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Visit Wetscape

Reply of LPee23's Review

My apologies ..... but because I was forbidden to return and correct (edit) a crucial mistake on the last line in my initial message (Exceeded time lapse of ten minutes) .... the effect of which would reverse the entire meaning of what I meant to convey, thereby confusing the entire train of thought that was to convey my intentions.
Hereunder is the single word (in quotation) which I failed to include in it's proper order ....."elsewhere."

Below is the repeated paragraph which includes the intended word in question --appearing in (bold) and the order it was supposed to have been in .......

I predict and enthusiastically hope you meld right in with our busy but happy group, wherein you'll discover an unmatched, unique, and special camaraderie that "ELSEWHERE" doesn't even come close to what we enjoy here.

01-20-14  05:00pm

Visit Wetscape

Reply of LPee23's Review

I gotta say, Lpee, you certainly haven't let any grass grow under your feet inso-far as the short time you've been with us. That is to say you wasted little time jumping right onto contributing to all segments of PU's worthy projects, and done so admirably .
It is this kind of enthusiasm, loyalty, and partaking interest that we here hope to see in our newcomers.
Because I think, from what I've seen, that your presence and potential capabilities can, and will only improve on why this site is the best of it's genre.
Here one finds he needn't be reticent about particularly unpopular niches, (save those which are clearly outlined in written creed and bylaws) because the kind of support he finds here from PU's membership so overshadows that worry that it mindfully slips away.
I predict and enthusiastically hope you meld right in with our busy but happy group, wherein you'll discover an unmatched, unique, and special camaraderie that doesn't even come close to what we enjoy here.

01-20-14  03:56pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

"Mouth of the South?"

Eat your heart out, Ted Turner!

01-18-14  08:39pm

Visit WCP Club

WCP Club
Reply of pat362's Review

I'm not big on reading reviews, but this one caught my eye, not only because of it's initial appeal, but simply because you're the author.
Based on your popularity for comprehensive and very informative data putting together excellent reviews, I'm left with self-disappointment because I haven't read as much of your work as I now wished I had.

This review. for an example. The only part of it that interest me is the interracial aspect, less because its hardcore but mainly because most interracial scenes are done with the missionary position being paramount, as are many of the usual moves that accompany that position ..... all of which fits well with my niche having women doing their thing ON HER BACK .....and what I look for, regardless of which race, in what's out there.
A cyber applause, Pat. for another superb showing of that rare offering that's got something for everybody.

01-16-14  11:54pm

N/A Reply of Drooler's Poll

Would one consider a mannequin as being an actress?
I rest my case.

01-16-14  05:10pm

N/A Reply of skippy's Poll

All of the above!

And then some!

01-14-14  10:08pm

Visit Hardcore Gang Bang

Hardcore Gang Bang
Reply of rearadmiral's Review

From one to ten as a gauge to show where I stand as to the degree of abuse put upon those women from their male partners (one being the least, ten the highest level of abuse) in any given sex scene, shot and wrapped within the perimeters permitted by a purposed code of a loosely defined industry standard of decency
(sort of porn's way of "ask but don't tell" numbered approach ....
My answer will come as no surprise to the regulars here, but I will announce loud and clear I'm still and always gauged, unequivocally a resounding ten.

To see a guy slap, choke, pull hair, spit upon, stuff hand/fingers in mouths, as well as roughing his partner up in other sordid ways, puts me on the fringes of destructive rage.
Despite the profit marker enjoyed by commercial porn .... or the "fairness factor" -- whether associated with porn production or however administered by those who shoot this stuff ..... I flat cannot see anything but harm ultimately associated with aggrandizing this abominable practice.

What's of greater importance, however, is overall the beauty of another splendid review. You're still up there with the masters, my friend, and this, the latest, is just another impressive journalistic testament, always in the body of your unceasing selfless endeavor to help, inform and alert the other of us that we avoid costly moves we'd otherwise potentially make had we not been so well informed. Additionally, providing valuable guides to those of us who're otherwise undecided and need a compelling nudge, the evidence of which so well amplifies your tireless labors and welcome ability to detail, and go the extra mile, drawing from the heart your time, effort and every other positive aspect one possessing your inherent values would serve in producing an excellent review.

01-12-14  06:04pm

N/A Reply of graymane's Poll

It's always been the Legs!
I've yet to find anything that excites like the soft (yet firm) inter-thighs of a great pair of gams.

01-12-14  01:48am

N/A Reply of Colm4's Poll

Choose #3 ...... yes, oftentimes I go enough days to qualify as days wasted.
It might even slip my mind on some occasions that it's still there.

01-10-14  05:41am

N/A Reply of Khan's Reply

For the record, you're absolutely right, chief ..........again!
Many thanks for the helpful back=up.
Another example of why you're held at our highest esteem.

