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N/A Reply of pinkerton's Poll

I don't wanna see any of the guy's cum .....period!
The fact that the women are coerced into swallowing the dammed stuff, or even rolling it around their mouths, is so fucking appalling that it defies any sense of a balanced mind.

03-13-14  03:36pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

What do I think?
It's undeniably "BATE" clear and simple.
And it works.
It's an industry staple that's pretty-well dug-in to porn marketing longevity -- so expect it to hang around for awhile.
Little doubt Hooking porn-watchers on this popular ploy Probably draws hardy guffaws from porn profiteers at their general schmoozing get-to-gathers.
I've never used it.

03-09-14  04:02pm

N/A Reply of nadiencendia's Poll

During my younger years, used to Read'em only to garner some tips and new material to add to story lines in letters I'd send to "special" ladies .....specifically those who was on my wish list to bed-down.

Otherwise, never considered literary porn in any fashion worth reading.
except only for visual properties and/or erotic images .......translation: Pictures and movies.

03-08-14  12:17am

Visit Bear BF Videos

Bear BF Videos
Reply of d3bear's Review

Join the crowd, Bear .....
I think I can speak for all ....."Been there done that"

Welcome to Porn Users.
You didn't say much ..... but what you did say pretty-well got your point across.
Appreciate the warning. You've likely thwarted a fair share of would-be subscribers from becoming a member of this turkey.

03-06-14  01:23am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

What pisses-me-off big time is the practice of these assholes pumping up the volume promoting all the goodies we'll get by joining ......yet won't tell you what the price is until you commits by pushing the "join" button.
I suspect this is but one of the many ploys they use to authorize more information from you even though you don't commit to join.

03-05-14  03:29pm

N/A Reply of jberryl69's Reply

How grand it would be to be gifted with your technical expertise, JB ....
I marvel over how easily you seem to whiz-through stuff even the pro's might stumble on.

Should I harbor that good fortune, I too wouldn't have any "issues."
I salute you, my friend.

03-03-14  03:21pm

N/A Reply of Drooler's Poll

Its like the overkill of "smiles" during a supposed erotic porn shoot.
I mean, have you ever had your partner giggling, or with a smile painted on her face while you're banging her brains out?

03-01-14  07:31pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I suppose it would be alright, only if you turned her over on her belly and went in from the rear.

Somehow, going at it missionary style would give me the feeling akin to riding a camel bare-back.

02-25-14  08:13pm

Visit Naked Gym Girls

Naked Gym Girls
Reply of rearadmiral's Review

Another gem you have here, rear-aficionado. I marvel every time I see the stats associated with the likes of your extraordinary contribution this great site.
The fact you have so many under your belt only four-scores your amazing track-record.... all of which assuredly brings bright smiles to the faces of those whose names proudly grace ownership to Porn user's website.

What sparked this comment was the rather unusual kind of site you choose to review. Girls frolicking around in workout attire, moreover, all that fitness showmanship, while others are showing off their sensually feminine muscular-development has gotta be quite appealing. I'm especially turned on to gals with great abs.
And I doubt you missed those firm bubble-butts, either.
Roll-on RA! ..... your fans are watching the show.

02-21-14  07:19pm

Visit Mommy Blows Best

Mommy Blows Best


Love the title.
"Mommy blows best" .....priceless.

02-18-14  12:09am

Replies (0)
N/A Reply of Wittyguy's Poll

Count on almost always at least once a day for me.

The next poll might well follow by asking how much time usually results from matters pertaining to those visits..... i.e. ..forum activity via threads/posting, perusing and/or doing reviews, studying latest TBP, making comments ....etc..

02-15-14  08:35pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Unless lengthy clips contain a sizable amount of what I want ... and really like, I skip over it.
My purpose for that is simply to conserve space on my hard drive.
On the lone site from which I mostly download, and maintain an ongoing membership, I simply pack a lot of those big files in their favorites..... avoiding the hassle of dumping it on my C-drive.

02-14-14  12:31am

N/A Reply of jberryl69's Poll

made plenty of sense to me.
When they give way sensibly doing softer, hot tease, to launching head-on (pun intended) into raw, over-the top- porn .... well, somehow, it thereafter leaves my flag at half-mast.

