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N/A Reply of Cybertoad's Reply

Just yanking'ya chain, CT ..like the others' response, I didn't have a clue what you was asking us about..
I just threw the John & hooker bit in for some light humor.. But the idea probably deflated in quick order because it drew enneadic response.

I did a through thread on genital toys for men about two years ago, with special emphasis on visual-electro stimulation.
My motivation for bringing this up was because of the simplicity of jumping on this undertaking until the source's goal meets fruition, wherein, via connecting you/me with a configuration (probably head gear), sending and receiving real-time erotic sensations with our favorite porn star, progressively creating visually identical sensations to actual foreplay, followed by intercourse and culminating into mind-blowing orgasm.
This, my friend, leaves no doubt in my mind this process is already waiting in the wings to make its appearance anytime. ..... if, indeed, it already hasn't.

Oh yeah, CT ...... I brought up the fact sensation from vibrators, as well as other sundry high assortment of mechanically operable masturbating devices, do far exceed the existing, antiquated but magically equipped five-fingered marvel that's served us for so long.

But guess what? the "attachment" is so strong, I was shouted down and run out of town

01-28-14  10:09pm

N/A Reply of Cybertoad's Poll

Is this a form of negotiation between a John and a hooker on settling for how much, for how long, what she'll do or not do, and if the package includes
dinner and wine at a nice eatery?

It appears to be worded in German, or a reasonable facsimile........ :=)

01-28-14  02:21pm

N/A Reply of turboshaft's Reply

I had a gut feeling this poll question was gonna come back and bite me in the ass!

Fact is, I summited this poll a while back, during a time when it seemed Internet Porn was wringing it's hands because rumors were getting around of heavy-weights in government having their foot in the door of the porn industry's livelihood.
I reckoned I took too big a bite out of the proposed validly of this rumor, subsequently, because I opened this can of worms, we have open house for those who wanna kick 'ol graymane's ass.

Of course that myth rode off into the sunset, like all of its predecessors which come and go from time to time.
So happens this poll actually came at a time when the business of porn couldn't be healthier.

01-27-14  03:48pm

N/A Reply of graymane's Poll

Although I'm the one who authored this pole, I couldn't fathom the slightest guess even close to when, or if at all the axe will come down on the world of porn.
I look at it now as being so deeply rooted in our society that it just might stay with us. Add to that the industry feeding off enumerable porn lovers abided by a penchant of reaching for their wallets every time a hot site gets the gonads bearing down on the accelerator.
The fact that goes on in-mass generates incalculable sums of money, which helps perpetuate the Goliath porn have created to ward-off all detractors.

But who knows? maybe there's another "David" out there who'll come along one day with the likes of nothing more than his slingshot and bring this giant down.

(hypothetically speaking, of course)

01-26-14  09:18pm

N/A Reply of Cybertoad's Poll

Played football in organized junior league in my youth. Went on to play in High School, after which played with my Army Airborne unit at Fort Campbell, Kentucky .....

But after that all blew over, lost complete interest in the sport. No TV showing the stuff. Wouldn't give a plug-nickel today, even for VIP seating on the 50 yd. line of any Super bowl, anywhere, any time, any teams, including transportation and all the free beer and hotdogs I could eat .......and, ain't kiddin'ya......
Even if I got the game ball, autographed by starting lineup, along with kiss-print on it's strings by the winning team quarterback.

01-25-14  05:58pm

Visit Club Red Light

Club Red Light
Reply of TheMan's Review

Sorry to learn you're into this site for a year term.
Just chalk it up to a learning experience.
Most of the guys around here cancel in time to prevent the sneaky practice of these sites to grab another swipe of your plastic sticking you for another month.
I'd suggest reading messages posted by members here that are scattered venues throughout that'll be of great value and warning to you down the line.
Good luck. And feel free to call on us for help.

01-22-14  11:40pm

N/A Reply of Drooler's Poll

I'm with CT on this one.
As long as she performs to my satisfaction, I couldn't care less. In fact, I'd support she bringing her husband in on the acts.
Think about possibilities?
That way we'd at least be spared some of the slapping, whore-mongering-bitchy name-calling, as well as open-season on other sundry debasing action women have to take from the usual pool of slap-happy, ego-maniacal sh__t heads she had to deal with.

01-22-14  08:07pm

Visit Club Red Light

Club Red Light
Reply of TheMan's Review

Welcome to our world, Man! Hope to see you sticking around and continue participating in and providing PC with many more reviews; Invitation is also extended to your joining our forum. I think my fellow members would agree with me that you'd be a welcome asset, and sharing your thoughts would benefit us all.
If there's anything I've noticed that I might pass on to you that I'd categorize as useful advice, it would be to lengthen your reviews to include other areas that many of our regulars look for.
I would suggest you research the style and volume from some of our more seasoned members, to get an idea of what I'm saying here.
Thanks again for your input. As well as our appreciation for you choosing our site to cast your thoughts and ideas.

