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N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

What do I think .......?
The answer is the same as the said cameramen zooming in with non-ending close-ups of the guy's hairy ass humping this gal (missionary style) until viewers can even recall the number of hair-follicles and how they're rooted into his pubic area.
Parton my unorthodox sway on the whole matter .....but these hair-brain, tunnel visioned cameramen who're chewing up valuable time, (under a canvas cover while jackin' off, as one would suspect) shooting long-winded close-ups .... rather than governing his lens (the dumb-ass) to give varying shots surrounding the action.

07-27-15  06:39pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Oh yeah!!! depending on what degree of shortcomings are touching the right nerve, the worst will assuredly draw feedback from this dude.

07-19-15  02:41pm

N/A Reply of Monahan's Poll

When I was a young man, a time I like to think I had a handle on protecting my porn simply by leaving it all stored in the attic.
old age inevitably came along and with it a shocking mistrust not only of strangers who simply walk away with your stuff but also those close to you.
I've also settled on this poll taking the option of not worrying about my porn collection.
My body is going to science, foregoing the expensive burial.
When its time .... I,m further going to be prepped for transport to a designated Virginia medical school wherein a bunch of young medical students will either deem I'm flat too ugly to put their hands on .... or as my luck usually goes, they'll reject me as unfit serving as a cadaver and use me as a crash dummy.

07-16-15  07:12am

N/A Reply of Pyrenees's Reply

Ok, Pyrenees ...... gotta admit that you kind'a caught me flatfooted, maybe also leaving a showing of egg on my face as well.

Your logically convincing rebuttal has unarguably turned my thinking to now posturing male stars in general, plus your favorites in particularly, simply by definition as good actors just following
instructions from the scatter-brain writers, directors, and especially the imbecilic studio moguls whose unfurnished cranial cavity is only active when the wind is passing through whistling Dixie.

07-15-15  10:42am

N/A Reply of Capn's Reply

I'm with the Capn 100%.
How much more degradation must we heap upon the women of porn before they wise-up to the fact they're a hell'va lot prettier; and win hands-down at being anatomically far superior in every way to their male counterpart?
That naturally begs the question asking how-come We're supposed to buy into the belief it's OK they're slapped, choked, pinched, as well as any other pretended maneuver that'll suggest his partner's worth lies right up there with raw sewerage.
So be on alert all you porn-star wanna-be's! sharpen your nails an' go for the jugular!
C'mon, Bitch! (wink, wink) the ball is now in your court.

07-14-15  11:21pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Stationed at Fort Campbell Kentucky back in the early middle fifties ... the home of the 508th, the 82th, as well as a bevy of other Airborne units using the dropping zones to finish their Airborne training .....you can bet the numerous tattoo parlors outside the base was enjoying hefty profits from nailing proud paratroopers with first tattoo images to show other guys and girlfriends their bravery depicting them in flight drifting from flying aircraft to ground level.....
Graymane was lucky. I heard enough complaints from my father, who got tattooed on his upper arm at an early age (I can only guess, like most who get them and strongly regret it later on, only to discover the ink don't come off quite as easily as it went on. So, following my dad's warnings, I declined the ink thereby making my jumps go unnoticed. (That is if one bases tattoos solely on seeing them burned into one's skin.)

07-13-15  03:11am

N/A Reply of skippy's Poll

My answer is all of the above.
The proverbial adage: "different strokes for different folks" in my book comes to screeching halt well before a woman needs to be beaten and/or brutally manhandled before sickos can get off.
When stuff like this catches-on, and more and more guys are reaching for the plastic ...... then its only a matter of time before it worsens.

06-28-15  05:12pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

An easy answer for me would be a cup size befitting it's occupants that fits nice and snugly inside my mouth.
So, allowing for a tit meeting that degree of mass ...... I then take the notion representing "a very large size" ....which, in the scheme of things, should bare little or no opposition from my fellow PU inmates.

04-29-15  02:26pm

N/A Reply of graymane's Poll

I wrote this poll question because I'm deeply intrigued by what it's like having sex with a woman while being deprived of the all-important stimulant normally derived from touch-feel-smell and all the other adjoined body parts that make up the whole that the sighted needs to consummate a successful union.
But because the body has this amazing ability to reproduce.
This would include sprouting (if you will) limbs and other surface growths....further, among other things, I have to believe the body would ultimately compensate for one's losses wherever it may be.

Outside this Poll topic, I have to view and write this thing objectively ...because I am a victim.
My story is simple:
upon leaving a weekly boy scout meeting, My life went from whole to a fraction when, in a flash , I lost my left eye. My eye, (what was left of it) cupped in my hands, blood and jell once holding the fluid inside my eyeball intact, was now dripping through my fingers; having been ripped from the eye sac's interior from the impact of gravel shrapnel, generated from under my feet as I was walking on the loose gravel leading to the safety of home.
My mom had warned me, on this celebrated holiday when fireworks everywhere could be heard going off throughout the day to stay away from them. The irony here was that I was the only scout that night not playing with fireworks. So At the tender age of twelve, on happenstance of being the innocent target of a prank involving the scoutmaster's son.
The aftermath ......
My passion to be a professional athlete, the four sports I'd chosen, then divided into segments which I'd continue working tirelessly all my life to make the grade. The payoff upon reaching adulthood, when I'm ready to step into a career I knew I'd be ready. A business alternative was my backup should my athletic hopes fail to materialize .....Sadly, it all suddenly became non-existent. Health requirements for the business I contemplated went under. The sight of only one eye automatically discourages you to pursue any thoughts of a future in baseball. Depth perception is a must to get any wood at all on a 100 mile per-hour delivery from the strong arm of a major league hurler. I do it all the time though in the localized simi-pro ranks that most cities carrying teams on that level supports.
Oh yeah! please forgive me for not expanding on the poll questions:
Being told I'm a ripe candidate to lose sight of my other remaining eye, possibly through a degenerative disorder that's very common in old geezers my age. The hell with baseball or business possibilities .......if blindness research would hurry coming up up with something positive that'll maintain (or enhance) my pleasure on its present scale having to do with access to viewing, touching, or any other mode that works.
Am I makin' myself clear on all this weighty diatribe, guys?