02-11-14  04:53pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Preferably looking as young as the law allows..
But clearly, without exception ... over the legal age.

02-10-14  12:51am

Visit Eve Angel Official

Eve Angel Official
Reply of Cybertoad's Review

I can see, CT, that you put a hardy amount of effort and time on this review. Good job!
The content quality and stupendous volume of this work truly stretches the mind. .
Subsequently, the end results of My would-be choices derived from your impressive coverage are now sufficiently drawn.

02-05-14  07:45pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Try Positions I see on porn? .... not hardly (pun intended)
Partly because I'm not into gymnastics; If that should throw you, It's really broken down to mean I don't possess the supple abilities doing it upside down, nor the other wild demonstration of positions outside the norm we see with paid porn.

I'm die-in-the-wool "missionary." If she wants more than that, I have friends who'd gladly accomadate her wishes.

02-03-14  02:43pm

Visit Vivid

Reply of haagar's Review

Well, haager, This might be a very pleasant surprise for you. because You've got the limited attention of an 80 year old seasoned pro, who's been there, done that, whatever and wherever it has to do with the birth, onward to maturity of Porn.
I hardily suggest you pass this on to the webmaster of Vivid, because anybody in his right mind associated with Vivid wouldn't simply pass it off without reciprocating with a valued return, commensurate, of course, to the worthiness effect forthcoming favoring this appraisal.

thus, hereunder, should go to the webmaster.
otherwise I'd use it all as a thread posted in the forum.

I, the reviewer, herewith chooses to comment on this review, not only because of Vivid's extraordinary filming merits, but simply because of it's endurably venerable name.
You might interested to know I'm one of the few here who was around when Adult theaters opened its doors -- hence before the word pervert was introduced to local colloquialism, or even the dictionary for that matter.
Following the onset of ribald film fare (naughty) showing in select theaters of my day, with it's darken multi-seated interiors feathering big screen titillation, albeit cleverly censoring any form, or even a hint of actual coital union.
That is, until censorship began retreating by degrees from the inevitable charging brigade of unstoppable, horny male patrons demanding, and getting more of an eye-full for their hard-earned two-dollar ticket.
Although the pro and con was satisfied with prurient interest working together in their community, the pro-anticensorship's greed slyly edged bolder as theaters maintained the illusion of playing by the rules but were, in effect, subtly expanding porn to new heights.
It was within that interim that Vivid made it's debut into the business of producing Porn.
From Vivid filming locations came progressively improved production value, coupled with prevailing cast of the best performing talent in adult films.
This happily went on for the few short years I was privy to be comfortably seated in darkness, as the projector cranked out scenes depicting tame action of boy/girl cavorting in foreplay leading to simulating the act of having sex.
However, The onset of cassette, and later DVD rentals from adult book stores, became a blow that bought adult theaters to it's knees.

But the local store rental bonanza would later be threatened by the same fate, thereby engulfed in slavery to the powerful electronic entity which we all know now as the Internet.

Vivid, Unlike many pay-sites, which once were entertainment cash cows wallowing in prosperity, have since fallen by the wayside, while others are floundering to keep their collective heads above water.
Vivid, however, got right in step with Internet's premium status quo, and proudly shares the honor of keeping neck-an-neck with the established leaders.
Hello, Vivid. Goodbye to those fallen by the wayside in their pursuit to out-pace thee.

01-31-14  03:35am

Visit abbywinters

Reply of dracken's Review

Excellent review. .... However, I'm having to juggle this thing around a bit because a lot of time has elapsed since this review and the recent one by staff (Vanessa).
Whoever, aside from whom I've just mentioned, can give me a more up-to-date progress addressing those issues dracken have mentioned in this review, I think would improve my perception considerably.
I've put a good bit of positive weight on Vanessaa's review, mainly because its new and, of particularly impressive importance, is the added webmaster's personal reply.

01-30-14  05:04pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I have to say mostly I act on impulse ..... especially if I haven't had anything going for awhile:
Exemplifying, lets say (metaphorically) I'm motoring along on cruise control until something I'm especially looking for has it's thumb out. And if the bearer of said thumb comes off as trustworthy, approvingly and/or passionately has what I want, as well as what I don't want, feels right, and among other things, like the cost belatedly and unexpectedly popping up in Euro-currency after commitment....... then I'll lastly act on my intuition as to whether sit on it, go for the plastic, or ride on down the road.