01-22-14  03:29pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Tan lines? .... For me, its a distraction.
And anything, matters not, from almost imperceptible stubble left from shaving to poorly applied dermis enhancements bought over the counter.......
ANYTIME you go messin' with the natural order of the Almighty's handiworks, especially where it has to do with altering the looks of an unblemished pair of perfection -- in the form of ball-busting shapely gams ... the outcome, akin to using MT Rushmore as the target of massive big gun artillery ammo blasting the faces of its carving to smithereens.
Devine, heavenly, inimitable, all-consuming -- the likes of which only begins to describe the cosmic allure of smoothed-skin beautifully shaped legs.

Tan lines fall under all the above, as it inescapably relates to "distraction."
I'd say the answer lies in sunbathing nude.

01-20-14  06:36pm

Visit Wetscape

Reply of LPee23's Review

My apologies ..... but because I was forbidden to return and correct (edit) a crucial mistake on the last line in my initial message (Exceeded time lapse of ten minutes) .... the effect of which would reverse the entire meaning of what I meant to convey, thereby confusing the entire train of thought that was to convey my intentions.
Hereunder is the single word (in quotation) which I failed to include in it's proper order ....."elsewhere."

Below is the repeated paragraph which includes the intended word in question --appearing in (bold) and the order it was supposed to have been in .......

I predict and enthusiastically hope you meld right in with our busy but happy group, wherein you'll discover an unmatched, unique, and special camaraderie that "ELSEWHERE" doesn't even come close to what we enjoy here.

01-20-14  05:00pm

Visit Wetscape

Reply of LPee23's Review

I gotta say, Lpee, you certainly haven't let any grass grow under your feet inso-far as the short time you've been with us. That is to say you wasted little time jumping right onto contributing to all segments of PU's worthy projects, and done so admirably .
It is this kind of enthusiasm, loyalty, and partaking interest that we here hope to see in our newcomers.
Because I think, from what I've seen, that your presence and potential capabilities can, and will only improve on why this site is the best of it's genre.
Here one finds he needn't be reticent about particularly unpopular niches, (save those which are clearly outlined in written creed and bylaws) because the kind of support he finds here from PU's membership so overshadows that worry that it mindfully slips away.
I predict and enthusiastically hope you meld right in with our busy but happy group, wherein you'll discover an unmatched, unique, and special camaraderie that doesn't even come close to what we enjoy here.

01-20-14  03:56pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

"Mouth of the South?"

Eat your heart out, Ted Turner!

01-18-14  08:39pm

Visit WCP Club

WCP Club
Reply of pat362's Review

I'm not big on reading reviews, but this one caught my eye, not only because of it's initial appeal, but simply because you're the author.
Based on your popularity for comprehensive and very informative data putting together excellent reviews, I'm left with self-disappointment because I haven't read as much of your work as I now wished I had.

This review. for an example. The only part of it that interest me is the interracial aspect, less because its hardcore but mainly because most interracial scenes are done with the missionary position being paramount, as are many of the usual moves that accompany that position ..... all of which fits well with my niche having women doing their thing ON HER BACK .....and what I look for, regardless of which race, in what's out there.
A cyber applause, Pat. for another superb showing of that rare offering that's got something for everybody.

01-16-14  11:54pm

N/A Reply of Drooler's Poll

Would one consider a mannequin as being an actress?
I rest my case.

01-16-14  05:10pm

N/A Reply of skippy's Poll

All of the above!

And then some!

01-14-14  10:08pm

Visit Hardcore Gang Bang

Hardcore Gang Bang
Reply of rearadmiral's Review

From one to ten as a gauge to show where I stand as to the degree of abuse put upon those women from their male partners (one being the least, ten the highest level of abuse) in any given sex scene, shot and wrapped within the perimeters permitted by a purposed code of a loosely defined industry standard of decency
(sort of porn's way of "ask but don't tell" numbered approach ....
My answer will come as no surprise to the regulars here, but I will announce loud and clear I'm still and always gauged, unequivocally a resounding ten.

To see a guy slap, choke, pull hair, spit upon, stuff hand/fingers in mouths, as well as roughing his partner up in other sordid ways, puts me on the fringes of destructive rage.
Despite the profit marker enjoyed by commercial porn .... or the "fairness factor" -- whether associated with porn production or however administered by those who shoot this stuff ..... I flat cannot see anything but harm ultimately associated with aggrandizing this abominable practice.