01-09-14  05:41pm

Visit Only Cuties

Only Cuties
Reply of pussgourmet's Review

Welcome to our world, pussgourmet. Nice review; and hope we see many more.
Wanna invite you to sound-off on anything that bugs you and/or
whatever else you want to share or gain.
We have some of the best around here who give excellent feedback as it relates to this select industry. We'd love to see some of your ideas posted there.
I'll leave you with this thought: I couldn't agree with you more about the lapse of quality, in a thriving medium that rakes in as much money as is in some our nation's national debt.
I've been one of the most vocal members here railing against the phony screams, cries, repetitive "yeses", "O'yeahs", and other pitiful outlay of fakery.

Again, welcome!

01-06-14  04:50pm

Visit Puffy Network

Puffy Network
Reply of RagingBuddhist's Review

Exceptionally fine review, RB ....... but then I wouldn't expect less from you.
When they say "Puffy" are they referring to those lovely, swelled, lusciously protruding pussies? Cuz I do love'm puffed up like that!

01-05-14  08:05pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Indeed I do!

01-02-14  02:57am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Rarely cut the TV on.
Something better came along that captured my attention .......

The computer.

12-30-13  02:37pm

Visit DDF Network

DDF Network

Enough with over-the-top self-tit-love

Here's hoping this message will get to the webmasters.

Because I'm such a passionate fan of Aria Giovanni, for that reason alone I would plunk down whatever it takes to see her videos that are featured on a given site. Getting all the other bonuses that goes with her stuff is just icing.
But Aria has created a problem that exist not only elsewhere but also on DDF Network that's drastically changed all that.
The following will explain what I mean .........
The woman has developed an inordinate obsession with her tits. Over 90% of her videos anymore are rife with her fondling them even beyond Ad nauseam.
Even for tit-lovers its bound to wear on them.
All the other fabulous anatomical gifts she should use is wantonly wasted because of her seemingly endless, digital lifting, squeezing, pushing together, nipple pinching, rolling, or any other thing one can think of a woman can do with her boobs.
Whatever happened to her bumps and grind and sundry other wildly erotic writhing and hip thrusting. Hell, who wants to see tits when she can do so much more with her other equipment?

Another thing I'll pass along while I'm so ticked-off:
Her recent sharp increase in lesbian roles is also becoming serious scene stealers.
That, and all her mammary-calisthenics are taking up so much celluloid that her great, unmatched legs and ass action is falling by the wayside.
Tell the woman this tit thing has got to be bothering a large segment of guys out there, who, like me, are sick and tired of looking at the dammed things.

12-26-13  10:49pm

Replies (0)
Visit Trike Patrol

Trike Patrol
Reply of jook's Review

I got a tip for'ya , jook (is that pronounced like "joke" or "juke"?0

Anyway, take a trip to Manila and get all you can handle of the real thing. Hopefully, still for less than a month divvy-up for only look-see from Jersey.
I was there in 1993 visiting a pen-gal with whom I'd been exchanging correspondence ..... and lemme tell'ya, I wasn't out the front door of my hotel more than a few steps, the next morning after my plane landed, than I was approached by three young guys in the course of 30 minutes who wanted to lay some pussy on me.
Later, I met a very savvy Filipino guy whom I felt I could trust, and thus began a parade through my door of lovelies whose good-looks and mouth-watering anotomical features (you name it) filled the bill of women I could only dream of here in the US of America. All that for my kind of action presented by gals for less than the price of dinner for two basically spent locally on our Western turf.
I left the Philippines with only one itch to scratch ..... using thereafter only a grateful imagination to bring back the needed stimuli to carry out my bedtime ritual.
What you need, jook, is to hop a plane to Brazil. Or even Cuba, if they'll let you in.

12-26-13  04:25pm

N/A Reply of rearadmiral's Reply

Just because you're a nice guy and so likable ......
I'm gonna fill you in on a site I've been subscribed to for years (unbroken)that has gobs of clips featuring Tanner.
I just checked it out, and figuring you're so enamored with this gal it might be worth your while to shell-out a meager $15 just to see what its all about.
Click on this link Skin Video and it'll land you at the best of porn and their write-up as well as other reviews.
OK .... I guess the ball is now in your court,.

12-26-13  03:10pm

N/A Reply of rearadmiral's Reply

Few things make me laugh anymore .......but your reply just did,


12-25-13  10:36am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Not to be an old Fuddy-Duddie, but Xmas at my age is just another day in the week.

But to give a fair answer. Santa don't hand out what I really want. Regardless Whatever day it is.

12-25-13  04:15am

Visit Babes Network.com

Babes Network.com
Reply of rearadmiral's Review

Enjoyed your review, RA .....
Having gathered you're notably kinder in your judgment, presentation and score for Babes than was I ..... I'd like to follow up on behalf of those who are considering joining this site and are looking at both our reviews.
rearadmiral's overall knowledge and ability to find and comment on most of the important things concerning plus and minus about sites of this nature are quite more superior to mine.
Unlike me, he knows where to look, find and report on stuff I oftentimes don't know exist.
I jus' call'em like I see'em, ..... an' do a pretty good job, but I know when to step back.
And that ain't saying I don't know my porn, Heck, I suppose its fair to say I was perusing graphic erotica when RearAdmiral was just gettin' into comic books. I honestly believe I've followed porn from its inception.
But December, 2013 ....I yield to one waving the torch when it comes to reviews ......(The Admirial)
Based on that, I would advise those considering joining this site to weigh heavier on what RA has put in this review.

