The worst Porn Industry
1) France
Condoms :((

2) Asians (Jap)
In my opinion Men are ridiculous

10-02-11  09:59am

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