04-15-15  09:49pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Thumbnails should always include an option to step up to full photo displays .....however, would you agree thumbnails, in general might be dragging their feet improving upon and showing greater strives geared to new innovation for their product.
In an industry that chews up and spits out their adversarial weaklings , I may be wrong but ,,,,, it's my advice they spend more time gathered at their drawing board.

04-11-15  02:29pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I suppose if I could tear myself away from fixations on tits, ass, thighs and pussies long enough to gather an overall assessment of what I otherwise might see elsewhere..... I then just might have my answer to this intriguing poll inquiry.
But alas. What else can I say?

04-09-15  02:26pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

It's mostly barefoot for me.... particularly on full nude scenes.
High heels though are universally the big turn-on, but, sadly, I have to say is simply taken for granted anymore because they've been so commonplace in porn for so long.

04-05-15  04:29pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

A what?

03-28-15  10:02pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Pretty disgusting.
Could get worse, though:
Think of the practice becoming popular wearing boxing gloves.

Speakin' of which .....
Once heard of a priest admonishing male parishioners about the sins associated with masturbation..... a habit he was convinced destroyed the soul's journey to heaven ultimately leading users on a path to hell....
The Father's remedy was having those sorely tempted male log-floggers to themselves wear bulky Boxing gloves upon retiring for the night ..... or during those idle moments when his pecker is screaming "HELP" !!!!

03-26-15  04:09pm

N/A Reply of Cybertoad's Poll

Forgive my absence from PU ....conditions exist currently whereupon it can't be controlled at this time.
My answer to this poll question is: "If robotic beauties are introduced to the market, I'll be the first in line.
However, if and whenever, .....may they please operate sans batteries."
Just my toy-batteries are eating me alive.

03-24-15  09:50pm

N/A Reply of Drooler's Poll

Short answer: I'll just say I fully concur with Pat.
Off topic and Just for the record..... I'm currently going through some stressfully unavoidable issues for awhile that'll consequently leave me unable to participate as I'd wish.
Emails aren't getting through to khan, as well as long periods of disconnected internet ......in fact, I'd be surprisingly grateful if this poll answer will get through or not.
You'll be the first to know if things return to normal.

02-25-15  07:00pm

N/A Reply of LPee23's Poll

Yes, but not nearly so much as those stolen from my own valued collections..... vanishing from and leaving empty untold number of folders .....

But by what or whomever I've yet to discover.

01-23-15  07:32pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I voted no.
So tell me, is there something you know that I don't?

01-09-15  08:18pm

N/A Reply of graymane's Poll

Wittyguy gives us a valid point to which I strongly agree.
But one of my greatest peeve is the painted smile affixed to the gal's face during a vigorous fucking.
I don't want unconvincing smiles at all ....its far too incompatible with the act to be believable.
An we all know where "believability" stands where Internet porn acts are played out.

01-07-15  05:34pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I have to say Marcus said it best for me. Hard to add to perfection.

01-04-15  01:10pm

N/A Reply of Marcus's Reply


01-04-15  01:08pm

N/A Reply of Colm4's Poll

Shower scenes wins my vote for worst hand-down .....although out side runs a close second.
Why clips depicting women in the shower or otherwise anything associated with her body soaking in water can be a turn-on baffles me to no end.
Porn belongs in bed.
Repeat .......THE BED!
Again .....for the hearing impaired ....

12-27-14  09:27pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

The short answer is: "A far-cry less than I use to."
And as the Internet grows, so does the gap thereof.

12-14-14  04:50am

N/A Reply of Khan's Reply

Ah-so ...back then I still had a dependable force in the driver's seat of my brain.
Who, unfortunately, has since been arrested for reckless driving.
Which might explain "off-the-wall" stuff I've been studiedly and routinely unleashing onto our beloved forum of late.
But don't worry chief .... the ticking of my clock is picking up speed.....subsequently rendering me sooner than later marked at at assuming room temperature.
Failing that ...I could take the therapeutic route by unloading all my aliments on the forum ....possibly blocking other incoming posts an simply shutting down PU as we so lovingly know it.

12-10-14  08:55pm

N/A Reply of graymane's Poll

It's been a while since I submitted this poll.
Don't even remember ...but glad it is finally surfaced . Gotta admit ...not too bad either.
Gimme some answers guys .....I gotta hype this rag into PU's gold-collection.
entrance > premiere
poll assessment > permanent ...meaning it's etched on the archive walls to serve as a lifetime achievement reminder.

12-10-14  06:34pm

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