What's of greater importance, however, is overall the beauty of another splendid review. You're still up there with the masters, my friend, and this, the latest, is just another impressive journalistic testament, always in the body of your unceasing selfless endeavor to help, inform and alert the other of us that we avoid costly moves we'd otherwise potentially make had we not been so well informed. Additionally, providing valuable guides to those of us who're otherwise undecided and need a compelling nudge, the evidence of which so well amplifies your tireless labors and welcome ability to detail, and go the extra mile, drawing from the heart your time, effort and every other positive aspect one possessing your inherent values would serve in producing an excellent review.

01-12-14  06:04pm

N/A Reply of graymane's Poll

It's always been the Legs!
I've yet to find anything that excites like the soft (yet firm) inter-thighs of a great pair of gams.

01-12-14  01:48am

N/A Reply of Colm4's Poll

Choose #3 ...... yes, oftentimes I go enough days to qualify as days wasted.
It might even slip my mind on some occasions that it's still there.

01-10-14  05:41am

N/A Reply of Khan's Reply

For the record, you're absolutely right, chief ..........again!
Many thanks for the helpful back=up.
Another example of why you're held at our highest esteem.

01-09-14  05:41pm

Visit Only Cuties

Only Cuties
Reply of pussgourmet's Review

Welcome to our world, pussgourmet. Nice review; and hope we see many more.
Wanna invite you to sound-off on anything that bugs you and/or
whatever else you want to share or gain.
We have some of the best around here who give excellent feedback as it relates to this select industry. We'd love to see some of your ideas posted there.
I'll leave you with this thought: I couldn't agree with you more about the lapse of quality, in a thriving medium that rakes in as much money as is in some our nation's national debt.
I've been one of the most vocal members here railing against the phony screams, cries, repetitive "yeses", "O'yeahs", and other pitiful outlay of fakery.

Again, welcome!

01-06-14  04:50pm

Visit Puffy Network

Puffy Network
Reply of RagingBuddhist's Review

Exceptionally fine review, RB ....... but then I wouldn't expect less from you.
When they say "Puffy" are they referring to those lovely, swelled, lusciously protruding pussies? Cuz I do love'm puffed up like that!

01-05-14  08:05pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Indeed I do!

01-02-14  02:57am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Rarely cut the TV on.
Something better came along that captured my attention .......

The computer.

12-30-13  02:37pm

Visit DDF Network

DDF Network

Enough with over-the-top self-tit-love

Here's hoping this message will get to the webmasters.

Because I'm such a passionate fan of Aria Giovanni, for that reason alone I would plunk down whatever it takes to see her videos that are featured on a given site. Getting all the other bonuses that goes with her stuff is just icing.
But Aria has created a problem that exist not only elsewhere but also on DDF Network that's drastically changed all that.
The following will explain what I mean .........
The woman has developed an inordinate obsession with her tits. Over 90% of her videos anymore are rife with her fondling them even beyond Ad nauseam.
Even for tit-lovers its bound to wear on them.
All the other fabulous anatomical gifts she should use is wantonly wasted because of her seemingly endless, digital lifting, squeezing, pushing together, nipple pinching, rolling, or any other thing one can think of a woman can do with her boobs.
Whatever happened to her bumps and grind and sundry other wildly erotic writhing and hip thrusting. Hell, who wants to see tits when she can do so much more with her other equipment?

Another thing I'll pass along while I'm so ticked-off:
Her recent sharp increase in lesbian roles is also becoming serious scene stealers.
That, and all her mammary-calisthenics are taking up so much celluloid that her great, unmatched legs and ass action is falling by the wayside.
Tell the woman this tit thing has got to be bothering a large segment of guys out there, who, like me, are sick and tired of looking at the dammed things.

12-26-13  10:49pm

Replies (0)
Visit Trike Patrol

Trike Patrol
Reply of jook's Review

I got a tip for'ya , jook (is that pronounced like "joke" or "juke"?0

Anyway, take a trip to Manila and get all you can handle of the real thing. Hopefully, still for less than a month divvy-up for only look-see from Jersey.
I was there in 1993 visiting a pen-gal with whom I'd been exchanging correspondence ..... and lemme tell'ya, I wasn't out the front door of my hotel more than a few steps, the next morning after my plane landed, than I was approached by three young guys in the course of 30 minutes who wanted to lay some pussy on me.
Later, I met a very savvy Filipino guy whom I felt I could trust, and thus began a parade through my door of lovelies whose good-looks and mouth-watering anotomical features (you name it) filled the bill of women I could only dream of here in the US of America. All that for my kind of action presented by gals for less than the price of dinner for two basically spent locally on our Western turf.
I left the Philippines with only one itch to scratch ..... using thereafter only a grateful imagination to bring back the needed stimuli to carry out my bedtime ritual.
What you need, jook, is to hop a plane to Brazil. Or even Cuba, if they'll let you in.

12-26-13  04:25pm

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