12-24-13  03:42pm

Visit Babes Network.com

Babes Network.com

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
1)What few models they have on this site are spectacular. So much so I’m inclined to think budgeting for makeup exceeds what they pay models.
2)Proudly touts categories including Athletic, bald pussy, combat ready spiked heels, black stocking and more. does that make you lick your chops, or what?
3)Video quality, is exceptional. HD so graphic one is tempted to reach inside to grab a tit.
4)Media Choices given are streaming RTNP/ progressive HTTP/ Video quality HD 720 SD medium 480P/ SD Low 320P
(if you pressure me to explain all that, I could have a senior moment concerning a blather-matter.
5) Epoch billing is primary.
6)Each model's stats are posted, including a generous amount of helpful info.
7)Comments are given space and encouraged for each model.(Pulling no punches, I think mine went down the toilet)
8)Ample solo, mucho-lesbo, plenty hardcore, as well as an added mix aimed for pleasing all.
8)Video timing varies, 10 to 15 minutes, perhaps some more or less.
Cons: 1)They boast of having hundreds of models. Where?
Could this be the beginning subliminal porn?
2)clumsy password transport started from the get-go. Lost a day or more in limbo.
3)I found navigation reminiscent to stumbling through an Amusement Park fun-house .... exacerbated by countless promo trappings sticking you for limitless partners, Networks, buddy-boy boot-likers as well as you-scratch-my-back and I'll ... well, you get my drift. If the bate is too tempting, its because "Babes" made it so.
4)Scratch the technical mombo-jumbo about pixels, kbs, electronic numbering and the like, I had enough trouble just puttin' this review together.
4 not surprisingly, each fuck scene routinely goes through the same ritual of she gives him a BJ, followed by a tedious duration of the male vaginally poking, gouging, munching, licking, and generally any other event he can muster up in his presumed goal of upping the volume of her hackneyed screams of uncontrolled ecstasies.
Bottom Line: I’d predict most guys curious enough to read this review might find this site a bonanza for a promo 30 day price of just $10. And he'd be right.
Me, on the other hand, might find better use for my money getting’ a quickie from a Aria Giovanni life-sized doll, pumped at a pressurized perfect psi with velvet lined motorized enter "tush" , satin soft tits, hand-made textured body skin, and all orifices working at peak performance.

But seriously, my lust run rampant every time I see an erotically charged video or a series of photos depicting aria lying on her back ..... wanker motion is in over-ride, titillation gauges at warp mode, all the while I'm praying she'll keep her dammed hands off her self-enamored, overweening obsession with her great pair of tits.

Well my friends, some of the gals you'll see working on this site is about as close to the excitement generated, and physically empowered endowments of the woman I just described as I can muster.
A number of These models are at a rolling boil; I might even add they're shockingly glamorous.
Figuratively, I simply visually dined on the gourmet of seeing them do their stuff.

I'd like to enthusiastically give the direction, and camera crew equal praise, but, unfortunately, they're dug in to the same old rut that befalls too many of these guys who just won't listen to we their customers.
The prolonged unsavory close-ups; shabby uncorrected mistakes; stumbling around thus giving us unsatisfactory imagery; too few full body shots; glued on single point focusing to the point of sheer boredom. The operative word is plainly "lousy.
Recommend it? with only two weeks into the site, I can't give a fair answer. Amend

12-21-13  11:02pm

Replies (1)
N/A Reply of oldfizzywig's Reply

Ya'know, fizzy..... since you and Lpee's come on board here, at our largely straight pornonopoles. ..... I'm beginning to see the light at the end of this (lets call it the fetish tunnel)
Up to now I simply thought of pee as typically sterile liquid by-product of the body secreted by the kidneys through a process called urination. Certainly, never used for recreational amusement or a sexual stimulant.
But since I've been here at Porn Users, seeing the full gamut of every sexual leaning (fetish) I can think of, parade in and out of our group...... I have to say I've developed a whole new perspective and appreciation of their mental link for arousal.
That goes to whatever floats your boat.

12-16-13  03:12pm

Visit Erotica X

Erotica X
Reply of rearadmiral's Review

How in the world would we know all these things if it wasn't for Conscientious members as yourself who give us this quality substance resulting from an incredibly well written review.
You leave me no questions, RearAdmiral, because you seemingly have given us all the answers in this comprehensive report.

The owners of this company couldn't ask for a better promotion nor ally, and if I were he, a nice treat would fill your stocking this holiday..

12-16-13  01:19am

N/A Reply of LPee23's Reply

Since this is a subject that obviously interest you, and I apologize for bringing it up so late in the poll, but I'm reminded of a number of stories of people lost, having exhausted their water supply, on a desert or otherwise dry terrain, who saved their own lives by drinking their own urine.

12-15-13  09:00pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I think it might definitely require refrigeration.

12-15-13  03:32pm

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