01-30-14  03:55pm

Visit Only Silk And Satin

Only Silk And Satin
Reply of Khan's Reply

Geeez, Chief ...... didn't mean to get you in on this. I thought this was Vennesa's department, I mean, considering she did all the write-ups and presented the entirety about how great this satin an' silk site, an' all. I liked this sort content but without the leg-wear.
BTW.... I wrote you something this week to simply remind you, and further soften the impact of that regrettable remark I made last year about "waking-up" over there.
I rue the day I dumped that on you.

Anyway, I suspect you didn't get that message either.

Thanks for all the work you did to get me some answers to this matter with Venessa ... but I hasten to say I'm Okay with it.

01-29-14  01:04pm

Visit Only Silk And Satin

Only Silk And Satin

I did make a comment -- right here (no response)

I was told I'd get a reply back within 24 hours.
Well, it's been longer than three days. Nothing back.
However, The basis of my inquiry had to do with my interest in joining this site (Only Silk and Satin)
The only drawback is my intense dislike for pantyhose!
In fact, anything that remains leg cover throughout the entire scene.
I had asked if I could purchase the same subscription without the bulk of the model's screwing up the whole shoot with any form of fabric covering the thighs.

01-28-14  10:37pm

Replies (3)
N/A Reply of Cybertoad's Reply

Just yanking'ya chain, CT ..like the others' response, I didn't have a clue what you was asking us about..
I just threw the John & hooker bit in for some light humor.. But the idea probably deflated in quick order because it drew enneadic response.

I did a through thread on genital toys for men about two years ago, with special emphasis on visual-electro stimulation.
My motivation for bringing this up was because of the simplicity of jumping on this undertaking until the source's goal meets fruition, wherein, via connecting you/me with a configuration (probably head gear), sending and receiving real-time erotic sensations with our favorite porn star, progressively creating visually identical sensations to actual foreplay, followed by intercourse and culminating into mind-blowing orgasm.
This, my friend, leaves no doubt in my mind this process is already waiting in the wings to make its appearance anytime. ..... if, indeed, it already hasn't.

Oh yeah, CT ...... I brought up the fact sensation from vibrators, as well as other sundry high assortment of mechanically operable masturbating devices, do far exceed the existing, antiquated but magically equipped five-fingered marvel that's served us for so long.

But guess what? the "attachment" is so strong, I was shouted down and run out of town

01-28-14  10:09pm

N/A Reply of Cybertoad's Poll

Is this a form of negotiation between a John and a hooker on settling for how much, for how long, what she'll do or not do, and if the package includes
dinner and wine at a nice eatery?

It appears to be worded in German, or a reasonable facsimile........ :=)

01-28-14  02:21pm

N/A Reply of turboshaft's Reply

I had a gut feeling this poll question was gonna come back and bite me in the ass!

Fact is, I summited this poll a while back, during a time when it seemed Internet Porn was wringing it's hands because rumors were getting around of heavy-weights in government having their foot in the door of the porn industry's livelihood.
I reckoned I took too big a bite out of the proposed validly of this rumor, subsequently, because I opened this can of worms, we have open house for those who wanna kick 'ol graymane's ass.

Of course that myth rode off into the sunset, like all of its predecessors which come and go from time to time.
So happens this poll actually came at a time when the business of porn couldn't be healthier.

01-27-14  03:48pm

N/A Reply of graymane's Poll

Although I'm the one who authored this pole, I couldn't fathom the slightest guess even close to when, or if at all the axe will come down on the world of porn.
I look at it now as being so deeply rooted in our society that it just might stay with us. Add to that the industry feeding off enumerable porn lovers abided by a penchant of reaching for their wallets every time a hot site gets the gonads bearing down on the accelerator.
The fact that goes on in-mass generates incalculable sums of money, which helps perpetuate the Goliath porn have created to ward-off all detractors.

But who knows? maybe there's another "David" out there who'll come along one day with the likes of nothing more than his slingshot and bring this giant down.

(hypothetically speaking, of course)

01-26-14  09:18pm

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